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MAY 2010

DD Style

AVENUE | Publisher's note

Rusch Raymaker Photos by Aleida Rhode

Rusch Raymaker Publisher & Editor in Chief AVENUE


pring sashays and fills our pages with fashion exuberance this month. From Italian Style by Dadina Dosei of DD Style as well as nine other top Italian designers featured at the recent La Dolce Vita showcase by AVENUE Models. Be captivated by outstanding couture designs of Miamai by Fashion Icon Monica Outlander and be titillated by exotic Indian fashion by Mashooka Designs. Male fashion turns heads this month as depicted by Vixie Rayna’s expose on military fashion that permeate women’s fashion in Fun with Fashion and Boe Cortes shows you how you can make patterns make you stand out in a crowd. And if you prefer something rugged and chill, Jarl Soderstrom shows the way to laidback cool. Exceeding the ordinary, our team uncovers some extraordinary talents that make our Second Life® special. DB Bailey will take you into another realm with his architecture whilst you can also review many other unique architects that were showcased in the SL™ Home Garden & Patio Expo. And when you wish to be lifted and lilted by musical magic, a special interview with Skye Galaxy will explain why this ultra-talented and über cool musician is taking SL by storm. SL never fails to amaze with the amount of sheer talent in our world. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed sharing them with you.

32 Cover Story Dadina Dosei


Fashion Icon Monica Outlander

AVENUE Magazine May 2010 cover Featuring Dadina Dosei of DD Style Photographer: Boe Cortes


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AVENUE | Cover Story

Dadina + Fashion Dosei The Perfect Combination

Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Natasja Schumann


t is rare to find designers that get it just right. Most have some of the missing pieces, but you usually have to travel to find that perfect combination, and often you struggle through trial and error just to create the right look. Fashion is more than a dress, a sexy pair of pants, a piece of jewelry or even a handbag; it is a combination of all of these things. Truly iconic fashion puts together the perfect combination. Dadina Dosei knows iconic fashion. She is iconic fashion. Join AVENUE as we sit down with the creator of DD Style and delve into the mind of an undeniable fashion expert.

Sensuous Soulstar: What do you ask the woman who breathes fashion?! Let’s build up the suspense a little, lol. Tell me a little about Dadina. How did she come about, and how did she begin her journey here in Second Life®? Dadina Dosei: Oh I am very happy to answer this question! I heard of Second Life from a friend, and suddenly I thought about being able to make something fun here. I am a RL fashion designer, and since I design clothes and jewels, I thought about the possibility of bringing my creations here, and that was how I started this adventure. It was long ago. There wasn’t even voice chat yet, lol. Dadina was born in September 2006, and I perfectly remember those first moments in SL, because at that time I was so carefree and now instead I am always so busy! After a few months, I met Lita Menges and she became my RL best friend. I love her! I met another important person a few months after my “birth”, the one who taught me everything: nut Barak, the designer of ORANGE Creations. We started making beachwear, but months later he decided to teach me all I needed to know and to open his own brand. SS: Ahh, so you truly do live and breathe fashion! No wonder you are the true SL fashion genius that you are! So, as a real life fashion designer, what did you think of the fashion here when you first saw it?

"I’m a designer and a tailor in RL" DD: My first impression was that fashion in SL is really similar to fashion in RL, but I think there is an important difference: in RL the “Designer” is someone who “designs” and sometimes “makes” something, while in SL we call everyone “Designers,” even those who simply make the clothes. For example, someone can create here something that already exists in RL, so here there is no distinction from “Designers” and “Tailors.” Yet, for me, this isn’t a problem since I’m a designer and a tailor in RL. SS: Now DD Style seems to cover every aspect, from men and women’s fashion, to accessories and hair, to shoes. What led you to decide to go beyond just fashion? Did you feel there was something missing here in SL that you needed to bring into the fashion world?

DD: In RL, I studied fashion and I learned that “fashion” is not just a dress, but a harmonious combination of a dress, with a necklace, with a pair of shoes, with a bag...and sometimes the accessories are more important than the dress. It’s also because jewels and shoes are my passions!

"I create because this is my way to express myself, my art, my style"

I don’t create because I think I have to bring something that’s missing in SL, I create because this is my way to express myself; my art, my style. Sometimes I feel casual, sometimes I feel elegant, and I try to meet the different needs of my customers. I just love to create everything from pants to a pair of shoes to a necklace. SS: With such an emphasis on fashion, is there a life for you outside of designing and creating? DD: My second life is most of all fashion, but I really love to discover new places, strange places. SL is full of beautiful places to visit, and I like to open the Map and casually choose a sim, then I click teleport. I also enjoy building. I really like to build up my sim, and I get bored if I don’t change it very often.

SS: And what should we expect next from DD Style? DD: I have a great project that hope to realize soon, something that combines SL with RL. Usually SL tends to imitate RL, but I want to do the opposite. You will see! Animal prints make a comeback, as well as reptile leather, the power of studs, the energy of color, the pleasure of decoration, and the light of precious stones. My Spring collection centers on metal surfaces and glossy effects, and satin-finished or chromium-plated gold and silver that cover and reinforce the textures of leather. A new “hand” makes accessories more glamorous and transforms objects into collectors’ pieces, as if they were sculptures straight out of a cyber art laboratory. SS: I absolutely love that! I definitely want to end with words of advice for up-and-coming designers from the fashion guru herself, so please grace our readers with your sage words of advice! DD: All I can advise is don’t run! Take time for learning, observing, and studying, because things born fast die fast; while things done quietly and with a particular attention to detail are designed to last and succeed. Try to learn as much as you can, but do not try to imitate. Look for the style that belongs to you! The secret to success is to be yourself and express yourself! A

AVENUE | Fashion Icon

Monica Outlander

Why Not? Monica’s quirky style and sense of humor lend grace and flair to everything she does...


n the world of fashion, there are a few names that stand out. In just one year, Miamai has carved a niche in the fashion scene, starting with goth style fashion and moving into couture and avant garde styling. A tour of the Miamai main store reveals a careful attention to detail and a unique aesthetic. From the variety of the offerings to the merchandise displays, Miamai is not your average shopping experience.

Written by Roland Zepp | Photography by Nata sja Schumann

AVENUE | Fashion Icon

AVENUE Magazine asked Monica what brought her to the grid. She grinned when she answered. “Hmmmm, well, the money. I already was a 3d texturer and such things, so I wondered.... maybe I can make things to sell in that SL® too? And I started to explore.” We asked her what she found that she didn’t expect to find. “Oh, so many things! And I still find new ones sometimes. Discovering some pieces of pure, crazy, fantastic creativity, people making their art here...and even the fashion world actually was a surprise for me. I mean I made clothes, yes. But to discover the haute couture and all the fashion world/business with its organization...woah!!” We asked Monica for some insight into the secret of her success in carving out a place for Miamai and turning it into a highly visible brand in the fashion scene. She answered, “Well, I must say I am still shocked when I hear I am a known brand.” She grinned before turning more serious. “For example Mavi, my assistant now, who was my muse when I moved from grunge goth clothes to haute couture, and people like Edo Tone, that taught me how to run my brand, and Kay Fairey who helped me with the first shows and brought me into the fashion world.” She thought for a moment before adding, “Then, there’s my skills, I think. Being a 3d texturer and designer helped me to

make nice looking, high quality creations, with a special eye to textures, colors, everything that can make an outfit special and a pleasure to be worn.” We asked her about that previous experience in 3d. “I worked for the 3d industry mainly,” Monica told us. “I used to make resources for 3d characters, like skin and various textures. I also used to make painted digital resources for digital artists (painted hairs, backgrounds, photoshop brushes).” She smiled. “I am also an ‘illustrator in progress’.” That background is evident in the way Miamai clothing maps texture to mesh and Monica pointed out an important additional idea as well. “Yes, this background helped me also when moving to the next step, from texturing to sculpting my own clothes pieces. At least I was not totally lost.” At that she laughed. When preparing for the interview, I was unsuccessful at finding much written about Monica Outlander herself and I asked her about that. “About Monica? Hummmm. I am shy and always working on something new. Probably I am not a notorious one.” She smiled at that. We asked her about her shift from grunge goth to couture and she offered this insight into her background. “Well, while I was skilled in 3d

texturing, I had no knowledge of fashion at all. So I started with my own soul, I have a gothic taste and I made gothic clothes. Then meeting Mavi, seeing her clothes, knowing the haute couture stores made me very curious. So, I started to study both SL fashion and RL one, seeing things, learning design tips, different visions of the woman through the decades... It was fascinating. I always love to learn new things. I still have to learn a lot about fashion. That’s great!” She thought for a moment. “As for my fashion roots, I have a passion for avant garde—McQueen and Galliano are my beloved beloved beloved—but then it’s all mixed with all the stuff I have seen, all the things I have painted, the books I have read...and tadah! You mix this all and you get what I create.” We asked about her excellent men’s fashion line. “My main field has always been women’s clothing, although I used to make some male versions of my clothes from time to time. What brought me to make men’s clothing is—well—a romantic idea.” She laughed. “I imagine a couple, the girl wears Miamai. We need to provide something for him, too!! And sometimes it’s fun to experiment in a different field. It keeps your mind alive. That’s why Miamai is also wedding dresses, and hair, and men, and beauty products.” We asked about her choice of the name—Miamai. “It has a sound that I like. And in Italian, it sounds something like ‘nevermind.’ What you

can’t get is always what you desire more. And desire and sensuality are things that push me a lot and that are very present in my works.” She paused before adding, “And roughly speaking? I mixed letters randomly until I got something that sounded good.” She laughed again. Anyone who looks up Monica Outlander’s profile finds a lovely blonde elf face staring back. We asked Monica, “Why elf?” She laughed and said, “Let me answer in my favourite way: why not? Many, many, many times in my SL, people ask me: why? Why did you make that dress so strange? Why make things this way? Why vampire/elf/purple skin and not a normal avi? My answer is always the same. I think we are gifted with a place where the expression is free. We potentially have no limits. We could express ourselves in so many ways, and try so many things, and it’s wonderful. I like it. I like the freedom of mind....and, yes, I am totally nuts.” Far from being nuts, Monica Outlander and her work at Miamai represents a clear vision in the graphical world of fashion. Her skill with texture, her vision of the possible, and her warm and quirky personality blend in the fashion that is built in desire. Find the Miamai main store at http://maps. A

AVENUE | Featured Designer

Aradhana Voight

Delivering Sensuality, Beauty & Elegance. Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Natasja Schumann


esigners create for many different reasons. Some do it because they want to share their style with the world. Others create because they want to bring a whole new style to the grid. While this month’s Featured Designer could use those reasons, she had an even clearer purpose: she wanted a very distinct look and it was non-existent in 2006. A woman on a mission, Aradhana Voight began with a few traditional Indian pieces, and in three years, she’s expanded her line to include not only Indian and Eastern fashion, but also an incredible assortment of Western wear. This month AVENUE had the privilege of sitting down with Aradhana to learn a little about the woman who brought a new culture of fashion to Second Life®. Sensuous Soulstar: Thank you so much for taking the time to grant AVENUE this interview! Let’s jump right into the questions. I’ve read what Mashooka means, but for those of our readers who are unfamiliar with the term, please tell us what it means and why you chose to give your brand that name.

Aradhana Voight: Mashooka means “female lover” or “muse” in Hindi. I chose this word to describe the feeling I wanted for my clothing: something sensual beautiful and elegant. SS: And that they are! I love that you have variety in your styles. You have taken traditional styles and brought that beauty to us here in Second Life. For ladies like me, you’ve opened our eyes to a different culture of dress and shown us just how sexy and elegant other styles of dress can be. What was your goal in creating these items? Did you feel there was something missing here in Second Life that you needed to bring into the fashion world? AV: I started because I was looking for fashionable Indian clothing, which weren’t available in 2006. I had a very clear idea about the look I wanted to have in Second Life. I made my avatar’s shape and was reaching for a specific style. Looking around in real life stores you see a lot of Indian, or Eastern patterns and influences in Western clothes as well.

SS: Now most of your pieces resemble authentic Indian wear, and it makes me wonder, what influences you? How do you decide which look to bring into Second Life next? AV: First to clear something up, I started designing a few Indian clothes, and that’s where most people know me from. But, I’ve opened a store with more casual wear, and actually, now I think I have more Western clothes than Indian ones. It is true that some of those Western clothes also have some Indian influence. I get my inspiration from what I see in real life, such as when I shop or watch an Indian movie. When I think of a name for a design, I imagine how and where someone would wear my design. In that sense, almost every design has a story behind it. That thought gets the story started, which I sometimes publish on my blog (www. or in the store.

SS: I always love to ask, because I’m always curious: do you strive to have an impact or make a statement in the fashion world, or do you even care about what the fashion community has to say? AV: I think you make a statement by bringing any kind of fashion into Second Life. And surely, I want people to know more about Indian fashion through Second Life. I think that fashion rules everywhere, meaning if there is a trend, it is available for buying, and people will wear it. Plus I feel most people are certainly inspired by real life and bring it in Second Life. SS: Tell me about the first piece you ever designed. Was it Indian inspired, and how did it turn out? AV: I made a lehenga, a traditional Indian dress. I was so proud of it. Compared to what

I make nowadays, it was not that good. But for my first design, which took me a while, I was very happy with it. SS: Well, I see it just got better from there! So, what should we expect next from Mashooka Designs? Anything pushing the boundaries of fashion coming out this year?

AV: Do your best! SS: Simple and concise, but highly underrated advice, and Ms. Voight has definitely done just that—her best.

AV: Yes that is always the question: what’s next for Mashooka. First, is the celebration of our third anniversary on April 29th with a fashion show and a live performance. And regarding the designing, I just hope to keep up with surprising Mashooka’s followers. SS: Of course, we’ve got to end on a positive note! Please share with our dedicated readers some advice for all of the up-and-coming, aspiring, or struggling designers trying to make a footprint in the Second Life fashion community.


AVENUE | Fun with Fashion

Written and modeled by Vixie Rayna Photography by Boe Cortes

Spring salute to


ach day brings us further into Spring, and steps closer to the new trends. Military jackets seem to be a great inspiration to the designers this season. This month’s column will show how military style can be playful and sexy! Naith Smit of NSD has long be known for his creative rock n’ rolla aesthetic. He’s recently become more adventurous with his fashions, and has added some very inventive looks for women. This Military jacket in red is striking with it’s bold shape and oversized collar. It totally screamed for dramatic hair. The Magica Ribbonetta hair adds a playful vaudevillian style to the look. OhMai! has such impeccably well made and stylish designs. On a recent shopping trip I fell in love with the Hamilton Military Jacket. The jacket’s cropped style and flounced sleeves make it very original. It is something one can easily pair with wide-leg pants and a tank for an everyday look. For this month’s column, I challenged myself to make it more flirty. The blue detailing on the jacket was a perfect compliment to this beautiful blue dress from PACADI. Military-inspired fashion is an easy addition to your Spring wardrobe. Many designers are adding their own interpretations of this style to their collections everyday. Take the time to find you own inspiration from this new trend. Until next month, remember that fashion is fun!

 Vixie

Vaudevillian /Jacket NSD - Modern Military in Red /Shorts Elephant OUtfitters - Jordyn in Metallic Gold /Shoes COCO - Mulitcolored Sandals /Skin Dr Life - Honey in Tan /Hair Magika - Ribonetta in Black B /Earring Glow Studio - Glamour in Gold

Little Drummer Girl /Jacket OhMai! - Hamilton Military Nilenudist /Skirt Naala - Dress (Shirt/Pants Layers and Prim) in Light Blue /Shoes Courtisane - La Sauvage /Skin Dr Life - Honey in Tan /Hair - Neva2 in Thoughtful brown /Headband Miel - AM Tulip in Champagne /Bangle Armidi - Metallic Tres in 14 Carrot in Gold and Healing Giraffe in Brown /Earring Miel - Lun


AVENUE | Homme Written, Photographed, Styled by Jarl Soderstrom

Well here we are... it’s May, and spring is in full swing finally. Gone are the grey rainy days of being stuck in the house for weeks on end, so now it’s time to get out and get moving! This month I wanted to focus on laid back, rugged outdoorsy kinds of clothes, stuff that you would feel at home running out to the supermarket in or going for a nice long motorcycle ride through the open countryside. Comfortable clothes for everyday activities like those loose fitting, fraying but broken-in just right pair of jeans. Soft, warm comfortable flannels, dusty cowboy boots and those clothes that just scream manly, rugged and comfortable. Let’s meet our first outfit. This outfit is perfect for that quick run down to the local supermarket or a nice walk in the trails in the countryside. Nothing screams manly like a warm, comfy, fuzzy blue and grey plaid flannel which is worn over a light weight white tank top. This lends an outfit that is great for layering for those cold spring mornings that turn into lazy, warm spring afternoons. What else could be more comfortable for moving around in than a nice pair of worn and ripped jeans? The outfit is finished off with a comfortable slip-on walking shoes in grey plaid.

Relaxed &Rugged /Flannel Shirt sf design flannel shirt - grey /Tanktop Muism 40% transparency Tank top/White /Jeans Casa CheerNo *a.C STD.DEKO’s.collect Escaldante* Jeans V0.1 /Belt LeLutka DEAN pants/lightsteelblue_belt /Shoes Casa CheerNo CheerNo.Slip-ons Winter Show /Hair [Uw.7R] Aj-Hair Oriental brown /Skin Belleza Ewan v2 SK 7

/Hoodie *ARGRACE* Casual Hoodie (M) Red /Shirt Emery Shirt Checked B&W /Jeans Emery Denim Velvet #02 /Shoes Jeepers Creepers Vader’s - Cocoa /Hair MADesigns HAIR JAKE NB I /Skin Belleza Ewan v2 SK 7

Our next outfit seems to take itself little bit more seriously. Warm comfortable hooded red jumper worn over a no nonsense black and white flannel shirt. Blue jeans with soft velvet patches at the knees finished off with a somber well-worn pair of brown leather high tops. Great look for meandering around the park, catching a match down at the local pub, or just lounging around the backyard barbeque on a nice spring afternoon.

If our last outfit was serious then this one is as laid back as you can get. Far from the confines of the concrete jungle is where you will find our final outfit. More at home in the countryside than in the city this look was made for those of us whose pace of life is a little bit slower than the rest. This cowboy isn’t just any cowboy. He is a cool cowboy wearing his black reflective aviator sunglasses underneath his cowboy hat. His workman-like insulated flannel vest coupled with a broken-in pair of his favorite jeans says he is just as ready for a night line dancing at the local honky tonk with his favorite gal or grabbing a cold one at the bar with the boys. You can’t be a cowboy without a pair of boots and these boots weren’t made for walking... they were made for riding. Motorcycles that is! And finally his belt tells you that our cowboy isn’t all play as he sports his bullets for shooting mangy coyotes out on the range. A

/Hat Casa CheerNo Brokeback Hat 003 /Glasses FNKY! MegaStar Glasses (Black/Black) /Necklace Redgrave Claw-Trio M /T-Shirt Casa CheerNo CheerNo.STYLETees WhiteBASICShirt /Jacket Vest :SEY K.D.Vest=D-orange /Jeans SHIKI jeans GRUNGE BLACK /Belt :SEY Texas longhorn belt & fur cloth /Boots Redgrave Biker Boots foot - Dirty Sand /Skin Belleza Ewan v2 SK 7

Patterns Patterns Patterns Patterns Patterns Pattern AVENUE | Edge of Style

Written, Photographed, Styled, and Modeled by Boe Cortes


atterns have long been a bit of a “Dare to wear” or “Easier to just avoid” issue in male fashion; sometimes a hit, and sometimes a miss. I mean, why change the “Less is more” concept, right? So this month, I thought I would step up to the challenge of styling some outfits to show you that patterns can work just as well for guys as it does for the ladies and still retain a sense of stylish masculinity.

The first outfit has a funkier golfer feel, yet maintains a more conservative look for the spring green lawn. If you’re feeling shy with patterns, then this approach is a great starting point to warm up to them.

However, if you are feeling a little extroverted, this second outfit may just be what you’re after. The style may look rather busy with an adventurous mix of patterns and bold

s United s United sUnited United United ns United accessories, but it’s what also ties this style together to achieve an exciting, unique look and feel—definitely far from conservative. Patterns can also put an elegant touch on a very masculine rugged look...whether you want to man-up the patterns or refine the rough edges. My third style is what I like to think of as the fight club going clubbing—a modern, polished, and rugged approach.

The last style has a very happy-go-lucky feel to it for a casual fun day; it’s not too overstated, yet not conservative with the bold patterns and complimentary colours. Whether you’re going out for a night on the town or just a casual chill out day, with all the options now available in SL® male fashion, it’s now only a case of “How brave are you?” when choosing what to wear.

/Skin Belleza - Thomas v2 Med /Hair+Hat MADesigns HAIR - BRADY flat cap in pink suede and Irish Coffee hair /Vest Baiastice - Dots shirt in ice (modify sleeves to convert to vest) /Shirt NU - Check Pullover Shirt in Blue /Shorts LeLutka - TAD pants in steelblue /Socks Sprawl - Scrunchy Sock in grey with strips (L-Purple, R-Blue) /Shoes JC’s - Kool Kats in Blue

/Skin CheerNo - Wady in Pale with GOATEE1.Shaved and No-Eyeliner /Hair+Hat LeLutka - ISHA hair - FireTop (group gift) /Vest MV- Leopard Print Sweater (modify sleeves to convert to vest) /Shirt North Wind - Spring Fling B /Pants MV - Blue Lace Jeans /Shoes GOS - Docs - 8 Hole in gold /Socks Tee*fy - blossom Sunny (female) /Belt LeLutka - MONK belt in teal (female)

/Skin CheerNo - Teseu_Tan_Beard#1.Shaved /Hair CheerNo - Hair MORAN in Surreal /Jacket CheerNo - LAMBERT Jacket in GRAY /Shirt North Wind - Spring Fling A /Pants Cheerno - .SIAN Leggings.SILVER 1 /Shoes GOS - Docs - 8 Hole in gold /Belt Cheerno - LANTO Belt in Black A


/Skin LeLutka - Ismael /Hair+Cap CheerNo - LIAM in Chocolate /Shirt Muism - Last nights shirt paisley in Light Blue /Pants MV - Black Lace Dotted Jeans /Shoes Ordinary - Tarsius - CP Limited edition /Belt Naith Smith - Checked Belt /Glasses Gos - Custom Sunglasses v3.2 - COMPULSIVE /Necklace LeLutka - Luis Necklace /Bracelet LeLutka - Luis Bracelet

AVENUE | GOLden Shopping

You’ve Got

Written by Vixie Rayna Photography by Boe Cortes


ach month GOLden Shopping shares the hottest looks with the readers of AVENUE Magazine. This month Boe Cortes, AVENUE Model and Photographer shares the perfect male looks for Spring. GOLden Shopping is part of the GOL community of sims built by renowned architect Dakota Neumann. It’s the perfect place to find your own personal style. As soon as you arrive you’ll discover brands such as Aoharu, Anexx, BAX Coen Designs, Akeyo, LostAngel Industries, Boom, C.Smit, Alphamale & Blacklace, Cynful, So Many Styles, NSD, Addict, Nardcotix, Marcopol Oh Studio, AMG Boudoir, Sr3d Poses, Dezno, PACADI, BOA Creations, Elymode, HLD, and Kiliebe. We have everything from clothing and accessories to dance animations and furniture. It’s easy to find your own style with such a wonderful mix of designers. Visit GOLden Shopping today on GOL 5!


DJ Sleeveless Hoodie in Red and Plaid Heart Shirt in Yellow



Leather Jacket in Black and Polo Shirt in Striped Sky Blue

Alphamale Spring Break Tee

C.Smit Male Shirt in Pink



Male Shirt in Black


AVENUE | Fashion Agenda

La Dolce

Vita Photography by: Tille Ariantho & Annough Lykin

latiel Fashions

left to right Alatiel Fashions Dahlia Alatiel Fashions Haley Blue

! Fashion

left to right B! Fashion Delizia B! Fashion Rombetta

D Style

left to right DD Style Denim Dress White Crock Coat DD Style Dark Grey Tuxedo Crock Shoes

inevra Lancaster

left to right Ginevra Lancaster Sungold Ginevra Lancaster Silvermoon Moonshadow

lam Affair

left to right Glam Affair [ELEMENT] Uria Glam Affair [ELEMENT] Juka


left to right Jador Geranius Jador Africa

ady Thera

left to right Lady Thera Alberti Giacometti Lady Thera Theodora

e Charme

left to right Le Charme Wild Wedding Le Charme Leopard


left to right MEB Le Chat Noir MEB Le Fleur Du Mal

rage Creations

left to right Orage Creations Sophisticated Lace Orage Creations Light Breeze

AVENUE | My Precious Queen Contest


Road to Written by Imani Enzo Photography by Aleida Rhode


"Contests serve as an excellent way for aspiring and experienced models to gain exposure"


odeling is quite competitive. If you want to be successful, it is critical that you find ways to market yourself. Many successful models do this by joining social networks and posting portfolios on Flickr. Another great way to market yourself is by entering contests. Contests serve as an excellent way for aspiring and experienced models to gain exposure. While there are dozens of contests running at any given time in SL®, I caution that all contests are not created equal. That being said, it is important to enter contests that are most likely to help you achieve your SL career goals. One contest designed to do just that is the My Precious Queen Contest by Agnes Finney.

Ms. Finney and her proud sponsors afford beautiful ladies the opportunity to compete for the coveted title of “My Precious Queen”. Each month three winners are crowned “My Precious Princesses” and earn a chance to compete for the title of Queen at the end of the year. In addition to the prestige associated with being the face of one of SL’s premier fashion houses, the winner will receive extraordinary prizes including a scholarship to attend AVENUE Models Academy as well as the opportunity to be the featured cover model in an upcoming issue of AVENUE Magazine. As a proud sponsor of this event, AVENUE takes great pleasure in introducing you to the latest winners; Genevieve Kamala, LadyKath Avon, and Serene Faith.


Genevieve Kamala Royal Princess – April 2010

Genevieve Kamala is a model who is very passionate about her career. The budding fashionista leans toward understated and proportioned looks that shift the focus to the garments and the designs she is entrusted to wear. Further, when styling for the runway Genevieve strives to make each design shine as well as reflect beauty, harmony and art. When she is not modeling, Genevieve enjoys dancing, shopping and discovering new places. Genevieve appreciates the talent and creativity of SL designers and sees her fashion career as a way to expand upon her own creativity. Notably, she is putting her ideas to work by developing her own small modeling agency with a group of friends. Favorite My Precious Design: “I have a special place for Mayur. I love the black

and white contrast as well as the details of the gown. I particularly like the light black feathers dancing over the soft white petals of the short prim skirt. It is a classic outfit, reminiscent of India and days passed. Mayur is elegant and classy yet alluring.” Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “I love what I do and would truly appreciate the chance to work for the talented Miss Agnes Finney. It would be amazing to represent the brand and I already feel like a Queen when wearing her beautiful creations.” Style tip: “The only thing I can say is that, in order to have a good contest photo, you have to fall in love with your dress. If you love what you wear, you will style it perfectly and select poses that make your look come alive.”


LadyKath Avon Royal Princess – April 2010

LadyKath is a pleasant and lovely lady who enjoys life and always takes time to pause and admire the beauty of nature. She describes her sense of style as wide and varied in that she likes wearing anything from sexy jeans to flirty cocktail dresses and elegant gowns. She adores modeling and the opportunities it affords her. Outside of modeling, LadyKath enjoys photography, meeting new people, and exploring new Sims. Favorite My Precious Design: “It is hard to choose but I think my two favorite right now are the Agnes Fella Ball Gown in blue and Agnes Constance long train in black. Both gowns are beautifully designed. They are elegant yet sensual, and I love wearing them when I go out dancing because they make me feel like

I am floating! Agnes’ gowns are wonderful. I always get compliments when I am wearing one of them.” Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “I would be so honored to be chosen to represent Agnes Finney Designs as the My Precious Queen. I love Agnes’ style and her exquisite designs are a joy to wear. I want to be able to show others how much fun it is to wear them and how special they make you feel!” Style tip: “Your shape is very important, as is finding a skin that reflects your own uniqueness. Spend the time necessary to create your own look. Also, don’t be afraid to ask other models for advice because they are really friendly and willing to help. :-).”


Serene Faith Royal Princess – April 2010

Serene Faith is a kind, happy, and outgoing lady who strives to remain optimistic in all situations and is always willing to help those who need it. She also loves to have fun but takes her modeling career seriously. Notably, she is professional, willing to learn, and always well prepared for her work. When it comes to style, Serene says that she generally prefers to keep her looks simple, classic, and chic. However, she readily welcomes any opportunity to try new styles and looks. While Serene loves the fact that SL allows her to interact with talented designers, photographers, and models from all over the world, she is most excited about the fact that SL gives her a venue to spend time with her RL sister who lives in a different country. Favorite My Precious Design: “All of Agnes’ designs are equally wonderful but if I had to choose just one, it would be “Rosanne.” I love wearing this gown because it is very sexy and chic. Additionally, I adore the beautiful layers

and bow. I am part Asian and I love designs that have some Asian flare. To me, Rosanne has fusion style and I had to have it :).” Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “The very first gown I owned in SL was a My Precious Agnes Finney gown and the brand will forever have a special place in my heart. To be able to represent such a wonderful designer who has a special sentimental meaning to me personally would be a tremendous honor, an amazing achievement, and a dream come true.“ Career Tip: “Never give up and keep working to improve your skills. I entered this contest several times before being selected, but I never gave up. I simply tried something new each time and my efforts paid off. During this journey, I learned a lot about styling and believe this has made me a better model. “ Visit My Precious Agnes Finney in world to learn more about this great contest. A

AVENUE | Model of the Month

Chırzaka Harmonious Living Written by Imani Enzo • Photography by Mischa Cuttita


odeling in Second Life™ may seem simple and appear to be a glamorous profession. However, looks are often deceiving and the truth of the matter is that modeling is hard work. It’s extremely competitive and requires an extraordinary amount of time, effort, and dedication if you expect to enjoy any level of success.

V l o d o v i c

Successful models are also able to achieve some sort of balance between real life and Second Life™ activities. In the Second Life™ modeling industry, honoring your commitments is as important as your looks and modeling skills. Not everyone is able to do this with ease, but Chirzaka Vlodovic has found the way to strike the perfect balance between real life and Second Life™. Chirzaka has managed to master the craft of modeling by engaging in activities that enhance her modeling skills even when she’s not on the runway. She’s a stylist, freelance photographer, and a group leader with the European Models Workshop. Further, she recognizes that she is a very busy lady in real life and is careful not to compromise the quality of her work by spreading herself too thin. Specifically, she chooses to work for just a few of Second Life’s™ most prestigious modeling agencies

and organizations and she devotes most of her time inworld to her modeling career. Simply put, Second Life™ modeling is her passion, and she demonstrates her love for it by mastering the art of incorporating her Second Life™ activities with her responsibilities in real life. Her efforts have served her well, and she has enjoyed much success because of them. Notably, she was a finalist in the 2010 Miss Virtual World competition, and has earned the title of AVENUE Magazine’s Model of the Month. Here’s your chance to learn more about this fantastic lady.

“I entered AVENUE Modeling Academy, and that changed my Second Life™ experience.”

“Every time I walk on the runway,

bit about your personality and sense of style. CV: I love to keep things in harmony around myself both in Second Life™ and real life. There must be harmony in everything I do. My home reflects my need for harmony as well as expresses my personality. The dominant color throughout is white, and there is a lot of free space with just basic interior items. It’s a peaceful environment, and I spend most of my Second Life™ time there. My sense of style is simple. I typically focus on one main item and will simply add a minimal number of items to emphasize the selected focal point.

I do it with all my heart. Modeling really means a lot to me.” Imani Enzo: Congratulations on your selection as AVENUE Magazine’s Model of the Month. Let’s begin with you telling the readers about your Second Life™ beginnings. Chirzaka Vlodovic: My first impressions of Second Life™ were not quite the best because I had no mentors and no help. However, after six months of exploring, I discovered modeling via Second Life™ fashion magazines and decided that is what I wanted to do. I entered AVENUE Modeling Academy, and that changed my Second Life™ experience. Now, it’s my work that keeps me coming back again and again. Second Life™ has become an important part of my real life. IE: I’d like for the readers to have an opportunity to get to know you better, so tell us a little

IE: What are you most passionate about in your Second Life™? CV: My work brings me the biggest joy in Second Life™. Every time I walk on the runway, I do it with all my heart. Modeling really means a lot to me. I have invested a lot into my avatar, and it is nice to see that investment being returned in so many ways.

“New models should love modeling and fashion; those are the keys to success.”

IE: Let’s talk about modeling. How difficult is it to succeed in modeling? What advice would you offer to aspiring models? CV: I believe that if you work hard, behave professionally, and love what you do, success will come easily. New models should love modeling and fashion; those are the keys to success.

IE: There seems to be much debate as to whether or not formal model training is necessary. What are your views? CV: I think formal model training helps new models a lot. I would not readily agree with models who think that a big list of modeling schools in their resume makes them more professional. Experience comes after time with a lot of work. IE: What do you consider your biggest accomplishment in Second Life™ thus far? CV: I think it’s being hired by modeling agencies that I am really honored to work for. All of the agencies that I represent are respected and well known in the fashion industry. IE: From what I can tell, you are quite the fashionista. Who are some of your favorite

designers? CV: Currently, I am very inspired by the spring collections of Applonia Criss, Micah Kanto, and Djod Karu. I also love all the big Second Life™ designers like Baiastice, Lelutka, and LeeZu. IE: Ok last question… What is the one thing in your inventory that your avatar can’t live without? CV: Eyelashes IE: Thanks Chirzaka, and congratulations! CV: Thank you. Chirzaka Vlodovic is an amazingly talented woman who works hard to be the best model she can be. This is demonstrated by her love and commitment to the SL modeling industry. We are happy to have her as a part of the AVENUE family and proud to call her AVENUE Magazine’s Model of the Month.


AVENUE | ArchitectureSL

Castle Clouds in the

“There are no rules of architecture for a castle in the clouds.” G. K. Chesterton


hen a real-life architect decides to join a virtual world, what does he do? Why, keep building of course. But instead of putting up imitations of reallife architecture in Second Life®, DB Bailey went the other way. While others assumed the natural laws of physics and weather in their builds, DB Bailey seized the opportunity to unshackle himself from such rules.

Written by Sunday Harcourt Photography by Blaz Halfpint

“I walked past glowing walls, the halls throbbing as if alive.”

Architect David Denton (a.k.a DB Bailey in Second Life) takes his imagination on a wild ride and gives it corporeal form. His builds can only be described as freethinking, beatific, beautiful, or strange. Once you visit his projects in Cetus and Locus, you’ll understand.  Walking through them is like walking through a dream. I walked past glowing walls, the halls throbbing as if alive. I stood entranced in what seemed like a shower of confetti suspended in time. There was an almost teasing quality to the place, inviting me to explore some more. The floors were translucent; I felt like I was walking on clouds. Domed structures, letters, and numbers floated in mid-air. An image of an overweight, naked woman loomed ahead. Giant eyeballs zoomed towards me on a fiery

path. Buried somewhere inside was what looked like a lounge—martini glasses lined the wall, chairs with sit poses—unusually mundane for this setting, but hey, it seemed nothing was too weird for this place. If it’s at all possible to have a surreal experience in the context of a virtual world, then this is definitely the location for it.  My mortal brain was struggling to put it in a box, to define it.  Was there form? Was there function? What was it? I stopped myself.  It seemed that to define it was to do it a disservice.  Why would I want to take this beautiful work of structure and tie it down with laws? Imagine being an architect in real life, being limited by rules, always computing for weight, having your materials dictated by building’s usage, forever worrying about the cost.

Building something in SL makes your work more a thing of dreams than a thing of compromise. I wish I had managed to get in touch with DB Bailey, to get a glimpse of the kind of thinking that went into these projects. I wish I knew if what I’ve written so far is a close enough interpretation of what he intended.  I wanted to ask if this was what he saw in his head every time he dreamt something up—if these were the possibilities he wished he had in the real world. I somehow doubted that this was just an architect’s creative outlet. I felt like these builds had some other message they wanted to convey. Are they just fancies? Or are these cloud-borne structures a first draft of what is to come? 

As Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” I haven’t been long in Second Life, but I can safely say that DB Bailey’s builds are some of the most beautiful I’ve seen. I could’ve easily stayed there all day and stared. Hopefully, I’ll bump into DB Bailey during one of my visits and get a first-hand account of what it’s like to build a dream. A

AVENUE | Interiors and Exteriors

Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Tillie Ariantho

The 2010 Home, Garden & Patio Expo


pring has sprung, and this year’s Home Garden & Patio Expo has ended with great success. It made well over a million Lindens even days before the Expo was set to close. This year the Expo expanded greatly to eight sims, compared to last year with four sims and the year before that with just two sims. Over 80 SL® builders, landscapers, and architects were represented in this year’s Expo benefiting Relay for Life and The American Cancer Society. There was so much to see that finding a place to start was a bit of a challenge. To make the event even more fun there was a scavenger hunt for visitors. The exhibition was absolutely amazing. It was a treat not just for the eyes, but the ears as well as some great musicians entertained the guests who stopped by the expo. Each area had vendors set up to purchase specially made items, where 100 percent of the funds made from these purchases went straight to Relay for Life. I could not think of a better motivator to help make a difference than that. Each year people come together and create wonderful events to help The American Cancer Society Relay for Life. Relay for Life, an event that started in 1985 in RL when a Surgeon, Dr. Gordy Klatt decided to walk for 24 hours to raise money for The American Cancer Society. Since then it has

grown to millions of people all over the world and even made its way into Second Life. These events are created for more than shopping. Not only does it help us find ways to fight against cancer; it reminds us to appreciate our loved ones who have won the battle and remember those that did not. It is a worthy cause that I am glad has been brought into SL to create greater awareness. Scarlet Creative, Creative Fantasy, Shameless Bits, Sampireun Design, Little Boxes, JJ Lanes Furniture, and Dominion Homes were the Sponsors for the Expo this year. Each venture into one of the eight sims was a gorgeous display of perfectly landscaped and designed gardens, amazingly detailed homes and stylish furniture. From modern, historical, fantasy, and more there was definitely something for everyone’s personal style and preference. Nikki Mathieson, one of the organizers for the Expo had this to say about the event: “I plan the Home Garden & Patio Expo every year and I do it for a few reasons. It is a great opportunity for SL’s builders, furniture designers, gardeners and landscapers to display their talents while raising extra funds for Relay for Life, which is the signature fundraiser for The American Cancer Society. There are so many Fashion related events, fairs and expos in SL, but as far as I know, this is the only one for the “Homes” part of SL.” A

ises there m o r p i k ik e N ith future t, becaus u w o k p o u lo p e e ke Be on th an be a 2011. To c o u p o x y E w n ho will be a d to see website: n ir a e s h t t n t e u m ko announce xpo, chec e ’s r a p e d y r o t x w . e o n p f ex part o ardenpatio g e m o h L S http://

Caesar Would Be Proud

AVENUE | Interesting Sims


partacus. Julius Caesar. Gladiators and chariots. For most, these are some of the first things that come to mind when we hear Ancient Rome. Yet, for many Second LifeŽ residents, one word is missing from this list: ROMA. Created by Torin Golding, the Prefect of the sim, in October of 2006, ROMA is a tribute to Ancient Rome, where the residents of Second Life can immerse themselves in the culture, lives, and history of this legendary city. Emperor Julian Augustus and the citizens of ROMA make this cluster of sims an amazing experience for all who dare to venture back into time. Yet, unlike other themed sims, visitors aren’t pushed into role-playing, but rather can gather on the lands just to socialize and learn about the Roman culture. Almost every one of the builds in Rome contains some historical information that residents can access by clicking on an info button either on or near the building. Indeed, ROMA is quite visitor friendly. All visitors arrive at the Customs House, and are immediately greeted by an automated

Written by: Sensuous Soulstar Photography by: Blaz Halfpint

Roman soldier that provides basic information for getting started. There is an interactive, introductory “mini-mystery� that is informative, yet fun. Everything about this city screams organized and efficient. There are four sims to explore, each with a different relation to the overall Roman theme. ROMA is the first and

the city, as well as in ROMA Transtiberim, just outside the city gates. Finally, there is ROMA Maritima, a mainly water region where visitors can sail and participate in other water sports.

main sim of the group. It is where you land, and where many intriguing structures can be found. Lucky citizens who are able to snag the elusive pieces of land can build their home on ROMA Subura, the residential section of

within the city, all based around some aspect of Ancient Roman culture. There are large marketplaces where visitors can purchase Roman-themed items, large open areas for gathering and socializing with others, and even

There is plenty to do when visiting ROMA. There are numerous active groups, families and roles

chariots scattered about to whisk you around the sims at a moment’s notice! The builds are astounding, and many are even interactive. Walk around and see the magnificent creatures caged around the city. Stumble into one of the bars within the gates and enjoy an ancient drinking game, a classic pastime! One can easily get immersed in the culture. With so many eager and friendly citizens roaming about, groups and families with a major presence on the land, and interactive bots who are happy to share a good word with you, hours will fly by before you realize just how much time you’ve spent getting to know this incredible city. Read the website, watch the videos in-world and definitely read the notecards! There is so much to do and see in ROMA that these guides are an excellent starting point. There is no limit to the amount of fun and knowledge you can gain in ROMA by just walking around and enjoying the beauty of the original Roman land in Second Life. Yet, the allure and heavy presence of all of the active groups will make you want to go a step further, put on your traditional Roman gear, and get lost in this Ancient world. Grab your toga, grab your best Roman sandals, hop in your chariot and race down to ROMA to experience to Roman culture. A


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Skye Galaxy a truly phenomenal talent









AVENUE | Featured Photographer

Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Mischa Cuttita

Raul Crimson


n avid user of Second Life® for almost 4 years, Raul Crimson has seen and done a lot of things through his SL journey. Over the course of that time Raul has became recognizable for his amazing talent to turn ordinary pictures in SL into works of art that capture not just an image, but a story. I had the pleasure of talking with him to find out more about his life. Augusta Carver: Care to tell us a little about yourself? Raul Crimson: I’m Raul Crimson, born in Second Life in October 2006. In this more than three years I tried some things, had a clothing store, a furniture store, and an art gallery... I own a SIM that became a nice place to live shared with friends... something like a “hippie commune”. I’m gay... even that doesn’t define me, is just a part of me. But, hey!, better ask others about me! *chuckles* I’m sure they will be more objective. AC: What interested you about Second Life? What made you decide to join? RC: I heard about Second Life in a video podcast about technologies, I found someway fascinating the idea of a brand new world to explore, to create... I remember the first moments in

SL, more than three years ago, as they were yesterday... a weird feeling of excitement and feeling lost at the same time. I presume I saw some “poetry” in Second Life, and I still see it. That was my reason to join. AC: How did your interest in SL photography start? RC: Accidentally! *chuckles* During my first days in Second Life I wanted to explore possibilities of creation, building, clothing, etc. Photography was something to explore too... and it really caught me. Exploring the Second Life group in Flickr I saw really creative images, that encouraged me to experiment, learn, and try. AC: Are you a Photographer in RL as well? RC: No…professionally I mean. Actually what I did artistically in RL was more related to video art, but that was not professional anyway, just shows in galleries. AC: How would you describe your photography style? RC: If I would use only one word to describe it maybe I’d use Conceptual. Not because it is

An avid user of Second Life® for almost 4 years, Raul Crimson has seen and done a lot of things through his SL journey. Over the course of that time Raul has became recognizable for his amazing talent to turn ordinary pictures in SL into works of art that capture not just an image, but a story. I had the pleasure of talking with him to find out more about his life.

Augusta Carver: Care to tell us a little about yourself? Raul Crimson: I’m Raul Crimson, born in Second Life in October 2006. In this more than three years I tried some things, had a clothing store, a furniture store, and an art gallery... I own a SIM that became a nice place to live shared with friends... something like a “hippie commune”. I’m gay... even that doesn’t define me, is just a part of me. But, hey!, better ask others about me! *chuckles* I’m sure they will be more objective. AC: What interested you about Second Life? What made you decide to join? RC: I heard about Second Life in a video podcast about technologies, I found someway fascinating the idea of a brand new world to explore, to create... I remember the first moments in SL®, more than three years ago,

as they were yesterday... a weird feeling of excitement and feeling lost at the same time. I presume I saw some “poetry” in Second Life®, and I still see it. That was my reason to join. AC: How did your interest in SL photography start? RC: Accidentally! *chuckles* During my first days in Second Life® I wanted to explore possibilities of creation, building, clothing, etc. Photography was something to explore too... and it really caught me. Exploring the Second Life group in Flickr I saw really creative images, that encouraged me to experiment, learn, and try. AC: Are you a Photographer in RL as well? RC: No…professionally I mean. Actually what I did artistically in RL was more related to video art, but that was not professional anyway, just shows in galleries. AC: How would you describe your photography style?

RC: If I would use only one word to describe “I love to tell stories ; I presume it maybe I’d use Conceptual. Not because it is Conceptual art, but more because I that’s what definesrelated my tostyle.” try to show concepts or ideas in my pictures, or

related to Conceptual art, but more because I try to show concepts or ideas in my pictures, or at least in most of them. I love to tell stories; I presume that’s what defines my style. AC: Is there anyone that inspires you Raul? RC: Yes. Well, not ONE person, it’s more like a lot of them. Friends, wonderful people I know. It is fun, I made some of my best friends in SL through photography, because we liked each other’s work and then we became friends. And all of these friends are inspiring. Sometimes ideas come in conversations with them. AC: Besides photography, what are some other interests that you have? RC: Landscaping, it is in some way related to photography... It’s about composing an image with objects. I also like exploring, building, etc... AC: What is your favorite part of the photography process? RC: Editing the image...sometimes an image changes a lot during edition, the idea evolves and changes... sometimes the result is not like the original idea, is like if, someway, the image “decides” and drives you to something new. I love that!

AC: Is there a challenging part? RC: While you work on the setting sometimes is hard to make it look EXACTLY as you had in mind, and that drives me nuts sometimes. *chuckles* Also the edition, sometimes is too hard to make something in-world and you decide to try it in edition; it may drive you nuts too. AC: Favorite thing to do in SL? RC: Having time with friends and the best man I met in SL (Raul is partnered with Khamudy Mannonen), exploring... sometimes building, normally it will depend on my mood. AC: Favorite Photographer? RC: Tough question... That is hard to answer since I admire the work of a lot of people, and most of these people are also friends. I should say what really makes me like the work of a photographer is more about story or composition than about Photoshop skills. Render glow doesn’t make a picture good itself, it is what the photographer wants to tell what makes the image interesting. AC: Have you been interested in trying out a different area in SL aside from Photography?

RC: Yes, and I tried it, machinima, building, some clothing even (I’m not so good at that). I love also landscaping, someway is like building a set for a picture... AC: Is there anything that motivates you to help you come up with ideas for your pictures? RC: Almost anything, a good build place, an avatar I see... conversations with friends is sometimes the main inspiration source, one is talking with a friend about any topic (sexuality, love, politics, whatever) and some images come to my mind. AC: Do you have a favorite picture? RC: About my pictures... well, hard to answer, I have some favorites, of course, but I prefer others to choose their favorite ones. About pictures by other photographers, ANAMORPHOSE by Lolmac Shan is a really good one, as an example, but I have a lot of favorite images. AC: Lastly, do you have any advice you would like share with other photographers/artists? RC: Explore, try new things... and over all take pictures to please yourself, not to please others. A

t Look

Through the Virtual king Glass


A Look at Digital Art Written by Rachel Carstenz Photography by Isadora Fiddlesticks


efore the advent of things like the internet and digital imaging, when someone said the word “art,” people thought of paintings, statues, and other images in real life. Since then, art has taken off with the use of programs such as Photoshop and Java which add life to otherwise mundane objects. Second Life® has given artists a new medium to work with. Not only is the art digital, but it’s also interactive. During the month of April, avatars were able to sit on, touch, listen to, and watch various forms of art on the Caerleon Sims in Second Life due to the month-long event titled “Through the Virtual Looking Glass.”

The exhibit consists of work from artists from approximately twenty galleries worldwide, representing five countries total: France, Holland, Germany, Brazil, and the United States. The site gives an overview of the goals and ideals of the exhibit. The purpose of the exhibit in real life serves to connect people, even those not familiar with virtual communities, to virtual worlds such as Second Life and OpenSim through the production of various art forms such as machinimas and artwork made inworld like sculptures and paintings. Participating artists contributed various forms of art to the exhibit such as sculptures, paintings, videos, architecture, and more, representing a wide range of focus. On the parcel for the Lollito Larkham Studio, the focus was abstract art and science fiction. The suggestion when viewing the art here was to set the environment to midnight. When doing that, the entire exhibit lit up. In the “dangerous” science lab, signage suggested that visitors wear a white medical jacket, and I’m glad I did! From the slimy green liquid that was flowing through glass tubes that took up a good portion of the lab, to a giant grayish creature with a bright green head and foot-long bright red antennas, to a creature who was hunched over a machine and happens to be choosing a new face, this lab appealed to the senses with the high level of detailing and creativity. I was drawn to a big, purple globe next. When I walked inside, I was

"The rule for recording was that there was no rule" thrown into outer space. The walls of the globe represented outer space, while the floor was rock pebbles. I box sat in the middle with large green leaves coming up from behind it. Large rocks surrounding the three-fourths of the box, and a hand sat on top of the box. From the hand, fire emitted and traveled upward. The earth sat on top of the fire, making it seem as if the world was on fire. A stick laid in front of the box, almost as if in an offering. Many exhibits on the Caerleon sims represented this type of interpretational art: art which has different meanings depending on the viewer. One of the coolest exhibits on the Caerleon sims was the Field of Voices. The field contained many columns that were iridescent and shimmered as you walked by. Each column held a nine-second audio short that was donated by residents for the project. The rule for recording was that there was no rule. People sang, recited poetry, discussed politics, did shout outs to

people, and more. Each column was scripted with a single sound clip that was activated as you walked past it. I believe that this concept encompassed the goals for the entire exhibit which was to connect everyone worldwide through art. Different accents and languages were heard, and people who recorded sound clips represented many countries around the world. In addition to the visual and interactive art that was present at the exhibit, visitors could also experience art in the form of music. The Para Quintet closed the exhibit with an avantgarde jazz performance held both in real life, at the Harbor Gallery at UMass Boston, and in Second Life. The idea of art connecting people worldwide was inherent in every aspect of the “Through the Looking Glass� exhibit. As technology advances so will art, and I cannot wait to see what these advances bring to the grid. A


Profile for AVENUE

AVENUE Magazine May 2010  

Spin your Spring with fashion exuberance a la rich Italian style, bold patterns, military influences or simply rugged and relaxed styles. D...

AVENUE Magazine May 2010  

Spin your Spring with fashion exuberance a la rich Italian style, bold patterns, military influences or simply rugged and relaxed styles. D...

Profile for avenue