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Public Safety and Security




Aveshka helps DOJ/ATF coordinate federal public safety and security assistance to federal, state, local, tribal, territorial (FSLTT) governments overwhelmed by disasters. As the Lead Coordinating Agency for ESF #13, ATF is responsible for steady-state activities, such as planning, training, exercises, and stakeholder liaison, and deployment of federal law enforcement resources during activations under the National Response Framework. We provide ATF a cadre of law enforcement/emergency management specialists in each FEMA region, and program management and logistics experts at the National Coordination Center. Our personnel played a central role creating and developing the comprehensive set of foundational doctrine, policies, plans, and standard operating procedures for ESF #13. Our personnel also engage key FSLTT law enforcement officials nationwide and have conducted hundreds of planning meetings, trainings, and exercises in each FEMA region.

Aveshka provides senior executive training and exercise services to prepare ATF for managing crises. Our support includes the development of new training material and curricula and the delivery of training. These include: training on the basic CIMS program, decision-making, leadership, crisis negotiations, CMC, command post structure/ operations, command post communications, On-scene Command (OSC), TOC, Negotiations Operations Center (NOCs), Crisis Negotiation Concepts for Commanders, CIMRT and CIMST. In support of this training, we also design, develop, and execute CM exercises, including facilitated, functional, and full-scale exercises. These exercises have improved ATF’s internal coordination of incidents both domestically and in near abroad regions (e.g., the Caribbean).

LAW ENFORCEMENT TRAINING AND EXERCISES Aveshka develops and delivers law enforcement exercise and training across the nation. We have delivered training for ESF #13 as well as the DHS Terrorism Prevention Exercise Program and the Joint Counterterrorism Awareness Workshop Series. The exercise program enhanced prevention capabilities across multi-jurisdictional and multi-functional law enforcement enterprises comprising federal, state, local, county, territorial, and international stakeholders. The workshop series included day-long workshops focused on identifying capability gaps and enhancing intergovernmental cooperation and unified planning.

FBI PROGRAM MANAGEMENT Aveshka provides analytical, logistical, intelligence, and operational support to the Federal Bureau of Investigation through our prime contract, Solutions for Administrative and Program Services. Program details are classified.

FRAUD INVESTIGATIONS Aveshka provides technology implementation and analytical support services for counter-fraud investigations. For the intelligence and law enforcement communities, we implement big data solutions that include multi-nodal entity mapping, risk assessment, open source and social media analysis, and case management. On behalf of a Swiss investment house, we investigated and identified the fraud network in the largest real estate bankruptcy in European history.

CYBER INVESTIGATIONS Aveshka provides incident response, forensic, and other investigative support services to government and commercial entities facing breaches. We deploy within hours of an identified breach to conduct imaging, malware analysis, damage assessments, and remediation. In the aftermath of a breach, we also help organizations identify lessons learned and recommend revisions to security policies, security architecture, and detection and response capabilities.

COUNTER-IED Aveshka’s expertise in countering IEDs has helped organizations plan for major events (NSSEs) and intelligence organizations identify and resolve IED threats both domestically and abroad. We provide program and analytical services to the Protective Security Advisor program at DHS and have supported DoD in conducting all-source analysis and red-teaming of IED threats in theater.

Aveshka is a thriving professional services firm with personnel nationwide. We provide solutions to national and homeland security agencies, including the Departments of U.S. Justice (DOJ), Homeland Security (DHS), Defense (DoD), Health and Human Services (HHS), and state, local, and international governments, non-governmental organizations, and private sector entities seeking operational, analytical, strategic, and policy support. Aveshka possesses expertise in law

enforcement, emergency management, cyber-security, intelligence, analytics, and information technology. Aveshka assists public safety and security agencies and private sector entities in conducting investigations into national security, cybersecurity, and fraud cases. We also provide crisis management and emergency management expertise and services to these agencies.

OUR FIRM’S CAPABILITIES INCLUDE: • National Security Investigations; • Cybersecurity Investigations; • Counter-fraud; • Counter-IED; • Crisis Management; • Emergency Management; and • Law Enforcement Analytics.

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Public Safety  

Public Safety  

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