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One day, you all will become a leader. Blue man said "if you care about something, you will start to understand it, if you already understand it, then you can start to change it.�! The same as yourself, the same with the world. Use this opportunity to build your character and your capacity, start to ! understand about yourself and this world. After that, you can change yourself and the world as proofs that you are a true blue man.!

~ Nadia LCP aiesec in uns 18/19

Hi leaders!! ! Congratulations on your new chapter as team leader and manager! For you i know its not easy to become team leader in AIESEC. You have been through a lot of stages. Now we will provide you event special for you who which to take this opportunity to the next level! See you in LPM,! ! Future Leaders! ! We aim high!!

Nanda ~ LCvP TM aiesec in uns 18/19

Lpm in general LPM is a local conference deliver by Executive Boards to give the best education and practical learning for team leaders. The output will be outstanding performance of every team leader in each department.!

Lpm objective Objectivities of the conference divided into three main areas in each day of the conference. ! First, clarity of every team leaders of AIESEC in UNS regarding their position and contribution in term 2018. ! Second, Giving education and practical on operations and synergize meeting along with other departments! Third, shaping LC Culture along with team leaders to give the best output of the conference. ! !

WHERE? Fakultas Kedokteran. RK 4


Lpm agenda

Lpm agenda

Lpm agenda

Things You need To Bring : •  •  •  •  • 

Laptop Notes Bottle Water Baju Iman

Merchandise Lanyard 20k Gelang 15K Landyard beli  2  35K  

Get to know the faci

Novy Inna -LCVP PR-

Amri naufal -LCVP bd-

Yan yuriko -LCVP fgl-

nafira -LCVP ogv-

Dwike aprilia -LCVP ogte-

Nazary agam -LCVP brand-

Get to know the cc

Amalia -Delegates Service-

avinda -marketing-

jason -program-

nisya -finance-

Michael -live team-

Alif -logistic-

zainita -program-

Wakanda lpm  
Wakanda lpm