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Different types of stages/theaters Drama 9.2 Jeremy Hsiao

End stage


It is the most common stage for many people. The performance is shown at the end of the theater while the whole audience is located in front of the performance stage. This type of theater can usually support a significant number of actors and props on the stage, and also the number of audience.

Arena stage

• The acting space in the arena stage is surrounded by

the audience from all four sides, and the stage has four entrances/exits for the actors. It may sometimes be difficult to let every audience see what the actors are performing due to masking, so the strong areas of the stage are often used to let all the audience see: the four diagonals.

Thrust stage

• The thrust stage is similar to the end stage: it lets the audience watch the performance from three sides.

Black box stage


The black box stage is the simplest stage, usually consisting of a plain space for the performance and chairs for the audience. The stage is very flexible since its structure (location of the performance space, location of the audience) can be changed depending on the play’s theme. It is typically used in school classes since it consists of limited seats, can be moved easily to create the desired space and mostly has a low cost of production.

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Drama stage analysis  
Drama stage analysis  

Analysis of some stages/theaters.