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T H E C O R C O R A N G R O U P - Th e D e a n n a Ko r y Te a m To what do you attribute your team’s success in real estate? The success of my team is attributed to nearly three decades of experience imbued with a strong work ethic and professional skills that have made my team one of the most outstanding in residential real estate in New York City. We value honesty, integrity and complete dedication to our clients and customers. In addition, we have an outstanding marketing division led by skillful and creative individuals that have consistently pioneered new marketing ideas that have made us leaders in this area. Our marketing pieces consistently receive the highest praise from our sellers and buyers. My team is armed with a superb support team, which ensures that every task is handled to perfection. Finally, we have developed a culture of cooperation and collaboration, which is part of our strong team spirit that constantly strives for the continued success of the entire team. What experience does your team bring to the table? We have experience in all sectors of the market, condos, new development, co-ops, and townhouses in all price category. Our creative

marketing and top level customer service are our particular strong suits. For those selling a home, what are the little things they can do that make a big difference? Each property requires a different approach and understanding what is needed is where my team excels. Preparations can include everything from having the windows cleaned to de-cluttering, staging and painting and even, in some cases, renovating! What advice would you give someone looking to buy real estate in your area now? Look past bad décor. Because many buyers lack the ability to visualize a space as it could be, looking past bad décor or décor that is simply not your taste or style can play a major factor in achieving a lower purchase price. If you can see what is possible, you may find the frog that can become a prince. It is also important to consider how long you plan to own the property you are about to purchase. If you find a great apartment and plan to be in it for a reasonably long term, don’t worry too much

about paying more than you really want to. Negotiate as effectively as possible but if an increase is required, it is often wise to “go for it.” Over time, values increase and if you love the apartment, your enjoyment will more than make up for it. What are some creative things you’ve done to attract buyers to a listing? Any success stories you can share as a result of that? We are pioneers and have set standards for creative marketing. I began writing a newsletter nearly 30 years ago before companies were creating newsletters. With my love of architectural history, I researched and wrote the architectural histories to hundreds of buildings that included information that wasn’t readily available to owners. We were innovators in staging and remain the leaders in this area. We created our own website and are now are on our third version of the site. We also created many different events to attract brokers to a property including lectures on the history of a neighborhood, live music, lunches, cocktail parties and dance performances.

Left to Right: Deanna Kory, Sara McNeil, Stacey Pashcow, Carlin Wright, Lynn Nguyen, Ileana Lopez-Balboa, Jane Martin, Cindy Kitch

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