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Availability of Movies Greater Now than Ever The good news is that most of the latest movie releases are simultaneously available in their own DVD version, along with their on-screen release. So, there is no more endless waiting for a DVD to be released. In fact, this is one major reason for the booming sales of region free DVD players across the world. Another good thing with regionfree DVD players is that they are affordable. Increased competition and sheer variety has ensured that the prices are always coming down. One can get a codefree DVD player with great features for prices starting from as low as $50. If you are willing to pay more, you can get a player with a host of features. No matter where you live, the home entertainment industry around the world is booming. Whether it is the U.S. or other countries like Italy, France, UK, Greece or Spain, you name the country, and region free DVD players have become an indispensable part of daily lives. Cinema Quality in Your Own Home You can now have the ultimate movie experience sitting right in your home. A region-free DVD player seeks to reproduce cinema quality video and audio. The video aspect could be taken care of with a high definition television set or a projection system with a movie screen, where the image can be projected. Once connected to a regionfree DVD player, you can now watch your favorite Hollywood movies in complete privacy, with friends and family members. DVD Players Becoming a Preference DVD players started appearing on the scene around 1996 and have been since popular with people around the world. During the initial days, VHS tapes were preferred, but now, the situation has reversed with VHS gradually being phased out. DVD players are the most sought after and preferred source for playing video and audio. The reasons for the popularity of DVD players are plenty. One of them are the amazing quality of both images and audio. Modern day DVD players are products that have resulted out of intense research and development. Competition and increasing technology sees to it that newer versions with even more features arrive on the market to satisfy customers. In fact, their popularity boomed around 1999 when the prices dropped below $300 in the U.S. Leading retailers like Wal-Mart were in a major way responsible for increasing DVD sales. Region Free DVD Players and Value Value addition is the name of the game when it comes to region-free DVD players. There are the latest DVD players, which have a video game incorporated into them. A regionfree DVD player is much more than a mere DVD today. It has an entire array of features, suitable for all age groups. A reasonably higher-end regionfree DVD player can offer your entire family entertainment in some form or another. While the older ones in your family can now watch their favorite movies on the

player, the younger lot can have the time of their life playing games - all enabled by the regionfree DVD player. Sony's Playstation 2 games console is a good example of a DVD player being much more than a mere video and audio based entertainment option. Several other leading brands have also followed suit, prominent among them being Microsoft's latest offering. Kids just love game consoles, which are again becoming increasingly sophisticated by the day. Make Your Own Movies with a Code Free DVD Player Another use for region free DVD players is recording. All you need to have is a facility for recording in your model with a recordable DVD. It's as simple as that. You can now record important occasions in the family. It could be a birthday, a wedding, or simply a family gettogether. You can record moments to your heart's content and record it on a DVD. Once recorded, you can now flaunt your filming skills with your friends or family members, thanks to your region free DVD player. In fact, amateur moviemakers are springing up everywhere because of the DVD revolution. A region-free DVD player enables almost anyone to live out his/her dream of making their own movie. Although it must be mentioned here that standard or basic DVD players can't record shows from TV, but higher-end models can. DVD recorders have quickly made their journey from computers to being on players and home theater scenarios. A region-free DVD player with recording facilities can be priced at around $800. Although the price might sound pretty steep, it is expected to come down. DVD recorders are more sophisticated, coming in different formats like DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+RAM, and DVD+R. Most of the latest models of regionfree DVD players support almost all these formats. With a DVD recorder you can, for example, rewrite a disc more than 1000 times without losing any quality. No more dull spots or grainy pictures on your home videos again. Make Corporate Presentations with Code Free DVD Players Region-free DVD players are also great for making corporate presentations. If you are one who loves to travel, a portable model would enable you to do all these things anywhere in the world. These sleek gizmos are much sought after for these reasons. Region Free DVD Entertainment around the World Another great advantage with region-free DVD players, as their name suggests, is that they are 'region free.' People living in any part of the world can now watch DVDs from any other part, without a hassle. Most of the latest models of regionfree, also known as multi region dvd player, DVD players support all kinds of formats from different regions of the world like PAL, NTSC or SECAM. So, if you are from any European countries like Spain, France, Greece, UK or Italy, and would like to watch the latest Hollywood flick on your regionfree DVD player, you can do so. This is unlike the earlier days when your DVD player was region specific. During those days, leading brands in

Europe swore by PAL format. It is no longer the case today with code free DVD players. Whatever may be the format, your latest codefree DVD player is capable of playing it for you.

PAL-NTSC 110-220 volts DVD/VCR Combos for use worldwide. Multi region dvd player. The Sharp DV-NC85 and most other combo CODEFREE DVD and MULTISTANDARD VCRs will play 100% all known DVD discs including FRENCH PAL (there is no such thing as a SECAM DVD disc, all SECAM countries use PAL DVD) and all PAL-NTSC tapes but you'll need one of our VIDEO STANDARDS CONVERTERS [] or a MULTISTANDARD TV [] in order to see the DVDs and tapes. If you don't need to see a PAL video tape but only a USA tape then we do have a few combo models left that will convert the DVD PAL discs to NTSC - but not the tapes: [] By buying a true PAL-SECAMNTSC TV you will see all discs and video tapes in their original full resolution quality exactly as you would in a PAL-SECAM-NTSC country. If you convert the signal from PAL-SECAM to NTSC you will lose 100 lines of resolution to begin with as the NTSC standard has 100 fewer lines than PAL-SECAM. But with a converter you'll be ok. You can buy region free (aka codefree) DVD players that convert or don't convert from They ship worldwide and are based in California. They have 140,000 110 volt and 220 volt consumer electronics for the traveler or anyone who wants to enjoy the vast world of international videos and DVD movies. They also give you a LIFETIME warranty that all their players and REGION FREE DVD recorders will be region free (and converting for those that convert). You can call them at 800-514-2984 or from outside the USA 925-686-9945.

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