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“How to use Google AdWords to increase your online visibility�

Google represents approximately 90% of the internet traffic in France and sponsored linked often come down to Google AdWords. It is important to notice that AdWords do not come down to search engines advertisements. They can also be visible on other websites which are Google partners. In these cases the search engines analyze the other site webpages and display the sponsored links which are the more in adequacy with its content.

Give visibility to a new website

A new website will only have a low visibility when it will be launched and above all if it is a freshly new brand. It’s during this launching stage that the use of sponsored links is essential. They will allow the website, the brand and products to be known responding directly to internet users’ request. Moreover, we have to be conscious that a good positioning takes time to be implemented and so, using AdWords will allow to launch the activity without waiting for the website to be known by search engines.

Testing New Key Words

When we are searching for relevant keywords on a website it is sometimes difficult to rely only on estimations or feelings even if they are consistent. In this precise case AdWords will alow to position ourselves on keywords to be tested and then to evaluate internet users reactions and return on investment. We can then thanks to these precise data determine more essential keywords and settle traffic generation strategy.

Geolocate your Offer on Search Engines Geolocalisation is a long time issue regarding the Internet. But regarding organic positionning it is hard to reach all the wanted target

when we based on request regarding localization. Some internet users will make a research without precising any localisation even if they want to obtain geolocalised results. Adwords manage to answer these implicit requests thanks to a tool which localizes the internet user’s IP address.

Highlight your Special Events and Promotional Offers When you work on a website positioning, you optimize it in its

whole regarding the keywords selected. This implies that you write the

meta-description in a general way in order to convince internet users to click on the mentioned website. Even if we are well-positioned in organic search result engines, the fact that we add AdWords ads will allow to display directly a current promotional offer within Google results, as if you were put it up on a window. So that, internet users are informed, at the time of their research, that an exceptional promotional offer is available on your website. People will then be more inclined to visit your website by clicking on your advertisement.

Occupy Space and Results Pages After all these highlights, the usual question of a client would be « if I am well-positionned on all of my requests, even the geolocalized ones, that my brand is well-known and that I never do any promotional offers » Why do I have to use Google AdWords ?” Adwords are also be used to occupy available space in results pages. Regarding their display zone, sponsored links have a real high visibility. And you can be sure that your competitors will be in these zones. Due to that, you can get away from these zones because you will face part of your prospects or even part of your clients.

Google Adwords : a plus in your Strategy

So AdWords are not magic bullets‌ If such a solution has existed everybody would used it. But it’s an essential lever of traffic generating strategy. These sponsored links must be used in addition to the other levers and can be a good starting point while waiting for the sometimes long setting up of the other strategical e-marketing elements. Google Adwords program is so worth investing in.

Why using Google Adwords to increase your online visibility ?  

A short summary of the advantages of using Google AdWords