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BIOFACH 2018 Notes of the Organic Exporters production. It was extremely important for Ukraine to declare itself at this level. However, in our country, organic production has great potential. There is a huge demand for organic products in the world which grows day by day. They are expensive, therefore the premium for organic is high. Our black soils let us get decent crops without the use of chemical fertilizers, and considering that such cultivation requires a lot of human labor, new jobs will be created in the countryside, as well as such production protects the environment. Despite everything, the benefit is obvious. The only thing that does not allow Ukrainian farmers to win markets in Europe and those which are overseas is weak marketing. So far, only intermediaries are making good money on their products. A huge delegation came from Ukraine to BioFach in order to introduce domestic producers to the world and to assist them to find their foreign partners by themselves.

Organic production is a literally bright future of Ukrainian agricultural sector as well as countryside in general. In particular, this is the most relevant and profitable niche where Ukrainian farmers can become a world leader. At The World´s Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food BioFach 2018 in Nurnberg Ukrainian products had great success. Though, this year at Biofach the mobile application hit the front page. It helps producer and customer find each other faster and without an intermediary. Ukrainian project is unique. A lot of foreign companies have shown great interest in it and for our producers, it opens bright prospects.

André Pilling Project Manager of “Agritrade Ukraine”


Our National Pavilion has been presented here for the fifth time already. During this time, it’s area has almost doubled: from 70 sq.m. in 2014 up to 130 sq.m. in 2018, as well as the number of exhibiting companies that have increased from 8 to 20.” Among them, there were processors who made up the majority. So, if before almost all the participants of the National Pavilion of Ukraine were grain producers, now there were 4 berry producers, 3 producers of oilseeds, 1 producer of tomato paste, 1 tea maker, 1 certification body and 9-grain producers which also offered processed products.

BioFach ( is the largest and most authoritative world event in the field of organic

“Organic agriculture in Ukraine is developing very rapidly. Moreover, both the number of producers and the range of products is increasing, and most important that our organic production quickly

“I think that Ukraine has great potential and in 7 years this market has developed considerably. Ukraine has three main privileges: first is a good geographical location, it is close to European markets; second, there are very good prices in Ukraine which is important for German buyers; and thirdly, there is a high demand for organic finished products. For example, we are distinguishing for ourselves the following main niches: berries and traditional national products such as: bagels, jams, mushrooms, watermelons, for instance, from Kherson and Carpatian region, etc. Ukraine has a lot of young talented beginners in business, but they are facing problems such as dealing with products that do not always meet European standards and the overall image of Ukrainian production that needs to be improved.

That is why the Ukrainian hall at BioFach is the best opportunity to present its own products. Moreover, I hope that in the nearest future we will be able to find Ukrainian producers and their organic products through mobile applications such as AgroportEx. bio easily. We do also arranging visits for German delegations to the exhibitions in Ukraine, in particular, this year we will work with Agroport and will have an opportunity to tell more about the Ukrainian market of organic products to German potential buyers. We can only encourage both sides, European importers and Ukrainian producers, to strengthen the activities for bilateral trade as there is still huge potential for creating sustainable value and I am not only thinking of Organic honey, where we are actually observing huge demand from German side”

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OUBH Organic Ukraine Digest (Biofach 2019)  

We are glad to welсome you at the Organic Ukraine Business Hub! The National Pavilion of Ukraine is being presented for the 6th time in 201...

OUBH Organic Ukraine Digest (Biofach 2019)  

We are glad to welсome you at the Organic Ukraine Business Hub! The National Pavilion of Ukraine is being presented for the 6th time in 201...

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