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WORD OF MOUTH Bolsters West Coast Booksellers

is by word of mouth,” she notes. That and the store’s good track record. Duthie’s is also renowned for its solid back list which draws a wide range of customers, including mail orders and corporate customers. As far as promotion goes, Blumer will take out ads in The Georgia Strait and the Vancouver Courier to promote he fallout from SARS, Mad Cow and for- well-known authors and even those lesser est fires, has directly affected tourism on known depending on what other local the West Coast, though bookstore sales now promotional support they’re receiving.. appear to be slowly picking up. Booksellers I spoke with agree that sales of Harry Bookselling became a family affair for Potter’s new book have helped consider- Mary Trentadue and her mother, Lee Trenably. It is the exceptional and the innovative tadue, five years ago when they opened bookstore that has increased sales over last their own bookstores, just four months year, when most are just holding their own. apart from each other. “We learned the book industry at the Downsizing is an all same time,” recalls too familiar concept at Mary, who owns Duthie Books, a name 32 Books in North that has been around a Vancouver, while long time in Vancouver. Lee owns GaliaThere remains only one no Island Books. large store remaining Reachable by Sea on trendy 4th Avenue. Bus and slightly “We are in a good lohidden, 32 Books cation,” says Manager draws a fair numRia Blumer, “because ber of tourists. “Our of the stores on either customers extend side of us in this block. from Deep Cove in Further down, amongst the east and west the restaurants, there to Horseshoe Bay,” is less traffic, and similarly further up.” says Trentadue, noting that, “Vancouver’s The high traffic has been important to the north shore has a population of 180,000.” store’s success, as well as the fact that the once nearby Indigo has gone. Talk of a Not surprisingly, therefore, 32 Books reglarge, well-known hotel franchise taking ularly advertises in the North Shore News, over some neighbouring buildings is en- sometimes on their own and sometimes couraging news for more increasing rev- with other merchants in the village. A small enue. The prospect of tourist in the area store, 32 Books can hold about 30 people will certainly help keep the store booming. and accommodate in-store readings. They also host two book clubs that meet reguDuthie’s features pine shelves, separat- larly in the store and sit on folding chairs. ed by small leather covered benches, and While 80-90 per cent of the store’s invena large magazine section near the front tory consists of books, they have particular desk. “We are proud of our eye-catching success with one of their sidelines—yarn front windows and shelves lined with our and knitting needles that occupy a special bestsellers,” says Blumer. More of a neigh- section at the front of the store. The store borhood store than a tourist attraction, offers knitting courses, which they promote Blumer acknowledges that, “people seek through flyers, and which cost only $30 for us out from across the city and across the the two-hour workshop and the materials. province.” They even get calls from Texas twice a year. “The attraction to our store Already heavily involved with the local


book media (she contributes reviews to North Shore News, radio station CKNW, and book shows), Trentadue is currently pursuing a sideline enterprise: namely freelance publicity for several large publishers, including Random House, Thomas Allen and McClelland & Stewart. Luckily, says Trentadue, she has the support of a great staff who make book picks, which are featured in the window, and write book reviews for displays at the front of the store. The only independent adult bookstore in North Vancouver, 32 Books offers a personal touch, cozy atmosphere and wellselected inventory of both new and used books, all of which appears to be paying off. “Things are looking great,” Trentadue reports. A thirst for history brings tourists to the retailers of the Royal BC Museum. Situated in the heart of Victoria next to Victoria Harbour, the museum includes both a main bookstore and a satellite books t o r e . Currently its primary exhibit is Dragon Bones from China, which has brought in visitors from near and far. In the satellite store, which features many dinosaur books and others related to the exhibition, sales are up 15 per cent, while sales in the main bookstore continue apace. Among the bestsellers are books on native studies, West Coast art, spirit faces and carvings. The store has succeeded in reflecting the cultural and social history of the area.

o find the right typeface, one that fits the purpose and matches the concept of the design, the Graphic Designer must recognize a typefaceĂ­s scope for variation and its range of expression. The fowllowing

T recommendations should serve as a guide when designing and

producing page layouts. Since the selection and arrangement of type and images is directly related to the overall form and function of a document, we should always consider the individual graphic components in their relationship to the whole design. No single typeface can serve all purposes at once. Design elements such as size and proportions of the format, margins, line spacing, background colour and foreground colour all help determine the end result. Even a relatively neutral typeface such as Garamond can appear in a rich variety of forms simply through different arrangements of the letter on a page. Go beyond the simple requirements of visibility and legibility where appropriate, such as in advertisements. Try to create a layout that viewers will remember and recognize when they encounter it again. When choosing a typeface, consider the effects it may have upon the faces that will be combined with it. Size, weight and proximity relationships are subject to the same laws as other compositional elements.

In connection with illustrations or photographs, letters typically play an anicillary role. The inherent contrasts can be augmented by the choice of type. Relative neutral faces are best suited to the task. Sometimes, however, it is possible to create a special unity between image and lettering by using matching materials. For example, matching the colour of the type with that of the image, imbues a visual harmony of these graphic components.

Wherever possible, match the typeface to the content and sprit of the text. Part of the communicative function of writing is the psychological impression conveyed to the reader, and the associations established on a conscious or unconscious level.

Forcing a desired psychological association in your designs is not generally recommended. The name of a coal mine for example, should not be represented by letters that are forced into shapes of black lumps. Likewise, the name of a refrigeration company should not feature letters that look like melting icicles, unless

the intent is to create a logotype, where the fusion of letters and pictograms is justified.

The DesignerĂ­s personality, temperament, proclivity, imagination and creative powers will ultimately influence the final product. A good Graphic Designer will always try to be original, and practice restraint when warranted. This is often the case when dealing with designs for packaging or technical inscriptions, which may call for almost total suppression of the ArtistĂ­s personal preferences.

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Graphic Portfolio  
Graphic Portfolio  

Graphics made using Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop.