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The Isms - The Isms came

around the time of the age of enlightenment. They


were all different ways of life. Most of which were against God, or were a life style that did not need a 4th Lateran Council of 1215

The Crusades

This Council enforced celibacy more strictly, made

The Holy Wars

it known there were 7


sacraments, and eliminated

Christians and the Muslims. This

Saint Francis of Assisi

lead to many

Known for founding the Franciscan order. Truce and Peace of God Limited the Fighting to knights only, and then limited it even further to 80 days per

The Fall of Rome After the Capital of the


Roman Empire was

A system where a

moved to Constantinople,

king would lease out

Rome collapsed.

land, and in return, he would receive food, labor, and


Thomas Aquinas Saint Thomas Aquinas is known for his writings on human reasoning and their relation to the mysteries of faith in his document the Summa Theologica.

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This Council enforced celibacy more strictly, made it known there were 7 sacraments, and eliminated The Isms - The Isms came around the time...