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360° Solutions for Aero Engine Professionals

Aviation Week Network’s portfolio of aero engine related services and solutions provide comprehensive information and access to the industry that is unmatched in its quality and depth.

Our portfolio is essential to the aero engine industry for information gathering and knowledge sharing. If you want to be recognized as a leader, if you want brand recognition or if you want to develop relationships and connect with senior engine executives, our portfolio is the place to be involved.

What does the portfolio include?

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Market Leading Intelligence & Data Essential Industry Publication World-Class Editorial Content

Unmissable Events

Aviation Week Network’s Aero-Engines series has grown to become the market leading events for the aero engine industry.

The series has a global footprint, consisting of 5 conferences across the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific that bring together senior aero engine professionals from airlines, MROs, OEMs, lessors, suppliers, consultancies and financiers.

Delegates meet and interact with industry experts and stakeholders to exchange ideas and best

practices, share experiences, debate issues and challenges and gather knowledge.

Various networking opportunities throughout each conference enable delegates to develop and maintain valuable relationships with peers, influential decision makers and even competitors.

The Aero-Engines series consists of:

Aero-Engines Americas

The largest event in the series, Aero-Engines Americas brings together 700+ engine representatives for this flagship gathering and is unmissable for anyone in the industry.

Engine Leasing, Trading & Finance Europe

With a rich history of bringing the niche engine leasing management industry together, Engine Leasing, Trading & Finance Europe hosts 250+ attendees and is the pre-eminent conference for the community.

Aero-Engines Europe

The leading aero engine event in the region, Aero-Engines Europe gathers 500+ attendees and moves to a different country each year, providing unmatched coverage of the region’s market.

Engine Leasing, Trading & Finance Americas

The newest addition in the series, Engine Leasing, Trading & Finance Americas had a fantastic inaugural gathering in 2022 and we look forward to growing the event in the Americas market.

Aero-Engines Asia-Pacific

As the only event in this region specifically focused on the aero engine community, this event plays a pivotal role in facilitating knowledge sharing and networking in this market

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The Aero-Engines and ELTF Conferences present a great opportunity to hear and meet the leaders, peers, and experts in our industry.”
“Aero-Engines Americas was a fantastic event, well organized, and attended. Met many new contacts and enjoyed the thoughtful presentations.”

Who Attends

Aero-Engines series events consistently attract a varied and senior attendee representation from all stakeholders in the industry.

Here’s a snapshot of the audience profile:

Attendee numbers

The Aero-Engines series has grown alongside the market.

The events have seen consistent attendance growth in the past few years and despite a challenging period in 2020 and 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the event editions since have seen a rapid return to upward trajectory.

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2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 50 250 550 150 450 350 650 100 300 600 200 500 400 700 750 800 0 Attendee Numbers V H H V H = Hybrid V = Virtual MRO 23% Lessor 20% Airline Operator 17% Parts Distributor/Supplier 11% OEM/Manufacturer 7% Consulting Services 5% Components/Rotables 4% Other 4% Finance/Bank 3% Disassembly/Recycling/ Teardown 2% IT Systems/Software 2% Supply Chain 2% Industry Sales 24% Executive Management 15% Engineering & Maintenance 14% Business Development 14% Leasing 9% Purchasing/Procurement 8% Other 5% Finance 4% Marketing 4% Supply Chain 3% Job Function

2023 Aero-Engines Events

September 13-14, 2023

Madrid, Spain

2024 Aero-Engines Events

February 28, 2024

Miami, FL, USA

Sponsorship and Branding Opportunities

Sponsoring these events allows you to heighten your brand exposure, reaffirm your place as a market leader, drive new business and forge new relationships amongst the leaders of the engine and leasing communities. If you would like to promote your organisation to this industry, look no further than an Aero-Engines series event.

Europe/Africa/Middle East/ Asia-Pacific

Clive Richardson

+44 (0) 7501 185257

Alison Weller

+44 (0) 7501 185255

Defne Alpay

+44 (0) 7712 829859

February 29 - March 1, 2024

Miami, FL, USA Co-located with

All Americas/Canada

Beth Eddy

+1 (561) 279 4646

Mimi Smith

+1 (561) 279 4646

April 24-25, 2024

Hong Kong

Alyssa Bernkrant

+1 (561) 279 4646

Speaking Opportunities

June 5-6, 2024

London, UK

If you would like to contribute to the agenda for one or more of these events, please contact the producer.

Tom Broughton

+44 (0) 7919 534218

September 10-11, 2024

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Our international editors are considered industry experts and recognized with national and international accolades. They have global perspectives, local knowledge, access to the right sources, and the ability to “connect the dots.” Decision makers rely on their unique perspectives found nowhere else.

Aviation Week Network sustains market leadership with a global editorial team pioneering thought leadership from news bureaus around the world. Our team’s expertise provides vital market analysis by integrating the full scope of a story including research, technology, business, operations and policy.

For editorial enquiries, please contact: Lee Ann Shay, Executive Editor, MRO & Business Aviation


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Inside MRO magazine, the official publication of the Aero-Engines event series, examines the latest trends and technologies in the commercial aircraft and engine MRO sector. Each monthly issue provides the information you need to make critical technology, business and operational decisions.
Technology, the industry’s leading source for
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Engine Yearbook

The Engine Yearbook is THE annual publication for the aero engine professional

Each year, Aviation Week Network’s expert team of journalists and analysts researches and compiles the latest in engine maintenance & management, technology and asset management, plus overhaul and repair directories for quick reference.

It is the must-read book for aero engine professionals at airlines, engine OEMs and engine aftermarket companies globally.

For other enquiries about the Engine Yearbook, please contact: James Pozzi, MRO Editor EMEA,

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Market Leading Intelligence & Data

Aviation Week Network’s comprehensive portfolio of products focusing on the global engine market provides strategic advantages that enable organizations to make informed decisions, improve strategic planning, and identify and capture new business to increase revenue. With the most trustworthy news, fleet, data, analyses, and forecasting models- these resources (available separately or bundled together) simplify monitoring the market and provide the information required to build and maintain a competitive edge.

Get the most accurate, comprehensive global aircraft utilization using recorded flight movements from ADS-B data combined with AWIN’s robust fleet intelligence

Deep-dive into airline operations – see what’s parked, what’s stored, and what’s active – as well as what’s on order and expected delivery dates

Get alerts on the latest news on engine manufacturers, lessors, and MROs – up to the minute happenings in the engine community

Lookup individual aircraft details including engine type, age, hours, cycles, and lease status

Forecast shop visits by operator and type of maintenance, including engine overhauls and LLP events

Monitor contract details and track who has the business today and where the opportunities will be tomorrow

To enquire about these products, please contact: Melissa Crum, Marketing Director, Intelligence, Data & Consulting Services / +1 (913) 284 2951

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