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Photo by Ozz Larsson

AVENUE | Publisher's note

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he beckoning of Fall is a welcome change…at least for me. After the sweltering heat of the summer blaze, I am looking forward to swathing myself with soft warmth and enjoy the vibrant hues of autumn. It’s certainly one of my favorite season of the year as it spells of change with the rich colors of power and vibrance. It certainly marks another chapter in the fashion industry and with that we bring you the exuberance of Fall Fashion picks and style ups that we know will surely empower your wardrobe. With change, we bring to you a new column by a well know blogger that goes beyond the obvious. Perspectives by Huckleberry Hax is not your usual foray of editorial reading in AVENUE, as he shares incisive thoughts on events and issues that arise in and around the grid. For starters, Huckleberry reflects on the idea of anonymity that arose as a result of Google’s struggle with it with the introduction of GooglePlus and how Linden Lab fares in this area with Second Life. Revel in your intellect and artistic side as we feature many gems around the grid that we have uncovered this month from business to interior design and the arts. As always, to enhance the ultimate experience in Second Life.

Photo by Ozz Larsson

AVENUE | Editor's note

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s we bid a fond farewell to another summer gone by, we look ahead to the fall season and feel a sense of anxious excitement. And while we will miss the long, warm days, short shorts, and deliciously adorable sandals in every fabric and color, we can’t help but to look forward to another exhilarating season full of surprises, new styles, new designers, and even those old favorites that will forever be a staple in the fashion community and in our closets. It is time again to welcome a new showcasing of talent and seasonal releases that will have the fashion world abuzz and residents flocking to the stores to update their wardrobes with this season’s hottest trends. Just in time for the legendary Fall Fashion Week in New York City, AVENUE is proud to present you with a sneak peek of some of the hottest looks for this upcoming fall season. As always, in “Trendspotting,” our own Brie Wonder presents just a snippet of the looks readers can expect to enjoy this fall season. And for the men who still aren’t sure when it’s time to say “goodbye” to the flip flops and “hello again” to the moccasins, male styling expert Boe Cortes gives you a few tips on how to incorporate those summer t-shirts in your fall style in “Goodbye Summer.” Then, once you’ve said your final goodbyes, we’re going to help you say one more hello…to your new home. Turn the page to discover true luxury living with a strong sense of community at The Grove Country Club Estates, the last place you will ever call home. And while we are welcoming in a new season, we are doubly excited to welcome in our coveted cover spot the newest sensation to shake up the fashion world: Evangelista, a brand that redefines what it means to truly be a supermodel. Created by the mastermind behind the SFL, Romeo Torvalar, Evangelista is poised to be the new standard for models everywhere as Torvalar reminds residents of a time Cindy, Linda and Gia were household names. As always, this latest issue of AVENUE Magazine is the only place that you will find the most comprehensive collection of the crème de la crème of Second Life fashion, arts, entertainment, and even luxury living all in one place. Now turn the page to enjoy another sizzling issue from our amazing AVENUE family to you, our extended family.


34 Cover Story Evangelista

Edge of Style Goodbye Summer

AVENUE Magazine September 2011 cover Featuring: AnnaG Pfeffer, Evangelista Spokesmodel Hair: KERI by 69 Skin: Susan by LAQ Make up: Turquoise Soft Shadow by CCD Hands: De Jolie Mains by SLink Stylist: Seashell Dench Photographer: Kallisto Destiny



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Evangelista The revival of the true supermodel

AVENUE | Cover Story

Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Annough Lykin


he 90s were the dawn of the term ‘supermodel.’ The 80s had Gia [Carangi] and we have some now, but nothing like when we could all catch Cindy Crawford on MTV’s House of Style or Style with Elisa Kentch on CNN. The 90s were the dawn of the Victoria Secret Angels, and a time when Linda Evangelista (hence the name “Evangelista”) said ‘I won’t get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day.’ The goal of my company is not just shoes or skins, but to bring back that supermodel status when models names were as common as famous actresses’. Evangelista’s modeling schools and city replicate the supermodels’ lifestyle and era that was the decade of the supermodel. That’s what Evangelista is all about: real life fashion and being as close to a real life model as one can get.”

These are the words of Romeo Torvalar, the mastermind behind one of Second Life®’s most popular pastimes, the Second Life Football League (“SFL,”) and now, the hottest new sensation to hit the catwalks of SL®: Evangelista. Looking to “bring to SL something that does not look right off the runways… [but] that looks like you went to Saks 5th Avenue and had your make-up done to a flawless finish,” Torvalar has recently opened the doors to a new city of fashion that will remind residents of what once was a totally different lifestyle in the fashion world. “Skins are so important in the virtual world. Sadly, I think we have only brushed the surface here with skins in SL. There are the classic ones like ‘hot babe,’ and there are some artsy ones with fantastical makeup. But we still could see more based on real world fashion trends and layered make-up looks.” And this is exactly what he does with his latest sensation. Evangelista aims to bring more “real world cosmetic norms into skin design instead of the ‘sara skin.’” Torvalar shares his inspiration for the designs: “I try to design things inspired by the real world cosmetic houses with seasonal make-ups and cosmetic styles from the various real life fashion houses…Evangelista follows real world fashion trends regularly. If Paris, Milan, London, Tokyo and New York are doing it, so are we. We follow the seasons and use real life trend books. Vogue would be proud and, we hope, so would Anna Wintour,” says Torvalar with a smile.

Originally enlisting SL as the perfect way to kill time while deployed in a very boring city, Torvalar eventually started his SL career after getting his feet wet in the virtual world. Yet, what many may not know about the mogul is that he originally began his career as a skin designer, and along the way, found himself sidetracked with creating virtual interactive football; an astonishing feat which took him away from his designing for over a year. But, if his genius and talent with the SFL is any indication, Evangelista is destined to take over the grid in a major way. Already enlisting the talents of some of the biggest and most recognized names in the modeling industry, Evangelista is poised to redefine the title of supermodel as we know it. Yet, it is more than just a store, it is a complete lifestyle. Jenne Dibou, the famous steampunk designer, is credited for creating the school, store and city of Evangelista. According to Torvalar, “it’s based on the Palacio De Milano in Italy, and designed to be a tribute to the Italian Fashion Headquarters. Strolling through the RL city, you would find Armani, Versace and Prada. It is a tribute to the fabulous fashion capital of Milan, Italy.” And a fascinating tribute it is. While male fans of Torvalar’s work with the SFL may be anxiously awaiting the releases from Evangelista, they will have to continue to wait just a bit longer. For now, Torvalar says that his designs are strictly for the ladies. When asked about the type of shopper that Evangelista caters to, the creative genius provides a hasty response. “We want fashionable SLers to love

our line. I am reminded of Donna Karen’s muse “Rosemary” that drove her line for more than a decade. That’s who we envision here in SL. Rosemary was not avant-garde. She was fashionable, amazingly so modern, chic and flawless. That’s the women we appeal to in SL.” While the line will focus on shoes first, then skins and perhaps some clothing later down the line, fashionable women everywhere will need to start making room in their closet for the newest sensation to hit the virtual world since the introduction of mesh. We’ve seen the talented designer create a successful, long-lasting hit before, and there’s no doubt that Evangelista will follow in the immensely large footsteps of its predecessor and surpass its goal of revival of a long-forgotten status. Women everywhere prepare to revel and bask in the glow of true supermodel status. To be in the know about the official launch and grand opening of Evangelista, join the AVENUE Magazine Readers Group for the official announcement.


AVENUE | Vignettes

Accessorized Written, Styled, Modeled & Photographed by Strawberry Singh


Skin: ~Natural Beauty~, Malinka (Tan) by Miah McAuley Eyes: Exodi, Soulful Eyes (Holly) by Ryker Beck Lashes: LeLutka, 2011 Lashes (Curl) by Thora Charron Hair: Exile, Ariel (Roots - Pecan) by Kavar Cleanslate Flowers: LaGyo, Flower Bomb by Gyorgyna Larnia Pose: Long Awkward Pose by Dove Swanson

hen I think of accessorizing myself, there are a number of stores that pop into my head as some of my favorites: Paper Couture, Zaara, Mandala, Earthstones, Lucas Lameth, Glow Studio, Rozoregalia and so many more. Today I wanted to highlight four jewelers that do an exquisite job by creating some of the most stunning accessories on the grid. LaGyo is part of LG Concept, and designer Gyorgyna Larnia creates some of the most unique accessories on the grid. I especially love her flowered bikini which I picked up at skin fair earlier this year. Other favorites of hers include her huge variety of colorful necklaces, some of which are scripted to change colors. Her creations will definitely be a quirky and fun addition to your look.

Skin: ~Natural Beauty~, Malinka (Tan) by Miah McAuley Eyes: Exodi, Soulful Eyes (Holly) by Ryker Beck Lashes: LeLutka, 2011 Lashes (Curl) by Thora Charron Hair: Exile, Georgina (Roots – Wedge) by Kavar Cleanslate Flower: je suis, Hibiscus by Julia Merosi Necklace: je suis, Asymetrique by Julia Merosi Pose: Long Awkward Pose by Dove Swanson

Je suis by Julia Merosi is by far one of my top favorite accessory stores on the grid. Her eye for detail and use of bright, beautiful colors definitely stands out. The prim nails are some of the best on the grid, as are the lashes. I also like that she has started creating more of other accessories, such as hats, flowers, belts and bags. Her africain set is what drew me to her store the first time I saw it on the feeds. Make sure to stop by je suis to see her gorgeous collection.

Skin: ~Natural Beauty~, Malinka (Tan) by Miah McAuley Eyes: Exodi, Soulful Eyes (Baby) by Ryker Beck Lashes: LeLutka, 2011 Lashes (Curl) by Thora Charron Hair: Exile, Valerie (Roots – Wedge) by Kavar Cleanslate Dress: ICING, Lorelei (Blue) by Miko Omegamu Jewelry: Donna Flora, Adele Set by Squinternet Larnia Pose: Long Awkward Pose by Dove Swanson

When I think of finding the perfect ring to add to my look or just an exquisitely done feminine set, the name that pops into my mind first is, Donna Flora. Donna Flora has an enormous collection of absolutely stunning jewels. If you are looking for delicate and feminine jewelry, you will find it here, in any color. Her rings, though, are what blew me away completely. There are really only three places I wear rings from: Zaara, Paper Couture and Donna Flora. The rings from these places are different, bold and just outstanding. In this picture I am wearing one of my favorite sets from Donna Flora. I purchased it on one of my first trips to her store, which left quite a dent in my wallet. There is no way you can leave her store without picking up at least five or six new pieces.

Skin: ~Natural Beauty~, Malinka (Tan) by Miah McAuley Eyes: Exodi, Soulful Eyes (Hazel) by Ryker Beck Lashes: LeLutka, 2011 Lashes (Curl) by Thora Charron Hair: Exile, Gwen (Roots - Wedge) by Kavar Cleanslate Dress: Evie’s Closet, Milli (Fundraiser Gown) in Black by Evangeline Miles Nails: je suis, naive nails by Julia Merosi Jewelry: Kunglers Extra, Anemona (Black) by Avagardner & Barbra Kungler Pose: Long Awkward Pose by Dove Swanson

Kunglers Extra is the accessories part of Kunglers by AvaGardner and Barbra Kungler. When I am looking for the most unique and out-of-this-world jewelry, Kunglers is on the top of the list. The Kungler sisters create some of the most outrageous and bold designs that I have ever seen. Their jewels are so versatile, they will suit any look from casual to high fashion. The Serpente set is my most recent infatuation, but you must go down to the store and see it all yourself.

"Accessories are important and becoming more and more important every day." Giorgio Armani

Some of the jewelers that I mentioned will be participating in this year’s Jewelry Fair, which starts on September 16th. Check out the jewelry fair blog for all the details (http:// and don’t forget: accessories play a vital role in completing your whole look. A

AVENUE | Fashion Icon

Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Diconay Boa and Aida Ewing


hopping can be such a fun experience‌ at least for me. When I visit a store in real life, and in Second LifeŽ, I look for something to catch my eye from that very first moment. When I walked into Glam Affair, everything caught my eye, and more. Looking around, I found simply gorgeous designs that were edgy, modern, and seductive. Designer Aida Ewing has worked hard during her time in-world and her love of fashion shows through every design. I was able to speak with her to find out more about her second life.

affair A glam rous

Augusta Carver: Why did you decide to join Second Life? Aida Ewing: First, it was by curiosity. I read about SL™ in newspapers, and saw it on TV, and I wanted to check it out for myself. AC: What led you to design and how long have you been designing? AE: I started designing because otherwise I would have left Second Life. A few months after I rezzed, I got tired and started to find everything boring. The evenings spent in clubs, the running around from place to place, it wasn’t enough for me anymore, so I told myself, either I quit or I try to make something out of this, and that’s how it all started. AC: How did Glam Affair come about? AE: I started a business with two friends of mine; it was named Beauty Avatar Couture, but after some time I decided to start my own business, Glam Affair. That was the natural course of the process. AC: Do you have a favorite part of the designing process? AE: Without any shadow of a doubt, my favorite part of the design process is when the research has been done and my thoughts and ideas are coming to the forefront. I can then put pen to paper or open up Photoshop to finally let all my thoughts and ideas flow. AC: What do you find challenging about the designing process? AE: Designing in SL is not an easy task, especially if you consider that we are very limited. Sometimes sculpts are not versatile

enough to mold into the desired shape or the effect is not what you expected. So I think the most challenging part of the designing process is finding the right compromise. AC: There are a lot of stores in SL, what makes yours stand out? AE: Well my customers should tell you that. (Smiles) I try to always offer quality and innovation, and I hope I am doing a good job. AC: For those who do not know, what kind of items does Glam Affair offer? AE: In Glam Affair customers can find realistic skins, clothes and body accessories like eyes, makes up and eye lashes. We also offer a 10 Linden™ store to help newcomers to find original content for a few Lindens. AC: Besides designing, what else do you like to do in SL? AE: I love to explore new places to find how creativity is expressed in the concept of a land, a space, a pixel sculpture...I love to see how artists express themselves in SL. AC: How do you find inspiration when you create? AE: I get my inspiration from the most diverse things; by taking a walk downtown and seeing a dress in store window, or browsing through a magazine, or looking at a picture. I don’t have a singular source of inspiration. It is a spur of the moment thing. AC: How would you describe your own fashion style? AE: Maybe...glam? I can’t really answer this question because I don’t follow a precise style.

I create according to what my head is telling me to do at that precise moment; and without categorizing what I do, someone might call it elegant, others eccentric. I suppose it’s subjective. AC: What does fashion mean to you? AE: Not the most important thing in life, but definitely a medium that everyone has to express their own personality. AC: How would you define “success” as a designer? AE: I would define success as learning how to keep exciting customers with our designs after years of business. AC: Do you have any favorite designers or stores you always have to check out? AE: I have many! You can see me around always dressing in other designers’ creations, and I am also addicted to shoes and hair. Half of my inventory is stuffed with the amazing creations of lovely designers. AC: Do you have any words of wisdom or advice for any future designers? AE: The only advice I can give is not to hurry things; with calm and without rush, things come out better. The market is filled with skins and clothes, so I think that the best choice would be to aim for originality, as that is always attracting attention here on SL. I see new brands being born every day, and even if some do surprise me in a positive way, others make me shake my head and say “damn we’re in 2011, why are you doing this super noob crap that I wouldn’t wear, even if you paid me?”

AC: If there was one thing you would want people to know about Glam Affair, or yourself, what would it be? AE: I hope that my creations speak for me. AC: Is there anything we can look forward to seeing in the near future from Glam Affair? AE: We have very big news coming up concerning Glam, but there’s also more in store. In any case, I am working on new skins and a new collection. Glam Affair is a brand that draws from Aida’s passion for fashion and the world around her. Creating the finest in skins, clothing, hair, and more, you can make yourself stand out in a crowd with her collection of goodies. I know whatever creations Glam Affair produces will be worth waiting for. Visit Glam Affair to see what you have been missing at Beauty Avatar Couture [169.134.24].


AVENUE | The Blogspot

Made in Germany

Nadja Baxter Styled and Photographed by Nadja Baxter Written by Vixie Rayna Set Design by Mimikri Kit


ince 2007, Nadja Baxter has been sharing her impeccable German style. Her blog (http://germanslstyle. com) is notorious for its chic fashion forward photography and ever-constant posts. She joins AVENUE Magazine this month to showcase an inspirational ode to German Vogue. Sexy and edgy Nadja takes us on a journey to the subversively sexy.

{ skin } Baiastice { hair } LeLutka { blouse } Coco { top } Sheer { necklace } Goya

{ { { { { { {

skin } Baiastice hair } LeLutka dress } Baiastice leggings / shoes } Baiastice mask } DIRAM gloves } KayliWulf earrings } [glow] studio

{ { { {

skin } Baiastice hair } LeLutka top / pants / scarf / gloves } Mimikri hat } DIRAM

{ skin } Baiastice { hair } LeLutka { jacket } Mimikri { top / pants } Immerschรถn { nails } Mandala { gloves } YV { shoes } N-CORE { earrings } [glow] studio

{ { { { { { {

skin } Baiastice hair } LeLutka blouse } LeeZu pants } Milk Motion belt } LeLutka gloves } KayliWulf ring } Donna Flora


So Many Styles Blazer | Boyfriend’s Blazer [Paisley Techno 3] Top | Ruffle Tank [Peach] Pants | Linen Pants [Sun]

AVENUE | GOLden Shopping

So Many


Written, Styled and Modeled by Vixie Rayna Photographed by Brie Wonder


he warm days of summer are getting shorter as we move into Fall. Here at GOLden Shopping, we know a change of season inspires the world around us, and it’s the perfect time to find some bargain pieces for your wardrobe. Irie Campese of So Many Styles is a wunderkind full of casual, chic garments. She effortlessly mixes slouchy tunics into her collection of structured print blazers and boyfriend chinos. You’ll fall in love at GOLden Shopping! GOLden Shopping is part of The GOL community of sims built by renowned architect Dakota Neumann. It’s the perfect place to discover your own personal style and shop for your loved ones. You can find this month’s featured store, So Many Styles, along with many more! Visit GOLden Shopping today on GOL 5!

So Many Styles Top | Lace T-shirt [Blue] Jeans | Denim Dark Blue [Dirt] Handbag | Everyday Purse [Yellow Gold] Bracelet | Native American Bangles [Earth] Necklace | Native Bead Necklace Mix 2 [Gold]

So Many Styles Top | Belted Tunic [Dirt] Skirt | Floral High Waist Skirt [Red] Bracelet | Native American Bangles [Pink]

So Many Styles Necklace | Big Native Necklaces [Earth & Pink] Earrings | Native Bead Earrings Mix 2 & 3 [Gold]


AVENUE | Trendspotting

{ top } Pig Wolves { pants } ISON | Distressed Leather Pants { shoes } mon tissu | Provence Riding Boots { hair } Maitreya | Lauren { necklace } Tres Blah | Cross Necklace { skin } Mother Goose | Melissa { hat } Veluu Faulds | Hillbilly Hat

{ suit } Mimikri | Kay Blazer and Pants { hair } lamb | Wild Nothing { headpiece } four Yip { skin } Mother Goose | Telcy

{ coat } Underground { shirt } Arai | Linen Shirt { scarf } mon tissu | Infinity Scarf (mod.) { necklace } Tram { skin } Mother Goose | Telcy { hair } booN | OVR527

{ dress } ISON | Structured Halter Dress { chain } napoliy | Antique Necklace { pack } Mr.Poet { boots } Adjunct | Lace Up Boot {skin } Mother Goose | Telcy { hair } Fashionably Dead | Shewolf { hat } Veluu Faulds | Bootstrap Hat


AVENUE | Designer Collection

Elegante Moda

for the senses


Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Annough Lykin

hen shopping at Jador Fashion, there is an attraction to the photographs of the many gorgeous designs inside gold frames hanging along every wall. The stone pillars and huge archways that lead one through each section give the feeling of stepping right into Italy. The warm and regal atmosphere, along with the beautiful clothing are truly inspiring. Ziamela Loon, the mind behind fashion store, Jador, has found her creative niche and expresses it through each and every detail of her work. In a world where fashion moves at such a rapid pace, it makes it hard to keep up with the latest trends and styles. Yet, Ziamela does a great job of creating her own trends and continuously pushing the envelope. Recently, Ziamela spoke with AVENUE about her time in Second Life速 as a fashion designer.

Augusta Carver: Why did you decide to join Second Life? Ziamela Loon: Some years ago I read a newspaper article in which it was written that a politician had bought a sim with the name of his party, and the same day I bought a magazine that talked about Second Life, so I decided to download the program and I began my adventure AC: How did you know you wanted to become a fashion designer? ZL: At the beginning, I got a job through a person I met. The work was very simple; I had to dance with guests in the ballroom. I had to find nice dresses, but all I could afford were some freebies or dollarbies. But all the people had the same dresses, so I started to study how to make clothes by myself. Many people asked me where I bought that dress, or that pant, so I decided to do an entire collection and I did my first runway. AC: What is your inspiration for designing? ZL: I don’t know what exactly inspires my designs; I just see something, such as a ring, and I can imagine a dress made of that ring or I find a nice texture and I can see which dress is right for that texture. That’s all. In fact, all of my outfits are all different from each other, I have many styles in my collection. AC: As a fashion designer, what is the most important thing to you about designing? ZL: I would just like people to love my clothes. That’s it. It is so satisfying when a customer says she loves my designs. This is the only

thing that matters. AC: And how would you describe success as a designer? ZL: Success is when people may recognize your job. Success is when you hear someone say: “I could bet that was made by Ziamela.” AC: What do you feel is the style of your collections? ZL: I don’t have a style for my collections; they are created based on my mood. Some days I feel happy, and I will create something funny, some others I see a fantasy movie, so I will create a fantasy dress. Or maybe I see my grandmother’s pictures, and I will create a 50’s style outfits. Every time I hope people will love my collection, and will be part of my feeling; [and by] wearing my creations, they will feel like me. AC: Tell me something that you love about designing, as well as something that challenges you. ZL: I really love to create; it is so relaxing. If I could choose, I would create all day. I love to see my project growing; I love to use different prims, searching for the right one, and matching the textures. The worst part is inserting the scripts, renaming it, boxing the outfits, putting it in the server, rezzing it in the shops, putting it in marketplace...and so on. But this is part of the job; I have to do it. AC: Are you involved in any other projects at the moment? ZL: Yes, I own 4 brands: Jador Fashion, Shouted

Couture, Menlosophy and Tattannoga. I also have 2 babies, 1 husband, 1 dog and a house. I don’t have time for other projects. AC: How would you define “fashion?” ZL: Fashion is a mood; two people can wear the same dress, and not necessarily be the same. They can use different accessories, different skins, or hair. The dress will reflect the mood of the person. Each person should wear what reflects them best, without following trends. Wear what you are! AC: How would you describe your personal style? ZL: My style goes from casual to fantasy. I really like the classic style, but I also love the eccentric, especially the Baroque, and I try as much as possible to enrich the outfit. AC: What is your favorite store in SL™? ZL: My favorite store is Mimi’s Choice. You can find the best choices of the best designers in SL there. AC: Tell us something about you that others may not know? ZL: I recently had to stop in SL; for 6 months I didn’t create anything. I was very sick and I wasn’t able to do anything. Luckily, all is well now. I feel good, but I need more time to stay with my daughters; with my disease, I realized how important they are to me. So I hired a manager, Maven Poulter. She is helping me manage my brand, so I will have much more time for my family and to create new outfits. AC: In parting, do you have any words of advice for future designers?

ZL: Be different! Please don’t copy this one or that one. Use your imagination. This will pay off in the future. Ziamela has done a wonderful job of showcasing her talent for creating casual, formal, and fantasy clothing for women who reside inworld. Jador is a great example of how clothing can demonstrate beauty, as well as creativity. Any fashion lover could take one look at her designs and fall fast in love with them. From day-to-day looks and even special events, Jador holds something for you. Take a trip to see Ziamela’s whole collection of clothing at Jador Fashion [157.135.25]. A


Couture Written, Styled, Modeled and Photographed by Vixie Rayna


his year, a bristle of wind crosses the plains bringing with it a new season of fashion. Much of the designs in 2011 have found their inspirations in safari/ethnic textures, earth tones, and the simplicity of nature. Moving into fall, we will find many designers continuing to embrace their inner nature muse. Join me on my journey to a deserted western town to showcase the upcoming trends of the season.

AVENUE | Fun with Fashion

//dress Meghindo’s | Lanvi [dramatic afrika] //hair lamb | Cinnamon [snickers] //skin League | Sia [pale ruby] //nails je suis | Naive - V2 - Cheetah [red] //bangles Fishy Strawberry | Istanbul //necklace LaGyo | Lenis [gold] (worn on head) //shoes GField | Western Boots [red]

Meghindo’s is a powerhouse of glamorous high-fashion and her latest creations continue the flair for the sensational. The Lanvi design is a masterful combination of couture and nature. The hay-like texture and volume give a very haute aesthetic. Combined with a pair of short GField red western boots, and a jeweled headpiece from LaGyo, you can make this look your own.

//dress Kunglers Couture | Raica [rose] //hair lamb | Honey [snickers] //skin League | Sia [pale ruby] //nails je suis | Naive - V2 - Crocodile [red] //necklace Kunglers Extra | Camelia [golden] //bangles LaGyo | Watch and Charms [gold] //hat Bliss Couture | Alluriay [red] //shoes Mstyle | Goshi [rosso]

Muted colors and nature-prints bring a unique take on a traditional gown. The Kungler sisters’ Raica gown is a stunning beauty paired with their Camelia line of jewelry. Amutey DeCuir of Bliss Couture recently released an inspired collection of hats, and the Alluriay ruffled layers add the perfect finishing touch to this elegant ensemble.

Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice outdid herself with the stunning Chantal gown; its sculpted dress and delicate texture would make any woman feel on top of the world. A crown of peonies adorn the dramatic bouffant of Lelutka’s Brigitte hairstyle. The blue-green hue mirrors the natural turquoise of the American West.

//dress Baiastice | Chantal [cian] //hair Lelutka | Brigitte [burnt] //skin League | Sia [pale feline femme] //nails Je Suis | Naive - V2 - Crocodile [brown] //bangles Junk | Shell [opal] (tinted) //necklace je suis | Boheme //headband LaGyo | Peonies [aqua] (tinted) //boots Hoorenbeck | Cowgirl

//dress Chantkare | Afrik //hair lamb | Wild Nothing //skin League | Sia [pale storm] //nails je suis | Naive - V2 - Tiger [yellow] //necklace Kunglers Extra | Serpente [old gold] //bangles je suis | Preview (Not Released)

Become the regal queen of fall in the Afrik gown from Chantkare. The deep blue masks a detailed ethnic pattern and a dramatic sculpted skirt. The Serpente necklace from Kunglers proves to be a valued accessory with its snake inspiration and glamorous style. Headpieces will continue to be a popular trend for fall, and you can create your own unique look by mixing two styles. The extravagant Orliang is the perfect combination with the Harvest Crown from LaGyo. The trend for texture and safari continue into nail wear with je suis’ new nail collection featuring the tiger, crocodile and cheetah. The easy to use color change HUD makes a fresh coat of polish in an instant click. Nails will continue to be a must-have accessory of any season. Take the time to find your own unique take on the upcoming season and own the trends. Maybe even snag a handsome stranger to give you a little inspiration on the journey! Until next time, remember‌ Fashion is Fun! A

AVENUE | Edge of Style

Goodbye Summer Written, Styled, Modeled & Photographed by Boe Cortes


t’s time to leave behind the warm sunny beaches and tropical summers as we transition into a new season. Yes, Fall is just around the corner again and it’s time to say goodbye to summer. However, in saying that, you don’t have to pack away your entire summer outfits and t-shirts, simply just double up on the shirts, add on the jacket layers and accessorize with scarves and hats to keep in season.

//Skin LeLutka | Caleb //Hair AITUI | 5 Etched Hair Bases //Hat Sleepy Eddy | Straw hat //Shirt Maitreya | Tucked-in Blouse [White] //Pants Sheep Door | Sarrouel Pants //Shoes FIR & MNA | The Emilion Shoes [White] //Scarf Connors | Knit Scarf //Glasses Iruco | Ati Sunglasses02 [Black] //Watch hoorenbeek | Magnum Watch in [Brown and White/Silver]

//Skin LeLutka | Caleb //Hair LeLutka | BREEZE [WalnutWhip] //Jacket mon tissu | Rockaby Blazer [Grey] //Shirt Emery | Top Hanging [Dark Gray] //Pants NV | UFF pants [Blue] //Shoes FIR & MNA | The Harrison Boots [White] //Scarf Baiastice | Ludwig scarf [Patchwork] //Belt Muism | Mu Crock Belt [Shape C] //Glasses Surf Couture | My VW Thing Sunglasses [Green]

//Skin LeLutka | Caleb //Hair Dura-Boy | 24 [Dark Brown] //Shirt ++NODe++ | shirts01 [Gray] //Jacket Sleepy Eddy | Denim western shirt [Blue] //Pants mon tissu | Denim - Lou Lou ~ Used //Shoes FIR & MNA | The Citizen Boots [Slate] //Belt COCO | WrapSkinnyBelt [Silver]


AVENUE | Featured Designer


House of

Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Miaa Rebane


eginning Second Life® out of curiosity, Didier Rascon thought it would be like any other computer game. Little did he know that he would discover a world that opens up the possibility to do and be almost anything. Now a SL™ fashion designer, Didier’s inspiration and passion for life and fashion has helped him to create a successful clothing brand for both men and women. Looking your best and showing your own personality and style through clothing is one of the best parts of SL. House of Europe has become a great place to help residents accomplish just that.

Augusta Carver: How did you know you wanted to become a fashion designer in-world? Didier Rascon: I was a new resident of SL. Like most people, I had no money and I wanted to look as good as the older residents. So, as I have some skills with Photoshop, I decided to create my own clothes! My friends told me that I should sell them because they thought it was good enough to make some people happy, so that is how I started a clothing store in SL. But I quickly wanted to make something better, with better quality. Since then, I have started to design evening gowns, tuxedos and that is how House of Europe was born. AC: Did the name House of Europe develop because you are from Europe? DR: Yes and no. When I created the brand, House of Europe, I had a modeling agency named “Europe Modeling Agency.” As I had the store on the same sim as the agency, I wanted to have the names close to each other! “Europe” was of course because I am a European guy, born in France from an Italian father and a Polish mother. So I truly feel European. AC: What is the one thing that you believe is an important trait to have as a fashion designer? DR: Creativity and imagination. Like all of the creators, we are always in front of the white page, and we have something to draw. If you don’t have a little imagination then you will always have to copy the others; and what every designer needs is to have his or her own image. Sometimes you can think that others are better than you, but we are all different.

We all have our own imagination, and we have to keep it this way! AC: Speaking of creativity and imagination, what inspires you to design? DR: First, it is what I can see from RL fashion. I have some preferred designers like JeanPaul Gaultier, Karl Lagerfeld, and Jean-Claude Jitrois. And then I let my imagination speak and I try to draw something in my head! It happens often when I go to bed and try to sleep. But then I go in-world, and I start to put prims on myself, and I again let my imagination speak! But sometimes things are coming to you from nowhere... it’s like something falling into you that goes directly into your head; you can see clearly the outfit you want! Then you just have to build it. AC: What is your most challenging part of the design process? DR: I think it’s the idea; it’s always hard to have the idea that you think is the good one. After this, I would say putting prims together. Sometimes I can easily lose my patience. (Laughs). Then when the outfit is built, I need all the comments of my husband and of my friends, because I am never sure if what I do is good or not. AC: What is your favorite part of the process? DR: It’s the drawing part. I love to draw; since I was a child I have always had a pen in my hand. (Smiles) I did art school in RL too. So yes, the drawing part is the one I prefer, along with making the textures on Photoshop. It’s the best moment for me.

AC: What is the style of clothing at House of Europe? DR: The style of HOE is, I believe, haute couture. I try to create a mix between the formal and the avant-garde style! Sometimes it’s gentle, sometimes it’s rougher. It depends on the idea I have. Yes, I believe that House of Europe has a haute couture style. AC: And how would you then define your own personal style? DR: My own personal style is Glam-rock, as well as a mix between a soft chic side and a rough rock side. AC: What does fashion mean to you? DR: I never thought about it before, but the first thing that came to my mind with this question is the word “creativity.” Fashion is an art like others. I am an artist in RL; I work as an Architect, I draw, I paint, I am working on a comic book, and on SL, all I am looking for is creativity ! And it is what I have found in fashion: a huge source of creativity that seems to never run dry! I so love this. AC: You sound so passionate about fashion. DR: I am a passionate...and not only with fashion. AC: Besides being a designer, what other interests do you have? DR: Well, I am actually working in SL as a model. I actually started to become a model before I had the brand, House of Europe. I still continue to work as a model for some great agencies such as AVENUE. (Smiles). I also love the creative side of the modeling job, it’s really interesting.

AC: Sounds like you keep a busy schedule going. DR: Hahaha yes, but I manage to have a RL too. (Smiles). It’s all about having things well organized, then you can do lots of things. AC: Do you have any words of advice for future designers? DR: Well I would tell them to work again and again, to not try to be better than the others, but to try to be better than themselves. Designing is not easy, so do not burn the steps, and keep in mind the style you love the most. AC: Is there anything we can look forward to seeing from House of Europe in the near future? DR: Yes, you will see 10 beautiful gowns I have made for the 10 finalists of Miss Costa Rica Sims 2012. There are 2 exclusive designs I did for the BOSL fashion week in September, and before Christmas the opening of a casual brand of HOE for men. Didier is a key example of how hard work, dedication, and appreciation for all things fashion can take you farther than you might have first imagined. Each season, Didier’s designs get more and more unique and stunning. He is continuously putting his own mark on SL fashion, and from the looks of it, he will also keep us amazed and excited over the new things to come. Make sure to take a visit to House of Europe to see more of his latest creations at Iles des Saintes [156.128.25]. A



AVENUE | Homme



Styled, Modeled and Photographed by Lulu Jameson


//Skin The BodyCo | Fox //Hair Dura | 22 //Eyeliner Plume | Dark eyes unisex //Top Soup | DaBo //Boots Muism | Troy //Necklace Jomo | 021 //ArmWarmer Maitreya //Gloves Layer Cheerno | Exmore //Ears Hebenon Vial


//Skin The BodyCo | Fox //Hair Raw House | Urban Savage 2 //Eyeliner Plume | Dark eyes unisex //Beard Attachment Plume | option 2 //Top Soup //Pants Schadenfreude //Headband Bellies | Red Indian //Kilt Emo-tions | highland warrior //Facial Tattoo Nuuna //Tattoo V Tattoo | Souls Hunter //Boots Muism | Troy //Gloves HaVoK | Dark Black Gloves //Hand Jewelry NSD | Rock’n’Rolla Strapped


//Skin The BodyCo | Fox //Hair Tekuteku | Spice //Eyeliner Plume | Dark eyes unisex //Top Airflow | Polo Mix //Pants Sheep Door | Sarrouel //Boots Muism | Troy //Belt End | fret //ArmWarmer Napoliy //Guitar Bag Sey //Bag Pepper | Messenger //Tattoo Aitui //Ears Aitui


//Skin The BodyCo | Hunter I //Hair Dura | 19 //Facial hair The BodyCo //Top Ronsem | Military tee //Coat DeLa*Men | Shearling //Boots Muism //Necklace Cheerno | Native Miuta //Gloves Layer Cheerno | Exmore //Belt Sey //Ears Aitui


AVENUE | Couture AVENUE Look 2011


Cieleste Magic & Harsch Sharktooth Written by Xandrah Sciavo Photography by Kallisto Destiny


ith August bringing the end of the season near, summer still sizzled on the runway at Couture AVENUE where the last round of the Couture AVENUE Look 2011 Contest took place. Throughout the latter half of July and the beginning of August, Couture AVENUE received entries from both male and female style aficionados across the grid, all submitted with the hope of being chosen to compete in the final phase of the selection process. All of the selected finalists will progress to the final competition in September where the face of Couture AVENUE will be determined. Couture AVENUE offers cutting edge fashion from some of Second Life®’s top designers, featuring Amarelo Manga, AZUL, Baiastice, GizzA, LeLutka, Nicky Ree, sYs, and Stylissimo. Our August finalists combined outfit pieces from these designers to develop creative and innovative combinations, and as has come to be expected, the competition was tough. In August, both a male and female winner emerged as winners, and Cieleste Magic and Harsch Sharktooth became the last two finalists to be chosen to progress to the final stage of the competition. Read on as AVENUE Magazine speaks to them about their experiences, and to hear some words of wisdom from both of these inspiring stylists.

Cieleste Xandrah Sciavo: Hello, Cieleste! Being chosen as a Couture AVENUE Look finalist is quite an accomplishment – congratulations! To begin, I’d love for you to share a little bit about your experiences and accomplishments in the modeling profession. Cieleste Magic: I started modeling in October of 2009 as I yearned to find an outlet for my passion of dressing up. What I am most proud of during my time as a model is that I managed to get so far in this industry despite not having formal training. It is also what I am most thankful for during my time as a model. I am thankful for all the wonderful models and friends around that I have learned from throughout this journey. XS: That is really fantastic! What can you tell us about your most memorable experience in the industry thus far? CM: My most memorable experience is definitely taking part in Miss Virtual World 2010. I still remember clearly how hard I worked on my looks and how much I improved and evolved in that short period of time. The competition was very much an enriching experience of modeling, not only in the styling

e Magic aspect, but also in seeing the bigger picture of SLÂŽ; realizing the possibilities to make an impact and become a better person. XS: Being selected as one of the last finalists for the Couture AVENUE Look contest is quite an accomplishment. Was there anything in particular that inspired you to enter? CM: The fact that the Couture AVENUE Look contest celebrates the talents of great designers and the abilities of models to create their own vision with the designs is what inspired me to compete. To make a harmonious look with the designs of multiple talented designers is not easy, and the ability is more than worth it to share and to be celebrated! XS: You showed off a standout style on the runway during the afternoon of the live contest! What was the inspiration for your winning look? CM: My inspiration for my outfit was to capture the soothing colors of nature on a blissful spring day. I unified the green of grass, the white of clouds, the blue of the sky, the pink of petals and the brown of trees to paint that portrait. XS: What do you think gave you an edge during the contest? Was there anything about

your style that you feel helped you push past the tough competition? CM: All the semi-finalists looked amazing and did a great job. My goal was to emit a clear image through my styling and I feel that I fulfilled it very well. I think what made me stand out was how I brought together many contrasting pieces together to form a completely different perception. XS: Cieleste, pulling from your contest experiences in this and other contests, what advice would you give to someone interested in pulling a look together in order to enter Couture AVENUE Look in the future? CM: My piece of advice would be to really spend time on it and to not be afraid to go out of the box and throw on vastly different pieces together as you follow or search for your inspiration. Lastly and most importantly, have fun with it! XS: As we wrap up, is there anything else you would like to share with the AVENUE readers? CM: One thing I always remind myself of is to have fun no matter what I’m doing, and to do anything and everything for myself and no one else!

Harsch Shar

Xandrah Sciavo: Hello, Harsch, and congratulations to you on your win, and for securing a spot in the final competition. What was it about the Couture AVENUE contest that made you want to compete? Harsch Sharktooth: I love the challenge of contests. It is fun to compete with all the other great models and friends to try to style something special and in the end to see what the others created. XS: Seeing what all of the contestants create certainly is exciting, and you presented onstage a very interesting combination. What were your thoughts when you created your look? Was there a certain theme you were attempting to convey? HS: I really didn’t have a real inspiration for this look. I was at Couture AVENUE shopping, and I went through the stores searching for something to style. I like to style extravagantly, but for males, I didn’t find what I needed, so I ended up buying female stuff. It is a good thing that I like to use female clothing! XS: Harsh, what do you think made your style

stand out among the other contestants to help you emerge as one of the two winners this round? HS: I am really not sure what helped to win. I found my style here in the scene and tried to style as best as possible while still trying to stay true to myself. XS: Can you tell us a little bit about your background in the modeling profession? How did you get your start? HS: I started with modeling in February of 2010. A good friend of mine told me about a casting, and I thought “why not check it out?” At that time, I was not that much interested in fashion and modeling, but I needed something new to do because SL was getting boring to me. The fashion and modeling scene caught me much harder than I expected, and through it I met so many fascinating new people and great new friends. XS: I always love to ask about great memories and funny experiences others have had. Do you have any that you would care to share with us?


HS: This is an easy one! It is the day when I saw that a friend of mine posted a picture in Flickr that he was nominated as a best male top model for the BOSL Awards last year. I wished him all the best for the competition, and he responded back with best wishes to me for being nominated. I was totally shocked and confused; I couldn’t believe I was nominated! I always think that I just am a little male model that wants to have fun. XS: Are there any words of wisdom you might share with others about styling for contests such as Couture AVENUE Look? HS: Be yourself and don’t bend yourself for others. You all should have fun and not be determined with winning. You are a winner every time you try for a contest or a casting because with each attempt you gain new experience. XS: To conclude your interview, is there any parting advice you would like to share with our AVENUE readers? HS: Don’t ever forget that SL should be fun and you should enjoy all that you are doing!

All of the above is great information and sage advice worth heeding from two fabulous stylists with a plethora of relevant experience in the industry. Couture AVENUE Look 2011 concludes in September with the exciting selection of the first face of Couture AVENUE. To stay informed about Couture AVENUE Look 2011 updates or future contests sponsored by Couture AVENUE or AVENUE Magazine, be sure to join the AVENUE Magazine Readers Group. And remember to stop by Couture AVENUE on your next shopping adventure at AVENUE at GOL [173.96.22].


AVENUE | Model of the Month

Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Natasja Schumann


hen Xandrah Sciavo first started Second Life®, she had no idea how exciting her virtual journey would become. A resident since February 2009, her talents as a real life Graphic Designer have proven to come in handy. From winning several photography contests, as well as modeling contests, owning a photography studio, and becoming a magazine writer, Xandrah has been keeping pretty busy and making sure she is getting the most out of her SL® life. Because of her continuous hard work and dedication, she is AVENUE’s Model of the Month for September.


that inspires

Augusta Carver: Why did you decide to join Second Life? Xandrah Sciavo: I actually tried to join Second Life long before I was able, after hearing about it and seeing some in-world snapshots from a friend who was already quite active and beginning a building career. It sounded like a lot of fun, and I thought it might be another outlet for my interests in graphic design. I’d also read an article somewhere about the range of careers available on the grid, and that interested me too. Thinking back, I remember reading that journalism was a possibility, and that was a course of study I began during my university years but abandoned in favor of education, so the idea of pursuing that in a virtual setting intrigued me also. However, it took over a year before I was able to obtain a computer with adequate specifications so that I could run a viewer effectively and a bit longer than that before I actually did anything about my actual reasons for joining! I admit to being quite caught up in the initial excitement of all there was to do and see in-world, and I became an early shopaholic and hunt addict, as well! AC: How long have you been modeling in SL? XS: It seems like it has been much longer than it actually has, but I suppose that it has just been a busy and action-packed year! I began modeling in the summer of 2010. My first actual modeling job was as an addition to the runway troupe at My Precious, and around the same time, I won a print contest

for Nefertiti Kimagawa Designs, both of which were huge accomplishments for me since I was so brand new. AC: What led you to choose to enter the modeling world? XS: There are a lot of people in the SL fashion scene today who came here specifically to design, model, or to fill some other related role in the industry, but I had no such intentions! Photography was my gateway to the modeling world. In June of 2009, I entered and was one of the selected monthly winners of the My Precious Queen contest, but I entered the contest from the role of a photographer whose model just happened to be me, and I was shocked when they chose me! As one of the women who were going on to compete at a live semi-final contest, I was the only inexperienced, non-model in a field of wellestablished models who had an array of runway and print experience, and I wanted to at least be able to present myself in a respectable way, so that is how I actually began. It did not take very long for me to fall in love with the modeling profession in SL, for it is a true crossroad meeting place for so many things that I love – art, photography, performance, textiles, design – and all of those reasons, as well as the many incredible people I’ve met, are the reasons I grew to love it even more and chose to continue pursuing a career as a model in SL. AC: How would you define your personal style?

XS: My sense of style seems to evolve somewhat with the passage of time and as horizons continue to broaden for me. I still very much admire vintage fashion, and there will always be something about Old Hollywood-inspired glamour that will always excite me. AC: What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of modeling in SL? XS: My father has told me, “Quitters never win, and winners never quit,” and even though those were words I grew to hate when I was asking to quit the swimming team as a kid, throughout my life that has become a personal mantra and is something I think about during challenging times. So for me, one of the biggest challenges has been learning to not be so hard on myself and to keep my perfectionism in check – being a perfectionist is certainly helpful in this profession, but it is important to remember to have fun, too! AC: What is the most rewarding part of modeling? XS: For me, modeling is a creative vehicle that allows me to experiment with visual art, fashion, and other things that I love in a virtual world with limitless possibilities! It is a way to express myself and to surround myself with incredibly imaginative people, mostly designers, models, and photographers. Perhaps most rewarding, however, are the many friendships I’ve been fortunate enough to make. I am so lucky to have connected with some fabulous people from all around the

world, and this has enriched both my second life and my first life, as well. AC: As a model, what do you believe is an important skill to have? XS: I think there is no one important skill that can make one a successful model. I believe that in order to be successful, one has to have the right combination of several different skills and qualities: flexibility, ambition, determination, professionalism, resourcefulness, an amicable personality, and the ability to listen and communicate effectively, among many others. Also high on that list of skills, however, would be the ability for a model to style himself or herself in a way that makes them stand apart from others. AC: Aside from modeling, what other hobbies do you have? XS: In addition to modeling, I still operate my own photography studio. Studio photography and graphic design are interests that I brought with me when I came to the grid and are two things that I still enjoy. I love to explore sims that I’ve never seen before, and I’ve developed an interest in virtual gardening – which is kind of funny considering that I cannot even keep a cactus alive in real life! AC: Name one thing people might not know about you if you never told them. XS: I have spent the majority of the last seven months caring for my real life and Second Life partner who had a brain tumor, and after the recent surgery, we are well on the road to recovery!

AC: Do you have any favorite stores in SL? XS: This is a hard question, because I love so many stores and hate to leave anyone out! One of my all-time favorites is Paper Couture, and I really hope and pray that the Lu sisters come out with some more incredible pieces soon. Also, when I stumbled upon the vintage designs of Sonata Morales, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Recently, I have become something of a hat and headpiece collector, and I love the latest work by Lode, Baoba, Lyrique, Bliss Couture Hats, the Mad Hattery, and LaGyo, to name but a few. I also can’t forget to mention the work of Megg Demina of Chapeau tres Mignon and the Fashion Heroes Museum – she is amazing! AC: Do you have any advice for aspiring models? XS: I have a few pieces of advice for aspiring models. First, be original and find your own unique look. Second, keep an organized inventory so that you always know what you have and are prepared to add interesting elements to your styling! Third, please remember to treat your fellow models with kindness and respect, accept help graciously when it is offered, and offer help when it is needed. One last piece of advice is something I find myself repeating, but I think it is important to keep a sense of humor about you and to have fun; for when the funstops, it is time to move on to something that truly makes you happy! Life – real life and Second Life – is too short to do anything but that.

Xandrah is a great example for aspiring models. It just goes to show you that it does not matter when your rezz date is, you can still accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. Her passion for life, art, and fashion shows through her modeling and her work. Her creativity and style will inspire you. You can take a look at her resume and portfolio to see samples of her work on her website at A

AVENUE | My Precious Queen Contest

Roadto Royalty

Written by Xandrah Sciavo Photography by Natasja Schumann


he moment you step from the lovely gazebo that serves as the landing point at My Precious, you are greeted by a wall lined with photographs of some of the most stylish and beautiful women on the grid. By presenting photographs that display their ability to capture the essence of the My Precious brand, these women are vying for the titles of My Precious Summer or Winter Queen, royal ambassadors of the fashion house selected on a semiannual basis. Each month, three finalists are chosen, and these fortunate women will move forward to compete at the final competition at the end of each six month period. At the close of each final, a winner will be selected, and the new My Precious Summer or Winter Queen will have the honor of representing a fashion house known for some of the most elegant and most finely crafted gowns in all of Second Life速.

The current contest round will culminate in the selection of My Precious Winter Queen 2012, and one lucky lady will have quite a journey ahead of her. In addition to the prestigious title, the winner will receive cash prizes, a voucher for AVENUE Model Academy, sponsored gifts and gift cards, and a photo shoot for AVENUE Magazine. She will also have the opportunity to serve as the hostess of Dare to Dream, (http://mypreciousqueen., a blog in which she will highlight My Precious designs and events during her reign. There were a multitude of beautiful entries during the month of August, and after much deliberation, the selections were made. AVENUE Magazine is delighted to present the August Finalists for My Precious Winter Queen 2012. Read on as we introduce you to Azull Ash, Irina Strazytski, and Vivienne Darcy.

k Azull Ash Azull Ash is a multi-talented woman who has her hands full with many endeavors, from modeling and photography to scripting and building. Azull is creative and imaginative, and loves to dabble in photography. As a matter of fact, Azull is the former owner of a maternity clinic and creator of scripted infants. While she states that these days, she spends the majority of her time in-world involved in building and scripting projects, she also works with various modeling agencies and devotes time to the role that is most special to her – that of a mother. Azull describes herself as a “fighter for life,” and her friends would agree, adding that her personal attributes include persistence, strength, and a touch of crazy for good measure. A former mentor for Linden Lab, Azull credits SL® for teaching her many things, from learning English to improving her typing skills. She enjoys aspects of many style genres, and says that though she may experiment with a variety of styles, she wears them all with pride, and this makes her feel terrific. Favorite My Precious Design: My favorite design must be Queen Lucia. I have to say that I am not a lady who tends to lean toward pink and white colors, and this dress suits a real dark queen. It is elegant,

sexy, strong, and very stylish. The avatar that wears this dress must have strong features to give that attitude that a dark queen needs, and in my eyes, that is what Queen Lucia does for you. Thoughts about winning the My Precious Winter Queen crown: Winning the My Precious Queen contest is a dream for all of the models out here. The designs are simply amazing, and when you wear them, you already feel like a queen. In addition, being crowned as the winner would be a place to be proud of, and I know that to get there, I will have to work hard and become a very special model in the eyes of the judges. Personal Styling Advice: The best tip I can give to any one is: more doesn’t necessarily mean better. Be casual. Be elegant. Don’t overdo it. We tend to wear all we have in our inventory, as we can afford almost all of the things that we can’t have in real life, so we want to make sure people see all that we have. This is not always good. I love simple and elegant styles, whether I am going to be a vampire or a zombie.

k Irina Strazytski Irina Strazytski is a model and blogger whose pathway to the fashion industry was preceded by a career in photography. The owner of her own photography studio, Irina hopes to dedicate more time to blogging in the future. She is represented by several modeling agencies and says that most of her time in SL is devoted to endeavors in this field. Irina also enjoys roleplaying an elf in medieval and fantasy role-play sims, as well as spending time with her friends. She says that she suspects her friends would describe her as goofy, but Irina describes herself as a water spirit who has a great love for fantasy and fairytales which influences her view of the world around her. Irina tells us that the helpfulness of friends and strangers alike on the grid is a very special quality she has come to enjoy about SL. When asked to describe her personal sense of style, she relates that her sense of style varies a lot depending on her mood. Irina feels comfortable in almost any style, although her favorite genre is fantasy, and she often adds elements of it when styling for other genres, as well. Favorite My Precious Design: My favorite design is Agnes Serene Dress in white. I love this dress, and I’ve loved it since I first saw Agnes Finney wearing it at one of her fashion shows. I didn’t have the coinage

to buy it right away, but I kept going back to it again and again, until I finally gave in to the urge and bought it. It’s been one of the outfits I wear the most ever since because it’s sexy yet still very elegant. Thoughts about winning the My Precious Winter Queen crown: I found out about My Precious when someone gave me a notecard about the contest almost two years ago, when becoming an SL model hadn’t even occurred to me. I’ve participated on and off ever since, although I never thought I’d make it to the finals. I’m still having difficulties believing I’ve actually made it there and that I might actually become the Queen. It would be a great honor to represent My Precious. Personal Styling Advice: Style for yourself; don’t be afraid to test and try different options, and give your imagination wings to fly.

k Vivienne Darcy Vivienne Darcy is a spirited woman with a great sense of humor and a flair for being creative. A dancer with Ballet Pixelle, she has been fortunate enough to have danced in every production since she began with them in 2007. She is also a dancer with Dazzlers Dance Troupe, models with several agencies, and has begun to design clothing, which she sells at her shop, Miss Darcy. Vivienne says that her time on the grid is defined by relationships, and that the depth of meaning and power of the virtual friendships we form here was a surprise to her. She is honored to have forged so many valuable friendships and relationships in SL, and notes that the bond she has formed with her partner is particularly special to her. Vivienne prefers to take a different approach with her personal style and describes that she likes to browse her inventory and let inspiration strike. This funny lady’s humor shines through as she adds, “sometimes magic occurs, and sometimes, sigh, renovation is required. However, if I can leave my house with hair and shoes, I think I am already successful.” Favorite My Precious Design: The gown I wore when I was selected as a finalist, Glamour in gold, is quite appealing to me. The texture is stunning, and the style is chic and elegant. And clearly, it’s a good luck gown!

However, my favorite is the very first Agnes Finney design I purchased in 2008. I knew I had stumbled upon designs that were a cut above! Alas, I lost it in an inventory meltdown, but I will always remember it fondly. Thoughts about winning the My Precious Winter Queen crown: It’s so exciting! One of my friends IMed me to ask if I was selected as a finalist for My Precious, and I had to take a moment to think and say “YES,” I was! It just seems so surprising. And to be selected to win the crown would be remarkable. What an honor it would be to represent such elegance and beauty. Personal Styling Advice: If you are out in public and your hair or a strategic piece of clothing has not rezzed, do NOT panic. Just act as though it’s everyone else’s viewer that is at fault! Seriously, though, my best tip is to be yourself, just as you would be in RL. You are unique, so celebrate that and don’t try to be a clone of anyone else.


AVENUE | Interiors


Written by ShaiLi Alex Photography by Brie Wonder



ISP Bazaar is a magnificent decorations and furniture store, tastefully created by Pandora Popstar. The store is composed of several rooms of decorated furniture that are ideal for all tastes, and excellent for people who appreciate the little details that always give a touch of charm and elegance. Each creation has something very special; a certain charm that makes us want to buy the whole store. Each decoration seems a work of art; unique, vivid colors that give harmony to the environment. Sitting for an interview, Pandora gave me more details about her personal life and the creation of LISP Bazaar. Read along and enjoy. ShaiLi Alex: Tell us a bit about your story here in Second Life®. Pandora Popstar: I came into SL™ in February of 2007 with a bunch of friends from a Machinima forum. I’d made a little film within about 4 weeks of coming into SL and I was hooked on that ever since. I started the LISP Bazaar shop in February 2010 with just a few items; we were featured in the SL Destination Guide about 5 weeks after we opened (which was a major shock at the time), and that gave us a huge boost in confidence to carry on expanding the business. SA: When did you have the idea for the creation of LISP Bazaar and how did you start to work on it? PP: I had been making little bits of furniture just to sell on Xstreet to pay for tier and inworld spending since early 2007, but the items

were very generic (e.g. paper light strings). It wasn’t until around January 2010 that I started to think of items I wanted to own myself but couldn’t find in-world. I began a trial of making furniture that had more of me in them, and they started to sell a lot more than the previous items. SA: What was LISP Bazaar’s original purpose? PP: To make and sell furniture. SA: Do you have new, upcoming projects? Can you tell me details? PP: Nothing specific. I create by what mood I’m in, so if I’m feeling quite dark, there will be a load of new dark items, and if I’m feeling light and fluffy there will be new, cute and bright related bits of furniture. SA: What people can expect from your work? PP: I’m not sure; I don’t like to be too predictable! SA: Your creations are so authentic and beautiful. What else do you think attracts people to your work? PP: Oh thank you! That is a big question I can’t answer. Quite often friends will say something about the LISP shop and I say “really?” I’ve got a huge block where I can’t “see” the LISP shop from another perspective, all I am seeing when I look at the furniture is myself; it’s too familiar to see it from another angle I guess. SA: Where do you get your inspiration? PP: All over the place; sometimes I can see a whole room or idea straight inside my head, other times I need to create collages by flicking through a million Google pictures.

SA: To what do you attribute your success? PP: I would say it was 20% marketing, 20% design skills, 20% self criticism (so you can improve for the next time), and 40% a good work ethic (laughs). SA: How do you feel now that LISP Bazaar is so successful? PP: I feel like when I opened LISP I started at the bottom of some stairs and I’m walking up. The small steps happen so slowly that I don’t notice where I am on the stairs. SA: Do you work alone or is there someone who helps you? PP: Funny you should say that! Up until 4 weeks ago I was working alone but my real life old man just started taking an interest in Blender; he seems to have picked it up quite fast, so we will see! SA: Please send a farewell message to your customers and the people who support you. PP: I love you! Genuinely I do love you! I have the best time chatting with customers, everyone is so lovely! Thank you for the interview! We wish you great success and we know you will continue to surprise us with new and beautiful creations. Visit LISP Bazaar in-world at LISP [95.130.1097].


AVENUE | Sim Review

Country club Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Brie Wonder

living at its finest


uxury. Class. Immaculate living. Words that most equate with wealth and fortune. Yet, what if you could have these things without having the wealth? What if you could live in luxury without belonging to the upper echelon, but instead live with them? And what if you could do all of these things at some of the most reasonable prices in Second Life®? Well stop wondering “what if” and start packing your things…it’s all possible thanks to the famed man of all trades, Umberto Giano. In August of 2010, Giano officially opened what is now one of the most luxurious estates in SL, The Grove Country Club Estates. Inspired by Carter Giacobini’s Fire Island community, Giano shares that he found comfort in the effortless way in which Giacobini’s estates “engendered a true community spirit.” While the Fire Island community is no longer around, Giacobini, his inspiration, and a true sense of community can all now be found in The Grove thanks to Giano, and his amazing staff, Dar Writer, Land Manager and Concierge; Viola Rookswood, Community Events Director; and Bren Betts, Concierge. Home to ten immaculately designed and perfectly landscaped sims, most courtesy of famed architect Patch Thibaud, The Grove is not just another residential community. Here you will find your home, entertainment, the beauty of nature, and your own little slice of serenity. While many residents have been

accustomed to tropical living in SL, The Grove provides a much needed escape from the sand and palm trees that overwhelm many sims in SL. Giano explains that The Grove has “a decidedly Mediterranean/European climate in its landscaping. Even our public beach is not tropical, but instead has a South Carolina Outer Banks look and feel. I want to bring something a little different to the grid.” That difference is ever so apparent from your first moments at the estates. Walk amongst the gardens and take in the sights, even take a minute to sit and reflect next to any of the gorgeous water in and around each sim. Make your way down to the Marina and watch the beautiful ships docked at port, or just sit around and enjoy the light breeze. Stroll around the beach and enjoy the warm sun against your skin as you find the nearest place to sit and relax. When night falls and you’re in the mood to let loose, head on over to Club Nine and jam the night away in one of SL’s hottest night spots. And don’t worry about the traffic or nuisance of partygoers interrupting your blissful SL nights, the club is only open one night a week for two (2) hours, so you will be back to enjoying the peace and quiet you long for in the place you call home. Even better? Soon residents will get to enjoy two more nightclubs, each catering to a different demographic, and both will still adhere to the one night a week rule. How’s that for a nightlife? And the rest of the list of amenities included with your new home sweet home? Endless…

and still growing! Current residents can spend time enjoying the Common Grounds Coffee House, owned by Emery Milneaux, the Casablanca Bay Beach, The Grove Country Club, which is available to residents for their own events, The Grove Marina with yacht slips that may be rented, The Patch Thibaud Athletic Center (a three sim stadium), a nightclub, open water for sailing, a park and a concierge service. Did I mention this was your all-in-one inclusive packaged piece of heaven? Aside from shopping, you may never leave the grounds again…and that would be just fine since everything you need is right at your front door. Now that you are drooling for more and I’ve got you on the edge of your seats, what else is there to know? Well, there are a few basics that you should be aware of. There is a strict covenant, but it’s not what you may think. With all of the love and effort put into creating The Grove, it is essential that the beauty be maintained. And while, “you can’t be everything to everyone,” as Giano puts it, ask any resident of The Grove and they will tell you how appreciative they are for the strict covenant. Take one look at the beyond surreal mansions that call The Grove home, and you will understand why home approval is a necessity. Anyone who has ever had a nuisance for a neighbor will appreciate and crave the high standards of this community, as we all want to feel like we’ve gotten the most for our money. Giano says it best when he states “At The Grove, we strive

to maintain an inclusive environment, and we go the extra mile to assist new residents with covenant compliance; including complimentary landscape, terraforming and light buildassistance services. The rules in the covenant exist solely to protect the integrity of the look of the estate and protect residents from griefing and harassment - not to keep people out.” While there are so many things that could be said about The Grove Country Club Estates, there is really only one phrase that can do this place justice…you have to see it to believe it. Take five minutes out of your day to just teleport in to main hub, and I promise that you won’t be able to pull yourself away without exploring all ten (10) sims. The architecture is the closest thing to real life that you will find in the virtual world that we call home, and the landscaping is reminiscent of the most prestigious and perfectly coifed country club in the world, a combination that you will not find anywhere else on the grid. Whether you’re searching for your first home, or whether you’ve been a resident of every other community on the grid, one thing is certain, The Grove Country Club Estates will be your last home. Once you’ve lived the life of luxury and lived like the elite, you will never be able to go back to mediocre living elsewhere…and that’s exactly how it should be. Stop what you’re doing and make your way to The Grove Country Club Estates by visiting Casablanca Bay [74.143.23]. A

AVENUE | Interesting Sims

Lunamaruna Dr. Seuss meets Van Gogh

Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Annough Lykin


he creatively ingenious writer known as Dr. Seuss once surmised: “I like nonsense; it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living. It’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope, which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities.” And while this piece isn’t dedicated to Dr. Seuss, it is a salute to fantasy, to looking through the wrong end of a telescope and creating greatness. It is a salute to the creative geniuses that think beyond two-dimensional worlds and use their imagination, immense talent and creativity to bring to life a world of fantasy, a world of fun, and a world that brings a smile to everyone who passes. Recently, AVENUE had the opportunity to sit down with one such creative mastermind to try and scratch the surface of that amazingly innovative brain for a moment, just to get a glimpse inside of the world of Scottius Polke, the creator of Lunamaruna, our featured interesting sim. Join AVENUE as we share a smile and a moment with Polke to find out a little more about the man behind the art. Sensuous Soulstar: I’m so excited to be talking to the man behind the most creative, yet fun art installation I have ever seen! And while I definitely want to talk about Lunamaruna, I would be remiss if I didn’t at least talk briefly about your incredible background. For those of our readers that may be unfamiliar with your work, please tell them about your background

in art in both lives. How did you get your start creating, and what made you decide to share your work with the world? And for those that are interested, where can they find more of your first life work? Scottius Polke: My style ranges from the cartoonish to the surrealist, and into the abstract. Interested in illustration ever since I was young, my interests turned to assemblage and mixed media when in college. I had a teacher who introduced me to the worlds of Joseph Cornell, Marcel Duchamp and the Brothers Quay. I loved this idea of taking common (or uncommon) objects and reinventing them into something different. Last year I finally got my website/blog set up to promote my art, though it focused mostly on my RL art. It can be found at http://www.srolfe. com. One feature that people have mentioned liking about it is the blog area, where I often give a narrative of how each piece was created, complete with step-by-step pictures. Another place to find me is on my fan page at Facebook ( SS: Wonderful! I’ve visited your website a number of times, and I’m often amazed at some of the pieces that you have on there, and just to get so much insight into how you create your pieces. Now on to Second Life®! How did you discover SL®, and what is it about this virtual world that we call home that made you decide to begin creating art here? And while, you’re discussing that, tell me a little about the first piece of art, installation, or just experiment

at building that you created here in SL. SP: When I first discovered Second Life in March of 2008, I had no idea you could do art in here. I happened upon it when an online message board I was on started meeting in here. That group quickly tapered out, but I discovered all the art that SL had to offer, and rented out a space in the Avalon Arts District. I first simply scanned in images of my work from RL and put them on the walls. This was satisfactory for my 2D works, but as a large bulk of my work is 3D, it felt very flat. At that time, I joked with a fellow renter that I ought to try to transform the pieces into 3D form in this world as well. I later decided I should try it and see what happens. This first SL piece was called “Midnight Mechanism.” Later on that summer, I met gallery owner and friend Zachh Cale, with whom I would go on to do many art shows, including installations “Lunamaruna” and “mushROOM.” He suggested that I create about 7 more and show them in his gallery in the old Cetus District. That showing at project Z was my first official show in SL. SS: Since you’ve sort of introduced the focus piece for this article, let’s get into your installation, “Lunamaruna.” I think the introduction when visiting the piece says it all: “What happens when you mix Dr. Seuss, Van Gogh, and Antoni Gaudi? You might get a taste of Scottius Polke!” I have to admit, Dr. Seuss was one of the first things that came to mind when I saw this amazing purple world. How did you ever come up with such an interesting

work of art, and how long did it take you to bring this masterpiece to life in its entirety? SP: The Midnight Mechanism artwork I mentioned above has an illustration in the middle of it. Having a discussion with abovementioned Zachh, we thought it might be cool to have an installation where the viewer is surrounded by the illustration. I looked through some of my sketchbooks, and found that a common theme among my drawings was my bedroom, as that is where I draw often. I also like to draw microorganisms. Combine those two together and you have my first installation: mushROOM. The second installation I made was based on a drawing that was hung in the mushROOM room. It depicts a floating island in the sky with an organic city atop it. I started out trying to faithfully depict the drawing, but after some time felt it incoherent. When I added a city circle in the middle, it all came together, and the fish came along after that. A story slowly developed as the build took shape, but ultimately an open-ended one. In both instances there was about a month of work and then a break where I stepped back. After the break, it’s another good 2 or 3 months, though this also is while maintaining a full-time job, so it’s tough to gauge the time of either. SS: That is absolutely amazing. I’m always awed by the time and dedication that artists put into their masterpieces and this is no exception. Now for Lunamaruna, there is a

listing of all of the names that you’ve thanked thus far for assisting in bringing this installation together that readers can view when visiting the installation. Aside from those, which I won’t ask you to list, are there any other people that deserve recognition for their assistance in bringing this village to life or helping to maintain it? SP: Neither of these builds could have been possible without the people I mentioned. In general, there have been many who have been very helpful about assisting in the development of art in many ways, whether it be scripting, building, donating land for art, event coordinating, and the many details that go into making this place a lively artistic community. SS: How has the reaction and response been from visitors, as well as the art community since you’ve debuted these two installations? SP: The response has been phenomenal. There have been various write-ups in blogs, an interview on as well as being featured in the Showcase as an Editor’s Pick. SS: Wow that is definitely excellent press! Let me go back for a moment. How long have these two installations been open to others, and how long do you intend to keep them in their current form before you begin a new project? Is there another project in the works, and if not, how can new fans of your art find out more about new installations when it comes time to debut a new piece? SP: mushROOM has been open since November of 2009 and Lunamaruna since March of 2010.

I debuted another work titled “The Docks” this year, which will reopen in September. To find out more about my SL art, join my group…“Polke’s Folkes.” SS: Now before we end, there is just one more thing that I have been dying to ask. Curious minds just have to know, why are you a tiny otter 98% of the time in SL? Is there something special about the otter that intrigues you, or is there a much more exciting reason? SP: Regarding the otter, I remember seeing tinies and thinking they were fun. I spent much time at Wynx Whiplash’s store, where you could pick from about 70. After much gnashing of teeth, I decided the otter was the one for me SS: Well that is absolutely adorable! I definitely want to thank you for taking the time out to answer my questions, and it’s time to leave the readers on a positive note. I’m going to do something I rarely do, and let you have the last word…so make it good! SP: Hmmmm… (Scratches chin) You “otter” be good to yourself. Hurry down and take the shuttle pod up to Lunamaruna (and its accompanying installation!) at Lennox Hill [58.143.24]. A

AVENUE | Sports & Recreation

Abbotts Aerodrome A farewell to

Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Cade Nansen


ust imagine that you are soaring through the air over 100 miles per hour; high enough to see the fluffy clouds up close and side by side with the birds. Sounds fun right? It might even sound a little impossible to do in real life unless you have a pilot’s license and a real plane to use. Now imagine you get the opportunity to do that in a virtual world. Abbotts Aerodrome gave virtual residents of Second Life® the opportunity to view and buy aircrafts, meet with like-minded enthusiasts, and take flight in the air. Now after a thrilling seven and a half years of operation, Abbotts is closing its doors. I had the chance to speak with one of the owners, Cubey Terra as well as his go-to guy, Arrekusu Muromachi about their time with Abbott’s Aerodrome. Augusta Carver: So I always like to ask, what first made you decide to join Second Life? Cubey Terra: It was mid-2003 when I saw an ad for it on I was intrigued by the idea of a virtual world...where you don’t have to level up or fight anything. A place you can just build, explore, and meet people. As soon as I had a computer that could handle it, I signed up. I was addicted right away; so addicted in fact that I deleted my account. I was afraid of how much time I’d lose to SL™. AC: Very cool, I can understand the addicted part. CT: Yes, I was totally addicted. I used to put 8 hours a day into it, even after work and longer on weekends.

AC: How long did you stay away? CT: Between deleting Tillman Terra and creating Cubey Terra, it was only days. That was September 2003. I logged in every day after that. AC: And where did the idea of creating Abbotts Aerodrome come from? CT: I was always interested in vehicles in SL. I’d made several planes and hovercraft by late 2003. By that time I’d teamed up with Apotheus Silverman in Zoe to make Zoe Airfield. We felt a little confined by the small space available in Zoe, so we closed shop...and bought up the majority of land in Abbotts at a Linden auction. The concept was an art deco, sci-fi airport. The first versions of Abbotts Aerodrome were that: floating platforms and a runway, hangars with deco styling. All of it hung in the sky over an old abandoned airfield. We wanted to build a place where pilots and aircraft makers could meet up, play, exchange ideas, and also, of course, to sell our aircraft. I guess in part we were inspired by the original Gray Field. That was a vibrant place back in 2003/2004. AC: So you can fly here as well as buy aircrafts? CT: Yes, that’s something that’s important to me: anyone can drop in and fly aircraft and not spend a dime. You can also go skydiving with friends. I really want Abbotts to be a place where you can come with friends to have fun with aero sports. I should use past tense, because Abbotts is closing, as you know. But it has always been important that this is NOT just a shop. It’s a destination.

AC: And were you here from the very beginning Arrekusu? Arrekusu Muromachi: I have been here for years, but not from the very beginning. I came around in 2005. I was a part of GinkoTech before I started to design aircrafts for the Aerodrome back in September. CT: From time to time, we bring in talented aircraft enthusiasts and aircraft makers... anyone who wants to join in and help out. And Arrekusu has his own line of aircraft. AM: Vulpnine Aviation planes sold alongside Cubey’s line back in 2005 and 2006. AC: You said you were already interested in aircrafts in SL. Did that come from your real life interests? CT: I’ve always had a strong interest in planes. As a kid, I built balsa models, and flew them at the local field. And then I discovered that in SL, I could build planes and not only fly them, but let other people fly them too! It was a revelation. I couldn’t stop making vehicles. There’s a special thrill to seeing someone fly past you in something that you made, like that hot air balloon that just drifted past the window. It’s something I never get tired of. It’s also a feeling I’d like to share. I’ve made “do-it-yourself” airplane kits, so that novice builders can find out what it’s like to build and fly their own planes. AC: Is it the same for you Arrekusu, your love of aircrafts? AM: Yeah I have the love for it, mainly transportation in general. Aircrafts were my first love, however. I have been a member of

the oldest flight-related group in SL called the Kazenojin. They are a group of elite pilots and aircraft designers. CT: It was very hard to do without vehicle physics. Even a plane that could do rolls was impressive. Many planes didn’t even move like planes. When Linden Lab™ introduced vehicle physics in October of 2003, that changed everything. Planes moved smoothly, banked and accelerated properly. It was a revolution. That’s when I started making vehicles in earnest. AC: So what has been your favorite part of working here Arrekusu? AM: I think it’s when I was either designing planes or helping to beta test Cubey’s aircraft. Back before I started to design my own aircraft, I used to study under Cubey while I helped him with a few projects. That was the time I started to learn about scripting. AC: What did you find has been the most challenging part of owning this place? CT: Keeping it fresh and interesting. Just like a good website, you have to keep updating content to keep people coming back. You have to give them a reason to return. Something that was interactive, fun, and social. Also there’s a challenge of keeping in the public eye. As Second Life grew, it became harder to reach out to people to let them know that we exist. Usually when someone visits, they have fun and come back. It’s that first visit that’s hard to get. AC: Is that part of the reason Abbotts Aerodrome closing after seven and a half years? CT: I think it’s time to put down my tools and

relax. It takes work and money to keep this place running, and with Second Life appearing to be on the decline in popularity, it feels like the right time to bring things to a close. We’ve had a great time here. Seven and a half years of fun. But all good things come to an end. AC: Will you be doing something else or will you leave SL all together after this? CT: After this, I’ll keep my products on the Marketplace site, but it’s unlikely that I’ll make anything new or engage in any big projects. AC: What about you Arreskusu, have any plans after this place closes? AM: I’m already set with management of the Luskwood area. It started sometime before the Aerodrome, around September of 2003. CT: Abbotts Aerodrome closed its doors for the last time on September 1, 2011. AC: Any last words Cubey? CT: Blue skies and happy landings! Over the past seven and a half years, Abbotts Aerodrome has become a staple in SL for aircraft enthusiasts from all over. An interesting and fun place to explore and fly. Cubey was able to create a dream of his here in-world, a dream that took him on a wonderful virtual journey. His love for aircrafts will live on even though Abbotts will not. As of September 1st, Abbotts Aerodrome closed its doors to all of SL residents for the last time, but residents will fondly remember all of the exciting times they had and people that they encountered during their visits. A

AVENUE | Business Feature

aris P the city of fashion

Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Kallisto Destiny


hen I first landed in front of Paris Metro, I immediately felt like I was in Paris. With a backdrop that is reminiscent of the exciting city life of the 1900s, I entered the shop to further explore. At first glance, there are rows of gorgeous gowns on display. These iconic, abstract pieces made by RFB Morpork are eye-catching and creative. Fashion and business savvy RFB, or Rose as she likes to be called, gives us just a glimpse into her world and shares what it takes to run a business in Second Life速.

Augusta Carver: Why did you decide to join SL™? RFB Morpork: As a full time artist and designer with a working studio in Los Angeles, I was contacted by a couple of UCLA grad students to consider making a virtual reality social network. They suggested I look at Second Life and a few others. Coming here, I was overwhelmed by this canvas of infinity, with endless possibilities. AC: For those who do not know, what is Paris Metro? RM: Paris Metro is a brand that expresses an international collection of Couture style and connects people at the same time to the art and experiences of our time. Globally, we speak many flavors, as does the real life Paris Metro, which is a transit system carrying people to destinations, in a most fashionable way. Paris Metro comprises of about 6 stores and most treasured, a fully supported Art Gallery for emerging artists. AC: What were your inspirations for opening Paris Metro? RM: The desire to have apparel I would wear and treasure as art. Fashion does that to us; we see one, and want something more. AC: How long has it been open? RM: About 2 years, and in Paris about 1.5 years. AC: What is your favorite part of running a business? RM: The process. I truly love the start to finish of the design, from conception to actually seeing

it alive on a beautiful guest. I love working with my team, they are the best; DrJ Cleanslate, General Manager of Paris Metro; JeanPierrot Hamelin, Gallery Director of Paris Metro Art Gallery; Maggie Spires, Cultural Advisor of Paris Metro and some of Second Life’s most beautiful models, Distracting Nighbor and Amalfia Hanly. It’s a lot of fun working with extraordinary talent, they make me shine. AC: What is the most challenging aspect of the business? RM: Conveying what is necessary to keep the brand on target to all the great support. It’s all about time; there is never enough to cover all the ideas we have, but the challenge is to reach for it. AC: Aside from working, what other things do you enjoy doing in-world? RM: I totally love to go out and dance in one of my gowns; that’s my little reward. I love to see live performances. Paris has some awesome ones that leave me breathless. AC: What has the experience been like running Paris Metro on the Paris Sim? RM: I feel very fortunate in Paris; they truly have one of the best places in SL where there is little hassle. The location is a collection of some of the best buildings and talent SL has to offer. I own only a small part of it, but it is the group that manages it that is so awesome. We work out our events together and promote each other; it’s really a place. I am so grateful for it, and it has contributed to my success in no small way. Netpat Igaly and Ziget Tammas

have made Paris a true destination spot, I am just lucky to share in it. AC: Do you have any favorite shops you like to visit often in SL? RM: I think I have a dozen pairs of Similar Quality Italian Footwear, now available at my favorite Four Season’s Plaza; and I love shopping for gems such as those at Artistry by ~ E. AC: Do you have any advice for fellow or future business owners? RM: When people doubt you will succeed, don’t believe them. FOLLOW THAT LITTLE VOICE INSIDE. Then don’t give up easily, do more each day of what worked right the day before. AC: Do you have any plans coming up for Paris Metro, such as events? RM: We have a series of events called the “You Are Beautiful Concerts.” As of this writing, in the Paris Metro Art Gallery there is an exciting installation “Exhibition: Betty Tureaud, North Pole.” AC: If there was one thing that you would like people to know, what would it be? RM: That they are beautiful, and it is an honor to share SL with them. Thank you first off for this interview; it is truly an honor to have this chance to discuss Paris Metro Couture. I wish to thank Avatar PR for introducing Paris Metro to AVENUE, and thanks to their staff for this wonderful connection. Rose’s appreciation for culture and life shows

"Don’t give up easily, do more each day of what worked right the day before"

in her work every day. With six stores to run, as well as an awe-inspiring art gallery to maintain, Rose seems to keep pretty busy. A businesswoman with drive, I expect nothing but good things from her. Whether you are a fashion lover or an art lover, Paris Metro has you covered both ways. Visit Paris Metro to see what you have been missing at Paris Couture [103.53.23]. While you are at it, take a trip to the Paris Metro Art Gallery at Paris Couture [123.25.22]. A

AVENUE | Perspectives









Three cheers for Linden Lab™

Written by Huckleberry Hax Photography by Annough Lykin



ead Linden Lab’s August update and you might just be forgiven for detecting the slightest hint of smugness in their comments on Second Life® Profiles. “As always,” they assert, “we value your right to network under any identity you like...let your imagination run wild!” It’s not exactly an open declaration of ideological distance from Google’s recently criticised stance against the use of “fake names” – it’s more of a knowing wink, really – but given the many complaints thrown in the Lab’s direction over the last couple of years concerning all manner of perceived ideological departures, the opportunity to sneak in a subtle, “See? We’re doing something right, aren’t we?” must have seemed just too good to pass up on. Quite right too.

I have a Google+ account for my SL® avatar. I’m half expecting it to be suspended any day now. The other half of me thinks this won’t actually happen, the same way it hasn’t actually happened for my Facebook account. Facebook have – apparently – a similar “real names” policy, though quite how this applies to, for example, “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” (who I follow) I have no idea. Did HBO change a volunteer employee’s name to Curb Enthusiasm (middle name “Your”)? I think not. It’s all exceptionally confusing. And search the Google+ guidelines for a definitive no-youmay-not-use-an-online-identity-for-your-profile and you’re unlikely to be satisfied (I say “you’re unlikely” rather than “you won’t” because Google policy statements on this issue appear about as stable as the world economy). The latest official comment (at the time of writing) reads, “It’s important to use your common name so that the people you want to connect with can find you. Your common name is the name your friends, family or co-workers usually call you.” On the issue of pseudonyms, they add, “Put nicknames or pseudonyms in the Other Names field.” In other words, where everyone can see them. Kind of missing the point about pseudonyms, isn’t it? There’s a certain phrase that tends to get wheeled out at about this stage in these sorts of conversations. You know the one I’m talking about. “If you’ve nothing to hide,” it begins and then tails off into one of a variety of fingerwagging wisdom impartations like, “you’ve got nothing to fear” (true wisdom, by the way, never gets accompanied by a finger wag, which should

be considered by law the grounds for instant dismissal of all implied knowledgeability). Of course you have something to fear; we all do. A visit to should furnish you amply with all the reasons you could possibly need as to why human beings might want to use an alias online in terms of the avoidance of bad things happening. They range from bloggers in politically oppressive countries expressing the frustration of their daily lives to professionals in western democracies wanting to protect their professional integrity. The latter example might seem a little bit precious – kind of like wanting to have your ideal career and eat it. It’s not just the tabloids that form judgements of people with responsibility, however. We’re all guilty of this from time to time. In an incident that could have jumped straight from out of a scene from Friends, for example, I myself once made unfair critical judgements on a doctor’s competence based on the fact that she addressed me in Klingon. A liking of Star Trek is one thing, I reasoned (I’m quite partial to a bit myself), even dressing up in the costumes is a bit of harmless fun; taking the time to learn the language, however, is a step too far for a person whose hands the life and death of people reside in. And I mentally wagged a finger at myself as I thought this. It would be wonderful if we lived in a society where every last feature of our personalities (non-harmful features, naturally) – no matter how distant from our own – was welcomed non-judgementally as part of the patchwork quilt of our uniqueness. But we don’t.

Luckily for us, the Lab appears to understand this. “We value your right to network under any identity you like.” All comments on the opportunistic promotion of SL Profiles aside (it’s like Facebook, by the way, except with your SL friends and no annoying apps), they’re right to focus on “identity,” because actually anonymity isn’t only about avoiding unpleasant consequences. I didn’t join SL just because I wanted to see what I could get away with; I joined because I wanted to see what I could be in the metaverse and what that would feel like. You don’t go rock climbing because there’s a safety line, you go because you want to be the person who conquers the cliff. A popular theory in Psychology – one I have some issues with – proposes that we all posess a number of masks that we wear in different social contexts. We wear a different mask at work from the one we wear at parties, which is different from the one we wear during visits to our parents on weekends, and so on. The problem I have with mask theory is the notion of concealment it implies, that personality presented in different social situations is primarily an act of some sort designed to prevent people from seeing “the real us” in order to facilitate our acceptance. Without a doubt, we do mask from time to time – particularly when we find ourselves amongst people we haven’t got to know yet and are trying to win our place within a group. But the working me is the working me, and the party me (not one of my shiniest personalities; incidentally, if you should encounter me during a party, be warned I will probably cling to you all night so I don’t

have to talk to other people) is the party me. And the SL me is the SL me. For sure, concealment will happen every now and again but, first and foremost, these are all equally valid expressions of my identity. They’re all the real me. I’m Huckleberry Hax, by the way. Pleased to meet you. I’m not quite the same in SL as I am in real life, but don’t worry – I’m not trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Huck wears clothes that I wouldn’t necessarily wear in real life; he has tattoos; he sometimes lives in a beach hut and occasionally makes 1960s era furniture because it reminds him of my childhood. He reads aloud his stories and poems every now and then, and people from time to time tell him they quite listening to him do this. Huck likes it a lot when people say things like that. In real life, I’ve never read aloud any of my literary creations in front of an audience because I’m basically too shy to do so and – yes – I have my real life professional identity to think about. But it’s just possible now that I might one day do that, and if it happens then I’ll have SL to thank for enabling me. Even if I don’t, I’ll still be grateful that SL let me discover these aspects of my personality in the first place. The difference this policy makes, then, is that it’s enabled me to explore completely new areas of my potential – of my identity – rather than being confined to the quarters of my existing “real name” me. The IT revolution, after all, was always meant to be about empowerment. On this issue, then, I permit Linden Lab their smug little smile and hope – genuinely – that they feel proud. A


in SL™ a new way to learn about space exploration Written by Spruce Canning Photography by Annough Lykin

AVENUE | For the Love of


hen Second Life® first went active in 2003, the potential uses for education and government entities were quickly grasped and many islands and sims were created for that sole purpose. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA, was no exception, and has had a presence in-world since 2006. I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Caledonia Heron (known as Stephanie Smith offline), who works for the NASA Learning Technologies (LT) program in the Office of Education, External Relations. Here, Heron explains the use of the four islands that NASA has in-world. Caledonia Heron: The NASA Learning Technologies (LT) program is an education technology incubator focused on new technologies for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) instruction using NASA’s research and missions. Our team manages the NASA eEducation Island in Second Life. NASA has been in Second Life since 2006, and received a dedicated education island, NASA eEducation, in 2008. There are three other NASA islands in SL at this time: Youth Expo, CoLab and Explorer Island. Youth Expo is managed by the Miami Science Museum. CoLab and Explorer Island are managed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (“JPL”). CoLab will be decommissioned soon. Youth Expo Island is a grant collaboration between the Miami Science Museum and NASA Informal Education. This former teen

grid island provides a place to educate middle and high school students about climate issues, climate data and climate change. Explorer Island displays the work and missions at JPL. Other NASA islands which have come and gone include Lunar Exploration Island, which was focused on the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite/Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (“LCROSS/LRO”) mission, and Glennopolis, which was an effort by the CIO Office at NASA Glenn. An affiliate of NASA, Classroom of the Future, currently manages the island known as MoonWorld. Spruce Canning: How does NASA use SL to promote the dual mission of Aeronautics and Space Exploration? Caledonia Heron: NASA has 4 main mission areas: Aeronautics, Exploration Systems, Science and Space Operations, and NASA Education Island supports all 4 mission directorates using NASA’s vast portfolio of resources. The NASA Learning Technologies team takes the RL resources and brings them into SL to support the agency’s research and missions. NASA eEducation Island is setup to represent NASA’s work on earth, in orbit, and in exploration. The SL land area has several space analog activities, a resource center and event areas. An analog mission is a field activity set in a remote location with extreme characteristics that resemble the challenges of a space mission. NASA conducts “analog” missions here on Earth to investigate science

methodologies and to test equipment. Our SL analogs include NEEMO, Antarctica, the Desert RATS and Pavilion Lake. We have several earth science interactives to learn about NASA’s earth observing work. You can ride a raindrop through the water cycle or view aggregated earth observing data in video at the Science on a Sphere. Our island sky is dedicated to orbital and exploration missions. You can visit the Apollo moon landing, the James Webb Space Telescope, LCROSS/LRO, the Crew Exploration Vehicle (“CEV”), the International Space Station (“ISS”), the Hubble Telescope and others. In addition to these in situ learning environments we host a dedicated Education Resource Center (“ERC”) in the main building of the island. The SL ERC is a place to find out about NASA education resources. In RL, each NASA Center provides education services and we’re proud to host the first staffed NASA ERC here in Second Life. We also host events, webcasts and contests at NASA eEd. We frequently have NASA scientists as guest speakers. We’ve had climate scientists, astrophysicists, a Nobel laureate, NASA administrators and many others give talks. You can join the Welcome to NASA group to get notices of events and activities. Visitors can take a self-guided tour or arrange for group tours. Please contact me if you’d like a group tour. SC: What effect does NASA have on the SL community, and how does it contribute to the community? CH: NASA eEducation Island serves both the

SL community and the NASA community. We face outward to Second Life bringing resources about our missions and research, as well as connections to scientists and researchers. We face inward to the NASA education and science communities by providing a way to connect with an international audience about resources and research. We’ve recently added a service at our Educator Resource Center in the main building where we have an educator from the ERC at Space Center Houston on call to help you find NASA Ed resources. You can contact Narya Revestel in Second Life or email for personalized ERC assistance. SC: How can educators who visit the sims use the information presented in the areas to teach their classes about Aeronautics and Space exploration? CH: Educators who visit any of the NASA islands have the opportunity to see and work with NASA’s current efforts and historical milestones in an interactive way. There are standardsbased resources available, 3D interactives and events for all age levels where avs can interact with NASA. All visitors can share in NASA’s compelling story of science and exploration. The feeling of telepresence in SL creates a collaborative bond that fosters engagement, conversation and learning. SC: Where do you see NASA in the SL landscape in the foreseeable future? Will the change in mission by President Obama have an impact on whether NASA stays or leaves SL?

CH: NASA has a significant investment in STEM education and public outreach. The agency invests in education to provide STEM career paths for upcoming students and a pipeline to NASA employment. NASA wants to encourage the youngest to the oldest to have an understanding of science and have the skills to contribute in STEM areas through their careers and/or private interests. The NASA activities in SL will support the policies outlined by the administration in office and are contingent upon funding. SC: What does being in SL benefit NASA and what are those benefits? CH: SL is a venue to investigate education outreach and ultimately the usefulness of conducting science in virtual world platforms. As virtual worlds evolve, it’s possible that shared virtual spaces such as Second Life will include the planning, development and training for future missions. Scientists and engineers will routinely use desktop 3D technology to spatially investigate large data sets, explore human factors issues and perform simulated tasks. These activities may occur in a virtual world such as SL. SC: In conclusion, how would NASA adapt to the ever changing SL landscape and will NASA remain in world given the opportunities in OpenSim? CH: Change is a given in emerging technologies and NASA will continue to adapt to the opportunities and challenges those changes present. NASA has interests in SL, the OpenSim

platform Reaction Grid and the Moonbase Alpha MMO where we are exploring the use of virtual technologies to engage in education and public outreach. As I closed the interview, I toured the NASA facilities, including the interactive exhibits such as the space vehicle area, the Antarctic region devoted to climate research, and the Tranquility base recreation (Apollo 11). I could see the educational value that SL presents to the general public, as well as the legions of students that tour the NASA sims, and I could see the exhibits and interact with them just as students would in a real life museum. Second Life, and virtual worlds in general, provide this type of experience without having to leave one’s home or even classroom. Stop by and learn more about the contributions of NASA by visiting NASA Education [126.156.43]. You can also find out more about NASA by visiting their homepage at http://www.nasa. gov/. A

AVENUE | Music Review



Quanah a teleport to euphoria

Written by Jesika Contepomi Photography by Paola Tauber


uanah, known only by his first name, has taken the Second Life® live music scene by storm. Recently, some of the AVENUE staff and I had the amazing privilege to be in attendance at his debut show at The Village’s Club Graffiti, and I must say, you honestly couldn’t help but be mesmerized by his talent.

Years ago I walked into a smoke filled dive in New York city, down two flights of steps and a long corridor into a small room with a platform. Too dark to recognize the person next to you, the smell of aftershave mixed with beer attacked the senses. Then, as if you entered a time warp, the music started and you forgot where you were, suddenly teleported into a euphoria of aural bliss. Minus the steps, aftershave and beer…this is where I was taken for a second time on this night. A born and bred musician from a young age, I’ve been exposed to true talent and have a, sometimes arrogant, appreciation for melody and harmonies that are both unique and pure. Second Life is mainly known to be more of a visual media. Building, creating, shopping… these are all visual. Yet, on this night, unlike any experience I’ve had in SL®, my ears finally took me on the journey. With a personal “one-on-one” raw quality, Quanah pulled me back in time as if he was only performing for me. Emotes and applause forgotten, his vocal inflections, and even a bit of spoken humor, awaken you to the experience of live performance that is often forgotten. He’s not trying to be anyone else… I’m not even sure if he’s trying to be himself; every time you hear him, it’s a new experience into a familiar place. Music is complicated. You often hear people classify musicians into genres as “they sound like…;” this time there is no classification, there is no placement…it’s just music.

Quanah Jay Hicks, yes he has a full name, is a singer, songwriter and producer from New York that is a one man show. Not only does he compose the music and write the lyrics, but he also produces all the parts himself, including vocals, guitar, bass, drums and keyboard. Talent has no bounds, and in this case, a very bright future. On behalf of AVENUE I would like to extend a warm thank you to the Tracer Birman Agency for there invitation and introduction to such an amazing talent. Quanah’s music can be purchased on both Itunes and Amazon, links to which can be found on the Quanah Production Facebook page at You can also contact Kali Birman in-world for more information on shows or bookings.


Allister Westland Written by ShaiLi Alex Photography by Annough Lykin

AVENUE | Live Music


llister Westland is one of the most successful and popular musicians in Second Life®. It has been almost two years since he started performing and writing music in SL™. Yet, he has more than 20 years of experience writing and singing music in real life. Westland has been a member of several bands throughout his career, including his current inworld band, The gReefers, composed of him on guitars, keyboards and vocals and his friends Maximillion Kleene on acoustic guitar and vocals, Lexington Thunder on drums and percussion, and Ictus Belford on bass guitar and vocals. He has a wealth of experience in the recording studio, as he has recorded several of his own songs for fans to enjoy. And by using his own home recording studio, he is really an independent musician. His music can be found on various sites around the Internet, and his videos on YouTube, often heavily commented on by several of his fans. “In my eyes you are the best musician in Second Life. I love your music and looking forward to the next gig, [that] I’m able to visit and listen to you”, says one of his fans on his MySpace page. Allister is a conservatory-trained clarinetist, and has won several awards for his playing abilities. He has also taught himself to play musical instruments such as the guitar, bass, keyboard and percussion. His shows are a mix of classic rock, modern rock covers of popular songs, and his own original songs, providing a wide variety of music that everybody loves. Allister sings live, combining the acoustic guitar and electric guitar in his performances, while using his own personal

studio to make the keyboard and drums effects. His musical style is influenced by Van Halen, Joe Satriani, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and other classic rockers, but Allister says his inspiration comes from his wife, Ocean Mureaux. “Meeting Ocean, my friend, manager, [and] greatest supporter who believed in me from the very beginning and has stuck with me all this time and is a wonderful woman that I truly love, was quite unexpected, but has become one of the biggest parts of my life. Very soon I will be meeting the person who has so enriched my life and so will start a new chapter in our relationship. I love her more than mere words can express.” Westland continues, “And to all my fans, you are the best and I love you all. Thanks!” Finally, Westland offers a big thank you to Linden Lab™: “My life would be very much different without your visionary programming.” Westland can regularly be found in-world, usually daily, at one of the many virtual music venues throughout SL. Readers and fans can also follow his career, find out news about concerts and new songs through his MySpace at http://www., or by joining his in-world group, Westland’s Sonic Web. If you would like more information or would like to book him to play your next event or venue, you can send a message to him or Ocean Mureaux in-world or to his MySpace. Thanks Allister for contributing to the fun in SL. Your music is really amazing. We wish you nothing but the utmost success in your artistic career.


Inside the mind of

AVENUE | Media Mojo

Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Tillie Ariantho


e is a man who needs no introduction. His work speaks for itself. He creates from his inspirations and turns art and installations into leading characters in his film. He is Iono Allen. To call him just a machinamator would be an understatement. He is a visionary who manages to turn art into a character in his film, whose only lines are the images that create stories in the viewer. Join AVENUE as we take a moment to explore the mind behind such astounding films as “Birth,” “A Question of Honor,” and his latest film, “The Red Zone.”

Sensuous Soulstar: A heartfelt “thank you” for taking the time to give readers a little insight into your world. I want to just jump right into the meat of the questions. I’m very curious about the man behind the avatar. Tell me about your personality and how it influences or shows through your work. Iono Allen: Well, I am not sure I am objective enough to talk about my own personality, but what I can say is that it is certain that my RL tastes and my RL behavior have influenced a lot my decision to make machinimas, and the way I make them. As I have always been interested in art in RL (I have the chance to live near a lot of museums and galleries) and also in cinema, I have been curious, when I discovered what machinimas were, to see what I could also make on my side, to see what I could create. So, I tend to use scenes (or the way they are built) and sometimes parts of texts that I have noticed and liked in movies. But I am trying to distort them to make them enter in my personal context. SS: That was definitely pretty objective to me. Now, while I do hate asking the standard background questions, many readers are curious to know how you got your start in the world of machinima, and what, if any, of your first life skills assisted your experience in the world of machinima? IA: I started to make machinimas thanks to artworks in SL, especially during Burning Life ‘09. I had the chance to meet White Lebed, who was the curator of the whole art event.

We talked about artworks, and I was one of the tour guides there. (I had to choose 10 artworks that I liked, and then organize a tour for people who couldn’t visit all of the places). It seems that machinimas were in my head ever since I met Chantal Harvey on one of my tours, who is certainly the most famous and most active machinima-maker in SL, though at that time I didn’t know that! And then I thought: “why not film the artworks of my own tour?” This is what I did, and it was my first machinima. I won’t give any links here, as I am a bit ashamed of it now. (Allen smiles) That’s how I got the machinima bug! SS: Now on to your work! One of my favorite things about your machinima is that they tell a story through very few words, if any at all. One of my favorites (and an award winner as well!), “A Question of Honour” not only shows the beauty of the Hosoi Ichiba sim, but it also draws the viewer in, and keeps them enthralled as you begin to pan around to the different players in the film, and then to the sword that will surely bring about death. Why did you decide to tell your stories visually instead of through narration as many others tend to do? IA: Well, my very first machinimas were documentaries. Something happened when I filmed Rose Borchovski’s sim about the story of Susa Bubble; I was really taken by Rose’s work, and by this unusual story she had invented. So I think this first machinima about

Susa Bubble was still a kind of documentary, but also the story, which one can feel at many levels. That was the trigger, and since that time, I have tried to tell stories. I had the honor of being at that time the official machinimatographer at UWA (I want to thank Jayjay Zinfawe for that), and I had to make a machinima about the winning artworks each month. I can tell you it’s a real challenge! And every time, I tried to invent a story or at least a guiding line. My favorite machinima from that time is “Umbrellas” which illustrates well what I am trying to explain here. SS: One of your latest works, “Birth,” while narrated, doesn’t tell the whole story. The main character speaks more in incomplete sentences with random, almost incoherent thoughts as he tries to understand his existence and where he is. Yet, through such limited narration, the viewer gets a greater sense of his confusion and his search for his existence. What was your inspiration for this film, and how long did it take to actually put this one together? IA: As soon as I saw the 2 installations by Eliza Wierwight and Scottius Polke, which were side by side on the same sim, it was obvious to me that I should use both of these 2 wonderful installations for a machinima. That’s the first thing. Secondly, my feeling about the ambiance of Eliza’s installation was a strange atmosphere, and I could imagine that a guy could meet some mysterious woman there,

but one whom he can’t affirm whether or not she is real, which is the first reason for the masks that were worn by some of the statues there. Who is behind these masks? And the second reason is, of course, the fact that this woman would be an avatar. And I played with this idea of an avatar that meets another avatar, or maybe it is only in his imagination...if it is said that an avatar has any imagination... The time it took to put this one together was not very long; I wrote it very quickly. The making of the machinima was longer, I would say 2 months in delay altogether to make it, but including the time where I was not available due to RL. RL availability is really important for machinimas, since you need time and above all: patience! I am not the quickest machinimatographer too! SS: Your films tend to either center around a beautiful sim or an intriguing art installation. And while your films definitely showcase your amazing skills, it appears that they also entice viewers to want to visit these places and experience it for themselves. Was it your intention to almost in a sense, promote these artists and their incredible works, or was that just an added benefit that just kind of happened? IA: It is clearly an added benefit. I won’t film something that I don’t like, whether sim or installation. I think that each person has their own skills, such as building, scripting texturing, singing…mine is making machinimas. Everyone

should concentrate on what he does best. I know the basics of building and scripting, and I built a few simple things sometime ago, but I am clearly not interested in that. So I visit places, sims or installations, and decide whether to film something there. And if need some decor, I build it. Actually every machinimatographer does the same; the only difference is that I also use artworks and sometimes only one installation in the whole machinima. In this case the installation could be viewed as a character as well. SS: For our interested readers who I’m sure are now, if they weren’t already, new fans of your work, how can they find out about new films being released? IA: In general I publish my machinima on my Youtube page at user/Ionoallen, or at user2558273/videos. I also intend to publish some of them with French subtitles on DailyMotion. For my latest work, I created a machinima about Igor Ballyhoo’s installations at UTSA entitled “The Red Zone.” He is definitely part of the great artists in SL®, but this installation proves not only his skills in building texturing and such, but also that he has got ideas... and I do like people who have ideas. (Smiles) SS: Well again, I want to thank you for taking the time out to answer my questions, and let’s leave the readers on a positive note. So with that being said, do you have any parting words

of advice, a life lesson, or even a funny story that you’d care to share with our readers? IA: Thank you, I’m honored to be interviewed in this magazine. Well, I will end with advice, I think, to machinimatographers or those of your readers who would want to make machinimas: I think that the essential idea is to take it easy, and to do that for fun. Don’t take it seriously; don’t think you’re doing artwork. You won’t be a professional machinimatographer. These ones don’t use SL, but use computers which generate 1 frame in 3 minutes. I will let you make the count: 24 frames per second, and a machinima lasting 5 minutes. You have the freedom of the amateur, you can do (almost) everything, and you can try everything that you like, so just have fun! And share your work! Again, to view all of Allen’s works visit his Youtube page at Ionoallen. A

AVENUE | Arts Feature

Gallery Sayopiyo Written by Spruce Canning Photography by Kallisto Destiny

a moving exhibition of 3D art


he recent earthquake and tsunami that bracketed the Japanese “Home Islands” has moved the world in so many ways. Humanitarian and financial aid poured in throughout the world and artists’ colonies throughout the world were no exception. The Gallery Sayopiyo currently displays artwork from Yoyo Quartz and Sayoko Moonwall. They were visibly moved by the tragedy that befell their

country and created the masterpieces that are displayed at the Kick Sim. Such masterpieces as the Firefly Forest and Prayer and Strength are very moving, and project the stoicism and quiet strength of the Japanese people during this trying time. I spoke with Yoyo Quartz, through his interpreter Haruno Watanabe, and gained valuable insight into the man behind the art and the quiet strength of his nation.

Spruce Canning: How did the earthquake and tsunami that recently befell Japan shape the artwork at the gallery, and what is the message that it conveys to the visitor? Yoyo Quartz (via Haruno Watanabe): Both of us didn’t get directly affected by the earthquake and tsunami. But all of Japan has been affected in so many different ways. Yoyo lives in the southeastern part of Japan so there was a little bit of effect with the planned blackout, etc. We decided to have the exhibition “Prayer & Strength” with the desire for praying for individuals and families who have been affected by the disaster. SC: What do the gears and the kite exhibit on the second floor represent and how does that tie into the message that you want to convey to the public? YQ: The exhibition “Prayer & Strength” that literally consists of two themes: prayer and strength. The space of “Prayer” is Sayoko Moonwall’s photography exhibition. This space depicts the feelings of prayer for victims and survivors of the disaster. The space of “Strength” is Yoyo Quartz’s illustration exhibition that intentionally utilizes the advantage of 3D arts. The exhibition is an expression of strength, not forgetting the sadness of the disaster but also a strong desire to overcome the challenges. SC: How does the “Firefly Forest” convey the feelings of serenity after such a tragedy? YQ: On the ground of the entire “Kick” sim, we have the exhibition of “Firefly Forest -Captive

Balloon.” People may feel that the space is for a memorial of the Japan earthquake in 2011. This disaster is something we will never forget, however, we simply want people to enjoy it as a beautiful space. SC: What do you wish for the person who sees your work to take away as a message? YQ: Yoyo Quartz’s always says “I want my art to touch people’s heart rather than just appeal visually.” As far as the work in Second Life® goes, she intentionally avoids abstract expression but focuses on messages that you can understand by seeing the art. Her father, who passed, has influenced Sayoko Moonwall’s work. Her father was a well-known cameraman and Sayoko keeps taking photography with the feelings that she would like her father to see. Sayoko has strong messages in some of the photography but people may have a different understanding of the photography, but they are all valid and accurate. SC: Would the Gallery consider showcasing the exhibits in a mixed reality presentation? YQ: If you are talking about “mixed reality presentation” like: http://heyjude.wordpress. com/2009/10/26/mixed-reality-presentations/, we were not aware of it. It seems interesting and we want to find out more. SC: In conclusion. What do you see for the future of the Gallery Sayopiyo, and will the exhibits be shown to the main core of the SL™ population? YQ: Because of the uniqueness of Second Life, we are interested in 3D art. With the

introduction of mesh in Second Life, there are more possibilities coming up quickly. Utilizing the 3D virtual space brings different attraction to our art compared with 2D art and photography. As we exhibit our art, we want to utilize and pursue new tools and representation in Second Life. As I walked around the sim viewing the intricate displays and seeing the light in them, I felt that quiet strength and stoicism that the people of Japan have shown through this period of emergency. As Yoyo has said, he and Sayoko will never forget the impact that the earthquake and tsunami have had on their nation and its people. The artwork displayed at the Kick sim will have a quiet effect on the public, and will share with them the quiet strength and solidarity of the people of Japan and show that humanity as a whole is a resilient species that will survive into the next phase of the Earth’s lifespan. Take a walk through the Gallery Sayopiyo at Kick [128.128.22]. A


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keeping a record of life through


Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography provided by Absencen (Maclane Mills)


quiet man with a brilliant mind. This is one of the first things that you think of when you first meet Maclane Mills, more commonly known as Absencen. He is an introverted, artistic genius who speaks with such humility and such profoundness that his words, and even his art, make you stop, reflect, and sometimes even lose yourself in thought. AVENUE was recently honored to steal a serendipitous moment with the reflective and insightful artist to find out more about the man behind the brilliant work.

Sensuous Soulstar: I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to get to know more about the man behind the art. So tell me, what is that man like? And how did he get his start in photography in Second Life速? Maclane Mills: It is my side to thank you for affording me an opportunity like this. I have a rather introverted personality. On one hand, I think that music, fashion, construction and arts are necessary to be structural, but on the other, I give high esteem to the visceral first inspiration. I think I am including in my works what I feel. I have always intended to capture and convey what I felt intuitively and the structure that was the background factor. The reason why I started shooting photographs in SL速 was to simply keep a record of my avatar life. I think that is the same reason for almost everyone. What I created, who I passed time with together, scenery that I saw, and I saved them only for my record, and seldom showed them to others. It is the same in RL. Being not so much attached to photographs, I think I had been handling a camera with very general values. The trigger that attracted me to photographs and let me buy a single lens reflex camera was a photo shooting trip with one of my friends who is a respected photographer. At that time, he was shooting floras, but I was impressed with his diligent attitude toward the subject. Whenever a bird chirped, he knew what kind of bird it was, and whenever he saw a roadside flower, he knew the name and how to bring forth

the beauty with the best angle and timing. I was attracted to the sincere way to face the subject, the stoic attitude to wait with a simple heart for the wind to stop, then to press the shutter, and the conduct to explore a beauty that can be encountered in an instant. Although it is not intended, the attitude toward the subject will be clearly expressed in the picture. By watching the many people using flicker in SL and their works, I felt that it must be the same in SL as RL. SS: That is an amazing story and, I must say, a truly honorable reason for getting started in the world of photography. Tell me, out of all of your work, is there one piece that means more to you than the others; a piece that truly stands out as either a favorite, or your greatest accomplishment? MM: It is hard to pick one out of all the others since all works kept as photographs were to convey relations with my friends, respect for the work, or my viewpoint when I saw the work and every one of them has a special meaning respectively. If I were to pick only one, it would be a picture of a tiny dragonfly by Sanura Sakai. The skin, scarf, and coat that my avatar wears are works with amazing quality that naturally earns praise from many people, but I was charmed by this tiny dragonfly. I am impressed by a work that provides with me a modest happiness rather than a high-quality work that everyone values. Don’t you feel a small happiness if such a small dragonfly stays on your nose? There is a line in the song “My

Favorite Things” that goes: “Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes. Silver white winters that melt into springs. These are a few of my favorite things.” I interpreted this song as composed about a “modest happiness;” that is one of the things that I treasure in my life, both in RL and SL. SS: Just beautiful. Let’s get into your inspirations. While looking through your works, I’ve noticed that there isn’t always a common theme to your artwork, although all of them seem to tell a story within themselves. What inspires you when you start shooting? Which comes first: the story/theme or the image you want to bring it to life? MM: When I encounter things I would like to shoot, I will get right down to the intuition at first, and consider the meaning of existence. If it is a space, there will be music prepared, colors, or objects. Some of them will talk, and others will not, but I will start shooting only when I can see them. If I shoot the space that I created, I will start from the story and theme, since I was creating them fitting my meaning. SS: What a process. Now, you have a Tumblr site where you blog, or more like share your thoughts and the events of your life, especially regarding your beloved Tokyo, with the world. What led you to begin sharing with the world, and what does writing out your thoughts do for your creative process? MM: I think I have been living retaining esthetics without talking both in RL and SL. But everyone may feel something, and if there

is no talk, they will form the subject through their own imagination. Some would imagine in a positive way, others might figure against my grain. It is harder to be cleverly silent than to be talkative. By leaving even a small part of my thinking as writings, I am expecting that the silent existences that have been shared with other persons will reach the readers as a substance. To share common values with another person will have a large impact on my creative works. I would like to boost exchanges with people who have serendipity. SS: For our interested readers, do you create your art just for your own personal enjoyment, or do you also do work for others as well? If so, do you have a studio or place where readers could visit to view more of your work? MM: I will create what I myself feel an affinity for. When I create for other people, I will do so by getting inspiration from a specific person. I would never create something for a multitude of people in the future. I would rather not receive recognition widely, but I am interested in and put weight on how to be able to exchange with others through what I subsumed there. Several times, I have released the places where I made creations under such a theme, and was able to get to know various people. I would create another new space and release it in the months ahead. SS: Absencen, again I truly want to thank you for taking the time out to share with our readers. With such a profound outlook and such a sage mind, please share some advice, a life lesson,

or even a funny story as a beautiful parting to our readers. MM: I can talk about nothing big, so I will share only one. As you may know, the Tohoku and Kanto districts of Japan were struck by the disaster of the earthquake on March 11, 2011. At that time, I was painfully forced to notice how my daily life had been contented, and how every small thing had made me really happy, since I had had a tendency to complain about my daily life. So, what I would only ask of you is to cherish your quiet and peaceful daily life now. I would ask you to thank your environment and the people around you, and to acknowledge the contented life. I wish that your life be peaceful and calm. That is what I would convey as much as possible, a message from a Japanese man who almost lost it. Take a moment of serenity out of your day to view the works that Absencen has chosen to share with the world by visiting his Flickr page at, and then journey to his Tumblr page to take in more of his sage wisdom at http://absencen. A

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