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Cooper Union, East Village, Manhattan ​well you can't have a top-ten kung-fu movie list without mentioning 36 chambers of the show oh yeah the wu-tang album I'm paying well maybe I never actually had that so you might know more about that than I had well you know Rutan were inspired by a lot of kung fu movies 36 chambers 36 chambers they used to watch them in Times Square back in the 70s or 80s there was some seedy theater that sir showed like B movies and kung fu movies yeah back when New York and Time Square I was really sleazy it really helped actually spread a lot of kung-fu in New York and 70s yeah everyone back then like was learning some kind of kungfu there was lots of street fight it was exactly new york was exactly like it was in that movie The Last Dragon recording yes exactly well that's that wasn't all that the documentary so 36 chambers it's it's often considered the best country movie and one of the reasons I think it's so interesting is most of the movie is about how the guy trained hmm and so you know each chamber of the Shaolin Temple is a different sort of trial he has to go to since these were you know old movies basically like they didn't have a lot of special effects they do now so a lot of the stuff the actors had to actually figure out how to do at the beginning when you're seeing him like running on a log across water she actually had to figure out how to do that not really and I remember an interview where like he gets at the end it's three section staff like he doesn't know how like the actor he didn't know how to use that he had to figure it out he was saying he was getting hit ha using that cuz it's a hard weapon to control and so you really have to admire like everything these actors have to go through to make these bodies and the actor in this movie is good and low isn't it who of course was in another river you may have seen her see her father kill Villa leukemia so yes the Pune people sleeping very appropriate he was like any kung-fu movie that he's in it's good he's gonna be good it has a special meeting for me because this is actually the first kung fu movie I ever watched as gently in this I went to the movie store Blockbuster and yeah black yeah and I picked out a VHS from there martial arts section and it was one thing time he wanted to explain what a VHS was from oh it's kind of like it's kind of like a cassette yeah it was a bit it was about like this big and it had two white rolls and it would go into a machine and they would it would wind and sometimes all the tape would come out of it and you'd have to wind it back in this movie it centers around the character Wong fei-hung - you know one Fairholme seems to be the main character every martial arts movie like the main character of drunken master also for some reason his wanna play haunts yeah yeah so well it's not totally true but you know Wong fei-hung was this hero that lived around the turn of the century the 1900s so it was real it's a real historical character yeah who went on a lot of like general town his chicken exactly like general Tao who was real well actually he was real and he was he's a long time was real but the chicken wasn't real so this guy he was a martial arts master and a Chinese doctor and he had load of adventures around you know around the turn of the century and so the movie it's it's about I feel it see the cantonal shrine right but you know it centers around some of the same thing into Chinese nationalism don't go quite jokey the most cool part for me was the intro to this movie where you get that song the old yeah oh gee me and we went along in one too long and you get that shot of all those guys practicing on the beach and as a young kid a teenager this is what made me want to start practicing kung fu so that's the main reason why I included this movie it was so successful that they went on to make like loads of once upon a time I'm going to use for like I think it was six the last one being once upon a time in China and America exactly where Jet Li gets comes to America some reason loses memory ends up fighting with Indians and the old work in the West want to talk about Chinese nationalism at its best in a gum food movie nothing beats heroes of the East oh yes good choice good choice basically this Chinese guy marries a Japanese woman it was an arranged marriage but at first it's great but then he realizes she's just she's just a willful Japanese woman who thinks Japanese martial arts are better than Chinese well there's still some reason she's a karate master right oh yeah she's like punching through walls and everything anyways they have a fight she goes back to Japan where she rekindles a little something with a former associates of hers Lebon not quite a lover because he dedicated his life to studying in Jitsu he was a ninja and so he never oh well he just was so focused on that he never developed a romantic relationship with her and now he's kind of upset that like she's been married off to this Chinese guy so basically what happens is this guy decides to take five other Japanese martial arts masters to China to challenge the husband Gordon Koufos actually played by Gordon Leo he's and everything and as you can imagine this one Chinese guy he's not even supposed to be he's not even portrayed as like a great master of anything he's just a pretty good kung-fu guy from a rich family but so he has to fight the Masters of like each different system in Japan there's a samurai there so kendo so it basically proves that one Chinese style is better than all of these five Japanese

styles well no like against the samurai guy he'll use the Chinese straight sword ose use a different shot difference different styles means but it basically proves that everything Chinese is better than its Japanese equivalent yeah I mean this one Chinese guy beats all of the jack so then at the end after he's beating everyone he's like oh we shouldn't be fighting we should appreciate that all martial arts are good so my final choice we're coming right up into the modern day now with this movie oh it's uh let me guess Ip Man that movie about that hacker yeah well it's not a movie about a hacker it's a it man and it's a movie about Bruce Lee's teacher who was called it man in Mandarin it's pronounced yeah when and so you know he had all these adventures and stuff apparently and so which is remotely basically anything that actually happened probably not yeah the character is real but obviously the story has some artistic but anyway it's Donnie Yen in this movie who don't again is pretty much like one of the hottest martial Chinese martial arts stars even the mean Star Wars he's gonna be in Star Wars yeah exactly he's playing a character in the new Star Wars movie rogue one that's coming out at the end of the year so if man one was I'm focusing on Man 1 for this because that was a really cool movie that was the original rock really loved it but Chris you have a special connection with it man - because you were actually in the movie well weren't you of course can we get sober side of that yeah do the expression I hate Chinese boxing so yes the arrogant British boxer twister who bears a striking resemblance to Chris you know that was a classic movie in that fight between twister and Donnie Yen absolute classic well my favorite thing about about the Hitman series is like you have the first one where again the enemies are the Japanese hmm and so after you make that what can be the the bigger villain than the hated Japanese the British the only thing they were less Westerners and then in the third movie it's quite cool because you have Mike Tyson as the enemy but it's interesting because he doesn't beat Mike Tyson which I think I'm suspecting this is this was something in Mike Tyson's I want you seen this yet oh I tell you this bit won't spoil the movie because it's not the final battle but anyway I suspect Mike Tyson had something in the contract that I'll be in the movie but he's not allowed to beat me so he has a timed fight with Mike Tyson for your three-minute round you know because Mike Tyson is a boxer and so three minutes it ends and then mike tyson's like alright we're finished so they have this brutal fight in which you know it man Donnie Yen looks like he's struggling but he puts up a pretty good fight against this bigger opponent but then after three minutes Tyson's like I don't care that we've smashed up my office and you know whatever three minutes is up we're done see you later I respect you now anyway yeah it's really cool and it's a really cool fight there's another really cool fight an elevator way as to fight this other Chinese guy who's one of the evil thugs you know who's messing with him because weinerman supposed to be very close range system so it makes sense exactly fighting in clinics low space yes it's all that hand techniques and very small techniques so I would thoroughly recommend all the it man movies it doesn't mean Ip Man now for my final favorite movie this is this is my favorite really I love this okay it's called dirty ho Chris this is a family show dude H oh oh you mean like a Chinese like a Chinese name just convenient that it that it it's provided are very few actual dirty hos of this movie so if you're looking for that kind of movie I just you go else so what is it well have dirty how dirty how is interesting because in most of these old kung fu movies it's always that are set in like the Ching dynasty the Manchus basically the ruling class of conquered China they're usually the villains okay this one the main character is actually am a shoe prints and it's interesting to see a match ooh really positive like however this is because this guy loves Chinese culture really it's really the travels all over China indulging in like great wine and Chinese antiques but so anyways this other guy starts to fall I'm around kind of become like his helper disciple kind of guy but he never lets on that he knows martial arts meanwhile there's like going to be a power transition within the Ching dynasty court and being one of the princes the other princes want to kill this guy so that he's not in the run for secession so but you know it's at all since all this is political none of the fighting can be on the surface okay so this is the most unique choreography you'll see in any kung fu movie because all the fights are done sort of like they're not fighting like somebody will hand somebody a tray of tea and while doing it like a good jab for the two of you but then like you'll pick up the cup and deflect it so other people don't notice that they're fighting yeah in fact the the guy is calling the Ching crucially Manchu prints around is like all the time like your comeback what are they doing is dude it'll be in theater so guys those are our 10 scientifically proven list of best kung fu movies there were a few run runners up that we sort of didn't include for certain reasons of course we have to mention the movie comfort hustle by dosing shoe what's he called Stephen Chow Stephen Chow and Stephen Chows other movie come from soccer they're more comedy kung fu movies rather than a serious company so we didn't include them in list you had one that you thought was oh you didn't you this one well this one would have been on my top 10 favorite but then wouldn't allow it I wouldn't allow Wendy Wu homecoming warrior everything I you she has to do what this one's monk nobody's gonna give her my vote for a steel cookie even your brother Peter put it down okay so we don't we were only allowing movies that were actually made by Chinese companies this one was Disney but you can check it out it's on Netflix and it's really--it's I recommend it wholeheartedly I have actually seen I I have actually seen it it is

very good and then there's of course on back which is from Thailand right time is a title anyway it's not from China so it's a really really cool movie I thoroughly recommend watching it but we were just focusing on Chinese kung-fu movies in this list so we didn't include any you should check it out it's really good pretty good and the raid which is when you're talking about we got I've got a mentioned rate the rate is you know a fairly recent movie and it just has really intense martial arts I know it's not Chinese right it's not Chinese why okay anyways Robert Ebert hated it because it was just fighting it Robert Iger Ebert yeah like Siskel and Ebert our famous film critic oh he's like it's all fighting and it's stupid but that's about that's what I liked you movie is isn't it it's a spaghetti western basically yeah okay guys so thanks for watching and if you have any ideas about those movies or there any we missed I'm sure there are you can leave them in the comments below no the whole do those were the 10 those worth it yeah so leave them in the comments and then we'll just we'll just blast you yeah goodbye everyone TV that could be yeah what would the the lower ten yeah in the top twenty so do go and check out Chris's channel China uncensored what are you post on that Chris oh I post hilarious things about China news and politics it's like The Daily Show but just about China is it daily it's not deal it's three times three times three check it out China uncensored on you of new episodes three times a week as always subscribe to only in Asia if you're new get this video like thumbs up comment below and we'll see you next time with more awesome stuff that happens only in Asia Oh Baruch College.