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Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) November 3-4


Miami, FL



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Welcome Dear Attendee, On behalf of the entire Aviation Week team, I am delighted to welcome you to the inaugural Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) stream at our newest event, Aerospace Incubator. Thank you for believing in the industry as we do and for allowing us to facilitate nearly an entire week of networking, discussion, and idea sharing as we navigate industry 4.0. AAM is on the cusp of becoming a day-to-day reality, with many applications already in use today. The pandemic may have taken much from the aviation industry, but it has also fostered incredible momentum in this space. Our goal is to provide you a dynamic forum this week on everything from infrastructure, the regulatory environment, private investment, the workforce, propulsion, the supply chain, and more – all pieces of the AAM puzzle that must come together as we look at scaling these incredible ideas and amazing technologies. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to everyone in attendance this week, especially highlighting our incredible lineup of speakers as well as our generous event sponsors and exhibitors. To our premier sponsor, TE Connectivity, our partner sponsor, Crown Consulting, our thought leadership sponsors, Regent and The Aria Group, our tech talk sponsor, i5 Services, our poll sponsor, Genuen, LLC, our demo derby sponsors, Levanta Tech, LuftCar, and MACA, and our exhibitors, Kaman Aerospace and i5 Services – a sincere amount of gratitude is due. Thank you for joining us this week – we are so excited to see where you go next. Please take this week to network, meet with your peers, build business, and listen to a group of truly inspirational speakers. We are glad you are here.

Sarah Zilonis Associate Conference Producer, Aviation Week Network

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Agenda Day One | Monday, November 1 Aerospace IT Conference

Day TWO | Tuesday, November 2 Aerospace IT Conference 5:00pm - 6:30pm

Welcome Reception for AAM

Day Three | Wednesday, November 3 8:00am Registration & Breakfast 9:00am Conference Open Sarah Zilonis, Associate Conference Producer, Aviation Week Network 9:05am

Keynote Address

The Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industry is in the midst of an undeniable revolution. The time is now to leverage the dramatic acceleration within AAM over the past year to create a path for the future that this industry demands. Hear the latest take on the AAM sector and why the moment is now to secure it as a day-to-day reality. Robin Riedel, Partner, McKinsey & Company 9:15am

State of the Industry Pre-recorded presentation

The AAM industry covers a wide range of uses. From Urban Air Mobility (UAM) to Regional Air Mobility and Cargo, the market is primed to take great strides in the coming decade. Hear from Aviation Week’s own Graham Warwick on the latest trends he’s seeing in the industry. Graham Warwick, Executive Editor, Technology, Aviation Week Network


Infrastructure Capabilities: Creating an Urban Airspace

As the AAM industry continues to grapple with infrastructure inefficiencies, creative solutions are required in the short-term to move forward. This session will explore current infrastructure capabilities, like helipads and heliports, and examine other options like regional airports. Moderator: Bill Minkoff, President, Air Advisory, LLC Dr. Mujahid Abdulrahim, Assistant Professor, School of Computing and Engineering, Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, UMKC Joseph R. Alesia, Sr. Vice President Business Development, Ferrovial Airports Addison Ferrell, Head of Americas, SkyPorts William Nicholas, Head of Public Affairs – Americas, Lilium 10:15am Morning Networking Break 10:30am Accelerating the Regulatory


Regulation continues to be the primary challenge facing the AAM environment. The adoption of UAM vehicles in the United States has demanded a new approach to how regulators embrace advanced modes of transport. How can regulatory frameworks find balance between supporting innovation and ensuring safety and security? How can we safeguard investment into this innovative ecosystem by delivering results? This session will tackle the certification and operation challenges facing the industry today and outline what collaborative next steps are required to prevent stalls and move us through industry 4.0 at a pace that matches investment. Moderator: Carole Hedden, Managing Editor, Advanced Air Mobility Report Regine Bonneau, CEO/Founder, RB Advisory LLC Carrie Kendrick, Principal Consultant, SeaTec Consulting Marilyn Pearson, Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist in AAM/EVTOL, CAE Martin Whitfield, Director Aerospace & Defense Aftermarket Solutions, HCL America, Inc. 11:25am How Private Investment Has Changed

the AAM Landscape

With more and more companies vying to enter the advanced air mobility industry, competition has ramped up significantly. This session will cover how these startups attract billions of dollars of investment and how private equity is driving meaningful change within industry. Moderator: Carole Heddon, Managing Editor, Advanced Air Mobility Report Delian Asparouhov, Principal, Founders Fund Drake Berglund, Advanced Air Mobility Strategy, Boeing

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12:00pm Networking Lunch

Enjoy an on-site lunch and take the opportunity to network with your fellow attendees, make new connections, or join a lunch and learn table and discuss the latest trends in AAM. 1:00pm

Demo Derby

Grab your 10 minutes of fame by pitching your product, demonstrating an innovative solution or engaging our audience with your visionary ideas. Take a slot at our Demolition Derby and compete against other industry heavyweights over which emerging technologies and digital solutions will truly revolutionize the industry. Pitch your ideas and gather invaluable feedback from your peers and potential customers. A vote at the end will reveal the tech champion for our inaugural 2021 edition! Featuring:

Levanta Tech LLC Levanta is developing ground-effect aircraft utilizing its unique Hoverfoils™ - hover capable airfoils. The aircraft can take off and land on any terrain. The speed and range are comparable to fixed-wing aircraft. The Hoverfoils™ provide improved aircraft maneuverability over other ground-effect aircraft. Levanta’s technology opens new markets, including cost-effective drone delivery and ship-to-shore transport. Kelly Echols, Founder, Levanta Tech LLC

LuftCar LLC LuftCar is developing a hydrogen powered, modular, autonomous Air and Road Mobility (AARM) vehicle with Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) capability – a TRUE FLYING CAR. LuftCars provide uninterrupted air and road mobility. The vehicle will have a flight distance of 300 miles, and 150 miles road travel, 3000 - 5000 ft flying altitude and 220 mph. max speed in air. LuftCar is based out of Orlando Florida and was founded in March 2021. Santh Sathya, Founder and CEO, LuftCar

MACA MACA is a French/US startup born in 2018 in AIRBUS. We are developing a FLYING Formula 1 car- CARCOPTER® powered by a sustainable Hydrogen fuel cell. Our ambition is to make a personal flying vehicle accessible to anyone. To achieve this, MACA intends to take advantage of a less regulated racing environment to propose a new Flying Formula1 concept, creating a spectacular show to boost aerial mobility technology and push social acceptance of flying cars.


Thought Leader Presentation: REGENT Seagliders: Sustainable Regional Transportation by 2025

Hosted by Regent

REGENT ( builds seagliders - a boatplane hybrid that always stays within a wingspan of the water and replaces ferries and short-haul aircraft on coastal routes. This session will introduce seagliders and highlight how they will be an important part of the electric multi-modal transportation system of the future by offering regional range with existing battery technology. Billy Thalheimer, Co-founder and CEO, REGENT 2:40pm

The AAM Workforce

AAM aircraft are not going to be managed the same way traditional modes of transport are. UAM has already challenged the way our airspace is managed. The training and capabilities of a traditional MRO workforce will change dramatically to accommodate AAM. What is the Frankenstein’s monster of this new type of employee? How will the nature of flying IT platforms shape what employees look like? Moderator: Lindsay Bjerregaard, Managing Editor, MRO, Aviation Week Network Ernest Huffman, Aviation Planning and Education Program Manager, North Central Texas Council of Governments Adam Mitchell, Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company Sharon Rossmark, CEO, Women and Drones 3:15pm

Afternoon Networking Break

Enjoy refreshments with your fellow attendees and make new connections during this afternoon networking opportunity. 3:45pm Thought Leader Presentation:

Finding the Right Path for AAM Future Production

Hosted by the Aria Group Inc.

“Automotive Rates at Aerospace Quality” is the cliche used to describe what is required for the future of AAM aircraft production. The reality of achieving this goal is extremely challenging requiring thoughtful work in choosing the path that will lead the industry there. This session will look ahead to see what opportunities and risks lay ahead for all companies involved in the future production of AAM vehicles. Clive Hawkins, President & CEO, Aria Group Inc.

Irina Pchelintceva, Co-Founder & Marketing Director, MACA | 5


4:20pm Propulsion for the Future

10:00am Multimodal Transportation and Urban

New propulsion methods like Pure Electric, Hybrid Electric, and Hydrogen play an important role in meeting net zero targets, but how do we increase efficiencies in airspace management and what are the ‘carbon savings’? This session will delve into the multiple options facing the AAM industry and debate which methods are most viable as we have the opportunity to build a sustainable industry from the ground up.

Moderator: Bill Johnson, Vice President of Technology, Air Advisory, LLC Eric Bartsch, CEO, VerdeGo Roei Ganzarski, CEO, magniX Prof. Dr. Josef Kallo, Project Leader, H2Fly

Sergio Cecutta, Partner, SMG Consulting

5:00pm - 6:00pm

Air Mobility: A Complex Relationship

Presented by SMG Consulting

Urban Air Mobility will develop in an interconnected ecosystem of modes of transportation that allows passengers to go from their origin to their destination. During this session, hear some of the challenges and opportunity of integrating multimodal transportation into urban air mobility services.

10:15am Morning Networking Break

Enjoy refreshments with your fellow attendees and make new connections during this morning networking opportunity.

Networking Reception

10:45am Tech Talk

Day Four | Thursday, November 4

11:10am Tech Talk


Registration & Breakfast


Pre-recorded presentation

Electrification Briefing

Hear from Aviation Week’s own Graham Warwick on the latest in propulsion technology. Graham Warwick, Executive Editor, Technology, Aviation Week Network 9:20am

Opportunities Within the AAM Supply Chain

This panel will explore the behind the scenes of suppliers and manufacturers and how they will ramp up to meet the demands of the AAM environment. As new supply chains are secured there is an opportunity to digitize from day 1. This session will take lessons learned from the airline, automotive, and the military on agility and how to plan for the airspace of tomorrow. Moderator: Carole Heddon, Managing Editor, Advanced Air Mobility Report Bill Bihlman, Founder & President, Aerolytics LLC Dana Jensen, Senior Industrial Policy Analyst (Aviation), US Air Force Office of Commercial and Economic Analysis (OCEA)

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Hosted by i5 Services

Now more than ever, the national supply chain has faced tremendous obstacles that make it apparent our country’s dependence on outsourcing is not the answer for the future. The U.S. cannot rely on other countries for vital products for defense, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, and more. In order to respond quickly to who controls our supplies, we must pull the manufacturing industry together. We have asked the entire country to come together to solve the supply chain problem and CONNEX Marketplace is the heart of that. Connecting buyers to U.S. manufacturers through an Exchange Center, forming a strong partner network at the national, state, and local levels, providing manufacturers with tools to identify risk in their supply chain, creating a system of capabilities that address labor force issues, and enabling R&D entities visibility to work together are all available now for the AAM industry. This session will cover the tools and techniques that create a resilient supply chain, giving the U.S. control of its destiny. Alan Davis, CEO, i5 Services, LLC; Charmain, C-Suite Network Manufacturing Council

11:35am Modeling, Simulation and Training

for Emerging Aviation Technologies and Concepts

AAM is creating a transformative influence on aviation with new technologies affecting piloted, remotely piloted and potentially autonomously operated aircraft. There’s a distinct need for harmonization among global regulators as we define standards for the regulatory framework in a cost-effective and timely manner while maintaining and enhancing safety. New technologies like artificial intelligence, model-based systems and software engineering open up fascinating possibilities regarding the future of flying platforms and enhancements. Until now, only separate standards documents have existed or are under development. There is a need for them to be aligned to make the best use of new technologies. SAE International’s new technical committee – G35 Modeling, Simulation and Training for Emerging Aviation Technologies and Concepts – is filling this gap to accelerate technology development, certification and training. Marilyn Pearson, Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist in AAM/EVTOL, CAE

12:10pm The Promising Future of eVTOLs

At the convergence of multiple advanced technologies, electric VTOL have generated much interest for their potential to revolutionize low-altitude flight and remake transportation and mobility. While air-taxis applications have dominated people’s imagination, there are hundreds of applications that eVTOL aircraft can provide, from cargo transport, tourism, emergency services, agricultural missions, military missions, medical missions, recreation, firefighting, construction, inspection and many others. eVTOL will not replace helicopters for some missions, but will likely create missions not previously considered. Moderator: Jim Sherman, Director, Strategic Development, Vertical Flight Society (VFS) Dr. Rubén Del Rosario, Senior Director, Aerospace Systems, Science & Research Programs, Crown Consulting Inc. Johnny Doo, President, International Vehicle Research, Inc. Christopher Todd, Executive Director, Airborne International Response Team (AIRT) 1:00pm Conference Closes 1:00pm

Networking Lunch

Enjoy an on-site lunch and take the opportunity to network with your fellow attendees, make new connections, or join a lunch and learn table and discuss the latest trends in AAM.

Mobile/Cell Phones

Please ensure all mobile/cell phones are turned off or put onto silent when in the conference area.

Photography & Filming

Please be aware that photos will be taken by the press, the organisers and delegates in attendance. Please note that by attending, you consent to your voice and likeness being used without compensation in programmes, films, tapes and print for exploitation in any and all media, whether now known or hereafter devised. Furthermore, Informa, its successors, assigns and licenses are relieved from any liability, on account of such usage.


The hotel has general security in place, however please note that personal possessions are left in the conference area at your own risk. | 7

Speakers include:

Dr. Mujahid Abdulrahim

Joseph Alesia

Delian Asparouhov

Eric Bartsch

Assistant Professor, School of Computing and Engineering, Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, UMKC

Sr. Vice President Business Development, Ferrovial Airports

Principal, Founders Fund

CEO, VerdeGo Aero

Bill Bihlman

Lindsay Bjerregaard

Regine Bonneau

Sergio Cecutta

Founder & President, Aerolytics LLC

Managing Editor, MRO, Aviation Week Network

CEO & Founder, RB Advisory LLC

Partner, SMG Consulting

Alan Davis

Dr. Rubén Del Rosario

Johnny Doo

Addison Ferrell

CEO, i5 Services, LLC

Senior Director, Aerospace Systems, Science & Research Programs, Crown Consulting

President, International Vehicle Research, Inc.

Head of Americas, SkyPorts

Roei Ganzarski

Clive Hawkins

Carole Hedden

Ernest Huffman

CEO, magniX

President & CEO, Aria Group Inc.vvv

Managing Editor, Advanced Air Mobility Report, Aviation Week Network

Aviation Planning and Education Program Manager, North Central Texas Council of Governments

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Dana Jensen

William Johnson

Prof. Doc. Josef Kallo

Carrie Kendrick

Senior Industrial Policy Analyst (Aviation), US Air Force Office of Commercial and Economic Analysis (OCEA)

Vice President of Technology, Advanced Air Mobility Advisors, LLC

Founder and CEO, H2FLY

Principal Consultant, SeaTec Consulting

Bill Minkoff

Adam Mitchell

Marilyn Pearson

Robin Riedel

President, Advanced Air Mobility Advisors, LLC

Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company

Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist in AAM/EVTOL, CAE

Partner, McKinsey & Company

Sharon Rossmark

Jim Sherman

Billy Thalheimer

Christopher Todd

CEO, Women and Drones

Director, Strategic Development, Vertical Flight Society (VFS)

Co-founder and CEO, REGENT

Executive Director, Airborne International Response Team (AIRT)

Graham Warwick

Martin M. Whitfield

Executive Editor-Technology, Aviation Week & Space Technology

Director Aerospace & Defense Aftermarket Solutions, HCL America, Inc | 9

Premier Sponsor TE Connectivity TE Connectivity (TE) is a global industrial technology leader creating a safer, sustainable, productive, and connected future. Our broad range of connectivity and sensor solutions, proven in the harshest environments, enable advancements among others in industrial, transportation, aerospace, space, and defense applications. With approximately 80,000 employees, including more than 7,500 engineers, working alongside customers in approximately 140 countries, TE ensures that EVERY CONNECTION COUNTS. The Aerospace, Defence, and Marine group is part of TE, the world’s largest supplier of passive electronic components -including connectors and interconnect systems, relays, switches, circuit protection devices, and wire and cable. With electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) market, we are at the dawn of a new era in aerospace. As one of the world interconnect solutions leaders, we are pushing the boundaries of technology for eVTOL. To enable eVTOL makers solve new design challenges, we use our 60 years of aerospace and automotive electric vehicles experience to help them meet requirements in terms of saving space, reducing weight, increasing bandwidth, and managing power efficiently. From power and power distribution to advanced avionics connectivity, and in-flight entertainment, we are developing innovative next-generation solutions to meet the evolving needs for increased performance in a sustainable environment. TOGETHER, EVTOL IS OURS.

Learn more at and on LinkedIn, Facebook, WeChat and Twitter. Contact: Martin Cullen Senior Manager Business Development +44 (0)787 603 7162

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Partner Sponsor Crown Consulting Inc. Crown Consulting Inc. is shaping the future of air transportation with concept development, design and deployment of aviation systems and aircraft. For more than three decades, Crown has worked with the Federal Aviation Administration, NASA, industry and U.S. states to advance air transportation. Crown is the nation’s premier source of expertise for planning and deploying advanced air mobility systems (AAM). Crown teams integrate industry-leading air mobility technology and planning support, engineering, information solutions, advanced analytics, and market and economic assessments to provide robust solutions for government and industry clients. The company recently led a team assessing key factors impacting the development of the urban air mobility market. Crown experts inform decisions about the content and timing of NASA’s AAM initiatives. Crown recently conducted a comprehensive analysis of infrastructure and assets in the State of Ohio that can support the advancement of AAM. The report projects the economic benefits Ohio can expect through 2045 if it develops AAM infrastructure and recommends how the state can capture this important emerging market. Dr. Thomas Edwards, Chief Technology Officer Dr. Edwards brings 40 years of aerospace engineering experience, including 30 at NASA Ames Research Center serving as chief of the Aviation Systems Division, director of aeronautics and, ultimately, deputy center director. He leads Crown Consulting Inc.’s customer research and development strategy, crafts tools that enable transportation agencies to integrate advanced air mobility into their intermodal plans and supports NASA Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate’s R&D strategy. Edwards supports the North Carolina Department of Transportation’s program to explore electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) technology applications. He hosted NASA’s first unmanned traffic management conference of U.S. experts addressing the challenges of integrating unmanned aircraft systems into the National Airspace System. Dr. Rubén Del Rosario, Senior Director, Aerospace Systems Dr. Del Rosario brings more than 30 years of leadership and management experience in complex research and technical environments at NASA’s Glenn Research Center and Crown Consulting Inc. At Glenn, he led aeronautics research and development as director of aeronautics. As manager of the NASA ARMD Advanced Air Transport Technology Project, he developed and executed NASA’s strategy for commercial subsonic aircraft technologies research and pioneered the development of national strategies for advancing the electrification of aircraft propulsion systems. Recently, he led Crown’s advanced air mobility economic impact study for the State of Ohio. Shahab Hasan, Director, Airspace Programs Hasan leads Crown Consulting Inc.’s contracts for NASA Headquarters Aeronautics. He brings 30 years of experience in advanced aeronautics research, assessment, strategic planning and airspace systems. Hasan began his career as an aerospace engineer at NASA Ames in California and later managed Logistics Management Institute’s (LMI) aviation research portfolio. Contact: Dr. Rubén Del Rosario Senior Director, Aerospace Systems + 1 571 451 9265 | 11


CONNEX Marketplace powered by i5 Services i5 Services builds technology that enables U.S. manufacturers, large and small, to become America’s source for products, materials, and equipment. Alan Davis, CEO and Founder of i5, developed a vehicle that solves supply chain interruptions, fills workforce gaps, and creates R&D opportunities. The vehicle is CONNEX Marketplace, an online solution bringing all manufacturing sectors together under one platform. Unlike other systems, CONNEX has a robust search functionality with the ability to filter down to the deepest level, so buyers and manufacturers can find the materials and products they need, here in the United States. Alan Davis CEO and Founder +1 801 301 9723

Aviation Week Network Aviation Week Network provides business-critical information, predictive intelligence and connections with opportunities and people. We deliver award-winning journalism, deep data and analytics, worldclass conferences and events, and content-driven marketing services. Our unmatched capabilities deliver 360° solutions to help you make informed decisions to succeed. Melissa K. Crum Marketing Director, Intelligence, Data & Consulting Services +1 913 284 2951

Kaman Aerospace Kaman Aerospace Group is a global aircraft specialist delivering technology and flight critical structural components, sheet metal and composite major structures, and detail parts, with full service engineering, design, tooling and logistics capability. Kaman Composite Structures provides comprehensive solutions to the aerospace and medical equipment manufacturing markets. As an ISO AS9100 and Nadcap accredited supplier, Kaman has received industry recognition for their quality and service. Kaman specializes in composite manufacturing, design engineering and MRO composite repair. Kaman Aerospace Jacksonville specializes in aerostructures, major and complex metallic/ composite assembly, CNC machining, design engineering and MRO repair. Malissa Nesmith Senior Director Business Development +1 316 880 9041

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Shaping the Future of

Air Transportation

Crown Consulting Inc. is a global leader in concepts, technologies, planning and implementation of advanced air mobility (AAM) services.

AAM Services • Visioning • Strategic Planning & Implementation

Crown innovators work with companies and government agencies seeking to safely advance aviation’s newest frontier.

• Market & Economic Impact Studies

We explore concepts, economic impacts and airspace infrastructure, and implement use cases for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Canadian government, and state and city departments of transportation.

• Simulations & Flight Tests

• Concepts of Operation

• Safety/Risk Assessments and Mitigation • Uncrewed Traffic Management System


Let Crown Innovators Advance Your Next Air Mobility Solution | 13 Crown Consulting Inc. | (703) 650-0663 | |

Acknowledgments Aviation Week thanks all of our sponsors and partners for supporting this event through these challenging times. Your participation means more to us than ever and we look forward to growing the future of this event together.

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Demolition Derby

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