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The Tata House Magazine Founder’s Issue 2012


Editor-in-Chief: Aviral Gupta

12 years ago, a 6 year old boy walked into the estate of Chandbagh. With hope in his eyes and fear in his heart, he dared to see a dream. He dreamt of being able to live in Chandbagh, as a part of its community. Fate favoured him and he got to live the dream when he was 13. He was to live in the House of Warriors and fulfil his dream. And now, when he is on the cross-roads of leaving the House, re-living the memories made here has become yet another dream for him. He doesn't know which side of the coin to pick - whether to be sad that the dream is coming to an end, or happy that he got to live the dream? The falling of the leaves marks autumn; with autumn breaking in, the Founder's Day knocks on the doors reminding an Sc-Former to start counting his days in school. With the dream coming to an end, the experiences of the 'last things' emanate. Similarly, working for this issue of the House of Steel is my last school experience of working with a publication, and with this editorial being probably my last one. Looking at the brighter side, the last things also give way to the beginning of something new. In retrospect, I am of the views that however hard one tries, one can never do enough for the House in comparison to what the House gives him. Similarly, after having rendered service to this House for years now, I feel it's still not enough because what this House has given to me is much more than I can ever reciprocate. This House has made me realize who I am, and where do I belong. Working for this magazine has been one of the dearest things to my heart over the years. I have had some memorable experiences of making this magazine since my junior forms. First with Arjun Sethi, then with Mohit Gupta, and this year with Udbhav Agarwal, the experience of making this magazine has always been quite an interesting and 'sleepless' one! These experiences assure me that the journey is always more important than the destination. Despite the on-going preparations of Tata House Pagal Gymkhana and their commitments to other school activities, Warriors carved out time for the magazine when they were needed. I must not take away the recognition due to the juniors and the contributors who were instrumental in the making of this magazine. The magazine has evolved from a mere 16-page 'news-letter' filled with reports to a colourful one which truly projects the life a Warrior lives. With diverse and innovative sections, we have tried to involve the whole House including the tutors, junior boys, and the bearers of the House. As my day comes to an end, I hope I have taken out an issue that will thoroughly entertain you! True as Steel!

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02 House of Steel

HOUSE CAPTAIN’S REPORT I have lived in this house for six years, and believe me when I say this - these six years have been the most amazing six years of my life. As the House Captain, I am proud to say that this year has been a very successful one . When we join this house in April, we just think of this House as a place where we would spend our adolescent years, but instead we become a part of a legacy , a tradition which has been going on for more than 75years now. As a part of this House, and more over as the House Captain, it does not give me pleasure in saying that now I can see this legacy dying out and I doubt that it will survive for much longer. This is year, in spite of all the on-goings in school, Tata House has remained the House of the Warriors in its fullest sense and has lived up to its name. Whether it be on the sports field, in the classroom, or the co-curricular front, Tata House has proven its standards in all spheres. In sports, with our constant determination and hard-work we won the Junior Cricket Cup. Our seniors faired a well deserved third position in the Senior Competition using all the available resources at hand. The hockey season was dominated by us, with the warriors lifting the senior cup and juniors coming a close second. However, the warriors proved themselves when they won the House Cup after a gap of four years. Autumn term kicked off (literally!) with the Soccer season. After immense hard work and dedication, the team came second in all the three categories: the junior cup, the senior cup and the house cup. Along with practices on the field, the swimmers of the house were seen relentlessly practicing in the pool. While the House did lack in the number of swimmers, the number of school team players compensated for that gap. After much effort and commitment, the house performed with full force and gusto on the final day, adding commendably to the spirit of Tata. Many people believe that the warriors only perform on the field, I firmly oppose this notion, and I think that the warriors did exceptionally well on the co-curricular front as well. We came 3rd in

Arjun Midha House Captain 2012-13 the Inter House Music and Dance Competition. The dance performance brought our whole house together, by mixing various dance forms from all over India. Also our Hindi debaters need a special mention, as they won the Inter-House Hindi Debating Cup after having reached the finals for the third consecutive year. While our juniors won the Junior English Debating Cup for the second consecutive year, the House is also eyeing the senior cup, and I am sure that there would be no disappointments. Leading the house this year has been more of an honour than a duty. With racquet sports, athletics and basketball around the corner, the warriors of Tata House are gearing up to lift more trophies. In the end I would just like to tell all the juniors of my House that this place is your home, and the people in it are your family, so make sure you have some memorable days here because in the end you don't remember those colours and blazers, but instead you remember all the moments spent in this structure made of bricks and mortar, known as Tata House. Keep the flag flying high! Adios!

Founder’s Issue 2012 03


Our Housemaster, Mr Skand Bali, with his son, Parikshit.

04 House of Steel

The year started with the appointments of the new Prefectoral team. Arjun Midha was appointed the House Captain, while Aviral Gupta, Arjun Parmar and Adhiraj Thakran were appointed the School Prefects. As soon as the Sc-Leavers left us, new C-Formers took their place in the House. Just like the past, this year has also brought many laurels to the House. Our warriors have excelled in almost every field. Their performance on and off the field has been commendable. Boys have done extremely well in sports, cocurricular activities, music, social-service, exchange, and the other fields of activities. This yeah the House bagged the first position in Hockey, in the seniors category, and brought home the Hockey House cup as well, whereas the juniors made us proud by winning Cricket. The year gone by has also been very special for us because Tata House is celebrating its Pagal Gymkhana this Year. All boys and tutors have been busy with the preparations for the celebrations. My colleagues in the House, along with the boys, have put in a lot of hard work in making this Gymkhana a great success. I am confident that Tata House will make it a memorable Gymkhana. I want to thank all the parents and old boys for their help and support for the Tata House Gymkhana. I am sure that with your support we will be able to celebrate one of the best Pagal Gymkhana this year. Looking at the college placements, House has produced some exceptional results there as well with boys getting into Princeton, Cornell, Hong Kong, Claremont McKenna and other renowned universities. Boys have also produced excellent ICSE and ISC results this term. More then half of them have got above 90% marks in Boards. Boys have done well in Trials as well, but still a lot of improvement is required. The House is doing a lot in social service sector with Aviral Gupta being appointed as the School Social Service Secretary. Under his leadership, the House adopted a small village called Rasoolpur as our social service commitment. I want to thank Mr. Ashish Dean (Assistant Housemaster and Mrs. Ranjit Kaur (Dame), who are constantly and tirelessly looking after these boys with a lot of affection and care. They have been a great support to me throughout the year. I want to thank my entire team of prefects and the SC form batch for being one of the most outstanding batches. Arjun Midha (House Captain) needs a special mention because he has led the House in the most beautiful and desired way. Last, but by no means the least, I want to appreciate all the boys of the House. They have all put in a great effort in making this year a memorable one for the House.

House Reports

REPORTS Cricket: The House Cricket Captain, Arjun Midha, reports on the House’s performance in this year’s Cricket Season Cricket has always been the forte of the warriors. The cricket season this year began with the House showing great enthusiasm for the sport . Practice sessions were taken very seriously and regular training ensured the nurturing of our players. Seeing the consistency and hard work of our players, once again we eyed the top position in the Inter-House competition. Realizing the importance of working together as a team and keeping our differences off the field, we ensured that each team had a balanced combination of players. Fielding, which is otherwise left unattended, was dealt with great attention in the practice sessions. Time proved to be a major constraint as many of our players were on the school team, practices for which coincided with the house practices. At an initial stage, it was difficult to balance the teams, but eventually things fell into place. From the very beginning of the Inter-House competition we were confident and determined to put up a good show and performed to the best of our abilities. We emerged victorious comfortably against Oberoi and Kashmir house, however we did not manage to capitalize on the opportunities against Jaipur House. The match against Hyderabad House was very competitive and thrilling, by the end of which everyone's heart was pounding. Great performances were put up by Shawn Kapur, Sidharth Sethi and Karan Chabbra. Immense talent was seen in the form of Ishan Sandhu and Raghav Kothiwal, who also ended up as the highest wicket taker in the competition. The Leagues' team did well but felt short of the desired points. The juniors, also, put in a tremendous effort. Their hard-wrok bore fruit and they brought the junior cup back to the House. On the whole, the House achieved a commendable third position. I think our players have gained a considerable amount of experience. I wish the House the very best for the future.

Hockey: The House Hockey Captain, Arjun Parmar, reports on the House’s performance in this year’s Hockey Season Hockey has always been considered synonymous to the House of Steel. After a period of six years, it was the first time that the House had not produced the School Hockey Captain, leading to much doubt about the standard of performance of the House in the Inter-House hockey competition. Contrary to everyone's expectations, we took the fields with our usual skill and passion. The House XI team had only three members of the school team, however the team proved to be an extremely unpredictable opposition for our opponents. Having had most of the team practices during house games (due to the small number of school team players), we produced stellar performances, winning three out of the four games played. Arjun Midha, Ashish Rao and Ishan Sandhu deserve a special mention for their outstanding attacking tactics along with their superb abilities to defend. Ishan also emerged to be the top scorer of the competition. Our leagues team, led by Karan Chabbra, also proved their worth in the first two matches, but they lost in the last two. All in all, both teams did more than enough to emerge victorious in the senior cup. In the juniors' category, expectations were high as the house had four school team players. Unfortunately, after a bright start, the junior team faltered, coming a close second. Impressive performances were seen from Kartikeya Kardam and Angad Shergill. Juniors II put in a spirited performance, winning all of their matches; Naadir Singh and Nitin Sardana deserve a special mention for their leadership and excellent sportsmanship throughout the competition. The House Cup returned to the House after a period of three years. Thanks is due to Dr. Shukla, for his constant guidance, support, and tactical prowess, without which we could not have succeeded. It was a pleasure being the captain of the House in the winning year. Having only five Sc-Formers representing the House in hockey this year, the future of the sport appears to be in capable hands, and hopefully the cup will stay in the House in the years to come.

06 House of Steel

REPORTS Soccer: The House Soccer Captain, Arjun Parmar, reports on the House’s performance in this year’s Soccer Season Soccer is a contact sport. Being what it is, the sport is not meant for the faint-hearted. In the last six odd years, the House has mounted a strong challenge for the cup; and so has been the case this season. Practices began from the very beginning of August, and went on till mid-September. It was evident that if given a chance, the team would not back down from waging a war to get the cup back to the House of Steel. The House XI team performed exceptionally well, winning their first three matches and drawing the final match of the season. In four matches, the team scored a total of eighteen goals and conceded only six, taking the competition by storm. Exceptional performances as well as unmatchable work rates were displayed by Ashish Rao, Arjun Midha, Jai Khanna and Ishan Sandhu. The team put in their heart and soul in all the three games, winning appreciation from the entire school. The climax of the competition was the 3-3 draw against Jaipur House on the final day, one that will be undoubtedly remembered for many years to come. The Leagues team, led by Karan Chabbra, started with great momentum by winning their first two matches. But as the tournament wore on, they lost one match while drew the other. After winning five matches, drawing two and losing one; the House was declared second in the run for the Seniors' Cup. The junior team, led by Yash Meel, showed a lot of promise, but due to lack in concentration, failed to win their first match, drawing it four all. The Juniors-1 team performed very well in the rest of the competition, winning the other three matches and getting 14 out of 16 points. Commendable performances were shown by Yash Meel, Angad Shergil, Kartikeya Kardam, Arnav Kumar and Shiv Cheema. On the other hand, the Juniors- 2 team were rather disappointing, not winning a single match. The Juniors' were placed second in the Junior Cup getting 16 points out of 24. Despite some exciting games and enthralling displays of raw pace and power, the House finished a respectable second position. Being a popular game in the House (evident from the number of players on the Tata House field with a soccer ball everyday), the future of Tata House remains secured both in and on the soccer field.

Athletics: The House Athletics Captains, Banda Lamba and Adhiraj Thakran , comment on the House’s preparations for this year’s Athletics Season Athletics is one of those sports, in which Tata House is destined to excel. Whether it be track or field, Tata House has always remained the fore-runners in Athletics. Last year, Tata House performed extremely well in the InterHouse Athletics Competition. The House was led by Aditya Gupta and Mohit Seth. The mediums and the juniors sections were led by Ashish Rao and Kartikeya Kardam, respectively. In the juniors category, great talent was seen in the form of Nikhil Saraf and Angad Shergil. We shared the Junior's Cup with Hyderabad House with a massive 72 points. In the mediums' section, we came a close second, losing the cup to Oberoi House. Commendable performances were shown by Yaseer Iqbal and Ashish Rao. We came second in the seniors' category also. Adhiraj Thakran, Arjun Midha and Aditya Gupta, all displayed outstanding performances. Even though we lost the marching cup by half a point, we convincingly won the House Cup. This year Tata House is preparing to take the Athletics Cup by its horns, in all the three categories. Even though one of us would not be present for the Inter-House competition, the House team is expected to perform with their usual spirit and gusto. This year the juniors category is being led by Angad Shergil, the defending 100m winner. Naseer Iqbal and Karan Dhillon have proven to be promising players in the juniors’ category. Siddhart Sarin is leading the mediums' team. Along with the School Athletics captain, Arjun Midha, on our side, high expectations rest on Ashish Rao, Siddharth Sethi and Arjun Parmar in the seniors' category. All in all, there is no reason why the House will not emerge victorious in the Inter-House competition. Once again, the Athletics Cup, with its shining steel and glory, shall be ours.

Founder’s Issue 2012 07

REPORTS Music: The House Music Captain, Aviral Gupta, reports on the House’s performance in this year’s Inter-House Music Competition The journey of the Inter-House music competition was indeed long, but at the same time a journey worth living through. The practices for the one and a half months long event began in early August. All the musicians of the House started working on their respective repertoires individually. The first category was the Western Band category. The Band put up a good show, performing 'Roobaroo' by A.R. Rahman and 'Chasing Cars' by Snow Patrol. The performance met with great applause from the audience. Emerging talent was seen in Ashish Rao, Abhishek Pai and Paramdeep Singh, with Arjun Midha making his debut in music. A gap of three weeks followed the Western Band performance until the rest of the music events. In this period, all the musicians worked hard on their repertoirs. There was a mass participation in the choir, with boys participating from D-Form through to Sc-Form. This year the choir performance was in the accapella format, and I felt that all the members of the choir showed immense dedication. Yuvan Kumar, Kartikey Pandey and Mrigank Khemka along with Harsh Singhania put up commendable performances in the piano, tabla and Hindustani instrumental sections respectively. I would like to give a special mention to Arjun Sharma, who made the House proud by putting up an exhilarating performance in the drums section and winning his event. All in all, it was a great journey for me and an astounding learning experience. There are some great musical minds in the House, and I hope they will make the House proud in the years to come.

Dance: The House Dance Coordinator, Arjun Midha, reports on the House’s performance in this year’s Inter-House Dance Competition This year the House once again surprised the audience by giving an incredibly eccentric performance. The House of Warriors wowed the audience by creating a fusion of Indian dances. The dance started off with a Bollywood number 'Mein Sharabi' and proved to be a popular choice among the audience. Numbers from the north east, south and Punjab followed. The use of neon lights and bamboo-sticks clearly made the performance more enjoyable. To add authenticity to the concept of fusion and brotherhood, the performance even comprised of a bamboo dance sequence, similar to the tradition in the North East of India. The varying expressions and steps used by the dancers as the music changed showed the versatility of the warriors on stage. I would like to thank Aviral Gupta, who helped me with the choreography of the South Indian number, which was much enjoyed by the audience, specially due to the dancers’ animated expressions. New talent was seen in the form of Rishikant Sharma, Paramdeep Singh and Kalpit Sharma promising the House success in years to come. Although the house ended third, I'm sure that the performance of the House dance troupe would be touted as one of the best performances in the coming years.

Chess: The House Chess Captain, Shivank Singh, reports on the House’s performance in this year’s Inter-House Chess Competition Chess is a game which requires intense concentration, determination, dedication and an innate love for the game. Intensely played on an 8 x 8 square board, this game brings out the best a player has to offer. This year's Inter-House chess competition was a very close one. It gave an opportunity to different players of the House to display their skill and talent. Both the seniors and the juniors performed well. Budding talent was seen in the form of Chaitanya Kediyal. Shorya Agarwal, being an experienced player played an exceptionally good level of chess. Thanks are due to Mr Kadgee who guided us throughout the Inter-House Chess Competition. I have always felt that the journey is more important than the destination. I would say that although we did not dominate in the competition, the experience of playing chess in itself is mentally stimulating and satisfying.

08 House of Steel

REPORTS Hindi Debating: The House Hindi Debating Captain, Sanat Kumar Thakur, reports on the House’s performance in this year’s Inter-House Hindi Debating Competition To say that Tata House has had a good line of debaters, whether it be in Hindi or in English, would not be enough. After four years of losing in the final round of the InterHouse competition, Tata House finally won the cup this year. The practices for debating in Hindi started early in the Spring term, with talent emerging from all forms. The team comprised Aviral Gupta, Udbhav Agarwal, Chaitanya Fatehpuria, Shrey Raj Kapoor, Husain Haider and me. In the preliminary round, the team defeated all the Houses, but Jaipur House. We met Jaipur House in the final round, and emerged victorious. Two members of the team, Sanat Kumar Thakur and Udbhav Agarwal, further represented the school in the Scindia School Hindi Debates and the Kamla Jeevan Inter-School Hindi Debates. This year, the debating season has been extremely successful. The House also saw emerging talent in the form of Krishna Lohiya and Karan Dhillon who represented the House in Hindi declamation. In the end, in the sphere of Hindi debating, it is safe to say that the future of the house is secured.

English Debating: The House English Debating Captain, Shashvat Dhandhania, comments on the House’s progress in this year’s on-going Inter-House English Debating Competition The fact that Tata House has always possessed great talent in the sphere of debating, be it English or Hindi, is no mystery. This year the House debating team has performed exceptionally well in the juniors’ category, and we are faring well in the seniors’ category. The practices started in early April for both juniors and seniors. After preparing for night after night, hours onto hours, the debaters were ready for the Inter-House competition. In the juniors’ category, after a clean sweep in the preliminary round and a marginal victory against Oberoi House in the semi-final round, the team qualified to the final round. Defeating Jaipur House, the defending champions of last year’s cup, once again protected their title. Credible performances were seen in the form of Chaitanya Kediyal, Smayan Sahani, Krishna Lohia, Naadir Singh and Madhav Mall. In the seniors’ category, the team is expected not to disappoint, with most of the debaters belonging to the school debating team. The House is being represented by Shashvat Dhandania, Udbhav Agarwal, Sayuj Dhandania, Vikramaditya Kapur, Husain Haider and Shawn Kapur in the competition.

One-Act Play: The House One-Act Play Director, Shashvat Dhandhania, reports on the House’s performance in this year’s Inter-House One-Act Play Competition Taking up the task of directing the play was a daunting one, but I do not regret it a bit. Yes, I did get frustrated, iterating and re-iterating the same instructions over the span of two months, but by the end of it, the experience was worth it. We staged an adaptation of Woody Allen's 'The Old Saybrook' and titled the play - 'All You Need Is Love'. The script of the play went under the scanner, and was changed a number of times, but the actors were cooperative and adapted to the newer scripts effortlessly. On the final day, we managed to put an applause-worthy performance that made the audience have a good laugh. Contrastingly, the end of our play, where Shawn Kapur (as Bobo Singh) and Naadir Singh (as Sandy Singh) are left alone on the stage, gave way to an emotional environment in the Rose Bowl. I must commend the two Arjuns for their rendition of characters, Arvind Khosla and Arjun Sharma. Winning the judges' heart, Mrigank Khamka (as Sheila Khosla) bagged the award for the Best Actor. Yuvan Kumar and Mahak Sharma also gave fine performances. Despite the results, the play in the whole was effective in dealing with the concept of the withering of excitement and contentment in the relationship of a married couple.

Founder’s Issue 2012 09

REPORTS Swimming: The House Swimming Captains, Karan Chhabra and Shawn Kapur, report on the House’s performance in this year’s Inter-House Swimming Competition Swimming remains and shall always remain one of the most exciting events of the autumn term. The Swimming meet at the end of the season is clearly an event which almost the whole school witnesses. The excitement in this year's competition was augmented by the performances of the Tata House boys. Budding talent was seen in the form of Anuvrat Choudhary, Chaitanya Kediyal, Nasir Iqbal and Rahul Bhagchandani. Exceptional performances were witnessed in the form of Abhishek Pai and Yasser Iqbal while Agastya Bellad and Shivank Singh displayed commendable effort. Although we weren't much ahead on the winning front, dedication and effort shown by the junior swimmers of Tata House, exemplifies their potential to bring the cup home soon. This year, team practices were held on a regular basis and did not fall short of house spirit and determination. Thanks are due to Mrs. Katre, who helped the boys during practices and motivated the team throughout. We look forward to a bright future in swimming in the years to come.

PT: The House Senior and Junior PT Leaders, Sanat Kumar Thakur and Banda Mann S. Lamba, report on the House’s performance in this year’s Inter-House PT Competition After over a month of practice, the Inter-House PT competition finally took place in the beginning of April. Both the Junior and Senior squads put their hearts into the practice sessions. Even the S formers who joined the squad only after their boards learnt up the exercises in time for the competition. On the day of the competition we put up a good performance but only one house could have won the competition. The Senior squad ended up coming fourth in the competition. Apart from the experienced Senior squad, the Junior squad comprised many inexperience youngsters to whom PT was completely new. Their marker Kartikeya Kardam displayed great ardor and perseverance throughout the practices, however luck did not favor the House on the final day and after a very meticulous performance by the Juniors they still failed to clinch the Junior cup. Though few mistakes were made nobody can deny the determination of both the Seniors and the Juniors and in the years to come this determination will surely return the gong to its rightful place, in the Tata House common room.

Basketball: The House Basketball Captain, Arjun Midha, comments on the House’s preparations for this year’s Inter-House Basketball Competition Basketball is a sport which requires immense skill, stamina, agility and dedication. Basketball is becoming increasingly popular as a sporting activity in the house. In last year's competition, the house was placed third overall. The preparations for this year's Inter-House competition are going in full force, with practices being taken with sincerity and active interest. The stakes are high, so are our expectations. The house team is vested with a perfect blend of experience and budding talent. This year the basketball team comprises both experienced and skilled players who make us strong contenders for the title. All in all, the house has high expectations for bright performances from the team. The house team is all set to compete in a tough competition ahead and I am sure there would be no disappointments at the end of the season.

10 House of Steel

REPORTS Squash: The House Squash Captain, Aviral Gupta, comments on the House’s preparations for this year’s Inter-House Squash Competition Squash has always been popular amongst the warriors. This year the House has many athletic squash players , who have proven their metal not only in the past Inter-House competitions, but also at the school, state and national level. Squash is a sport that requires agility, dedication and commitment. Squash challenges the players, demanding requisites of skill, fitness and game sense. I am proud to say that our players have lived up to the standards of sporting that is expected of a Warrior. Seeing the caliber of the team, I can confidently say that we stand a strong chance of winning the Inter- House competition this year. With players like Ishan Sandhu, Sidharth Sethi, Dhananjay Bansal and Naadir Singh, I know that the future of Squash in the House is in safe hands. I believe that the Inter-House competition will act as a morale booster, and push the players to pursue the sport in future. All in all, this year has proven to be a very fruitful one for the house team and I look forward to a competitive Inter-House tournament.

Tennis: The House Tennis Captain, Himanshu Todi, comments on the House’s preparations for this year’s Inter-House Tennis Competition Sport is often considered to be the forte of Tata house and to no surprise the boys have proven their potential on the courts in the past. This year we have high expectations from the Inter-House Competition, in both Juniors' and Seniors' categories. Our players have been regular and consistent in practice and are improving with every passing day. Many of our players are members of the School Team, which gives us the upper hand in the competition. In the Seniors' category Shivan Tandon and Chaitanya Fatehpuria have already proven their potential at the School and State level. Raghav Kothiwal has also proven to be an extravagant player on the courts. Tennis requires great amount of skill, agility, strength and good reflexes. A combination of all these attributes nurtures the best out of a player. This year the team possesses a fine mix of all of these skills. One thing that has become more evident within the members of the team is teamwork and camaraderie; which is clearly shown by the improved coordination among the doubles' players in the team. On the whole, the house is very well prepared with talented players, regular training and hard work. We have a very good chance of winning the Inter-House Competition and will surely put in our best in the same.

Table Tennis: The House Table Tennis Captain, Himanshu Todi, comments on the House’s preparations for this year’s Inter-House T.T. Competition Tata House has been dominating the sphere of Table Tennis for a few years now. Having won the past two Inter-House Competitions is surely something for the warriors to be proud about. The house team very closely resembles the school team with most of the prominent players being from the house including the School Table Tennis Captain himself. In the past few years the individual competition has been an all Tata House affair, with Raghav Kothiwal and Shivan Tandon winning titles every alternate year! Other experienced juniors such as Shrey Raj Kapoor, Rishab Sharma and Ashutosh Goyal, who are also members of the school team, have proven to be promising players. Table Tennis requires great skill, perfection and hand and eye coordination. It is imperative to keep one's composure during the game and to not lose focus. Our team has a variety of players, from extremely defensive to all out attacking players which has proved to be very beneficial, especially in the doubles category. We are surely among the best contenders for the cup and with the true warrior spirit will go on to give our best to defend our title.

Founder’s Issue 2012 11

REPORTS Boxing: The House Boxing Captain, Banda MS Lamba, comments on the House’s preparations for this year’s Inter-House Boxing Competition Boxing is a sport which requires immense skill, strength, stamina and above all consistency. Boxing has become a popular and successful sport for the 'House of Warriors', with active interest and willingness to participate being showcased by the boys over the years. The success of the Warriors in this field is also proof to the dedication and hard work put into preparation by the boys of the house. This year, the House is all set to step into the ring as defending champions, eager to retain their crown and relive the glory of last year. Even though early morning and evening boxing practices began early this year, it is a heartening sight to see the boxers giving up their free time and holidays to practice the sport even though the competition is still a month away. Another heartening or rather amusing sight is to watch the boxers run wearing multiple layers of clothing to lose the excess weight from the vacations or outings they've had. In the seniors' category, immense talent is being displayed by the likes of Siddarth Sarin, Raghav Kothiwal and Husain Haider. In the juniors' category, budding talent is being seen in the form of Yasser Iqbal, Rishi Raaj Khan, Rishikant Sharma and Kartikeya Kardam. The house has high aspirations from the team in the coming Inter-House Boxing Competition.

Highlights Cricket House - 3rd Position Seniors - 3rd Position Juniors - 1st Position Hockey House - 1st Position Seniors - 1st Position Juniors - 2nd Position

Music & Dance House - 3rd Position Drums - 1st Position Dance - 3rd Position Choir - 3rd Position Hindustani Instrumental - 3rd Postion Tabla - 3rd Position Yet to come ...

Soccer House - 2nd Position Seniors - 2nd Position Juniors - 2nd Position Hindi Debating House - 1st Position Hindi Poetry House - 3rd Position

12 House of Steel

Table Tennis Tennis Athletics Basketball Boxing Badminton Squash

Warrior Soapbox House of Steel asked the Warriors to express the first thought that comes to their mind when they hear the House’s name.

Parth Gupta: A Lifestyle of Happiness!

Dhananjay Bansal: Incredible!

Dhairik Fuletra: A home sweeter than home!

Ishan Sandhu: Fearless...

Adhiraj Thakran: My Sarai!

Eshan Bharadwaj: Life!

Himanshu Todi: Home...

Samarth Makhija: A Legacy!

Agastya Bellad: Abode of Warriors!

Nirvan Dogra: Nothing like it...

Udbhav Agarwal: A streetcar named ‘Desire’!

Nikhal Saraf: Homelike...

Jai Khanna: The 'Warrior' Nation!

Kartikeya Kardam: Tough!

Shawn Kapur: Breathtaking...

Naadir Singh: Immortal!

Farhan Anis: Where the Impossible becomes Possible!

Smayan Sahni: Caught red handed for simply being Great...

Chaitanya Fatehpuria: Most captivating!

Siddharth Sethi: Runs in my blood!

Banda MS Lamba: Blood! Brothers! Bonds!

Nasir Iqbal: The Kingdom of Warriors!

Madhav Mall: A bit too hot to handle...

Karan Dhillon: The true Dosco Manufacturing Company!

Siddhraj Singh: Awesome! Yashoraj Agarwal: The best of the best!

Arjun Sharma: Spirited...

Ashwin Agarwal: Simply the Best!

Mrigank: Too good to be true...

Anuvrat Chowdhary: The most happening place in school!

Akshaj Garg: Amazing!

Rahul Bhagchandani: A Roller Coaster Ride...

Kanav Agarwal: No need to describe its Greatness!

Kushagr Singh: It's legen .. wait for it .. wait for it .. Dary .. Legendary!

Husain Haider: Respect!

Aditya Dhingra: The place to be...

Sehaj Jouhal: The 'Warrior' Land!

Ashutosh Goyal: A Sweet Dream!

Arjun Midha: Nirvana...

Aviral Gupta: My Soulmate!

Founder’s Issue 2012 13

WARRIOR SOAPBOX One of the most important relationships in school is that of a tutor and a tutee. To showcase the strength of this relationship, House of Steel asked the House Tutors and the Warriors to air their views about each other. Mrs Anez Katre (ANK)

Mr Chitranjan Kagdee (CRK)

Warriors’ Views: Etiquettes and ethics are the most prominent characteristics to be observed in her. She ropes us through thick and thin. ANK’s Views: A very good bunch of boys, who are affectionate and loyal.

Warriors’ Views: He is a very knowledgeable person who spends ample amount of time with his tutorial group. He is extremely cooperative and is always there to help when needed. CRK’s Views: The boys constitute a strong fraternity. When it comes down to the House, they don’t leave a stone unturned.

Mr Arvindnabha Shukla (ASH) Warriors’ Views: His very presence in the House motivates the boys. He is always ready to pitch in for any activity and his profound experience helps the House climb the most daunting heights. ASH’s Views: When I think of Tata House boys, four words come to my mind - friendly, affectionate, loyal and trustworthy. They make a good team, and the whole House works as a cohesive unit.

Mr Ashad Qezilbash (AAQ) Warriors’ Views: Undoubtedly the one with the best sense of humor, he never fails to bring a smile on a boy's face. His presence lightens the tensed atmosphere built due to the daily chores. AAQ’s Views: The boys are conscientious and honest.

Mr Ashish Dean (ADN) Assistant Housemaster Warriors’ Views: His contributions to the House are invaluable. Without him, life would be stalled in the House. He is always there for the boys, literally at every hour. ADN’s Views: The boys are dedicated, compassionate, and willing to go to any limit for the House.

14 House of Steel

(From Right) ASH Sir, ADN Sir and SDA Sir with ScFormers on a night-out to Rishikesh.

Mrs Malvika Bhatt (MLB) Warriors’ Views: A long regarded mother figure, she always supports the boys. The entire house has boundless respect for her. MLB’s Views: The boys are very talented, lovable and adorable.

Mrs Ranjit Kaur (RKR) House Dame Warriors’ Views: She puts in immense effort to run the house. Her selfless attitude and love for the boys is greatly appreciated by the whole house. RKR’s Views: The boys are very sweet, humble and respectful.

WARRIOR SOAPBOX Mr Rajesh Majumdar (RMR) Mr Sandeep Adhikari (SDA) Warriors’ Views: He is an inspirational personality and a compassionate mentor. Words are not enough to describe him, and students have a lot to learn from him. SDA’s Views: The boys are well behaved, courteous, have an excellent turnout, and are good sportsmen. All ‘True as Steel’ qualities!

Mr Shrey Nagalia (SNA) Warriors’ Views: He is a great source of motivation and encouragement for the boys, with a good sense of humor. He intermingles with the boys as if he is one of them. SNA’s Views: I am greatly attached to them on the field, class, and also around the House. It’s always a pleasure being with them.

Warriors’ Views: A very approachable personality, he always makes one feel comfortable. A great tutor! RMR’s Views: The boys are very good!

Mr Skand Bali (SBL) Housemaster Warriors’ Views: He is firm and works in accordance with a strict sense of organization. He is an extremely valuable asset to the house as a housemaster. He knows his House the best. SBL’s Views: For me, the boys are - ‘the world’, ‘family’, ‘friends’, and ‘stress-busters’.

Mr Sudhanshu Bhandari (SUB) Warriors’ Views: He possesses an effusively deep knowledge of his subject, and is loved by the boys of the house.

Warriors - On the School Level Sports


Athletics: Arjun Midha

Weekly: Shashvat Dhandhania

Basketball: Adhiraj Thakran

Echo: Banda Mann Singh Lamba

Table Tennis: Raghav Kothiwal

Srijan Prayas: Sanat Kumar Thakur



School Council Secretary: Shashvat Dhandhania

Entertainment Committee: Shawn Kapur

School Social Service Secretary: Aviral Gupta

Science Society: Sanat Kumar Thakur & Aviral Gupta

Library Council Secretary: Sanat Kumar Thakur

Weather Reporting: Banda Lamba & Shawn Kapur

SEDS Secretary: Shashvat Dhandhania

Micro-Finance Initiative: Aviral Gupta

Music Secretary: Harsh Singhania

Hindi Debating: Sanat Kumar Thakur Ham Radio: Himanshu Todi

Founder’s Issue 2012 15

THE UNSUNG HEROES We start the day, face the busy Dosco schedule, give in our best in all the fields, and at the end of the day return to the House, which is like a home to us. Every time we come back to the House, we find the House in spick-andspan condition. Without giving the minor details a thought, we carry on with our daily work. Along with the cleanliness, many aspects of our lives are taken care of. All this happens because of the relentless efforts of a few people who are always working behind the scenes. House of Steel takes this oppurtunity to recognise those men, whose efforts otherwise don’t make it to the stage.

16 House of Steel

Student Exchange From Tata i) Chaitanya Fatehpuria to Hutchin’s, Australia ii) Harsh Singhania to Bridgehouse, South Africa iii) Jairaj Sadana to King’s Academy, Jordan iv) Siddharth Sethi to Stowe School, UK v) Udbhav Agarwal to St. Stithians’, South Africa vi) Vikramaditya Kapur to Markham College, Peru To Tata i) Nicholas Berenguer from Stowe School, UK ii) Sean Attridge from St. Stithians’, South Africa iii) Alex Rensberg from Bridgehouse, South Africa

EXPERIENCES From South Africa Sean Attridge (from St. Stithian’s) writes about his 'Indian' experience in the Doon School so far It was a rainy September afternoon when I took my first step in Tata house. I had just arrived, and before I knew it there was a boy with a big smile there to greet me, offering to help me with my bags and show me to my room. It was then that I knew, I was among the men of steel, I was among the Warriors of Tata House! My name is Sean Attridge and I am an exchange student from St. Stithians', Johannesburg, South Africa. I will be staying at Tata house from the 7th of September until the 16th of November. It has been a month since my arrival in India and what a month it has been! It all started when I landed at the Dehradun airport, I was met by an excited taxi driver who ran off with a huge smile to go fetch the car as soon as I walked through the door. Within a few minutes we were on our way to the Doon school. This was my first true experience of India. We were swerving between cars, trucks, scooter, motorbikes, cows and monkeys. My knuckles were white from hanging on to the handles! With the rain pouring, I arrived at the gates of The Doon School. I was told that I, along with two other exchange students, would be going to Chandigarh for a few days. We had an amazing time there. From walking around Sector 16 at night to visiting the Rock Garden, every minute was great! My next trip out was mid- terms. My group had planned a trek to Naag Tibba. We set off with great excitement and enough Maggi to eradicate ‘world hunger’! After facing a little difficulty en-route, we arrived at the desired location. After much debate in Hindi with the locals, we ended up staying on a field near a school. The next day we trekked up to the summit of Naag Tiba it was a long and tough walk but the view from the top made it worth it. I am about half way through my exchange and I can truly say that this has been a life changing experience. Every moment has been more memorable than the other. I am greatly looking forward to the rest of it all! the

To Australia Chaitanya Fatehpuria tells us about his exchange experience to Hutchins' School, Australia The exchange programme is one of the most sought after programmes in any Dosco's life. I represented the school at the Hutchin's School, Australia. My first day at school was, frankly speaking, very awkward. But gradually I started mixing with people. My boarding house was an international boarding house, so I had a very diverse friend circle. Everyone was very warm hearted and friendly. My first experience, actually the most painful one, was the time when I went to play rugby. After getting familiar with the rules, I played my first match. Suddenly somebody threw a rugby ball at me. I became motionless as I saw three 7-feet tall players running towards me to get the ball. The next thing I remember is me lying squashed on the ground, with my body unable left itself up, let alone walk. The next highlight of my exchange was socials. The theme was “the 1920 Gangsters”. Not even in my dreams had I imagined such a crazy theme. By the time they started, the socials turned out to be hilarious. The Australian culture was not as primitive as the Indian culture. Some of the best memories of Australia were having water-fights at a temperature below zero degree Celsius, walking into a maze by mistake (which, without exaggeration, took me hours to get out of), running a marathon at 6 o'clock in the morning, attending barbeque parties which took place every Sunday, learning ways to propose in Mandarin, and the list goes on. I enjoyed each and every moment I spent there. I also visited many landmarks of Australia, like the Port Harbour Bridge and the Opera House in Sydney. This exchange programme will remain as one of the most cherished experiences of my life which completely altered my personality. There are times in your life when you want to relive the past, my exchange programme is one of those experiences.

18 House of Steel

EXPERIENCES To United Kingdom Siddhart Sethi writes about his exhange experience to Stowe School, England On the night of 24th of April, I boarded a flight bound for England, and it is then when my exchange officially began. An experience which I had always hoped and wished for. After a long and tiring, yet an exciting journey, I arrived at the Heathrow airport and was welcomed by a warm and friendly member of the Stowe School faculty. After a drive of about an hour, I reached the prestigious Stowe School. It did not take me much time to settle in, and before I knew it, I was feeling like a part of the community. Being a keen sportsman, I took up a number of sports such as squash and cricket. I also played many Inter- School matches. This helped me in engaging and bonding with other students. My most memorable moment was when my school team, which I was a part of, beat the Millfield Academy decades. It wasn't just the celebration, it was the joy of being one of them that made the experience more special. All in all, this exchange was a very memorable one as it gave me confidence. It made me realize what friendship means. I learnt many values and etiquettes and not only did it make me a better warrior but also a better person. This exchange has truly opened my eyes and has given me a clear picture of the world and the different types of people inhabiting it. This exchange has most certainly been one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

To South Africa Harsh Singhania tells us about his exchange experience to Bridgehouse School, South Africa It all began when my friends told me that I was among those five fortunate Tata-House S-Form boys whose name had unexpectedly managed to reach into the enticing fingers of the chit-pickers. Soon came the time when I had to make a ‘To-Do’ list which consisted of all the activities that I would do during my exchange in South Africa. As I was scratching my head, Doscos came up with interesting opinions that actually made me pull my hair out. Franschhoek, a city surrounded by mountains, was subjected to prolonged rainfall every alternate day. Everyday, the temperature in the morning would reach 2 degrees. I still remember the day when I was roaming around in shorts and T-Shirt in that weather and still managed to live through it without catching a cold. With the scenic beauty of the mountains around us, I took it to my advantage to go on a short trek with my host’s father every time my host was busy studying. The only way to appease him was by saying, “You’ll have a larger piece of cake when you come to Doon.” The view from the top of the hills truly did expose the beauty of the city which showed small white buildings and cemented roads with mountains towering over them look like Sc-Formers over D-Formers. I also visited Bushman’s Kloof, a 5-star wilderness retreat that is located a few hours away from Franschhoek, is home to the famous pieces of rock-art that dates back to over ten-thousand years, but is still as fresh as a ripe orange. Every morning, I saw my host extremely reluctant to go to school. Well, my approach was contrasting to his. In other words, I loved going to school; but it happened for the first time in my life. One didn’t have to make friends; you already had them before you knew. Getting good marks in tests over there was easier than failing and getting an RC over here in Doon. I should say that from the academics point of view, attending the Maths classes was fun. Having known the course before hand, I would always raise my hand for every question the teacher asked, and interrupted every time the teacher ignored me. Their school also had a tuck-shop, and a few spots that students challenged me to climb; I frequently visited both the places. Climbing their challenging heights helped me develop the name of a ‘Legend’, though I see little justification to the title. Table Mountains was the place that inspired me to climb the challenging heights. Every step I took over there taught me something new, be it a step backward or forward. When I refused to accept my ticket back to India, the only words left for the host’s mother to say were, “Every good thing has to come to an end; but you must not get disheartened because you can choose to face it again.” For me, this experience has been another ‘ecstasy of swift motion’.

Founder’s Issue 2012 19

L0L :P


Behind Bars Raghav Kothiwal: For being Shakti Kapoor Shivank Singh: For 'giving' toooo many favours Shrey Raj Kapoor: For having an attitude problem Shashvat Dhandhania: For being Shashat Dhandhania Sayuj Dhandhania: For being related to Shashvat Dhandhania Shawn Kapur: For often speaking to The Dhandhania's Kushagr Singh: For hanging out with Shawn too much Arjun Midha: For using Fair & Handsome cream Adhiraj Thakran: For being the king of extra PT Aviral Gupta: For running an illegal phone booth Dhairik Fuletra: For studying more than Sanat Himanshu Todi: For begging for action in Astley Hall Smayan Sahni: For not bathing Krishn Dadu: For being the 'strongest' guy in the house Madhav Khirwar: For promoting Muthoot Finance Siddharth Sethi: For going way out of his way to become House Captain Farhan Anis: For taking I.B. Ashish Rao: For speaking too much in English



Arjun Parmar's presence in SC form

Arjun Parmar in the B form rooms

Lawnmower from the implement store

Lawnmower in Shashvat's study

Siddharth Sethi's House Colours Tie

House Colours Tie on Fatehpuria's pegs

Himanshu Todi

Himanshu Todi in Rajiv Chowk metro station

Shawn's heart

Shawn's heart in Welhams

Everything from Aviral's room

Aviral's stuff in Shawn and Midha's room

20 House of Steel

L0L :P


S-Form Potential Shivan Tandon: Developed a positive attitude towards everything (we mean EVERYTHING!) Raghav Kothiwal: Started talking in English ALL THE TIME! Zorawar Singh: Has become a sensible sardar ... Oxymoron Siddharth Sethi: 'I'll do anything and everything for..' Kushagr Singh: It's already over! Agasthya Bellad: He has our best wishes! Farhan Anis: Changed bhai! Scoping bhai! Harsh Singhania: Joke of the year! Jairaj Sadana: Our condolences are with him! Jai Khanna: The Poker-face! Kartikey Luthra: Still trying to be funny... Vikramaditya Kapur: It's high time! Kartikey Pandey: If only he was aware... Udbhav Agarwal:- Heading smoothly towards the goal! Shourya Agarwal:- Working on his confidence! Chaitanya Fatehpuria: Reincarnation of Vikram Kejariwal! Ashish Rao: The same old Porche!

Future Einsteins

House Colours (Deserving)

Adit Handa

Parth Gupta

Farhan Anis

Siddhant Gupta

Kartikey Luthra

Siddharth Sethi

Aditya Dhingra

Mahak Sharma

Arjun Sharma

Jairaj Sadana

Jai Lanba

Agasthya Bellad

Founder’s Issue 2012 21


Public Poll A poll was conducted in the House and 90 boys (i.e. the entire House) took part in it. Each boy was expected to choose one of the four contestants in every category. Following are the results -

Most Popular

Most Chivalrous 40 50








0 Raghav Kothiwal

Madhav Mall

Agastya Shashvat Bellad Dhandhania

Shrey Raj Kapoor

Farhan Anis

Shivank Singh

Arjun Midha


Biggest Stud 32







Jairaj Sadana




Husain Haider

Raghav Kothiwal

Adhiraj Thakran

22 House of Steel

Sidhant Gupta

Shourya Agarwal

Rishabh Sharma

Arjun Parmar


Name: Banda M.S. Lamba Dream: Going for ‘Shanti Yatra’ Reality: Traveling to Calcutta by train Often seen: Borrowing laptops Addicted to: ‘Dark’ Dubstep (???) Doppleganger: Barkat Singh Nabbed: Sleeping under the stairs

Name: Arjun Parmar Dream: To be a Casanova Reality: ‘Kaash...’ Often seen: With Juniors Addicted to: Chelsea Doppleganger: ET/Jadooo Nabbed: With Juniors

Name: Sanat Thakur Dream: To be a Heart Surgeon Reality: A college Professor in Patna Often seen: Cat-walking Addicted to: His study Doppleganger: Mandark Nabbed: Talking to girls in Aakash

Name: Mahak Sharma Dream: To be a Doctor Reality: An assistant nurse Often seen: Memorizing text books Addicted to: Aakash Doppleganger: Dee-Dee Nabbed: Using Facebook

Founder’s Issue 2012 23


Name: Shashvat Dhandhania Dream: A 92-page issue of the Weekly Reality: Sacked from the post of Chief-Ed Often seen: With Yuv, Adhiraj, Dhruv, Bansal, Johri, Bonda etc. Addicted to: The Publication Room Doppleganger: Orangutans & Bears Nabbed: Shaving with a lawnmower

Name: Aviral Gupta Dream: Indian Idol Reality: Bathroom Idol Often seen: Writing letters Addicted to: Welham Girls' Doppleganger: 'Bitoo' from Band Baaja Baraat Nabbed: Outside Welham Girls’

Name: Shawn Kapur Dream: To be a multi-millionaire Reality: Will lose all the money in gambling Often seen: On 'official' outings Addicted to: Aviral Doppleganger: 'Alan' from Hangover Nabbed: In Uganda's study

Name: Arjun Midha Dream: To not be invisible at night Reality: Only seen during daytime Often seen: With white hair Addicted to: Exaggerating stories Doppleganger: Shivank Singh Nabbed: Meeting Nepalis and Doonites

24 House of Steel


Name: Dhairik Fuletra Dream: Indian Institute of Technology Reality: Dehradun Institute of Technology Often seen: Sleeping on Parth’s bed Addicted to: Studying Physics Doppleganger: Dexter Nabbed: Violating the IT policy (Again!)

Name: Himanshu Todi Dream: To get the new Blacberry with a new action symbol Reality: Gets stopped at Mall Security Checks Often seen: In the Central Secretariat Metro Station Addicted to: Advertising for Apple Doppleganger: Agastya Bellad Nabbed: Claiming to be an Indian

Name: Adit Handa Dream: To think Reality: Still trying Often seen: Finding relations with every student in school Addicted to: Red Cards Doppleganger: Kung Fu Panda Nabbed: Staring at empty walls

Name: Adhiraj Thakran Dream: NBA Most Valuable Player Reality: Deaf Often seen: Gymming Addicted to: Protein Shakes & Chocolate Doppleganger: Frankenstein Nabbed: Hitting juniors

Founder’s Issue 2012 25


Name: Parth Gupta Dream: To be like Sanat Reality: He is Parth Often seen: Sleeping on Dhairik’s bed Addicted to: Chanaas Doppleganger: Dee-Dee Nabbed: Buying cornettos for girls

Name: Karan Chhabra Dream: Playing in the Indian Premier League Reality: Plays in the Backyard Premier League Often seen: Sweating Addicted to: Commerce Doppleganger: A Kindergartener Nabbed: Reading English

Name: Shivank Singh Dream: To live in a house Reality: Sleeps on the road Often seen: Bathing under a hand pump Addicted to: Fruits Doppleganger: Gorillas Nabbed: Practicing Tango Dancing alone

Name: Siddhant Gupta Dream: To be the hottest guy Reality: You-know-it Often seen: Visiting Skin Specialists Addicted to: Beauty creams Doppleganger: Hopefully no one Nabbed: Many times

26 House of Steel


Facing the Attack!

Reminiscing the one who left!

In the act! The Commanders!

‘Brotherhood’ ;)

Just like a Mother!

Founder’s Issue 2012 27


Now, a frequent visitor!

Dinner with the ‘Brother Teachers’!

Sc’s sharing a light moment!

Good to see S-Formers together ;)

The elation of lifting a cup! New ways of keeping a check ‘over’ the House!


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