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Spa Brochure Spa by Toüché Beyond Vineyards Resort by Sula Vineyards

VinoSpaCation Welcome to the heart of the wine country for the ultimate sojourn, that is unbelievably next door to the Urban chaos of Mumbai, Pune, Nashik & Ahmedabad. You have waited long enough... The wait to true wellness is over... Leave your stress & concerns behind in the city to step into the paradise, where life is measured only by true wellness.

Your soulful sojourn at the Sula Vineyards

A slice of Vino Good Life The rolling vineyards nestled around the idyllic pace of life resembles the true good life that is perfectly balanced between the luxurious amenities, 360째 wellness that encompasses body - mind - spirit and the much needed melancholic tranquility. This is the pampering that you deserve... This is your ticket to Awaken your Senses...

Your most nourishing and Soulful vacation... Your unforgettable Escapade into the wine country...

Beyond the urban stress... Beyond luxury & hospitality...

Beyond Breathtaking In the heavenly & romantic location, sandwiched between the lush grape vineyards and the pristine gangapur lake lies the beautiful retreat - Beyond Vineyard Resort & Spa . Beyond combines warm guestrooms appointed with luxurious amenities, Fine dining restaurants, Wine tasting rooms, Spa & wellness center, Swimming pool deck with spectacular views, Relaxation zones & private pavilions .

A true Retreat that oozes relaxation...

Pollution free, dust free, noise free, clutter free - soak up the purity of life at the beautiful retreat - Beyond Vineyard Resort & Spa

Beyond Breathtaking

Admire the bounty of nature which envelops the resort in its full splendor, Rest & take refuge in the warm guestrooms with spectacular lake & vineyard views, Surrender all of your stress to feel rejuvenated at the spa & wellness center, Sip exotic wines in the wine tasting rooms and Dine in the ne dining restaurants, Take a tour of the sula winery & cycle through the spectacular rolling vineyards, Take a dip in the in nity pool or simply lounge amidst breathtaking views, Unwind from your very core in the lap of serenity & good life.

Awaken Your Senses

Spa by TouchĂŠ - An Exclusive Spa nestled within the Vineyards awaits for your Rejuvenation Lake-edge Swimming Pool with relaxation deck - A pristine pool with breathtaking views of the lake & the vineyards that symbolizes relaxation . Body-Fit Gym - A modern tness zone dedicated to your ultimate body structuring

Achieve the perfect harmony inside of you . The Beyond Vineyard Resort at Sula Vineyards welcomes you to a new sojourn in the world of health, wellness & tness. Prepare yourself for the ultimate indulgence & core stress release. This epitome of good life, nurture and individual care will leave you feeling cleansed, t & totally refreshed.

Wellbeing at Beyond Vineyard Resort & Spa

Let go of yourself... Not an Urban rush-rush Spa...

Wellness has a new abode - The Spa by Touche at Sula Vineyards Sula signature therapies to nourish your mind & body, Immaculate level of attention along with Superior hospitality standards, Organic spa ingredients right away from the vineyards, Warm and cozy interiors with Idyllic ambiance to drain out all your stress, Calming spa treatment rooms with private showers and steam, Elegant Couple spa suite with a breathtaking king-size Jacuzzi, Most romantic couple spa escapades for the ultimate togetherness,

The Spa @ Sula Vineyards

The Spa Rituals Our Spa Rituals seamlessly take through a deeply relaxing and pampering Escapade.

You are welcomed to the spa with a refreshing glass of cucumber water, a beautiful ower and with warm a ection. The spa executive helps you with health intake form & ne details about your chosen treatment. You are treated to a pampering spa foot wash ritual using owers, milk & peppermint. ** Your spa therapist welcomes you and guides you to your treatment room or for a pre-sauna session. Organic spa ingredients sourced right away from the vineyards, along with extra virgin oils and pure essential oils are blended & prepared to perfection. You are provided with a locker unit along with luxuriously soft bathrobe gown, spa slippers, and disposable undergarments to slip into. Your professional therapist respects your privacy and guides you smoothly into the treatment bed to begin the soothing journey. Your spa therapist checks with you the temperature, degree of applied pressure and other details to ensure a comfortable treatment. Your chosen scrub, wraps, massages & facials, treat your senses while removing stress from your body & mind. Post your spa treatments, you are proceeded to a steam session before cleansing of under the showers. Relax in the waiting lounge or by the side of the pool with a warm cup of organic green tea

Nature s Bounty of the Vineyards We have crafted a ne blend of spa therapies that combine the goodness of grapes with special therapy techniques, to provide the ultimate pampering that the tired mind & body requires to breakaway from the ever mounting urban stress.

Sula Signature Spa Therapies

Wellness om Vineyard Goodness

Sula Grape-Seed Oil Therapy

Chardonnay Grape seed oil contains polyphenols which ghts the free radicals to slow down the process of aging and also linoleic acid which works as a wonderful moisturizer, nourishing your skin and keeping it smooth & subtle. Ideal for all skin types. (Duration: 75 mins.) (Price: Rs. 2000/-)

Vineyard’s Bounty Spa Ritual Start with a Red wine scrub that is packed with rich antioxidants which exfoliates, hydrates as well as nourishes your skin along with the amazing grainy sensorial touch. Soothe your body with an intense steam session and delve into a blissful aromatherapy massage with fruity grape essential oils that straight away take you on a ride of the rolling vineyards while soothing your skin. (Duration: 120 mins.) (Price: Rs. 3000/-)

Body Basics

We bring you the best of massage treatments from around the world. Therapeutic Massages are proven stress busters for both body and mind. Aside from improving blood circulation & overall immunity, massage therapies increase the level of endorphins & calm down the para -sympathetic nervous system. to induce a stressfree calmness.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

Blissful Massage Therapies

The Lomi Lomi therapy is inspired from the waves & the music of Hawaii that works with a combination of gentle and vigorous strokes, which cleanses and relaxes the body in a soothing rhythmic ow providing a transcendental bliss. . (Duration: 90 mins.) (Price: Rs. 2500/-)

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue therapy targets your body s deepest layers of muscles and releases the tension in the over stressed areas. Using specialized hand techniques, it removes the muscle knots and addresses the deep seated muscular pains. . (Duration: 90 mins.) (Price: Rs. 2500/-)

Aromatherapy Massage

Aroma bypasses the thinking cortex brain to directly revive deep seated emotional memories. Our signature blend of Essential oils soothes your skin and helps you to escape the everyday concerns, to take your mind onto the hidden oral valleys of pure ecstacy within your true beautiful self. . (Duration: 60 mins.) (Price: Rs. 1700/-)

Original Swedish Massage

Blissful Massage Therapies

This traditional massage is employed with long, smooth strokes, kneading and petrissage movements focused on the fascia layers of muscle using extra virgin olive oil. It relaxes the nervous system, aids blood circulation & detoxi cation while reduces pain & sti ness in the muscles and joints. (Duration: 60 mins.) (Price: Rs. 1700/-)

Balinese Massage

An ancient technique targets the tension areas using the thumb pressure & long strokes with skin rolling, percussion and pressure circle enhanced with Balinese oils. It stimulates the blood ow, oxygen and qi (energy) around your body that brings deep relaxation and holistic wellness. (Duration: 60 mins.) (Price: Rs. 1700/-)

Thai Massage with Oil

Thai massage purports to preserving good health & balancingth energy, and it also reduces muscle tension, encourages relaxation, while increases exibility. In this variation of thai massage, we use virgin coconut oil to reduce the sti ness of the body and to provide a soothing experience. (Duration: 80 mins.) (Price: Rs. 2000/-)

Feel your muscles being kneaded and the tension seep away from your body as you drift o to soothing music and enter a realm of blissful happiness and total relaxation

Body Basics

Lack of time doesn t mean lack of Relaxation. Presenting Instant stress removal therapies that will simply melt away all your stress with our expert touch therapies.

Body Basics

Shortcut to Relaxation... The Back, Indeed...

For people with less time, this specialized therapy targets the stress that sets up along the back. Based on the principles of Swedish massage, It reduces pain and stress that sets up along the back by working on individual muscles to improve blood circulation and oxygen supply. . (Duration: 30 mins.) (Price: Rs. 1000/-)

The Quick Stress Remover

This instant magic formula, Releases tension from an area of the body most a ected by stress - the head, the neck and the shoulders. It is based on Ayurvedic techniques which relaxes the scalp and increases supply of oxygen to the brain to remove mental exhaustion. . (Duration: 30 mins.) (Price: Rs. 1000/-)

Vinotherapy Skin Care

Vinotherpie in the Vineyard

The power of the antioxidants present in wine came to emergence in France in the late nineties. Research has shown that the Polyphenols, derived from wine making residue of grape seeds & skins, protect the skin against free radicals which are responsible for 4 out of 5 wrinkles. Resveratrol, extracted from the grapevine stem, is the anti-aging molecule of the future that encourages ne quality of collagen & elastin production.

Red Wine Body Scrub

This scrub is designed to gently polish your body to a rosy glow. It contains powerful anti-oxidants from the red wine extract & grape-seeds as well as the nourishing Vitamin E, making this an incredibly healing anti-aging scrub. . (Duration: 45 mins.) (Price: Rs. 2000/-)

Red Wine Re-mineralizing Body Wrap

This high performance Red Wine Mediterranean Wrap has outstanding bene ts for a more radiant skin, while giving back freshness and suppleness to dull and damaged skin. The ritual starts with an exfoliating Red wine body scrub, while It ends with a Red Wine glow serum that leaves the skin with an Incomparable sensation of moisture & softness. . (Duration: 90 mins.) (Price: Rs. 3000/-)

Vinotherapy Skin Care Wine is no more simply a drink, it is the source of the most advanced skin care, thanks to its It s powerful antioxidants. Free radicals are main causes of aging, the same free radical that turn fruits brown, are e ectively negated by Polyphenols. Collagen & elastin bre productions are stimulated by Resveratrol to provide a forever young sculpted look.

Vinotherpie in the Vineyard Red Wine & Roses Facial

Red Wine contains high levels of antioxidant polyphenols, which ghts free radicals, improves skin elasticity & blood circulation, while also rms, whitens to leave you with a younger, brighter & glowing face. This signature treatment utilizes high performance facial Red wine scrub, Hydrating Red wine facial cream rich in bio- avanoids & a luxurious Rose toning mask. Your shortcut to Anti-aging. (Duration: 75 mins.) (Price: Rs. 1500/-)

Rejuvenating Red Wine Bath

Indulge yourself in the most pampering bath experience. Step into a Jacuzzi lled with lush anti-oxidant rich red wine and grape extracts to unwind yourself. (Duration: 30 mins.) (Price: Rs. 1500/-)

Romantic Couple Spa Escapades Surrounded by the rolling hills of the sun-splashed vineyards overlooking the lake, this is the perfect place for a romantic getaway in India. The paradise setting along with sense of privacy & serenity will instantly start draining away the stress. Go for liesurely bicycle rides through the winding vineyards. Knowingly get lost... into each other. Soak up the breathtaking views or simply sip the nest sula wines in pristine romantic locations. Head to the Spa for unforgettable couple spa experiences. Let go of the stress and concerns of the outside world with the soulful pampering therapies. With peace & clarity, Indulge solely into your partner. Words can t describe the experience of luxurious king size jacuzzi foam bath, while sipping sparkling champagne with your loved one. A whole new level of Intimacy...

True Intimacy in the Vineyards

Your Romantic Getaway Experience the ultimate Rejuvenation with your loved one. Let your Love speak for you in the Sula Vineyerds

Experience True Intimacy in the Vineyards

Heavenly Couple Escapade

We begin with side by side aromatherapy massages that negate the everyday stresses of life to make you focus just on your partner. The Escapade moves to a Romantic Jacuzzi bubble bath made with roses-milk & aromatic candles, that will surely set both of you in the most intimate re. . (Duration: 90 mins.) (Price: Rs. 3700/-)

Your Romantic Getaway Experience the ultimate Rejuvenation with your loved one. Let your Love speak for you in the Sula Vineyerds

Lotus Couple Spa

Experience the ultimate Rejuvenation with your loved one. We start with relaxing aromatherapy massages followed by the exotic red wine body scrub for the couple. We end with a heavenly milk bath spiced up with red wine & roses in a king size Jacuzzi. Complimentary Glasses of sparkling wine ensures pure intimacy like never before. . (Duration: 90 mins.) (Price: Rs. 5500/-)

True Intimacy in the Vineyards

Your Romantic Getaway Experience the ultimate Rejuvenation with your loved one. Let your Love speak for you in the Sula Vineyerds

Delight your tired Feet

Hands & Feet Spa

Our Feet absorbs the most amount of stress through our daily lives. It is time to pamper those tired feet with our delectable foot therapies

Poolside Foot Massage

This comforting treatment starts with a oral foot wash followed by a deeply soothing foot massage using an organic peppermint cream. Optionally you can enjoy this therapy next to the in nity pool. ** (Duration: 45 mins.) (Price: Rs. 1000/-)

Foot Reexology

Foot re exology involves application of pressure to points on the feet to revitalize the corresponding parts of the body. Ends with a soothing foot massage using an organic cream. . (Duration: 45 mins.) (Price: Rs. 1000/-)

Citrus Pedicure & Manicure

Freshly sliced lime wedges exfoliate and add antioxidants to the skin, which softens & refreshes your cuticle Pedicure - (Duration: 45 mins.) (Price: Rs. 800/-) Manicure - (Duration: 45 mins.) (Price: Rs. 800/-)

Spa Etiquettes Etiquette To ensure that our guests enjoy their spa visit at The Spa by Touche at Beyond, we request all visitors to keep noise to a minimum. Mobile phones are not permitted in the spa areas. This is purely the time for your body and mind. Bathrobes, towels, spa slippers & disposable undergarments are provided at the spa. Lockers are available. Guests are requested not to carry valuables to the spa. The Spa provides only therapeutic health care and skin care treatments. Doctors or Healthcare practitioner should be consulted for any ailment. The Spa follows strict policies against female employee harassment and unethical practices. Arrival Time We invite you to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your reserved treatment time. Please understand that your treatment will end on time for the next guest not to be inconvenienced. Also drop in early to thoroughly enjoy your vineyard spa experience with complimentary steam, pre-spa drinks and thoroughly devised treatment plan. Special Consideration Guests with high blood pressure, heart conditions and pregnancy, please make sure that the spa desk & your spa therapist are aware of these or other medical conditions.

Spa Rules

-Reservations Advanced booking is recommended to ensure your preferred date and time of treatment. If you require assistance in making your choices, our experienced spa consultants would be more than happy to help you. . Stay & Spa packages are available only with advanced booking. Experience the bliss of vineyards along with big savings.

. .

Cancellation Policy A 24-hours / 1-day cancellation notice is required in order to help us reschedule your appointments, Any cancellation with less than twelve (12) hours will incur a 50% cancellation fee. No show-ups will be fully charged. . Payment We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard or American Express along with secure online pay -ment portal. All prices are quoted in Indian Rupees and include all applicable taxes. Gift Vouchers An ideal present for any occasion, Gift Certi cates are available at the Spa Reception. Feedback Although we strive to ensure complete guest satisfaction, We welcome your feedback and suggestions to provide you with better services. .

Fitness at Beyond BodyFit Gym

Stay Fit at the Vineyards Good Life requires a Good Workout. Boost your energy levels and re-energise your whole system. Re ne your body lines, shape-up and keep your body & mind in perfect balance.

A dedicated highly skilled team of professional trainers are at your disposal to guarantee your safety and design for you the ultimate tness program. Exercise in our fully equipped lake view gym with state of the art tness equipment.

An In nity-edge Swimming Pool immediately surrounded by Lake.... Vineyards.... Manicured Lawns.... Warm & Woody Resort.... The perfect place to wind down, away from the chaos. Get an open-air relaxing foot spa massage or a rejuvenating foot re exology right next to the pool. Sip organic tea or a glass of rare wine along with health cuisine from the ne dining kitchens.

Nestled in mesmerizingly beautiful setting, the in nity edge pool is a pristine place to relax in complete serenity. . Dive into the pool and let it soak out all your stress away. Or simply relax at the decks around it are dotted with loungers & comfy seating. Stare at the open night skies while idling next to the pool. Stargazing ! It s the ultimate way to relax and have the true vacation, away from the urban chaos & daily stresses.

Spa-cation @ Sula Memories

Your Vino-Spa-cation ...

The one & only Memorable Spa Vacation in the midst of vineyards


Replenish your mind & body with energy and positivity with the soul pampering escapade in the vineyards, . Cherish the real good life unspoilt from the urban & modern stresses. Take back memories of deep pampering that will keep you pampered for days to follow. Appreciate the bounty of nature & ll yourself with enthusiasm for life ahead. Visit back into your oasis of wellness to recharge your batteries which is blended perfectly with Luxury & Serenity

VinoSpaCation the ultimate spa sojourn

Spa by Toüé, Beyond Vineyard Resort, Sula Vineyards Survey No. 1, Village Ganghavare, Gangapur Road, Nashik 422 222 Tel: +91 7875555730 E-mail:

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Spa Brochure - LQ - final - spa by touche @ beyond sula