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Founded in 1948 by Avrum Morrow and Henry Chinks, Avmor is Canada’s leading manufacturer of professional cleaning chemicals and floor care solutions. For over half a century Avmor has remained at the industry forefront, defining product performance standards and striving for the safest, most cost-effective cleaning systems for professional use. Manufactured in Laval, Quebec, within a plant that includes liquid and powder blending facilities, a reactor for forming acrylic polymer emulsions, with on-site laboratories employing a group of full-time chemists. All this ensures Avmor remains cutting-edge in terms of research, development and quality control. At Avmor UK we’re proud of being the bridge over the pond, bringing years of Avmor expertise and quality to the UK market.


Floor Care

Floor Sealers

Floor Strippers Zip-Strip High Powered Low Odour Stripper

Lokseal Acrylic Sealer

Zip-Strip is one of the most versatile strippers available today. Formulated with Avmor’s exclusive Dimodor technology, it is practically odourless when applied.

Lokseal is the most versatile pure acrylic sealer available. It is formulated to be optimally compatible with all polymers developed within the Avmor line of floor finishes. It will prolong and preserve the beauty of new floors and brings out the natural colours and quality in older floors.

(Packed 4 x 4L)

(Packed 4 x 4L)

Zip-Strip will get to work in round 3-5 minutes and quickly liquefies and combines with the finish and wax to form an emulsion, which is easily removed by mops or a wet vacuum/automatic machine. Dilution rates vary from 200ml-500ml per Litre depending on finish build-up. Use as recommended on vinyl, vinyl asbestos, no-wax linoleum, marble, terrazzo, ceramic and quarry floors. Ideal for use in high traffic areas such as schools, supermarkets & hospitals. Now you have a fast, efficient, labour and cost saving method of removing floor finish, wax and sealer build-up from floors. Mop it on and watch it work.

Colour Transparent Yellow/Green

It’s durable protective coat forms a barrier against water, alkaline cleaners, oil and grease. This is an excellent multi purpose acrylic sealer for high or low frequency maintenance. Frequency of stripping and refinishing is drastically reduced. Easy to use Lokseal is recommended for sealing most indoor floor surfaces. It will also respond well to U.H.S and low speed methods. Coverage is 200 sq m. per 4L bottle.

Coverage is 200 sq M. per 4L bottle. pH 11 - 11.5 (Alkaline)

Lokseal will protect and preserve the life of floor coverings including vinyl, thermo plastic, wood, terrazzo, marble, ceramic and concrete floors. It also fills and seals the small openings in porous or “washed out” and worn resilient tiles. All the while providing a slip resistant base film that will not discolour.

Odour Odourless

Viper Activated Liquid Stripper (Packed 4 x 4L)

A fast colourless liquid stripper that contains the powerful slow evaporating water soluble solvent, Penezol. Removing multiple coats of finish build-up within 5 – 10 minutes, Viper quickly ‘bites’ into both urethane and acrylic metallic finishes removing them layer-by-layer. Dilution rates vary from 145ml-200ml per Litre depending on build-up. Easy to apply, Viper stays wet and active longer permitting the chemical reaction to swell up the finish film and break the adhesion bond to the floor. Viper is effective on most types of resilient and hard floors, removing most waterborne sealers and finishes without affecting well-rinsed or neutralised substrates. Once tried, it will become your number one stripper.

pH 9.0 - 9.5 (Alkaline) Colour White Odour Light Acrylic

Thermothane Urethane-Fortified Sealer (Packed 4 x 4L)

Thermothane is a water-based and urethane-fortified acrylic sealer, which will resist penetration of industrial cleaners, grease, oil/petrol and possesses excellent abrasion and non-marking properties. All the while staying slip resistant. Formulated to preserve and protect the original beauty of marble, terrazzo, concrete, quarry tile, brick, slate, exposed aggregate, unglazed ceramic tile, Mexican tile, masonry walls/floors and any other non-resilient surfaces. Thermothane is also a highly effective water urethane wood sealer. Thermothane will beautify your floor. Coverage is 160 sq m. per 4L bottle. pH 7.5 - 8.0 (Alkaline) Colour White

Odour Mild Acrylic

Coverage is 200 sq M. per 4L bottle. pH 12.6 - 13.2 (Strong Alkaline) Colour Colourless Odour Mild Ether



Floor Sealer Finishes

Floor Finishes

Distance U.H.S Floor Sealer & Finish

Profile Plus Urethane-Fortified U.H.S. Floor Finish

Distance is a crystal clear, high gloss sealer finish with superior dirt and black mark resistance. This versatile floor sealer finish is ideal for both hard and resilient floors. Distance responds well to various maintenance schedules.

Profile Plus is our premium urethane-fortified thermacrylic floor finish. The ideal finish to provide protection on terrazzo, marble and granite floors with exceptional results, even in high traffic locations.

Distance will respond well to U.H.S polishing whilst providing a high durable shine, and requires low frequency maintenance. Other benefits include no drag when applying with a mopping system, Distance repels dirt penetration, helping floors stay cleaner for longer.

This fast drying formulated floor finish will protect and prolong the life of most resilient hard floors, including vinyl, linoleums, thermoplastic tiles and wooden floors. High speed dry burnishing with a blended natural fibre floor pad is recommended for optimal performance. Profile Plus offers extreme protection against dirt and spills, whilst maintaining it’s stellar shine.

(Packed 4 x 4L)

(Packed 4 x 4L)

Recommended for malls, supermarkets, department stores, any high traffic area where durability and clean, hard high shining finish is required. Coverage is 200 sq m. per 4L bottle. pH 7.5 - 8.5 (Alkaline) Colour White

Odour Acrylic

Coverage is 200 sq m. per 4L bottle.

Venture U.H.S Sealer Finish

pH 8.4 - 8.6 (Alkaline) Colour White

(Packed 4 x 4L)

Venture is our premium thermacrylic sealer finish, specifically formulated for high traffic areas that require exceptional durability gloss. It can accommodate both low and high maintenance schedules and responds well to both spray burnishing or dry burnishing methods. Venture leaves a protective coating with a guaranteed clean and brilliant shine. Venture resists alcohol staining and is recommended for use in high traffic areas such as hospitals, health institutions etc. Coverage is 200 sq m. per 4L bottle. pH 8.0 - 8.5 (Alkaline) Colour White

Odour Mild Acrylic

Acra-Lok Acrylic Sealer Finish

Odour Light Acrylic

Dazzler Thermacrylic Floor Finish (Packed 4 x 4L)

Dazzler is a resistant thermacrylic intermediate solids floor finish, which offers an optimal balance between gloss and durability. A superb lustre finish. Recommended for all resilient-type floors, as well as terrazzo and other hard surfaces such as polished concrete, terracotta, marble and other porous surfaces. Dazzler responds well to low or high maintenance schedules and is extremely cost effective. Coverage is 200 sq m. per 4L bottle. pH 8.5 - 9.0 (Alkaline) Colour White

Odour Light Acrylic

Protection Metallic Floor Finish – High Solids

(Packed 4 x 4L)

Acra-Lok is our versatile sealer finish that responds well to a burnishing maintenance program as well as a spray-buff. It is abrasion resistant, slip resistant, acts as detergent and is environmentally friendly-all the while being an all-acrylic self-sealing finish. Acra-Lok adheres and protects hard and resilient floor surfaces like terrazzo, unpolished marble, slate, mexican quarry, ceramic tile, floor coating and vinyl composites and linoleum.Working brilliantly on all of these floors while offering the convenience of a one-product application makes Acra-Lok a winner. Coverage is 200 sq m. per 4L bottle. pH 7.8 - 8.2 (Alkaline) Colour White

Profile Plus will now be based on a polymer that is 40% clearer and less reliant on the wax component, which is typically responsible for the yellowing of floor finishes. Profile Plus is a 25% solids floor finish with superb mark-resistance and is fortified with urethane for maximum abrasive and chemical resistance.

Odour Acrylic

(Packed 4 x 4L)

Protection is a beautiful, high gloss 25% solids floor finish that is designed to give superior protection to floors subject to thousands of tramping feet.Two coats will outwear three or four coats of conventional finishes at lower solids content with no pre-sealing necessary. Use to beautify and protect vinyl, vinyl asbestos, rubber, asphalt, linoleum, terrazzo, marble, concrete and sealed wood floors. Highly recommended for floors in supermarkets, schools, hospitals, and any area subject to heavy traffic. The finished surface possesses remarkable resistance to black marking and scuffing with slip resistance exceeding industry standards. Protection responds well to high frequency spray buff maintenance schedule. Coverage is 200 sq m. per 4L bottle. pH 8.8 - 9.2 (Alkaline) Colour White Translucent Odour Light Acrylic



Floor Cleaners

Floor Maintainers Sidekick Vitaminizer Concentrated Shine Restorer

Rotex Concentrated Neutral Cleaner

Sidekick Vitaminizer is our most versatile restorer, blended to combine mild cleaners and a polymer that is optimally compatible with all floor finishes in the Avmor line. Sidekick can be infinitely diluted making it the product of choice for large surface applications using auto-scrubbers. Containing a concentrated blend of organic complex polymers and surfactants combined to nourish, revitalise, repair and protect most worn floor finishes on the market today.

Rotex is a one-step, neutral cleaner designed to quickly remove embedded soils without any residue, leaving the floor sparkling clean. Rotex requires no rinsing, and leaves a beautiful summer-fresh fragrance. Ideal for use damp mopping or with automatic scrubber driers - this versatile product has been formulated for easy pick up.

(Packed 4 x 4L)

Applied through an automatic scrubber, this organic polymer concentrate can be diluted 50ml per Litre all the while removing soil. Once applied Sidekick leaves an organic complex polymer that penetrates, nourishes, moisturizes and revitalizes aged floor finish. After burnishing or buffing, you will be astounded by the exceptional high gloss, slip resistant floor surface. Coverage is 800 sq m. per 4L bottle. pH 8.0 - 8.5 (Alkaline) Colour White

Rotex is extremely economical and can be diluted from 7ml-20ml per Litre of water depending on method of use and level of soiling. Odour Peach

Odour Acrylic

(Packed 4 x 4L)

A quality floor cleaner and maintainer taking the UK concept of floor maintaining and adding the Avmor advanced polymer technology. Buffalo Shine will clean most surfaces, rebuild the shine and help to maintain and enhance the appearance of most sealed floors. Buffalo Shine is extremely economical and versatile; it can be be diluted from 10ml24ml per Litre of water and is suitable for most types of resilient floor for daily cleaning and gloss restoring. It’s pleasant fragrance means that areas not only look good, they smell good too. Coverage is 800 sq m. per 4L bottle. Colour Light Blue

The neutral pH is buffered to keep Rotex’s strength in water without harming the protective coatings on hard surfaces. The foam is relatively low and designed to breakup quickly in the recovery tank. It is ideal for manual damp mopping on all surfaces especially sealed and polished floors.

pH 6.8 - 7.8 (Neutral) Colour Red

Buffalo Shine Floor Cleaner & Maintainer

pH 8.6 (Alkaline)

(Packed 4 x 4L)

Solnet Floor Cleaner & Deodorizer (Packed 4 x 4L)

Solnet is a scientific blend of low foam surfactants and detergents, with a pleasant citrus fragrance for maximum cleaning and deodorizing action. This free rinsing floor cleaner is designed to leave protected floors clean and bright while imparting a fresh odour to the surrounding area. Use with confidence on all types of floors including quarry tile, marble, terrazzo, linoleum, vinyl composite tile, sealed concrete and wood floors. Solnet is very economical and can be diluted from 12ml-47ml per Litre of water depending on method of use and level of soiling. pH 10.7 - 11.2 (Alkaline) Colour Orange

Odour Orange

Odour Sea Breeze

Snap Back Ready-to-use Restorer Maintainer (Packed 12 x 946ml)

Snap Back is specifically designed for spray buff applications. Snap Back exhibits superior cleaning of the existing floor finish base and contributes to high gloss development. Used regularly, Snap Back will maintain and restore the existing base, therefore prolonging the recoating process, and there is no need to strip Snap Back when recoating becomes necessary, saving time and money. It can also be used with a U.H.S. burnishing machine. Available in a convenient ready-to-use bottle Snap-Back cleans, shines & protects. pH 8.5 - 810.5 (Alkaline) Colour White Odour Polymer Base 8


Cleaners & Degreasers

Cleaners & Degreasers

Cleaners & Degreasers Natura Heavy Duty Cleaner-Degreaser

A707 Cleaner-Degreaser/Top Scrub

Natura is a powerful multi-purpose natural degreaser containing a citrus oil solvent, with a pleasant citrus odour.

A707 is a multi-purpose product for tough cleaning jobs. A highly concentrated, water soluble solvent cleaner designed for removing all types of soils, rapidly and efficiently.

Use Natura to remove stains caused by grease, oil, ink, nail polish, plastic based glue, crayon and soap scum from floors, equipment, hard surfaces and fabrics normally removed by a petroleum solvent. Can also be used on stainless steel, aluminium and other painted and non-painted surfaces.

It can be used anywhere dirt and grime exist in industrial and everyday environments, clean by just spraying or wiping on and rinsing/wiping clean.

(Packed 4 x 4L) Also available in 210L.

(Packed 4 x 4L)

Ideal for general purpose cleaning/degreasing and use in automatic scrubber driers. Natura is very economical as dilution rates vary from 13ml-60ml per Litre of water depending on method of use and level of soiling. Coverage is 200 sq m. per 4L bottle.

A707 also contains a rust inhibitor to prevent flash rusting of unprotected surfaces while cleaning. Very economical as dilution rates vary from 50ml-170ml per Litre of water depending on method of use and level of soiling. pH 11.9 (Alkaline) Colour Light Blue

pH 12.5 - 13.5 (Strong Alkaline) Colour Orange Odour Citrus

Odour Butyl

TD-9 Ready-to-use Cleaner-Degreaser (Packed 12 x 946ml)

Extra Low Foam Cleaner-Degreaser (Packed 4 x 4L)

Extra is power packed with penetrating cleaning agents in order to give maximum product performance. Extra goes to work immediately by suspending, emulsifying, and floating away ink, carbon, lipstick, grease, wax, gum, dirt, and oil. Use with confidence on marine and road equipment,buses, locomotives, trucks, ceramic tiles, floors, filters, commercial ovens, whitewalls, woodworks.

TD-9 is a multi-purpose industrial cleaner, and works on any washable surface to remove dirt, grease, oil and other stubborn dirt ordinary cleaners can’t handle. With its simple ready-to-use trigger spray bottle TD-9 can be used in industrial and everyday cleaning, one quick spray blasts dirt and grease away, no scrubbing required. pH 12.0 - 13.0 (Strong Alkaline) Colour Light Blue Odour Floral

Ideal for pressure washing with its non-clogging formula that cleans without leaving deposits on the coils and jets of pressure washing machines. Dilute from 50ml per Litre to 50ml per 4.55 Litres depending on method of use. pH 12.5 - 13.5 (Strong Alkaline) Colour Purple

Odour Sassafras

Numero Uno Solvent Free Cleaner-Degreaser (Packed 4 x 4L)

Numero uno is an amazing non-butyl cleaner-degreaser that removes animal, vegetable and petroleum oils and greases better than any butyl base harmful solvents. Numero Uno’s total detergent system emulsifies oils, greases and grime, holding them in suspension ready to be flushed, mopped or wiped away. Numero Uno contains a true odour counteractant that destroys malodours Numero Uno is a versatile cleaner-degreaser which is used to remove all of grease and oil, soot, carbon, printer’s ink, crayon, lipstick, food spills, wax, floor finish, rubber burns, algae and mildew stains, etc., from floors, walls, trucks, equipment, machinery, plastic, glass, grills, air conditioning ducts, filters, conveyors, hoods, printing presses, vinyl upholstery, sinks, wash-hand basins, baths, showers, toilets, etc. Controlled foam free rinsing. Dilution rates vary with method of use and level of soiling. pH 12.6 - 13.6 (Strong Alkaline) Colour Orange/Pink 12

Odour Mild Disinfectant 13

Food Area

Food Area

Food Area Adios Lime, Scale and Stain Remover

Numero Uno Sovent Free Cleaner-Degreaser

Adios contains a blend of tame acid and wetting agents designed to penetrate the crust and residue from hard water deposits, it is also non-foaming.

Numero Uno is a powerful, solvent-free degreaser formulated to remove all hydrocarbon, animal, and vegetable-based oil and greases. It also contains a proven odour counteractant designed to attack odour-causing bacteria mildew & fungus.

(Packed 4 x 4L)

Designed originally as a catering descaler for use on kitchenware and restaurant equipment, Adios is also excellent for use in leisure facilities to remove scale and rust from shower walls and fittings, descale urinals, sinks and baths. Adios is very versatile and can also be used in a scrubber drier around pool-sides. Dilution rates vary on soiling and method of use, as low as 7ml per Litre for use on glassware. pH <1 (Very Acidic) Colour Clear

Odour None

Chef Griddle, Fryer and Oven Cleaner (Packed 4 x 4L)

Chef is an extremely effective cleaner for grills, fryers, hot plates and ovens. It has a unique and proven formula for removing baked-on carbon, leaving no residue or lingering odour.

(Packed 4 x 4L)

Numero Uno can be used for heavy grease removal, general cleaning and wet mopping and also in pressure washers and scrubbing machines. Recommended for use in Food Processing Plants, Restaurants, Dairies and all other places where food is handled or prepared. Dilution rates vary from 13ml-340ml per Litre of water depending on method of use and level of soiling. pH 12.6 - 13.6 (Strong Alkaline) Colour Orange/Pink

Odour Mild Disinfectant

Torpedo Drain Cleaner and Opener (Packed 12 x 909ml)

Torpedo is formulated using a blend of organic acids and inhibitors, which produce an immediate action to quickly dissolve soap, grease, sludge, paper, cloth and hair.

Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a biodegradable cleaner degreaser formulated to remove baked on carbon and fat from kitchen equipment. When using Chef there is no more scraping necessary and no taste-transfer possible.

The rapid and safe unclogging method is enhanced using a heat producing solution. The formula of Torpedo means as soon as it hits the water it goes to work to unblock your sinks, toilets, floor drains and water fountains.

Dilution rates vary from 25ml-500ml per Litre of water depending on the appliance being cleaned.

Just pour down the drain of choice and let it work. Use with care.

pH 13.5 (Alkaline) Colour Clear

Odour None

pH 1 (Very Acidic)

Colour Red

Odour Pungent

FP-787 Cleaner, Sanitizer, Deodorant, Fungicide and Virucide (Packed 4 x 4L)

Designed for use in food establishments where food is prepared transformed or handled. All-purpose cleaner-disinfectant kills and cleans a broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses in one easy operation. It contains wetting agents to loosen soil rapidly and improve rinsing. Specially formulated for use in food processing plants, restaurants, dairies and any other places where food is handled or prepared. FP-787 will eliminate bacteria on a range of surfaces such as floors, walls, tables, chairs, counters, sink tops, rubbish bins, rest rooms and all food equipment. It is also very effective at killing odour producing bacteria, moulds, mildew and fungi. FP-787 is extremely economical as dilution rates vary from 5ml-32ml per Litre depending on method of use and level of soiling. pH 10 (Alkaline) 16

Colour Clear

Odour None 17

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