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Paradise Lakes Maudan Compreignac 87140 Limoges France Tel France +33 555 710 004 Tel GB +44 (0) 20 8695 7527 Mob +44 (0) 795 748 3890

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Wa r mw e l c o me Tucked away in the heart of the beautiful French countryside, lies the ultimate carp fishing experience. Welcome to Paradise Lakes.

Paradise Lakes is situated in Foret-de-Limousin, approximately 400 miles south of Calais, with the nearest town being Limoges, capital of the Haute-Vienne. Reaching our resort couldn’t be easier, with a comfortable 6.5 hour drive heading south, the motorway system will take you to within 5km of the lake. Alternatively you can fly with Ryanair or Flybe into Limoges Airport. Upon arrival you will be greeted with a warm welcome from our team, led by Tony and Adam. Then after a short tour of the lake and the excellent facilities, you will be able to relax and enjoy the finest carp fishing for the rest of your stay. For more details on directions to the lake, please visit our website w w w. p a r a d i s e l a k e s . c o . u k

U n r i v a l l e dl a k e Kingfisherlake Simply stunning, enjoy ten acres of tranquility and breathtaking scenery.

What you can expect at Kingfisher lake: • • • • • • • •

Ten acre lake Seven spacious swims Carp weighing up to 70lb Maximum 6 anglers Gravel, sand and silt lake bed No weed No poisson chat or crayfish Three rod limit

• • • • • • • •

Average depth of lake 7ft Club house with bar and sky tv Toilet and shower facilites Food cooked for anglers Secure parking Bait and tackle available Quad service transporting tackle to swims Catch photography service

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P a r a d i s eb a it Tried and tested over the past eleven years, this bait has achieved outstanding results not only at Paradise Lakes but throughout Europe.

Our bait has achieved some amazing catches, here are some examples: One angler caught three carp each weighing over 50lb in a single day, a European record. Another angler caught four 50lb carp in one week. Finally, an astonishing 1400lb of carp were caught by one angler in one week, with an average weight of 35lb and two carp over 50lb. Our range of bait includes the following: • • •

Fresh frozen hand rolled boilies and pop ups Cereal pellet Fishmeal pellet

• Hemp pellett • Tigernut pellett • 15mm nuggets

For our full range of bait and more catch reports please visit the website.

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Kingfisher Lake

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S t u n n i n gf i sh The lake is stocked with approximately seven tons of fish, carp being the predominant species. Mirrors, leathers and commons ranging from 15 - 70lb.

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From our knowledge and close monitoring we have calculated the following figures: 6 x 60lb 25 x 50lb 50 x 40lb 120 x 30 lb 90 x 20lb 50 Doubles For weekley updates, please visit our website.

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The swims have been designed and built to cater for the modern day carp angler. They allow enough space for any large two-man bivvy and tackle to match. All swims are fully gravelled making it dry and mud free, no matter what the weather conditions.

S p a c i o u ss w i m s There are seven swims on the lake, six single and one double. The swims are located so that there is a spacious one acre of water per angler, to ensure a comfotable experience.

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Kingfisher Lake

The latest dvd from paradiselakes

We know how hard it can be to choose the right fishing venue to suit your requirements. Please find attatched our dvd for your viewing to help you with your decision. We can also provide you with an extensive list of satisfied customers available upon request.

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