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APRIL 2010

Friends... heading a change management consulting organisation for almost 22 years puts me at crossroads and a dilemma to distinctively state something that has not been stated before and I make no bones about confessing it. TEAM PERCON was launching its first newsletter and as the head of the organisation to mention something contextual was even more a challenge. Universal that change is, it has been well understood by many a large corporate, amazingly so, also in India, but the woe is with certain segments such as SMEs and the public sector. What is painful is that everyone agrees that change was inevitable, but when it comes to accepting it in terms of doing something about it, the latent reluctance assumes an enormity that is unimaginable. SMEs that need such assistance beyond proportions are reluctant because of myopic approaches and are chasing profitability than brand. Public sector is fighting to survive with its laissez faire approach and the ‘no-work culture’. Needless to say, these approaches emerge from where we belong...the society. As change management consultants I see a moral responsibility for us to ameliorate the awareness and scope of ‘change management’ in these two segments and the society at large. Strategies would have to be worked out to ensure the success of such a mission. My best wishes to all my team mates, clients both existing and prospective and to my fellow beings everywhere.



Indian Women in a Management Role Ever since the evolution of the human race, women have played a key management role in social life. She is the one who has been responsible for embryoing and facilitating the existence and growth of the human race. This being an immense responsibility, she has also been managing her household activities with excellence. Some of the finest lessons of time and human resource management can be learnt from them. Inspite of her immense potential she has been forced to confine herself within the four walls of her house. The orthodox social structure of our country has ensured that she doesn’t venture out of her “laxman rekha”.

Culture does not change because we desire to change it. Culture changes when the organization is transformed; the culture reflects the realities of people working together every day.. Francis Hesselbein CEO of the American Girl Scouts movement USA Regarded as the greatest leader of USA by Peter Drucker, the father of modern management,


Today after years of social awakening and awareness programmes, there are just about 3% to 6% of women in management in India, of which just 2% of women managers are in Indian Corporations while 96% of women workers are in the unorganised sectors. On a global perspective just 1 of the 15 women CEO’s amongst the Fortune 500 companies is from India. Indra Nooyi is the sole representative. With the women’s reservation bill now clearing the lower house after years of putting it on table, empowerment of women in India has seen some light through the tunnel, many would like to believe. However, subsequent political developments related to the bill has only raised the apprehension level and created an enormous doubt for its future. The question thus is, ‘do we really have to wait for the Government to pass this bill in order to empower and uplift the women of India, where women are also worshipped as God?’ Time has come when we need to introspect within the corporate world and ask ourselves, ‘have we done enough ourselves to address the issue, have we as individual entities taken the initiative to contribute our bit to the collective effort?’ Many corporate entities have been very conscious about it, whilst on a larger canvas very little has been actually done. The centuries of oppression and deprivement cannot be undone by a reservation bill. The Corporate World as a team needs to be more responsible and active by introducing best practices and policies as a part of their corporate culture. One feels that unless we have an encouraging environment for women to flourish within the organisation they will never be able to showcase their talent and contribute to the cause. We at PERCON – The Strategic Interveners have developed a module to help organisations understand the role and importance of Women in a Management Role. The module also enlightens you about the best practices, to generate more participation and positive contribution from the fairer sex and utilise their immense potential.


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Morph April 2010  
Morph April 2010  

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