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AVIS Energy Global conquest the world... In March 2014 confirmed the world leader in the insurance industr y Marsh McLennan to stand behind 2,5 Billion Canadi an Dollars. 8 green energy plants in Canada, Germany, Haiti and Nigeria produce 20 Million KW green energy every hour. Marsh McLennan syndicate the risk with Lloyds, Swiss-Re and others from the international reinsurance market.


AN SBACH Germany

Waterfront City, (Reuters)

The dream of Lagos, but the reality looks quite different. Without any shade of doubt, solid waste is currently one of the biggest environmental concerns presently experienced in the Lagos metropolis, as in many other Nigerian urban centres. There has been a constant upswing in the annual volume of solid waste generated in various cities and towns in the country. Lagos is however in the lead in the amount of solid waste generated yearly in the country. T h e L a g o s Wa s t e Ma n a g e m e n t Au t h o r i t y (LAWMA) is doing a yeoman’s job in solid wastes evacuation from households in Lagos. LAWMA engages, coordinates and evaluates the activities of the Private Sector Participant (PSP) in Municipal Solid Waste collection. PSP collects household waste once or twice a week. The La gos State Government provides 240 liters bin for ever y household in the state. Ever truly wondered what those you trust your wastes with do with them?

$336,100,000 Canadian Dollars will cost the first Plant nearby Lagos. In 2016 should be start the production.

â‚Ź 200,000,000 will be invested now in the facility nearby Ansbach, Germany. The project will produce every hour 2,500,000 KW green energy.

T H E F Ü R T H FA C I L I T Y The old story about Fürth will now find an end. In 2008 AVIS Energy, London purchased the old Fürth facility. Unfortunately about the politic disaster driven by the energy lobby, the purchase and license procedure could not be concluded. AVIS Energy Canada now will invest € 200,000,000

AVIS Energy plants has the capacity to clean the planet

Any revolutionary technology has the same problem. Cash! How to finance such new system. No one Bank invest any Penny into new technologies. AVIS Energy Global


20 0.000.000 €

In 2008 the AVIS Energy Team deposited €10.000.000 to implement the old Siemens facility and convert the plant to an CCC Winkelkötter AVIS Energy plant. Driven by the energy lobby and politic, the 1 Billion deposited at a German Bank disappeared in 2009. Production start 2015

The Fürth facility, where has been born the technic.

The ultimate industrial scale test in Fürth

Haiti a Paradise, God given to the population

With his backside disastrous reality

North of Munich, Bavaria

Test facility, convert 500Kg garbage into 430kg Petrol

Holdings went through a long compliance process, by Marsh McLennan and could at the end win the corporation to sing off for an initial investment for $2.500.000.000 CND Marsh confirmed, that regardless about political and Territorial risk on any place on our planet exist, Marsh will syndicate and


$1.0 0 0.0 00. 000 CND

The Haiti Consul General invited AVIS Energy Canada to taking care there on its fundamental population problem. In strategic positions at the Ireland will be erected 3 AVIS Energy CCC Plants. The projects will create local there more then 1000 jobs and produce 7500 KW every hour green energy, by cleaning the land.

assume the risk for the AVIS Energy Global fund raise program. The leaders of the Group


talking currently to several banking units to

Nearby Anzing, Germany, the engineering team expand the existing test facility to industrial scale. The technology centre under the management of Dip. Ing Peter Winkelkotter will be the new technology engineering test centre of the AVIS Group of firms. In addition of 2.500.000 KW green energy producing every hour, the team will implement constantly further new inventions.

syndicate enough financial power, for the private placement of the AVIS Energy Canada first class secured private placement Medium Term Note Program. (HJK)

200. 000.000 €

Green Energy technology conquest the world  

2,5 Billion investment into green energy