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ANUBHAV’12 IIT Experience


MHRM IIT Kharagpur


 Anubhav’12 is a platform where all the newcomers of MHRM batch opened up their heart about their experience so far in IIT Kharagpur. This experience not only portrays the life and culture of so called “Grand Daddy of IITs” but also it signifies an invisible bonding everyone is carrying in their heart. Let us carry this bonding forward and enjoy a ride of lifetime





Do’s and Don’ts at IIT Kharagpur

Do’s o Play CS/DOTA o Eat healthy to stay healthy. o Enjoy the rains. o Skip mess food o Mind your work o Do socialize. o Use all facilities. o Get an iPod Touch. o Use DC++. o live here professionally . o Maintain attendance. o Sleep, eat, roam & roam, eat, sleep... :) oSleep late night. Also Sleep in classroom o Design, learn photoshop, do video making. o Whenever u get chance sleep o Be nice with girls (to ask notes) o Go for the intro play of HTDS n others

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Don't carry money in your wallet Don't join placecom or become CR Don't eat pani puri in KGP Don't save any food in the room Don't go out without an umbrella Don't mess with cool batch (srikanth,dhruv,aditya,rahul) Don't sit idle. Don't sleep early and don't sleep more. Don't get in to fights especially with girls. Don't go for Uninor or Reliance SIMs. Don't buy second hand cycles. Don't be rude to professors. Don’t be so studious and enjoy every thing. Don’t try for any girl Don’t sit in your room always. Don't be a maggu and waste ur life in KGP. If u want 2 have fun, Don't join placecom

Do’s and Don’ts at IIT Kharagpur Do’s o Try everything in the CCD menu. o Wear glasses if u have that if u sleep in class it is difficult for profs to catch u sleeping o Always carry an umbrella with you, always you never know when it might start pouring down from the skies o Learn to sleep with open eyes, it helps a-lot during lectures o Make the most of your time by hanging out with friends and taking part in societies that interest you. o Sleep as less as possible because you really need the time to do everything that you want to. o This is one place you can really achieve all that you ever wanted, just learn time management and how to balance between studies and ECA. o Enjoy every moment. o Get habitual to the most pathetic food u can ever have.

Don’ts o Don't Try to push the doors of the lift aside, you might just get trapped inside o Try not to go out in night without applying odomos. mosquitoes would eat u o Don’t act over smart, different, genius etc in IIT KGP because every person next to you is son of EINSTEIN. o Don’t comment about mess food till one month is over, the best could be yet to come o Don't look for any UG girls. They will not fall for You. o Don't get yourself involved with any one immediately after joining any professional college. You will regret it later on . o Don’t pass "lines" to gals in IIT KGP because they instantly get confused whether they are Angelina Jolie or Aishwarya Rai. ;) o Leave open any hole or window if you are residing at ground floor otherwise play "NAAGIN" music 24*7 to stay alive. ;)

Do’s and Don’ts at IIT Kharagpur Do’s o Try Horlicks without sugar at VS Hall o Watch movies, skype, fb, youtube as d lan speed is awesome. o Enjoy all the events in KGP and feel the bombastic energy of the crowd here which might not be available in other B schools. o Just stare the "beautiful (for guys) and handsome(for gals)" things around you whenever you get the opportunity because they are like extinct species in IIT KGP. o Do study at least one day before exam otherwise even God can't help you. o Try to develop over all personality.

Don’ts o Don't go frequently to CCD..or you'll put on weight o Don’t try to catch any insect or snakes o Don’t let the tests spoil the college fun

Do enjoy and Don’t Only Enjoy!!


Induction with

Intent of the

senior girls in

seniors to


know our specialties

Assignments were the best part as they made me socialize with our group

Group tasks as it helped us know each other better

Skit and dance at the Fresher’s

Scavenger hunt


Interaction with class mates during assignments

Fresher’s Avenue Nostalgic moments..Specially "Yarron dosti" Song..Kudos to Bhavnish

The buildup for the freshers was outstanding..Skit,Dance,Makeup List goes on

Krishna's Conclusion Speech..Felt Like @#$%^&... Last Boys dance!!..God Knows Who was senior & who was Junior

Dancing After getting drunk Just Awesome!!!..Keep the floor Rocking

Thank God!! Girls were not from village...

Pandora’s Box

MHRM 2014


Rocking n shocking

The inevitable pieces of a jigsaw puzzle which make a perfect picture!!!

Understanding each other differences

Whole India

Eighteen Trailblazers

One stop for talent, knowledge and awesomeness anyday anytime

It is fun- loving and smart.

Awesome 18


Unity in diversity

Mixed Bag

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MHRM New Comer's Experience In IIT kharagpur the so called grand daddy of IIT's