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Beginning of the financial period

1 January 2013

End of reporting period

30 June 2013

Name of the company

Avia Solutions Group, AB (hereinafter “the Company�)

Legal form

public company (joint-stock company)

Date of registration

31 August 2010

Code of enterprise


Name of Register of Legal Entities

State Enterprise Centre of Registers

Registered office

Smolensko Str. 10, LT-03201 Vilnius, Lithuania

Telephone number

+370 5 252 5500

Fax number

+370 5 252 5501

Internet address

Main activities of consolidated Group

Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul, Aircraft Ground Handling and Fuelling, Pilot and Crew Training.


Asg group fi 2q2013

Asg group fi 2q2013