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In search of a fresh perspective to promote Israeli quality flowers, Aviv Harmonie initiated an art student competition Out Of The Vase. Art students from different artistic disciplines were invited to participate. The students did not have previous floral design experience. Students were given a large selection of Harmonie flowers. Students competed for high cash prizes in three categories: Fresh look on classical use, Colors and Harmonie.






Bridal Bouquet The Next Generation Alternative for the traditional bridal bouquet. The Shoemaker Goes Barefoot At Aviv the shoemaker doesn't go barefoot. Green – Green Green is not just a color but a way of life. Develop innovative ways for the use of greens. For this assignment, only the use of greens is allowed and interpretation through them. Colors For this assignment we will draw a lottery to determine which flower/Harmonie Grower you will be working with. The goal of this assignment is to represent

the growers' niche flowers in new and unique ways. 5/12



Aviv is More Than Just Flowers Create a presentation that emphasizes the broad range of Aviv products. The assignment will include fruit and vegetables that are also part of Aviv's wide range of products. Transparency To turn opaque materials into transparent ones and the influences that has on the assignment. Self Portrait Representative of who you are as a designer and expresses your design statement and expresses your nationality and ethnicity.You must follow your own

interpretation as a designer, opinion leader and innovation generator. 8/12



Harmonie You must create a presentation that sends the message of the Harmonie brand. Minimalism At Its Best Create a minimalistic element that has a powerful message. For this assignment we will draw a lottery. Each participant will receive 10 branches of the flower he/she has drawn in the lottery, as well as an additional 10 branches of a flower of your choice. My Exotic Dream Vacation Create a presentation that emphasizes the dream vacation. This assignment will also

have a lottery to determine the flower that each participant will use. Here you can add other flowers and elements. 11/12


Together To create a presentation that represents "togetherness". The purpose of this assignment is to work together with a representative of FloraHolland, the customer that you represent and a grower (assistants shall not participate in this task). 2115 Flowers in another hundred years. What will be the usage of flowers in a hundred years. What will be their role in our lives. The essence of innovation at its best.

Student Ioana Sabrina Stoica represented

Ioana-Sabrina is an open-minded, forward thinking, achiever who aspires to challenge boundaries and is committed to innovation. She is a third year Advertising Design Student with previous experience in fashion design.

Company UK and Blooms floral UK

Blooms Floral Imports Ltd are a leading Supplier/Importer of fresh cut Flowers and Herbs to the UK Industry. They specialize in produce from hand picked Independent Growers in Israel supplied through Aviv Flowers.

Ioana Sabrina

When It comes to Flowers Aviv sets the

For her Harmonie assignment Ioana Sabrina created a tricky flowers typography.

For the self portrait category Ioana-Sabrina Stoica who is an Advertising major presented a self portrait “5 O’clock Tea Time” using Phlox flowers as a source for a fragrant flower tea ...

For her work on the Shoemaker goes barefoot, Ionana created an impressive staircase made out of Aspedistra and Delphinium where you can climb to haven that is made out of Lisianthus Campanula and Kochia.

For Her work on The final touch makes the diffrence assignment

Ioana created a picture farme out of Gladioli flowers.

The contrast between her desire for infinite dream vacation and the short life of the flowers is ironically suggesting that our dream vacations are always too short Using : Grevillea Ivanhoe, Crown Jewels Gloriosa NL

For her assignment Minimalism, Ioana created a picture of a flower bridge as a symbol of creating a connection between people Using: Anemone Gypsophila

For Her assignment Together, Ioana created the “Bringing all together Circle� Where blue flowers are holding all cultures together in peace Using: Delphinim, Ageratum.


Mr. Lucas Vos joined Mr. Moshe Perez and together they awarded

the prices to the winners.

Highlights Collection

of the competition

For the assignment Bridal Bouquet of the Future, Annika Geiger from Germany, created a wedding ring cushion designed as a clutch made of flowers using Tweedia as something blue and Paperwhite Narcissi

For the assignment: The final touch makes the difference. Xiali Ascencio from China created a beautiful bridal dress using Anemone and Green Trick

Annika Geiger from Germany used Tweedia to created Her :“Tweedia Sundial� for her work on The final touch makes all the difference assignment

Harmonie winter quality Gladioli were used in a few of the assingments

On the Minimalism assignment Xiali Ascencio from China created "Companionship" that is a symbol for timeless dedication. For this work she used “Harmonie� winter

Gladiolii collection

Lior Lifshitz from Israel used Gladioli in the Together assignment

On The final touch makes all the difference assignment Nuushi Harada from Japan created the Scabiosa Scoop Sushi “Like the fish is the heart of sushi, here the scabiosa gives flavor and color�

For her Transparency assignment Jody Lee from USA created “White light” using Gypsophila and Campanula

In his work for the Harmonie assignment Maciej Kwietnicki from Poland created an Harmony of flowers among them he used Helianthus,Wax flower, Ranunculus Pon Pon

In her work for Transparency Xiali Ascencio from China created a Transparent dress using Aspidistra elatior Milky way

For the Green-Green assignment Iulia Tulbure

from Romania used three amazing products available only from Harmonie.

Isopogon “Curly“ Grevillea baileyana Ruscus hypophyllum

On the Harmonie assignment Iulia Tulbure created a Hat and a Lampshade using among others Limonium and Lisianthus

Nuushi Harada from Japan for his work Minimalism Used Red Ranunculus on a stem of Equisetum.

For his work Bridal Bouquet of the Future, Lior Lifshitz from Israel created a picture representing different variation on the traditional “straight� marriage where partners of different variations are acceptable

Using : Ornithogalum White star and Grevillea

For his work on the Shoe maker goes barefoot, Lior Lifshitz from Israel created “Love invitation – The insect version “ Using : Gerbera, Lisianthus and Ranunculus



For her work for Minimalism, Leontine Brugmans used Craspedia

For his work Bridal Bouquet of the Future, Maciej Kwietnicki from Poland created a wareable bridal bouquet Vail using Gypsophila Color Calla and Solidago

Valery Nyamwaya from Kenya created a pedant made of Aralia stems and twigs for the Minimalism assignment The pedant symbolized continuity

For her work on Harmonie, Annika Geiger from Germany used the deep colors of Lisianthus petals to create her dress

Alexandra Salamatina from Russia chose to create her Dress with an assortment of colorful flowers Trachelium Lisianthus Helianthus Anemone

Femke Haanappel From the Netherlands used mostly yellow and green to dress her model. She used in her work greens and yellows Greens: Setaria Tomer Grevillea baileyana

Yellows: Solidago Craspedia


how inno vation is really done!

Profile for Aviv Flowers

Blooms Floral Out of the Vase Magazine  

Blooms Floral Out of the Vase Magazine  


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