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EDITOR’S LETTER - JENNYHEART It’s another issue and this definitely won’t be the last. The first issue, last may, inspired over 800 readers that I realized I’ve just scratch the surface of what there might be to say about IMVU and Content Creators, IMVU and lifestyle, IMVU and fashion and, well, you get the picture. Since its launch in May, AVDP Magazine's editorial emphasis has been developer profiles, fashion and entertainment, and this issue is no different. I strive to bring you articles that will brighten your day, broaden your mind, and keep you up to date on all the deliciously guilty pleasures of consumer culture. In this issue, there are as many different approaches to the subjects as there are contributors. This issue brings you fashion news, and reviews of the hottest new designs and meshes for your wardrobe, home, and play.

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Avivoice's simple mission to "bring you news of great designers before anyone else" continues. And we are dishing it in style: I named her the Queen of Mesh. Bibirasta is one of the hardest Mesh designers working today. Her mesh designs can be seen in the catalogs of many talented Creators. Bibi discusses how she entered the IMVU meshing scene, and moved from making simple designs, to producing the unique BoomMastic Mesh she is known for today. Voluptuous, sexy, elegant, and unique is how we describe the talented VictoriaIV, her BoomMastic & XXL designs inspire a new wardrobe, and we have the details to make her look your own. I had the pleasure of seating with Temptii, Leonessa75, and Leone75; Three Content Creators that capture the moment, extract the best from the physical world of interior design, and convert it in virtual inspiration. Gentlemen; when you're feeling a little humph in your oomph, and you want to be tease till your eyeballs pop, you need Club Sinsations - the hottest establishment in virtual space. Avivoice is the voice of avatars…setting trends for the chic virtual you. |JennyHeart Copyright ©2010

The Queen of Mesh Bibirasta is arguably one of the most recognized fashion developers in the business. Over the course of her IMVU life she has produced an expansive range of works that extend from the intimate to the monumental. Her urban visual style is subtly interwoven with polished common designs, and often includes explicit content. It is perhaps this transcendental quality that has allowed Bibirasta’s works to remain in steady demand throughout the IMVU world.

Bibi's mesh designs began in earnest in the

When she joined IMVU Bibi had no idea she

midst of the early IMVU scene. She was a

could be part of the creator program. “I found



IMVU in the wake of another 2d chat, I liked it

Mimitan, which laid the groundwork for her

and I stayed, when I began I didn't know that

passion in mesh design. Since then she has

I could create clothing etc. that came later.

created quality works at the request of both

IMVU started as my refuge, hours and hours

consumers and Creators. One of those and

chatting with the Hispanic community, a few

most recent request was Republic’s Derivable

years ago we were very few, and everyone

Platforms Mesh, which has been derived from

knew one another. In the beginning developing

for over 1100 times.

was not easy, because everything is in English,




and if now after a few years my English is still Bibi is a young vibrant Latina woman, her

bad, imagined 3 or 4 years ago. But well, the

native language is Spanish, and she lives in

more complicated path is already covered, and

Spain. The name “Bibirasta” is a combination

now I can collect the fruits of my seeding and

of her real name and a childhood fashion

enjoy it to the maximum.”






composition of 2 words; bibi is a part of my

Indeed the fruits of the labor have paid-off for

name, and rasta because when I was very


young, I had rastas,” she said.

unemployment rate in her native land, Bibi






looks to developing as more than just a hobby,

requires dedication a high dose of patience and

it is a business too.


Her catalog holds over 1500 products. When

“I use 3dmax, at base of a lot of tutorials. It

you hear the name Bibirasta – you think of the

took me around a month to learn the basics

BoomMastic body mesh, the BMXXL, the

and have a global idea. But I devoted many

Perfect Body, the BBR Tongue Action head,

hours a day, more hours than I would like to

and even her latest Vertigo shoe-mesh, which

recognize. The first products were bodies, but

is available for both male and female avatars.

the product that when I finished I thought "I

The modest mesh designer credits her ideas to

got it" was the BoomMastic 2-Piece Bust. It

the feedback and requests from consumers

was my first BM dress with long sleeves. It

and Content Creators. “The majority of good

took me a huge amount of time and money

ideas come from consumers and developers.

investment, but it turned out quite well.

Several heads think more than one,” she said. “Usually the community tells me what they

I can take weeks to make a good mesh, it can

want. I love to accept request from people,

be done in less time, but making a mesh of

though right now I’m not accepting requests. I

quality, requires a lot of time, also one needs

have personal matters to solve, but as soon as

much patience, any stupid errors can have me

I have enough free time, I will accept requests

stopped for days. I can encounter all types of

again. I do have rules. The idea has to be

errors: materials that do not mesh, problems in

good, or necessary or something that needs to

movements, ugly cuts in clothing, and failures

be made in a hurry (like additional mesh for

in the alignment of the texture, there are many

wedding dresses etc.), long ago I almost

factors to take into account. If one fails the

accepted all requests, and this is rather my

entire mesh is ruined.

fault because I can’t say no to people. However, I do not sell my mesh designs,

I always think that a mesh, no matter how

because how much credit do I ask for my

many times it gets fix, there is always room for

time? I am a perfectionist, and that is

improvement. More symmetry, better body


movement, I thrive for perfection in my work, although I don’t always find it. Whenever I

Mastering the art of clothing meshing isn’t an

finish a mesh, I ask someone else to review it,

easy task, and it’s the general knowledge that

and hope that they find the bugs I do not see.”

it isn’t supposed to be easy in the first place. It

The perfection in Bibi’s designs and meshes is

Sadly this is happening more often on IMVU

perfectly clear. Another dress Bibi worked hard

and other virtual worlds too. But there is now a

on is the Gitana dress (gypsy dress) and I

group on IMVU dedicated to exposing thieves,

believe it’s her true favorite. “The Gypsy dress

Art Theft Watchers. The group has information

is an attempt to make a typical regional

for developers on how to properly submit a

costume of southern Spain, I think its one of

DMCA takedown notice, and other information

my bests, cost me much work and even still I

that both consumers and developers will find

think that I can improve it.”


These days Bibi is working with TiaraStone, a

“What I like most about IMVU is the

talented clothing designer. “The Tiara dress is

opportunity we have to create a world that fits

one of the best ideas that I’ve been given, it

you best, much cheaper than if you try to

had very good acceptance by developers and

create it in real life. We are able to change

consumers. TiaraStone is very talented and she

boredom to amusement, sadness to happy

has very good ideas, the Tiara Dress is her

moments, the latter, sometimes works in

idea.” They plan to work on a promotional

reverse. I like IMVU because it is a low-cost

bundle, but lately Bibi lacks the time for the

micro world in which everyone can dress to the

project. We’ve yet to see what other great

nines, and be owners of luxurious chalets.

ideas these two talented souls can conjure up.

What got better? The IMVU catalog, it is full of wonderful things.”

As much fun as Bibi is having creating content for us, there are times when she looses the


passion for the work. “It’s frustrating to see some "developer" with stolen products in their

Every developer whose face graces our cover

catalog, even more frustrating when you send

page is seated on the “Hot Seat”. The point of

a DMCA notice to remove these products, and

the hot seat is to be spontaneous. Ten

have new products stolen again the next day.

questions are asked, but we never know what

Personally I lose interest and the desire to

the answers will be, and often they are

create anything. I wonder how many notices

creative, shocking, and even impersonal.

are required to disable an account in IMVU. IMVU should have a hard hand against the

[J.H.] If you were a ‘Bond Girl’ what would be

ones that steal the work from others, meshes,

your name?

textures, art etc...”

[Bibi] Barbara Carrera!

[J.H.] Your favorite aphorism?


[Bibi] He, who seeds wind, shall harvest storm.

messages I’ve received about my work. I feel

[J.H.] What are your 3 best life skills?

bad in not being able to speak fluent English,












and not be able to answer them in the same


way, as beautiful as their messages. I just

[J.H.] Other than appearance, what is the first

want them to know, both developers and

thing people notice about you?

consumers, that I owe everything to them.

[Bibi] That depends on the person looking.

Their advice has helped me grow and their

[Jenny] A fashion fad you must have?

criticism has helped me improve.”

[Bibi] Bra-jeans! [Jenny] Do you share your fantasies?

I must point out that the interview was

[Bibi] Only my boyfriend knows them.

originally conducted in Spanish and translated

[Jenny] Do you see life as Black & White, or a

for the purpose of this article. Bibi has an


understanding of the English language, but

[Bibi] Often is in scales of grays.

does not speak fluent English. It is my hope

[Jenny] Ice cubes or hot wax?

that her characteristics and voice were not

[Bibi] Hot wax!

terribly shadowed in the translation.

[Jenny] Foreplay or Roleplay? [Bibi] Foreplay!

Personally I think we’ve yet to see the best of

[Jenny] At the beach would you rather play in

Bibi’s work. And I hope that I’m still around to

the sand, or play in the water?

be witness.

[Bibi] In water, so much fun! Written by JennyHeart Oh the naughty mind she weaves. Hot wax? Her boyfriend must be a very happy man.

Bibi had one last thing to say before we finish the interview. She wanted to tell her loyal

For more information about Bibirasta visit:

customers and fellow developers who use and

Her Homepage

purchase her designs:

Her Catalog

“I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone for the support they’ve given me this |JennyHeart Copyright ©2010

Voluptuous, sexy, elegant, and unique. Bibirasta’s mesh designs have been used by

She specializes in the big and curvier women


mesh, and her designs compliment the big








PrettiKitti, CuteMarcela, Kokane... each one

women with an urban-edge that is absolutely stunning.

has worked with the BM and XXL mesh, and with more than considerable quality. But it was

Vici and I talked about some of my favorite

VictoriaIV’s designs that stood out above the

outfits by her that I think reveal her unique

others for me. Her work is all around

style and skills.

voluptuous, sexy, elegant, and unique. Personally, I like the (BM) Dove Dress, I think We’ve been following VictoriaIV for the last two

it’s incredibly sexy and compliments the female

months trying to get a sense of her style, what

shape in a non-vulgar fashion and at the same

trends she follows, and we were delightfully

time is shockingly provocative.

surprised to find she doesn’t follow any trends. Her style is all her own. Here is what she had to say about her style: “I go with my inner mood when I design, I do not follow fashion trends. But I always see what’s new in fashion and get some ideas to inspire me. I’m modern and feminine. My tag line is voluptuous, sexy, elegant, and unique.”

Vici, as I’ve come to call her works hard, her catalog






continues to grow weekly. In two months her catalog has grown with more than five pages of new designs. Vici doesn’t only design stunning dresses, but also sexy shoes, colorful

“Ah! Yes, the Dove Dress. I was watching the

hairs, bling-bling jewelry and yummy skin

movie 300 and one of the characters was


wearing something similar that inspired me to

do Dove Dress, it has an old Roman flair, it’s the ultimate sexiness in my opinion, and yet it’s simple.”

Cute Candy is an outfit I see my self wearing right down to the wedges-shoes. I’m really a jean and sexy top with heels kina girl. I truly like this outfit because it’s very much my daily style, casual, sexy and comfortable.

“The Florenta Dress; I’m more into fashion that’s for the general audience, very rare do you find a nice clubbing dress in the catalog for GA customers, I tried to make it look sexy by adding some straps and the gold is eyecatching, along with black for a touch of elegance.”

“Cute Candy was my label for simplicity, I love jeans and love the mix of lace with jeans, and it’s designed for the curvy women who are tired of the too dressy outfits and just want to look simple yet sexy. White is best used in summer and it’s a cool color that comes out very attractive in lace. I used lots of details on the chest and added the cute ribbon that makes it look super girly.”

“And the same goes with the Victoria Pride outfit. I was considering the GA customers who are looking for sassy, sexylace outfit. Think of Pride as a feisty beach-party outfit because it looks like a bikini wrapped with a little lace. It’s a PASS PAR TOUT as we say in French, means it can really be worn in many occasions.”

For more information about VictoriaIV visit: Her Homepage Her Catalog

I notice you use a lot of Bibi’s BM & XXL mesh. Why do you work mostly with these meshes, what about them do you like?

“Personally, I think Bibirasta is the best body mesher for women on imvu, the reason being that her meshes are flawless, you cannot see flaws in the proportions; legs, breasts and thighs look perfect. The BM and XXL mesh celebrate the voluptuous figure in a very sexy manner without looking disfigured – “The Perfect Curves.” Also Bibi has BM & XXL in many types of meshes, short dresses or long, with or without flairs, with or without shoes, many styles that if you can do almost anything, her meshes are the most suitable.”

Vici is right, Bibirasta’s catalog is home to a wide selection of meshes of styles and shapes that designers can derive and do almost everything they can think of with them.

VictoriaIV is a woman I highly respect because she does everything her self. She has an immense talent and one need only but to look at her catalog to notice. But lucky for you, you don’t have to go very far, for Vici and I lined-up several of her incredible designs for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Written by JennyHeart |JennyHeart Copyright 2010


that she was bitten by the creator bug a phenomenon that seems to affect all of us


eventually. “I had no idea what I was doing

when I started creating for IMVU. It may sound cliché, but believe me, if I can learn to A lot of people make products, but I find my

mesh, anyone can. I am very proud of the fact

self continually impressed with people who

that I am constantly learning and improving

maintain a high level of passion after years as

my skills. I had no prior skills and frankly didn’t

Content Creators. Our friend Temptii is one of

even know what Photoshop was when I first

the most passionate people I’ve had the

started... But the more I learned, the more I

pleasure of meeting. She has been making

enjoyed it, and soon became completely

easy manageable meshes for interior designers


very successfully for the last couple of years. Her techniques have improved immensely. I can't think of an interior designer that I like







successful, but for those that do the rewards is far greater than credits. “I am not ashamed to

that hasn't derived from her catalog.

admit that I am left speechless and often quite I sat down with the down under Aussie for

emotional at the sight of what creators do with

some gurl-meshing-talk inside the virtual world

my meshes. I love when I have a quiet

of IMVU. After the pleasant introductions and

moment to spare and can just sit and browse

some small talk I opened the topic about her

through all the derivations of my work.”

work. “To say that my meshes are easy to

work with, is the biggest compliment you can

I too am often amazed at how many different

give me. In my wildest dreams never did I

facets can be imagined out of one single mesh.

imagine that so many Creators would show

For Temptii the reward to see her meshes

interest in my products, in fact the entire

brought to life by so many talented people and

experience is still quite surreal to me...” she

in so many levels is enough to keep her working. “This is the most rewarding aspect of


being a mesher. “Bring to life" is actually the Temptii is the living testimony of people who

perfect choice of words, because that’s exactly



how it feels to watch. And if I could personally

extraordinary people. Her story is inspiring.

thank every single creator who does this I

She joined IMVU, like many of us did, to chat

would because the joy they bring me is

and make friends. It wasn’t until much later





Creating a mesh is nothing simple mind you

Often furniture pieces are full of awkward

the process can be complicated and takes a lot

poses that can ruin the basic theme of chatting

of patience and repetition. “Patience and

and mingling with friends. “I tend to choose

passion or stubbornness is essential when

more casual poses for my furniture because

learning how to mesh. I struggle daily to

there are so many beautiful animated poses

improve my skills, but I thrive on the

available that you can easily add yourself to

satisfaction that comes when I click that

your favorite furniture. I receive allot of

"submit" button.

requests for "no nodes' versions to my meshes to be used for this purpose also. I also love

If a project is frustrating me I just walk away from it and go for a walk on the beach to freshen my mind and usually looking at it with fresh eyes is all it takes to see where I’m going wrong. My first thought is always for the texture artists who will be deriving from me. I spend more time mapping the mesh than creating it; I do this because I want to make it as easy as I possibly can for those starting out to be able to texture my meshes successfully. This is my number one goal when making products.” And she is absolutely right, her meshes are the right tools to use if you happen to be new to the creator world, you will find them easy to play with. “Basically if you are just starting to

texture, if you have created a nice set of textures, you will be able to make something with most of my meshes.” One of the features I enjoy of her meshes is the poses she uses. I find them to be perfect for casual entertainment amongst friends.

furniture that has standard seating, its perfect in public rooms and inviting because visitors don’t have to worry about landing on an awkward pose. So I try to include some standard seating whenever the mesh allows it.” Temptii doesn’t really have a style to her work and as she points out if you look through her catalog you will find a little bit of everything.

“If you look through my catalog you will notice there is no particular influence or theme to my style...this is mainly due to the fact that I like to experiment with all sorts of furniture and room ideas, and am open to try anything. I am deeply motivated by so many things. Sometimes it’s a picture in a magazine of a beautiful home, sometimes it’s a suggestion form one of the members of my group. Sometimes I am just playing around with shapes and all of a sudden I will get an idea. I have to say I am quite open-minded about trying different styles and believe it’s important for me to continually step out of my comfort

zone in order to improve, and often what I end

able to work on a collection piece by piece and

up with is nothing like what I had in mind

especially to see it all come together in the

when I started.”

end. I have also been working on a furniture collection with the VERY talented animator

Temptii’s most successful mesh to date is the Dreamtime Collection. One of my favorites as well, and I’m sure you no doubt have one or two pieces in your inventory. She has been fortunate






Tan. I have always been a fan of her work, and combining my meshes with her incredible animated poses is yet another dream come true for me.”


promotional bundles almost regularly and by

There is a good side to developing in IMVU,

the top designers in the business. Two of them

but there is also a bad side. Lately theft has











Leone75, both are incredibly talented interior

people are talking more openly about it, and

designers, and they use Temptii’s products in

some Creators have joined together to help

almost all of their bundles.

fight back theft. But even Temptii has been victim of theft. “I’ve had textures, artwork and

“Working with these two amazingly talented friends has been rewarding in so many many ways for me. They both have their own unique styles, but share their commitment to providing exceptional quality in each and every one of their products and inspire me to do the same. I

even branded icons used without permission but must say never had to deal with mesh theft. I am very much looking forward to the changes that are just over the horizon for the creating process, and hopefully theft will no longer be as rampant as it is becoming now.”

was a great fan of both their products even before meeting them. Just one look at their

Temptii is referring to the upcoming changes

catalogues and I guarantee you will be

to create mode, which will help with this

addicted to the sheer class and perfection of

problem. According to Matt having more than

their gorgeous textures. They create homes we

one version of the previewer open to the world

all dream of having in Real Life.”







submission flow. People are able to trick the Temptii collaborates with several developers and its something she enjoys doing. And I can’t wait to see what she is working on next.

“I am collaborating on a few promotional bundles at the moment. It's so rewarding to be

submission code into believing a product is derived from product123.cfl vs. product456.cfl. In the future Create Mode will have ONE submission flow that will allow consumers and

creators to open products upon submission to

they should do more to educate shoppers and

automatically check for derivation truth.

new creators about derivation chains.”

I spend a lot of time in the catalog, I'm a

I completely agree, consumers need to be

proud shopaholic. Haha! I'm also a smart

educated about derivation chains and a hard

shopper. I like bargains but don't mind paying

hand needs to be dealt with those who

for good quality. I have a hobby of always

overstep the rules. A creator who follows the

checking derivations before I buy a product. I

rules shouldn’t have to deal with creators that

like to make sure that what I'm buying is an

don’t. Most times is a matter of them not

honest product and that all the individuals

reading the rules and for that they should be

involved in creating the product are getting

penalize to some degree.

their rightful credits. I can't count the times I've found derivations set as derivable. Too many to give you an accurate number. I always try to contact the original Mesher just to see if they are aware of the status of the product.







Temptii has several alt accounts that she uses to escape to when she needs a break. “I still

have a few alt accounts that I go to when I need a break from meshing. I sometimes miss doing clothing and texturing rooms so it’s nice to still play around with those variations of


creating also but meshing is my passion.” “Unfortunately, this topic remains a frustration to me, for two main reasons... Sometimes new creators







implications of leaving a small box checked on the submission page, or it has simply been forgotten. It’s the "other" type of creator that is more and more common nowadays. This is a problem that will never go away because IMVU allow it, and even if I am made

There isn’t anything that she can’t do when she puts her mind to it. To learn more about Temptiis alt accounts follow the banners at the end of this article, or you can visit her website, You can also join Temptii’s group, to stay up to date on her latest creations, as well as previews of what other creators are deriving of her catalog.

aware of it there is nothing I can do about it because my products are derivable. Sure the

Temptii had one last thing to share with you:

mesher still gets paid, but what about the poor

“I'd like to take this opportunity to simply say a

unsuspecting customers and developers that

big cheesy thank you to anyone who has ever

are getting ripped off? I believe that if IMVU

derived from me. I feel this is important to say

refuse to change their attitude then at least

because their support, and therefore my success on IMVU, has changed my life. I spent over 20 years of my life working in a job I knew wasn't what I wanted to do, and was grateful just to have discovered a creative outlet that I enjoyed so much. I feel blessed to be able to pursue this dream, and appreciate every moment... no matter how long it lasts.� |JennyHeart Copyright Š2010

Interior Design: Texture, Patterns, and Proportion Done Correctly.

matched against a solid background. Leon and

By JennyHeart

between all of the different colors, patterns,

Nessa go a step further, they create harmony

and textures, and it’s this coherent contrast that gives their designed space interest. Their Interior Design is so much more then just a

amazing ability to pay close attention to the

beautiful fixture. It has to be practical, eye-

ambience they try to create gives to their

catching and of high quality. Furniture like so

rooms a powerful feeling.

many other designer products in the catalog changes every year. The amount of well

One of the best compliments I received

designed furniture is growing larger every day.

recently from a friend involved a redesign of

Quality products can be easily found today

my private afterhours-lounge. When Nessa

then ever before.

revealed her Regency bundle I used the bundle to revamp my private room. Everyone loved it,

There are many well known room and furniture

I got nothing but good compliments for the

texturers who today are known as interior

decorations. But the real compliment goes to



Nessa, anyone can move furniture around, but

designers, Leone75 and Leonessa75 stand out

only the interior designer can inspire feelings


to a room.

















beautiful visuals and inspired décor of their

I asked Nessa what was her inspiration for

designs bring forth amazing home interior

Regency: “I always find color inspirations from

design ideas to life.

my world around me, and tend to choose on my mood at the moment of the project’s start. natural

When I began the Regency collection, I had

understanding of patterns and textures add

just finished the Vibrante Collection, which is

character and pizzazz to an otherwise plain

filled to the brim with bright, bold, and

color scheme. They understand the important

vivacious colors.


collection should cater to those with more of a

Leone75 and










I decided that my next with





dramatics. I knew that I wanted to do a dark Traditionally pattern and texture decorating is

room, and decided that instead of just black

done with a single pattern and texture

and silver, to really look at the different effects

that gradients can create and I focused more

amusement, and surroundings that encourage

on those subtle shades of gray that lie in

laughter and lots of conversation!”

between. With a slight antiqued twist, the bright silver accents in the room seemed to

How do you prepare, how do you decide on

make everything come to life… which I brought

colors and decide the theme for the rooms you

forth even more with the animated lighting


fixtures. I wanted “Regency” to appeal to the

project to project. Sometimes I’ll know exactly

many facets of personalities of the wonderful

the look and feel I want to achieve in the end

people I’ve met on IMVU, and I’m so pleased

result, so I go on a mesh hunt for what I think

to hear feedback from customers who love the

will work the best. Other times, I find the


As with all my collections, as I’m

mesh first and have to sit myself in the

creating I always ponder how many happy

previewer with the mesh loaded and just wait

memories will be made within these 3D walls

for the room to talk to me. I contemplate how

and I can’t help but smile to know that I might

people would want to feel in the space,

have a small part in that.”

because I think color can be such a healer to

“The entire process varies from

the senses and transform your emotions in a Tell me about your style and easiness with

positive direction. A huge factor in the room’s

interior design? “I’ve always been in awe of

theme and style depends on how the room

interior design and how particular pieces in a

meshes are wrapped by the mesher and the

home can completely change the “feel” of the

degree of creative freedom it allows. I love it

room when you walk into it. I’m very drawn to

when I can add windows to one wall, or all

warm colors with brighter accents to add a

walls depending, and I really enjoy adding an

touch of interest here and there. And details –

effect of architecture just from a visual

I adore the details in the smallest of things. I

standpoint, like I was able to do in my

started with an addiction to interior decorating

Moroccan Villa. It gives a lot of depth to a

shows on the television about 10 years ago,

room and brings it more to life, I’ve found.”

when they were truly in their height of popularity, and I have a horrid addiction to

The industry refers to you as a 2D texturer, the

magazines that depict the latest styles of décor

person that dresses a mesh by adding colors,

and trends. While I appreciate all styles of

patterns, and textures. What program do you

interior design, my personal tastes generally

use, and how did you prepared? “I have used

float towards rooms and furnishings that are

Corel’s Paint Shop Pro for approximately 10

“approachable”. I’m drawn to warmth and

years now and absolutely adore it! I fell in

love with digital scrapbooking and signature

myself and see the trees instead of just the

tag creations many years ago, and all the

forest. He knew I took creating seriously, but

tutorials I learned from were for my PSP (paint

wanted to see me successful as well, so he

shop pro). It’s been suggested to me that I

pushed me to go further into the “official” side

“take the training wheels off” and upgrade to a

of the process. I absolutely consider this a

program with many more capabilities, but

business, but first and foremost it’s my

honestly, I’m such a creature of habit! I’m still

passion. I get to do what I love with who I

learning new tricks and methods every day by

love, and I feel very fortunate for that.”

trial and error and have yet to feel “boxed in” by my program. I helped Leone get familiar

The IMVU Bundle Vault promoted and sold

with the program in January, when he showed

your Regal Café House bundle. I can only

an interest in developing, and with his

imagine the sales, not only because it’s an

adventurous nature, he’s taught me just as

IMVU bundle but because it is a product of

much about the program with the features he’s

quality. How did it feel to be accepted? “I will

found via the finely honed talent of “trial and

always consider my Regal Café collection to be

error”. Haha! By far, I’d have to say – a

the pivotal piece in my catalog.

developer’s greatest creation tool they could


possess is simply their imagination!”

compliments of my work from people I’d never





After its wonderful

met, and it touched me so deeply. I knew that Is texturing a hobby to you or do you treat it

I loved the idea of an upscale coffee house,

“For me, texturing started

but I had no idea that others would find such

out as a way to purge my creative urges.

joy in it as well. It was suggested to me by a

There’s a natural elation I feel when a project

couple friends that I should offer it to IMVU

is done and I can sit back and look at my

and I was scared of rejection at first. Then

screen to see the final effect. I think about the

Leone kicked my backside again and I had it

parts that I like the best, and the parts that I

submitted shortly after that. I was completely

can improve on in the future, but most

elated when I got the email saying that it was

importantly, I think of the possibility of one

approved, and absolutely found the entire

person out there who purchases an item and

experience thoroughly enjoyable. I received

uses it daily because either the color or

messages from people who had purchased it,

appearance of the texture soothes them.

saying the kindest and sweetest things, and I

Leone has been my biggest supporter and the

will always smile when I think of them.”

like a business?

kick in the backside I need to keep pushing

Considering your time as a Content Creator;

aware that the dynamics of our business is

what area do you think needs improvement

quite unique and very far from the norm. A

today, and what has improved in the time

tad “risky”, we’ve even been told, because of

since you joined the Creator Program? “We

the fact that it is based on a relationship. We

both are happy to be part of the Content

have an uncompromised openness with one

Creator family on IMVU, and are always

another, and share everything, and both of us

impressed by the amount of fellow Creators

see this as the best possible arrangement to

who are willing to help out the up and coming

bring forth the very best that we can do for

developers with any questions or assistance. It

ourselves, one another, and the members of

lends a good atmosphere to the “family” and

IMVU. We are each other’s sounding board,

sets a good example for others to follow. The

advice counsels, critic, and cheerleader. Leone

area that we’d both like to see a vast

and I agreed from the start that prior to each

improvement on is basically the same concern

submission of items, screenshots would be

many other Content Creators have an issue

shared and details discussed. We want to see

with: Texture thefts

It was shocking to us

each other succeed to full potential, so there’s

both the first time we found ourselves looking

an agreement that bluntness is a must, and

at another “developer’s” works and seeing the

the ability to hear constructive criticism and

textures that we work so hard on making.

not get pissed off is mandatory.

After the initial emotion of anger fades away, it

relationship that would not work well for most

let both of us know that “hey, we must be

people, I think, but for us, it’s perfect!”

It’s a

going in the right direction!” Haha! We’re both very hopeful that in the future there will be

Did you two meet on IMVU first or was the

stronger penalties to those who blatantly steal

friendship there before joining IMVU? “We did

textures and the hard work of others.”

meet on IMVU and have been inseparable since that day, well over a year ago. When we

I know of your partnership with Leone75 and

decided to begin developing together, it

I’m so glad he is here with us today. You

started out as just something to do that both

promote each others work, and it seems you

of us enjoyed. In all honesty, I feel that we’ve

both share the same elegant quality in your

drawn even closer than before and have found

designs, though you each have unique styles.

the whole experience quite intimate. He’s in

Besides having a business partnership you also

my head and I in his and neither of us are

have an intimate partnership. What is the

scared when we look around.”

secret of your partnership? “Leone and I are

Joining the Creator Program is equal to joining

he created are just gorgeous and soothing to

a race, this is a very competitive atmosphere,

me. It was his first big collection, and after we



started hearing the wonderful feedback about

reinventing themselves, everyone wants to be

it, I was so pleased to see how it excited him

on top, and everyone wants to sell …do you

as an artist. It lit a creative fire under him for

compete against each other?

future collections and I’ve watched him grow




ever since.” Leonessa: “Haha! We do! But only in a playful

way. We share everything with one another,

Leone: “Nessa’s Vibrante collection is my

from developer reports to complimentary

favorite. I like the confidence in the colors of

messages, and they’re usually followed up with

the room and the art deco twist she used on

“woot wooty” or “neener neener”…. It’s pure

the walls. Most importantly though, I saw how

friendly competition that fuels us to not only

much fun she was having with it while she was

keep up with one another but also pushes us

creating it.”

towards being adventurous with our décor and texturing effect options. I love it!”

Reviewing the meshes you use I noticed Temptii is your dominant choice. What do you

Leone: “The only victory Nessa can claim at all

like most about Temptii’s meshes? ”Temptii’s

times is that she talks a lot more than I do. I

designs have always stood out for us because

ask her a question and can take a three hour

it was apparent immediately how much time

nap while she answers…”

and consideration she puts into wrapping a mesh. The more a texturer has to work with,

Leonessa: “LOL! I can’t disagree… he’s being

the more freedom with creativity they have,

honest. *sheepish grin*”

and with Temptii’s work, we always find that a single






If you had to choose one bundle of each others

different ways, simply by effort she puts into

catalog which one would you pick as ‘The One’

wrapping. We’ve gotten to be great friends

that stands out above the rest?

with Temptii – not only because of similar work ethics, but also because she is a wonderful

Leonessa: ”Hands down, my favorite collection

of Leone’s is his Dusk Collection. I encouraged (whined for) the colors that he used because they are my “happy” colors, and the textures

person with a sincerely kind heart.”

The collections in your catalog are stunning, Leone. The Urban Bundle, The Burn Bundle, The Modern Tudor Bundle, The City Loft Bundle, and Le Ritz Bundle, which I’m just crazy about. Both of you have a European style, while Leonessa’s style is graceful and soft, you tend to be more masculine and on the edge. What influence do you derive your style from? “I’ve lived in the city my













Leonessa75 visit her: Homepage | Catalog


surroundings. Homes, upscale hotels, bars, nightclub and other locations I frequent.” To



Tell me about Le Ritz, about the design, and the furniture

Leone75 visit his:

pieces? “From my own experiences in life, the upper class

Homepage | Catalog


doesn’t have a room full of furnishings or whatnot. They are minimalists, but what they do have in their homes are pieces of pure class. Each item is an artwork in its intended design. I wanted a room that shows sophistication and class….a room that would mirror where the CEO of a global company would live and entertain.” JennyHeart: “Thank you Leone and Nessa for a wonderful

interview.” If you are a fan of minimalism or contemporary design like I am then, depending on how ambitious you are, you will have fun redecorating your virtual space with Leone75 and Leonessa75 rooms and furniture. They design the space you truly WANT to spend time in. |JennyHeart © 2010


When you’re feeling a little humph in your oomph, and you want to be teased until your eyeballs pop, you need a little Sinsations. Of course, most gentlemen’s clubs can help you agitate your weigh down if you have the credits to blow. At Sinsations, you get a spectacle of excess where you can pay for the power of being served, and quite possibly serviced. Keeping these factors in mind, the best Sinsations are those that provide a tantalizing place to escape from whatever reality you happen to live.

Sinsations is upscale, and if you can stand the

Club Sinsations is a gentlemen’s club. Knowing

fun, be sure to treat yourself to a stint in the

the business well, the best gentlemen’s clubs

private room, where the world is your oyster

are those that provide a tantalizing place to

and you call the shots.

escape from reality. Gentlemen’s clubs should be assessed based on the quality of their service. And it is the top notch service that keeps Sinsations’ high rollers coming back again and again.

Per71 is the owner of Club Sinsations, he is an ambitious




man have

whose made


savvy joint

venture between his clubs and sponsors a lucrative partnership many envy. The success has paid the way to expansions and several

new clubs under the same management are in

I happened to come on a theme night, Angels

the planning stages.

and Devils, and was titillated by the outfits and decorations. Everyone was very detailed with their garments and were enjoying showing off their outfits as much as I enjoyed seating with Per dressed as Lucifer himself… Had I been told ahead of time I would have dressed as the holy Madonna.

“Im glad u liked the theme night, it’s growing in popularity both from the girls and the customers… We do them once a week, which seem to be a good level. The girls love to dress “I think the main reason I’ve been able to get

up, I try to change the décor and the

my partners, is that I’ve presented a realistic

customers enjoy it a lot too.”

business plan, with a good ROI (return on investment). Also I do different kinds of

The true gentlemen’s club is known for the

activities with the sponsors as well as the fact

service but also for the staff that run the place.

that Sinsations has been in business for a year

Per has been very lucky to be surrounded by

now, so the partnership is a long-term one. My

some of the most beautiful female avatars you

sponsors feel it’s a partnership good for both

will ever see in world. The girls do an

parties, as all business should be.

incredible job at bringing the fantasy as close to perfection as possible and contribute to the

We provide a very high level of quality service.

operations behind a respectful and renowned

My girls provide our customers with a good


time when they come to visit, no matter if they come for a quick visit or stay the duration.

“Oh... am very lucky of course… a day at work

Also, what I have noticed in many clubs is that

is always a pleasure… Sinsations wouldn’t be

the girls can be a bit neglectful towards

what it is without the girls, so they are of

customers, but we don’t do that. You go to

course the club’s biggest asset. What I do is

these clubs for a reason and we provide that

every new girl I hire, we do a week or 2 of


trial, make sure they fit into the crew, into the “sinsations spirit”. This way we get a well

composed crew, and the girls enjoy working,

Per has an exquisite taste and keen eye for

and have lots of fun. Most of them don’t see it

interior decoration. I’m surprised he hasn’t

as only work, but they see it as hanging out

given developing a try, for I think his ideas

with friends or family. And of course, our

would be welcome. An example of his ideas

customers feel that the girls enjoy what they

and the evidence of his business tactics is the

do, which make the atmosphere very nice and



Republic. The Sinsations OTK boots are one of





my favorites, but as I told Andy I adore the A large part of the allure of the club is the

stiletto slides most.

stunning interior design, which is exclusive to the club, and rarely can you find the textures and style anywhere else or even the catalog, for most of the items Per commissions are exclusively designed for his clubs.

“I love the OTK boots as well, those are my personal favorites. My part in the developing of them isn’t too great though, Andy /Republic did the job. I asked him to make some Sinsations collection first as a custom boot for only my girls, but then we agreed on having it available to all. He got to work, presented it and I could just approve because his work is outstanding as always.” Per isn’t lying, Andy does great work. But so does Per for he knows as much about shoes as he knows about the ladies after I asked him if he was a shoe lover.

“I am, both on IMVU and IRL; Diamonds aren’t The Sinsations stage is one of a kind made by one of the club’s sponsors, Groovyloopylou. Per didn’t share with me how much he paid for the stage but he did say that it was textured by Nan, a favorite designer with whom he works with often.

a girl’s best friend, shoes are.” So








entertainment go to the one place where business and pleasure is the norm, Club Sinsations.


All illustrations and articles within may not be duplicated without consent. AVIVOICE | JENNYHEART Copyright © 2010


AVDP Magazine Issue Two July 2010