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JUNE 30-JULY 1, 2021 Fairmont Dallas, TX, USA


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Welcome Dear Aero-Engines Americas 2021 Attendees, Welcome to Aero-Engines Americas 2021! The past 15 months have brought both challenges and opportunities for our industry as we emerge from a tumultuous year and pivot to a new normal and a new hybrid event experience. Whether you are joining the event in-person in Dallas or loggingon from anywhere in the world, our Aero-Engines Americas hybrid event offers access to the latest trends and viewpoints, critical discussions, and networking and meetings for all. Our goal is to provide a dynamic forum focused on meeting innovation expectations of the recovering engines market. Our esteemed speakers will guide us through two days of content focused on how we can leverage all that has been learned in the past year and what the future of the engines market will look like through the lens of innovation, opportunity, and increased collaboration.


Our session content will take deep dives into the latest engine trends and forecasts, risks and opportunities in the engine supply chain, understanding USM and leasing strategies, and the digital transformation of engine MRO.

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We want to extend our sincere gratitude to our attendees, both in-person and virtual, for joining the new hybrid event experience and supporting the aero-engines community. We’d also like to thank our speakers for sharing their learnings and insights so candidly.

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Thank you to our Host Sponsor, BP Aero, for graciously welcoming us to Dallas and for providing a tour of their facilities for our attendees. And sincere gratitude to our generous Industry sponsors without whose support this event would not be possible – Engine Lease Finance, Lockheed Martin Engine Solutions, Ramco, and StandardAero. And finally, thanks to our showcase exhibitors for providing new and important solutions for our attendees. Your support, especially this year, has helped connect this incredible community once again and has set a path for even more success in 2022 and beyond. Please take this week to network, meet with your peers, build your business, and listen to a group of truly inspirational speakers. Whether you are joining us in Dallas or from your home or office, we are glad you are here.

Jacqueline Smith Senior Conference Producer Aviation Week Network

Join Us Tuesday, June 29, 2021

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6:00pm – 8:00pm

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Full Service Engine Solutions Provider

Engine Teardown

Part Overhaul

Engine Light/Heavy Repair and Field Service

BP Aero Services

Part Overhaul, FAA/EASA/CAAC, Quick Turn Times, Cases/Housings/Supports/Seals/Disks/Shafts/Spools/Tubes/Manifolds/Sensors CFM56-3,5A,5B,5C&7B|CF6-50&80|CF34-8C&8E|GE90-94|V2500-A1&A5

BP Aero Engine Services

Engine Repairs and Field Service, FAA/EASA Hot Section Repair/Top Case/Bottom Case/Lease Return Inspections Repair/ CFM56|CF6|CF34|LEAP|RB211|V2500

BP Aerospace

Engine Dissassembly, Over 1500 Engines Disassembled CFM56|CF6|CF34|V2500|PW4000, Custom Crates, ID Software/Manifest www.bpaero.com

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Please note: All session times in the agenda are listed in CDT

Day One | Wednesday, June 30, 2021 8:00am

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9:00am Opening Remarks Sarah Zilonis, Associate Conference Producer, Aviation Week Network 9:10am

Opening Keynote Presentation: Surviving COVID and Positioning to Deliver World-Class Value in a New Era – An Independent MROs Perspective

Dennis Walsh, President & Chief Executive Officer, BP Aero 9:30am

Industry Forecast

With the world remaining gripped in the throes of the current pandemic, it can be difficult to anticipate the future recovery of the engines’ market. How is the continuation of the crisis affecting the Americas’ engine communities and what can we expect to see from stakeholders in the short, medium and longterm? What impact could the decrease in workforce have on capacity? Have we learned anything from the beginnings of the pandemic that can be applied to its current stage? When can we expect to see passenger numbers start to increase, and will the vaccine be enough to restore passenger confidence? Are we finally starting to see the industry moving towards recovery? Stuart Rubin, Vice President and Managing Director, Aviation, ICF 10:05am

Panel Discussion: Flexibility Needs in Long-Term MRO Contracts

The recent crisis has created an undeniable need for flexibility in MRO contracts for OEMs, Third-Party MROs and Operators. Lengthy MRO commitments are being met with hesitation to prevent ties to future obligations that may not be able to be met, and the need to conserve cash remains king, so what can we expect to see from long-term MRO contracting? How is the engine community redirecting their approach to alternative contract models? Key players weigh in on what we can expect to see in future contracting opportunities. Moderator: Raman Ramanathan, Partner & Consulting Leader, Aerospace & Defense, Ernst & Young Les Cronin, Senior Director Sales The Americas, MTU Maintenance Ken Newton, SCM Engine & Lease Mgmt Director, Alaska Airlines Sebastian Torhorst, Head of Sales Engine Services Americas, Lufthansa Technik AG 10:45am

Morning Coffee Break


PTF Cargo Conversions: Increased Demand & Opportunities

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Growing demand in cargo has been good for the passenger-to-freighter (PTF) conversion market. Driven by rising international trade, industrial production recovery and the surge of e-commerce,

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the expansion of the PTF conversion segment is expected to grow significantly. What does this trend mean for the dynamics in the engines market? What is the expected impact on engine availability? What are the implications and opportunities for MRO providers, who have been well-served by the cargo segment in the tumultuous past 14 months? Moderator: Allan Bachan, Vice President, ICF Aileen Barton, Director of Services Marketing, GE Aviation Les Cronin, Senior Director Sales The Americas, MTU Maintenance TAY Eng Guan, Vice President/General Manager, ST Engineering Aerospace Engines Jonathan Swetnam, General Manager, Cargo Aircraft Management, Inc. 12:10pm

Networking Lunch


Panel Discussion: Understanding USM Strategies

Sponsored by StandardAero

A lack of USM in previous years kept the market in the hands of the sellers, but with the increase in retired engine availability and a potential surplus of parts on the market, how has this changed buying strategies for key players? Are airlines and lessors selling assets to ensure continued liquidity and are parts-brokers concerned about sitting on inventory? When can we expect to see a ramp up in demand for capacity and could now be the perfect time to invest in spare parts? Moderator: Mike Stengel, Senior Associate, AeroDynamic Advisory Sherry Chaput, CEO, Avion Trace Group Rob Grossman, Managing Director, Commercial Serviceable Assets, Pratt & Whitney Tommy Hughes, President and CEO, VAS Ramnik Soni, Chief Operating Officer, Alaris Aerospace Systems 2:25pm

Panel Discussion: Engines Market – Continued Crisis or Future Opportunity?

The financial impact of the crisis continues to be felt at every level of the aftermarket industry. Join financial experts as they offer an update to the current standings of the market. Learn about recent and future changes in mergers & acquisitions, bankruptcies and consolidations. What spread are we seeing in what buyers are willing to pay against what sellers are willing to accept? What type of investments are proving popular? Are there sale-and-leaseback options for airlines to preserve cash on their engines? How are airlines approaching green-time engine management and will that affect the market? Are changes in the North American market differing from the rest of the globe as we take the necessary steps towards recovery? Moderator: Lee Ann Shay, Executive Editor, MRO and Business Aviation, Aviation Week Network Jason Johnson, Vice President, Global Sales, Marketing & Business Development, StandardAero Chris Luke, SVP of Leasing, TrueAero Josh Symanski, AVP Portfolio, Engine Lease Finance Kevin VanDenBerg, SVP, Asset Management, Aero Capital Solutions Event Guide Sponsored by

Every session will be live streamed for virtual attendees


Afternoon Coffee Break


Presentation: The End of Human Repairs

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Robotics continue to remain an important talking point in new repair technologies, but how might this impact current MRO repair? Is robotics the standalone future of repair for the aftermarket sector, or are we more likely to see an augmentation of human capabilities? Arjan de Jong, Program Manager, Maintenance Engineering, Management & Technology, NLR - Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre 4:00pm

Revising the Expectations of Leasing Strategies

Previous leasing models of lengthy contracts with high retainers are becoming increasingly unpopular due to the long-term commitment, so what changes are we seeing in the engine leasing community to meet shifting needs? Due to high engine costs, short-term leasing could offer a more attractive commitment to airlines. Through this need for flexibility, how have lessors changed their view on their current assets as a result of the crisis? Tom Barrett, President & CEO, Engine Lease Finance 4:15pm

Presentation: The Road to Digital

Successfully digitising the Engine MRO IT networks is becoming a prerequisite to staying ahead in the game. Without the right capabilities, Engine shops will be unable to revolutionize their product offerings and meet the ongoing needs of their customers. Learn from shops who are on the road to digitisation, and the pain points and challenges they are facing along the way. Dr. Vivek Saxena, Managing Director, Advisory Aerospace OSC 4:30pm

Inspiring the Next Generation of Talent

A lack of available talent has been an ongoing problem for aviation, and now with the increase in layoffs, we are seeing grandfathered knowledge leaving the industry at a rapid rate. Ensuring new talent is being channelled into the industry will be key to eventual recovery. How can we make sure that we continue to inspire a new generation of people to join our industry? Moderator: Sean Broderick, Senior Air Transport & Safety Editor, Aviation Week Network Ian Boulon, Director Technology and Platforms – Aerospace and Defense, PTC Cam Murphy, President, FEAM Maintenance/Engineering Chris van den Hooven, SVP, Americas, Cathay Pacific Airways Mary Wanke, Managing Partner, Aerontii, LLC 5:00pm Closing Remarks and End of Day One Sarah Zilonis, Associate Conference Producer, Aviation Week Network 5:15pm

Day Two | Thursday, July 1, 2021 8:00am Registration Sponsored by 9:00am Opening Remarks Sarah Zilonis, Associate Conference Producer, Aviation Week Network 9:05am

Presentation: Building the Powertrain: Integrating Motors, Turbogenerators and Fly-By-Wire for Maximum Efficiency

New, modern powertrain systems ensure aircrafts of the future provide cleaner, safer, more efficient, quieter and freer-moving transportation. In recent months, Honeywell has unveiled a new 1-megawatt turbogenerator and deepened its partnership with motor maker DENSO as it builds a uniquely integrated electric powertrain systems and electric propulsion units to meet new aerospace needs. In this talk, you will hear from Taylor Alberstadt, Business Development Leader for Honeywell Electric and Hybrid-Electric Propulsion, about how Honeywell seamlessly integrates motors, turbogenerators, fly-by-wire, avionics and actuation systems, among other technologies, to extract the most thrust and lift from every watt of electricity, building safer, more sustainable and efficient aircraft. Taylor Alberstadt, Senior Director of Business Development, Electric/Hybrid-Electric Propulsion, Honeywell 9:20am

Panel Discussion: Engine Supply Chain – The Risks and Opportunities from Lower Production Volumes

The lower production rates in 2020 and 2021 for the aero engines have continued to challenge the entire supply. Join manufacturing and supply chain experts as they discuss challenges of all tier levels experiencing liquidity challenges, inventory volatility and talent retention. Gain insights on the industry dynamics as suppliers deal with fluctuating demand signals, segment consolidation and actions that are being taken that will allow suppliers to thrive as the industry recovers. The panel will discuss the dynamics of this lower volume production environment in the Engines supply chain from forgings, fabrication, machining to assembly at the OEMs. Moderator: George Ferguson, Senior Aerospace, Defense, and Airline Analyst, Bloomberg Intelligence Bruce Breckenridge, CEO, Enjet Aero Alex Krutz, Managing Director, Patriot Industrial Partners Maya Raichelson, Vice President, Product Delivery Center Operations, Pratt & Whitney Julio Ramirez, VP Sales and Customer Support, Global Engine Maintenance, LLC

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Agenda 10:10am

Hosted Session: Taming Engine MRO Complexity to Deliver TAT and Cost Reduction

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While the aircraft engine market is expected to recover from the effects of Covid-19, Engine MROs need to prepare for more shop visits with pressure to cut down costs. In this session we will discuss how Engine MROs can achieve the twin objectives by delivering faster turnaround (TAT) and optimizing maintenance costs by leveraging technology. Moderator: Manoj Singh, Executive Vice President, Ramco Mark Buongiorno, COO, Tsunami Tsolutions Miguel Garcia Braun, Associate Director, Ramco Saravanan Rajarajan, Director, Ramco 10:40am

Morning Coffee Break


Panel Discussion: Recovery Strategies for Increased Capacity

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It is clear we will not see a V shaped recovery within aftermarket operations, and many engine shops have had to greatly reduce workforces because of the reduction of shop visits from operators. As time on green-time engines begins to burn off, and overhauls start to become a necessary reality, we will see engine shops drastically needing to meet the curve as passengers return to the skies. Could new initiatives such as onsite engine repairs offer a solution to meet capacity needs as well as reduce maintenance costs? Are shops prepared for the increase in capacity when this eventually happens? Moderator: Sean Broderick, Senior Air Transport & Safety Editor, Aviation Week Network Ana Bidarra, Engine Shop Planning and Control Manager, TAP Portugal Ron Moure, SVP – Sales and Customer Service, CTS Engines Russ Shelton, President, Engine Strategy Group, GA Telesis Caroline Vandedrinck, SVP Business Development, SR Technics


The engine supply chain became disrupted during the pandemic. As the industry returns, gone are the days of traditional spreadsheets and business plans. What is this digital “new” normal? How has it changed the way we do business? How do we leverage what we have learned to better prepare for the next disruption? From negotiations to lease agreements to assurances, this session will explore how new relationships in the supply chain were built on trust in the past year and what role technology will play moving forward. Moderator: Lee Ann Shay, Executive Editor, MRO & Business Aviation, Aviation Week Network Stratton Borchers, President, TrueAero Erik Goedhart, SVP, Global Head of Aerospace & Industrials, Kuehne + Nagel Peter Requa, Sr. Director, Supply Chain Management for Technical Operations, Southwest Airlines 12:45 pm Closing Remarks Sarah Zilonis, Associate Conference Producer, Aviation Week Network 12:45pm

Networking Lunch


Depart for BP Aero Tour

BP Aero will host a tour of their facilities located near DFW airport, exclusively available to Aero-Engines Americas 2021 attendees. BP Aero is a full service aviation solutions provider specialising in engine teardown, engine part overhaul, accessory overhaul, lease returns and engine hospital shop repairs. The tour is open to all conference attendees, however advance registration is required. 5:00pm

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Post-Pandemic Engine Supply Chain: Building Trust in the Digital Age

Return to Conference Venue or Airport

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Taylor Alberstadt

Tom Barrett

Aileen Barton

Ana Bidarra

Senior Director of Vice President, Business Development, ICF International Electric/Hybrid-Electric Propulsion, Honeywell

Allan Bachan

President & CEO, Engine Lease Finance

Director of Services Marketing, GE Aviation

Engine Shop Planning Manager, TAP Maintenance & Engineering

Stratton Borchers

Ian Boulton

Mark Buongiorno

Director Technology and Platforms – Aerospace and Defense, PTC

Bruce Breckenridge

Sean Broderick

President, TrueAero

CEO, Enjet Aero

Senior Air Transport & Safety Editor, Aviation Week Network

COO, Tsunami Tsolutions

Sherry Chaput

Les Cronin

TAY Eng Guan

George Ferguson

Miguel Garcia

Owner and CEO, Avion Trace Group, LLC

Senior Director of Sales The Americas, MTU Maintenance

VP/General Manager, ST Engineering Aerospace Engines

Braun Senior Aerospace, Defense, and Associate Director, Airline Analyst, Ramco Bloomberg Intelligence

Erik Goedhart

Rob Grossman

Tommy Hughes

Jason Johnson

Arjan de Jong

SVP, Global Head of Aerospace & Industrials Kuehne+Nagel

Managing Director, Commercial Serviceable Assets, Pratt & Whitney

CEO, VAS Aero Services

Vice President, Global Sales, Marketing & Business Development, StandardAero

Program Manager, Maintenance Engineering, Management & Technology NLR - Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre

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Alex Krutz

Chris Luke

Ron Moure

Cam Murphy

Ken Newton

Managing Director, Patriot Industrial Partners

SVP of Leasing, TrueAero

SVP – Sales and Customer Service, CTS Engines

President, FEAM Maintenance/ Engineering

Aircraft Lease Management Director Alaska Airlines

Maya Raichelson

Saravanan Rajarajan

Raman Ramanathan

Julio Ramirez

Peter Requa

VP, Product Delivery Center Operations Pratt & Whitney

Director, Ramco Systems

Partner & Consulting Leader, Aerospace & Defense, Ernst & Young

VP Sales and Customer Support, Global Engine Maintenance, LLC

Sr. Director, Supply Chain Management for Technical Operations, Southwest Airlines

Stuart Rubin

Dr Vivek Saxena

Lee Ann Shay

Russel Shelton

Manoj Singh

Vice President and Managing Director, Aviation, ICF

Managing Director, Advisory Aerospace OSC

Executive Editor, MRO & Business Aviation, Aviation Week Network

President, Engine Strategy Group, GA Telesis

Executive Vice President, Ramco

Ramnik Soni

Mike Stengel Senior Associate, AeroDynamic Advisory

Jonathan Swetnam

Josh Symanski

Chief Operating and Financial Officer, Alaris Aerospace Systems

Sebastian Torhorst

8 | #AEUSA

General Manager, Cargo Aircraft Management, Inc.

AVP Portfolio, Engine Lease Finance

Head of Sales Engine Service – Americas Lufthansa Technik AG

Event Guide Sponsored by

Chris van den Hooven

Caroline Vandedrinck

SVP, Americas, Cathay Pacific Airways

SVP Business Development, SR Technics

Kevin VanDenBerg

Dennis Walsh

Mary Wanke

SVP, Asset Management, Aero Capital Solutions

President & Chief Executive Officer, BP Aero

Managing Partner, Aerontii, LLC

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Hear what Exhibitors and Attendees had to say at MRO Americas in April.

Join us at October 19-21, 2021 Amsterdam, The Netherlands Learn more at events.aviationweek.com

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Host Sponsor BP Aero BP Aero is a leading provider of engine disassembly (BP Aerospace), engine part overhaul (BP Aero Services) and engine services including field service and engine repair work scopes (BP Aero engine Services). BP Aerospace performs engine disassembly on CFM56-3/5A/5B/5C/7B, CF6-80, CF34-8, V2500 & PW4000 engines. Our customers value our quick turn times, part manifests and specialized crating. We have disassembled over 1000 engines and are expanding our capacity. BP Aero Services is an FAA/EASA/CAAC 145 Repair Station. BP Aero performs inspect, repair, and overhaul services on a range of CFM56-3/5A/5B/5C/7B, CF6-50/80, CF34-8, GE90-94 and V2500 components including tubes, manifolds, cases, housings, supports, disks, shafts, spools, seals and speed/ temp/vibe sensors. Special processes include 4 step clean line, FPI, MPI, CMM, water jet stripping, Tig welding, plasma spray, HVOF, vacuum heat treatment, balancing and machining. Our focus is on providing a quick turn time, excellent customer service and a quality product. During the pandemic, we invested in AS9110 and expect to receive certification in August 2021. BP Aero Engine Services has a separate FAA/EASA Certificate to perform field service and engine work scopes including module swaps, top/bottom case, QEC exchange, boroblend and lease return inspections. BP Aero Engine Services supports airlines, engine owners and leasing companies with cost effective solutions to maintain the serviceability of their commercial aircraft engines. BP Aero Engine Services achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification in March 2021. The three business units provide a complimentary suite of service offerings to our customers. Customer’s benefit is several ways including savings in shipping costs and turn time. Engine teardown parts can go directly to overhaul and receive an FAA/EASA/CAAC tag. For engine repair, our part overhaul business reduces overhaul turn time by quickly overhauling parts needing repair. BP Aero is licensed by GE, IAE, P&W & Boeing including revision service for all engine models. BP Aero recently added a new location on the west side of DFW airport and has multiple locations (200,000 total square feet) on the east side of DFW Airport.

Jack Lane VP Sales and Marketing jlane@bpaero.com +1 469 208 0068 www.bpaero.com

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Sponsors Engine Lease Finance Engine Lease Finance (ELF) is the world’s largest independent spare engine leasing company, specialising in the provision of flexible, short to long-term spare engine support packages for the airline industry. Headquartered in Shannon, Ireland, ELF is owned by Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance (MUL) based in Tokyo. This ownership structure provides ELF with the underlying financial strength and stability required to satisfy the many needs of airlines in today’s rapidly changing world market. ELF’s portfolio includes engine types from CFM, IAE, GE Aviation, Pratt & Whitney and Rolls-Royce and after twenty-nine successive years of profit and growth the company now owns and/or manages approximately 300 engines worth around $2.7bn. A majority shareholding in INAV LLC, the Chicago-based parts company known as Inventory Navigators, provides ELF with even greater flexibility for end of life solutions and in managing the engine portfolio from acquisition through to disassembly and part-out. With a current customer base of more than 80 airlines and MRO organizations worldwide ELF have served more than 200 customers since inception and offers a comprehensive range of individually tailored leasingbased products and services including: • Spare Engine Purchase & Lease Back • Medium & Long Term Operating Leases • Short Term Engine Shop Visit Cover • AOG Spare Engine Support • Engine Acquisitions & Dispositions • Engine & Portfolio Management Services In addition to its Shannon headquarters, ELF has Sales & Marketing representatives based in Boston, London, Beijing, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dublin, London, Madrid, Oklahoma.

Justin Phelan VP Marketing justin.phelan@elfc.com +353 61 363555 www.elfc.com

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Sponsors Lockheed Martin Engine Solutions Lockheed Martin’s legacy in aviation is carried on within the engine Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) industry by Lockheed Martin Commercial Engine Solutions (LMCES). Our world-class facility in Montreal, Quebec includes two test cells, with the capacity to serve up to 25 engines per month. Capabilities include comprehensive MRO, test, component repair, on-wing services, and customized engine builds for military and commercial operators CF34-3, CF6-50, and CFM56-2, -3, -5, and -7 engines. At LMCES, advanced manufacturing techniques and a worldwide staff of engineers create best value, creative solutions that maximize fleet uptime. As a business solely committed to engine MRO, our focus ensures the very best service and Turn Around Time (TAT) possible, so your engine always feels like a top priority. Since 1999, LMCES has established and maintained a reputation for performance and quality. By utilizing best practices from military and commercial markets, we deliver best value to all of our customers. AS9110 Rev B, ISO9001, FAA, ANAC, CAAC, EASA, FAA, TCCA, DGAC Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, and USAF SAR certified. Contact us to learn about the difference we can make for your fleet, and visit us at www.LockheedMartinEngines.com.

Gordon Humphreys Director of Engine Trading & Business Development gordon.humphreys@lmco.com +1 210 850 2890 www.lockheedmartinengines.com

SAVE THE DATE JANUARY 27-28, 2022 JW MARRIOTT TURNBERRY MIAMI, FL, USA Learn more at www.aeroenginesusa.com

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Ramco Ramco Aviation, Aerospace & Defense is trusted by 24,000+ users to manage 4,000+ aircraft globally. Accessible on cloud and mobile, Ramco Aviation & Defense Software continues to innovate with ‘Anywhere Apps’, significantly reducing transaction time both during aircraft-on-ground (AOG) conditions and critical aircraft turnarounds. Ramco is changing the paradigm of enterprise software with Artificial Intelligence based solutions, powered by cool new features such as digital task cards, offline capability, chatbots, mail bots, HUBs and cognitive solutions. With 80+ Aviation organizations onboard, Ramco is the solution of choice for top heli-operators, leading defense companies, space launch vehicles, UAS/Drones, eVTOL and multiple MROs around the world. Ramco’s engine MRO solution helps in digitally transforming complex Engine MRO processes. The integrated solution helps in a wide range of functions - from induction planning to customer delivery & invoicing. Advanced capabilities such as Digital task cards, Kitting & Due parts tracking, Multi Stage configuration control, Scalable and configurable repair schemes, Critical path & Turnaround time(TAT) management, mobile work execution and automated invoicing help in eliminating paper and inefficiencies. And that in turn reduces cost, rework & TAT resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

Prakash Devara Marketing Manager prakashbabu.devara@ramco.com +98 8422 2172 www.ramco.com



Engine Lease Finance (ELF) is the world’s leading independent spare engine financing and leasing company, specialising in the provision of flexible short, medium and long-term spare engine support packages for the airline industry.

We offer • • • • • •

Spare Engine Purchase & Lease Back Medium & Long Term Operating Leasing Short Term Engine Shop Visit Cover AOG Spare Engine Support Engine Acquisitions & Dispositions Engine & Portfolio Management Services

ELFC_Advert_half_page_2018.indd 13


: +1 508 830 1722

Josh Symanski

 : josh.symanski@elfc.com

 : +1 617 347 9788

: www.elfc.com

30/11/2018 14:54

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Sponsors StandardAero StandardAero is one of the world’s largest independent providers of aviation services including engine, APU and airframe maintenance, repair and overhaul, engine component repair, engineering services, interior completions and paint applications. StandardAero provides a global service network of facilities in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Africa, Singapore and Australia, along with an additional sales and field service locations worldwide. Markets served include business and general aviation, mainline & regional airlines, military, energy, helicopter and components serving customers in over 70+ countries. StandardAero offers extensive engineering and technical resources as well as substantial in-house component repair capabilities. A recognized leader in lean MRO, the company is fully committed to operational excellence and continuous improvement efforts that make its services more effective and efficient for all customers. StandardAero has extensive OEM authorizations from the most legendary engine manufacturers in the world including General Electric, CFM International, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce, Safran and Honeywell. The company offers customers advanced quality and certification systems with more than 500 STCs for aircraft modifications, upgrades and interior installations. The company is AS9100/AS9110 and also ISO14000 for environmental compliance. StandardAero has FAA authorized ODA status and the company is also Transport Canada DAO as well as In-house DERs. StandardAero works with the drive and spirit of trusted service partnership where custom solutions come standard. The company celebrated a century of service and 100 year of existence in 2011.

Darlene Hartig Manager, Marketing Services darlene.hartig@standardaero.com +1 682 229 5483 www.standardaero.com

Your engine is our top priority.

Lockheed Martin’s legacy in aviation is carried on within the engine Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul industry by Lockheed Martin Commercial Engine Solutions. With more than 75 percent of repairs achieved in-house, we’re ensuring high standards of reliability and on-time delivery. Learn more at lockheedmartinengines.com.

© 2021 Lockheed Martin Corporation

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Hybrid Event Platform Aero-Engines Americas 2021 will use the Brella platform to make the event accessible to virtual attendees as well as boost networking at the in-person show. Here is how to access and make the most of Brella before and during Aero-Engines Americas. EASY TO JOIN


• Register for the event • Join the event on the Brella platform as per the email instructions • If you are a virtual attendee, access the platform via the Google Chrome browser on a desktop for optimum functionality. If attending in-person, you may prefer to use the mobile app by searching “Brella” in the iOS/Android app stores

BUILD YOUR PROFILE AND START NETWORKING • Create a Brella account or log in to an existing account from a previous event • Build your profile and interests and let the matchmaking algorithm recommend attendees to connect with • Connect and either meet in person or arrange video meetings with speakers and fellow attendees



• Click the Schedule tab to view the agenda and any content you may have missed • Click the Stream tab to view the live streamed conference content • Join the in-person attendees in posing your questions to the speakers and taking part in the polls

VISIT THE VIRTUAL BOOTHS • Browse the booths of the sponsors and showcase exhibitors • Arrange meetings with booth representatives to discuss their offerings further

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4D Technology 4D InSpec, handheld 3D surface inspection gauge that analyzes volume of corrosion, dents, scratches and nicks, weld blends, radius, edge break and rivets. Micron-level precision measurements take about 1 second to complete. Increase yield and reduce scrap by knowing if the part is in specification. 4D Technology is a leader in dynamic measurement techniques that measure fast, in motion, and in three dimensions. Edgar Schrock Marketing Manager edgar.schrock@ontoinnovation.com +1 520 561 2427 www.4DInSpec.com

AeroShield Covers AeroShield Covers provides a variety of premium products that protect and extend the life of your aircraft and its parts. Ashley Hibler Office Manager sales@aeroshieldcovers.com +1 760 727 3775 www.aeroshieldcovers.com

AIM AIM’s ability to provide management expertise in the form of Technical Support and Aircraft Engine Maintenance, ensures its customer’s competitive edge in today’s aviation marketplace. AIM can perform work away from its base of operations, and has immediate access to the necessary personnel and state of the art portable inspection equipment to accomplish the required tasks. AIM has expanded its capabilities and operations to include Overhaul Capability, surgical strike engine repairs, module maintenance, engine storage and preservation, NDT, interstate transportation of engines, and engine stand rental. Garrett Schulze Sales/Marketing gschulze@aimfaamro.com +1 520 339 6489 www.aimservicesllc.com

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Virtual Exhibitor

AvAir AvAir offers solutions for customers and suppliers to buy, sell, exchange, loan, lease, or consign inventories with more than 26 million in-stock parts. The company is ISO 9001, AS9120, and ASA 100 certified, and adheres to the highest quality standards in all phases: purchasing, receiving, stocking, sales, and shipping. Nina Boyd Executive Assistant nina.boyd@avair.aero +1 480 577 9136 www.avair.aero

Aviation Week Network Aviation Week Network provides business-critical information, predictive intelligence and connections with opportunities and people. We deliver award-winning journalism, deep data and analytics, worldclass conferences and events, and content-driven marketing services. Our unmatched capabilities deliver 360° solutions to help you make informed decisions to succeed. Melissa K. Crum Marketing Director, Intelligence, Data & Consulting Services melissa.crum@aviationweek.com +1 913 284 2951 aviationweek.com

Component Control Component Control is a key developer and provider of MRO, manufacturing, and logistics software solutions for the aviation industry. Its core product, Quantum Control, provides advanced aviation management support to original equipment manufacturers, component repair and overhaul companies, MRO facilities, and part distribution/redistribution companies. Quantum-ERP is designed to promote comprehensive and strict adherence to the regulations mandated by aviation authorities worldwide and establishes ‘best practice’ procedures to optimize operational performance. Fully integrated with StockMarket.aero, Quantum-ERP provides users access to the world’s largest online marketplace and realtime updates from vendors that include parts in stock, MRO capabilities & part alternatives. Kimberly Melton Sales & Marketing Manager kmelton@componentcontrol.com +1 619 696 5400 www.componentcontrol.com

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Dedienne Aerospace Dedienne Aerospace is your engine tooling specialist, approved by OEMs for constant quality, support and innovation. We offer a variety of Engine Shipping Stands and Engine tooling, as well as associated Services of Engine stands leasing, Refurbishment, and Preparation for Engine induction, from different manufacturing and storage locations such as Miami, Cincinnati, Mexico, Shannon, Derby, Brussels, Paris, Hamburg, Toulouse, Budapest, Dubai, Doha, Bengalore, Singapore, Hong-Kong, Zhuhai. Our support team are ready to equip your fleet of engine stands with best-in-class TL001 ToolLive GPS tracker. Mark Laurenti Sales & Marketing Director m.laurenti@dedienne-aero.com +1 305 588 84 75 www.dedienne-aero.com/en/homepage

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Derco, A Lockheed Martin Company For more than 40 years, Derco has provided logistics and technical support for fixed-wing aircraft. They are an industry leader, offering a suite of fleet management solutions, including spares distribution, logistics solutions, repair and overhaul services and technical solutions. Derco supports global military efforts in 65 countries and maintains one of the largest and most diversified aircraft spares inventories in the world including more than 60,000 parts in stock.


Megan Lisowski megan.lisowski@lmco.com +1 414 530 6549 www.dercoaerospace.com

Flight Power Repair Group Flight Power Repair Group, LLC. is a privately held corporation headquartered in Doral, Florida specializing in providing MRO solutions for the aerospace and industrial markets. We specialize in the repair and overhaul of commercial jet engine components for CFMI CFM56-ALL Series, GE CF6-80C, CF34-ALL Series, Rolls Royce RB211 and Pratt & Whitney PW4000. We also offer repair and overhaul services for industrial turbine components on the Pratt & Whitney GG4/FT4, and GG8/FT8 aero-derivative gas turbines. In addition, Flight Power Repair Group provides a wide range of specialized services for engines, aircraft and landing gear applications which include; Vacuum Heat Treat, Solution and Precipitation Heat Treat, Stress Relief, Shotpeening, Plasma Spray, Cleaning, Ultrasonic Inspection, FPI & FMPI, Welding, Machining, protective coating applications. Frank Galego Vice President frank@flightpower.net +1 305 640 9965 www.flightpower.net 18 | #AEUSA

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GA Telesis GA Telesis is the leading provider of integrated services in the commercial aviation industry. Through the GA Telesis Ecosystem™, the Company is distinctly positioned, across six continents, to leverage its resources to create innovative solutions for its customers. Consisting of global operations encompassing leasing/financing, component solutions, and MRO Services business units for landing gear, component/ composite, and turbine engine repair, as well as digital solutions, the GA Telesis Ecosystem™ provides an unparalleled resource to airlines. The Company’s core business is its mission to ensure “Customer Success,” built from a reputation for unsurpassed excellence and integrity. Cathy Moabery Head of Marketing cmoabery@gatelesis.com +1 954 676 3111 www.gatelesis.com

GelSight GelSight develops portable, non-destructive elastomeric 3D imaging systems used to improve quality control processes in aerospace, automotive and other high-value industries. Our proprietary technology provides extremely detailed, repeatable, and rapid measurements on any surface revealing microscopic structures that are difficult to see under ordinary circumstances through an elastomeric sensor technology invented at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. To learn more, visit: www.gelsight.com. Joseph Daniels Federal/Military Sales Director jdaniels@gelsight.com +1 425 999 6507 www.gelsight.com

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Impro Industries USA, Inc. Impro Aerotek is a full-service precision casting and machined product manufacturer. We provide onestop component solutions to world-leading OEMs and system integrators such as GE Aviation, Honeywell Aerospace, Parker Aerospace, Raytheon Technologies. Our wide array of process capabilities can produce parts from several ounces to castings weighing over 100 pounds, whether high or low volume production runs. Our material capabilities include aluminum, stainless steel, alloy steel, superalloys, and titanium. We are equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies to meet customer needs from aerospace, medical and energy markets. Sarah Zhou HR Specialist sarah_zhou@improsua.com +1 909 396 6525 x101 www.improprecision.com aeroenginesusa.com | 19


Inventory Locator Service For buyers and sellers of parts, equipment and services in the commercial and defense aerospace industry seeking to optimize their procurement, supply chain and MRO services, ILS provides the largest world-wide digital marketplace and aerospace business intelligence services. Trusted by the aerospace industry for over 40 years, ILS helps more than 28,000 users in over 100 countries make better decisions faster with the most comprehensive AI driven data services and the largest Aerospace part and repair services inventory world-wide. ILS is a CAMP Systems company which is owned by HEARST. Maggie Fahey Field Marketing Specialist mfahey@campsystems.com +1 603 965 6973 www.ilsmart.com

Jonal Laboratories Jonal is a custom researcher, developer and manufacturer of elastomeric sealing solutions with inhouse research and engineering capabilities (including CATIA software) supplying a broad range of elastomeric products for the military and commercial aerospace and industrial markets. Products range from standard O-rings to custom-designed complex molded shapes, fabric reinforced seals, thin-walled diaphragms, aerodynamic and platform seals, rubber-to-metal bonding, silicone extrusions, polyurethane foam and EMI/RFI shielding products. Jonal has been working with our customers to develop new and unique aeronautical and aerospace products for over 50 years. Justin Eichmann Business Program Manager jeichmann@jonal.com +1 813 459 8577 www.jonal.com

Kaman Aerospace Kaman Aerospace provides comprehensive solutions to the aerospace manufacturing markets. As an ISO AS9100 and Nadcap accredited supplier, Kaman has received industry recognition for their quality and service. Kaman Aerospace specializes in aerostructures, major and complex metallic/composite assembly, CNC machining, design engineering and MRO repair. Malissa Nesmith Sr Director of Business Development malissa.nesmith@kaman.com +1 316 880 9041 www.kaman.com/composites

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LCI LCI is an FAA/EASA certified repair station in South Florida that provides services such as internal and external engine repairs, field service, lease return checks/inspection, engine removal/installation, MPA runs, on-wing and in shop preservations, borescope inspections, QEC kitting, and engine storage. Our main business is acting as the technical arm for lease companies, asset managers, and owner/operators as a “one stop shop”. We also support your material and engine requirements with our asset acquisition and sales teams. Ask us about Engine Mount Overhauls! Jonathan Alvarez Director of Sales & Marketing jonathan@lci.aero +1 954 722 5500 www.lci.aero

Quality, Reliability, On Time, On Budget Every Time.

• Revolutionary IT Platform to manage Engine teardown efficiency. • Provide full engine disassembly capability for CFM563, -5A, -5B, -5C, -7B, -7BE, V2500-A5, V2500-A1, V2500-D5, RB211-524 / -535, RR Trent 500/700/800 and CF6-80C including full Gearbox disassembly.

Euram Air Leases Ireland Limited is the global leader in Commercial aircraft engine disassembly, along with providing our strategic customers with continuity of supply for Used Serviceable Material from our purpose built 42,500 Sq Ft temperature and humidity controlled headquarters in Ireland. Quality, Reliability, On Time, On Budget Every Time.


• An Industry recognised supplier of quality Used Serviceable Material from our extensive stock of CFM56 and V2500 engine and rotables inventory. • Independent Supply chain solutions provider. • Consignment, Materials and piece part Repair Management. • AS9100 Rev D, ISO9001-2015, ASA 100. • End Use, Customs Warehouse & AEO authorised.

| Tony Hammersley | Tel: +353 57 8606970 | Email: tony@euram.ie

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Lufthansa Technik The Lufthansa Technik Group, with more than 35 subsidiaries and affiliates, is the world’s leading provider of technical services for the aviation industry and covers the entire process chain of the MRO business. Lufthansa Technik’s range of services encompasses the entire spectrum for commercial as well as VIP/ Special Mission aircraft, engines, components and landing gear in the fields of digital fleet management, maintenance, repair, overhaul, modification, fitting out and conversion, along with the manufacture of cabin products. More than 25,000 employees serve the internationally certified maintenance, production and development company. The company now has more than 850 customers and supports more than 5,000 aircraft worldwide. Sebastian Torhorst Head of Sales Engine Services Americas sebastian.torhorst@lht.dlh.de +1 305 833 4457 www.lufthansa-technik.com/aircraft-engines

MTU Maintenance Dallas MTU Maintenance is world-renowned for its engine expertise. But did you know, we also have a service center here in the neighborhood? MTU Maintenance Dallas is an EASA and FAA-approved maintenance organization, specialized in on-site and quick turn repairs for CF34, CF6, CFM56, GE90, V2500, PW2000 and PW4000 engines. Following the COVID-19 crisis and during our industry’s recovery, on-site and near-wing support will be key in keeping fleets operational, increasing on-wing time and ensuring cost-effective maintenance support. Talk to our experts today for engine MRO, asset management and leasing strategies to maximize the use of existing assets, but also to avoid unnecessary spend. Nezam Moghadassian President/General Manager nezam.moghadassian@mtudallas.com +1 817 442 4849 www.mtu.de

National Inspection & Consultants NIC provides a full suite of inspection methods and technologies to cover most inspection requirements encountered in the aerospace and aviation industries. Our NAS-410 certified technicians are up todate on the latest NDT technologies. We deploy inspection teams worldwide to support scheduled and unscheduled maintenance inspections & on-site training requirements for our customers’ quality needs. Tom Tatro Business Development Manager thomas.tatro@iss-na.com +1 704 533 5143 www.nicinc.com

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Inside MRO The Aviation Week Network publishes a portfolio of leading publications for professionals in the commercial aviation MRO industry, foremost among them Inside MRO magazine – the premier monthly for the MRO community published as part of Aviation Week Space & Technology. Presenting complex information in a highly readable format, Inside MRO covers a broad range of subjects in every issue, examining the latest trends and technologies in the commercial aircraft MRO sector. The magazine also contains the latest MRO news, contracts, regulatory updates and expert opinion from leading industry figures. A truly international publication, Inside MRO is distributed among key decisionmakers worldwide, with a circulation in excess of 34,000 across the USA, Europe and the rest of the world. Subscribe to Inside MRO Beth Wagner Publisher, MRO media beth.wagner@aviationweek.com +1 212 600-3743 / +1 202 306 8542 aviationweek.com/mro

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General Information

Mobile/Cell Phones Please ensure all mobile/cell phones are turned off or put onto silent when in the conference area.

Photography & Filming Please be aware that photos will be taken by the press, the organisers and delegates in attendance. Please note that by attending, you consent to your voice and likeness being used without compensation in programmes, films, tapes and print for exploitation in any and all media, whether now known or hereafter devised. Furthermore, MRO Exhibitions Ltd, its successors, assigns and licenses are relieved from any liability, on account of such usage.

Security The hotel has general security in place, however please note that personal possessions are left in the conference area at your own risk.


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Acknowledgments Aviation Week thanks all of our sponsors and partners for supporting this event through these challenging times. Your participation means more to us than ever and we look forward to growing the future of this event together. Host Sponsor


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Who Will You Connect With? Attendees by Industry

7% OEM/Manufacturer 5% Supply Chain

MRO 25% (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul)

3% Components/Rotables 3% Consulting Services 3% IT Systems/Software 3% Logistics/Freight Forwarding 3% Other

Airline Operator 18%

2% Disassembly/Recycling/Teardown 2% Finance/Bank 2% Ground Support Equipment

Lessor 12%

1% Avionics/Instruments 1% Test Equipment/Calibration

Parts Distributor/ Supplier 10%

Attendees by Job Function Sales 24% 4% Leasing 3% Finance Engineering & Maintenance 19%

3% Marketing 3% Other 1% Administration/Customer Service

Executive Management (Owner, Founder, Chairman, CEO, President) 16% Business Development 13% Purchasing/ Procurement 6%

26 | #AEUSA

1% Broker/Dealer 1% Fleet Planning 1% Ground Operations 1% IT 1% Logistics 1% Product Development 1% Quality Assurance/Safety 1% Supply Chain

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Aero-Engines Europe September 15-16, 2021 Stavanger, Norway MRO Europe October 19-21, 2021 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

MRO Asia-Pacific Virtual September 20-24, 2021

Upcoming MRO Events We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming MRO/Engine Event! Learn more at events.aviationweek.com

Aero-Engines Americas January 27-28, 2022 Miami, Florida

MRO Middle East Februay 22-23, 2022 Dubai, UAE

MRO Latin America February 9-10, 2022 Cancun, Mexico

Military Aviation Logistics & Maintenance Symposium April 26-27, 2022 Dallas, TX

MRO Americas April 26-28, 2022 Dallas, TX

Engine Leasing, Trading & Finance June 7-8, 2022 London, UK

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TOMORROW’S MAINTENANCE SOLUTIONS. AVAILABLE TO YOU TODAY. ADVANCING THE PERFORMANCE, RELIABILITY AND HEALTH OF YOUR ENGINES. Pratt & Whitney’s complete EngineWise® service platform combines predictive technologies, tailored solutions and shared expertise to deliver unprecedented levels of support to your fleet. Reducing your costs and providing greater insights – it’s how we help you operate your engines worry-free.


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Aero-Engines Americas 2021 Event Guide  

Aero-Engines Americas' role as the premier conference for the region's engine community is more important than ever, providing a forum to re...

Aero-Engines Americas 2021 Event Guide  

Aero-Engines Americas' role as the premier conference for the region's engine community is more important than ever, providing a forum to re...

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