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HOW TO BIOFACH Ukraine marketing is quite weak. Therefore, we are trying to understand how this process is organized by the world›s leading companies and how to help Ukrainian farmers to reach the same level. Unfortunately, Ukraine is currently considered “as a market for cheap raw materials” for further processing. In addition, Ukrainian producers have already managed to establish a certain name of unfairness on the international market. But now this situation is changing rapidly. The organic sector is particularly interesting from the marketing point of view, as it has a defined standard, certification system and quality assurance.” INNOVATIONS FROM UKRAINIANS The mobile application, which was presented by Ukraine at the exhibition, will become a major tool for marketing development and forming a good reputation. “Producers want to sell goods with higher prices and buyers are looking to buy as cheap as possible. To do this they definitely need to exclude intermediaries. Each year in the world there are platforms created to solve this task, but at the end, they are not applicable for Ukraine and Ukrainian farmers cannot take advantage from them, “ – points out Mariia Makhnovets, consultant in organic trade from Ukraine, representative of company. “First of all, they are in foreign language, and second of all, they are usually developed as a website, whereas farmers do not have time to surf on the Internet for long, the phone is the most convenient tool for them. When they need to establish connections, Ukrainians create communities in social networks but they

are working pretty chaotic. Therefore, Agroportex. bio is an alternative to the traditional foreign specialized platforms and Ukrainian bulletin boards. Because the first ones are not adapted to the mental and infrastructural realities of the Ukrainian market, and the second ones do not guarantee the traceability of organic supply chains to the buyers and reliability of sellers”. Only primary producers with certified organic production and proven reputation will be able to use the application. The system will instantly notify them about the products requests specified in their organic certificates. All offers from producers and requests from buyers will be

automatically translated to the user language. The start-up of the mobile application is scheduled in the second quarter of 2018 approximately. Users would have to pay a yearly fee for subscription and in future, there will be commission taken from the auction (difference of the offered price and one which is confirmed). Developers believe that exactly this type of format but not the commission from the contract will be the most beneficial for all the parties. According to the representatives of the project, in the first six months, the application can be used free of charge by pre-registration on the website:


“Prospects for Ukrainian exports to European countries are very significant because many unique authentic products are produced in Ukraine. I believe that potential European buyers, like me, are interested in products such as honey, marmalade, jam, and canned products from berries, especially those that are grown and produced in the Carpathians; as well as mushrooms and especially interesting are dairy products.

Tobias Elschner, owner of the organic shop “Gesunde Kost OHG” in the center of Stuttgart (Germany)

Unfortunately, it is not so easy to contact Ukrainian producer directly. The only possible option for me is to search through the Internet but the problem is the “language barrier”, as not all the websites have information in foreign languages. That’s why the lack of information about the producer is a big problem.”


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We are glad to welсome you at the Organic Ukraine Business Hub! The National Pavilion of Ukraine is being presented for the 6th time in 201...

OUBH Organic Ukraine Digest (Biofach 2019)  

We are glad to welсome you at the Organic Ukraine Business Hub! The National Pavilion of Ukraine is being presented for the 6th time in 201...

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