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WOR L D A C C O RD I N G TO . . . WHAT ARE YOU UP TO AT THE MOMENT? I am working hard at Fox. I am live on the air six days a week, with a full schedule, and I love what I do. My Sunday morning show has a larger audience than CNN and MSNBC combined and is a great opportunity to bring an economic angle to the big geopolitical stories of the day. WHAT’S YOUR FIRST NEW YORK MEMORY? Growing up in Brooklyn where the kids on the block named me “Bullet” because I was a fast runner when we played manhunt.

MARIA BARTIROMO AVENUE’s back-page column asks New York notables our version of the questionnaire made famous by Marcel Proust

WHERE DO YOU GO TO BE INSPIRED IN NEW YORK? AND WHAT NEW YORK BUILDING/ INTERIOR INSPIRES YOU THE MOST? The beach. I love walking the beach in the Hamptons. In New York City, the Central Park Reservoir. WHAT IS YOUR MOST MEMORABLE NEW YORK MOMENT? Being on Wall Street watching the buildings come down on September 11th, from a street corner covered in soot.


ne can hardly imagine watching the hustle and bustle of the New York Stock Exchange without the familiar face of Maria Bartiromo reporting and assessing the market’s daily activities on our television screens. Famously nicknamed the “Money Honey,” Bartiromo was the first woman to report live from the Exchange, has won countless awards for her contributions to broadcast journalism and has been inducted into the Cable Hall of Fame. Currently, Bartiromo is an anchor and global markets editor at Fox Business Network and remains one of the most powerful media figures in New York. A born-andbred Brooklyn native, Bartiromo here reveals some of her best insider secrets for making the most of our beloved city.

WAS THERE A CAREER MILESTONE OR MOMENT THAT CHANGED EVERYTHING FOR YOU? When I became the first person to broadcast from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, my career accelerated. IF YOUR APARTMENT WERE ON FIRE, WHAT WOULD YOU RESCUE? My dog Ella Bella. WHAT’S YOUR BIGGEST EXTRAVAGANCE? A massage. DO YOU HAVE A RECURRING DREAM? No. WHERE IS PARADISE FOR YOU? Hiking in the Catalina Mountains near Tucson or lying in my bed looking at the beach out East.


WHAT’S THE BEST ADVICE YOU’VE EVER BEEN GIVEN? “Success comes through preparation”—from my mom WHAT’S YOUR MOTTO? Work hard—no shortcuts. Love what you do, and do the right thing always. BEST MEAL YOU’VE HAD IN NEW YORK CITY? Too many to mention. Primola is a favorite. WHO IS THE MOST POWERFUL NEW YORKER YOU KNOW? Janet Yellen, the chairman of the Federal Reserve, grew up in my neighborhood, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. She went to high school near where I did and we have discussed this—that we are both Brooklyn girls. WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE DINNER PARTNER? Someone who teaches me something I did not know. PLEASE SHARE SOME OF YOUR SECRET NEW YORK CITY DISCOVERIES. Big unknown is how many things you can do in New York for free—such as the great tour of the New York Stock Exchange [NYSE], of Federal Hall, where there are actual cement blocks that show the first steps George Washington took and stood on when he took his oath of office as president of our great country. There are several interesting tours about the birth of America downtown near the NYSE. The NYSE is something to see, even though it has changed so much during the 20 years I have spent time there. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE NEW YORK CITY CLICHÉ? LEAST FAVORITE? Favorite New York cliché: “I love NY.” Least favorite: “Fuhgeddaboudit!” WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP? Feeling happily content doing a job that I absolutely love. (I think I am “grown up”!) ✦

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AVENUE October 2014  

Founded in 1976, AVENUE is a must-read among the city’s most discerning, stylish and savvy audiences. As Manhattan’s oldest society magazine...

AVENUE October 2014  

Founded in 1976, AVENUE is a must-read among the city’s most discerning, stylish and savvy audiences. As Manhattan’s oldest society magazine...