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Enterprise Risk Management


MILLION The average cost during 2017 of a data breach to a business.


The fraud value following a cybercriminals’ takeover of consumer mobile banking accounts.

32% 32 percent of U.S. organizations were victims of cybercrime in 2016.

The Aveshka team is comprised of ERM professionals with decades of experience in assessing, mitigating, and responding to risk. Our team has experience in protecting some of the nation’s most high-profile and high-risk targets such as the Pentagon and the Department of Homeland Security. We can help protect your business using the same techniques we honed through our years of experience helping our high-risk clients.

Aveshka offers a range of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) services to help organizations prepare, defend, and respond to risks that threaten to disrupt operations, expose sensitive data, or endanger the survival of the organization. Business threats such as natural disasters, malicious insiders, hackers, and regulatory compliance are just a few of the concerns that without specific planning and interventions can lead to significant financial loss due to property/infrastructure damage, a decline in consumer confidence, data loss, theft, or fines. Unfortunately, many businesses are not prepared to manage these threats and only find out too late they were not prepared. When facing threats, it is important to understand the organizational risks they pose and how to mitigate these risks through proper planning and controls.

Are You Ready?™ The possibility of disasters, cyber-attacks, and insider threats are ever present. Aveshka’s response to mitigate organizational risk is holistic, which addresses risk in all aspects of its lifecycle and does not merely focus on individual stages, such as after a risk has already been realized. T H E AV E S H K A A P P R O A C H : • Assesses the organization for potential risk in both the physical and cyber domains • Identifies regulations with which the organization must comply • Identifies and implement vender agnostic/best-in-breed technology solutions for mitigating risk • Establishes strategic governance to manage controls effectively • Creates COOP, Disaster Recovery, and Incident Response Plans to recover quickly from incidents • Trains executives and employees to recognize risk and respond to risk




58 percent of security incidents are attributed to current or former employees

30 percent of phishing emails are opened, with 12 percent containing malicious software

41 percent of people globally cannot recognize a phishing email


Chance Favors the Prepared Mind

Organizations are unable to control the myriad of threats they face. They can only control how they prepare and respond to these threats. Aveshka can assist organizations in identifying threats, assessing vulnerabilities, and calculating the risk posed to the organization with the goal of mitigating risk to acceptable levels.



Regardless of its size, every organization should conduct a risk assessment and have an actionable plan of how it intends to mitigate risks. The foundation to managing risks is to first understand the risk and then to make informed choices of how to mitigate the risks. Aveshka can help organizations conduct risk assessments and then implement cost effective controls to protect the organization.

Our security experts have worked in and managed some of the nation’s largest security operations centers and have handled some of the most complex cybersecurity investigations. We can help optimize your SOC and assist you with selecting the best technologies to identify potential security threats, and to help protect your organizational data. Our experts can assist your organization with: • Security Incident Response • Forensic Investigations • Breach Response/Ransomware Response • Threat Intelligence and Intelligence Fusion Operations • Insider Threat Operations and Investigations • Data Loss Prevention • Digital Rights Management

Preparation and Governance

Aveshka will work with your organization to develop risk management plans and a risk register to identify organizational risk and help you prioritize mitigation strategies. We can also help your organization create the following: • Business Continuity Plan: a plan to help the business identify critical business functions •  Disaster Recovery Plan: a plan to help the business recover from a catastrophic event • Incident Response Plan: a plan to respond to cybersecurity incidents

Virtual CISO (vCISO)

Many organizations cannot afford to hire an expert CISO. With Aveshka’s vCISO we can fill this role temporally or permanently, advising your organization how to create and maintain a robust security plan.

Scenario Development

Scenario Development, to include table top exercises, allow an organization to simulate disasters before they happen, allowing your organization to run a mock exercise and see how your current disaster plan and employees will perform in a crisis. These table top exercises allow you to identify gaps in your plan and to provide valuable training to employees before disaster strikes.

SECURITY ASSESSMENTS We can perform a variety of security assessments to help your organization determine vulnerabilities and gaps in your existing security posture. Our experts will work with your organization to create your bespoke security assessment to help you manage your risk. Some of the services we offer include: • Penetration Testing • Vulnerability Scanning • Cyber Supply Chain • Phishing Assessment • Data Breach Readiness Review • Compromise Assessment • Workplace Violence Assessment • Physical Security Assessment • Regulatory Compliance Assessment (SOX, PCI, ISO 27XX, NIST, etc.)

Always Ready! When disaster strikes the last thing an organization needs to determine is how they are going to respond. During a disaster the tension and stakes are high, and time and patience are in short supply. By partnering with Aveshka you will have experienced incident responders and disaster recovery specializes to assist with containing the incident and to help you recover sooner. We specialize in identifying the root cause of the incident, preserving evidence, continuity of operations, and post-incident reporting.

Why Aveshka?

What challenges can we solve for you? aveshka.com



Aveshka subject matter experts work in high-stakes environments, helping organizations protect and defend against a myriad of organizational risks. Our expertise includes cybersecurity, insider threat, disaster preparedness, incident response, and continuity of operations. We have provided services to the highest levels of government and we are ready to assist you with managing your risks.

We are energetic, entrepreneurial, collaborative and deeply committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations. We continually reinvest in our people to provide the full complement of resources skilled in systems engineering, design, software development, cybersecurity analysis, deployment and operations that can be brought in on engagements as needed.



The Aveshka team is comprised of seasoned professionals passionate about understanding the objectives of our clients. We understand that your business is our business and want to help your company survive its worst day.

Regardless of the size of the organization Aveshka can design an ERM plan that fits your budget. We will work with your organization to maximize the impact within your available budget.

Experience When choosing any service provider an organization should select its partners carefully and pick one that has industry recognized experience and guarantees its level of service. Aveshka’s experts work in the world’s most technologically complex environments helping major corporations, non-profits, and government clients protect and defend against cyber criminals, ransomware, advanced persistent threats, hacktivists, and insider threats.

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