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April 2014

Published by Ave Rara ( mail: Design by AndrĂŠ Oliveira . Cover art by Pepedelrey Any similarity between names, characters, persons, events and/or institutions in this publication to actual names, characters and persons, whether living or dead, events, and/or institutions is unintended and purely coincidential.

“1908: Costumes for “The Blue Bird” at Moscow Art Theatre” from

“No bird soars too high, if he soars with his own wings.” William Blake

Well, here it is: the first issue of the Ave Rara online magazine Feathers. It intends to deliver short comic stories regularly (only original material) that can be self contained or work as a teaser to bigger projects. Also, there’ll be always some update to the newest Ave Rara’s books and/or other relevant information. It’s fresh, quick, hopefully inspiring and, even better, tottally free. This issue features “Last Supper”, a prequel to the “Doomed Place” comics album that is being drawn by Pepedelrey. When it’s finished it’ll be eighty pages long of a horror story taken place in the country side of Portugal. You’ll also be able to take a look at a preview of the second issue of the Living Will series. Enjoy!



The second issue of the Living Will minicomic series is already available. To reach a stage where there aren’t many years left till the end is almost as scary as losing a life partner. That alone is devastating. Old Will is still trying his best to deal with that, not because he cares about the future but because he’s looking forward to tie every loose end left along his life. That is a very difficult task, he predicts, but he misses his wife so much he really has nothing to care for. Dying without any regrets is the testimony he wants to leave behind. He doesn’t have many people he can call friends, honestly he really hasn’t been the most pleasant person in the last few years, but he’s willing to revisit a very old friendship. But is it possible to heal old wounds? Can life be kind enough to allow past sorrow to be forgiven?

In this issue we also meet Betty Bristow, a famous TV show host who is near the edge. After a life of regrets, all she wants is to make it right. To bring some balance to her existence. If only it was so simple‌ If you want to order this and/or the previous issue, please send an email to

LAST SUPPER comic short story by...

ANDRÉ OLIVEIRA He once said he’d like to tell stories for a living but nobody was listening. He just hopes someone will read it instead. André was born in Lisbon and lives by the beach in Portugal’s sunny Estoril. Writing comics is his game. Which has nothing to do with his name... Follow him on twitter (@AndreOliveira_p) or visit his weblog (

PEPEDELREY One day he opened his eyes and realized that everything around seemed like a big script, divided in comics, illustration, film and animation, all with a mixed soundtrack of fusions and nerves. Because of that, he soon began to pour ink everywhere, without fear. Check out his Facebook page ( or visit his small publisher’s weblog (


Ave Rara Comics online magazine

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