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Fear is an emotional response to a perceived threat. It is a basic survival mechanism occurring in response to a specific stimulus, such as pain or the threat of danger. Why do most martial arts and self defense programs give blanket statements to their students like “studying this system will make you fearless� when that is a TOTAL OUTRIGHT LIE on their part. Fear is a natural response in human beings that alerts them that loss of life could occur and when that happens the body goes into a survival mode, which manifests itself two ways in a human being: 1)Total submission to the events at hand (passing out, giving in to the attacker, going into a fetal position or a state of shock- where you are no longer present in your own body during the attack) unfortunately these responses usually lead to the loss of life. 2) Attack Mode-where the human being makes a decision that they must do whatever it takes to survive this encounter and draws upon the human qualities to resist the attack. In both examples above FEAR is still present, the difference is in number two, the victim has decided to overcome the fear, not showing it at that moment and handle the current threat to survivability. Most martial arts and self defense programs do not deal with the psychology of combat in understanding the mind and how it reacts when confronted with danger, instead they just teach a bunch of techniques with no understanding that their students will not be able to remember much less do these techniques when FEAR has set in. We must confront FEAR with reality that “ALL HUMAN BEINGS HAVE FEAR and courage does not overcome Fear, it is the continual training of the mind and body on how to react when confronted with stress that bring out your natural born instincts to survive. The fact that Fear is a natural emotion that everyone has that never leaves the human being as long as they are alive, but is an emotion that they can learn to manage with the proper situational training. I am now going to list some situational exercises for dealing with FEAR and practice them until you feel a change in your emotions about certain subjects and you will be on the road to managing that emotion, until you can get with an qualified instructor to receive one on one or group instruction on these human resource management skills. 1. Take a sheet of paper and write down what are your greatest fears about physical violence occurring to you or your loved ones? 2. After you are done-ask yourself why do you have these fears about what you wrote? 3. Ask yourself are you physically and psychologically prepared to handle the things that you wrote down from line one? 4. Then write down on a sheet of paper what you would do to prevent the things you wrote down from occurring in real life?

5. Then write down what you would do physically to respond to violence occurring to you? Now I want you to close your eyes and imagine the situations that you wrote down actually occurring (your mind will make it real for your body and you will start to feel your adrenaline rise going through this exercise) because your mind often cannot separate real from unreal. Then I want you to imagine yourself handling each situation physically and prevailing over your attacker and surviving the attack (it does not matter what physical shape you are in or what training you have had) you just want the mind to see you emerging victorious, which then sends those signals to the human body. Always visualize yourself handling the physical confrontation with ease and emerging victorious, this will train (trick) your mind into believing that you can handle a violent situation, even if you are not prepared to at this time, which send messages to your body to not go into shock, because we have been through this situation before. This exercise in no way replaces the physical training that you need or the situational/psychological training a qualified instructor will give you to deal with a violent street confrontation, but it will make a change in how your mind perceives and handles violence and that is step one in dealing with Fear of violence happening.


How to understand Fear and Manage Fear for positive results when facing danger.

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