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Minn Pale

behind the Curtain:

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Writer: Vixie Rayna Photographer: Emi Bade Vixie Rayna: Thank you for taking the time to chat with AVENUE Magazine. Tell the Readers a little about yourself. What brought you to Second Life? Minnu Palen: Hello Vixie and thank you for taking the time to interview me today, I’d also like to thank AVENUE and all those who make this publication happen for allowing me and my team to tell you more about us... Well to be totally honest, it was unexpected. I was watching TV one night and there it was. This person was talking about this fascinating place and I just had to try it. VR: Minnu Model Skins (MMS) was born in July of 2007 and was known almost immediately for its amazing high-fashion glamour skins and strong brand image. Your skins are a staple in just about every resident’s inventory. In fact, your brand was well established by January of 2008 a mere six months later. How did you become interested in producing skins? Please tell us about your first design. MP: I’ve been asked this many times, but some blogs have chosen to misquote me. The idea of creating my first skin was purely selfish. I could not find anything on a grid that matched my fashion sense and how I wanted to be perceived, that is when I started to tinker with the idea of just creating my own. Now that I look back, those skins were horrible and I am actually grateful for those out there who bought it and put their faith in me as a skin designer. However, it was my first creation, and I was extremely happy with them, and just so proud of myself for being able to create something. When I realized people actually enjoyed and appreciated my

work, I started working on better skins. I felt I owed it to my

and Summer ‘09 collection, now that we have tested the waters,

customers to make something better. Thus generation 2 was

we could do what we feel it is best for the brand as a whole. Now

born, and a few months later... generation 3 and then 4.

we know it can be done, however we are going back to our roots

I actually feel it shows when I create something, I am very

with the Fall/Winter ‘09 collection, experimenting with fashion

transparent, and I was under extreme pressure and under a lot

and daring ourselves with what appears to be the impossible.

of stress when I created my ZERO skin line, which was after the whole generation 4 situation. It shows that I was not in a good

VR: Your roots! All of SL is abuzz about the new collection,

place but trying to make up for whatever happened, I will not

what can we expect to see?

get into it, but I am glad it happened in a sense, I have learned a lot since.

MP: The changes will be rather noticeable, not only with the new builds, but everything will be different. I guess everyone

VR: Its two years later and you’ve re-branded to LeLutka, which

will just have to wait and see, be surprised, I look forward to us

includes hair, clothing, and jewelry in addition to your amazing

changing the way the SL world looks at us again. We have done

skin designs. This couldn’t be done alone and you’ve enlisted

it before, I would love to do it again.

the help of several notable designers such as Thora Charron,

The way we see it now is, you could either like it or hate it, but

Valena Glushenko, Anykey Munster and Azufr3 Catteneo.

at least we will be doing what we like. I think we lose ourselves sometimes when we stop doing what we love and just do things

MP: That is all correct, although you forgot to mention shoes,

that others will love. When you stop having fun creating, you need

lingerie and also poses hehe, I forgive you though. We are always

to take a step back and realize if it is worth making others happy

adding new things to our sims, I don’t expect everyone to keep

and not yourself. Another thing that will be done differently is

up with it all. :)

the fact that we will no longer be doing huge releases as it was

I enjoy keeping myself surrounded with creative, talented and

becoming extremely stressful for all of us involved.

easy going people. Sharing my work space with other creative minds, is what drives me. We have a sim that we use to create,

VR: News from your blog states that the talented Marni Grut will

each designer has their own work box and it is great to tp into

join the team for the new collection. Her talent will be a great

that sim and see them all working, it makes me want to hop

asset to your team! How did this collaboration begin? Will you

on mine and create something amazing. I love sharing with my

be approaching a guest designer for each new collection? Who

friends and those whom I love, anyone who knows me can attest

would you love to work with next?

to that being true. MP: I knew of Marni’s work way before I asked her to work with VR: Were you always interested in a broader market? Was this

us. Some of her designs were previously used in some of our

your part of your original vision?

GLAM Magazine editorials. We became great friends shortly after and she is not only talented, but a very professional individual,

MP: We (Thora, Aradia and I) were never interested in broader

not to mention supportive of me and the company, through the

market to be honest. We wanted to experiment with the Spring

good and the bad.

We felt Marni would be a great addition to the brand as a guest designer, she is very creative. She is also very dedicated, not only to her work but also her friends. There are many qualities and way too many reasons to mention in one paragraph as to why she was chosen. We, would love to have other guest designers in the future. However, who knows what will happen. We often change our mind, I could only tell you what is certain today, and I never know what will happen tomorrow. However, Thora, Aradia and I are extremely happy with the team of people we have chosen to share in the company we love and cherish. VR: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. Is there anything you would like to add? MP: I would like to thank you again, send a big hello to all my friends and AVENUE readers, and wish you luck with your future journeys Vixie.

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