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Avi Chiat: Learning Patience

Avi Chiat lives and works in Boston, Massachusetts, as an entrepreneur. He’s led a diverse life and says that he learned patience when he was a child, gardening with his grandfather. “You can’t rush nature, as the vegetable plants grow at their own pace,” he said.

Avi Chiat is a busy professional in Boston, Massachusetts, who spent much of his childhood time with his grandfather, gardening. “I learned a lot about science and nature from him,� said Mr. Chiat, before discussing the many benefits the hobby offers

Avi Chiat is a Boston, Massachusetts, professional and a nature enthusiast who loves visiting Colorado on family vacations.

Avi Chiat says he’s found many wonderful places in the state, from family attractions to national parks and museums of nature and science.


Avi chiat learning patience  
Avi chiat learning patience  

Avi Chiat is a busy professional in Boston who attended high school at the Williams School in New London, Connecticut.