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ORGANIC CLUSTER MOVEMENT IN UKRAINE Mariia Makhnovets, Founder of “Organic Trade from Ukraine consulting”, Co-founder of, Head of the Board at “Ukrainian Organic Cluster”

Background: The Ukrainian Organic Cluster established with support from the international technical assistance project “Partnership for Local Economic Development and Democratic Governance” (PLEDDG Program). PLEDDG Project is implemented by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) and financed by Global Affairs Canada. The project aims to strengthen Ukraine’s municipal sector by increasing capacities in 16 Ukrainian cities to advance local democracy and economic development. PLEDDG will also promote a green municipal environment for Ukrainian cities, trade and investment between Canada and Ukraine, and contribute to Canada-Poland coordinated engagement with Ukraine. More about PLEDDG Project at


The Ukrainian organic market is steadily growing and this is really impressive! Since 2002, the agricultural area certified as organic has more than doubled in Ukraine. In 2016, Ukraine entered the top 20 countries by area of organic agricultural land (including lands undergoing conversion), according to FIBL&IFOAM - Organics International. Nowadays Ukraine is one of the most important suppliers of organic agricultural commodities to EU member states and is increasing its presence with organic products overseas. Speaking about the organic domestic market in Ukraine, it is necessary to point out that it is driven by a trend of healthy lifestyle and “responsible consumption” among younger generations and people with incomes higher than average. The assortment of Ukrainian organic products available on the shelves is quite diverse but not complete. The main sales channels are supermarkets and specialty shops in big cities. Their consumers can buy organic dairy and meat products, fruits and vegetables, grocery and bakery products, flour, macaroni products, vegetable oils, beverages and canned products. Though the market is growing fast, our organic operators are still facing a lot of challenges. Therefore, in order to make organic producers stronger and competitive in local and international markets, a new organization called Ukrainian Organic Cluster will continue its activities with ambitious goals in 2019 in the framework of the initiative for increasing the visibility of Ukrainian organic producers in domestic and foreign markets and popularization of organic food consumption at national level.

On April 6th, 2017, 29 Ukrainian organic sector operators, “ready to eat” food producers and processors together with players from other supporting industries, consultants, governmental institutions, and universities from 11 regions officially joined Ukrainian Organic Cluster. The aim of Ukrainian Organic Cluster is to build up an ecosystem, set up a strong network between players, strengthen the capacity of the organic agricultural sector at the national level and accelerate the development of organic production by: • definition of joint competence and areas of possible cooperation for Cluster members; • initiating the creation of value-added products resulting from the joint capabilities and their commercialization in domestic and international markets; • transfer of knowledge, exchange of technology and international experience; • linkages with national, international and inter-sectoral clusters and their members, establishing cooperation with clusters and other association in related industries (food production and processing, cosmetics, biotechnology, renewable energy, information technology). • initiating joint projects both at national and international levels, designed to strengthen the competitiveness of participants; • organization of advertising and education, training and information activities; • international marketing activities of the Cluster and its members. You can learn more about the Cluster by following the link and sending us your requests by e-mail:

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