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Unia: The Method to the Madness Writer Cajsa Lilliehook Photographer Ziki Questi


drop cloth lays draped over a lifeless body. A shapely leg reveals her gender and a glowing pink box sits near. A click on the box reveals a message directing a member of the MadPea crew to place a tattoo on the dead body’s thigh. Nearby, another pink box suggests text to be added to a poster. Yet another pink box gives instruction on the sound volume. Such is the method to the madness of MadPea, the group of builders, animators and artists who have pushed the envelope of Second LifeŽ adventure farther than anyone. With the MadPea Crew drawing on talents from around the world, such simple communication methods are integral to keeping work focused and on track across twenty-four time zones and in multiple languages.


AVENUE Magazine October/November 2013  

AVENUE’s October/November issue brings you the best in this autumn’s styles, and AVENUE shows our take on Shades of Grey, a monochrome palet...

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