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november 2009


Publisher's Note We’re one year old and 22 publications later with one real life issue too... wow, that is like living 2 years in one year in any monthly publication’s lifespan real or virtual. And for that, I could never thank enough for all the brilliant AVENUE staff, models, advertisers, readers and supporters that have become a part in our making of our SL history together. Well, this issue will be no less than what AVENUE has been striving to do and that is to bring you the ultimate content in Second Life to further enrich your lives and world. In an exclusive with the Virtual London Fashion Week in tandem with the much anticipated real world version, AVENUE gets behind the scenes with the organizers and real life designer Maria Grachvogel on this momentous mixed-reality fashion event. So enjoy this juicy issue filled with fashion from grunge to couture, exploring role-play in Deadwood, taking a swing at Tennis and learning more about the Imagine Peace Festival by Yoko Ono.

Rusch Raymaker Rusch Raymaker Publisher & Editor in Chief AVENUE

Editor's Note AVENUE Magazine just turned ONE YEAR, would you believe it? It’s been a stressful, wild, amazing, fun ride for all of us here in AVENUE, and if it weren’t for your support and our appetite for doing this, we wouldn’t be here. Since the day Rusch asked me to be on board and start this venture, I have envisioned a magazine that encompasses all that Second Life has to offer. While we do offer the usual array of features and articles, being magazine of AVENUE’s caliber meant exerting a lot more effort to be more than the usual magazine. We heartily strive to be THE magazine that delivers the content that encourages you to go out and live SL the way it should be lived, with anticipation, imagination and fun. We would like to thank everyone who has been with us ever since the first issue. We are grateful for your usual support with AVENUE’s latest baby. We hope that you will stay with us as it grows and reflect the ever changing and dynamic world that Second Life is. We look forward to the people, places, events, arts, businesses, fashion and all that this world offers. Trust that the best is only to come with us from AVENUE Magazine!

Isadora Fiddlesticks Isadora Fiddlesticks Managing Editor AVENUE

Photos by Boe Cortes

Fashion Spread

Cover Story addiXion


Fashion Spread

AVENUE Exclusive

Virtual London Fashion Week




Xion Hack


Alatiel Malies






DJ of the Month Amanda Shinji


Fashion Agenda Something Wicked



Cover Credits Featuring addiXion tattoos & skins AVENUE Models Valeria Pienaar & Tatiana Kurri

Featured Photographer Zoe Demar


Photography by Paola Tauber

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AVENUE Exclusive

Virtual London Fashion Week Written by Isadora Fiddlesticks Photography by Sharron Schuman


he line between RL and SL™ fashion is blurring. As far as I can remember, the execution of the outfits and dresses from real life into Second Life® dates far back before I came here. A lot of designers in Second Life try to incorporate a little bit of real life fashion into their offerings. As Second Life becomes increasingly popular, articles like the one done recently by the Style section of The New York Times about the Second Life fashion scene have encouraged people to log in and try Second Life. On the other end of the spectrum, people in the field of fashion design, clothes manufacturing and retail are looking for ways to market their brands and perhaps streamline the process between development and manufacturing. I have seen a video that demonstrated a company using Second Life to create samples of a bag currently in development for viewing by people in-world, eliminating the need for physically delivering samples from one destination to another, cutting courier costs, and creating a more collaborative environment by enabling people to share the same product and inspect it.

Maria Grachvogel’s London Fashion Week 09 Collection

Indeed, the fashion world is giving Second Life the attention it deserves and reaping on the possibilities. Proof was when real life fashion events began to be mirrored into the virtual world. The Virtual London Fashion Week (VLFW) was held in the same week of the real life London Fashion Week in September. Organized by The Virtually-Linked team comprising of Debs Butler (Managing Director), TD Reinhard (Virtual Architecture Director) and Gena Dry (A&R and Entertainment Manager) who created The Virtual London sims, the formidable trio put together a well-attended lineup of events and a mixed reality fashion show to top off the festivities that showcased works from acclaimed designer Maria Grachvogel. Grachvogel’s designs are worn by the likes of celebrities Scarlett Johanssen and Angelina Jolie, are truly wearable, and her philosophy is to enable women of all sizes to wear chic clothing and look fabulous in the process.

Maria Grachvogel was able to give AVENUE a quote regarding her participation in the VLFW, with her saying: “I am very excited to be working with Second Life and their virtual fashion week. It’s incredibly innovative, and I am honored that they have chosen to work with us, especially as it mirrors the work I have been doing with my virtual prototyping with Lectra (design equipment widely used in the industry). I wish the concept every success and look forward to this being a regular feature on the London Fashion Week calendar.” In-world, Nils Tomorrow, Estelle Parnall, Lixena Lamourfou and Watcher Castaignede were the designers responsible for materializing the real life designs in Second Life. They painstakingly recreated the outfits from photos and other references within 24 hours with great results that are almost, if not perfectly, accurate from the real life versions.

Watcher Castaignede [right], one of the Second Life designers Who Recreated Maria Grachvogel’s designs for Virtual London Fashion Week 09 Photo by Zoe Demar

Maria Grachvogel’s Real Life Version

The person behind the fabulous tracks for the fashion show is Gena Dry, who is also a singer and songwriter with the critically acclaimed Indie rock band, Color Noise. She graced the event as avatar GenaDry Bigboots. Gena Dry’s involvement with the Virtual London Fashion Week started when she met Debs Butler and she became the A&R and Entertainment Manager for Virtual London. She heard of Second Life early this year and, with her presence here, came up with the concept about to launch soon called The Dry Club, which will be a “conduit for bringing real life music, fashion, film, art and entertainment into virtual London”. Through Gena’s efforts, the VLFW was further linked into the real world, not just through the recreation of Grachvogel’s designs in the virtual platform, but also through an interview with the designer herself. “Within two weeks of coming up with the idea and working on turning it into a reality, I was offered the interview with Maria Grachvogel at her London Fashion Week show. As Virtually-Linked had already created the Virtual London Fashion Show to coincide with London Fashion Week, it was a great opportunity to create a special fashion show using virtual creations based on designs by a top real life fashion designer - Maria Grachvogel. We had a weekend to put the whole show together!”

Maria Grachvogel & Gena Dry Photo By Reg Bekker of FreshCutMedia

As for the music, Dry says that “obtaining permission to use music from famous artists can be expensive and difficult to organize; I was lucky that Georg Kajanus from Sailor loves the whole idea of his music being represented through this medium and gave his full permission for his hit song ‘Girls Girls Girls’, my cover of that track ‘Boys Boys Boys’, and a track by Noir (Georg Kajanus and Tim Dry) called ‘Walking’, which are great tracks for the catwalk. The other tracks were my own music, which I own all the rights to, and enabled me to put the playlist together in such a short space of time!” “I love the idea of my songs being involved in this extraordinary new virtual world of Second Life and its avatars. Many thanks to Gena Dry for being the ‘Transporter’ of my music into her enthusiastic and unbounded vision,” Georg said in reaction to his involvement with the VLFW.

Gena thinks the concept of bringing real life into the virtual world is deeply fascinating. She says, “We are constantly shown images in the real world which are not real, for example models in magazines who have make-up to look like they have no make-up, dresses that have bulldog clips holding them in at the back, and endless retouching. My involvement with the virtual world, which is supposedly not real, has been one of the realest things I have ever done, leading to my first interview for The Dry Club being with a top London fashion designer at London Fashion Week, an interview with Math from the hit band Dodgy, and more exciting guests and events which we will keep you posted on. I thought the fashion show was wonderful and all the people I have shown it to in real life have been amazed by the extraordinary and beautiful virtual images. Considering the time scale of when I was offered the interview with Maria Grachvogel and the show having to be shown close to fashion week to make it relevant, I can only put it down to the hard work, dedication and talent of all the virtual designers and everyone involved who made the show happen, that it was as successful as it was.”

Gena Dry & Georg Kajanus

“My involvement with the virtual world, which is supposedly not real, has been one of the realest things I have ever done...”


Virtual London Fashion Week LINKS London Fashion Week Maria Grachvogel Virtually-Linked Gena Dry In Second Life

The Dry Club

Starting from The Dry Club’s bridging of real life and Second Life fashion through its involvement with VLFW, Gena is sure to bring more of London into Second Life. She will be hosting a Dry Club show once a month, which will be streamed into a screen in a pub in Kensington Church Street called Prince of Wales in Virtual London. She has a lot lined up already and will also be performing in-world soon, and from the looks of things, is enjoying her new activity in Second Life. Overall, with Gena’s involvement and of those who worked on every detail of the event, from the stage design by TD Reinard and Shaza Denver who was responsible for the behind-the-scenes and hosting the other events, to the one who organized it all for Virtually-Linked, Ruskin Thor, the VLFW was a great success in the many ways that it enabled people from real life to discover potential for the future of fashion and music in Second Life.


Kalnins Footwear - Milestones Kalnins Sunglasses - Half Shutter

Kalnins Footwear - Empress

Kalnins Footwear - Morningdew

Kalnins Footwear - Coquette Kalnins Sunglasses - Half Shutter

Kalnins Footwear Promenade v1.7

Kalnins Footwear - Braxterz Kalnins Sunglasses - Half Shutter

Cover Story

Written by Laya Felisimo Photography by Trinidad Anatine

n Xio




e x p r e s s

themselves in



- it’s one of the



about the metaverse.

It gives us all a chance


to either mirror our RL

persona or indeed just be

who we want to be. For many

of us in Second Life, myself

being one of them, we are able to

express our inner style and project

it in a way that becomes apparent

to others in SL™. A popular way of

doing this, for instance, is piercings and

tattoos, which Second Life allows us to

wear without prejudice or discrimination.

In fact, they have become a huge fashion accessory in-world lately. Tattoos and piercings

in SL are fast becoming a serious business, and one

After teleporting to addiXion, you land in the main

of those businesses, addiXion, lends testament to

store, and this is where the adventure begins.


Surrounded by, I have to say, some of the most

Formed in the middle of 2007, the owner of

amazing tattoos, it is hard not to be distracted

addiXion, Xion Hax, has worked tooth and nail to

by the artistry that has gone into producing these

build his business from a small shop to a thriving

awesome tattoos. And they are displayed in such

shopping sim incorporating other well known

detailed surroundings. But addiXion does not only

grunge/punk/neko influenced designers. addiXion

produce arguably the finest tattoos in SL, no - they

has grown from strength to strength and now sits

also design some fantastically textured grunge-

prominently in the middle of the expertly built,

styled clothes under the NEO Fashion Addict label,

grunge-styled sim.

specialising in jeans, tee’s and tanks for both men

and women. More recently, Xion has released

photographer in me reveals itself, I find it almost

a range of female skins with a comprehensive

impossible not to imagine the photographic

selection of make-ups and tones, including black

opportunities here. And yet I know that, while my

skins and goth skins. As with his tattoos, the

mission is NOT complete, I’ve only just stepped

attention to detail is awesome.

outside the main store. Walking around the sim,

I literally have to drag myself out of the store to

you understand that it is a shopping district, but it

further explore the sim, which hosts a number of

is designed and built in such a way that it makes

stores of other well known designers. These are

it easy to forget this. My journey around addiXion

set within a ‘shopping district’ style environment,

takes me underground down one of the many sewer

which has been built using some of the finest

covers, through a maze of tunnels underneath the

textures I’ve seen within Second Life. As the

build, to the dock which, the same as the rest of

the sim, is built with a grunge feeling to it and

Laya Felisimo: What prompted you to begin

hosts a number of well known designer outlets.

creating in SL?

Everything you could want and need to pull off a

Xion Hax: I have been in SL since late 2006, after

grunge look is here - all on one sim, the addiXion

a friend’s impulse to explore this new, amazing 3D


world community. After my initial newbie period

Whilst visiting the sim, I was incredibly lucky to

;) (you know...wandering around naked, talking

bump into Xion Hax - a mild mannered, down-

to everybody, trying to earn some L$...all the

to-earth and funny man whom I had a great time

usual newbie silly little things), I started to take

chatting with. We swapped stories about how

SL more seriously, cancelled my old account name

we both started in SL, being a noob, and what

(I wonder what I was thinking when I created it,

motivates us in SL to create.

lol), made a new account with a decent name, and

started finding great interest in making SL stuff.

that answer was easy; I loved tattoos since always

My professional background as a graphic designer

(I have several RL ones), so that part of my RL

and photographer led me to deal mostly with

became my SL profession.

texture designing, so that was the moment I designed my own skin; it’s the one I still use. :)

LF: What inspires you to create in SL?

I had many encouraging comments from some

XH: I strongly believe that SL’s fundamental

friends about it, so I thought that maybe it would

ingredient is FUN. That’s the main reason the SL

be fun to try starting some SL business.

world goes round. Since my first rez day, my main

And then it hit, I thought to myself “what

inspiration to keep creating stuff is the fun I am

would you like to do if you were not a graphic

having when designing and all the satisfaction I

designer...?”, this is Second Life, after all! Well,

get when people enjoy them.

LF: Did you ever think that addiXion would be as

collection is a top priority right now, as well as the

big as it is now?

completion of the addiXion skins variety with a

XH: During May 2007, addiXion’s first little store

new male and a new female skin with their shapes.

was a 512 sq. meters, rented mainland parcel,

I know that this may disappoint the NEO Fashion

with about 5 tattoos and a couple of piercings,

Addict grunge clothing fans, but I can say that I’ll

which was more like a place to party with some

have a couple of new releases ready within the

friends than a proper SL business.

next 2 weeks.

I’ve never imagined that something that started almost as a joke would become, after two and a

LF: If tomorrow came and you could only move

half years, big enough to be recognizable around

forward in SL with one part of addiXion, which would

the SL globe, having its own private island sim

it be? Piercings? Skins? Tattoos? Clothing? And why?

with about 37,000 visitors so far, more than 10,000

XH: I think tattoos would be my choice. For me,

satisfied customers, and about 120 franchises

tattoo designing is more than just graphic design, it

having addiXion and NEO franchising affiliation

is a way to express feelings, ideas, express myself

networks as their main SL income source.

in many ways. Inking on your body, even on your avatar body which is not permanent, can be a kind

LF: Do you see addiXion growing bigger in the

of statement. A tattoo can define you in many ways.


That’s what I like about it.

XH: As long as I am having fun and keep enjoying it, definitely yes. I have some plans about it and

LF: Do you have a favorite item you have created?

I hope I’ll be able to make them work. My dream

XH: Everything I have created so far involves a lot

is to evolve addiXion into an all around grunge

of inspiration and a fair amount of working hours,

brand, a place to grunge up your avatar from your

therefore they all are a piece of me. Nevertheless,

head to your toes. :)

I have a special favorite, it’s the Kinky Mermaid tattoo. I’ve tattooed it on me in RL as well. :)

LF: Do you have anything specific planned for the near future for addiXion?

LF: Apart from yourself, do you have a favorite

XH: Well, growing the inkREAL colored tattoos

designer in SL?

XH: I admire a lot of talented SL designers. If I

would like to change anything. I have enjoyed every

have to pick out some of them, one would be

minute I‘ve spent in SL, and even the mistakes I

Xekollo Shilova of shooZ! with some of the sexiest

have made add to the whole experience.

footwear I’ve seen in SL. She was the one who

actually brought me into SL, as she is a RL friend

LF: What has been your proudest achievement

of mine. I also love two extremely talented ladies’

and moment to date in Second Life?

creations, GothiCatz’s rocking stuff of Looloo Beck,

XH: You know, every time I get a notecard or an

and Nena Janus’s inspiring work at League. Both

IM telling me how much someone is enjoying stuff

of them are great people and friends as well. You

that I’ve made, I feel proud. It is the satisfaction

know we have started almost at the same time,

you get when you feel that your creativity made

and that creates a kind of bond between us.

someone else’s Second Life better. One of the coolest moments was when addiXion outgrew the

LF: We all began somewhere, as we’ve touched

old main store and moved to its own island sim.

upon previously. Do you still have your first tattoo

That was the time I realized that all that work was

and item of clothing you bought in Second Life?


XH: Yeah, I think I do. My first clothing item was a Ghostbusters t-shirt, which I bought at the exotic

LF: Thank you so much, Xion. Not only was it fun

amount of 25L$, lol. My first tattoo was one that

to swap stories and talk with you in-world, it was

I’ve made, when I was experimenting with tattoo

also a real pleasure to meet you.


creation in SL. It was the word “addicted” on my stomach, and u can still find it as a freebie in addiXion’s main store. I guess I am still addicted. :P For more info about addiXion, visit their website: LF: If you could do it all over again, would you

change anything? XH: Hmm, I guess I should have had more cyber sex

Or visit the addiXion sim:

when I had the time...LMAO. Well, I don’t think I


Featured Designer

The Redheaded Stepchild of the Fashion World Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photos by Blaz Halfpint

A rebel: one who exhibits great independence in thought and/or action. One who doesn’t conform to the standard, but creates their own. Arian Voss could not have picked a more appropriate title for his brand of rebellious fashion. He has ignored the trends of the fashion world, gone against the grain, and brought to Second Life® a side of fashion that says “no” to pink and frilly, and “yes” to mixing plaid with leather, chains with camouflage, and stripes with skulls. Fashion World meet Rebel: the redheaded stepchild that is doing what it loves without caring what you think. Sensuous Soulstar: Let’s start with the most important question: how did you end up in Second Life, and what were those first moments like? Arian Voss: It was a Saturday in October of 2006 when I was shopping with a friend who told me about an online game called “Second Life”. I`ve never been an online gamer, so I wasn’t very interested, but that evening I was bored and remembered what he’d told me, so I Googled it. That day Arian Voss was born. When I first arrived in Second Life, I was confused. I didn’t know how to walk or fly. After a few hours, I met some avatars from England who I chatted with for awhile until my real life friend teleported me to a place where we got money by sitting at a campfire. This was our favorite place for the first few weeks. Eventually, I ended up at a place called “Alien Nation”, where I met the owner and his wife (in RL too) and began to try to build some simple things. I am not really one to read instructions, so I began learning by doing.

SS: Once you finally got the hang of this place, what was your first impression of the fashion here in Second Life? AV: I must say that I did not care about the fashion here. The first thing I made was a Predator costume, and I was really excited about this kind of fashion. However, by 2008 I became more interested in the fashion world. SS: Was fashion your first venture here, or did you try your hand at another skill first? AV: Before I started Rebel, I made other things. I got into building. I spent my first few months trying to build a boot, but didn’t get the hang of it, so I started creating buildings. I built a shop for myself and others, but didn’t put them out for sale until a friend said that my building was great, so I took some pictures of it and offered it for sale. I built more stores and sold those, as well as some custom buildings, including a mainstore for Angel Dessous. I also built a 3 sim copy of the real life Berlin. SS: Do you remember your first piece that you ever designed? What was it and how did it turn out that first try at it? AV: The first thing was boots for men. Omg...they failed! They were too big and too ugly, and didn’t really fit onto my avatar. SS: When you finally got into creating punk fashion, what was the initial feedback you received from friends/supporters? AV: Oh the feedback was really good. They liked the punk look and the dirty clothing. The first months of designing, though, I only created prim wear. SS: What made you decide to name your store/designs “Rebel”? AV: I was searching for a good name for my items, and I had a few ideas about the name and the label design. It came down to “Decadence” and “Rebel”, and I chose “Rebel” because that name most identified with my fashion item. Plus, it’s a memorable name. (I hope!) SS: What influences you? Where do you find inspiration for your designs? AV: I find my inspiration in real life from magazines, television, the streets and others places, as well as real life people, and in SL™ itself. SS: Your designs are incredible, for both men and women: clothes, accessories, hair and shoes. What was your goal in creating? Did you feel there was something missing here in SL that you needed to bring into the fashion world? AV: The first goal was clearly the punk shoes. I was searching for dirty shoes with many small details and couldn’t find any, thus the first idea for Rebel was born. I also wanted to bring in the punk jacket. I love old leather jackets with many details like rivets and such, so I knew I wanted to do that as well. I also wanted to have a broader assortment of my fashion items so that people that aren’t “punk” could also wear my fashion.

SS: Do you strive to have an impact or make a statement in the fashion world? Or do you even care about the fashion community? Are you being a rebel? AV: I am not interested in all fashion that exists in Second Life. The Grunge/Punk/Neko fashion is really cool and I like that. I only want to bring my ideas of fashion into this world. I’m not a real life designer and all the things that I do should be fun with no stress. I love to create things and have my ideas realized, but I`m very happy if people like my stuff. SS: Is there a life for you outside of designing? What do you do to just unwind, relax, and enjoy your time in Second Life? AV: In my 3 years on SL, I haven’t seen as many things as most of the younger avatars. I have a little “creating studio” in the sky where I build and create my things. I chat with my friends and sometimes see them, but most of the time I am creating and talking with customers. SS: What should we expect next from Rebel? Anything pushing the boundaries of fashion coming out this year? AV: I’m working on new stuff right now. I have many ideas...the only problem is finding the time. That is the only thing we can’t buy (smiles). So, watch out for new stuff from Rebel. There will be specially priced items coming out as well. SS: Finally, is there any advice that you would give to aspiring designers trying to make a footprint in SL fashion? AV: Do what you like and don’t give up! A

l l a F by

s e l y t S l e i t a l A

s n o i h s a F Photography: Natasja Schumann Featuring AVENUE Models: Cortney Prieto Haakon Schumann Liam Netizen Livia Mastroianni Loxley Tatham Mavi Beck Natasja Schumann Tiffany Dragonash

Left Alatiel Colours Natasja Schumann

Right Alatiel Karl Liam Netizen

Left Alatiel Kiley Cortney Prieto Right Alatiel Valery Mavi Beck

Left Alatiel Livia Loxley Tatham

Right Alatiel Nicholas Haakon Schumann

Left Alatiel Milky Tiffany Dragonash

Right Alatiel Chanel Livia Mastroianni (L) Alatiel Chanel Black Kryptonia Paperdoll (R)

Featured Designer

Sofi’s Principles Written by Imani Enzo Photographed by Vera Canning

Sigma Jewels is a popular brand in Second Life®. It has a reputation for elegant designs made from vivid textures. Sofi Trenkins, the creative force behind the brand, takes pride in her designs and works hard to improve with each release. Her products are stylish, feminine, realistic and true to Sofi’s personal style and artistry. Simply put, the lady is not one to jump on bandwagons. Instead, she’s perfectly fine doing her own thing on her own terms, and has built a large following doing just that. Sofi is even more fascinating than the handcrafted quality designs she creates. She’s also a very busy lady. In addition to her design and operational responsibilities at Sigma, she is active in many SL™ community efforts and is a student at the SL Career Institute of Fashion and Design. It’s clear that growth, improvement and self-fulfillment are constants in the SL of Sofi Trenkins. Her beautiful, intricate designs are evidence of that. This gifted lady has a lot on her mind, and she recently took the time to sit down and share her experiences and views. Here’s what she had to say.

Imani Enzo: Your designs are simply gorgeous. What skills does it take to design jewelry? Sofi Trenkins: Jewelry design is a big challenge and requires talent in building, manipulating, texturing, and scripting. Fortunately, these skills can be learned in-world. It also requires more innate qualities, like an artistic touch and an aesthetic eye, if you want to make something of value that stands out. I.E.: Did it take you a long time to learn? How did you go about it? S.T.: It didn’t take me too long, but I still feel like I’m learning. I found that the only way to learn is by practicing. I started out using tools to assist me with creations; however, I found out that placing prims by hand allowed me to create beautiful, realistic forms. So now I work each jewel from scratch. I.E.: How would you describe your design style? S.T.: That’s really simple; I would describe it as elegant and personal. I.E.: What inspires you to create? What was the inspiration for your latest design and why? S.T.: I’m inspired by anything at all (RL and SL)! My latest release, the “Perio bead necklace”, was inspired by an art book I bought. The book, named “Colour Index”, contains the most eye-catching color combinations. I

was so inspired that I used the combos in making the textures for the little beads. Also, “Perio” is a term used in dentistry (my rl job) that relates to the tissues that surround the teeth. The word “peri” means “around” in Greek. So, I made three rows of colored beads loosely surrounding the neck. As you see, the inspiration can be absolutely anything! I.E.: What statement do you most want to make with your designs? What mark would you like to leave on SL? S.T.: All I want to do is express my own inner aesthetics, nothing more. I.E.: Can you tell us a little about your SL aspirations? S.T.: My aspiration is to improve my building skills and to be able to express myself through my creations. This can be a hard task when content theft, grid issues, and computer issues come into play. I.E.: I know that you are a huge supporter of Step Up, the SL community movement against content theft. Will you take a moment to tell us your thoughts on the subject? S.T.: It’s been frustrating. I found myself wondering why I should go through all the trouble to make something unique when someone will simply copy the design, texture, or look and sell it as their own. As a result, I pretty much stopped making modifiable items.

“The inspiration can be absolutely anything“

I.E.: Who are some of your favorite SL designers? S.T.: I admire many in SL and wish I had made their items. My favorites are Zaara, Creamshop, and Zullay (closed). I.E.: What advice would you share with SL creators who are just starting out? S.T.: Don’t imitate; try to find your own way through this wonderful journey. Also, respect your fellow residents who strive to make this world a better place. I.E.: What do you do to ensure that SL remains fun for you? S.T.: I participate in community activities such as the Step Up Campaign and Jewelry Fair, sponsor events, meet and keep a small number of friends, monitor my stores, and respond to my customer’s needs. I.E.: What’s on the horizon for Sigma Jewels? S.T.: I am currently working on a line inspired by Greek folk art, which is amazing! I can hardly wait to see what this spirited and genuine lady comes up with next. If you have not seen her work, make it a point to visit Sigma Jewels; you won’t be disappointed. A

It is only with the heart that one can see beauty

flagship store: Jewellery (201, 55, 38) store B: Jewelry (205, 210, 38)

Featured Designer

fall dreams Featuring AlexanderHunter’s Couture Collection Written by Vixie Rayna Photographed by Natasja Schumann


n nature, autumn is full of inspiration with its rich colors and bevy of textures. With each change of season, we get new opportunities to release our inner fashionista. What better way to jump into the new season than by mixing classic pieces with a fresh perspective. Let’s see what AlexanderHunter’s Couture {AHC} has in store for us this fall. The fashion house of {AHC} brings RL design to SL™ with amazingly detailed and high

quality textured couture clothing alongside top quality accessories, shoes, hair and skins. AlexanderHunter Rembrandt, the creator and designer of {AHC}, credits real life’s top designers for his inspirations for his work. Television shows such as Gossip Girl have also provided endless hours of incentive for many fashion designs, hairstyles and skins.  The clothing collections are all seasonal and therefore available only for a few months, in effect making each {AHC} design a limited edition.

autumn innocence Dress {AHC} Peekaboo Dress Shoes {AHC} Peekaboo Heels Hair

{AHC} Blair I from Blondes Pack

Skin {AHC} Serena in Fall Romance Light Medium (coming soon)

classically quilted Sweater {AHC} Cable Knit V-Neck Sweater in Gold Pants {AHC} Skinny Leather Pants in Brown Belt {AHC} 3-Strap D-Bit Belt in Brown Boots {AHC} Quilted Leather Boots in Brown Handbag {AHC} Quilted Leather Drawstring Bag in Brown Earrings {AHC} Pearl Trimmed Gold Hoops Necklace {AHC} Couture Queen Floral Heart Necklace Bracelet {AHC} Couture Queen Floral Heart Charm Bangle Hair

{AHC} Hazel I from Darks Pack

Skin {AHC} Vanessa Fall Innocence in Medium Dark (coming soon)

dapper in tweed Shirt {AHC} Button Down Shirt with Open Neck in Khaki Pants

{AHC} Suede Jeans in Tan

Jacket {AHC} Tweed Jacket in Mocha Shoes {AHC} Single Tone Suede Shoes in Brown (coming soon) Hair

{AHC} Nate I from Brunettes Pack

Visit {AHC} today and be inspired by the wonderful designs to create your own fall fashion masterpiece. All items at {AHC} are available at the main store and for purchase via Xstreet. Store SLURL: Plush%20Omicron/186/90/22/ A

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The Black Canary Bringing you the dichotomies of human nature

Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photos by Natasja Schumann


alph Lauren once stated: “I don’t design clothes. I design dreams.” To say that Morrigan Denimore, creator and designer of The Black Canary, just

designs clothes would be to insult not only the brand, but the man himself. When you look at his designs, you realize that these are not just everyday pieces of fashion that you just throw on. They






representations of the dichotomies of human nature. No one could tell his story better than Mr. Denimore, which is what we present to you now. SENSUOUS SOULSTAR:

Mr. Denimore, thank

you for sitting down with me today. I’m dying to know how you became a part of the world we’ve all come to know as Second Life®. MORRIGAN DENIMORE: Well, a friend of mine whom I used to game with on a similar platform introduced me to Second Life. At first I was not acutely interested in playing; however after the first day, I knew that it was to be my new home. At first, he and I were teleporting around to find new things to get ourselves into. In my early days of SL™, I did roleplay and worked in a club, but not as a stripper, mind you, haha. My

friend helped me to beautify, so even though I was new, people would think I was an alt. So, at times it would be difficult to ask for help without someone assuming I already knew, by my appearance. SS: After porting around and getting your feet a bit wet, you had to take notice of the fashion here. What was your first impression of that fashion? MD: Now, in particular I adored the fashion in SL, simply because of the amount of freedom one had to create their ideal clothing, and not be restricted to having to use stiff meshes or the same body type. I enjoy this kind of unique feeling. SS: After discovering your love for fashion, how did you get your start in the fashion world? MD: Yukio Ida, a dear friend of mine, allowed me to have a small corner of his shop (then *Illuminati*, now [Gauze]) to place my items in. He taught me how to build with prims, and for that I am ever grateful. Then Miss Ivey Deschanel and Roblem Hogarth noticed my work, and placed me in a corner shop by Sn@tch. These two have my deepest gratitude, for I think they have played a rather large role in my Second Life as a whole.


Tell me about the first piece you ever

to answer. In life, there are many things which

created. What was it and do you still have the

we are able to learn, and yet more that we do


not understand. I wished to create something

MD: The first item I crafted for my establishment

that was not simply fashion, but a feeling made

was an outfit called “Frill Life”, inspired by

tangible; a dichotomy in its purest form. There

cutsew fashion. When I think about it currently,

is male and female, sadness and happiness,

there is a sense of nostalgia; I suppose that may

harmony and chaos. As in our lives, there are

be why I continue to sell it. I still remember

those who are our friends, and those who are

staying up all night to carefully place my prims.

disagreeable. I wish to celebrate the greatest aspect of life and death, and that is to be,

SS: When you finally opened to the community,

inexorably, human.

how did they receive you? What was that feedback like originally?

SS: Your designs are incredible, and yet versatile.

MD: When I first opened last year in October,

They could be Goth, Vamp, or even Aristocrat all

at the beginning it was a bit slow, and I became

in one. Where do you find the inspiration for

unsure of myself for a time. But after Ivey and

your designs?

Roblem took notice of my work and helped to

MD: When I was younger, I was drawn to the

promote me, on the first day of my place there

“goth” scene. However, I felt that the entire

in November I earned 40k or so. I was very

band t-shirts, metal spikes and trench coats idea

happy that I could create something which many

was not really who I was. I later discovered the

people were fond of; I yet have many people I

more elegant and period fashions of Japan, and I

know who have stayed with me and supported

immediately felt that I connected; this was dark

me since that time.

and it was yet lovely. I can create something like this most comfortably. I feel that there can be

SS: The Black Canary is such an intriguing name.

many people who design clothing for the profit,

How did you come up with this name for your

but more than this, I wanted very much to show


my true emotion to a broad audience. I consider

MD: Now, this is a question that can be difficult

my fashion group here in SL as my family, as


Enjoy yourself; your passion will show in the things which you create


they are the ones who know more about the individual behind these paintings than any other here in this virtual world. SS: What was the inspiration for the design of your store? I love the decorations, as well as the feel and layout of it. Who is the builder and how much input did you have in the design of it? MD: I enjoy the elegance of period constructs, so the idea was discussed between myself and Viscount Menatep to create a larger build than my little shoppe, but still retain this awe-inspiring image.

So, the decision was to construct a

townhouse in the end, and it is one that I am very pleased with. Many of my regulars consider TBC as their second home. SS: Finally, is there any advice that you would give to up and coming/aspiring/struggling designers trying to make a footprint in the SL fashion community? MD: Enjoy yourself; your passion will show in the things which you create, and others will see it, even though it may seem hopeless at first. And, perhaps most crucially, have patience.


from those who can teach, and carefully refine yourself and your works into your ideal.


Fashion Agenda

Something Wicked Written by Imani Enzo Photography by Sharron Schuman & Tillie ariantho


In all honesty, I’ve never been that big on Halloween. I don’t dress up in costumes, decorate, or hit the party circuit like many people do. I imagine that my fear of things that go bump in the night has a lot to do with my issues with Halloween. However, I will say that I appreciate and celebrate the wide array of designs and costumes associated with Halloween that range from playful and fun to creepy and sinister. To that end, I had an opportunity to embrace Halloween in all its spooky glory when I attended “Something Wicked”, the Halloween Fashion Show of the year. The event, produced by AVENUE, was unlike anything you’ve ever seen. I arrived to find that most guests came dressed in their favorite costumes, while I looked more like a gothic inspired fashionista (yeah, that’s it) in my black sweater mini dress and matching Prestige boots. Next, I reluctantly followed the Grim Reaper through the eerie darkness to my coffin to watch the show. The visual effects of the amazingly creepy set complete with skulls and ghosts were enhanced by the haunting melodies prepared by AVENUE’s very own CEO Rusch Raymaker .

Once the mood was set, the lovely AVENUE Models treated us to the most spine-tingling and bone chilling fashions from some of SL™’s most talented costume designers. Fashions featured in this powerhouse production included an array of creative designs that would suit just about every taste. First up were some adorable costumes for the little ones provided by Babyboo Glitterbuck, designer and owner of Here Comes Trouble. This sequence immediately put my reservations to rest and reminded me of the whimsy and fun associated with Halloween and trickor-treating. The models skipped and danced on the runway while wearing fashion forward updates

to traditional costumes. Never have witches, bumblebees and pumpkins looked so trendy and cute.


We also saw looks from Lourdes Laysan, who specializes in premium quality superhero/heroine Couture. Her vivid imagination and love of fashion have enabled her to perfect the superhero costume and create some of the most extraordinary catsuits and lingerie on the grid. This was another fun sequence because the superheroine models ran the runway as if they were on a mission to save the universe from the forces of evil. Layja Vidor’s EXXESS Designs reflected her boundless creativity and seemed to be inspired by warriors and magic. Her provocative and cutting edge creations, which include sexy clothes, hair, and detailed jewelry pieces, will tempt you to leave humdrum fashion behind. Lykin and Bryce Randt of Eclipse create fashions for open minded individuals who long for excitement and adventure. Their designs are detailed, versatile, and great for role play. Evie’s Closet is the creation of Evangeline Miles. Her vivid imagination shown through her beautiful looks which included baroque inspired gowns and medieval fantasy garments. The rich textures, maximum quality, and attention to detail make her designs perfect for Halloween and beyond. The amazing designs presented from JDiva Ophelia’s Masquerade were highly detailed and hand painted. Her beautiful, unique, and awe inspiring mask designs clearly demonstrate why she is considered to be one of the best in SL.




Eclipse Eclipse



Also featured were hot looks for the ladies, which included bold, powerful and sexy looks from Nikita Fride. This sequence featured themed avatars that included bloodied and mangled skins, shapes, hair, lashes, footwear and accessories by the extremely talented designer. The next incredible presentation featured the creative, detailed, and versatile costume designs of Aeris Shemlin’s Smooth Designs. The sequence included beautiful and varied style offerings, which included pirate costumes, historical pieces, and gothic vampire designs. Finally, we were given a glimpse of the artistic, elegant, and innovative designs of Soraya Vaher. Her brand, Violator, is one of the most talked about brands in SL. These stylish designs are clearly inspired by many influences including sci-fi, Asian culture and hentai, and in a word are AMAZING!

Nikita Fride Additionally, many of the show’s phenomenally wicked looks were complemented by the creative hair and skin designs provided by Diorsis Hair Designs (Diorsis Rossini) and Skin Tight (Myrtle Spyker) respectively. Overall, Something Wicked was indeed a spooktacular fashion experience that was enjoyed by lovers of fashion and Halloween alike.


Additionally, many of the show’s phenomenally wicked looks were complemented by the creative hair and skin designs provided by Diorsis Hair Designs (Diorsis Rossini) and Skin Tight (Myrtle Spyker) respectively. Overall, Something Wicked was indeed a spooktacular fashion experience that was enjoyed by lovers of fashion and Halloween alike.

Smooth Designs

Fashion Agenda

Alatiel F

fa 20 c ol l e

Written by Ocean Miami  t


all 09 c t io n

t  Photographed by Tillie Ariantho

Alatiel Malies

Chic, unique, and fits the body like a glove. These are just some of the qualities one can expect from the Alatiel Fashion line, one of the most versatile couture brands on the grid. And it comes as no surprise that the designer behind this brand came to Second Life® with a great love for fashion since her early years in RL. As a young girl, Italian designer Alatiel Malies filled her notebooks with pencil sketches of dresses and costumes, which were only figments of her imagination until her passion finally found release in SL™. The amazing thing about Alatiel is how she keeps the flame of her creative vision alive with every new collection; there is always something new and surprisingly beautiful. In early October, AVENUE held a designer-exclusive event to debut Alatiel Fashion’s Fall 2009 collection, featuring a cherry picked variety of casual designs, haute couture, as well as formal and bridal gowns, with matching skins and accessories from the Alatiel line. The show was produced by Livia Mastroianni with assistance from Seashell Dench and Laurel Luminous, and presented on stage by AVENUE Models Summer Deadlight, Salvo Waydelich, Majest Dezno, Jarl Soderstrom. Florentine Rau and Chirzaka Vlodovic.

Majest Dezno wearing Sally

with White Heels by Alatiel

Alatiel’s newly released casuals possess a unique quality of combining several elements of high style with extreme comfort and a realistic look. Gone are the days when we flaunted our painted jackets just because they came with a full row of buttons! Today’s designs are riddled with nooks and crannies and grooves and stitches that you can almost touch and feel on your skin. Among the newly released casual gems by Alatiel are the Kiley, Sally and Sasha designs; each can be nicely matched with Alatiel heels. t The Fall 2009 collection also offers several stylish ensembles for men, ranging from the nonchalant blazer over trousers, to the full evening tuxedo tailored in signature Alatiel style. Cliff, Tom and William are three elegant outfits for the sophisticated gentleman, each with its own personality.

Salvo Waydelich wearing William

Alatiel’s new couture collection is both coquettish and artful. With a focus on the latest Moda trends and an incredible attention to detail, each of these hand-crafted designs takes a fresh new approach to the interplay between shape, color and texture. Among the couture highlights shown during the AVENUE showcase are the Linda, Melody, Colors and Livia designs.

Shown in picture, Livia is a striking play of contrasts, both charming and mischievous at the same time, with a soft scarlet color for the bodice like rusty autumn leaves and a vibrant lilac for the skirt like autumn blooms. The delicate streaks and folds in the fabric of the bodice wrap gently around the body, in contrast with the spiked thorns of the crinkled skirt, which show a whimsical, tempestuous side to the personality of this dress.

Florentine Rau wearing Livia

Summer Deadlight wearing Natasha

with Aisha Smoky skin

Alatiel Fashion’s new line of formals is just as intriguing, from the classical movie-star glamour of the Ellen design, to the rambunctious flirtation of the Natasha design, to the original one-of-a-kind masterpiece like the Coco design. The Coco gown is Alatiel Malies’s awardwinning tribute to the late Coco Chanel…an original creation made in the shape and shade of a coconut puff! It comes in two variations: the ivory version of Coco, and the darker version CocoBlack. Each one of these formals can be matched with just the right skin from the Alatiel line.

Chirzaka Vlodovic wearing Coco with Alexis skin

The icing on the cake in the Fall 2009 collection is a handful of new wedding gowns catering to brides of all feathers. Shown in picture is Alatiel’s Lovely gown for the classical bride, accessorized with the Cinnamon Peaches bouquet by Monica Weir. Lovely is shaped like a white rose, with a slender stem of a bodice unfolding into a blossoming skirt, and draped in layers of tulle and lace with fine dantelle embroideries along the hemline. The Cinnamon Peaches bouquet by Monica Weir features hand-drawn and photographed florals from real life, with a special built-in pose for the wedding walk.

Florentine Rau wearing the Lovely Bridal Gown with bouquet by Monica Weir

To view the entire Fall/Winter 2009 collection by Alatiel Fashion, please visit the main store at the Fashion District

p i a z z a i ta l i a (206, 60, 24) and stay up-to-date with the latest news at http:// a l at iel fa sh ion s . wor dpr e ss . com A

Fashion Agenda

Fabulous Fall Fashion e s a c w o Sh Written by Ocean Miami

Photography by Tillie Ariantho

Autumn is the twin of spring...a season of sweeping change and explosive color, and the perfect excuse to go shopping! And once again, AVENUE led the way with a ‘Fabulous Fall Fashion’ extravaganza, featuring a fresh fall 2009 collection by six top designers all under one roof.

Tamura Fashion (TTF) has an amazing assortment of punk ensembles, which come complete with matching hair, shoes, and even tattoos! All designs are perfectly complimented with a new line of high definition skins by [KA] Designs.

Over the next few pages, I will share one juicy New releases by Champagne! Sparkling Fashion and tidbit from each new collection, and give you the SF Design include some fabulous cocktail ensembles store’s SLURL so you can savor the rest with your for both men and women, with a clever twist and a own eyes. Here’s to a healthy, happy fall 2009, full unique flavor to each outfit. Chianera Cioc Couture of shopping adventures and styling fun. (CCC) and Ramona Collections (RC) have some dazzling new gowns for the new season. Thea

Laury Sands wearing Violette by Champagne! With Sunkissed Lilly Skin by [KA] CHAMPAGNE! SPARKLING FASHION Designer Enzo Champagne comes to the world of SL™ fashion with an art background in RL, and is loved by all for his joie de vivre and love of laughter. And it clearly shows in his creations, with bubbly names like Satine and Jardin D’Amour for women and Intime and Charmeur for gentlemen. Each design sparkles with an effervescence in its essence and style. For one, Violette is a hard-tomiss little cocktail dress with unique jeweled accents and tedious detail in the folds of its satin fabric. The elastic waist and relaxed skirt give an equal impression of easeof-wear and comfort. This same concept of carefree glamour is carried over to the men’s designs in the fall 2009 collection by Champagne! Be sure to visit the store with your partner! SLURL for Champagne! Sparkling Fashion: /129/254/21

Shenandoah Saintlouis wearing Performance Suit by SF Design SF DESIGN British designer Swaffette Firefly of SF Design has a passion for high society style, and this new fall collection carries that concept across a nice range of casuals and formals for both men and women. My all time favorites are the ladies’ power suits and tuxes, which come with incredible detail in cut, texture and accessories. Shown in picture is the Performance Suit in Grey for Women, a classic tailored beauty that can be worn with pants or with skirt, with playful add-ons like the vibrant tie and an optional open vest for a touch of nonchalance. An equally stylish effect is achieved with a variety of men’s ensembles such as the Easy Rider outfit and the Autumn Tweed suit in Grey, among others. You must see this collection firsthand to fully appreciate it. SLURL for SF Design:

CHIANERA CIOC COUTURE (CCC) Designer Chianera Cioc loves to work in a variety of styles with a single design principle in mind: eye appeal. And this fall’s collection by Chianera is no exception, featuring a garden variety of cocktail, couture, and even burlesque and baroque pieces, each made to flatter the female form first and foremost. From the romantic poise of the Catalina design, with its fluid lines and sheer fabric, to the frizzy excess of the flaming red Bithia Fuoco gown, with its go-go style battleship skirt and a tangle of roses for the brassiere. Chianera’s new collection at the main store is full of surprises in all shapes and colors, guaranteed to make you feel like a kid in a candy store. SLURL for Chianera Cioc Couture:

Shenandoah Saintlouis wearing Bithia Fuoco by CIOC


Laury Sands wearing Esmeralda by Ramona Collections

Ramona Planer, designer par excellence of the Ramona Collections, came to the world of fashion with a background in modeling and dancing. Among her meticulous and ornate designs for this fall collection are casual beauties like the Clothilde outfit with its warm wool cardigan, cowl neck and argyle socks, and the dazzling Justine Blu cocktail dress with its mosaic of crystal adornments. Ramona’s newly released formal gowns are just as full of grace and personality, with designs like Audrey, Rosella, and the gorgeous flamenco-inspired Esmeralda gown, to name a few. SLURL for Ramona Collections (RC):

Laury Sands and Shenandoah Saintlouis wearing Cherie Outfits by TFF

The package includes three styles for the ruffled skirt, belt with bows, collar, broche, gloves and Bindi tattoo - among other goodies. You must see this entire fall collection for yourself at the store. SLURL for Thea Tamura Fashion (TTF): http:// [KA] DESIGNS


The icing on the cake in the Fabulous Fall Fashion Showcase is a collection of sumptuous new skins for men and women by designer Kira Ahn of [KA] Designs, which come in a variety of make-up ranges and tones, with incredible depth and definition in texture. Shown in pictures are two examples from the [KA] skin line: Clyde Saunders is wearing the KAI-Tan skin in its dark hair and shaved option for a clean-cut playboy look, and Livia Mastroianni is wearing the GS-Lilly skin in its Tan/Brown Brows/Make-up 01 option for a subtle sheen on a natural look. Enjoy!

Among the delights in the Fabulous Fall Fashion Showcase by AVENUE is a brilliant collection of punk couture packages by designer Thea Tamura of Thea Tamura Fashion (TTF), with its running theme of combining rich monochromatic textures with a unique assortment of accessories and embellishments for every outfit. For one, the Cherie collection is Thea Tamura’s tribute to Anna Sui, shown in picture in two versions with match- SLURL for [KA] Designs: Cherie Hair & Cherie Boots by TTF. dlife/KA%20DESIGNS%20Island/107/178/30 A

Clyde Saunders & Livia Mastroianni Clyde wearing Easy Rider by SF Design with KAITan skin by [KA] Livia wearing Brooklyn by Ramona Collections with GS-Lilly skin by [KA]


Age 26, Single, Fashion Editor Stylist, Photographer, Writer, Model : Emi Bade

Here I introduce a woman, age 26, single, and working as an editor for a fashion magazine. Her closet is always ďŹ lled with the latest clothing, shoes and accessories. She spends all her money on fashion. Since she was a high school girl, she loved to read Vogue, Elle, and other fashion magazines published all over the world. After graduation from college, she started to work as a writer for the editorial department of a fashion magazine. She is now 26 years old. She already knows all trends of fashion and sings the praises of freedom as a single working woman. This month, I would like to present her daily styles in the autumn/winter 2009.

It’s 8am. She goes to the ofďŹ ce at a quick pace. The feather half coat warms her in the cold wind. The stylish big leather messenger bag is most suitable for the work of an editor. In the working hours, she always has her hair tied at the back and accessorizes with big earrings.

Skin - Redgrave - Julia2 Pale Skin smoky1 Hair - [LeLutka]-BRIGITTA Hair - Beach Blond Nail - Bijou Nail - deepDream[Nuts] Fur - Baiastice - Seagull Pants - Emery - Leather Pants Bag - *Muism* -Messenger bag_Black [female] Boots - J’s - Long Boots Round (Black) Earrings - [glow] Studio - Glass Set earring Ring - P.C; Times Square Ring - Kyanite - Dark Blue Shades - [LeLutka]-GARBO shades/black_chin Poses - ::AF::

After a hard day of work, she goes to the bar to refresh herself with a glass of spumoni. An elegant sequin sweater and silky skirt make her look gorgeous. Putting on the nude colored high heels, she elongates her slender body.

Skin - Redgrave - Julia2 Pale Skin smoky1 Hair - [LABIEJA] VICTORIA HAIR Platnium plus Nail - Candy Nail #000 Basic Nail Brown Tops - Redgrave - 70ties Clubbing DRESS Nude - (Part of outďŹ t) Skirt - Zaara - Larin Skirt *ash* Heels - Maitreya Gold - Esprit Nude Bag - *YS & YS* Illetes Bag - SandStorm Hand Anim Necklace - Necklace - Big hanging Perl -Gold*REDGRAVE* Poses - Flowey

This is Sunday. She is in a holiday mood, wearing casual outfits. The boyfriend jeans are one of her favorites of the year. A tuft of hair standing up looks pretty.

Skin - Redgrave - Julia2 Pale Skin smoky1 Hair - ::69:: NEGUKO - Pale Blonde Sweater - {SMS} So Many Styles - Winter Sweater Grey Jeans - GiGi Couture - Light Denim Boots - J’s - Ankle Boots Round (purple) Bag - Emery - HandBag R.F. Gloves - Magi - take gloves orange Poses - Flowey

She is standing on the bridge, waiting for her boyfriend. Today she plans to go out on a date. The red beautiful drape dress and cute choker make a great combination.

Skin - Skin - Redgrave Julia2 Pale Skin smoky1 Hair - [Aden] - Fae (Blonde) Dress - [CHANTKARE] - REDAPPLE Heels - Maitreya Gold - Esprit-Xtd Cherry Bag - (MN) - Clutch A01 [p-red] Necklace - Gems & Kisses - Victoria - Gold & Red - Choker Earrings - Gems & Kisses - Victoria - Gold & Red - Earring Poses - Flowey


AVENUE Homme There is no resistance when it comes down to a good pair of jeans. My interest in Howard Lindley was

HLD peaked when I received a Fashion Consolidated notice of some new releases. Upon opening the notecard and looking at the pictures, the first thing that came to mind was that I definitely had to go get them. He

has some of the most realistic textures, ripped and plain styles. The prices are unbeatable for almost all his products, with nothing above $200L for the quality and style that you are getting. In addition to jeans, HLD sells a variety of designs, including shirts, underwear, accessories, and more.


Howard Lindley Designs

Hair - Uncleweb Serafin Necklace - Puarangi Designs Celtic Cross Top - Sey Roll Up Shirt Pants - HLD Fuel Ripped Jeans Belt - Devol Snake Leather Shoes - Treads Kboots

Writer: Dimitri Shinn Photographer: Natasja Schumann

Hair - MADesigns Eric Necklace - Calypso Giano Pepper Top - HLD Sweetness Pants - HLD Nite Jeans Shoes - Soreal Superstars Watch - HLD Big Bang Tattoo - Aitui Rage Colour

Hair - Uncleweb Grain Top - HLD Black Tank Briefs - HLD Lowrise Boxers Red Sandals - DD Style Sandals

My Precious Queen Contest

Rtooad Royalty Written by: Imani Enzo

Agnes Finney has made quite the name for herself as a designer in SL™. Her exquisite, glamorous, and feminine designs will make any woman feel like royalty. So, it makes perfect sense that she would create a contest that will give one lucky lady an opportunity to reign as My Precious Queen. AVENUE is a proud sponsor of the My Precious Queen Contest that culminates in early 2010. Each month, beautiful contestants compete for the title of Royal Princess and an opportunity to vie for the coveted title of My Precious Queen. Up for grabs are some great prizes, which include cash, gift cards, admission into AVENUE Model Academy, and a cover shoot for AVENUE Magazine. Over the next few months, we’ll introduce you to the lovely Royal Princesses and give you a chance to learn more about them and their quest to be crowned My Precious Queen Janina Scarmon Royal Princess - July 2009 Janina’s mission in SL is to be a positive role model to the women of SL, and let’s just say that she’s well on her way!

While she enjoys photography and choreography, she seems to have found her niche as a successful model and is set to represent the U.S. in the MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2010 Pageant next month. Beyond that, she strives to find ways to support content creators and build a better reputation for SL in the areas of education and fashion. Favorite My Precious Design: The Queen of Rose Gown - “I love the way the gown fits and how the bottom of the skirt looks like a beautiful rose with dew drops on it, which to me is an image of great beauty. It’s elegant and sophisticated.” Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “I believe that I should be selected because I would be a wonderful representative for all the women in Second Life® who see themselves as ‘My Precious Princesses and Queens’. I want to elegantly display the wonderful creations of Agnes Finney and make women feel welcome when they visit My Precious.” Style Tip: “If you want to look elegant, try not to go for too much jewelry. Less is more. A simple set looks lovely with any gown or cocktail dress.”

Lynn Kristan Royal Princess - August 2009 Lynn has a love for fashion and photography. She enjoys trying out the latest fashions and describes herself as being fairly outgoing with a great sense of humor. She works as a hostess at a jazz club and has built many awesome relationships in SL, including the love of her life (RL and SL). Favorite My Precious Design: Vera - “It was my first ever Agnes Finney dress, and I absolutely loved it the first time I saw it at a vendor site. It is the dress that made me discover the main store, and I have been a customer ever since.” Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “I know each and every person works very hard on their look and photographs, and I know it will be a tough competition. I feel I should be selected Queen because I not only love My Precious designs, but I thoroughly enjoy the fashion industry in SL. I enjoy everything from the gorgeous clothing to the amazing, talented designers, who never cease to amaze me with their creations.” Style tip: “Be yourself. Don’t copy others’ style. Find something that says ‘you’ and just have fun with it.” Photographer: Agnes Finney

Lorrie Paine Royal Princess - September 2009 Lorrie is a friendly lady who loves dancing, exploring and shopping. After a stint in business management, she decided to pursue a career in modeling and is ecstatic about being chosen as a Royal Princess. She sees SL as a wonderful world where anything is possible, and she’s excited about her future here. Favorite My Precious Design: Goddess - “I love the detail and the colors. It also elegantly shows off the figure, and the fabric moves so well when dancing or walking.” Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “To be given the title My Precious Queen would be an honor and a privilege to represent My Precious and Ms. Agnes Finney. I feel I can contribute and inspire others to see the beauty that is possible for them.” Style Tip: “When going out dancing with your partner, dress in a manner that is pleasing to them because he/she wants to show you off!“ Stay tuned. You’ll meet more of these lovely ladies in the next issue. Photographer: Maddy Michalski


Model of the Month


taking a monochrome modeling industry & adding a splash of

r o l o c

Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photographs by Natasja Schumann

She is absolutely stunning. These are the first words that come to mind as you look at her photographs, and as you see her glide down the runway. You watch her grace, her elegance and her poise. She seems as if she belongs in front of the camera. Every pose, every frame, every picture is... flawless. Who is this mystery woman? She is Devine Hunt, a woman frustrated by the lack of color on the runway, and who did something about it. Here is her story. SENSUOUS SOULSTAR: Tell me, what brought you to Second Life速?

DEVINE HUNT: I didn’t stumble on SL™ by chance.

SS: When and how did you decide that you were

A friend (who was already in game) that I played

interested, and that you wanted to become a

another pirate themed game with told me about

model? What was your first step towards that

SL and I created an account shortly after that.

goal? Did you attend any modeling schools? DH: I decided to model in SL after becoming

SS: What were those first moments like? How did

frustrated with a real life article discussing the

you find your way around, learn new things, meet

lack of “Models of Color” on the runway at New

people, etc?

York’s fashion week. Sadly, at the time the SL

DH: My first moments, well months, were spent

runways were a mirror of this issue. I mentioned

on what we all now call “Noob Island”. I shared a

my desire to model with my SL brother, Cazzo

small 512 plot, when they were free (remember

Decosta, and a now close friend, Willamina

that anyone?) with a friend that I made as soon

Fitzgerald, who both helped me get all of the basic

as I entered. I still laugh remembering how I was

items needed. Cazzo had me build a basic runway

trying and trying to edit that noob hair and clothing

and he and Willamina helped to teach me how

never knowing you could actually purchase

to walk. My closest friend, Donald Feld, always

anything! Eventually I thought that there must be

encouraged me when I got frustrated. In addition

more to the game than that, so I ventured out to

to that, I signed up for the Avenue Academy and

see what else there was.

took lessons. More recently, I decided that you can never stop learning and had taken a few classes

SS: How did you first come across the modeling

with Anna Rokocoko to refresh myself.

industry on SL, and what was your first impression of it?

SS: Did you find any kind of challenge in getting a

DH: My first introduction to modeling was going

start as a model of color?

to see a friend model in a MAD show. I think I was

DH: The biggest challenge is and has always been

shell-shocked by how fast the sim filled up, the

finding skins that “wear well” on a runway. I can’t

set design and finally the clothing designs. It was

even imagine how difficult skin design must be

a welcoming atmosphere, although intimidating,

and many have stepped up and really done a great

and lots of fun.


SS: Which agencies are you currently working for? DH: I am currently working for Avenue Models, Glance International Agency and am a Modavia Supermodel. SS: Tell me about your first show. Were you nervous, a natural, made many mistakes? DH: My first show was with a small agency called Delicious Results. The shows were done in-house, showcasing the store designs. I was definitely nervous. At the time I only THOUGHT I knew what lag was, lol. SS: As I have recently found, no one seems to do just one job anymore! It seems as if everyone has to multi-task, so besides your modeling career, what else does Ms. Hunt do with her time in SL? DH: LOL. Ms. Hunt spends some of her time managing Champagne Sparkling Fashion. SS: Is there a Second Life outside of modeling, and if so, what do you like to do for fun when you have time?

Devine Hunt

DH: After all this time I still do enjoy sneaking in to a few art exhibits and am still on the hunt

(no pun intended) for a smoothed out R&B club/

lounge. I also like to explore. There are still a

few really well thought out locations that are just fun to wander through. The location I’m trying to

get through currently is actually located within

SS: Alright, so with all that you’ve been through,

the Violator mainstore. I really believe that in

do you have any advice for up and coming models,

order to keep all of the demands of SL modeling

especially those of color?

in perspective one MUST have other interests.

DH: Have a ‘thick skin’.

Rapid burnout is inevitable without it.

representing yourself as YOU want. Don’t accept

Be committed to

that some skins are ‘too dark’ to be seen on the SS: Tell me about your style when you’re not

runway. Depending on the kind of modeling you

modeling, is there a certain look that you love, or

wish to do, be willing to slide those numbers down

do you switch it up daily?

to fit into a gown.

DH: I’m not married to a specific style so I generally just go with how I feel that day. BUT I

SS: Advice that any aspiring model of color will

do love huge cowl neck sweaters with jeans and

appreciate and absorb. I thank you for taking the

sweater dresses.

time out of your busy schedule to chat with me for a bit.

SS: Miss Virtual World. You were a pre-finalist for 2009, and now a finalist for 2010 as Miss Bahamas. What made you decide to go for it the first time, and to try for it yet again this year? DH: I had heard about Miss Virtual World through notices and group chatter. I was very new to modeling but decided to give it a try. I really didn’t expect to get past round one. In hindsight, I was in no way prepared to have entered but hey why live with regrets? So, I promised myself that I would enter again this year. I wasn’t picked at my first live audition and even had second thoughts about going back and trying again. I’m certainly glad I did.


Architectural Review: Written by Carissa Sockington

Hydro Homes Photography by Tillie Ariantho

Sitting down at your computer and logging into Second Life® for some is like sitting down at an easel and staring at a blank canvas. Whatever you choose to create becomes reality on the canvas or screen. Possibilities are limitless. If you can imagine it, you can build it here. One such virtual artist is Porky Gorky, owner of Hydro: Funky Modern Prefab Specialists. Established in 2005, Hydro includes an amazing collection of prefab homes as well as a texture studio and interior/exterior shop known as Hydro Environments. Hydro Environments has a vast array of furniture and accessories to complete the look of your new prefab home or business. Topiary trees, statues and even topiary furniture are available in dozens of whimsical designs and shapes. They’re fun and eye catching and sure to turn the head of anyone passing by. Scroll through the rezzer and you’ll find Munchies, a collection of street side vending supplies that are sure to bring a smile to your customer’s face. A furniture collection known as the Cactus Room is also available with bright bold colors and a sleek design with a southwestern feel. One hundred percent hand made original textures set Hydro Texture Studio apart from most. A grand selection of multipacks for tiles, woods, molded plasters and more is available. The designs are sharp and vibrant, giving each texture an incredibly realistic appearance.

The pièce de résistance of Hydro is most definitely the illustrious prefab homes. Ranging in price from $499 to $1999, these homes are without a doubt the elite of SL™ artistry. Bold, strong shapes and rich textures make each building unique in its own right. A vast assortment of innovative choices are available for viewing, with some of the newest additions being the Prophet, the Nexus, and the Anomaly. The Anomaly by far defines the uniqueness that is Hydro. This semi-circular structure is large and open on the inside with no walls, granting it an almost amphitheater feel. The outside dome roof has what appears to be a section of human spine spanning the width of the roof. At a low 119 prims, this structure is a jaw dropper to be sure. Another new product is the Nexus. The Nexus is similar in shape to the Anomaly, but the look is completely different. Striking blue windows and large white panels make up most of the roof and outside of this building, with the inside being open and uninhibited space. The Prophet, a third new release, is entirely different from its newly released counterparts. The structure itself is rectangular in shape and entirely white on the outside with dark trimmed, large amber windows on either side of the front and in the entryway. The inside mirrors the

exterior with white surfaces and black trim, as well as washed wood flooring. Ramps lead up to the second level in the place of stairs, giving it a futuristic feel. Each Hydro home comes with all of the full perm textures used to make the building. Also included in some homes is the Hydro Home Control System. This is a remote control system for the doors, window opacity for privacy and local lighting, making operation of your home as simple as attaching a HUD and ensuring that your home is secure. With numerous choices available to tour and admire, Hydro is sure to have the home that is suitable for your Second Life needs as well as feed your creative wants. If you’re in the market for something out of the ordinary and out of the box, Hydro should be first on your list of places to shop. A

Featured Sim written by villy enyo photographed by natasja schumann sim owner: sable sunset Republik is not only one of the oldest SL™ clubs, but it also constitutes the rare case of a club built around a political concept: the idea that its function would come from a common belief and a common participation from people who would share the same aesthetical needs beyond geographical borders. The club is located on the sim NuRepublik, adjacent to [marked], a collective of artists and builders who demonstrate their work here. I talked to Sable Sunset, owner of the sim and the inspirer of these two long-running projects… Villy Enyo: Hi Sable. I wanted to ask you about [marked]. Is it a collective? Is it open for anyone to join? Sable Sunset: When I created the [marked] store, it was because I wanted an outlet for my creativity that didn’t fit into some of the

other projects I was working on at the time. I was in the middle of building Club Republik and had all these ideas for furniture and ornaments and interior design, but they didn’t fit into what we needed for the club, so I decided to open my own store. I soon realized that I also wanted to provide a space for artists to exhibit their work. It perfectly complimented the feel I was aiming for, and enabled me to give some free exposure to some really great artists that were just starting out. Hence, the collective was born. V.E.: That is indeed very nice of you. Do you think it is difficult for new artists to find their way to expose their work in SL? S.S.: I think it’s like any other business venture… in the beginning it’s difficult to get into the popular spaces because nobody knows who


k i l b u Rep

nobod a u o y who you are, and it’s expensive. Not the kind of thing that’s easy to deal with when you’re just starting out and are unsure of how your work is going to be received... Part of the reason I think it’s good for an interior design store to offer that kind of space, is that it’s almost cross-promotion. The people that are shopping for their homes are the kind of people that may appreciate the artwork, but may not be the kind of people that enjoy galleries entirely devoted to artwork. So it’s providing a different audience and giving some-

thing unique to people that visit the store. V.E.: This coexistence seems profitable for everyone… S.S.: Absolutely :) V.E.: …for the advanced reason that new people bring new ideas. S.S.: I’m also looking to extend this idea further. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but a few of us have formed another collective on this sim. We’re putting together a fashion store that will be opening its doors very soon - Republik. A number of us will be contributing, but one of the things I’m

intending to do is to try cross-advertising using furniture from the store to dress the sets for fashion photos, and including them all as almost a mini-catalogue. V.E.: So, how many people are in the [marked] collective right now? S.S.: There’s Schechinah Enoch and Jofus Wrigglesworth who are both artists, Dendre Benelli who is an amazing sculptie creator, Barny Gable who is starting out building prefab houses, and me of course. V.E.: Are you an architect in RL? S.S.: No’s a passion of mine though. I guess you could

dykn…ows are call me an “enthusiastic amateur”. I always strive to include as much realism as possible in the things I build here, while also concentrating on the effect it has on the sim and SL client. Everything is as lowlag as possible. V.E.: What is your RL occupation? S.S.: Right now, I actually do IT research and design for a hospital here in the UK. I know... a little different huh? V.E.: Not much... S.S.: I look at it this way...I’m good at IT, and it pays the bills. Having money never was a factor for me. I would have been an artist of one

sort or another. I paint, draw, photograph, write poetry and a few other things in RL, so SL is really a blend of two passions for me. V.E.: Do you think that SL art is valuable also in RL? S.S.: I think all art and creative expression is valuable, whether it be in digital or physical form. I think right now we’re merely looking at different sizes of audience, but that is changing slowly. Of course, it does depend if you’re talking about emotional or financial value. Personally I like to think that emotional value is the only worth of creative expression. If you can get paid for it, that’s

a minor bonus. I think some people are locked into the mindset of thinking that art has to be on canvas or a pedestal to qualify to be art. But others see art in the textures of trees against a blue sky... It’s really a case of art, like beauty, being in the eye of the beholder. I try to put as much of myself into everything I create here, as I do when I’m working on a canvas or taking a landscape photo. I have passion for the things I create here, and I like to think it shows through in the detail and feel of the finished items. Not that I necessarily ever feel they’re finished. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist and can carry on tweaking for ages after something is “done”. V.E.: I think we ought to say some things about Republik too.

S.S.: Well‌ it’s my centerpiece. V.E.: Do you share the same relation with music as with building? S.S.: Music has played a very strong role in my life. It was one of the main reasons I created Club Republik in the beginning. At that time in SL, there were very few places that were just there for the music. Nearly all clubs had a mall attached or vendors in the club, and they used sploders and raffles to attract people. They were basi-

cally paying people to park their avatars in the club and go afk while some internet music station was pumped in. What I was looking for was something that recreated the nightlife that I was missing out on (I was working shift work in RL and a social life just wasn’t possible), and I honestly couldn’t find it. So I created it. Lina Pussycat and I opened the very first iteration of Republik, four years ago I think, and it got a huge response from all of the other people that were looking for the same thing. We’ve given quite a number of SL DJ legends their first break over the years. We were the first club to have live mixing DJs, and we’ve never stopped innovating. So yes, as you can see, music is definitely a passion too. Being able to put all of my building skills into practice for the latest redesign and combine those two passions, it really was a privilege. V.E.: I have read in your Republik Vision Statement that the kind of music, the atmosphere of the club, and even the way that you hire your employees are all around a central concept. S.S.: That’s true. V.E.: A political concept?

S.S.: Partly... When I joined SL, it was quite a different place from what it is now. V.E.: Can you tell me a few things about this trend of music and clubbing culture that Republik is representing? S.S.: At those times Linden Lab® was very much following Philip Rosedale’s vision that SL would become a country that surpassed geographical borders, that could unite people instead of set them apart, and that was above social class, race, religion or language. As someone that had spent a lot of their formative years in the rave and club scene of the early ‘90s, this really struck a chord with me, because I had come to look on music as a similar uniting force. Something that everyone from every corner of every demographic could identify with, and come together to enjoy and celebrate. That was the driving vision behind Club Republik… to be a true “republic” that unites us as individuals over and above the circumstances of our geo-political location. And to have an amazing time in the process of course. V.E.: How many people helped in the building and running of the club?

S.S.: The building of it, just me. I’ve taken Republik through three complete rebuilds now. The running of it, there have been hundreds involved with Republik over the years, but right now the club is run and “owned” by myself, Amanda Shinji, Joseph Lian and Lina Pussycat. I think it’s safe to say that Republik only exists through the passion and dedication of all of the staff family that has been a part of its history, and through the experiences it has brought to so many guests. The line between staff and guest is often a very blurry one, simply because of how passionate many of the people involved with the club are about music. V.E.: You keep four different areas in the club: the Club itself, the Terrace, the Terrace Beach and Raver’s Cove. Why did you choose this type of organization? S.S.: Some DJs prefer a particular feel to their sets, and some styles of music really suit a different setting. We’ve tried our best to give areas that not only match the feel of the night, but are also beautiful in their own right. We’re also working towards a second annual DJ competition: IronDJ. Everyone had such an amazing time last year that we’re hoping


createdit to give them the same again this year. Although, last year’s champion won’t be competing. Amanda is one of the club owners now. V.E.: How is the whole of the sim organized? S.S.: When I began developing NuRepublik, it was very important to me that it retained an organic and lifelike feel in its design, and as such I’ve allowed the builds here to be added organically. For instance, I’ve tried where possible to build “around” the current terrain, rather than just flattening really anchors the buildings into the sim. So naturally ordered chaos may be a good way to describe the way it’s organized. V.E.: …or generative urbanism… S.S.: Yes! That’s a great way to describe it! V.E.: What are your plans for NuRepublik’s future? We have several plans that will be coming soon. The nearest is that we will have the addition of the Rublik store. That’s something we’re all very excited about. In addition to that we plan to add a lighthouse, a more “urban decline” dock and warehouse

area...and then all of the little ideas and tweaks that will happen along the way. My sincere goal is really to provide a place where people can come to find a beautiful little spot to spend some time hidden away with a loved one, to dance the night away and have a truly wonderful night in a stunning club, or to just find a pretty backdrop for fashion shows or photo shoots. I aim to please the eye of the beholder I guess… V.E.: Everything looks very nice so far. S.S.: Thank you. :D V.E.: Sable, thank you for your time. I think you are one of the best interviews I have ever had. S.S.: Oh, my pleasure! A

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DeadWood A trip through time


hen one thinks of the Wild West, one thinks of the lone frontier town or the immortal town of Tombstone, Arizona, which is in-world as well as Deadwood, South Dakota. The town of Deadwood in Second LifeŽ is a historically accurate replica of the real life town’s existence in 1876 after the discovery of gold in the surrounding Black Hills area, which had been promised to the Sioux Indian Nation by treaty. According to Caed Aldwych, the builder of the Deadwood 1876 sim, the last great Indian uprising, which resulted in the Battle of Little Big Horn in which the 7th U.S. Cavalry was defeated and slaughtered to the last man, was directly caused by the founding of Deadwood in the Black Hills of South Dakota by an ever increasing number of gold prospectors. I had the distinct pleasure to speak with Mr. Aldwych about the Deadwood sim and other related Wild West sims that are in-world.

1876 Wriiten by Spruce canning

Photography by Blaz Halfpint

Spruce Canning: How did Deadwood come into being in-world, and how does it differ from the TV series? Caed Aldwych: I planned to build Tombstone, but someone had already started it. I asked the owner at the time if they would allow me to build TS for them; well, they declined, so I had to come up with something better, and Deadwood came to mind... I didn’t even know about the HBO series until I was halfway done with the buildings here. Most of the buildings I created from real old west photographs of Deadwood during the 1870’s. SC: How does one come into Deadwood as a RP character? One doesn’t just buy period clothing and gear and just say they are a resident? CA: The roleplay is open to individual characters so long as they fit the time period. We do allow for creativity. Folks can play pretty much any old west type of character, the only real restriction is we don’t allow players to be real figures from that time period, like Wild Bill Hickock for example. Those types of characters are used by the owners here as NPC’s for plot and historical situations.

SC: One could come into the sim as a Shootist or in the case of Deadwood, a prospector? CA: We do have several ‘generic’ tags within the Road to Deadwood group for those that would like to use them. Though they are just generic, our roleplay meter, created by Estwee Vansant, allows for title changes to whatever folks would like to display. Many names from old west history could be used, such as proprietor, road agent, shootist, etc., or folks can use the meter to display a more definitive title for their role here. In the end, however, a title is just that; the real character comes from the individual roleplay and the story they bring into this sim.

SC: How does the Road to Deadwood group interact with the other related groups on the sim? CA: Ah, good question, being as we are one of the first Old West themed sims in SL™ just behind Tombstone, we try to help and assist the newer sims with ideas, builds and directions. As such, there are many fantastic old west locations one can go to, including Cripple Creek and all the sims that have tied into their group, Tombstone with an interesting look into Arizona history, and many others out there. We have also joined up with Caledon in bringing old west history to their famous library system; you can see our addition to this library network in our Deadwood entry area.

SC: I have seen the library on my first trip to the sim. CA: Yes, Neil and Dio did a fantastic job of getting it set up and working with the Caledon folks to archive it. Quite a bit of work involved, and they did admirably. SC: How would one settle in for the first time in Deadwood or any other Wild West sim? CA: Easy, just get some old west attire, which can be found in all old west sims folks would like to visit, or you can shop for something special to really stand out. Come up with a backstory for your character...what makes them tick, where did they come from, and why are

they in the town of Deadwood now. From there, jump into the roleplay, don’t be a stranger, approach folks as you would if you were new to any town in real life and ask similar questions of them, like; “Where is the nearest hotel?”, “Where can I get a drink?”, “What’s going on around town? I’m new here”, etc. Then have fun and enjoy yourself. SC: For example, I could come into town as a gambler or gunfighter from Dodge City or thereabouts, and coming to Deadwood for a new start? CA: Indeed, many folks have done that here already. Keep in mind, however, the timeframe,

everyone wanted a piece of Deadwood. SC: And the prospectors unwittingly started one of the great Indian uprisings. CA: Indeed they did. Deadwood was pretty much the direct cause of Custer’s Last Stand

did the town you ‘came from’ exist in 1876? But there are many choices, folks from all across the world came to gold rush towns of which Deadwood is very famous, rich Victorian aristocrats bored with city life, people on the run from the law looking for a second chance, two bit con artists looking to swindle folks out of their claims, buffalo hunters seeking a better life, businessmen looking to cash in on a new market, and even statesmen looking to politicize the new region and make it a state... SC: All of those factors in one way or another brought the territories into statehood? CA: Indeed they did. Gold in Deadwood was very lucrative. The U.S. government at first tried to keep prospectors out of the Black Hills as it was ceded to the Sioux Nation during a treaty, but once the gold started flowing,

and the eventual removal of the natives in the Dakotas. SC: When will the next event in Deadwood be? CA: *chuckles* We have so many, we try to keep the events here in historical contexts... prize poker matches, shooting competitions, faro contests, as example of some of the weekly smaller events. Recently we have been having a farmer’s market on the weekends, and the town council is preparing for an all hallows

eve party coming soon. Anyone can keep tabs on events and storylines on our Deadwood Forum website, the link for which can be found in our entry area. We also have an in-game roleplaying weekly newspaper.

understand that and can, and have, disrupted the roleplay at times. Though we try to work with them, and quite a few folks here first started their SL time in Deadwood, some few others just didn’t quite get the concept and moved on. We have found that people who do living history or are engaged experienced roleplayers already adapt very easily to our concept. SC: I will be in the sim on the 17th for the Faro and the Dancing. CA: Indeed, those events are quite fun. I’ve some surprises lined up in the near future as

SC: Would you like to see Deadwood listed as one of the places to visit for a newbie just entering SL to visit? CA: Wow, tough question, I like that. The answer would be no... Not that we don’t allow newbies to enter Deadwood, we do, but we don’t actively seek them either. We are open to anyone wanting to come here and immerse themselves into an old west environment where they can live out their old west fantasies and dreams. Lots of very new folks to SL may not

well dealing with the mines, as well as more work to make Deadwood look even more real as compared to early photographs. I hear you know your old west history? SC: Yes, I majored in History in college. CA: Very nice. I know quite a bit of old west history on my own, but there are several players here that go well beyond my knowledge and have helped greatly towards bringing Deadwood alive within SL. I have tried, though

unsuccessfully, to engage the real Deadwood town council to obtain even greater historical information, but I am hoping they will respond eventually. SC: Give them time. CA: Indeed. I send requests from time to time. I certainly won’t give up. *chuckles* Are you new to Deadwood, or have you roleplayed here for a time? SC: I am new. CA: Indeed. Well then, welcome to Deadwood... here is a welcoming gift, one of my newer sets.

SC: Thank you. CA: You are most welcome, were there more interview questions? SC: No, I have everything that I need. Thank you for speaking with me tonight. CA: Excellent. If you need anything further, please do ask, via notecard preferably, my IM’s get capped all the time. SC: I will keep that in mind. CA: Take care and see you around. *tips his hat*

After seeing Deadwood for myself and picking up some period clothing and weapons, I believe that anyone including a greenhorn like myself, would fit in well in the sim and other sims that cater to the Wild West period in American History. One could almost feel like they had traveled through time and settled in the town of Deadwood, and could very live their Second Life either as a Gold Prospector, a Marshal, or a Gambler/Gunfighter and be very happy doing so. If roleplaying in the Wild West is the calling of one’s Second Life, then Deadwood and other roleplaying sims would very easily fit the bill.

If one wanted to find out more about events in Deadwood or the history of the sim, the website has a blog and a calendar for events during any given month. The website address is, and to find Deadwood in-world, the SLURL is Phoenix%Pass/214/154/654

Sporting SL


arealisticpas written by spruce canning photographed by tillie ariantho



When one thinks of tennis, the Grand Slam comes to mind, and one could picture themselves at Wimbledon, the U.S. Open or on the local tennis court in any park in the U.S. or Europe. Here in Second Life, the tennis court and game has been created by the design team of TT Sports, which consists of Ronnie Theas and AnneLil Tolsen. The tennis game that TT Sports has produced has attracted such a following that one player has established a league and tournaments where, at the most recent tournament, 20 players registered to play. The game itself is realistically scripted, and the rackets come in two simple settings, regular and power. As Ronnie and AnneLil demonstrated the game, seeing them play the first set showed me that the SL version was just like the real

game but without the human linesmen and referee to make mistakes on the calls. The game itself is easy to pick up for anyone who has experience using video games such as those designed for the Microsoft Xbox 360 or the Sony Playstation 3. Players who have mastered the controls of said video game systems will have no problem with the keyboard-based commands and actions that have been scripted into the game, and will find themselves playing like the virtual equivalent of Roger Federer and Venus and Serena Williams on the court. Along with the tennis game, TT Sports has designed a table tennis game as well as a beach volleyball game, and are working on a full size basketball game that fits on 2048 m2 of land and can be scaled from a full to half court depending on the needs of the landowner. The basketball game that is under development has all of the basketball variants such as one-on-one and H.O.R.S.E. The games that TT Sports creates are very easy to learn, popular with residents on the grid, and will be here for years to come. To see the how the game works and to purchase the court, the SLURL to TT Sports is Enterprises/122/82/26. Teleport there to see the tennis courts and the other games such as table tennis, beach volleyball, and the basketball game that is under development. TT Sports has a bright future here on the grid and will stand the A test of time.

For the Love of

uthango uthango breakingstereotypes  changinglives written by roland zepp

photographed by trinidad anatine


take a virtual safari across metaafrica™

According to their website, the word ‘uthango’ is the Nguni name for the circular compound where families in rural Africa keep livestock, have discussions, and make their important decisions. Uthango’s founders chose the name because “we protect and grow wealth in local communities – in the same way as the outer hedge of a ‘kraal’ keeping

farm animals safe. It was also explained to us that the ‘kraal’ is also a sacred place in the culture, where celebrations take place and important decisions are made.” Uthango operates in the middle ground of development action by providing a bridge between the large scale corporate, development, and government agencies

and the end-user communities that require services. The organization facilitates the interaction between the local native experts in a particular region and the companies and other agencies that are ready to assist them in developing sustainable and innovative solutions to the problems caused by endemic rural poverty in three of the poorest regions in

uthango uthango South Africa - Northern, Eastern, and Western Cape Provinces. In the Eastern Cape Province, they are working with local communities and commercial entities to develop affordable housing and infrastructure. They also use their expertise in the field of social development to train local people to develop their own capacity for organizational development, as well as delivering micro-enterprise support to encourage local economic development. Even simple things like basic business skills training can go a long way toward making the difference between a sucessful enterprise and a failed one. Uthango is on the ground to assist. That strategy has been extended into Northern Cape Province with Uthango working with the Wholesale and Retail Sector Education and Training Authority to help train the personnel in 100 local mico-businesses. In Southern Cape Province, where Uthango has their main offices, a close relationship with

breakingstereotypes changinglives

the University of Cape Town has provided them with the opportunity to coordinate practical internships for third year students who needed field experience as part of their training in social work. The interns helped community members “to assume responsibility over their lives and to function as actively and independently in society as possible.” They continue to offer basic business skills training as well as promote an expansion to an earlier completed program to create a community-enterprise park in Masiphumelele – one of the suburbs of Cape Town. You can learn more about Africa and the work Uthango is doing by visiting the metaAfrica(tm) Educational Project on the grid ( They also have a blog (http://slafrica. where you can learn more about the project. Corporate information can be found at Uthango’s main website at projects. A

beauty, mystery, and history – visit metaafrica™ and find out how you can help

Six Degrees

Sharron Schuman & Applonia Criss

Photographed By Sharron Schuman

AVENUE Team (L to R) : Trinidad Anatine, Jesika Contepomi, Tika Lindquist & Isadora Fiddlesticks

Zapho Space

od Rahja & Shakti Cianci of e Junky

AVENUE Ceo Rusch Raymaker & SC Tracy of Rfyre

Phaylen Fairchild “The Diva”

Avenue Magazine 1st Anniversary

Six Degrees

Lowe, Cisko, ColeMarie Soleil 1st place “Drama” for MY FRIENDS ARE ROBOTS

Larkworthy Antfarm, 1st place “Love” for URASHIMA TARO, Lowe Runo, Cisko Vandeverre

Allyssa Greggan & Greylin Youngblood 2nd place “Drama” for ACQUISITION

Dimitrio Lewis, Anna Pera, Astaldiel Serapis, Norah Lefevre, New Berlin CEO Maike Hoornebeek

Machinima Guild Awards

Six Degrees

Alatiel Malies & Dean Clowes

Nando Korobase & Leandra Breen

Ets Zessinthal, Daniele Eberhardt & Giada Oh

Rusch Raymaker, Paola Tauber & Queen Watanabe

Alatiel Fashions Fall Fashion Show After Party

Six Degrees

Sol Pau , Duquesa de Hijar

Marilina Antonioni, Duchess of Wallace

Constance Zapedzki, Amadeus Mandel & Mau Delarosa

Jesika Contepomi & Rusch Raymaker

Maison Couture Baroque Galleria Grand Opening

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H i Frustrated, I'm going to Anyone w ho would put you are made to feel responsib a friend at all, you are sim these chicks he ' s playing. and it makes him feel supe an impact on people. It ' s a ' s constantly winning bec next pawn. When you can you can act and behave wi Hi Miss Diva,

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So my darlings, if you need a bit of sparkling advice, write to me and let me be your guiding light, your North Star, your emotional liposuction. Email me at by the 15th of each month. P.S. I cannot be held responsible for anything said while under the influence of Whiskey, Vodka, Rum, Scotch, Red Wine, Champagne, various cleaning solutions, sleep deprivation, foreign cigarettes or Aqua Net fumes. Love, Miss Phay

Club of the Month


Written by Carissa Sockington Photography by Natasja schumann


is a Greek word meaning “cleft in the rock”. It is also an archaeological site in Jordan that is renowned for its rock cut architecture and listed as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. Club Petra, however, is one of the newest up and coming establishments in Second Life®.

I had a chance to talk with Alaa Beverly (Owner), CvC Criss (Resident DJ/General Supervisor) and Jewels Jameson (General Manager) about the club and why it is destined to be top of your hot spot list. Carissa Sockington: What made you decide to create a club in SL™? Alaa Beverly: Most of the people came here to SL for fun. The SL music industry is the best. We all love music. I think it’s hard to find a classy club in SL, and that’s what we are trying to make. CS: So tell me what distinguishes Club Petra from the other clubs here in SL? Jewels Jameson: The unique design screams out style all the way. It has some of the top designers SL has to offer, and the club opens up to a wide genre of house music. I also love the staff at Club Petra; we are a family whose main goal is to keep people entertained. CvC Criss: Organization...we are not the kind of club which goes wild and sets a party and does everything rushing. SL is supposed to be for FUN, and that’s what we have - as customers and as staff! We’re going to have special nights, special genre per night.... we have everything planned, everything scheduled. Our staff is not hired just

CvC Criss | Resident DJ & General Supervisor

because “we need” or “when we need”, but it’s about harmony between people. So it’s more like friends, a place COMPLETELY OUT of drama. We don’t bring that to Petra.

CS: What did you find was the biggest challenge in creating this place?

CS: What type of people do you hope to attract with this club?

CvC: Not all the DJs are really RL ones but I can comfortably say 90% of these are. We have some who are producers like me, but the entire night is LIVE mixing. Music producers create the entire music, the DJs play other people’s records. A DJ Producer does both and plays his own stuff too. How they select their sound and sensibility for it to be able to feel the crowd even virtually is different.

AB: It’s open for all types of people; anyone looking for good music and fun are welcome. CvC: It’s just great for the whole culture in the SL world that’s just a reflection of what we have in the real life and behind avatars, there are real people and some of them don’t really have access to this kind of media. Here in SL, they can. We know many cases of people in SL who can’t go to a nightclub due to some deficiency or something. But they are still human and we all NEED culture and DESERVE to live that. SL is the future of communication and entertainment if it’s not yet.

AB: I think to have a house music club is a challenge.

CS: Are you open 24/7? AB: We are starting now with three live events daily and five during the weekends, but later we will be 24 hours. CvC: We are working with a certain time to open

the club and a certain time to close, as well as timed parties, but that’s how we actually are keeping a loyal crowd. CS: Do you have any time frame for the grand opening? CvC: It’s planned already, and we have been hiring some superstars and spending on some extra stuff. So once we set the day of the party, we’re going to advertise around and...well, it will be a huge night! That’s why we didn’t set the day yet. We want everything looking perfect for the great day.

and chill but with quality. AB: Our first goal is to be the best in SL. Number one is not easy, but we will be soon, especially with the professional team we have. We have some other plans, but I prefer to keep it till later as a surprise. Surprises are in store for this cutting-edge establishment but what is no surprise is the potential here. Great people, good music, harmony and class. The perfect ingredients for success. Come be a part of it.

CS: What goals do you have for the club? What do you hope to see happen? JJ: I want to see Club Petra become one of the top house clubs in SL. Where staff and VIPs can come and really get into the music as well as the environment. Just an awesome place to come down and


DJ of the Month

Amanda Shinji: Tune Smoothie Written by Roland Zepp Photography by Trinidad Anatine

For many people, the musical genre known generally as electronica is a tuneless, toneless collection of beeps and squeals. For aficionados, the carefully timed and tuned tonalities carry the fascination of the open ocean or a sea of grass. The subgenres of drum and bass, trance, house, down tempo, acid, and techno provide a rich collection of bases from which to draw inspiration. Throw in some samples, a dash of hip-hop, season

with pop-mashup, and you’ll have the tune smoothie blended by Amanda Shinji.

Ms. Shinji describes her work this way, “I’m an eclectic DJ, spinning whatever takes my fancy that night, always usually the same genre or close throughout, but always fun and fast paced too.” Before




A dash of mix and a splash of trance, Amanda Shinji creates a smooth blend of driving electronica.

Amanda Shinji blends her tune smoothies every Thursday from 3 to 5 at Republik.

incarnation of her club -- Republik -- Amanda was DJ and owner of Parkade and moved to the new club in May 2009. She’s been a DJ for over two and a half years. When asked about her longevity in the business, Amanda said, “I’m a total music junkie and I have a massive passion for music which I love to share.” AVENUE Magazine caught one of her recent gigs and found a small but enthusiastic room of fans who enjoyed the show greatly. Manda Vuckovic described Shinji’s appeal, “She’s got a great taste in music and always manages to surprise me with rare versions of tunes, and it’s often like ‘oh, I love this tune; wait, it’s not the same version - omg, it’s awesome!’”

Another thing that gives Shinji’s sets something a little out of the ordinary is that she seldom speaks, letting the musical stream talk for her. Her use of the music to grab and hold the audience’s attention is unparalleled on the grid. She starts with a dynamic kick off and builds from there, carrying the listeners with her. It’s impossible to just sit still while the stream pounds along. We asked Shinji about her other gigs. “I do specials, like festivals, hopefully Burning Life. I get asked by friends to DJ events now and then. I did a private party for Rezzable, gallery openings, etc. I’ve done Teknival a few times and won the Republik Iron DJ event

here back in 2007, long before I was an owner. That was nice, as it was vote based and then panel judged, so was nice to get the recognition.” Most of her effort goes into the club, Republik.

Catch Amanda Shinji’s masterful blending of beats and tunes on Thursday nights from 3 to 5 pm SLT at Republik. Her nuanced mixes blend house, trance, acid and dance into a sweet concoction of driving beats spiced with surprising samples. Amanda’s two hour sets include new music, classics, and her trademark live mixes where she takes multiple audio sources and runs them together to give a unique blend of sounds. The

ability to do this live on stream with virtuosity sets her shows apart. Find news and club chat at http://www.clubrepublik. com/ and for an added treat, you can find Amanda’s recorded streams at http://soundcloud. com/misscyberpink where she posts her shows. It’s a great way to get introduced to Amanda Shinji’s tune smoothies. A

2007 winner of the Iron DJ award, Amanda Shinji has a passion for sharing her musical blends.


Coming up on the Tube written by isadora fiddlesticks photographed by trinidad anatine


We may have read in comicbooks or graphic novels of superheroes patrolling the city saving helpless citizens from evil. Movies and books depicting heroism abound around us in real life; however, not until Nightshade has there been a series about a hero in Second LifeŽ. Nightshade, a series conceptualized by a former colleague Arianna Barbarossa, is coming to your Treet TV screens in December. She and I go way back to the day when both of us used to work on a now defunct company called MetaNetwork Media. It has been a while since I last heard from her, and upon receiving a notice of a preview about her upcoming project, I thought it was time to catch up with Arianna and ask her about this exciting new venture of hers. IF: Who created or introduced the concept of Nightshade? AB: The concept of Nightshade was tossed around in my head for a while. It began as an idea for a female heroine and has grown into so much more. The idea became concrete and the solid foundation was laid around April of 2009. Nightshade would be the metaverse’s First Secret Agent. Simply known as Night, she has spent the last five years as a resident within a virtual world known as Second

Life. Night solves the mysteries and rectifies serious crimes as they develop. She keeps the virtual world safe from those who would steal or cause chaos. Each week she will face various villains who have chosen to disrupt the delicate balance of the world. To give you a little idea of the storyline - some will be bent on destroying the infrastructure, others will enjoy running schemes, and still others will be involved in content theft. It will prove to be an interesting show as we see how Nightshade defends our virtual world. Her alter ego, Mary Slade, is a successful entrepreneur. At times, Mary is complex, showcasing more of her femininity and style than Night. Mary knows she is a sexy and intelligent woman, and uses all that she has been given. But she is also cautious to keep her identity as Night as secret as possible to allow herself to have the freedom to exist in the metaverse without interruption. Night, on the other hand, plays out the fact that she saves the metaverse. She is decisive, calculating and a formidable opponent. She is not the person you would want to meet in a dark alley, as she may be the only one who will walk out. Night is a master of martial arts, an expert in disguise. She enjoys

motorsports and always has her motorcycle close to her. Nightshade is a first of its kind. There have not been any drama/ action related shows in the metaverse as of yet. The promotional trailer has received great reviews. People are amazed at the animations and the quality of work we are doing. IF: Who are the producer and director of Nightshade? AB: Nightshade is produced by my media company, Captive Media Productions. Our goal is to create innovative television solutions that give the audience quality programming. We hope to create additional pieces that provide the metaverse with television that captivates them. WBA Advertising and AWM Mars will head up the directing on the Nightshade series. He has worked on numerous other machinima projects. We have been fortunate to have him working on this with us. He has been instrumental in making the show exciting, which will draw you in. He has been keen on finding the best animations, especially for fight scenes. IF: What occupied your SL™ before Nightshade? AB: Initially when I came to SL, I took a position in a PR firm. I just couldn’t see being here in the

not the person you would want to meet in a dark alley

metaverse without being productive. The club scene got old quickly for me. Going to work gave me the opportunity to see what business opportunities existed. Through that, I’ve been fortunate to meet some amazing people in the metaverse. I later went to work for the now defunct MetaNetwork Media as its COO. There is where I discovered what machinima truly was and what it could honestly do. It really impressed me what could be done with the avatar. From there my mind started thinking and I planned for other shows. IF: What made you log into SL? AB: I’ve always been a techie and into science fiction. I happened to see a Good Morning America broadcast about Second Life, and I was intrigued about it. It took me a few months to come in-world. I thought it interesting the things you could do in-world. Shop, build, create, design and build businesses and actually work. I’ve tried it all, and I have my favorites- shop, create, and build my business. I’m not too big into building items. It’s not my thing. I try to surround myself with talented people who are capable of doing what I cannot. So I always have a friend who can always do at least one thing better than me. I will say I can build a box and decorate it.

IF: Who will broadcast it? When is the set date for Nightshade’s debut showing? AB: We have had the interest of both major Second Life television stations. At this point we are working out the agreements. We are officially signed with Treet TV with a slated premiere date of Sunday, Dec. 6th. The show will follow Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe. Filming for the first season will start at the end of October, and the plan is to have nine episodes. Please check out our website for more details: http://www.nightshadetv .com or our YouTube channel (Captive Media) com/watch?v=cIXtr1C3BHI. IF: What do you think will make people tune into Nightshade? AB: Nightshade is different. It’s action, it’s creative, and it’s us in the metaverse. We want us Second Lifers to look at the show and say ‘this is my life in the metaverse’. Additionally, viewers will be able to see all that the metaverse has to offer… its nightlife, the arts, its architecture, the relationships, and new definitions of life the metaverse has created. They will be excited to see what Night is going to do next. A

the metaverse’s first secret agent

For the Love of

the imagine peace nest

interview and photos by isadora fiddlesticks

I.F.: How did you know about the Imagine Peace event? A.K.: Many of the people that worked in the event are friends, and also I participated before in another festival with the same group. Months ago I told my close friend Medora Chevalier that I wanted to create something for all of us. She told me that the Imagine Event will be coming soon. And that was perfect, beThe Imagine Peace Nest by AuraKyo Insoo was one of the many cause I felt that the feeling that art exhibits that debuted to cele- I had inside could grow perfect brate the Imagine Festival, which around that meaning. I.F.: What is your inspiration for occurred in accordance with the SL™ Imagine Peace Tower opening creating this installation? Can you explain your concept? event. As one of the best artists A.K.: Imagine Nest was inside me in the grid, AuraKyo Insoo has always. The Nest is like a contimade thought provoking art installations with a story to tell and nuity of many of my other works. In some point the Nest is like the a vision to share. John Lennon’s immortal song enabled Yoko Ono to create a shining tower of light that serves as a beacon, glimmering through the darkness each time it is turned on. With its Second LifeŽ debut in early October, this inspired many more events and art that beckons us all to dream and act on the things we want to have in the world we live in.

the imagine peace nest

arichcenter… last step of my Viva la Vida that I created in the Rezzable lands last year, where an ark was the place where all the Dreamers could navigate for a change. Also in my other works that talk from our dark side, like the Burning Woman, you can find the same seed, the looking for a light, for a transformation. But in the Imagine Nest I wanted to validate more the need for a change that I feel we need to do. I mean, for me to Imagine is not only a beautiful and romantic dream that always remains like a dream. It’s a need for Change, it’s a need for Action. I wrote these words in the installation: Imagine is Dream, is Real, is Action.

Imagine is Here, is Now. Imagine is You, is Me, is Us. Imagine is Life, is Revolution. Imagine is Love. These were the feelings inside me every moment when I was creating. The installation and these words are not looking to be beautiful, do not seek to be an empty advertising slogan. They are inviting you to look at Imagine Nest from an awareness that we can (and we need) to do something, we can change, grow and learn. And we can do all that and more with our own decision for change, and also through solidarity and working together. That, for example, was the opening show of Imagine Nest where we created a kind of synchronism

the imagine peace nest

‌fordreams andharmony a beautiful or ugly piece of art, my wish was to create something that can live and bring to life all that lives and expressions and In the opening show, Imagine revolutions. Nest was really a nest that held I.F.: What can people learn from the deep poetry of Medora CheImagine Nest? valier, the music of Junivers A.K.: I have always loved to creStockholm and Gamma Infinity, the thoughts and feelings of Sza- ate pieces where the people can experience it. And it’s really not vannasa, Cotton Thorne, Paulimportant if people like my work lette, Serene, Nora, some anior not; what is important is that mations by Zen7men Mannonen, creation can live and give someZenzi Voomfor and Velazquez Bonetto, the spirit and deep work thing to play, to think, to feel, although the public reaction is of Siri Vita, Millay Freschi and Any1 Gynoid, and a lot more peo- different, because if that creation can help in any way for a person, ple that performed and worked there art begins. there. I mean all this is not only A of feelings and desire to express and to invite all this capacity to imagine and make a change.

The Imagine Nest is found here:

Featured Photographer

Zoe Demar

:Power of Images

Interviewed by Sensuous Soulstar | Photographs by Zoe Demar

There are some images that make you stop and stare. As your eyes travel the canvas, you realize that you’re hooked: this image has consumed your mind. You can’t understand how the images came out so perfect, but your eyes appreciate the perfection. Your eyes can thank Zoe Demar for much of that perfection. A staple in the photography world in Second Life®, Demar has taken what used to just be pixels and transformed them into priceless works of art...a rarity in the field of photography.

Sensuous Soulstar: So I have to start with my favorite question: how did you join Second Life? Zoe Demar: I had a couple friends from SWG (Star Wars Galaxies) try to get me involved. They kept saying how graphic designers could be really creative here. They hooked me up with a very simple SL™ clothing-based dress, bought me a skin and some hair, and then took me to a club to dance. I didn’t really get hooked until my first flexi dress and flexi hair purchase. After that I started to drag my friends with me and I stayed.

SS: What was the hardest thing for you to learn in Second Life while you were still getting your feet wet and learning this place? ZD: I tend to pick up on things pretty quickly but still have issues scripting. Not my forte. It is hard to remember exactly what I had the hardest thing with, but I think it just was getting used to the chat window then movement. I still tend to press, “E” and instead of flying I’ll see in my chat, “eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”. SS: Tell me a little about the lady behind the avatar! I see she’s in Canada, and a little Canadianish/ Americanish (what an interesting mix!), but what is she like? Is she a free spirit? An anally over-organized woman? Dish! ZD: Well, I tend to say I’m an American living in Canada. I came to Canada because this is where my husband is from. We met online in SWG, and he is one of my friends that I dragged over to SL. In RL, I’m much like the SL me: a bit shy, but a total goof if I’m comfortable around you. I try to be as organized as my parents, but fail miserably, which doesn’t mean I’m not organized - they’re just the type-A. I’m no fashion diva in RL at all, I really could care less about having designer anything; but in SL I tend to live

fashion. I also don’t wear make-up which I think many would think is crazy! SS: How did you get your start in photography in SL? ZD: Photography is something that started back in SWG that I continued here, but a lot more on the professional side. It started to be more like a personal time capture for myself originally; just exploring with friends while taking snaps constantly. I have done some building for myself and friends, but mainly I’ve always had a thing for photography. After getting more into fashion modeling, I decided to utilize my skills for others in January 2007 by opening up a small studio space. It wasn’t really for me, but more for others to see my style and to have a location. I offered commercial and personal photography, graphic design, and modeling. Now I shoot commercial photography on a more permanent basis. SS: What was the first thing you ever shot in SL, and how did it turn out? ZD: I actually helped out a friend with some t-shirt pictures by doing the modeling and photography. I think he might still have it up in his shop. I also had an interesting opportunity to shoot Simone in a bridal gown that should also still be up in the shop. You won’t know that I did it, but I would. I think they turned out pretty good, but of course my skills have improved since then. SS: Out of all of your work, is there one photograph that means the most to you, one that really stands out as your favorite? ZD: It has to be my Cuban Breeze. I do have other favorites, but the reason I pick this one is because it is completely unedited yet appears very realistic. I did do another close-up version where I toned down the red in the dress to be a bit more realistic. But it was one of those moments where it just felt right. I even had people IMing me in-world about it and how I captured the Cuban spirit/style.

SS: Now, let’s get a little into Alphamale & Blacklace. How did you get involved with the store, and tell me a little about your work with it as the Art Director? ZD: I had not heard of Alphamale & Blacklace until they did a photo competition. I had seen ads for it but had been busy with other projects. But at the last minute, I decided that I would enter. I went to the store, picked up one of the lingerie sets from Blacklace and, for a twist, some boxers from Alphamale. I took one shot on the Emvee Cuba sim and another where I put together a full bedroom scene on a sandbox area. After submitting, Yelmer from Alphamale IM’d me letting me know that they almost disqualified me because they didn’t realize I was wearing the boxers from Alphamale. Nobody else had thought of that idea. He also said he really liked the picture but it wasn’t up to him but the judges. At the results party, I ended up winning runner-up with the bedroom scene in the Alphamale boxers. I was really excited about that. From that point I continued to chat with Yelmer, and he pulled me into his office one day and offered me some cookies and a job opportunity. I’ve been with them now for over a year and a half doing many advertisements, wall murals, and vendor images. SS: Zoe’s Spot. I admit, I thought you were kidding when you said you had one thing out for sale, but you really do! What made you create, and more importantly, when are you going to put out more?! ZD: I know it is sad, but it is how my time is - busy! I have always wanted to create. The jacket was done for over a year before I put it out. I’m really a perfectionist when it comes to stuff, but have realized to not be as much of one especially because SL doesn’t really show all the details as much as I would like. I plan on putting out more this fall. I’ve been working on a few releases between my photography work. To me, it is all about passion, so I have to really want to wear what I create. SS: Is there actually a life outside of work in SL?! And if so, what does Ms. Demar do to relax and unwind?

ZD: Honestly? A lot of my time is spent setting up photography shoots or editing pictures in Photoshop - but I do manage to squeeze in shopping time, personal artwork/photography for fun, social time with friends, and the occasional blog post - which is personal time for me. If I didn’t have some fun I think I’d go more nuts than I already am! SS: Finally, is there anything that you want folks to know that I just haven’t delved deep enough into? ZD: I guess the only thing left to do is, moo! It is a gesture in SL that I tend to use around friends or if I need to get someone’s attention in a photo shoot. So I will leave you all with a MoOOOoooOooooOOOoooOo!



AVENUE Magazine November 2009  

A showdown across various fashion genres from grunge, alternative, goth to couture. Featuring exclusive coverage of Virtual London Fashion...

AVENUE Magazine November 2009  

A showdown across various fashion genres from grunge, alternative, goth to couture. Featuring exclusive coverage of Virtual London Fashion...