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Material Connections

The entirety of my first semester consisted of using found materials to create space by only using one given material, in this case being garbage. The sculpture had to be attached and secured using only itself. My initial project used cans, however the final group piece ended up being a hybrid between paper and transparency rolls to create the modules. The paper is rolled and then threaded through transparency.

Multi Family Housing The objective of this semester was to engage and design a building that would house multiple families as well as have an amenity that the community could use and benefit from. The overall design was to allow the best view of the water, and not to block o anybody’s apartment from getting light. The facade works by carving away at the wood panels on the outside, revealing the aluminum panels on the inside. Where the wood is not cut out, there are pop-outs that give each apartment more space and allow light to enter through the side windows.

AirBaltic Terminal

The semester long project was to design an airport terminal for Air Baltic in the city of Riga, Latvia. We had to research and study unique parametric techniques and tools in order to design our airport ,and i choose the vornoi pattern. From there I developed the unique shape of the airport and designed the pattern onto the airport to mimic the movements of the people within the terminal. The shape maximizes the contact points of the people departing and arriving the airport as well as the planes parked and currently transporting passengers at the airport.

Saline Erosion This project was an entry for the lyceum competition. The objective was to design a rest stop in the Utah salt flats. My proposal was for a building that would not impede the landscape. It is barely visible from the roadside and reflects everything on the opposite side, making it disappear into the landscape. It is sunk into the ground to allow for passive cooling and for connections to the parking lot on the opposite side of the road. The huge enclosed space for the lobby allows the maximum view of the salt flats from indoors whether people are underground or not.

Earth and Sky The final project in my third year involved the Dudley observatory in Schenectady, NY. This involved designing a museum and learning center that would house one of the oldest telescopes in the world as well as a research center. First is the Sky building, which houses the planetarium and other amenities. This part of the building has open views of all its levels and is contained in one space. The second building is the earth building. It has separate rooms that connect via sky bridges into the sky building. Inside of the diagonal tube that cuts through it resides the library and at the top is the older telescope.

Buildsmart Workshop Torino 2011 The Torino workshop tasked us with working with italian students to develop a module that would react to people and the environment. The module was required to be uniform and allowed to be put anywhere. Our group designed a solar tracker that would react to people’s movement and either follow them and provide light by rotating the aluminum tubes, or shine light away from them. Each cluster of modules is placed by the program that happens underneath them and they can be altered to create a dynamic space below.

Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem

The DD semester uses a previous project whether it be student or professional project that is not built and further develops it. My partner and I chose the Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem. We developed a cracked and tessellated facade that allowed very minimum amount of light into the building. The other facade was a glass curtain wall allowing the maximum amount of light into the building and giving the broadest view of the old city and independence park. We designed the building to act as a gate into the park and planned the plaza accordingly by creating an approach to the park that was sheltered by the building and accessible to all.

AIAS Smart Geometry Competition My partner and I proposed a simple idea, simple geometry= smart geometry. Our design won the competition held by the school AIAS program and was funded and built for the conference and also to help fund future AIAS endeavors. My partner and I worked closely with professors, Dean of school of Architecture, woodshop attendants, and members of the AIAS.

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Aviel Rappoport Portfolio  
Aviel Rappoport Portfolio  

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