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2011 July No. 7 (29)

FLYBE AND FINNAIR ENTER JOINT VENTURE TO BUY FINLAND’S BIGGEST DOMESTIC CARRIER Budget airline Fly be has entered a joint v enture with Finnair to buy Finnish Commuter Airlines, Finland’s biggest domestic carrier, f or €25 million to expand into the Baltic market. The jointly owned business will be called Fly be Nordic, with Fly be controlling 60% and Finnair holding 40%. The U.K. carrier will control three of f iv e board seats of the new entity , with Finnair holding the rest.

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UTair now among top three Russian airlines According to the Transport Clearing House, in the f irst half of 2011 UTair Av iation has mov ed into position among the top three passenger airlines in Russia, the CIS and the Baltic States according to the v olume of transported passengers on international and domestic routes. Read more >

A new strategy of Aeroflot until 2025 has been approved The Board of Directors has approv ed the dev elopment strategy of Aerof lot Group f or the period until 2025 and the Program of its implementation. The main strategic goals of Aerof lot Group f or the period until 2025 are: inclusion in TOP-5 European airlines by passenger traf f ic and rev enues, inclusion in TOP-20 global play ers by passenger traf f ic and rev enues in the world, dev elopment of transportation using the main hub in Moscow with a share of transf er passengers not less than 60%, prov ision of wide presence at the market. Read more >

airBaltic to further modernize its fleet airBaltic intends to modernize its f leet while retiring its ”Fokker 50” aircraf t during the winter season in order to improv e the ef f iciency of the airline and supply af f ordable ticket prices f or f lights to/f rom Europe, the Middle East, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Read more >

Boeing agrees on 40-plane deal with Utair The Boeing announced an agreement with Russian airline UTair Av iation f or the purchase of 40 737s. The order consist of sev en 737-900Ers,which hav e a list price of $85.8 million each and 33 737-800s, which hav e a list price of $80.8 million each. The estimated price of the deal is about $3.3 billion at list prices but it is not f inalized y et. Read more >

Aeroflot is considering acquisition of 10 m ore Superjets and 20 An148s According to CEO of Aerof lot, Vitaly Sav ely ev , Russian carrier is considering of aquirement of 10 more Superjets and 20 An-148s. “At present we hav e a contract on 30 Sukhoi Superjets and we are ready to order 10 more, thus the total number will be 40″, – Vitaly Sav ely ev pointed out during a working meeting with Vladimir Putin. In addition, according to the company ’s CEO, Aerof lot “is ready to sign a contract on deliv ery of An-148s”. “Our subsidiary has six such aircraf t and they are showing their worth. We also intend to sign a contract on 20 aircraf t”, – he added. According to him, acquisition of 20 Antonov An148 regional jets is part of a plan to raise the proportion of Russian-built aircraf t in its f leet to 40 percent by 2020. Sav ely ev added that the company is also interested in acquiring the An-158, a stretched v ersion of the An148, and Irkut’s MS-21 liner, which is under dev elopment.

AeroSvit has acquired Boeing 737 in operational leasing Ukrainian carrier AeroSv it has additionally acquired Boeing 737-500 in operational leasing. Another aircraf t of this ty pe is expected to be deliv ered to the Ukrainian Airlines by the end of this summer. Read more >

Polet Airlines will begin the commercial service of Аn-148-100Е in August 2011

The An-148, which completed certif ication in 2007, is built by the Ukrainian Antonov company but is jointly produced by f actories in Kiev and Voronezh. Aerof lot’s subsidiary airline Rossiy a currently operates six of the aircraf t. Aerof lot’s f leet currently numbers 100 aircraf t, most of which are Airbus models.

According to Polet Airlines, the commercial serv ice of Аn-148-100Е is expected in August 2011 The f inal test f light of An-148-100E with a tail number RA-61709 has taken place on June 24th. The acceptance of this aircraf t has been started by the airline on June 27th. It is the f irst aircraf t of this ty pe out of two jets built by VASO f or Polet Airlines. Read more >

Ural Airlines have acquired another Airbus A320 Ural Airlines continues to renew its f leet. Another A320 with 156 seats has arriv ed at Y ekaterinburg airport Koltsov o on Saturday and soon departed to Moscow perf orming its f irst passenger f light. In f uture it will be operated within the f ramework of special summer program Read more >

Airlines worldwide Boeing 787 Dreamliner Lands In Warsaw EASA started inspections of Sukhoi Superjet 100 in Toulouse IATA Conf irms Ry anair is World’s Fav ourite Airline Aerof lot may become the f irst Russian customer of А320 neos Finnair in the f oref ront of f ly ing on biof uel China Blocks Airbus Order Ov er EU’s Emission Trading Scheme Aircraf t that Changed Av iation History Read more >

Aircraft market and industry Chinese carriers report 26% prof it increase in 2011 f irst half The number of the air passengers increased in May in Russia Gulf stream rebrands its G250 the G280 CAE and InterGlobe Launch New Training Centre in India How to become a pilot? Baltic Av iation Academy joined f orces with CAE For the f irst time in the European av iation history – no f atal accidents f or commercial air transport Read more >

Airports in EU and CIS Vnukov o will spend around 8.5 billion rubles on reconstruction by 2015 Serbian authorities plans to transf orm the military Batajnica airbase into a commercial airport Av ia Solutions Group plans to inv est into the Special Economic Port Zone in Russia Luf thansa Technik Building Maintenance Hangar in Berlin Read more >

Aviation afterm arket professionals face language issues The f astest growing av iation markets in the world are of ten neglected due to language barriers. It is noteworthy , that up to 80 % of aircraf t engineers in Latin America, as well as China, which is predicted to become the f astest growing av iation market by 2014, do not speak in English. “At the moment the growth of av iation industry in Latin America is increasingly accelerating. Despite the f act that the largest Latin American airlines hav e an ample demand f or new aircraf t and jets, they of ten f ace communication issues – these av iation industry members are limited to acquiring spare parts f rom the contacts whom they can understand in order to receiv e the required components and serv ices f aster.” – said John Hoy os, Business Dev elopment Manager of Locatory .com. According to Dmitry Voskrosensky , the VP of Business Dev elopment at Locatory .com, a similar situation is an ev ery day occurrence in the East too. Chinese passenger numbers are predicted to grow by 10.8 % a y ear – China is f orecasted to inv est more than USD 228 billion in the industry ov er the next 5 y ears. At the same time there are around 400 western aircraf t in the Russian av iation market (the number is expected to reach 500-600 aircraf t by the end of next y ear). As the Russian aircraf t manuf actures produce only around 10-15 aircraf t per y ear, The Russian market is exceptionally desirous of Western ty pes of aircraf t. „Russian aircraf t and helicopters are popular in Latin

MRO Ameco Beijing plans merger with Air China Technics Turkish Technik wins base maintenance deal with new German carrier LHT Budapest f aces changing MRO landscape in second decade Indian MROs f orm association SIA Engineering renews MRO contract with SIA Cargo Aerof lot and S7 Airlines will start MRO business FL Technics adds Wizz Air with A320 to its list of line maintenance customers Read more >

America, but, unf ortunately , there are only a f ew companies which supply Russian parts in Latin America. Language issues make spare parts af termarkets unattractiv e to many airlines. Locatory .com multilingual approach of f ers av iation prof essionals an opportunity to use the sy stem in their own language”, – noticed J. Hoy os. Translated into 7 major languages (English, Russian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German and Chinese) Locatory .com spare parts platf orm makes af termarket more accessible f or the non English speaking partakers. “Now members of av iation industry can sell their stock worldwide and are giv en the opportunity to sell to prev iously unattainable markets.” – said D.Voskresensky . Locatory .com allows av iation industry prof essionals to search, buy and sell aircraf t spare parts. The platf orm serv es as a v ast repository of av iation inv entory , spare parts, components and repair serv ices which can be easily uploaded f or presentation and searched by other platf orm users who striv e to obtain the best price f or the best quality products in the shortest period of time.

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Avia Time, July 2011  
Avia Time, July 2011  

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