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VSA Student Council Candidate 2013-2014

YEAR PLAN 2013 - 2014 Academic Year

Victoria Shanghai Academy Student Council Candidate


Introduction to LUMINI

Who are we? We are the paragon of the bonding of the school community. Originally scattered individuals unfamiliar to each other, we have come together and bonded as a group, emerging as a family dedicated to the VSA community. LUMINI is a fusion of enthusiastic and passionate, talented and thoughtful students who envision and strive to make the school a better place. As a unique, goal-oriented group of DP and MYP students, each of us has different expertise and experiences to overcome any forthcoming challenges. We are here to bring us all together, your source of empowerment, and the promise of a fruitful and an enjoyable year of school life. What do we do? This year, our ultimate goal is to unite the school community. Our main focus is to enhance school culture and spirit, and seek for welfare opportunities for students within the school community. We also recognise the rapidly globalising world and endeavor to empower students by giving them opportunities to excel themselves in their social skills, confidence and knowledge. We are here to give you what you truly want in order to build a harmonised community for all. What does LUMINI mean? LUMINI is derived from the English word ‘luminous’, meaning brightness. It depicts our common goal to illuminate your dreams and brighten your school life. We promise to fill your school life with sparks and amazement. The logo of LUMINI is a wing, made of five figures, representing the interconnectedness of all members of VSA that we strive for, including the senior management, faculty, PTA, Student Association, and you, the Student Body. With this wing, we will soar and strive for excellence. Page 2

Our Mission ●

Act as the leverage between students and the school board within and beyond the school community with aims to build and maintain spirit;

Provide a platform for the Student Body to actively voice out their thoughts and views regarding their matters of concerns for further discussion and consultation;

Improve the learning environment for students to prosper their educational and personal development;

Encourage and provide a wide range of opportunities for students to develop and unleash their potentials through Council- and student-initiated activities, both internally and externally;

Promote international-mindedness, cultural awareness, and the celebration of diversity;

Advocate educational goodwill of VSA amongst students, school staffs, and parents as well as to the wider community at large. Page 3

The Cabinet Chun Hei Kwok (Y11) President Chun Hei is an intelligent student who shows a high level of proficiency in his work and is extremely well-organised. Aside from being academically talented, he is also a skilled leader, serving in the Model United Nations, class representative and peer support team for the past few years.  Furthermore, he is very experienced in organising events, having worked in the Student Council for two years and currently functioning as an event manager in the new Student Alumni Committee.  These distinctive qualities make him more than capable in the execution and competence of plans proposed by LUMINI. Audrey Wang (Y11) Vice President Audrey is known for her honesty, creativity and compassion.  She demonstrates high degree of personal and academic excellence, and has been actively engaged in school activities for the past years.  She exhibits keen interest in drama productions, badminton and Model United Nations, and is also eager to take leadership roles of Art Ambassador, class representative and peer support leader.  Having worked in the Student Council for the past two years, she is very experienced in embracing her creativity in events.  With these outstanding qualities, she is able to execute plans of LUMINI and oversee the activities in the Cabinet and Student Senate. Ryan Tang (Y10) Secretary of Community Affairs Ryan, otherwise known as “The Mad Hatter”, is an enthusiastic student who proves himself with distinctive creativity and organising skills.  Throughout his school years, he has attained a lead role in the development of performing arts at VSA, as seen by his active participation in ISTA festivals and VSA’s first ever musical Alice In Beatlesland.  Moreover, his effort in organising community events has been phenomenal, and has made great achievements in heightening school spirit.  As an exceptionally organised student who has Page 4

been constantly managing his year group events, these distinguished qualities make him more than capable of initiating and managing events proposed by the Student Council at VSA. Kitty Cheng (Y10) Secretary of Welfare Kitty is a kind-hearted, friendly and thoughtful individual who desires to make a better school life for students. She is a good communicator, as seen by her devotion in the peer support programme, from which she has acquired a wide range of understanding of the needs of the Student Body.  She is also an avid member of the hockey team, athletics team and rugby team last year, known for her swift speed and school spirit. She shall be responsible for managing all student welfare proposals and acts both inside and outside the VSA community. Suki Lou (Y11) Secretary of Internal Affairs Suki is a responsible and caring student who has actively taken on the roles of being a school prefect and peer support leader despite having only integrated into the school community for a year. Having once been a transfer student, she understands the needs of the student community and is able to bring insight into the Student Council. She will be acting as the Secretary of Internal Affairs, who shall manage the relations within the school community and deal with clerical affairs. Ryan Casberg (Y11) Secretary of External Affairs Ryan is a well known representative of VSA.  He is a positive and insightful learner who exceeds most in his communication as his native language is American English, being able to establishing relationships with students and a wide range of connections extending out of school.  Furthermore, he is an all-rounded sports team member in soccer, hockey and basketball, a member of Danube house and previously served as a prefect for the school.   He is responsible for external affairs where he is to gain relations with external schools and provide the school discounts from public shops.

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Avery Choi (Y10) Secretary of Promotion Avery is a creative and versatile student who is dedicated to media arts. He is passionate to share his originative ideas with his fellow schoolmates, and currently holds the position of the director of a student-initiated music organisation, ThinkProduction, in which he has developed proficiency in designing and filming.  By utilising his creative thoughts, he shall promote the proposals and events through a variety of mediums to allow the Student Body to understand the work of the Student Council.  His undoubtable ability and experience in this field makes him an excellent candidate for the Secretary of Promotion. Chun To Yeung (Y10) Secretary of Finance Chun To has been one of the promising students in VSA as he continuously strives for the best in every task given, and that he has an appealing conduct.  With his parents being both accountants, he has developed strong interest in Mathematics and accounting, in which he strives to become a prominent actuary.  Traveling to more than fifty countries, he has gained realisation of items’ values that he can put into account in his work.  With his engagement and aptitude in the field of monetary resources, he shall manage all financial affairs of the Student Association.

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Welfare LUMINI aims to provide an enjoyable learning environment for students, and surveys to meet the needs of all individuals. In order to build a harmonised community for all, LUMINI proposes the following welfare programmes.

Improvement on Dismissal Policy Objective ●

To improve the effectiveness of the Policy by taking students’ convenience into consideration

Introduction The school has implemented a new dismissal policy that has been causing inconvenience to students as reflected by student opinion. The policy makes it impossible for students who want to walk to up their lockers, visit the administration office, or take the school bus on the 1/F. With respect to this problem, we propose an alternative arrangement during dismissal time. ●

Open up the staircase #3 for students to: ○

go up from 4/F to 7-11/F when they need to go to their lockers or meet the teachers.

go up or down to the 5/F administration office without crossing the 5/F podium where school bus arrangements for primary students are situated.

Open the side door at the G/F carpark for students to leave the campus before 16:00 in case they are trapped from heading up or leaving from the main entrance.

Remove the school bus pass checkpoint at staircase #1 to allow all students to have access to the cafeteria for food and drinks.

More importantly, we would urge the school to construct the third elevator with the support of the debenture scheme, and seek to have it in use starting from the school year of 2015. Page 7

Improvement on Lift Policy Objective ●

To improve the efficiency of the Policy by taking students’ convenience into consideration

Introduction Regarding on the concern of the crowd management is unable to be administered well due to an overwhelming number of students are staying at the cafeteria during lunchtime, we suggest an improvement on the lift policy for a solution. We propose students can access the lift from 3/F to the 8/F starting from 13:15, instead of 13:30, so that the students do not have to crowd the small-sized cafeteria. We shall make the effort to reach a better solution on the lift policy, but the long-term negotiations by the past Student Councils prove the undoubtable challenge in this.

Improvement on Lunch Arrangements Objective ●

To improve the efficiency of the Policy by taking students’ convenience into consideration

Introduction We understand the chaos of queuing up for a long time to get lunch. We have realised that the placement of the new cafe on the 4/F for staffs and DP students have been a hindrance to the Student Body to be able to buy lunch effectively as only 1 lunch queue is set up in the 7/F roof garden. Hence, we would introduce an improvement regarding on this problem. ●

Restore the second queue on the 7/F

Rely on vending machines for selling drinks instead of doing it manually by Chartwells staffs

Also, with the extension of the lunch period, students have been encouraged to participate in various school activities. Therefore, it is important for them to get lunch quickly to ensure these activities are held punctually. Page 8

Issue lunch passes for students who have to attend meetings or activities to have priority to purchase their lunch.

Old Textbook Repurchasing Scheme Objectives ●

To provide students a platform to purchase economical textbooks

To take green initiatives of reusing resources

Introduction We realise that the prices of textbooks are proliferating rapidly over the years and that most of these textbooks can actually be reused by selling them to the junior students upon their promotion to a higher year level. Therefore, with the collaboration of the PTA, we shall collect old textbooks from parents and alumnus, and sell them to current students at a relatively lower price. Date: June 27th - 28th 2014

Wireless Printing Function Objective ●

To provide more efficient and convenient printing opportunities for students

Introduction Printing off assignments and projects to hand in on the same day has become a widespread phenomenon around the student body. By introducing a new wireless printing function to be set up by the I.T. department, students will be able to print off their projects via their personal computers instead of transferring data to school computers in order to print them!

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Single-Journey School Bus Travel Objective ●

To promote economical travel from home to school and vice versa

Introduction As VSA students continue to work assiduously on their academic and service opportunities, many of them are are unable to catch the 15:25 or 17:00 school bus as they would have to stay at school later than the designated time. As a result, students have to take public transportation, which is a waste of payments for the school bus travel. With the succession of this Policy by Jackson, we shall discuss with the school administration to implement a single-journey school bus travel policy. This policy also allows Pak Po to minimise the number of coaches required, thus helping to create a greener world.

Rental Services (School Uniform, Chargers, Umbrellas) Objectives ●

To ensure students’ safety and productivity in learning

To improve students’ convenience

To take green initiative of reusing resources

Introduction We have been aware that students have problems in maintaining proper school uniform during school hours due to breakages, completing work in class due to the low battery level, and travelling back home during rainy days. Thus, we shall follow up on the scheme where students can lend Macbook chargers and umbrellas during and after school hours respectively, so as to offer them a safer and more enjoyable learning and living. Also, as the administration office has collected a certain amount of lost-and-found uniform in the past years, we would like to utilise them by renting them to students to serve the purposes. Location: Student Council Room Page 10

Hoodies Follow-up Objective â—?

To introduce the anticipated, newly designed attire to the Student Body

Introduction Vectis and Ignition have played important roles in the promotion and releasing of the hoodies design project, and in the coming year. While the hoodies were distributed to the school team members for trial, we shall continue with the discussion with the school to seek for the official release by the end of year.

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Community Affairs

To maintain academic and recreational balance for students at VSA, LUMINI offers a variety of high-quality community events to celebrate our achievements and boost school spirit.

Inter-class Tournaments Objective ●

To provide students with an opportunity to compete with each other in their favorite sporting events

To promote good sportsmanship

Introduction The inter-class competitions have become an integral VSA tradition where students embrace their talents or cheer for their classmates. We shall continue to enhance school spirit and unity between different year groups, and more importantly, we shall introduce more sporting opportunities for the Student Body within and beyond the school community. We propose the following activities: ●

Amazing Race, Dodgeball (NEW)

Football, Basketball, Volleyball

Duration: 3-5 months Location: 7/F Playground, 9/F Gymnasium

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Halloween Party Objective ●

To create an extraordinary experience for students to celebrate the spirited Halloween festival

Introduction Halloween is a traditional time of the year where people will celebrate in the theme of horror, and participate in various festive activities. As a successful event organised by student councils in the past years, we shall continue the effort of organising the Halloween party with plentiful food stalls and game booths, as well as a spooky haunted house for student to experience a remarkable Halloween at VSA. Students are also encouraged to wear festive costumes on the day to celebrate this event. Date: October 30th 2013 (Wednesday) Time: 17:00 - 20:00 Location: 3-4/F

Christmas Party Objective ●

To celebrate Christmas in a Winter-Wonderland themed dance rave

To encourage interactions with students from external schools

Introduction Christmas is not just a commemorative festival but the time at VSA in which the Student Body celebrate for the hard work and achievements in the last term and enjoy the night before the Summative Assessment Week after the Christmas holiday. To make VSA a school community where student learn and have fun at the same time, we plan to organise a Christmas ball for students before the Christmas holiday. We understand students’ high expectations for a more creative and diversified event, in which band shows and singing performances are unable to satisfy the needs. Therefore, we aim for activities that are able to get more participants involved. Here are some possible activities for the night: Page 13

Giving Tree

Dance Rave

Date: December 20th 2013 (Friday) Time: 19:00 - 22:00 Location: 5/F Hall

International Diversity Day Objective ●

To gain deeper understanding and mutual respect in cultural diversity

Introduction VSA is a community that promotes international-mindedness and cultural awareness. While we are brought up to be proud of our Chinese culture, we understand that the world is a place of diverse international cultures. To further enrich our understanding of the world thriving on diversity, students would select a country of interest and take risks to explore other cultures by dressing up in traditional costume of their favourite country and exchange traditional dishes and knowledge! Date: April 16th 2014 (Wednesday) Time: 17:00 - 20:00 Location: In-school

Spirit Week Objective ●

To heighten school spirit between students and the faculty

To encourage students’ integration into the VSA community

To develop students’ creativity

Introduction Spirit week is a fun-filled activity initiated by Ignition. It has been popular among the school community and was a great success. Our goal is to take this activity to another level and add more fun filled activities as listed below: ●

Monday: Water balloon toss Page 14

Tuesday: Catch the flag & Tug of war

Wednesday: ‘Freeing VSA’

Thursday: Paint the campus for a cause

Friday: Themed dress day & School carnival

Date: June 16th - 20th 2014 Duration: 1 week Location: In-School NEW SPIRIT WEEK ACTIVITIES BRIEF: Freeing VSA: ‘Freeing HK’ has been a popular challenge at Hong Kong where participants are trapped in a room, and have to logically and creatively solve riddles and codes for an escape. The ‘Freeing VSA’ activity will be a new highlight to the coming school year, not only as a fun activity but an activity to indulge students in a practical thinking, hands-on experience. We shall design rooms and delicate scenarios in the campus for students to experience a remarkable evening! Painting the campus for a cause: It is time to bring some color onto the otherwise dull, blank walls of VSA. Why not create a mural representative of our responsibility to ourselves and the community? Lets create a colorful world of respect, kindness and compassion, by painting selected parts of the campus (to be confirmed) and leaving on your handprints to show your care towards anti-bullying! Carnival: VSA students should strive to balance work and play. Organising a carnival effectively brings the school community together and provide an opportunity for students to join in a wide range of cultural, artistic and other recreational activities. We shall include food booths and activities such as face painting, paper mache, henna drawing, water activities and other carnival activities! Dressing up: It’s Friday! Let’s celebrate and welcome the approaching weekend by dressing up as your favorite book/movie character! Don’t want to dress up? It’s ok! Come to school in and show off your comfortable pajamas!

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Create Your Own Club Objective â—?

To encourage students to be engaged in school activities and leadership opportunities


To assist students to build their profile

Introduction VSA students strive to be all-rounded and international-minded leaders. We know are students are able to bring creative ideas into the school after being exposed to the wider community. To further develop our potentials, we recognise the importance of student-run activities in building a community of integration and excellence. As the leverage between the school and the students, we have a duty of assisting students who wish to initiative events or establish their own clubs by providing the platform support and advice. Club examples could include Cooking Clubs, Art Clubs, Language Clubs etc. * To strengthen relations with top schools in Hong Kong, LUMINI also strives to promote joint school collaborative options with students from other schools or instructors of independent organisations who are experienced in certain fields. This will attribute to the improvement of certain fields at VSA such as photography. These clubs will be available both for sign-up or nominated individuals and will be confirmed later on in the year. Duration: Year-long Location: In-School

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External Affairs

So as to help you get your voice heard, LUMINI shall maintain public relations with external schools, the local community and all members of VSA, including the school board, PTA and VSASAA.

Shop Discounts One of our job is to help the Student Body in the social life outside of school, and one of these things is for you to spend your money as wisely as possible and by doing this, we help you get better discounts. A contract was made in partnership with the store who has agreed with terms and agreements, all you need to do is to present your student ID card upon purchase. The full list of shops and discounts they provide will be listed for your ease, and here are some of them:

ENTERTAINMENT & FOOD Name and Address of Shop


Neway Karaoke Box 2-8 Sugar Street, CWB

Lunch Hour - Service Charge not Required Happy Hour, Prime Time, Night Time - 20% OFF

FASHION & STYLE Name and Address of Shop Jack Wills 77, Leighton Centre, Leighton Road, CWB

Discount 5% OFF

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Limited Offer [First come first served basis]

6-10 Cleveland Street, CWB Bathing Ape

-$250 Limited Offer [First come first served basis]

Shop 209, Lee Gardens 2, CWB Candy Magic

-$250 5% OFF (except Fujifilm cameras and

Shop 269, 2/F, Causeway Bay Place, CWB Candy Magic


Shop 150, 1/F, Laforet, CWB Michell Rene Hair Salon

10%OFF Services - 5% OFF

15 Cochrane Street, Central Hair Point

Hair Products - 10% OFF

Shop 216, 2/F, Island Beverley Centre,

10% OFF

CWB Korean Fashion Shop 332-333, 3/F, Island Beverley Centre,

20% OFF


OTHERS Name and Address of Shop Princess Rose (korean stationery) Shop 261-262, 2/F, Laforet, CWB

Discount 10% OFF

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