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Entre Mares

Photo by Boe Cortes

AVENUE | Publisher's note

Rusch Raymaker Rusch Raymaker Publisher & Editor in Chief AVENUE


wo years ago, the idea of starting a magazine was born out of my own personal passion for magazines in real life and finding that there was a lack of publications in Second Life® that covered a broad range of topics with a visually pleasing look, I decided to embark on realizing a vision to offer quality content both editorially and aesthetically. It was also my hope that AVENUE Magazine would be a medium for collaboration and somehow be able to bridge real life and Second Life. With a fledgling team of 20, we all began on a journey of forging our own style, content and aesthetics. Within a year, we were endorsed as the official media partner for the Second Life Community Convention 2010 in San Francisco where we became the first lifestyle and fashion magazine out of Second Life to print a real life issue and secured Second Life’s first millionairess Anshe Chung for our cover and cover story after her hiatus from both real life and Second Life press. Two years on with a team of over 40 and 46 publications under our belt including the first ever supplement issues in SL’s publishing industry, I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with such a fine team (past and present) who help make AVENUE Magazine what it is today. It never ceases to amaze me how 40 over people and more, from all over the world, push on every month with their unrelenting creativity and commitment to making each issue of AVENUE better than before. Of course, our efforts and dynamic collaboration does not just exist extends to the many talented creators and minds of Second Life that have lent their contributions and support and being a part of immortalizing moments of our Second Life together. Thank you for being a part of the AVENUE family and for making our Second Life that much more meaningful. Happy 2nd Anniversary :)

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Isadora Fiddlesticks Photo by Boe Cortes

Isadora Fiddlesticks Managing Editor AVENUE


he days seem to go by really fast lately, doesn’t it? Here we are again with the usual stuff of incredible goodies that we see all around Second Life, through AVENUE Magazine’s perspective... and oh... it’s our 2ND ANNIVERSARY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AVENUE MAGAZINE! In this issue, we are rolling out the red carpet and is now in celebration mode! Please join us in the joy and relief of making it this far! It has been a great ride, but not without its bumps, but as we go through those bumps, one realizes that those bumps helped shape us to be who we are as a team. AVENUE Magazine has a lot of people to thank, starting to the diverse and talented team of writers and contributors who have done their best and poured out their passion to create such an amazing magazine. Your creativity inspires me and makes me appreciate SL™ so much more. To the advertisers and benefactors, we thank you for your faith in us and for your feedback. To the readers, we hope we exceed your expectations each month you open our pages. We hope that from going through our pages, inspiration sets forth and we get to influence you in a way, that, maybe, we can get to feature you in our pages in the future! Here’s hoping for more inspiration and creativity! Again, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

40 Cover Story Entre Mares

AVENUE Magazine October 2010 cover

48 Fashion Icons Pompeja Rossini Sissy Pessoa Joy Laperriere

Featuring Entre Mares Lareen dress and Aqua hair worn by AVENUE Model Jesika Contepomi Photographer: Sennaspirit Coronet




Exclusive Philip Linden 2.0

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AVENUE has proven itself not only to be a powerhouse of fashion, but to have the staying power that is truly rare in a world of face-paced changes. My congratulations and very best wishes for several more successful years to all who are involved with this wonderful organization. You rock! -Rhonda Pennell

It’s been my pleasure to know Rusch and Jesika, the women behind the Avenue fashion group, personally. They have brought to life their vision for fashion in Second Life® with professionalism, class, and warm heartedness. Congratulations for two fabulous years! -Harper Beresford

We want to thank Avenue Magazine for all the wonderful articles about the fashion world of SL®, and congratulate the Magazine on two wonderful years! We hope it will last many more years, and always retain its quality and style! -Haakon & Natasja Schumann

Applause! Applause! Take a well-earned bow. Congratulations! Happy Second Anniversary!!! -Applonia Criss & Long Pausch

CONGRATULATIONS Avenue Magazine on your 2nd Anniversary. Thank you for setting up the standards of high fashion and high quality publication in SL. I love reading the articles and really enjoy looking at the fantastic pictures for inspiration. Continue to SHINE! -RicoRacer Flux

Avenue is really best agency that i ever known. Avenue has everything which contain high pieces. And Avenue Magazine is really exciting, with every issue of it’s superb fashion styling.Overall, AVENUE is high quality and very wonderful. My suggestion is keep the quality and make it always the best for everything. Thank You! -Amanda Hausner

Congratulations on the 2nd anniversary of AVENUE Magazine. A magazine which is always enjoyable to read. Please continue in what you do, creating a marvelous magazine every month. You inspire many people! All the best wishes to the team of AVENUE magazine :)) -Melanie Sautereau


AVENUE Magazine on 2 years of excellence!

I know I can count on AVENUE to

continue leading the way in the fashion industry and I look forward to every issue yet to come! Congratulations! -Jamee Sandalwood

I’m one of the noobies just added to AVENUE, but all throughout my career I’ve heard the amazing things about AVENUE and it’s a dream for me to now be apart of it. I just want to congratulate AVENUE for the 2nd year anniversary! Wishing us the best of luck in the future and may we thrive! :P -Cieleste Magic

Happy second anniversary. Thanks for all of the good work and we wish you many more successful years. -Agnes Finney

In all my time spend here Avenue Magazine and Avenue team have always been precious friends. I’ve worked with this team for a long time when I owned Alatiel Fashions and I’ve never been disappointed. They are absolutely the best in SL. -Alatiel Malies

Congratulations go out from the staff of NX-Nardcotix to AVENUE Magazine for accomplishing two tremendous years. Your achievement is a testimony of your hard work and dedication. You have achieved great success by helping others achieve theirs. -Nardya Rousselot Dear AVENUE.. my note to Santa Claus this year is make sure everyone single one of the team is on the “good girl ... or boy” list.... I LOVE you all and want to give my thanks for being THE best place to work!! May this next year be even better than the first two!! -Tralove Pinazzo


Wishing the AVENUE family my most sincere congratulations in this second year anniversary. May you expand, flourish and prosper! -Frolic Mills

AVENUE, congratulations on your second anniversary. As producer assistant, i am only two months with AVENUE. However, I am sure to see the day when we celebrate AVENUE’s first luster:)) Kisses and Yayyy -Emlies Xeltentat

I am a Newbie to this family but I must admit that I would not want to be any other place. Congrats so much on two years and I know there is so much more to come from Avenue. I love you... -Reign Congrejo

k You F O R T WO Y E A R S W I T H AV E N U E



Written by Jesika Contepomi Photography Courtesy of Linden Lab®

n Philip Rosedale’s SLCC keynote speech, he announced a contest, open to the entire SL® community, to help him get a new look, inviting imagination and creativity to shine with his return to the Lab. No stranger to amazing male styles AVENUE is proud to announce Mars Absent of TheAbyss as the winning designer of Philip’s new look. Stay tuned to the AVENUE Magazine Blog as we try and catch up with Mars and his new styles at TheAbyss. In the meantime visit Mars‘ blog and flickr stream for more pics of Philip’s new look. blog - flickr - See all the entry submissions on flickr, keyword PhilipLindenMakeover2010. A



AVENUE | Exclusive

AVENUE | Cover Story

odmother G y r i a F e h T

Written by Imani Enzo Photography by Blackliquid Tokyoska


he right gown is one that is beautiful, fits well, and compliments a woman’s skin tone and shape. It enhances a woman’s best features and strategically hides her flaws. More than that, the right gown has remarkable powers that boost self-confidence and allows even the meekest woman to feel extraordinary, glamorous, or sexy. It also has the power to make you feel as though it were created just for you even when it’s purchased right off the rack.

"Women of any age and body shape can feel special and beautiful in Entre Mares designs"

The right gown doesn’t just affect the woman who wears it. No, it attracts the attention of others. Specifically, it makes men pause and it makes jaws drop in appreciation of the lovely vision it creates. It is truly a work of art that creates fond memories of milestones or romantic nights. The right gown can be a dream that makes you feel like Cinderella at the ball but trying to find it can sometimes be a nightmare. What you need in such instances is a fairy godmother, a designer with the ability to create powerful pieces that make almost anyone look fabulous and invoke positive feelings from the owner and the people she encounters. Sykao Adamski is one such fairy godmother. Notably, she is a brilliant fashion designer with a powerful creative vision and the practical ability to make magic happen. Her brand, Entre Mares, is an SL® Fashion House that delivers some of the most exquisitely delicate and feminine gowns on the grid. Her creations boast magnificent quality, detail, and are rich in color. Further, she acknowledges that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and works hard to create designs that will flatter any body shape. Sykao has learned a lot while building her brand and her primary objectives are to make her customers happy and to become a better designer and business woman. I recently had the opportunity to speak with her about her Second Life®, her business and her plans for the future. Here is what she had to say. Imani Enzo: Hi Sykao, Tell our readers a little

about your SL background and aspirations. Also, what made you decide to become a fashion designer? Sykao Adamski: I started designing soon after coming to SL in 2008. I did it simply because I thought it would be good to create my own brand. In the future, I hope to continue to develop my skills and take my career to another level that will allow even more people to become familiar with me and my work. I.E.: Describe your design style and tell us what inspires you to create gowns. S.A.: I am very ambitious and have a great appreciation for glamour and those characteristics are reflected in my designs. Additionally, I’d say that my style is elegant, sexy, and tends to employ a rich use of color. I am inspired by many things, but often times it comes from something as simple as a beautiful color. Other times, I can be inspired by something as obscure as a detail in a building. I.E.: How did you come up with the name Entre Mares and how would you describe the type of woman that you create for? S.A.: The name is the title of a Spanish song that I love and I simply decided to use it as the name. My brand caters to all women! Women of any age and body shape can feel special and beautiful in Entre Mares designs. I.E.: How did you go about building your brand in SL? S.A.: I don’t have a big support team. Instead, I usually handle everything on my own. I am responsible for designing, customer service,

marketing and promoting my brand. It’s hard to balance the time in RL and SL, but I do learn a lot by juggling all these roles. I.E.: Who are some of your favorite RL and SL designers? What do you think it takes to become a great fashion designer? S.A.: My favorite designers in RL are Alberta Ferretti and Alber Elbaz. In SL, I think Nicky Ree is awesome. I think a great designer should have a good sense of fashion, general market knowledge, and the ability to create designs that make their customers look beautiful. I.E.: What do you enjoy most about creating fashions and running a business in SL? What do you enjoy least? S.A.: I am excited by the improvements in garment quality as well as the new designers, perspectives, and techniques that are constantly emerging in the industry. I also enjoy seeing people wearing my gowns and making them happy with my work. I least enjoy the time consuming process of creating new designs. It takes a lot of time to achieve the fit and detail that I desire, but I refuse to sacrifice quality. I.E.: Tell us about the first thing you ever designed in SL. S.A.: The first thing that I ever designed was a gown that I called Sara. It turned out pretty good and became one of my top selling items. I.E.: How often do you release new designs? S.A.: I try and release one or two new items each week and I hope to release an entire fall collection in the coming weeks. I.E.: Tell me about your team, supporters, and

friends in SL. How do they contribute to your success? S.A.: I still consider myself relatively new to SL and my friends are always looking out for me. They offer opinions on my designs as well as career advice from anything from mall space to brand development. They also are around to make sure that I have fun sometimes by accompanying me as I explore the grid. I.E.: What advice would you offer to aspiring fashion designers? S.A.: Do not ever be afraid to try new things. Trying new things will contribute to your success as a designer and give you valuable experience. I.E.: What can we expect from Sykao Adamski and Entre Mares in the near future? S.A.: I really want to do some new things that I’ve never tried before. So eventually, you are going to see a brand new Entre Mares. Specifically, I am planning to introduce new and different gown styles and I just might step into creating hair and more casual pieces. I.E.: That sounds wonderful and I wish you the best. Thanks for your time. S.A.: Thank you. Every woman who wants to feel beautiful and glamorous should have at least one Entre Mares gown in her inventory. The impressive details and quality are indicative of the effort Sykao puts into each creation. Further, the feeling and attention you get while wearing Entre Mares designs will prove time and time again that your money was well spent. A

"Do not ever be afraid to try new things"

AVENUE | Fashion Icon

Joy Laperriere and Magnifico Miggins

Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Boe Cortes


ashion is more than just clothing. Fashion consists of an entire look; from your skin, to your hair, even down to your accessories. This issue, we celebrate icons from three important realms of fashion: skin, clothing, and shoes. AVENUE presents three powerhouses of the fashion industry: Pompeja Rossini of LaVie (formerly Damiani), Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice, and Joy Laperriere of Magnifico. Join us as we present the top minds behind three of the most important facets of fashion.

of the

cons d l r o W n o shi Fa

Pompeja Rossini

Sensuous Soulstar: Congratulations on being selected as AVENUE’s fashion icons! Tell me, how long have you ladies been involved with fashion, whether it’s designing, working for others or even modeling clothing? Pompeja Rossini: I started to design clothes in 2007 with my partner at the time, Naiman Broome, who taught me some Photoshop basics. Early in 2008, I expanded my business and started to also make skins. Sissy Pessoa: I have worked as a designer for 3 years in Second Life®. Joy Laperriere: Thank you (smiles). Fashion is something every woman loves, and I’m definitely no exception! I started designing in late 2006 for my first line “Orient Kulture,” but I would say it has taken many long years of exploring to get to where I am now; to be able to put my head together to really design something I can be proud of. S.S.: One of my favorite questions to ask is how did you all end up in Second Life? P.R.: I think, like many of us did in 2007, that I saw it on TV and was curious about it. I’ve lived outside of the USA for several years and had missed talking to Americans. I really got stuck here! (Smiles) S.P.: I read an article on the web with all possibilities that this multimedia platform could give and I was fascinated. J.L.: I got to know about SL® from a friend of mine who owns a shape store, back in 2005. I was simply amazed by the large vibrant community. It was an eye opener for me knowing that people really do socialize virtually.

S.S.: Once you finally got the hang of this crazy place, what was your first impression of the fashion in SL? P.R.: It took me about 4 weeks to understand that there was such a thing in SL. I trashed my noobie “bling bling” shoes and went to Last Call. I think there wasn’t as much of a variety of fashion in 2007 like it is now. I have the greatest amount of respect for fashion designers in Second Life and what they are able to create. S.P.: Well, I was born in 2007 and there were a lot of great designers that are still working now. My first impression was very good and I started shopping a lot. J.L.: During 2006, I distinctly remember shopping at big name stores like ETD, Dazzle (known as Last Call from Ginny Talamasca), Church of Luxe, Elephant Outfitter, Caliente Express and much more. I was amazed at the ability to have real life fashion virtually, and I wanted to be part of that! S.S.: What is your definition of “fashion?” We always talk about the fashion community, or the latest “it” fashion, but what do you think really makes for truly iconic fashion? P.R.: Taste is something you have or you don’t, no matter what you wear. S.P.: There are several definitions of the word “fashion” that could be adopted. My personal choice is very simple; personal style of expression, inner externalized through a personal way to stand against other. J.L.: If you ran a search on the word “fashion” on, you would find quite a list of different definitions. 1 particular result stood out

to me, it says “All fashions of people make up the world.” That’s exactly it. For me, to be able to create and be part of the fashion community is a form of expressing myself. My creations are part of me, and when customers make that purchase, a part of me has gone out to them in return. Fashion isn’t anything unless it is worn and that is the satisfaction for me. S.S.: Tell me about some of your inspirations for the outfits you choose to wear yourself, your own personal style. Would you say that it can be categorized, or styled after someone or something? P.R.: I mostly dress as I dress in real life: casual and classy. I don’t have as much time anymore to “dress up,” but I do shop a lot and am able to spend $10k in one hour. I dig the casual style, easy to wear and take off. S.P.: I do not have one unique clothing style. Sometimes I like contrasts, and sometimes just a very simple style. My favorite color is always black, but much of it depends on my mood at that moment. J.L.: Personally, I am usually dressed casual. I believe in being simple yet versatile. A simple black dress could be adorned with accessories and even makeup to give it a whole different look. An outfit could be simple yet bold, which can be seen with designers like Marc Jacobs. S.S.: Now let me ask that same question to each of you, but this time for the pieces you design. Pompeja, what inspires your creations? As a RL makeup artist, do you ever see a look and think that it would be perfect to recreate here?

Sissy Pessoa

P.R.: Yes! In fact, I see a face and want to make a skin. Eyes attract me a lot. I study the face and I get excited. We give each skin a story after uploading the first texture, such as what she or he is, who they will be and then we work around that. S.S.: Same question to you Sissy. Who or what inspires your creations? Are there any real life designers that just make you want to get up and create after seeing their work? S.P.: Absolutely yes. There are a lot of RL designers that inspire me. My favorite designer at this time is Antonio Marras. I love how he mixes his creations through his traditional background with a contemporary point of view. For Fall/ Winter 2010, I’m in love with the collections of Rick Owens, Haider Ackermann and Comme des garcons. All these will be inspirations for me. S.S.: Throwing the same question your way Joy for the shoes you design. Who or what inspires your creations, and are there any real life designers that just make you want to get up and create after seeing their work? J.L.: Oh yes! The world is a huge circuit. We connect with one another and that is how innovation flows. So definitely Miu Miu! S.S.: Now let’s get into each of your brands, starting with Pompeja and LaVie. Tell me a little about its creation. First, does the name stand for anything, and how does it apply to the brand? And why the name changed from Damiani, such a recognizable name in SL? P.R.: We were thinking for a long time about rebranding. I was never too happy with the name

Damiani. But, we couldn’t decide on a name; nothing seemed right to replace Damiani. Then La Vie came to my mind. It’s modern, full of life and energy, powerful, and it has “avi” in the middle. I love it as I live it. S.S.: I love it! What about you Sissy? Tell me about Baiastice and any meaning associated with the name. S.P.: The name does not really have a precise meaning. I just created a new and original word with an Italian sound. S.S.: You can never go wrong with original words! Alright Joy, although I originally guessed it was named after the co-owner, I think I may be wrong on this one. So tell me about the meaning behind the name “Magnifico Exclusive.” J.L.: Both Magnifico Miggins and myself, we want our shoes to be magnificent and exclusive. We hope for our work to be recognized by a glance! S.S.: Incredibly, each of your brands has been around consistently for a long time. What do you all credit to the success of your brand and its ability to make it through the ups and downs of the SL economy? P.R.: The success, I believe, comes first from the quality of the brand, which is the most important thing. We don’t stop to improve and don’t stop to study and learn; we grow with our work and our work with us. S.P.: Providing what customers want is not easy, as different people have very different tastes. Perhaps this is one of the strengths of Baiastice. We always offer different options for different styles.

"you find what you really want to do and you do it with all of your heart and passion" J.L.: We provide what people love, like the Elevator Boot. We are glad that people love them. It is our expression of an elevation towards the future. S.S.: Readers are always anxious to get a sneak peek of what they should expect for next season, and I love to give them that pleasure. So for all of the inquiring minds, what should we expect next from LaVie, Baiastice and Magnifico Exclusive? Are there any details that you want to share about next season’s release and should we be looking for an emphasis on a particular color or look? P.R.: Well, without saying too much, just know LaVie is going “international.” S.P.: I have some surprises in store for the next Baiastice Fall/Winter collection, but the color for excellence is always black. J.L. & Magnifico Miggins: We are working on a release for the upcoming Shoe Fair which should take place sometime in August. We are working on creating more high fashion shoes and apparel for the launch of our new store and sim. The sim, E U P H O R I A has been our priority focus. We will be opening very soon with our new expanded line of apparel and shoes. We will also be working with designers on joint collaborations to create new lines coming soon, exclusively on our sim. So we are really excited.

S.S.: Well ladies, it has been an absolute pleasure to get to know more about each of you iconic women. I want to thank each of you for taking the time out for this interview, and as is custom, I will leave the readers on a positive note. Is there anything as far as advice, a life lesson, or even a funny story that you’d care to share with our readers? P.R.: I was thinking for 15 minutes on this one. I have laughed so much here, so I could find something funny to say. Advice I have plenty of, but I guess no one would care to read. I do think every person has the ability and skill to create something great from their head and heart. It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible. Your request for this interview has honored me and it was a pleasure. S.P.: I think the best lesson in SL is that if you find what you really want to do and you do it with all of your heart and passion, you will find that creativity flows from you, and you will enjoy your time here very much. Thank you very much for your time and interest in Baiastice and myself. J.L. & M.M.: It is through the hardest times that true friendships are born. Through the hardest times, lemons thrown at us turns into lemonade! S.S.: It is always a pleasure to delve into the mind of greatness, and this time, it has been triple the pleasure and triple the honor. A

AVENUE | Trendspotting

a hint of

Styled, Modeled & Photographed by Kryie Source

LEATHER //skin Glam Affair Sofia V2 //eye makeup Cheap Makeup Le Tigre //hairbase Miamai //hair Violator Rien ne va plus //nails & rings Rozoregalia Gemma //earrings Violator The Last Scream //dress Fume’ Muh Muh //boots COCO Over-the-knee

//skin Glam Affair Sofia V2 //hair fab-u-lous Lala //kimono Shai Vixen //gloves Shai //pants Kunglers Raffi //sunglasses Modern Gypsy See no evil //shoes Vive9 Xianv2

//skin Glam Affair Sofia V2 //hairbase Miamai //hair boon PUN448 //necklace & earrings & bracelet House of Fox Couture Pearl //nails & rings Rozoregalia Gemma //top Chantkare Garvey //skirt Mimikri Luisa

//skin Glam Affair Sofia V2 //eye makeup Cheap Makeup Le Tigre //hairbase Miamai //hair Baiastice Melita //earrings Mandala Iroha //gilet Bijou Lyrics //body RunoRuno Narke //shoes Magnifico Woo-Den Heel


AVENUE | Fashion Agenda

MIAMAI Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Annough Lykin & Tillie Ariantho

“...a future time, torn between the dominion of the soulless machine and the rebel forces of a beautiful, living, unique humanity; it’s the fight a lot of us have to face when we have to decide if we want to be ourselves, or to bend to the common sense of what is good and ‘normal’.”



Set to a futuristic surrealistic theme, Monica Outlander’s Fall/Winter 2010 MIAMAI Black Label Collection took attendees on a journey into a scary, yet fashionable future. The theme revolved around the eternal battle between the purity of light and the sensual temptation of darkness, striving for the impossible: the perfect balance of light and dark…playing on sensual subterranean landscapes. Outlander explains the concept best: “The story behind the show is a future time, torn between the dominion of the soulless machine and the rebel forces of a beautiful, living, unique humanity; it’s the fight a lot of us have to face when we have to decide if we want to be ourselves, or to bend to the common sense of what is good and ‘normal’.” And normal this show was not.

Miamai: InNoSense Model: Mavi Beck Photographer: Tillie Ariantho


he following introduction for Miamai’s Spleen And Ideasm show set the stage for AVENUE’s biggest and best productions to date. “In the near future, everything we once knew is now no longer clear. Humanity has to fight with the rising supremacy of technology to maintain a balance and equilibrium that won’t harm our world. Are we now merely a sub culture? Or is this our final super-culture?”

With a jaw-dropping setup, reminiscent of a most elaborate movie set, MIAMAI introduced the world to the future of fashion…and it was a bold breath-taking statement. Coupled with the perfect soundtrack for the night by music director and AVENUE CEO, Rusch Raymaker, everything about this future, post-apocalyptic world came together flawlessly, giving life to the show…literally. Bringing yet another level of creativity to the show, Outlander integrated real bodies into the set, what she calls “sort of metatheater”. It’s hard to believe that the concept was just an urge for Outlander, an urge, as she puts it, “to reveal some of the concepts that belong more to me, to show a piece of my soul.” Fueled by her desire to put on more than just the common fashion show but rather an artistic

Photographer: Annough Lykin

Miamai: Myda Model: Dahlia Joubert Photographer: Annough Lykin

Miamai: Cassandrah Model: Reign Congrejo Photographer: Annough Lykin

Miamai: Cornocopia Model: Fauve Beaumont Photographer: Annough Lykin

Miamai: Amalia Model: Natasja Schumann Photographer: Annough Lykin

Miamai: Ansiotripic & Nemore Model: Cherie Parker Photographer: Tillie Ariantho

performance, Outlander brought together some of the most creative minds to bring this delirious concept to life. She credits Pill Kanto for creating the futuristic set, Rury Bury of Creative Insanity Animations for the stunning floating walks and poses, Winter Jefferson as the Dark King, and Outlander’s store models and friends. Also included in the amazing crew was the ever talented AVENUE team, putting their vast knowledge and experience at Outlander’s disposal, from providing only the highest quality models, to the amazing sounds of Raymaker, who also directed the show, down to the incredible choreography of the models by Jesika Contemponi. One by one the models of the evening flew down the runway, literally, landing in positions requiring the utmost flexibility, while posing in some of the most creative animations imaginable. It was a fashion show of theatrical proportions depicting every outfit with a story, an intro, a reason for its existence, and each story was more intriguing than the next. The interplay of dark and light, creating a strange, yet bold contrast within the same outfit was an astounding feat that only Monica Outlander could pull off effortlessly. While these avant garde outfits are not your everyday designs, they do provide that something extra for that woman who wants to turn heads, and let her outfit do all the talking. Although the theme of the show was the constant struggle between dark and light, Outlander manage to paint in some red and amber hues, adding the perfect, timeless contrast to the dark brooding edginess of this collection.

Each piece had a history, a back story of some sort, which brought the art to life. Outlander explains: “This collection is mostly conceptual; meaning, instead of drawing or painting, I decided to put my tales and feelings in SL® fashion. So yes, every outfit has a story, a mood, some roots, or anyway a meaning. It can be more or less evident, but it’s the secret armor that gives them structure.” With a show this astounding, it’s no surprise how these pieces came to life. “They talked to me from that special place I have inside, I listened to the stories and the whisperings I find there, and I just created. It’s so simple, and so hard to explain. It’s a sort of magic that takes you while you are doing it,” explains Outlander on the creation of this collection. This particular collection not only brings out her inner whisperings, but also gives insight to some of her influences, including famed Austrian painter, Gustav Klimt. Sprinkled throughout the show were pieces inspired by Klimt, but with that added a touch of magic that Outlander provides in her designs, a touch that somehow managed to bring together the macabre and the sensual inspiration to create a touch of deadly sensuality. The sensual side to the collection was very subtle, and not a word this writer would use to describe the collection; terrifyingly stunning would be a better turn of phrase. Although known for creating truly seductive pieces, known to make a woman feel her sexiest, Outlander seemed to deviate from the norm for this collection. Yet, from the presentation, it was ever apparent that this wasn’t a bad thing. While the outfits weren’t heavy on the

Miamai: Undine Model: Seashell Dench Photographer: Annough Lykin

Miamai: Ruth Model: Dahlia Joubert Photographer: Annough Lykin

Miamai: Ingrith Model: Cherie Parker Photographer: Tillie Ariantho

Miamai: Aranea Model: July Raymaker Photographer: Tillie Ariantho

sex appeal, they still spoke volumes about the redefining power of fashion, proving that a woman doesn’t have to exude sexiness to still turn every head in the room. They worked to create a piece of living art. And somehow it seems that subconsciously, Outlander has created a new type of sensuality; a sensuality that does not stem from a woman’s beauty, but a sensuality that finds its roots in the deadly power of a woman’s strength.   Ultimately, MIAMAI presented a Fall/Winter Collection for 2010 that had the fashionistas abuzz with delight. This beautiful mix of conservative colors intertwined and revamped to bring about a much welcomed change from the ever-changing variety of hues designers seem to scramble for each year was a breath of fresh air from the dull. A group of amazing builders, animators, choreographers, deejays, models, and superb business minds joined together and brought imagination to life. What began as a fashion show became not just an artistic performance, but an unbelievable work of art, proving once again that there is no limit to what can be accomplished with the right combination of classic fashion, brilliant minds, and a hint of creativity. The Miamai Spleen And Ideasm Showreel by machinimist Colemarie Soleil is available for your viewing pleasure at  h t t p : / / w w w . y o u t u b e . c o m watch?v=i7GGjTNYey8 A Miamai: Mourning Model: Fauve Beaumont Photographer: Annough Lykin

Miamai: Morgane Model: Jesika Contepomi Photographer: Tillie Ariantho

Miamai: Mab The Insect Queen Model: Jesika Contepomi Photographer: Annough Lykin

Miamai: Sole Spento Model: July Raymaker Photographer: Tillie Ariantho

Stage Model Photographer: Tillie Ariantho

Dark King: Winter Jefferson Photographer: Annough Lykin

Show & Music Director: Rusch Raymaker Photographer: Annough Lykin

e l y t S

The Gift of

AVENUE | Featured Designer

Written by Imani Enzo Photography by Mischa Cuttita


eal fashion enthusiasts know that fashion is a language. Our clothing has a tendency to speak for us before we even open our mouths. As a result, understanding and controlling what your wardrobe says about you is one of the most conversational skills to ever master.

The concept of being “well dressed” appears to be a much easier target for men than it is for women. That’s probably because “well dressed” men tend to focus on finding what makes them look good, rather than following the latest trends. However, finding quality menswear can certainly be a bit of a chore in SL®. For example, menswear collections are not released with the same consistency and hoopla as collections for women. Beyond that, there are just not as many options available for men to choose from. The good news is that Second Life® is home to a number of excellent menswear designers. One such designer is Kal Rau. Since 2007, Kal has been helping the working, active, and modern men of SL dress well with his self named clothing brand that features high quality craftsmanship, casual style, and affordable pricing. Kal Rau knows what looks good on a man and he creates it using textures that he makes himself. This magnificent man has a design aesthetic that attracts men who prefer to wear clothing with not a huge departure from what they would wear in RL and that is versatile in that it is perfect for mixing and matching. Further, his talents are not simply limited to clothing. He also creates accessories, shoes and other fun items. If you don’t know Kal Rau, you should. If you do not appreciate his design aesthetic, you should. Put simply, he has a classic sensibility and creates designs that will make your looks stand out and allow you to mix and match with other brands textures, and colors. Only designers with

a true gift of style can accomplish such a feat. Here’s your chance to learn a little more about this fantastic designer. Imani Enzo: Tell me about your background in SL. Kal Rau: I learned about SL while watching a TV program. The thought of being able to create structures and textures is quite appealing to me. In fact it drew me to this forum and I have pretty much been creating since I got here. I.E.: Does your SL mirror your RL as it relates to your career? K.R.: In RL I am a Digital Designer and that helps me in SL. However, you also need to know a little about marketing too, or you will not expose your work properly enough to be successful. I.E.: When did you get your start in fashion design and where do you draw the inspiration for your line? K.R.: I started out by making accessories but in December 2007, I created my first clothing item and I’ve been doing it ever since. When it comes to inspiration, it comes mainly from my RL wardrobe. I like to wear “normal clothes” and that’s what I like to make as well. I.E.: How would you describe the Kal Rau brand? K.R.: Kal Rau is for the man influenced by RL clothing styles. It is modern, casual and has personality. I.E.: How much time do you typically spend working on designs in SL? How long does it take you to complete one?

K.R.: I spend a great deal of my time in SL creating and it usually takes me a couple days to complete a new design. I.E.: How often do you release new designs? Any plans for releasing a fall line? K.R.: I create something new almost every week because I prefer to renew the line and use new technologies when the mood hits me. As a result, I don’t use seasons as reference to create new things, so there is really no fall collection. I.E.: What is the most difficult part of your work? K.R.: It is most difficult to invest the amount of time that I do creating only to have it stolen by someone and sold as their own. It is really unfortunate to see that people continue to engage in such horrible conduct. I.E.: How difficult has it been to establish yourself and brand in SL? K.R.: Establishing a brand is much easier these days if you know how to market it in magazines and Xstreet. Things have changed a lot since I started and that’s a good thing. I was able to establish myself with quality and style. Those things definitely got me noticed and helped build my brand. I.E.: What was the first thing you ever created in SL? What do you consider to be your most amazing work? K.R.: My first creation was a beer can, lol. I still have it. In 2008, I created the Impact Shoes that I built with “conventional prims”. I was very proud of that creation and they were successful.

I.E.: What is something that you’d like to accomplish in SL? K.R.: It makes me very happy when people like my creations and I simply want to continue to create designs that my customers like to wear. Additionally, it is my goal to create more animations and ultimately open a store that specializes in them. I.E.: Tell me about your team, supporters, or friends in SL. How do they contribute to your success? K.R.: I generally work alone but I have good friends who help sometimes. I must say that I’d have to thank one particular person for their constant encouragement, Claudinha Akina. She is a great friend. I.E.: What does it take to be a great designer in SL? Do you consider yourself to be one? Finally, what advice would you offer to aspiring designers? K.R.: Great designers are creative, possess strong skills, and work to improve upon those skills. They also have a great sense of what their customers want and need. I do consider myself to be a good designer, but I acknowledge that SL has many good people creating wonderful things. I would advise new designer to continually practice their craft. The market is demanding and you have to stay on top of things. Kal Rau is truly a gifted designer who has a great sense of style and produces quality menswear that speaks any man’s language. Please visit his store in world to get a glimpse of all he has to offer. A

AVENUE l Edge of Style

Photographed, Written, Styled & Modeled by Boe Cortes


ith the recent events of Modavia Fashion Week, there were a few new releases in the male fashion category but one particular designer that caught my attention is Shai Delacroix of Casa Del Shai, now it’s been long since she has created any major new releases for men. To mark her return, Shai has released “The Instinct Collection” which consists of some amazing and extremely stylish outfits with highly detailed textures and innovative sculpties. Now I’m a real sucker for details and sculpties that have a solid feel which the Cortes Leather Trench jacket is not short off; from the small waist belt on the back to the thickness of the collars and sleeve cuffs, this is one sturdy looking jacket. However, if

you’re feeling more adventurous there’s always the option of the Fur Sable coat or the Clement Fur Vest.Great fur is extremely hard to find in Second Life®, especially for men and whilst some of us may not consider it in real life, in SL® anything goes. If you’re not feeling all furry, then why not just peel off the layers and show off the duotone shirt. Believe me when I say there is no other shirt like this in Second Life and is definitely a long awaited spark of creative concept for shirts in male fashion. So if you want to really stand out in a crowd and still retain a masculine yet natural approach these outfits are definitely items not to be missed.

/Skin LeLutka - ISHMAEL in Suntan_Hair_Face05 /Hair/Hat MADesigns HAIR - RAVE in Dark Brown IV /Jacket Casa Del Shai - Cortes Trench Jacket /Undershirt MAKNIE - Loose Shirt in White /Pants Casa Del Shai - Leopard Pants Brown /Shoes Kookie - Nyox in Noir

/Skin LeLutka - ISHMAEL in Suntan_Hair_Face05 /Hair Fab-U-Lous - Rihanna in Cocoa Black Tipped /Jacket Casa Del Shai - Clement Fur Vest /Shirt Casa Del Shai - Grey Duotone Shirt /Pants Casa Del Shai - Tweed Green Pants /Shoes CherrNo - SOCIAL Shoes in Leopard /Glasses Musim - Galliano

/Skin LeLutka - ISHMAEL in Suntan_Hair_Face05 /Hair EGO - KAR - Dark Ash Brown /Tattoo KiiToS!! - Ivy Star Tattoo /Jacket Casa Del Shai - Mens Sable Coat /Pants Casa Del Shai - Ahas Trousers in Chocolate /Shoes Hoorenbeek - Framption Boots in Black&Gold /Bracelet Sey - Amber and Leather Dark in Gold


AVENUE | Couture Look 2011

Written by Aaliyah Munro Photography by Boe Cortes

VENUE Couture Look 2011


Aaliyah Munro: So tell us, Diconay- how did you get your start in modeling? Diconay Boa: This is actually a very easy question for me, of which has a story. I have been connected to fashion since childhood; as a girl, I always loved to mix and match different kinds of clothes. In my experiments, almost all of my outfits worked, even the most weird ones! To create something new and different that I felt good wearing motivated me to become conscious about the fashion world, in both real and SL! Later on I started modeling in RL, and did so for a number of years, only stopping because of knee surgery due to an accident. After recovering, I decided to pursue Design in college; life is made of choices, and I felt that design was my way at that time, so I stopped modeling and became a designer. I proudly finished my master’s degree in September 2009.


outure AVENUE, an exclusive shopping district hosted on the AVENUE at Gol sim, represents the finest style, creativity and sophistication on the grid. Couture AVENUE Look 2011, Couture AVENUE’s year-long contest, seeks to find the one who exemplifies the class and style of the district; Miss Diconay Boa has proven to us that she has what it takes, and was selected as September Finalist. I had the chance to sit down with Diconay to learn a bit about her history as a model, what led her up to this point and her thoughts on the future of modeling and fashion in SL®.

I felt a bit empty afterward, and knew that being in the fashion industry as a model was where I wanted to be; SL filled that void, and became my escape for what I didn’t have a chance to become in real life. Runway, photography and all that fashion brings are my home! I truly don’t see myself doing anything other than this; its my passion. I love modeling, and in an industry such as this, you indeed have to love what you do! AM: Wow, it seems that you have been through so much! What obstacles did you face when progressing in your SL modeling career?

DB: As with everything in life, modeling has obstacles that we will always face. My biggest obstacle is rejection; every model has to face it, not just me, but I am pretty conscious that it is part of a career of a model. I usually say that everything happens for a reason, and if a door shuts, a window will open. I learned a lot this last time, and there is no shame at all of being rejected, cause like Eleanor Roosevelt said [and said well]: ‘No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.” The best way to handle this kind of situation is to keep your chin up, have a great attitude, and keep trying! It’s not about how hard you hit, it’s how hard you get hit and keep moving forward! AM: Very inspirational indeed, and a true sentiment for all the aspiring models out there looking for opportunities. Tell us- how has the modeling and fashion industry in SL changed since you started? DB: Wow... I started 2 years ago and everything was totally different. Agencies were easier to get into, less selective. Academies barely existed; models were accepted on ‘petit’ castings and promotion about agencies, competitions, even the title of ‘best agencies’, were not visible like we are used to see nowadays. There were fewer accessories, and the skins were not as good as the ones we see nowbasically, everything was a bit poorer! Even the public during fashion shows; I remember walking completely lag free on the catwalk, because there were only between 8-10 people

who assisted the show at that time. The amount of models is astounding- today we see lots of models, whereas some time ago we didn’t see the level of competition we see today! AM: There has been a lot of changes, huh? Seems that with the level of competition in the industry now, winning a contest would give you a leg up. Since being selected as Couture AVENUE Look 2011 September Finalist, what things have changed in your modeling career? How did you feel after winning the contest for September? DB: The only thing that’s changed so far, that I’ve noticed, is the smile on my face! AVENUE is a true goal for me, and I am really proud to have been the first to conquer the finals, especially with a bit of RL issues going on during the show. Of course, I couldn’t do this alone, so without the amazing friends I have, the support of the AVENUE team, and everyone that voted for me, I would not be where I am today! Thank you everyone- this was really a victory that I wanted to reach, and I made it. I will give now my heart and soul on the finals, because I don’t fight for something without a purpose, and my purpose is to be a part of the AVENUE crew!

I joined Couture AVENUE Look 2011 because I love to mix and match; what’s the point of joining a contest like this one with no intention to create something eye catching and different? I wanted to make an outfit that was not exaggerated but not simple, something that would display my love of styling; this was my reason for trying out for the contest. I would never know if I would get in if I didn’t try, but I did and I’m in, and hell yeah, I’m super proud of it! What did I learn after the competition? Experience; and no one can take that from me, EVER! ----Are YOU the next face of Couture AVENUE?  To learn how you can be the a finalist for Couture LOOK 2011, stop by the AVENUE office and pickup an application.  Join the AVENUE Magazine Readers Group for regular updates on important dates and finalist announcements.  Couture AVENUE Look 2011 Application LM AVENUE%20at%20GOL/173/96/22 AVENUE Website - A

AVENUE | Fashion Agenda

Around the World Written by Aaliyah Munro Photography by Tillie Ariantho

in 80


A Festival of Fine Fashion


n what can be considered one of the most creative fashion events of the season, the Around the World in 80 Minutes fashion show tantalized its audience with a feast of visual splendor. Amidst designers, models, and other fashion aficionados aboard a hot air balloon, guests enjoyed a bevy of Fall premieres from designers known for exquisite attention to detail, creativity, and international flair.

The AVENUE Models, who braved the altitude and large amounts of gravitational pull (read: lag) to finesse the runway for the guests, did an incredible job creating looks that were not only memorable, but interpreted in an easy-to-wear fashion so that even the most extravagant garment was put into an everyday context. Even the most abstract designs were given an “I can wear this� feel, and guests were able to feel that any of the looks as shown on the runway would suit their personal fashion needs. Traveling from New York to Berlin, Johannesburg to Tokyo, guests were taken on a worldwide fashion adventure. With the Dazzlers Inc., Blue Lotus, and Arakawa Okiya dance troupes artistically conveying the energy of cities visited, the audience not only got a chance to visit with the fashion that makes each capitol great, but the music and artistic panache of some of them. With extreme skill, style, and grace, the dance troupes added a creative elegance to what was already an engaging performance.

The exquisite set, visually representing different fashion capitols, provided the backdrop to better help guests submerge deep into the theme of the event. As the cities changed, the set evolved with different quirks representing each capitol, including a dirty taxicab in New York and the Eiffel Tower, unique to Paris. Not only was the fashion truly memorable, the Around the World in 80 Minutes show proved to be one of quite epic design and implementation.

Each and every piece that passed the corneas of the viewing audience was worthy of acclaim; the avant-garde style of Maven Haus contrasted the easygoing pieces displayed by cacao, and the fantastic designs of Fellini Couture provided a ready-for-thebeach appeal compared to that shown by Morea Style. Juxtaposed with contrasting yet complimenting fashion displayed by Indyra Originals, Angel Dessous, Orage Creations, Zashiki-gi, Dojo, Ginevra Lancaster, Kunglers, and Indie Rose, guests left with a wonderful head start to creating their Fall 2010 wardrobe in style.

In sum, if you’ve had the great misfortune to have missed what was an incredible experience in fashion, rest assured that there are other ways to check out snippets of the show and the fashion displayed by the beautiful AVENUE Models. To see more of the beautiful designs highlighted in the Around the World in 80 Minutes show, visit AVENUE Models on Flickr, and be sure to venture out to check out the new fall lines of all the designers displayed in the show. You might be surprised to find pieces that work to create an international look worthy of a strut down the runway, and will have enriched your shopping experience tenfold.


AVENUE | Fun With Fashion


ith each season change, Second Life® fashion is full of fresh creativity and renewed energy of design. This Fall is no exception. The best designers have raised the bar and we will be hard pressed to find better fashion than we have right now. Finding inspiration for this month’s column was easy, even in SL® where we have no weather, there is something comforting about wrapping yourself in the luxury of layers. The coat is a staple in our entire wardrobe and can go from posh to casual to avant garde with a simple change in accessories. I travel to AM Radio’s The Far Away to discover my own style with the latest releases from Miamai, Casa del Shai, Baiastice and LeeZu. Until next month, remember that Fashion is Fun!

Written, Styled, Modeled and Photographed by Vixie Rayna

/Coat Miamai Ananee Purple Jacket /Shirt Miamai Amalie Bodice in Charcoal /Skirt COCO Feather /Nail Candy Nail P046 Wildcat Violet /Brooch Oh Studio My Skully Feathers /Earrings Fulo LaDonna in Amethyst /Hair Chantkare Tonnelle in Brunette /Skin LAQ Martina in Fair 05

/Coat Casa Del Shai Vixen Knit Kimono in Brown /Turtleneck Aoharu Knit in Nude /Pants Casa Del Shai Leather Palazzo /Nail Candy Nails LE.Look La Femme in Brown /Earring DeLa Antonia in Beige /Hair Lelutka Rush in Burnt /Skin LAQ Martina in Fair 07

/Coat Baiastice Regal in Maroon/Black /Shirt Paper Couture Gold Nests with House of Fox GreyDay Prim /Pants R.icielli Germanotta Highwaist in Black /Earrings LaGyo DU4 Flower Metamorphosis / Nails Candy Nail P025 Tresor Red /Hair W&Y 148 in Light Black /Skin LAQ Martina in Fair 07

/Coat LeeZu Venus in Darkbrown /Shirt LeeZu Valerie in Bark /Tights LeeZu Burleske in Champagne


AVENUE | Model of the Month


“Most models today have forgotten the idea of “less is more” and tend to over accessorize. ”

hanks to all the fabulous skin and shape creators in Second Life®, most avatars look great. Similarly, most avatars can put together stunning and stylish ensembles thanks to the brilliant work of many SL® fashion designers. However, it takes much more than a beautiful and well dressed avatar to become a highly sought after top model. In order to succeed in this industry, you must possess the winning combination of style and substance.

Jarl Soderstrom is a man with style. He has a gorgeous look and is one the most popular male models on the grid. He also has a great eye for fashion and is a notable stylist whose work has been seen monthly in AVENUE Magazine. Further, he is a highly respected fashion industry insider and savvy businessman who has achieved much success during his extraordinary career.


“ makes folks sit up and wonder, then come to SL to see for themselves.�

Photograph by Gabrielle Sinatra

Photograph by Jarl Soderstrom

Jarl Soderstrom is a man with style. He has a gorgeous look and is one the most popular male models on the grid. He also has a great eye for fashion and is a notable stylist whose work can be seen monthly in AVENUE Magazine. Further, he is a highly respected fashion industry insider and savvy businessman who has achieved much success during his extraordinary career. Significantly, Jarl Soderstrom is also a man of substance. He is a man who is dedicated to his family; namely, his RL/SL wife Mavi Beck. He is a man of honesty and integrity, who is intensely loyal to those who he calls a friend. More importantly, he is a man with a strong work ethic who gives of himself to benefit the need s of others. Specifically, he dedicates his time and talents to champion causes that are near and dear to his heart. Style and substance a big part of the reason for Jarl’s continued success in SL. He’s a talented man with a big heart and his efforts have earned him a well deserved selection as AVENUE Magazine’s Model of the Month for October. Here is your opportunity to learn more about this incredible guy. Imani Enzo: Congratulations on your selection. Please tell our readers how you first came to SL and what you enjoy most. Jarl Soderstrom: I came to know about SL because my RL/SL wife, Mavi Beck, was spending so much time here. I thought that if I joined her, it might be a way we could spend a bit more time together. The things that I enjoy

most are the friendships that I have made over the past several years as well as seeing the wonderful creations that my favorite designers continue to come up with. I.E.: What do you think makes you stand out from other models? Who do you look up to in the industry? J.S.: My honesty and Integrity as a model are what stand out most. If I have an opinion on something and you ask for it you had better be prepared for the answer because I am going to tell you what I think and I won’t sugar coat it. Sometimes, that might make me sound a bit rude but I am a rather direct person and I don’t like beating around the bush. I am inspired by my lovely wife Mavi Beck. She is the model and person that I aspire to be but continue to fall short of. I.E.: What inspires you as it relates to your styling sense? How did you get your start as a stylist? J.S.: Generally speaking ,SL inspires me because it has given me a much more open venue to freely try out looks and styles that I would probably otherwise never have tried. In this, I have found a styling talent that I never knew that I had. I got my start as a stylist working with some smaller agencies before being noticed and asked to be aN AVENUE stylist by Rusch Raymaker, the CEO of AVENUE. I.E.: What is the biggest mistake that you think models tend to make as it relates to styling?

What tips would you offer? J.S.: Most models today have forgotten the idea of “less is more” and tend to over accessorize. I think a lot of models just try to see how many attachments they can hang off of their avatar. A mistake that males tend to make is that many of them go for this knuckle dragging Neanderthal look that includes bodybuilding size shoulders. Again, the less is more approach applies here too. I swear, at some shows it looks as if Arnold Schwarzenegger is on the runway! I.E.: What do you enjoy most about modeling? What’s do you enjoy least? J.S.: Well, what I like most is having the chance to work with some of the absolute best photographers in SL. I am still amazed at how good they manage to make me look in print! I least like the fact that this industry is full of sycophants. Being polite is one thing, but some people just go over the top. I.E.: Amen. Tell us more about your other work in SL. J.S.: I am actually quite busy at the moment with projects and work. I DJ occasionally, write for AVENUE Magazine, model for several agencies, and I work as one of the brand managers for Casa Cheerno. Photography is my passion, but it seems that I seem to have less and less time for it these days. I.E.: What has been your most rewarding experience in SL?

Photograph by Jarl Soderstrom

Photograph by SennaSpirit Coronet

J.S.: I’d have to say that it’s working for the American Cancer Society survivors and giving their avatars a makeover. It is a cause very close to my heart and one that I am still active with to this day. In fact, my first modeling job was a fashion show to benefit the American Cancer Society at the SL clothing fair. I.E.: Who are some of your favorite SL designers? J.S.: My all time favorite designer in second life has to be one of my best friends and the nicest person I have ever met in world. Mr. CheerNo Destiny. I like laid back relaxed looks so I also love designers who make clothes in that style like WMD, +Grasp+ and Aitui. I.E.: What do you consider to be your biggest accomplishments so far? J.S.: Ahh, now this is the easiest question you have asked me. I think having the honor of being named the first Face of Casa Cheerno and being their main model in fashion events over the years is my biggest accomplishment. I.E.: Name one thing that your avatar can’t live without.

J.S.: My skin! I know that there are models out there that have an inventory full of skins and wear whatever is popular at the moment. Not me, I have changed skins only twice in my career both times with the same brand. I think skins are the most intimate article that we have in our inventories and they are the thing that sets us apart from others. I change clothes on a daily basis but aside from wearing skins for fashion shows I rarely if ever change my skin. I.E.: What things in SL are you most passionate about? J.S.: My wife and my friends are what I am passionate about. Nothing can be more important in either RL or SL. I.E.: I think that’s an awesome way to end this interview. Thank you for your time and congratulations again. J.S.: Thank you. There is no denying that Jarl Soderstrom has major style. However, it is his substance that makes us love him and feel lucky that he is part of the AVENUE family. A

AVENUE | My Precious Queen Contest

Road to Royalty

written by Imani Enzo photography by Natasja Schumann

“Miss Finney’s

high quality designs are simply exquisite and make any women look and feel like royalty.”


ummer may be gone but things are continuing to heat up in the search for the next My Precious Queen. The popularity of this event has exceeded all expectations. This is clearly due in part to the reputation of Agnes Finney as well as the reputable sponsors associated with the contest. This contest is also popular because Miss Finney’s high quality designs are simply exquisite and make any women look and feel like royalty. To date, hundreds of the most beautiful ladies on the grid have competed for one of the coveted My Precious Princess slots with the hopes of moving on to win the title of My Precious Queen. The ultimate winner will not only earn the incomparable prestige associated with being the face of one of Second Life®’s premier fashion houses, she will also receive extraordinary prizes including a scholarship to attend AVENUE Models Academy as well as the opportunity to be the featured cover model in an issue of AVENUE Magazine. AVENUE Magazine takes great pleasure in introducing you to the lovely winners for the month of September.


Mely Gibbs Royal Princess – September 2010

Favorite My Precious Design: “It is very difficult to pick a specific gown, because there are so many amazingly designed pieces to choose from. However, I choose Agnes Dazzle Grandeur in White. I am a dreamer and I particularly love that gown because when I wear it, my imagination soars and I feel like a real fairytale princess with just a touch of sexiness.”

Mely is a friendly outgoing woman who thrives off positive energy and adores the fact that SL® allows her an opportunity to make her wildest dreams come true. She describes herself as a perfectionist and takes great pride in her strong work ethic. When she isn’t modeling, Mely enjoys exploring the magnificent sights of SL and spending quality time with her good friends. As it relates to style, Mely likes variety and feels comfortable in just about anything.

Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “I think I have what it takes to be My Precious Queen in that I possess the elegance, sophistication, allure, glamour, and serenity of a queen. I believe that these qualities are necessary in order to represent Ms. Finney’s brand. Further, I offer two years of modeling experience to demonstrate my capacity to excel in this prestigious role. All of the candidates are amazing and I count it an honor to be in the company of so many amazing women.” Style tip:  “Do not copy the styles of other models. Add your own personal touches to your shape and look. Make a conscious effort to be unique.”


Sensitive, funny, and humble are adjectives that can be used to describe lightbluex Denver’s extraordinary personality. Her hobbies include: shopping; making new friends; and, photography. A relative newcomer to the modeling world, lightbluex enjoys entering contests and is quickly making a name for herself. When asked about her style, lightbluex indicated that it is a work in progress that she devotes a great amount of her time and attention to. She further stated that she is grateful for her selection and is looking forward to the next phase of the competition.

lightbluex Denver Royal Princess – September 2010

Favorite My Precious Design: “I have a few dresses from My Precious, but I think my favorite is Mavis in white. Mavis is a more recent release and is a very elegant design with a touch of innocence. I really love it and it was easy to accessorize.” Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “My plan is simply to have a great time, meet great people and make Agnes and all her staff very proud of me by doing my very best in the competition.” Style tip:  “Ensure that your makeup and eyelashes are of good quality and match your ensemble, it will enhance your overall look. Also, don’t go overboard with accessories. Keep it simple.”


Federica Galtier Royal Princess – September 2010

Federica is a down to earth lady who enjoys learning new things and spending time with her loving and supportive partner. She’s a fairly new but formally trained model who loves her chosen career and looks forward to more opportunities to walk in fashion shows and do print work. When it comes to defining her personal style, Federica says that hers is an eclectic one that is stylish and classic. Favorite My Precious Design: “I just purchased the new Annette gown at Modavia Fashion Week and it has quickly become one of my favorite gowns by Agnes Finney. The simple classic silhouette of the black silk gown mixed with the seductive lace accents makes it a perfect choice for my unique style.” Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “When I think about My Precious, I think of classic elegance and style. I believe the lady who is chosen as the My Precious Queen will need to have a strong sense of style to represent Agnes Finney’s Brand. I feel that I have the style necessary to represent the My Precious Brand.” Style tip:  “Beauty isn’t about perfection it is about being unique. So, find something about your style that makes you unique and highlight it so that you will always be remembered.”

If you think you have what it takes to be My Precious Queen, please visit My Precious by Agnes Finney to learn what you need to do to enter and shop for some of Second Life’s most beautiful gowns. A


Designer - Paper Couture Model - Mavi Beck Photographer - Eira Juliesse

AVENUE | Fashion Agenda


Fashion Wrap-Up

Written by Imani Enzo


here is nothing quite like MercedesBenz Fashion Week in New York City. It is not only among the most highly anticipated fashion events in the world, it is an event of iconic proportions. New York Fashion Week is filled with excitement, infectious energy, and just enough craziness and chaos to attract thousands. Specifically, buyers, retailers, socialites, celebrities, industry insiders, wannabes, and journalists from all over the world converged on Lincoln

Center to get the first look at the latest collections of some of the fashion world’s most brilliant designers. It goes without saying that a ticket to Fashion Week is pretty hard to come by. As a result many of us fashion enthusiasts may never have an opportunity to attend. Fortunately, thanks to Modavia Fashion Week, we have an opportunity to experience what it might be like to be a part of the excitement and frenzy that is New York Fashion Week.

Designer - Eshi Otawara Model - Mavi Beck Photographer - Sandro Fratica

designer boutiques was reminiscent of Fashion Week’s past, complete with the symbolic tents.

Last month, Poptart Lilliehook’s Modavia Fashion Marketing paid tribute to New York Fashion Week by producing a week long SL® event that coincided with the Mercedes-Benz shows. Notably, the ambitious SL production spanned two sims and featured 35 shows over an 8 day period and those residents lucky enough to make it on the audience SIM were treated to sneak peeks at the fall collections of some of the virtual world’s most amazing talents. Just like RL, Modavia’s event brought plenty of energy and excitement to the grid. In my opinion, overall it was a great week filled with fantastic highlights. Here are a few of them.

All I can say is that a lot of work went into planning and carrying out an event of this magnitude. I give kudos to Poptart, the Modavia staff, and Modavia models who worked tirelessly to make the event successful. I managed to catch a few shows and they all seemed to flow very well. Additionally, the DJs provided excellent music and the photographers captured some great shots that provided a more up close view of the wonderful designs.

The Logistics and Environment

The Designer Lineup

In RL, Bryant Park is out as the site of NEW York Fashion Week and the Lincoln Center, which offers more space to accommodate the large crowds, is in as the venue of choice. Modavia seemed to follow suit this year with a larger venue of its own. Personally, I loved the new venue and its modern stark white runway. White has a calming effect that allowed me to forget about lag and focus on the designs. Another thing that I loved about the build is the fact that it was setup so that the models were on a different SIM than the audience. That way, lag didn’t hinder the models and the ARC police weren’t buzzing about. I also was quite happy to see that the spirit of Bryant Park lived on in SL in that the SIM housing the

The list of participating designers was nothing short of incredible. Modavia Fashion Week presented a broad range of talented designers with extraordinary design aesthetics were assembled to participate in this event, and they did not disappoint. This group included heavyweight fashion houses like Casa Del Shai, Baiastice, Violator, and Paper Couture proved why they are among the top designers on the grid with their most impressive fall offerings. Modavia also brought us trendsetting design houses like Chantkare, Modern Gypsy, Gasqhe, and House of Fox that amazed us with their use of muted and monotone colors as well as their modern, edgy, and tres chic design interpretations.

The Staff and Models

Designer - Miamai Model - Mavi Beck Photographer - Julie Hastings

Designer - Chantkare Model - Di Hoorenbeek Photographer - Julie Hastings

Designer - Modern Gypsy Model - Poptart Lilliehook Photographer - Trinidad Anatine

Additionally, lovers of glamour and elegance were treated to the latest designs of the incomparable Sonatta Morales, Bliss Couture, My Precious, and Orage Creations. Newer breakout brands like Dojo and R.icielli presented their fresh point of views, while more popular brands like Miamai, Kunglers, and Niven Collection showed that they are here to stay with their showcases of fashion forward looks. Put simply, the Modavia Fashion Week lineup pretty much offered something for everyone. Even the fellas got an opportunity to see fall fashion for men within the awesome new collections from Shiki, Gabriel, and Cheerno. While I can’t mention everyone, just know each participant put their best foot forward to bring some new and extraordinary fall designs to SL. The Fashion Shows Among my favorite shows was the dramatically styled presentation of the new line of Gems and Kisses jewelry. The collection featured some stunningly detailed pieces in the high fashion styles the brand is known for, including a pearl set that is to die for. I also enjoyed the Paper Couture show. These ladies stepped completely out of the box to release an ethnic inspired line that employed vibrant colors and rich texture. Paper Couture’s new high fashion skins and statement jewelry pieces were also showcased. While all the shows that I managed to see were

great, my favorite by far was the Emerging Designers’ Showcase which featured the work of up and coming SL designers of couture fashions. This amazing production featured 12 gorgeous creations from the likes of Pididdle, Sugarcube, Tee*fy, deviant girls, Soleil, so what?, MUHI, Wasted Youth, and E’Dior. All of their submissions demonstrated the creativity and promise within this elite group; however three designs in particular stood out for me. The first was the absolutely stunning Tight Peacock, a cute party dress made of beautiful peacock feathers, from Fume. I also loved the sexy ensemble from Meghindo’s named Major that included a military inspired cape, a belted mini dress, and gorgeous thigh high boots. Finally, I adored a design called Lost from 3636. This gown was truly a showstopper with its backless bodice made of gems and hardware and its onyx colored feathered skirt and train. Overall, this was a spectacular show. It was nice to see these designers, many of whom I was already fond of, get this type of recognition and have a chance to showcase their talents in such a huge forum. The Trends A wide variety of fashion trends emerged on the Fashion Week Runway. Some of the standouts included animal print, fur, and feathers from the likes of Orage Creations, the Niven Collection, and Baiastice. Also, My Precious, Boudoir, Baiastice, and B! Fashion showed us that lace

Designer - Dojo Model - Mui Mukerji Photographer - Julie Hastings

Designer - LeeZu! Model - Di Hoorenbeek Photographer - Julie Hastings

and leather will also be glamorous this season. Ruffles, layers, structured collars or shoulders, and tailored looks were also prominent in many collections. Color trends on the runway dictate that Black and White will be big this season as it was a staple in many collections including those presented by: Dojo; Modern Gypsy; Shiki; and, House of Fox. Shades of purple, brown, gold, green, and red also played a big part in the collections presented by Paper Couture, Cheerno, Chantkare, and Gasqhe. When it comes to must have pieces, if Fashion Week is any indication, men and women should invest in a jacket, trench coat, or cape if you want to look your best this fall. Additionally, men should consider adding a vest or dark tailored suit to their wardrobes; while women should consider flirty short skirts, leggings, and tailored skirts and trousers for theirs. The Shopping Ok, anyone who knows me also knows that this was my favorite part of Fashion Week. I so loved the fact that I did not have to wait a long time to buy the clothes featured during fashion week that caught my attention. (I can’t be the only person who hates waiting weeks for new releases after they’ve been seen in shows and all the blogs.) I had a lot of fun at the boutiques and went back every night to see the new additions. It was also a good way for me to see what I missed during the shows that I was not able to attend.

All things considered, Modavia Fashion Week was a success. I’m sure there were a few bumps along the way but they went relatively unnoticed. It is undeniable that the work that went into the project was apparent from the start and the caliber of the talent involved from the organizers and designers to the models was phenomenal. Modavia’s tribute to New York Fashion Week promised excitement and it brought it for 8 amazing days. It promised energy and it gave it. Was there craziness and frenzy? Indeed there was. Would I do it again? Absolutely, I am already looking forward to next year! A

AVENUE | GOLden Shopping


Seasons of

Written & Photographed by Vixie Rayna


ew seasons and change go hand in hand. Fall has arrived and it is time to update your home with the latest releases from the top furniture designers in Second Life®. GOLden Shopping has the perfect selection to fit any lifestyle, from minimalist chic to rocker glam. 2xtreme has a bedroom to die for with it’s teak-wood simplicity. Akeyo has some wonderfully whimsical pieces perfect for the home of the future. You can lounge in luxury with the glam rock designs of LostAngel Industries. If modern chic is your style, then you’ll find heaven at Oh Studio. GOLden Shopping is part of The GOL community of sims built by renowned

architect Dakota Neumann. It’s the perfect place to discover your own personal style. As soon as you arrive you’ll find brands such as Aoharu, Anexx, Narcotix, 2xtreme, BAX Coen Designs, Akeyo, LostAngel Industries, Boom, C.Smit, Alphamale & Blacklace, So Many Styles, Oh Studio, AMG Boudoir, Sr3d Poses, Dezno, PACADI, BOA Creations, Elymode, Je Suis, No.2 and Kiliebe. We have everything from clothing and accessories to dance animations and furniture. It’s easy to find your own style with such a wonderful mix of designers. Visit GOLden Shopping today on GOL 5!


Bedroom - Minimalist Bedset


Tree - Lucky Friend Sofa - HoMi

LostAngel Industries

Lounge - Z-boy Dormeuse Set

Oh Studio

Sofa - Army Knit Rug - Union Jack in Mauve Artwork - Spring by G. Klimt and Collages A

Crystal Produc


in the

A Novel

Metav to

AVENUE | Business Feature

lwood ctions

verse Promote

Written by Spruce Canning Photography by Natasja Schumann


hen one decides to open their business, be it a club, mall or the event is a wedding, how does one bring the message to the masses with a well detailed, and orchestrated campaign of high quality? There are many promoters and agencies, but one seems to stand out and that agency is Crystalwood Productions. With their recent debut on the grid, I had the opportunity to ask Terran Magic about how Crystalwood can promote any endeavor that a potential client would propose to them. “We are still carving out a niche here on the grid being new, however so far we are finding that we fulfill a need for businesses to get promoted without having to take away from the necessary time designing and building their merchandise. Well the kind of clients we would like to have is people who are serious about what they do. If a business doesn’t take a serious view of their work then no amount of promoting will do anything for them. While we will not turn a client down we will make them aware of the fact that promotions is only a part of it.�

The Crystalwood team has a very strong background in planning, and coordination of events along with management, advertising and a working knowledge of how a Club in SL® operates. The team also can be booked to coordinate weddings and any business venture that is put before them. When asked how the recent events on the grid would be conducive for business, Magic said “LOL that is a loaded question. There are a lot of pro’s and Con’s out there right now with the advent of the viewer 2.0, the scaling back of the company and the whole emerald thing. Like any business the trick is to ride the wave, change is a good thing and I think in the end the businesses will be better for it. I think that overall the opportunity for business here in SL has so far just been lightly touched. There is a great opportunity here for folks; I am not talking about only big business but for smaller ones as well. Think about local craft fairs. Here the way things are set up you could have a world wide craft show and people could order from anywhere in the world. The potential is staggering, we have just touched the tip of the iceberg.” With the potential that SL has shown, Crystalwood is based on the communication that residents have with each other. “The big potential of SL is its ease of communication. Here, people can gather and it’s almost like being in the same room.” Magic said. He then added to that by saying “its like people can shop and see a 3d image of it instead of going to a straight website and seeing a 2d picture. Plus

"The potential is staggering, we have just touched the tip of the iceberg" there is an advantage of having the creators here to answer questions as they arise rather than hoping for a response. Here is a venue that combines the best of standard websites, EBAY, Amazon etc and rolls them up into a fun experience.” With the state of the grid and the business climate at the present time, I asked Magic where Crystalwood would be in a years time and he stated, “We will will ride the wave, if things keep going as they are currently we will make it. The trick will be not to overbook and as long as we keep the quality of events to standard I think we will be well on the way to success. Or at least what I feel is success.” With that outlook on the ever changing business climate on the grid and with the recent upheavals in Linden Lab’s management, Crystalwood will survive and then branch out to other grids such as MVX. Crystalwood has the potential to be the one stop shop for promotions on the SL grid. With Terran Magic’s leadership, they have an excellent chance of realizing that potential. A

Mag Wr


a Profess

AVENUE | Business Feature

Written by Spruce Canning Photography by Natasja Schumann


gazine riters The

de Association

sional Guild for the SL Media

hen one picks up a magazine in SL®, be it this publication or Best of SL, one wonders, how much time and effort went into creating such fine publications and what it takes to write for and to take photographs for a media outlet on the grid. The Magazine Writers Guide Association has the answers for that burning question and has brought into being a school, which will teach aspiring writers, photographers, models, and DJs the fundamentals of each of those professions and how they are integrated into the SL media landscape. The founder of the MWGA and professional writer and Graduate Student in Real Life, Lyric Navarita, was gracious enough to sit down with this writer and give the details on how the MWGA will bolster the SL media. The group could be considered with the RL Writer’s Guild and like the Real Life group, would be the one stop shop to find writers and photographers and for media professionals to network and to promote the latest works of these professionals and publications. “Well the group MWGA is mostly non profit and the group serves as an informational for the most part.” Navarita said.

The MWGA’s mission statement and the focus of the group is “To network, build and maintain positive relationships with professionals and those interested in learning, growing, and celebrating creativity at its best.” With the establishment of the Magazine World Academies, the MWGA will bring the arts of the SL media to the masses in a way that will be fun for the students and will for the student to retain the lessons of the particular track in which he or she is enrolled in. “The school will offer different levels ranging from Beginners to advanced and Rather if the member is coming in with no knowledge about this industry in rl or sl or coming in with some experience and knowledge in rl or sl.” Navarita said. The Academy will have the top professionals in each of the fields of the SL media who will bring their knowledge of photography, magazine building, writing, modeling and DJing to the aspiring members of the SL media in an entertaining manner which will be retained by the students as they go into their chosen careers within the Media establishment. “MWGA is networking and building relationships with other media outlets on SL, so I would love for those involved in the school to be involved with those networks as well in some way.” Navarita said. The MWGA would also be a place for established media professionals to network and to further develop their skills and also

"I want them to leave this school ready and professional" a place for the newly minted professionals to develop. “I have offered assistance to writers in the group on developing a resume and researching different magazines they have interest in. I plan on making sure that students here do the same as they embark on their journeys. I want them to leave this school ready and professional.” Navarita added. When asked if the Association would publish its own magazine for the students to get hands on experience on how publishing a magazine in world and highlight the member publications that are represented by the Association, Navarita said “Oh yes. We are going to develop a Magazine for the association and it will be A magazine within a magazine”. When asked how the association will benefit the media industry with magazines in particular, Navarita said “I want it too that is def. what I want to build it towards” and that “I want to unite the magazine industry and that is my main focus hints the name of the school and association.” She also added to

that statement with “In this group we believe strongly in ‘We support you... You support us’ Equal benefit. What we do here is for those involved... and I promise as time goes by it will only get larger and be beneficial. Just have to have some trust...because I do this because I love this. Not because I am looking for an image or lindens. I have my own money. I am looking to be positive in someone’s life in some way. That is all I care about.”

With the establishment of the Magazine Writers Guide Association, Lyric Navarita hopes to have created a professional organization in which the up and coming writers, photographers, and DJ’s will be taught the fundamentals of their chosen professions and that established professionals will have a place to network and share ideas and bring the SL media to a more prominent position and create more vibrant publications and bring out the best in the Magazine industry. A

AVENUE | For the Love of

Light the


Bringing Light to the Dark World of Cancer Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Blaz Halfpint


ith all of the limitless potential inside the virtual world of Second Life速 it is always refreshing to see that potential being used for good. While we as residents often find it easy to drop off a donation to one of the numerous charities and fundraisers held in-world, we often forget that there are real people with real stories behind the scene. However, sometimes the charity becomes so personal that we cannot overlook the people that it impacts, and the lives that it touches.

Last month, a new fundraiser was introduced to Second Life by Tala Andretti, one that hit so close to home that she could not resist reaching out to residents to aid in and thus far overlooked event in Second Life. The Light the Night Walk is a walk and fundraising event sponsored by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to pay tribute to those battling cancer, as well as providing some semblance of comfort and hope to their loved ones. Each year, thousands of participants, including families, friends, and even national corporations, raise funds for vital, lifesaving research and patient services. The walks are held on different nights in communities all across the United States and Canada, and are casual walks with no fitness requirements. On these special nights, participants carry illuminated balloons in a show of support for this noble cause in an effort to bring light to the dark world of cancer. The balloons carried are white for survivors, red for supporters and gold in memory of loved ones lost to cancer. The funds raised through Light the Night support the work of hundreds of the world’s best and brightest researchers in their search for better therapies and cures for leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. Each walker is encouraged to become a “Champion for the Cure� by raising at least $100.00 in support of the cause. For Andretti, this walk is more than just about meeting a $100.00 goal; it is a way to provide hope and a little comfort to not only herself and her family, but to one very special little boy: her four year old nephew, Caleb. At three years old,

"I mean if I could do that in 9 days, what could I do in a month?"

Caleb was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, or ALL, which is a cancer of the white blood cells, the cells in the body that normally fight infections. These abnormal cells are immature white blood cells that cannot help the body fight infections, and because of this, children with ALL often get infections and have fevers. It is the most common leukemia found in children. Thankfully, Caleb is now in remission, but watching the suffering he had to endure, Andretti felt a need to do something, to find a way to help find a cure for this disease. Not only did she and her family participate in this year’s walk, where she carried a survivor’s balloon for Caleb and a gold balloon in memory of the passing of another little girl, Caleb’s friend Vicky Melton. She also decided to raise money and awareness; however, with real life health issues preventing her from being able to get out and

raise awareness, she decided to do the next best thing: bring it to the people in Second Life. With little experience and a dedicated goal in mind, Andretti wanted to start small, but was unsure if she could do it. But, with the convincing of her good friend Silky, and with the aid of another male friend who built a tip jar, she decided to give it a shot. Andretti decided to place tip jars at just three different venues: Club Radius, Muddy’s, and Ocean Dreams. And with the help and support of her boss, Peter Faulds, and DJ Squinn Canucci donating her services, Andretti put together an event on September 9, 2010, and with the donations from each of the tip jars at all three venues, raised well over 68,000L (a little over US$300) in a week’s time. Overwhelmed by the response and generosity of others, Andretti personally thanked each person who donated something, and ended up talking and making new friends with most of them, as they all wanted to hear more about the cause. On an even more exciting note, we are pleased to announce that after such a great response and surpassing her goal, Andretti intends to expand and make this an annual event here in Second Life, because, as she so wisely states: “I mean if I could do that in 9 days, what could I do in a month?” For the sake of this worthy cause, we can only imagine what can be done with even more time. A

AVENUE | Club of the Month



Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Rusch Raymaker

/ Enter

he Void the Void the Void Void the W

hen most hear the phrase “Enter the Void,” it’s usually a bad thing. One should expect darkness, emptiness, and a vast vacuum of nothingness. Yet, surprisingly, this time, you should expect the unexpected.

Brought to you by the creative minds of Paradisis Creations, who have shown that not only do they have the designing skill we’ve come to associate with their work, but also the saavy business mind to create the perfect nighttime hotspot for residents to enjoy. The Void, is a breath of fresh air from the stuffy, overcrowded, script filled nightclubs that so many residents have become accustomed to; a perfect underwater home for electro, house and trance music. This place is so far beneath the surface, surrounded by nothing that it makes the perfect location to party without a care. The ambience here is amazing, giving you that feeling of a dimly lit, smoke-filled dance club with all the right colors to set just the right mood for the night. Dance the night away with plenty of room on the brightly lit dance floor and feel the music vibrate through your feet. With such a small seating area off to the side, it’s clear the owners don’t expect partygoers to sit much during their visits and with the type of music flowing through these speakers, you definitely won’t want to. But, just in case you do find yourself needing to rest a moment, the ultra relaxing seating area surrounding a soothing koi pond will help you catch your breath and get right back to the grooves. While there are very few rules, they do have the ones that are most important to creating just the right type of party. Put simply: no nudity, no harassment, no escorts, no publicity, and no gesture spam. Too many times we find ourselves in a club with partygoers filling up

"the Void has taken sleek and chic to a whole new level"

the local chat box with gesture after gesture, interrupting not only our club-going experience, but also interrupting the music. It’s a pleasant twist to see owners finally addressing the issue and preemptively stopping it. Don’t look for any ancient, clunky dance balls around this place; the Void has taken sleek and chic to a whole new level. An animated dance

machine blends in beautifully with the decor, while sexy neon dance poles are raised in the air on both sides of the floor, reminiscent of real life techno clubs with scantily clad dancers doused in body paint, perfectly complementing the trance-like feel of the club. Step outside the main dance area and catch your breath while grabbing a coffee inspired

beverage at the small bar... but don’t sit for too long as the boost of caffeine to your system will have your body revving to get back up and into the mix as your favorite electro, house and trance tunes blare out of the vibrating speakers along the wall... coursing through your veins and getting you into the trance. Welcome to the Void... are you ready to fly? A

AVENUE | DJ of the Month

Written by Aaliyah Munro Photography by Dena Dana


DENA DANA Extraordinaire

Aaliyah Munro: Having been wooed by your mixes, it’s a pleasure to be able to sit down with you. First question - what interests you about the club circuit here in SL?

reaking into the scene with an eclectic mix of Trance, Techno, and Progressive House, Dena Dana has wooed audiences to sway to the hipster beat; she casts her hypnotic spell at Element, The 8th Club on a regular basis, and continues to be a frontrunner in the DJ circuit.


Having acted as a DJane for Virtual Reality Radio in excess of nine years, making the progression to SL came naturally for the devastating DJ Dena Dana; since finding our world in 2005, she’s been knee deep in ambient artistry ever since. Read on to find out why it was a nobrainer to select DJane Dena Dana as our DJ of the Month.

Dena Dana: It’s a wonderful pathway to find music and people you would not have come across so easily, and in fact never come across at all - so it is special to me to meet, hear and interact in a whacky surreal way that makes me smile and learn. AM: Its true - music does soothe and connect in a way no other art form can. Tell me, how do you think this community will grow in the future? DD: I think it will expand in many directions; there are some amazing artists in SL, and given the chance can show their styles and bring a different take on music entertainment that perhaps you would not come across. It’s changing all the time as SL grows. AM: As is evident by your music selections, for sure. And what’s some of your favorite genres of music and venues to DJ here in SL?

DD: Elements is my favorite to DJ at, maybe because there is a diverse clientele there and it gives me the opportunity to play different styles, in which I love Trance, House, Progressive, Tehno, Rave, Dance, Harddance, Bassline. AM: Wow, you sound like you totally rock the house - actually, I know you do! Anything else you’d like to share with our readers concerning being a DJ in SL? DD: I have always had a passion for music; I started out being a rock chick and got involved with Virtual Reality Radio about 9 years ago. I found I loved DJ’ing! It gives me a complete buzz knowing that people can enjoy what I play, and reach out with the language of the world. I found SL over 5 years ago, and applied what I had learned to continue to learn and grow as a DJ, with both my techniques and styles. I found I loved Trance, Progressive and House and this is where I will continue; the beats excite me and take me on a journey, and I want to take the listeners on a rollercoaster ride with me. To catch DJane Dena Dana in her prime, check her out at Element, The 8th Club on Thursdays at 12 pm SLT and Sundays from 10am SLT to noon. A


ack in lack

artwork Š Zeeva Quintessa

AVENUE | Inspirations

artwork Š Meilo Minotaur

artwork Š Grazia Horwitz

artwork Š Zaza Moo

artwork Š YukaChoco Magic

artwork Š Tamzin Xigalia

artwork Š Jewel MacMoragh

artwork Š Metadored



Lyrical Movement Art Through the Spoken Word Written by Aaliyah Munro Photography by Blaz Halfpint

AVENUE | Arts Feature

Linguist lavishing lusty lyrics, I bare my soul through my thoughtstransferring tremors of temptation from my lips to your mind. Š Aaliyah Munro


ards centuries over have practiced the art of the spoken word; an internationally accepted form of oratory expression, spoken word performances have taken many shapes over the year, and is now a vastly growing community here in SLŽ. While poetry has always been a constant amongst writers in SL, with avatars meeting in small underground dive bars and baring their souls to the mic, performance poetry is a rather new phenomenon that has captivated audiences around the grid. Loosely defined as a rhythmic expression of words spoken aloud, spoken word performances take many shapes, ranging from scintillating erotica to neo-nationalistic banter; from heartfelt romantic sentiments to angst ridden social critique. Having had the opportunity to sit down with three influential spoken word artists in SL, I’ve become not only more aware of the growing poetry community in SL, but have also gained a deeper knowledge of the soul of those behind the words; this is, in essence, what spoken word poetry is all about.

Blackberry Juice The exquisite beauty Of the sweet blackberry In dark purples and deep reds Her bramble, is a delicate image She is luscious and tender And, he yearns for her fruit And, he wishes to flavor The delectable juice The seasoned picker Navigating about her thorns To her subtle, moist syrupy blackberry cluster He takes the tiny bunch As he places it on his tongue It ruptures in his mouth In a fierce, delight of pleasure He longs and he lusts for more When the taste, it seems to linger Engrained in his memory the sugared sap, from her sweet, blackberry juice Š Kamille Kamala Kamille Kamala, owner of the Lyrical Cafe Poetry Club and mastermind behind the slam poetry movement, has been a poet for over two years. Published in a variety of literary magazines and anthologies, Ms. Kamala has inspired many would

be spoken words artists to join the stage and let out their innermost thoughts and desires through creative expression. Here she shares some of her thoughts on the slam poetry movement in SL as it exists today. Aaliyah Munro: Can you tell us about your experiences in spoken word? Kamille Kamala: I have found that words heal. Poetry has healed my spirit in many ways and opened up doors that I never knew existed had I not become a poet. It has helped me to meet many interesting people who have added value to my existence. A.M.: Ah- it sounds like you have a deep affinity to the spoken word movement. What interests you in the genre? K.K.: The creativity is overwhelming, the passion itself is almost unbearable, and the people are beyond interesting. I hope that the Lyrical Café will be one of the favorite places for Second Life® residents who are fans of this art form. A.M.: It seems that the Lyrical Cafe is indeed a popular place for artist to perform. Can I askwhat do you see for the future of spoken word poetry? K.K.: I think the more we come together and the more people learn of the movement it will grow into a strong, flourishing community. It will become a weekly favorite for its fans and the artists will grow in their popularity and creativity. A.M.: And do you have anything you’d like to add in regards to spoken word in SL? K.K.: I look forward to witnessing the bright future ahead of the spoken word movement in

Second Life. I look forward to seeing it take its next step allowing it to elevate right before our eyes. Jazz Sax His lips purse, and his mouth shapes the breath that makes the reed’s song echo out among valves switched by dancing fingers, that press, soft then firm the hard brass as whispers become screams turned into scales that climb, then fall and fall, down, down, down and down, forging sevenths into eighths hunting, chasing, finding the sweetest, touching it until uncoiled

in dreams in sax. its reign becomes the crash of snare and bass, until the singer hits the Twelth and strips midnight from the moon. The Sun wakes. © Klannex Northmead The self-proclaimed pirate neko and representative of The Apple poetry magazine, Klannex Northmead became inspired by attending spoken word events here in SL; moved to share his soul with willing audiences in both real and Second Life, Klannex has quickly become one of the most recognizable names and voices in the spoken word community. He shares his experiences with us here. A.M.: With such interesting pieces, I can imagine that you’re published in real life; can you tell us where we can find your work? Klannex Northmead: I have two poems published in the first volume of the Blue Angel Landing (available online), and I also have two poems published in this month’s Urban District Writer (a UK publication). I am also producing my first pamphlet/chapbook collection for the Spring; if you’d like to be updated, please visit my site: A.M.: Wow! You sound very established in your

craft. Can you tell us about your interest in the SL spoken word movement? K.N.: I love the openness and response of Second Life poets to ideas, wherever they come from. There’s always a certain amount of rediscovery of old themes here, and it melds well with the slam and improv, stream of consciousness scene. That’s where Second Life really scores as an environment. Its live improvised collections clustering around a common theme are fantastic when they happen, and this has become increasingly common as individual venues forge their own unique identities. A.M.: Yes, I’ve noticed that there are a vast number of new poetry venues appearing all over the grid. What does this mean for the future of spoken word here in SL? K.N.: I can imagine Second Life poetry being a great boon to established educational resources. The range of events available here is equal to that of a city, and any college campus would be happy to have this much literary action going on in a week on campus. Also, writing with any degree of freedom is always very rewarding either artistically and/or emotionally and/or financially too; after all Second Life is primarily a sandbox world. A.M.: I agree, and through this vast sandbox artists of every genre have flourished. Would you like to leave us with anything else? K.N.: The Spoken Word in Second Life exists because we as people (or avatars) make it happen. I would love to think that each of us (every soul on the planet) has a poet they find an

affinity with. It would be fun to have more events to celebrate these oft forgotten pioneers and in doing so have a great time discovering poetry. I am in love with you 100 ways from Sunday. Monday is always the day of foreverness with you, Tuesday is the day I wrap myself warmly in your kisses, by Wednesday we hump each other, Thursday is the day of cooking and loving, Friday I exhale you and you inhale me so that Saturday I can inhale you as you exhale me and then I love you again 100 ways from Sunday. © Jael Constantine Since junior high, Jael Constantine has been wooing audiences with her oratory prowess; an erotic poetess, she was ahead of her time when she performed for a real life crowd. Becoming a bit discouraged but never completely out of the spoken word game, Ms. Constantine performed again in 2005, this time coming strong with two published works behind her. A powerful voice exploring tantalizing topics, Jael dominates venues when she shares of her creativity. A.M.: So I’ll jump right in here- your work is beyond impressive, and I understand that you have published works for us to enjoy; care to share them with our readers?

Jael Constantine: I have two Contemporary, interracial, romantica novels, entitled “Come With Me” and “If You Were Mine (2006 - 2007);” you can purchase them through my website (www., the Kensington Books website (, or on Amazon. A.M.: With all that real life success, what keeps you interested in the spoken word movement here in SL? J.C.: Mainly, I don’t have to get dressed to perform in SL. I can do it while my kids are under my safe watch. No sitters to pay or worrying about a cover charge. I can literally perform in my pajamas. A.M.: And what can you say about the future of the spoken word movement in SL? J.C.: It is wonderfully powerful. There is so much variety as far as written word styles and

genres. At anytime you can find something as liberating as erotica and as thought provoking as political outrage. There is family, history, love, war, anger, even ‘beef’ poetry and two people battling it out over a subject. There are contests to be won, challenges asserted, gauntlets laid down and inspiration found in everything SL & RL. The whole world is connected in SL where as only locals would hear of me before I am heard internationally now. I am glad [the movement] has such variety that it has brought so many people together. A movement that has inspired so many to share of themselves, the spoken word community in SL continues to thrive, and it would not be possible without the beautiful words shared by all those involved.

If you’re interested in hearing any of the interviewed poets perform, or want to catch a spoken word performance, here’s a list of venues/event information:

The Lyrical Cafe Poetry Club | Razors Edge [242.20.24] Open Mic Nights - Tuesday at 4pm SLT, Friday at 4pm SLT, Saturday at 6pm SLT AVGI, Isle of Awakening | Avgi [128.40.24] The Voice of Musiq Lounge | Argentum [30.194.2501] Open Mic Nights - Friday at 6pm SLT The Bookworm Cafe | SouthernTier New York [134.19.25] Rhythm and Rhyme | Elysia Utopia [96.64.26] Bound and Beautiful | Pye [47.209.507] Circe’s Sanctuary | Laurel Arts Isle [231.31.22] Midnight Poet’s Retreat | Romantic Beach [249.189.22] Open Mic Nights- Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 7:30-9:30


AVENUE | Featured Artist


ne of the things I love about living in this virtual world was meeting artists and looking at their artwork. Whenever I get into Second Life® and get invited to the arts and fashion (or both) events, I get this feeling that I am not just seeing something truly mesmerizing, but something that truly encompasses elements of our humanity. Most of our humanity is based on a collective of experience, beauty, kindness, and truthfulness. Artists try to capture all of these elements and portray it in a wonderful style all on their own. I first met Trill Zapatero through Filthy Fluno’s introduction in Artropolis last year and have always admired her paintings and sense of style. For this month, on behalf of AVENUE Magazine, I caught up with her and learned more about her SL® endeavors, one of which was a successful exhibit last August of her drawings from her past trips around Asia; among places of beauty, mystery, and spiritual influence. It is a visual memoir of the rich experiences she has gained while on tour, and of the things she has learned along the way. The exhibit, which was for the benefit of the Central Asia Institute, a center founded by philanthropist Greg Mortenston, who believes that promoting and supporting communitybased education, especially for girls, in remote regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan will promote peace in the region.

Written by Isadora Fiddlesticks Photography by Blaz Halfpint


. l s cause

The exhibit had a successful run in which money was raised for the said foundation, with more coming from Trill’s clothing label, Boho Hobo. Trill’s desire to help the foundation, which started November last year, stemmed out from her awareness of Afghanistan’s plight, specially with the arts. Zapatero and I discussed how much art and culture had been lost ever since Taliban took over and the sad state of education there. As she showed me some more of what she is currently working on just for the CAI, among which are clothes, I immediately saw her talent in making clothes as well. Her clothing label, called Boho Hobo features eclectic and bohemian style clothing for the free spirited individual, with all proceeds going to The Central Asian Institute. I asked her how she got started in SL, and she told me that her sister told her about it. Being unemployed at that time, she decided to try it out, and since then stayed and settled amongst the many established and talented artists in Artropolis. However, before that she had enjoyed many trips around the world, particularly in Asia, during her stint as an English teacher. Now settled down as an artist, her time has been devoted to painting and getting herself involved in The Central Asian Institute. Though she hasn’t personally gone to Afghanistan, as an artist she feels for the loss of the country’s arts and culture, and how the people were robbed off of precious monuments like the Bamyan Buddha and other precious cultural sites because of the Taliban’s misguided ideas.

“I think it would be the thing that could start to hold the country together,” Trill said on the topic, and briefed me about the country’s tattered history and of its past cultural glories. Now with almost a year of helping out the organization, which also has a presence in SL, Zapatero is busy with another endeavor; that of making a museum for arts and culture in Afghanistan to help raise awareness for the CAI’s cause. “It’s loads of fun doing stuff in SL, so might as well make it count for something, and CAI is an awesome charity...unlike many other NGOs. The money goes to locals who manage the whole process, build the schools with local materials and do no wheeling and dealing with foreign corporations who stand to make a profit or make 6 figure salaries from charity money.” Zapatero explains. As we enter into the museum she was building, I was greeted by a sign, and pondered at the message it conveyed. “The cure for pain is in the pain...Dance when you’re broken open, Dance when you’ve torn the bandage off, dance in the middle of the when you’re perfectly free...all I know of this spirit is this love.” May Afghanistan be free from their pain.


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AVENUE Magazine October 2010