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DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES (HHS)/OFFICE OF THE ASSISTANT SECRETARY FOR PREPAREDNESS AND RESPONSE (ASPR) PROFESSIONAL SERVICES SUPPORT Aveshka provides technical, operational, and administrative support in each of ASPR’s seven offices. We support all aspects of ASPR’s mission, ranging from advanced research and development for CBRNE threats, emergency preparedness, response, and recovery, public health policy and planning, and state, local, tribal, and territorial (SLTT) stakeholder engagement. Aveshka personnel support the Medical Reserve Corps in each HHS region, interfacing with key SLTT healthcare and public health stakeholders and helping to coordinate regional preparedness, response, and recovery efforts.

USCG OFFICE OF CONTINGENCY PREPAREDNESS AND EXERCISE POLICY (CPE) PROGRAM SUPPORT Aveshka provides program support, policy development, stakeholder coordination, training, and facilitation services to the USCG’s all-hazards preparedness program. Our personnel help CPE develop, review, and adjudicate comments for the USCG’s Contingency Preparedness Manuals on Planning Policy, Resource Management, Exercise Policy, and Incident Management. We provide planning, expertise, and administrative support for USCG infectious disease preparedness policy. Aveshka assists CPE with development of closed points of dispensing (POD) tactics, techniques, and procedures and closed POD exercise development and tracking.



Aveshka personnel supported FEMA’s CBRNE Office in developing operational plans, procedures, and exercises to support Domestic Emergency Support Team deployment to the FBI Joint Operations Center, as well as products to support the FBI Special Agent in Charge or Assistant Director in Charge. Our staff planned, drafted documents for, facilitated, and conducted after-action analyses for several FEMA and interagency Nuc/Rad exercises, including the Nuc/Rad Incident Task Force, Incident Management Assistance Teams, and FEMA Tech Hazards Office. Our personnel developed the Nuc/Rad Incident Annex and provided document development support to the Federal Radiological Planning and Coordinating Committee.

Aveshka supports OUSD(I)’s Defense Intelligence Mission Assurance Office (DIMAO) with emergency management, continuity of operations, and infectious disease preparedness and response. Specifically, Aveshka develops plans, reviews policy, conducts training and exercises, and coordinates with key Defense Intelligence Enterprise (DIE) stakeholders. We support the DIMAO Director’s participation in the DoD Biological Preparedness Group. Aveshka collaborates with the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Policy), Joint Staff J-3, National Center for Medical Intelligence, and DIE stakeholders on countering biological threats.

DOJ/BUREAU OF ALCOHOL, TOBACCO, FIREARMS AND EXPLOSIVES (ATF) PUBLIC SAFETY AND SECURITY SUPPORT (ESF #13) Aveshka helps DOJ/ATF coordinate Federal public safety and security assistance to SLTT governments overwhelmed by disasters by performing allhazards preparedness planning, training, exercises, stakeholder liaison, deployment, and logistics. Our field coordinators, based in each FEMA region, work closely with other ESFs at all levels of government. Aveshka also participated in the development of the Federal Interagency Operational Plan for pandemic influenza preparedness. Further, we provided CONOPS input on ESF #13 support of security requirements at PODs and to quarantine activities.

MINISTRY OF HOME AFFAIRS (MHA), SINGAPORE Aveshka supported Singapore’s MHA in the development of its national pandemic influenza strategy. This strategy included baseline planning parameters for the government, private sector, and public, and guidance to the public on measures to assist the national response. It also encompassed all facets of Government response, including surveillance, international engagement, medical response, and disease containment. Due to Aveshka’s analysis, Singapore MHA increased the number of dispensing points for antiviral distribution and assigned new resources to the task.

Aveshka is a thriving professional services firm with personnel nationwide. We provide solutions to national and homeland security agencies, including the U.S. Departments of Health and Human Services (HHS), Homeland Security (DHS), Defense (DoD), and Justice (DOJ), state, local, and international governments, non-governmental organizations, and private sector entities seeking operational, analytical, strategic, and policy support. Aveshka possesses expertise in healthcare and public health, emergency management, cybersecurity, analytics, and information technology.

Aveshka is a leader in preparedness, response, and recovery for public health emergencies and medical disasters. We recently supported the DHS Science and Technology Directorate in conducting the HSPD-10 comprehensive assessment of biological threats, drafted the national pandemic preparedness plan for the Government of Singapore, and helped Illinois test and evaluate software to help maintain hospital situational awareness.

OUR FIRM’S CAPABILITIES INCLUDE: • Infectious Disease Policy and Planning; • Medical Countermeasure Research and Development; • Logistics; •  Training, Exercises, and Lessons Learned; • Stakeholder Engagement; and • CBRNE Technical Support.

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