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In this Issue: Dana Point participates in rapid water quality testing program A new $13 million theater at Dana Hills Local groms start a new fad: blue tarp surfing X Games 16 : Los Angeles


Welcome back to another issue of ViewPoint. As always, we’re glad to have you. First off, I want to talk about what we have in this month’s issue. This month we have some new articles for you to enjoy along with our usual restaurant guide, night life coverage, and insights to some local picks. We spent many hours putting this one together so I hope you enjoy it as much as we did being finally finished with it. For the last 2 weeks, we have been planning and planning the whole magazine. Finding and taking amazing pictures, waiting for decent natural lighting and then finally collaborating over Skype to crunch this final project together. On and on the work went; we kept running into many small problems but in the end we got it done. So, about those articles... The water quality article was very interesting to read. With the whole ‘If only I knew yesterday...’ it’s always like, I wish I did know that yesterday. Now I graduated from Dana Hills Highschool (DHHS). I have been to the porthole theater that they currently still have and its 38 years old! I strongly support the plan to make a new performing arts theater. Tarp Tubes. Looks fun. Is probably fun when theres no waves to catch. (Which happens quite often around here with such mild weather) What I really wanted to go into was X Games 16. Ryan Sheckler wins a 3rd gold medal. That’s purely amazing. I love watching the action. Anyways, I think I shall keep on rambling on about nothing. As you can tell there are water marks on all the pages because I thought it would look cool. I hope it does :) You should also check out the sodoku puzzles at the end. We couldn’t find the answers so you are on your own! sorry :( The title page picture I took and it was in the middle of rush hour traffic. I got lucky and was able to get a shot in between waves of cars. Anyways I think thats enough text about randomness so I guess I will end it here. Thanks for reading,

Andrew Lam

Tiffany Le


03 Water Quality Dana Point beaches

participate in rapid water quality testing pilot program

07 New DHHS Theater Plans for a new

performing arts theater at Dana Hills High School are already creating plenty of drama

11 Tarp Tubes Local surf groms start

tarp suring sensation

15 X Games 16 Ryan Sheckler Wins Third

X Games Gold, Capo Beach’s Tanner Foust Wins Gold in Rally Car and SuperRally Events

Local Picks 03

Water Quality

Dana Point beaches participate in rapid water quality testing pilot program


Water Quality

Dana Point beaches participate in rapid water quality testing pilot program

Restaurant Guide 03

Water Quality

Dana Point beaches participate in rapid water quality testing pilot program

Night Life 03

Water Quality Dana Point beaches participate in rapid


Water Quality

Dana Point beaches participate in rapid water quality testing pilot program


If I Had Only Known Yesterday… by Andrea Swayne

Historically, by the time beachgoers are informed that the water they were swimming or surfing in is contaminated with levels of bacteria that could make them sick, it is already too late. That’s because traditional methods for testing water quality require a 24-hour turn around. It has been a good system—a very accurate system—but a slow system. And, although the method has served the beach-going community well, it is always a day late. County health officials, scientists, water agencies and other environmental groups recently banded together to do something about it. In a cooperative effort between the Orange County Public Health Laboratory, Southern California Coastal Water Research Project (SCCWRP), Miocean, South Orange County Wastewater Authority (SOCWA), Orange County Sanitation District and, on a national level, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a pilot program to demonstrate the use of a newly developed rapid water test is being tested at Orange County beaches. This new method yields results in about four hours as opposed to the current 24, allowing for up-to-date water quality information to be made available to the public on the same day. An advantage that OC Healthcare Agency Program Manager Larry Honeybourne is excited about. “This new method will enable us to tell beachgoers when it isn’t a good idea to swim at a beach ‘today,’ instead of telling them they shouldn’t have been in the water ‘yesterday,’” he said. The eight-week demonstration—which began on July 6 and will run through August 31—has all eyes on Orange County as health agencies across the country watch closely. The EPA is currently working on its own program to develop a rapid microbial monitoring method to roll out on a national level and will use the information and lessons learned here to develop their nationwide strategy for implementation. Locally, water testing is being performed at three locations along the Dana Point coast— Baby Beach, at Puerto Place and at the Doheny State Park campground. Joanne Linnenbrink, an undergraduate marine biology student at Cal State Long Beach is one of the lab technicians working for SCCWRP charged with collecting the water samples. “I think this program is a great opportunity for research to expand in this area, especially since water quality is of great importance to public health,” said Linnenbrink. “After collecting my samples I take them to the SOCWA lab where I will perform the old 24-hour test method alongside SOCWA techs as they perform the new method.”

5 SCCWRP Executive Steve Weisberg explained that during the demo period samples will be tested using both old and new methods to ensure that test results are accurate. “With traditional methods we catch the bacteria on a filter pad, place the pad into a growth media that is specific to the types of bacteria that we want to quantify, wait a day to see what grows and then count the number of bacterial colonies. It is affective but takes time,” said Weisberg. “With the new method, the water is filtered, the bacterial cells are broken down and a count is made of the DNA present to measure genetic material specific to certain bacterial strains. This results in greater specificity and faster turnaround, both of which are good things. Same-day answers net same-day information to the public.” “We’re being very conservative by running current standard methods and new methods during the test period concurrently,” said Honeybourne. “We will post on a rapid test result, but won’t unpost unless a standard method result confirms our findings.” SOCWA was approached by the county health department and SCCWRP to serve as the Dana Point testing facility due to their advanced knowledge of water testing methods, highly trained personnel and well equipped laboratory. “We were happy to volunteer our lab and staff to Larry Honeybourne for the program,” said SOCWA General Manager Tom Rosales. “It’s good for us because it gives our staff firsthand knowledge of some of the different methods being considered with regard to new technology. And, for us as a small agency, it is good exposure to be working with the health department and pushing forward this different approach on method testing. It’s good for us and the industry. We are always open to experimentation and happy to accommodate where we can.” A big part of the total package is not only the test method itself, but also the development of a system to disseminate same-day information to the public. This is where Miocean comes into the picture.

6 Miocean is a group made up of Orange County business leaders who share a passion for protecting the ocean environment. Their mission statement is, “To clean up our local shoreline using a business approach and applying expertise, passion and resources for measurable improvements.” Miocean developed the nation’s first beach information monitors that have been implemented as part of the program. Using proprietary technology they developed, a network of public information monitors have been placed near all of the test sites. Miocean sponsored monitors located at the Doheny State Beach entry kiosk, as well as at Corona del Mar, Newport pier and Huntington State Beach. So far, the rapid testing has run so smoothly that the monitors are generally displaying updated daily water quality information by noon each day. As beachgoers head to the water, they now have access to warnings before entering contaminated water. At the Doheny entry kiosk, State Park staff are also handing out printed information to visitors. In addition to the monitors, the health department and Miocean are providing the faster notifications to the public via telephone hotline, Orange County Health Agency website (www., online subscription to email alerts, instant notifications via cell phone, Twitter updates ( and posting real-time Miocean monitor demo at SCCWRP established a Rapid Microbial Methods Task Force made up of representatives from federal, state and local regulatory agencies to oversee the program. The Task Force will meet on September 27 to review the project results and determine if further testing is warranted and/or if the program will be continued—and possibly expanded. “By taking the lead here in Orange County, our findings could very well lead to the EPA taking the program nationwide,” said Weisberg. “Our local pilot program will provide answers to many questions: Can local labs effectively conduct the methods, acquire the necessary technology? Can local agencies perform the tests accurately? Etc. All of the information will assist with the EPA’s plan to put forth new criteria for encouraging the use of these rapid testing methods nationally.” So far the results are very promising. And, that’s good news—much needed at a time when oil spills, vanishing rainforests and pollution stories make daily headlines—not only here at home, but for our entire planet.



Debate Over Theater Takes Center Stage by Jonathan Volzke and Andrea Swayne

A date hasn’t even been set for a groundbreaking yet, but plans for a new performing arts theater at Dana Hills High School are already creating plenty of drama. The Capistrano Unified School District adopted plans for a 470-seat, $13 million facility that would replace the 38-year-old Porthole Theater. The building would total 30,560 square feet and stand 55 feet tall to accommodate moveable backdrops and other technology for productions. Supporters say the new theater is a much-needed upgrade for the South Orange County School of the Arts program. “With over 450 SOCSA students at Dana Hills High School, this new facility would provide much needed space for new classrooms, performances and a state-of-the-art facility to learn in,” said Alan Wickstrom, the past president of the SOCSA Foundation. “This will also provide a single place where all of SOCSA can be housed in one facility. Today, SOCSA’s classes are scattered throughout the Dana Hills Campus and having all the teachers and classes in one area will provide for better team work among faculty, coaches and students.” But some nearby residents and city officials however, say they should have been consulted before the school district wrote the final script on the project. “The City of Dana Point is genuinely concerned over the lack of public notice given to our residents regarding the Project,” Director of Community Development Kyle Butterwick wrote in a February 25 letter to the school district. “…Several residents in the area have expressed serious concerns about project impacts now that they have learned about the project.” In a September 2009 letter to the district, Butterwick outlined the city’s concerns: • Environmental-impact studies should have included view simulations on the 55-foot-tall building would look in the otherwise-residential area, where buildings are limited to 28 feet tall. In fact, Butterwick writes, the tallest building in the city is now 40 feet tall. “The city considers a 55-foot high structure to be potentially incompatible with the existing surrounding land uses,” he writes. “It will have a potentially negative impact on the visual character of the surrounding community and the city as a whole.” • Noise and light impacts, he says, weren’t properly studied. • The high school doesn’t have enough parking. He said the studies accurately point out the new facility will need 118 parking spaces, but says the school’s entire parking plans need to be looked at. “The city has significant concerns on the parking issue,” Butterwick writes. “The high school is currently deficient in parking for its students and teachers. The students regularly park on busy arterial streets surrounding the school on a daily basis due to inadequate parking.” But because the school district is a state agency, some residents are concerned the city’s codes and ordinances won’t get proper consideration. About 150 people showed up at a

9 July 15 meeting about the project hosted by the school district. Superintendent Dr. Joseph Farley was just days into the job when he attended the meeting. He said the district will do a better job of reaching out to the public and addressing their concerns. “We really want to hear what the issues are and involve them in a greater degree in the discussion about this,” Farley said. Trustee Anna Bryson, who represents the Dana Hills area, said the board has worked closely with SOCSA for years and wants to extend that relationship to the neighborhood. The district did hold a public comment period about a year ago and will continue to reach out, she said. The superintendent said more public meetings are planned with neighbors: The first will be Thursday, August 19 and the second September 2. Both will be at 6 p.m. at Dana Hills High. Parking, traffic, visual impacts and other issues related to the high school neighborhood will be discussed, CUSD Deputy Superintendent Ron Lebs says in a letter going out to 900 nearby residents. That is music to Terry Goller’s ears. Goller’s daughter was in Dana Hills’ first graduating class, in 1976. Her son graduated in 1978, a grandson graduated as a Dolphin in 2007, and now she has other grandchildren at the school. She even attends events at the Porthole Theater, actually preferring productions there, she said, to shows at the Orange County Performing Arts Center.

Aerial view and rendering illustrates the footprint of the proposed performing arts facility at Dana Hills High School. Courtesy of CUSD

10 But she also lives in the neighborhood closest to Dana Hills High and her street shares the entry road—Acapulco Drive—with the school. And as much as she bleeds Dolphin blue, Goller says, enough is enough. “There used to be more basketball courts. Now there are portables. There used to be gardens. Now there are portables. There used to be a large practice sports field. Now there are portables,” Goller said. “They’re just built out. It would be nice for kids to have an upgraded arts venue—they do great job—but at expense over all population and neighborhood, it’s not right place.” At one point, there was talk—concern among some—that the South Orange County School of the Arts would move from Dana Hills to the newer San Juan Hills High School, which has a state-of-the-art theater, nestled away from neighbors off Avenida La Pata in San Juan Capistrano. Additionally, SOCSA founder Robert Riggs moved to that campus when it opened. But Barbara Bond, the new president of the SOCSA Foundation, said that isn’t going to happen. “There may have been some thought about that at first, but I don’t think there’s any intent to move SOCSA over there,” she said. “It would be great if San Juan Hills created a second program there, because there’s so much demand in South County for the program.” The roots of the South Orange County School of the Arts go back to 1989, when a small group of administrators, teachers, parents and students began to talk about creating a visual and performing arts public high school. CUSD trustees approved the concept in 1995, and the pilot program was launched at Dana Hills in 1996. SOCSA students receive increased instruction in Dance, Drama, Musical Theatre, Vocal Music, Production/Design and Visual Arts. The project got an emotional boost when the district received a $3 million grant from the state, but that leaves $10 million that will have to be raised. So far, SOCSA has pledges for about $50,000. Farley cautions the need to raise millions of dollars ensures the district has time to listen to the public and city and continue to improve the project and school as a whole. “It’s still a ways in the future,” Farley said. “There’s some things we can do with landscaping to use the building to enhance the neighborhood.” Bond, who has two children in the SOCSA program and a background in raising money for public television, knows finding $10 million in the current environment won’t be easy. But the district’s efforts at reaching out the public will help, she said. “The meetings that the district is having with the community are really important. There’s a good portion of the community that is not aware of the project at all,” Bond said. “These meetings are good not only to address the concerns of people in surrounding neighborhoods but also to raise awareness and support in the community.” Bond and other supporters hope the increased communication moves the public sentiment from an effort to break the project to cheers of “Break a leg” when the curtain finally rises at a new SOCSA theater.


Sometimes, to do it right, you have to do it yourself...

Dominator GT—The Ultimate Memory Module from Corsair

Very few components make it into the Dominator family. Even fewer are hand selected to build Dominator GT DDR2 and DDR3 memory. Corsair’s team of engineers run extensive and exhaustive in-house testing and qualification with the premium performance motherboards used by overclockers and ultra enthusiasts. This unique combination of over-clocking performance testing and guaranteed reliability and compatibility coupled with a limited lifetime warranty, make Dominator GT DDR3 and DDR2 memory—the cream of the crop, and... the ultimate solution for the ultra enthusiast and overclocker.

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Tarp Tubes by Andrea Swayne

The originators of blue tarp surfing—Cody Brady, Wyatt Brady, their dad Robert Brady and Dodge Weirath—have set off a wave of YouTube videos with the posting of their original video Blue Tarp Surfing on December 26, 2009. The boys used their Christmas money—upwards of $100—to purchase a big blue tarp to make virtual barrels to “surf” through on skateboards in the street in front of their Merideth Canyon home—where the boundaries of San Juan Capistrano, Capo Beach, Dana Point and San Clemente converge.

(L to R) Wyatt Brady, Dodge Weirath and Cody Brady ride through a hollow barrel created as Robert Brady (back) pulls the blue tarp. Photo: Andrea Swayne

The idea was first hatched in the mind of Cody and Wyatt Brady’s dad Robert when he saw the blue tarp covering his boat—in the dry storage area of the Embarcadero Marina at the Dana Point Harbor—blowing in the wind. Robert stood watching as the billowing tarp formed what looked just like a barreling ocean wave. He told the boys about what he had seen and they took it from there. After many experiments with tarps of various shapes and sizes they hit upon the perfect combination of material and technique and blue tarp surfing was born. A skateboarder rides—on tarp covered pavement—through a “barrel” created as wind fills the tarp being pulled at the corner by another, to form a likeness of a barreling ocean wave. Huh? I know…you have to see it to believe it. The boys made a homemade video of themselves and their friends “surfing.” After the video was uploaded to the internet it quickly attracted 30,000 or so hits within the first few weeks and caught the attention of Surfline. It has since topped a half-a-million views. The video made its debut on and held a spot in their top viewed videos for quite awhile in early 2010. Cyrus Sutton, creator of—a website he calls “a new platform for independent surf culture created with the purpose of spreading digital aloha through video howtos, short films, rants and interviews, where ideas can be shared that respect self-sufficiency, craftsmanship and a surfing experience of our own design”—spotted it on Surfline and convinced the boys to let him shoot a new version of the film. Sutton’s film was given the name Tarp Pits and has also been generating buzz on YouTube. Since then, blue tarp surfing

13 has become a bonafide fad among surfers of all ages—the thing to do when the waves are not firing. The number of blue tarp surfing videos by others getting posted to YouTube keeps growing as people discover this “just for fun” tube ride spoof. The guys from in Santa Cruz spotted the boys’ video on YouTube and made their own video contribution to the craze. Their video, posted a couple of weeks ago, has injected new life into the frivolous fun of simulating the crown jewel of surfing maneuvers. Their video has been viewed more than a million-and-a-half times, since its debut and sparked a new influx of homemade YouTube video postings. Just as always follows behind the invention of all the very coolest stuff of life, there will be those who come out of the woodwork to claim that they invented it “years ago.” But Cody, Wyatt and Dodge’s video is, according to the YouTube time stamps that mark the upload of videos to the website, the first of its kind—on the internet, at least—a fact that really doesn’t matter that much to the boys. “We want everyone to try it,” said Cody. “It’s such a fun thing to do and we posted our video with the purpose of sharing it with the world.” “It’s just a toy,” said Dodge, “A toy just like surfing. It belongs to everyone.” Robert echoed that sentiment by adding, “It’s strictly for the purpose of having fun but it is pretty exciting how it has turned into a lot more than we expected—the way it’s taken off on the internet and all over the world. It’s all about being a kid or being a kid at heart.” So next time your favorite break is flat, or you get tired of riding waves that rarely serve up hollow tubes, have a crack at tarp surfing. If you’re a “mature” surfer, it will make you feel like a kid again. If you’re a grom, it will make you feel like a pro.


Ryan Sheckler Wins Third X Games Gold, Capo Beach’s Tanner Foust Wins Gold in Rally Car and SuperRally Events San Clemente’s skating hero Ryan Sheckler left it all on the line Saturday, July 31, as he put together a string of seamless runs to mark his third X Games gold medal during the Skateboard Street Men’s Finals at L.A. Live in downtown Los Angeles. Sheckler battled back and forth throughout the jam session with Nyjah Huston, but came out on top after a near-perfect final run. “It was a crazy contest to be back. I got hurt last year and wanted to get back this year, and this definitely exceeded my expectations,” Sheckler said. “I’m psyched. I just had to believe in myself. I just needed to get my bearings about me, let it flow and not worry so much about it. I couldn’t have done anything more.” Sheckler, who made the best use of the teacup during the jam session, put together a final run that included a full cab back lip to fakie down the rail, alleyoop frontside transfer from one half of the teacup to the other, gap up to 5, frontside air on the teacup and a cab back lip to take the win. “I wanted to throw out a different run from what I already did. The course is interesting. You had to get out there and just start throwing down. I liked it,” Sheckler said. “I just threw it out and gave it all I had because I knew it would be my last run.” The year marked the second silver medal in a row for Nyjah Huston, who said this silver meant more to him because of what he put into it. “It means more this year because last year there was just one more trick I needed to land. This year I actually landed the run I wanted to do, so I was really happy with the way I skated,” Huston said. “I wasn’t expecting to win, I was just trying to do my best and I am happy with how it turned out.” Ryan Decenzo rounded out the top three as he took the X Games bronze. X Games 16 Skateboard Street Men’s Final Results 1. Ryan Sheckler, San Clemente, Calif., 92.66 2. Nyjah Huston, Huntington Beach, Calif., 91.33 3. Ryan Decenzo, Vancouver, British Columbia, 90.00 4. Chaz Ortiz, Chicago, Ill., 89.66 5. Sierra Fellers, Whitefish, Mont., 54.66 Information on all X Games events can be found on for fans.

15 Tanner Foust of Capistrano Beach Wins Both Rally Car and SuperRally Events at X Games X Games 16 newest additions, Rally Car and SuperRally events, excited the drivers, judges and fans as 12 competitors had the chance to race head-to-head on July 31, in, out and around The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum for the first time. Rally Car Racing event medalists Capistrano Beach’s Tanner Foust (winner) and runner up Brian Deegan rode away with gold and silver for the second time that day, in the SuperRally Final. The wins brought Foust’s X Games medals to five, while Deegan now has 12. “The track was perfect and had so much grip,” Foust said. “Door-to-door, I like racing the four cars, but even when you say you don’t have a favorite kid, you always do. And SuperRally is definitely my favorite.” SuperRally competition quickly whittled down to the final four: Foust, Deegan, Samuel Hubinette and Stephan Verdier. As the four cars lined up at the top of the Coliseum, anticipation was high for a thrilling race. While Foust edged out Deegan in the first turn, an early jump by Deegan put him in third. Even with a lost bumper, Verdier was hot on Foust’s heels as the two drivers vied for number one position. Verdier looked to take silver but during the last lap, Deegan made fast work of the track and found himself back in second position. “I knew Foust had me at the start, then I made some rookie mistakes,” said Deegan. “At the beginning of the day, I had no idea I would be winning a medal because practice was not going so well. I am super pumped to go home with two silver medals.” Trailing in last place the entire race, rookie Hubinette squeaked past Verdier at the last second to take home the bronze medal. “What a finish,” said Hubinette. “It was insanely fun. I was the underdog, and no one expected this from me.” When the four drivers finished, they played to the cheering crowd, taking jumps and turning doughnuts. Information on all X Games events can be found on .



Our First Local Pick of August is the

Edwards Cinema located in Ocean

Ranch. It is run by the Regal Entertainment Group. Regal is proud to offer Cinema Art: Critically-acclaimed films, alternative productions, restored classics and first-run foreign movies. Since 1999 Regal has provided this diversity of film choices under the Regal Cinema Art brand. More than 50 theatres across the country showcase these alternative and independent movies through our national network of Regal Cinema Art theatres. Regal Entertainment Group takes you beyond the boundaries of most movies with our network of IMAX速 and Giant Screen Theatres. These locations offer screens up to eight stories tall and the most powerful digital surround sound systems. IMAX速 and other 70mm films are showcased exclusively in this unique environment. Hollywood blockbusters are also presented with this state-of-the-art technology which envelopes the audience.



Our Second Local Pick of August is the

Ocean Institute located at the Dana

Point Harbor. The mission of the Ocean Institute is to inspire all generations, through education, to become responsible stewards of our oceans. The Ocean Institute is the world’s best experiential ocean educational organization. It has become nationally known for its hands-on marine science, environmental education and maritime history programs. More than 110,000 K-12 students and 6,000 teachers annually participate in the Institute’s 61 award-winning, immersion style programs. To learn oceanography and science, students voyage onto the ocean to feel and taste the salty sea spray, sort through live specimens, observe migrating whales and collect scientific data. To learn maritime history and literature, students spend an entire night aboard the brig Pilgrim - each student hauling lines, hoisting sails, standing night watch and swabbing decks. The Ocean Institute is an educational facility specializing in innovative marine and social science programs. Though not a museum nor an aquarium, you will find a collection of artifacts and animals on this campus. The institute can educate 130,000 students annually through our award winning educational programs


Restauraunt At El Torito, the salsas are made fresh throughout the day to ensure the ultimate in flavor; the Tableside Guacamole is prepared with only Haas avocados and handmade tamales are also prepared daily in the traditional way - wrapped in corn husks for the best taste and to retain moisture. These are but a few of the efforts they make every day to bring us the real flavors of Mexico. El Torito offers their guests an escape to Mexico in their traditional Mexican Cantinas. The relaxing environment combined with cool refreshing margaritas and authentic appetizers allows you to get away from it all. Happy Hour Specials are offered Monday - Friday from 4pm-8pm


Guide At Fred’s you will experience an amazing dining experience with “Fresh Gringo Mex” food at a great price. With our Funky decor & great music, our high energy atmosphere Where the guest want to stay and enjoy the food, people & music. Why is Fred’s food so good? Fred’s signature recipes combine the best of traditional Mexican cuisine and a healthier style of California cooking. We use the best meats, top sirloin steak, boneless skinless chicken breast and mahi mahi. All sauces and salsas are made fresh daily at the restaurant using the freshest ingredients. This makes Fred’s dishes lighter, more flavorful and healthier than other Mexican restaurant dishes.

zpizza was founded in the art colony of

Laguna Beach, California, where creativity and craftsmanship have flourished for almost a century. So it comes as no surprise that their critically acclaimed pizza is a true Laguna original. A passion for great food is why they start with dough made from 100% organic wheat flour prepared fresh every day, hand-thrown and fire-baked until uniquely crisp. Their zest for quality continues when the toppings go on. They combine select ingredients using award-winning skim mozzarella from Wisconsin, certified organic tomato sauce, MSG-free pepperoni, additive-free sausage, and fresh produce. Their gourmet salads and sandwiches are just as delicious.


Night Harbor House Café is known for good, friendly

service and large portions. For over 65 years they have been serving our customers with quallity food, reasonable prices, and friendly service. Their dishes are made with the freshest ingredients and are prepared from scratch every day. Both of their restaurants, Sunset Beach and Dana Point, will take you back in time with movie memorabilia and antique displays. Come in to any of their restaurants, you’ll feel right at home. The Harbor House Cafe in Dana Point is one of those places where you can dine after just rolling out of bed, matted hair, rumpled pajamas and all. The waitstaff won’t even bat an eyelash to your disheveled appearance (trust me, they’ve seen everything), and will give you all the time you need to wake up and pore over the tome that is the cafe’s eclectic menu. Come at any time during the day or night (the restaurant is open 24 hours a day all year, with not a single pause for holidays) and you’ll most likely find its tables and booths packed, just likes its walls and ceilings are of movie posters and celebrity shots. It’s a favorite of locals both young and old, who laud the dishes for their behemoth portions.

“I just want to say that I really love the service when I visit Harbor House (Sunset Beach) your staff is always very pleasant and attentive. Thank you so much can’t wait to come back for the best pancakes in the world!!! Keep up the good work!” Sheila (Long Beach)

“I moved to Ohio 7 years ago, and I will always crave Harbor House, best breakfast I’ve ever had. On my rare trips back to California, I do my best to make it back there. I will remember for the rest of my life, playing the Q-Bert arcade game out front as a little kid in the early 1980s.” Joshua (Columbus, OH)


life “My son had been telling me about Harbor House and how much he has enjoyed the food and the atmosphere. Finally, one evening when my wife was working late, he took me out to the Harbor House for dinner. WOW! I had the vegetable beef soup and it was incredible. Since that time we as a family have made it a treat to go to or order from the Harbor House. Great food, great service and great people.� Chris (Huntington Beach)


Night Life

Since being founded in 1976 by Paul Hennessey, an entrepreneurial former Wall Street stock trader, Hennessey’s Tavern, Inc. has grown from a single location in Hermosa Beach, Calif. into a diversified group spread throughout Southern California that today includes: 10 Hennessey’s Tavern and H.T Grill operations, as well as the renowned Lighthouse Cafe jazz club and The Fish Bucket - a casual “beachy” concept.

Mr. Hennessey credits the company’s success to the fact that it has found a market niche and not deviated from it, even as Hennessey’s Tavern, Inc. has continued to expand. He said he believes his dining and drinking establishments emphasize good food and ambience, but shun the flash-in-thepan trends and gimmicks that are common among his competitiors. The final product, Mr Hennessey believes, is the traditional cozy or clubby feel indigenous to Irish or English pubs.








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