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ABOUT US International Economics was established in Mauritius in 2013 as a limited liability company. The company was conceived as a natural progression from 20 years of consultancy in market intelligence, policy advisory and negotiation support services in around 60 countries worldwide, by the company’s founder and CEO, Paul Baker.


Strive for excellence in the quality of the advice provided. Make use of the most reliable and up-to-date intelligence combined with state of the art analytical tools, while balancing the client’s costs with their benefits. Always ensure independence and objectivity of judgment. Commit to mobilise the best technical expertise to implement projects. Understand local cultural and socio-economic realities  and put the client’s needs first. Advise on policies, which will promote sustainable outcomes without impairing the welfare of others.

“Our mission is to promote analytical thinking through strategic advisory services underpinned by innovative research tools and quantitative analysis. We endeavour to create value through solutions which promote sustainable development and growth” - Paul Baker, Chief Executive.


OUR WORLDWIDE EXPERIENCE International Economics provides tailored services to meet individual clients’ needs and expectations. Building on our in-house expertise and network of partners across the globe, we find new trade and investment opportunities for clients, identify challenges and threats posed by changing market conditions and assess the best policy options for taking advantage of market dynamics, as well as regional and multilateral agreements.

OUR CORE COMPETENCIES Building creative solutions

Competence in trade & investment

By using economic models and tools to help

Experienced in both advising negotiation teams

governments and private companies formulate

preparing for trade & investment agreements and in

strategic decisions about trade and investment.

analysing the economic impacts of negotiated outcomes.

International expertise

International team

Experience working across five continents, from

A multilingual, multicultural and multi-disciplinary team

small island developing states and large emerging

from legal, economic and business backgrounds, with a

economies to small, vulnerable economies.

network of partners spanning the globe.


QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS International Economics uses a range of analytical and visualization tools to assess market dynamics and advise clients on new opportunities.

Our team employs the latest research techniques in economic modelling and quantitative analysis to analyse the exposure of businesses to changes in risks, market access conditions and competition.


International Economics and its strategic partners undertake original research in regulatory, sustainable and economic impact assessments linked to trade policies and agreements, building on creative and innovative approaches to collect and analyze critical issues.

The staff of International Economics provides its clients with complete, measurable and operational solutions for export development strategies and diversification based on understandable and reliable comparative statistics.


OUR EXPERIENCE Since the foundation of International Economics, additional internationally-focused professionals specialising in the fields of economics, trade, investment, sustainable development, public affairs and private sector development have joined the company to provide clients with the most inclusive set of services and expertise possible. The staff of International Economics has been working in the area of international development and private sector support in Latin America & the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and Europe. Their expertise was deployed in projects, which supported companies, trade associations, governments, and Regional Secretariats all over the world including in: Managing teams to prepare comparative economic analyses and computable general equilibrium models of Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in Asia and between the European Union and Asia, in order to support the business communities in preparing their positions in the trade negotiations. Managing a team to advise a bilateral donor on establishing an advisory centre for regional trade agreements and advising the European Commission and African Secretariats on setting up trade facilities in Africa.


Preparing trade analytics, diagnostic assessment and value chain analyses in Asia. Designing a long-term sustainable growth strategy in the Caribbean, carrying out analytical studies and diagnostic work in areas of monetary and fiscal policy, international investment, private sector development and trade.

SERVICES PROVIDED Economic analysis & modelling of trade and investment policies Balance of payments and international macroeconomic advisory services Economic research to formulate trade policies and address public policy concerns Advising clients on trade negotiations and free trade agreements Economic impact assessments Export promotion advisory services Advising on customs and trade facilitation matters

STRATEGIC ALLIANCES Providing the best strategic advice to the client is accomplished through collaboration. International Economics is continuously engaged in forming strategic alliances with specialised consultancies in law and economics in key regions in an effort to deliver a complete range of services related to our clients’ needs.


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