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Welcome Dear Colleague, On behalf of Aviation Week Network, I’m pleased to welcome you to the inaugural Aerospace IT stream at our newest event, Aerospace Incubator. As aerospace progresses through industry 4.0, challenges and opportunities will shift within the aviation industry. This event is poised to provide you with innovative and cutting-edge content, networking opportunities and product demonstrations, to help drive your business forwards. The challenges in this space are substantial, but so are the opportunities. The Aerospace IT content this week focusses on the steps that this vital and increasingly powerful part of industry must take, to progress safely through a digital transformation and into a next-generation operating model. In this first part of the Aerospace Incubator event, we will discuss key trends within IT, such as software modernization, cybersecurity and the benefits of harnessing data. We have a fantastic opportunity at this event to discuss a wide range of topics and to meet and collaborate with an array of industry leaders, all tied to the same purpose – innovation. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our event sponsors and exhibitors. To our partner sponsors, Ambry Hill Technologies, AvSight Aviation Software, HCL Technologies & Tsunami Tsolutions. To our IT Thought Leader sponsor, IFS and our event exhibitors Avionica & i5 Services, your backing and support for this launch event is truly recognised and appreciated. We would also like to thank all of our event speakers for their dedication and commitment to providing their expertise and thought leadership to the conference. Thank you for joining us this week,

Tom Broughton Conference Producer, Aviation Week Network

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Parts PartsTrading Trading&&MRO MRO Cloud-Based Cloud-BasedSoftware Software& &Mobile MobileApps Apps Session Session Sponsor Sponsor Digitizing Digitizing thethe Supply Supply Chain Chain Tuesday, Tuesday, November November 02: 02: 11:35 11:35 AMAM - 12:00 - 12:00 PMPM

Inventory Inventory Control Control • Sales • Sales Processing Processing • Work • Work Order Order Management Management • Accounting • Accounting Integrations Integrations

SeeSee thisthis andand many many more more impressive impressive features features with with your your ownown product product demonstration. demonstration. | 3

Agenda Day One | Monday, November 1 11:00am Registration 1:00pm Opening Remarks Jacqueline Smith, Senior Conference Producer, Aviation Week Network 1:05pm

IT Keynote Address

IT and Digital Technologies have continued to ramp up throughout the pandemic. There is overwhelming excitement, desire, and absolute necessity for radical change to shift from where we are now, to where we need to be within the aviation industry. What steps must be taken to keep up and remain competitive within the industry? What must businesses do to leverage new digital opportunities? Will a whole new class of solutions democratize and revolutionize seemingly everything, starting with air travel? What new technologies are on the horizon and have the potential to be integrated into your business model? How can you beat the rest and integrate sooner? Keynote Speaker: John H. Schmidt, Senior Managing Director, Global Aerospace & Defense Lead, Accenture 1:30pm

Software Modernization for the Aerospace Industry

Across technical operations and flight operations, a wave of replacements are inevitable, what are the challenges and opportunities within legacy system replacement? Taking a deep dive into software modernization for the aerospace industry, from the baseline of cloud migration, up to data analytics and decision support, which problems need immediate attention and what are the best practices to this system optimization? How can the industry best define legacy - if not through system age then through adaptability, connectivity and security? From small firms up to multinational conglomerates, how do challenges vary across the scale of companies? Moderator: Scott Loescher, CEO, AvSight Aviation Software Darryl Maraj, Head of Technology, Digital Innovation Group, GA Telesis Anna Paugh, Senior Director, TrueAero, LLC

2:10pm Afternoon Networking Break

Enjoy refreshments with your fellow attendees and make new connections during this afternoon networking opportunity. 3:20pm Notes from the Trenches:

Airline and MRO Experience in IT System Modernization

Sponsored by

Maintaining fleets of aircraft in a regulated environment is a complex function to which Information Technology (IT) systems have been applied for many decades. Replacing these ageing systems offers the potential to improve outcomes by facilitating compliance and driving efficiencies in maintenance work planning and execution, all while reducing cost of ownership. Given the large amounts of data involved and the number of maintenance and engineering staff impacted, great care is required in planning, preparation and system implementation. In this session you will hear a firsthand airline perspective and a supplier perspective on selecting, rolling out and leveraging a new digital MRO solution. Topics covered will include business case drivers, selection criteria, implementation challenges, early returns and lessons learned. Michael Egan, VP Commercial Aviation, IFS Aerospace & Defense Jason Lee, VP, Commercial Sales, IFS Aerospace & Defense Yessibeth Jurado, Senior Manager – Projects & MRO Systems, Copa Airlines 3:55pm

Presentation: Utilizing Digital Tools to Improve Passenger Experience

Joelle Cuvelier, Head of Airline Solutions & Delivery, Americas, Amadeus 4:20pm

Harnessing innovation in Tech Ops and creating synergies in Flight Ops and Across Organisations

Assessing the value proposition for investing in efficiencies in MRO IT, how can innovation drive ROI? Looking at the insights that provides, how can this be translated across your organization and how can new information aid decision-making for end operators? Moderator: Lindsay Bjerregaard, Managing Editor, MRO, Aviation Week Network Arun Chhabra, CEO, 8Tree Mark Schulz, Founder, #DigitalAircraft 4.55pm Closing Remarks Jacqueline Smith, Senior Conference Producer, Aviation Week Network 5:00pm – 6:00pm

Evening Networking Reception 4 | #AWNAI

Day Two | Tuesday, November 2 8:00am

Registration & Breakfast

9:00am Opening Remarks Jacqueline Smith, Senior Conference Producer, Aviation Week Network 9:10am

Cybersecurity in a Modern Aerospace Sector

Aerospace is more connected than ever before, holding and using increasing volumes of data. As the digital transformation moves forwards and threats become more tangible, what steps must the industry take to build a robust defense? How central is the role of AI in future cyber defense? What are regulators doing to develop new specifications for civil infrastructure? What collaborative efforts must be made across industry to draw up cybersecurity standards? Moderator: Dan Wolff, Director of Product Management and Product Marketing for Big Fix, HCL Software Regine Bonneau, CEO & Founder, RB Advisory Alexandra Landegger Heckler, Chief Information Security Officer, Collins Aerospace 9:55am

Presentation: Deep Dive on Biosecurity as a Subsection of Security: How Digital Health Technologies will Shape the Covid Recovery

How can health information be collected, stored, and presented in controlled and secure manor? What processes do airports and operators need to establish to make this an efficient reality? What are the challenges in ensuring authentic information? How must industry look at validity of data? Is a negative test valid for two days, weeks? What degree of international cooperation is necessary to make this a reality? How can cybersecurity and data encryption be used to enrich the passenger experience and restore confidence? Is this the blockchain reality? Rupen S. Philloura, Director – Terminal & AOC, Miami International Airport 10:15am Morning Networking Break

Enjoy refreshments with your fellow attendees and make new connections during this morning networking opportunity.

10:45am The Regulatory Environment:

Striking a Balance

With technologies advancing at an ever-increasing rate, what regulatory frameworks are required to find a balance between an environment which allows and supports innovation in Aerospace while ensuring safety and security? Is there a danger that inefficient regulation may stifle investment in emerging areas, such as applications of AI & ML? How do regulators adapt, without compromising safety? How must industry collaborate with government and public groups to move forwards effectively? As the power of data grows, what measures must be taken to integrate data protection into the core of business operations? Moderator: Justin Towles, Senior Policy Advisor, Akin Gump Al Secen, Vice President, Aviation Technology & Standards, RTCA 11:25am Digitizing the Supply Chain

As commercial supply chains shift away from supply led, to a demand driven model, what steps must industry take to build a 100% digitally integrated supply chain ecosystem? What are the benefits to be gained from embracing the digital landscape? Moderator: Paul Stewart, President, Ambry Hill Technologies Rogerio Besouchet, Global Product Manager Aerospace, Kuehne + Nagel Rodrigo Garcia, VP & Chief Technology Officer, Partsbase 12:00pm Networking Lunch

Enjoy an on-site lunch and take the opportunity to network with your fellow attendees, make new connections, or join a lunch and learn table and discuss the latest trends in Aerospace IT. 1:30pm

Innovation Showcase: Automation for Aviation Suppliers

We all know that “time is money.” This is never more true than when your talented team is spending too much time on necessary, but repetitive, work. AvSight has leveraged the power of Salesforce to make automating these tasks simple - no IT developers required! We’ll show you how our visual workflow builder makes it possible for anyone to create robust automations, boosting efficiency and profitability. We’ll also share updates on emerging technologies, such as AI, that enhance automation capabilities even further! 10-minute presentation with 5 minutes Q&A time Scott Loescher, CEO, AvSight Aviation Software Frank Scales, Senior Sales Engineer, AvSight Aviation Software | 5

Agenda 1:55pm Innovation Showcase:

“Finally A Way To See All Data Across Your Organization”

Today’s aviation businesses are diverse and sophisticated. With companies relying on multiple sources of data, or having multiple facilities running independent systems it is increasingly difficult to make real time decisions with disbursed data. Ambry Hill has created Vista One to bring all of this data together in one place, regardless of where it is located. And, we have put this technology into our new Aviation Parts Trading and MRO software, Vista Suite. Now, you can bring different data sources right to your fingertips even if the data sources are at different facilities, or on different platforms. 10-minute presentation with 5 minutes Q&A time Paul Stewart, President, Ambry Hill Technologies Cole Davisson, VP of Sofware Innovation, Ambry Hill Technologies 2:20pm

Beyond cutover: Realizing the benefits and unlocking full potential of new solution

Implementation of new Information Technology (IT) systems doesn’t stop at migration. After careful planning and execution of cutover, the system users then enter into the post-migration stabilization phase. While we expect to see considerable operational and financial benefits right after implementation, data- and process-driven operational issues could lead to costly inefficiencies. In this session you will hear about post-implementation trends, common issues uncovered once the system is live, how to quickly identify root-causes, and which steps to take to develop the resolution plan. François Bellemare, Principal, Oliver Wyman


Data Ownership, Analytics & Management

Examining the potential to utilize data to build partnerships between manufacturers and operators both to utilize real time data, extending maintenance intervals to improve operational performance, reliability and pursue operational excellence. What are best practices to build and manage an IoT system? What are the parameters around data ownership and how can this be managed? What is the role of blockchain in linking data and systems together? Understand best practices to leverage increased data connectivity to innovate across your organization and ask, how does data become a revenue generator in the future? Moderator: Kevin Goering, Partner, McKinsey & Company Nathaniel Hicks, Senior Product Group Leader, GE Digital Aviation Software Raul Segredo, President & CEO, Avionica 3.15pm Afternoon Networking Break

Enjoy refreshments with your fellow attendees and make new connections during this afternoon networking opportunity. 3:50pm Focus on Technology Implementation,

Adoption and Training

As digital transformation within Aerospace continues to accelerate, data driven digital technologies are increasingly commonplace. What are the key steps to build an adoption strategy for these systems? What training requirements are needed to ensure technicians can use new tools efficiently? Moderator: Mark Buongiorno, Chief Operating Officer, Tsunami Tsolutions LLC Andy Hakes, Founder & CEO, AireXpert Mike Kelly, Sustainment Director, Advanced Development Programs, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company Michael Schlotterbeck, Smart Factory Asset Integration Leader, Deloitte Consulting 4:25pm

Closing Remarks

5:00pm - 6:30pm

Welcome Reception for AAM

Day Three | Wednesday, November 3 9:00am - 5:00pm

AAM Conference

Day Three | Thursday, November 4 9:00am - 1:00pm

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AAM Conference | 7

Speakers include:

François Bellemare

Rogerio Besouchet

Regine Bonneau

Mark Buongiorno

Arun Chhabra

Joelle Cuvelier

Cole Davisson

Michael Egan

VP of Sofware Innovation, Ambry Hill Technologies

VP Commercial Aviation, IFS Aerospace & Defense

Kevin Goering

Andy Hakes

Nathaniel Hicks

Mike Kelly

Alexandra Landegger Heckler

Jason Lee

Principal, Oliver Wyman

CEO, 8tree LLC

Rodrigo Garcia VP & Chief Technology Officer, PartsBase

Yessibeth Jurado

Senior Manager Projects and MRO Systems, Copa Airlines

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Global Product Manager Aerospace, Kuehne + Nagel

Head of Airline Solutions & Delivery, Americas, Amadeus

Partner, McKinsey & Company

Sustainment Director, Advanced Development Programs, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company

CEO & Founder, RB Advisory LLC

Founder & CEO, AireXpert

Chief Information Security Officer, Collins Aerospace

COO, Tsunami Tsolutions

Senior Product Director, GE Digital Aviation Software

VP, Commercial Sales, IFS Aerospace & Defense

Scott Loescher

Darryl Maraj

Head of Technology, Digital Innovation Group GA Telesis

Anna Paugh

Rupen S. Philloura

CEO, AvSight Aviation Software

Frank Scales

Michael Schlotterbeck

John H. Schmidt

Mark Schulz

Senior Sales Engineer, AvSight Aviation Software

Al Secen

Vice President, Aviation Technologies & Standards, RTCA

Dan Wolff

Director of Product Management and Product Marketing for Big Fix, HCL Software

Smart Factory Asset Integration Leader, Deloitte Consulting

Raul Segredo President & CEO, Avionica

Senior Director of Engine Material, True Aero, LLC

Global Aerospace & Defense Lead, Accenture

Paul Stewart

President, Ambry Hill Technologies

Director – Terminal & AOC, Miami International Airport

Founder, #DigitalAircraft

Justin Towles

Senior Policy Advisor, Akin Gump

Mobile/Cell Phones Please ensure all mobile/cell phones are turned off or put onto silent when in the conference area. Photography & Filming Please be aware that photos will be taken by the press, the organisers and delegates in attendance. Please note that by attending, you consent to your voice and likeness being used without compensation in programmes, films, tapes and print for exploitation in any and all media, whether now known or hereafter devised. Furthermore, Informa, its successors, assigns and licenses are relieved from any liability, on account of such usage. Security The hotel has general security in place, however please note that personal possessions are left in the conference area at your own risk. | 9

Partner Sponsors Ambry Hill ERP & Logistics Software Solutions Ambry Hill Technologies is a state-of-the-art software company specializing in cloud-based and mobile business management applications that are tailor made for parts traders and MRO operations. Cambridge, Minnesota based Ambry Hill, is led by aviation industry experts whose aim is to improve your operational efficiency and strengthen your competitive edge. Ambry Hill delivers affordable, common-sense cloud-based software solutions that alleviate your real-world operational challenges that no other software company has been willing or able to address. As the only SaaS company with real-world aviation industry experience, coupled with OEM technology experience, Ambry Hill’s software solutions are well informed and thoughtfully designed. Visit Ambry Hill Technologies online at to learn more about VistaSuite Business Management Software, VistaQuote RFQ and Quote Automation, and VistaOne Multi-DB Business Intelligence. Ambry Hill is a wholly owned subsidiary of AirT (NASDAQ: AIRT) an industrious American holding company established in 1980 and consists of 10 companies with over 400 employees. Paul Stewart, President and CEO Paul has over 20 years’ experience in Aviation Aftermarket Industry business operations, logistics, 145 repair station management and software technology. He founded Ambry Hill Technologies (AHT) because of a deep-seated belief that the Aviation Aftermarket Industry was ready for a cloud based, truly mobile and affordable suite of business management applications that could solve the most common headaches in daily transaction processing. As President and CEO of Ambry Hill Technologies, and champion for Aviation Aftermarket Industry innovation, he is the driving force behind the disruptive and cutting-edge software solutions that AHT offers. Cole Davisson, Vice President of Software Innovation Cole’s career in software spans more than 30 years. For 18 of those years, Cole held many technical roles at a major Aerospace ERP company, culminating in a multi-year stint as CTO. He was pivotal in the introduction of a new online aftermarket inventory listing service to the marketplace; one which upped the ante with respect to how tightly such services could be integrated to back-end inventory software systems. In his role at Ambry Hill, Cole brings his creativity and many years of experience in the Aerospace ERP arena to bear on the Parts Trading/MRO industry’s perennial challenges. Richard Frisk, Vice President of Sales With over 20 years of experience working in the Aviation Business Software Industry, Richard’s journey began as a Sales Representative for a Parts Distribution Company at just 20 years of age. He later joined a major Aviation Software Company, ultimately becoming their Director of Sales. Over his extensive career in Aviation, he has worked with major OEMs, Airlines, MROs and Parts Trading Companies. Richard’s thorough understanding of customers’ business models, details of the industry and the specifics of daily business transactions help to advance Ambry Hill’s overall goal of empowering customers to operate their business more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Contact: Richard Frisk, Vice President of Sales | +1 619 734 7655

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Innovation Showcase

Avsight Aviation Software What happens when aviation industry veterans, dissatisfied with the legacy software currently available, team up to create the ultimate ERP platform for the aviation aftermarket? AvSight happens. AvSight combines robust functionality, time saving integrations, and superior digital security into one easy-to-use cloud-based platform. Schedule a demo to see why so many companies are making the switch to AvSight. Scott Loescher, CEO Scott has been designing and implementing enterprise software solutions for corporate IT departments for 25 years. During the last 17 years as CIO at two of the largest aerospace companies in the US, Scott has been responsible for ensuring that technology and business goals are aligned and working efficiently. During his tenure with AvSight Scott has led many projects including custom-built solutions and ERP systems, direct customer and vendor integrations, as well as building effective teams and business strategies. Fermin Gonzalez, VP of Software Fermin’s passion for the aviation industry took off when he started his career working as an A&P mechanic at a major airline. For the past 20 years he has been dedicated to designing, testing and implementing ERP systems and other software solutions for some of the largest parts distributors in the US. His focus has been in improving efficiencies and providing the best tools for a competitive advantage. Fermin understands both the aviation industry and the importance of great service. Andrew Valley, Director of Sales Prior to joining the AvSight team as the Director of Sales in 2020, Andrew spent 18 years in Aviation Technology Sales working with organizations during their evaluation and replacement of legacy business applications. Specializing in aviation best practice processes, with a focus on CRM and automation, Andrew has a passion for technology and working with companies to modernize their businesses through the adoption of new technology.

Contact: Andrew Valley, Director of Sales | +1 844 894 8051

Participating in the

Innovation Showcase | 11

Partner Sponsors HCL America Inc HCL Technologies is a next-generation global technology company that helps enterprises reimagine teir businesses for the digital age. Our technology products and services are built on four decades of innovation, with a world-renowned management philosophy, a strong culture of invention and risk-taking, and a relentless focus on customer relationships. HCL Software, a division of HCL Technologies develops, markets, sells, and supports over 30 product families in the areas of Customer Experience, Digital Solutions, DevSecOps, and Security & Automation. HCL has 20 plus years of experience in delivering business transformation programs for A&D industry leaders. The A&D industry is in need of innovation to achieve Digital Transformation. In order to thrive in the digital age, technologies such as analytics, cloud, IoT, and automation occupy center stage. HCL can leverage a broad portfolio of capabilities to help A&D companies generate exponential changes by delivering an experience-centric Intelligent Enterprise that eliminates waste through Autonomics (AI & Analytics), drive rapid change with DevOps, innovation through ecosystem business networks and generate new business models through Model Based Enterprise 2.0. Grassroots innovation is part of HCL’s DNA and co-innovation is ingrained in our culture which enable our tradition of going far beyond what is expected, to create customer value. This approach clearly differentiates HCL and gives us a distinct advantage in creating value for businesses in the digital and connected world. For information on our Aerospace and Defense Business Services contact us at or visit Martin Whitfield, Director Aerospace & Defense Solutions at HCL Technologies Martin Whitfield is the Director Aerospace & Defense Solutions at HCL Technologies. With 30 years experiences in Aftermarket services, Digital Transformation, and Supply Chain optimization within the Aerospace and Defense industry Martin is responsible for leading digital transformation efforts with clients in the sustainment and manufacturing domains. Martin began his career as an Officer in the RAF (UK) managing MRO operations for a number of different aircraft including combat jet and transport types. Upon leaving the military Martin became consultant driving business value through business transformation and technology innovation. Martin is the Chair of the SAE Digital Data Steering Group. (RT) Roy Davis, Industry Principal (Aerospace & Defense) at HCL Technologies (RT) Roy Davis is the Aerospace & Defense Industry Principal at HCL Technologies. With over 28 years’ experience in A&D and over 20 years’ experience in SAP implementations. RT is responsible for providing industry (A&D) and technical (SAP) knowledge to clients and leading the A&D business consulting organization. RT began his career at EDS focusing on automotive manufacturing and then moved to Deloitte Consulting where he was a management consultant for A&D clients. In addition, he was with Spirit AeroSystems responsible for their entire application landscape. Sharad Maheshwari, AVP – Aerospace & Defense, HCL Technologies AVP and Business Managing Lead for Aerospace & Defense Industries, HCL 25+ years of progressive experience with constructs to ensure benefits realization for SAP lead business transformation, MRO Solutions, enterprise analytics & business intelligence solutions, enterprise systems integration, enterprise IT applications & ITO Managed Services (Support & Dev), QA/Testing Services, enterprise cloud application solutions (including BYOL), UX Transformation, enterprise IT platform modernization, manufacturing shop floor IT solutions, software product engineering, R&D systems integrations. Contact: Sharad Maheshwari, AVP – Aerospace & Defense | +1 630 379 2583 12 | #AWNAI

Tsunami Tsolutions Tsunami Tsolutions is a Small Business that delivers big results for our Fortune 100 customers. We execute through our AS9100 certified quality management system and have an 18-year track record of enabling customer success. Our experience in Manufacturing, Engineering, Aftermarket Support, Fleet Management and Corporate IT provides for a comprehensive and wide-ranging understanding of the challenges encountered by A&D businesses in today’s rapidly changing environment. Tsunami Tsolutions has five North American locations supporting both the local and global needs of the A&D industry. Locations include Glastonbury, CT, Melbourne, FL, Louisville, KY, Dayton, OH, Hardpoint Technology Solutions, located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and our newest affiliate, Tsunami Tsolutions Middle East located in Dubai, UAE. Together, we leverage our extensive experience in both Information Technologies and Software Development combined with industry knowledge and a “can do” partnership mentality to provide high value solutions to address the needs of your business. Tsunami Tsolutions achieves efficiency by staying close to our customers and maintaining a competitive internal cost structure. Our effectiveness is enhanced by our investment in the development and retention of our staff, along with our use of industry leading tools, and change management strategies, each contributing to project success and high levels of user adoption. We are solutions experts who will work hand in hand with your problem solvers to identify opportunities that will improve your organization. We look forward to helping you enable your success. Matthew Atwater is an accomplished business leader and entrepreneur, leveraging his experience in information systems and years of consulting for large manufacturing and aerospace companies to found Tsunami Tsolutions in 2003. The company’s success has been fueled by Matthew’s belief that integrating technology with subject matter expertise delivers turn-key solutions of exceptional customer value. Tsunami Tsolutions now services some of the world’s best global aerospace companies like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon Technologies among many others. In his role as CEO, Matthew is responsible for overseeing the management of the organization and setting the business strategy and vision with the leadership team. Mark Buongiorno is the Chief Operating Officer at Tsunami Tsolutions, a supplier of Engineering, IT and Compliance services, specializing in A&D Fleet Management/MRO support systems and ERP implementation. In his role as COO, he is responsible for the execution of company’s business strategies and leads the Program Management, Application Development, ERP Services and Maintenance Engineering organizations. Mark has over 30 years’ experience in Military and Commercial Aerospace and held executive leadership positions at both StandardAero and Pratt & Whitney prior to joining Tsunami in 2020. His resume includes an extensive list of accomplishments within Aircraft Engine MRO Operations, Business Development, Organizational Transformation and Program Management, spanning the product life cycle from New Product Development to Sustainment and including experience with P&W, Rolls-Royce and GE Aviation product lines. Andrew Stimpson is the Managing Director of Tsunami Tsolutions Middle East which provides specialist consulting and software implementation skills to Aerospace and Defense and asset and project intensive customers across the region. Andrew has over 25 years’ experience in a range of software sales, consulting and project management roles with customers including Emirates Airlines, GAL, The SAMI Group, GA Telesis and Qantas. He has a special passion for working with customers who provide engine and other complex MRO services. Contact: Joseph LeVasseur, Executive Vice President | +1 860 266 6885 | 13


Aviation Week Network Aviation Week Network provides business-critical information, predictive intelligence and connections with opportunities and people. We deliver award-winning journalism, deep data and analytics, worldclass conferences and events, and content-driven marketing services. Our unmatched capabilities deliver 360° solutions to help you make informed decisions to succeed. Melissa K. Crum Marketing Director, Intelligence, Data & Consulting Services +1 913 284 2951

Avionica Avionica specializes in complete flight data and communications management solutions comprising both airborne avionics and ground support equipment. We understand that an innovative product is only part of a complete solution, so Avionica also designs and maintains many of our own Supplemental Type Certificates and works with a worldwide network of installation service providers to provide turnkey aftermarket solutions. Many of our STCs include foreign validations from Brazil (ANAC), the European Union (EASA), and China (CAAC). We also provide support to OEMs such as Bombardier, Gulfstream, Embraer, and others who install our products in their production aircraft.


Lesbia Nissing Inside Sales Representative +1 786 544 1126

CONNEX Marketplace powered by i5 Services i5 Services builds technology that enables U.S. manufacturers, large and small, to become America’s source for products, materials, and equipment. Alan Davis, CEO and Founder of i5, developed a vehicle that solves supply chain interruptions, fills workforce gaps, and creates R&D opportunities. The vehicle is CONNEX Marketplace, an online solution bringing all manufacturing sectors together under one platform. Unlike other systems, CONNEX has a robust search functionality with the ability to filter down to the deepest level, so buyers and manufacturers can find the materials and products they need, here in the United States. Alan Davis CEO and Founder +1 801 301 9723

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Business Transformation Reimagined Innovative | Agile | Resilient

HCL Products, IP Solutions & Service offerings for Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing Digital Transformation with Model Based Enterprise 2.0

Transforming Endpoint Management The HCL BigFix platform enables IT Operations teams with Continuous Compliance and Intelligent Automation, resulting in cost reduction and increased efficiency gains

Transform your entire enterprise manufacturing, supply chain and connected machines with insight and agility using digital technologies and data

iMRO – intelligent Maintenance Repair and Overhaul

Base90 Aerospace Company for S/4 HANA

Optimize your asset operations and utilization through ML driven maintenance credits and technology enabled resources with iMRO®

Accelerate your Digital Transformation by leveraging HCL Base 90 Solutions for A&D

HCL Technologies is recognized globally as the partner-of-choice for the Aerospace & Defense industry With its customized approach & breadth of offerings, HCL is a Leader in 2021 Gartner(R) Magic QuadrantTM for Public Cloud IT Transformation Services


For information on our Aerospace and Defense IT and Business Services contact us at or | 15

Acknowledgments Aviation Week thanks all of our sponsors and partners for supporting this event through these challenging times. Your participation means more to us than ever and we look forward to growing the future of this event together.

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Harness the power of your ERP systems and operational data.

TRANSFORM YOUR DATA INTO INFORMATION Aerospace & Defense | Information Technology

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