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Do’s and Don’ts at IIT Kharagpur

Do’s o Play CS/DOTA o Eat healthy to stay healthy. o Enjoy the rains. o Skip mess food o Mind your work o Do socialize. o Use all facilities. o Get an iPod Touch. o Use DC++. o live here professionally . o Maintain attendance. o Sleep, eat, roam & roam, eat, sleep... :) oSleep late night. Also Sleep in classroom o Design, learn photoshop, do video making. o Whenever u get chance sleep o Be nice with girls (to ask notes) o Go for the intro play of HTDS n others

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Don't carry money in your wallet Don't join placecom or become CR Don't eat pani puri in KGP Don't save any food in the room Don't go out without an umbrella Don't mess with cool batch (srikanth,dhruv,aditya,rahul) Don't sit idle. Don't sleep early and don't sleep more. Don't get in to fights especially with girls. Don't go for Uninor or Reliance SIMs. Don't buy second hand cycles. Don't be rude to professors. Don’t be so studious and enjoy every thing. Don’t try for any girl Don’t sit in your room always. Don't be a maggu and waste ur life in KGP. If u want 2 have fun, Don't join placecom


MHRM New Comer's Experience In IIT kharagpur the so called grand daddy of IIT's