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ORGANIC INNOVATION DAYS Who Was the First from Ukraine

B2B MARKETPLACE AGROPORTEX.BIO OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT Mariia Makhnovets Co-founder Agroportex.Bio TP Organics is one of the 40 European Technology Platforms (ETP) officially recognised by the European Commission. Its mission is to strengthen research & innovation for organics and other agroecological approaches that contribute to sustainable food and farming systems. To achieve this mission, it unites large companies, small & medium enterprises, researchers, farmers, consumers, and civil society organisations active in the organic value chain from production, input & supply to food processing, marketing, and consumption. The platform identifies the research needs of the organic and agroecological sector and then relays research priorities to the policy-makers in Europe and beyond. TP Organics also informs its members about funding opportunities for research & innovation and promotes knowledge exchange between farmers, companies, and researchers. Its 87 members and 7 national platforms reach 5.8 million farmers, 5,000 companies, 2,500 researchers and farm advisers, 20 million citizens.


The objective of is to contribute to creating a world where organic farming is an economically desirable and accessible profession. The concept is based on the idea of both farmers and buyers needing a handson, the high-quality instrument for their sales and marketing activities. The divide between them is continuously growing, and the global organic product flows suffer from fraud. In supply chains with up to 3 intermediaries, manipulations and irregularities are problems for importers and certification bodies. At the same time, certified organic producers tend to quit organic agriculture due to unfair competition with “fake” organic farmers, knocking down the prices for organic products. As the result, international importers and control authorities rate countries with such practices as “risky”. This even made the European Commission to launch the special Import guidelines for additional official controls on products originating from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and the Russian Federation for 3 years. In light of both the necessity and willingness of key market players to create a decent and effective solution to these challenges, aiming to increase the transparency and traceability of fair organic supply chains, Agroportex takes the lead in creating an image of the Ukrainian organic market as a reliable organic supplier, helping the operators in forming the fair global organic market by excluding fake organic operators and mitigating the risks in the supply chain.

MAIN OUTCOMES AND RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE PROJECT Each year, multiple online platforms are being created to bridge the international organic supply and demand. The mobile application stands out as a niche B2B marketplace and trade assistant on the global market of organic producers that guarantees direct access for buyers from all over the world to proven primary organic producers. The core digital capability to develop software products that enable data-driven farming and help to increase transparency and traceability of fair organic supply chains was leveraged. As an alternative to conventional marketplaces where no compliance or certificate control is required as well as to specialised platforms and bulletin boards whose priority is not organic, is dedicated to create transparency in international organic markets for users from all over the world, maximising the value of digital tools and its relationships with hundreds of farmers by connecting them directly with buyers and enabling them to receive best prices for producing high quality food more sustainably, according to organic and agroecological principles. Most conventional marketplaces are usually designed as websites. However, farmers cannot spend much time on the Internet while having a mobile phone at hand as a most convenient, daily tool, in particular for the coming generation that is expected to take over the management of organic farms and marketing of goods. The app is simple to use, only giving access to

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We are glad to welсome you at the Organic Ukraine Business Hub! The National Pavilion of Ukraine is being presented for the 6th time in 201...

OUBH Organic Ukraine Digest (Biofach 2019)  

We are glad to welсome you at the Organic Ukraine Business Hub! The National Pavilion of Ukraine is being presented for the 6th time in 201...

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