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MARIA GIULIA MARAMOTTI AVENUE’s back-page column asks New York notables our version of the questionnaire made famous by Marcel Proust


nown for its exquisite tailoring, sumptuous fabrics and of course those signature wool and cashmere overcoats that make A-list ladies swoon, MaxMara enlists an egalitarian team of designers to dream up new seasons of practical elegance and timeless sophistication. However, one free spirit is finally putting a face to the Italian luxury label: Maria Giulia Maramotti. Though she is heiress to the MaxMara dynasty (her grandfather was the founder), Maramotti is no stranger to hard work. Since working as a MaxMara salesgirl in her teens, Maramotti has carved a name for herself in the family business. Now, at 29, the statuesque brunette serves as both the U.S. director of retail and global ambassador of the $1.2 billion brand. Here, the self-proclaimed downtown girl shares what she does when she isn’t working and finding her peace of mind in a city that is never quiet.

WHAT IS YOUR FIRST NEW YORK MEMORY? I was 14 the first time I saw New York City. It was love at first sight. The thing I remember best was my first evening on Broadway with Laura Lusuardi, legendary fashion director of MaxMara, to see The Lion King in 1999. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PART OF NEW YORK CITY? I am a downtown girl. There is no doubt about it, even though I have learned to love uptown and Harlem. I live in Chelsea, and love how it makes me feel really energetic but quiet at the same time. It is definitely my favorite part of the city; I would not live anywhere else. WHAT IS YOUR ALL-TIME FAVORITE PIECE FROM MAXMARA? My camel coat. I know this is a cliché, but what can I do? I am in love with it. It always makes me feel at home. IF YOUR APARTMENT WERE ON FIRE, WHICH THREE THINGS WOULD YOU RESCUE? For sure, my Natasha Law drawings, which are in my living room; a photograph of my family and my Rolling Stones Livermore concert limited-edition print hanging in my living room. 128 | AVENUE MAGAZINE • MARCH 2014

WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST EXTRAVAGANCE? My nine tattoos . . . and counting! IF YOU WEREN’T IN FASHION, WHAT WOULD YOU BE? A sailor. I would sail around the world in a sailboat with my crew; I would spend all my time at sea never getting tired. Or I would be a groupie, if I lived in the ’70s. I would follow the Rolling Stones or Patti Smith around all year.

WHAT DO YOU COLLECT? I collect rings—every shape, every age, every kind. I love my hands, so rings are really something I adapt to my mood any day! PLEASE SHARE SOME OF YOUR SECRET NEW YORK CITY DISCOVERIES. There is a speakeasy in Harlem where you have to bring your own food and drinks and you can listen to the best jazz in the city. Only 20 people are admitted a night, and it is really unique. It doesn’t even have a name . . .

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE WAY TO GET AROUND NEW YORK CITY, AND WHY? I love walking because that’s the only way I can observe the changes of the city. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE NYC CLICHÉ? Honestly? Café Carlyle. I can’t help it. Least favorite? Brunch. I don’t like brunch. It’s overrated. LAST ART EXHIBIT YOU SAW IN NEW YORK CITY? American Legends: From Calder to O’Keeffe at the Whitney. IF YOU WERE INVISIBLE FOR A DAY, WHERE IN NEW YORK WOULD YOU GO AND WHAT WOULD YOU DO? That is a fantastic question. So, I definitely would go to Tiffany’s and try on all the jewels they have, totally playing Holly Golightly. WHAT ACCESSORY AND/OR ARTICLE OF CLOTHING CAN’T YOU LIVE WITHOUT? My coat/outerwear. I hate summer because I feel naked without some outerwear on top of my outfit. Besides that, I am obsessed with shoes, which is kind of funny if you think about it because I want to be a sailor, and in a sailboat you can’t bring any luggage. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP? I want to be a good entrepreneur, and hopefully guide my company with the same love, passion and commitment that my family has been doing for generations. ✦

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AVENUE March 2014  

Founded in 1976, AVENUE is a must-read among the city’s most discerning, stylish and savvy audiences. As Manhattan’s oldest society magazine...

AVENUE March 2014  

Founded in 1976, AVENUE is a must-read among the city’s most discerning, stylish and savvy audiences. As Manhattan’s oldest society magazine...