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Summer Blazing

JULY 2010


AVENUE | Publisher's note

Rusch Raymaker Photos by Aleida Rhode

Rusch Raymaker Publisher & Editor in Chief AVENUE


ith summer in full blaze, we help to take off some heat or even fuel more with our steaming fashion pages. Trailblazing our cover is one of SL’s fashion design dream team, Chantkare who share with us their magic that makes them so prolific with their creativity. This issue we are proud to feature two sizzling spreads from Thalia Jie on corsets that every boudoir voyeur will swoon over and introducing our new photographer/ stylist on board, Kyrie Source, with her first fashion spread Black Light that is couture styling at its finest. We share with you other great ways to let yourself loose this summer with some fiery Muay Thai, male fashion stripped down to smoldering swimwear and shorts or house shopping for that perfect summer vacation getaway. We hope you enjoy summer the best way that you can with a little help from us at AVENUE.

AVENUE | Editor's note

Isadora Fiddlesticks Photo by Aleida Rhode

Isadora Fiddlesticks Managing Editor AVENUE


ello and welcome to another hot issue of AVENUE Magazine! As always, we have lots of amazing things in line for this issue, with so much creativity and ingenuity going on in this worlds, AVENUE Magazine will never run out of things to feature every month! To start, we have our usual fashion spreads, features, and tips to help you make the most out of retail in this virtual world. With so much to see and a lot of stuff to try on, I think that our stylists have got you covered by showing you what is currently the best out there. Second Life is not just about pixel fashion, it’s also about arts, business, and social gatherings. We always try our best to scout out what’s hot out there, but we also seek to recognize those fabulous hole in the walls and unknowns that has something special in them. In AVENUE, they are well appreciated for their contributions as DJ, artist, business entity, sim, event, or club. Indeed we live in a rich and vibrant world, let’s try to live it!


34 Cover Story Chantkare

Fashion Spread Black Light

AVENUE Magazine July 2010 cover Featuring (left to right) Boston Westland, Long Pausch, Applonia Criss and ToniT Oh Photographer: Kyrie Source


Signature Pieces Cosseted and Corseted

44 72 78 90 98 106 118

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AVENUE | Cover Story

Left to right: Long Pausch Applonia Criss Boston Westland ToniT Oh


ha nt ka re

Exposed Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Natasja Schumann


istinguished writer Margaret Meade once proclaimed, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world…indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Well, maybe they’re probably not changing the world at large, but the team behind the legend that is Chantkare is certainly changing the world of fashion. The brainchild of fashion icon Applonia Criss and her partner Long Pausch, Chantkare was born as the result of the two wanting to share their love of fashion with the Second Life® community. It didn’t take long before the brand took off, and more members were added to the team as the brand itself expanded. With Criss doing the main designs, Pausch became the Creative Director, but soon his duties expanded to include designer, photographer, builder, sculpt maker, and even texture creator. Criss put her eye for greatness to use and eventually added ToniT Oh to the Chantkare team as her right hand, handling everything from press releases to advertising for the brand. The last but seemingly perfect fit to Chantkare was newly discovered designer, Boston Westland, who added his menswear savvy to the already legendary brand. With the team now complete, and the brand at its height of success, it is a wonder that Criss managed to bring together the best of the best --working so fluidly and so diligently, yet still able to laugh and play together like old friends. As she puts it, “Always keep positive

"Dare to be different. Dare to be unique."

people around you that feed your creative side as well as people whom you TRUST…the rest will fall into place in time.” And so it has. Applonia Criss had a love for fashion from the start, and it’s always been a part of her Second Life. Even after landing for the first time, one of her first thoughts was, “Where are the clothes?” As passionate as she was about her own style, she knew that she could apply that same passion to creating designs that would make women feel sexy and chic without going overboard. And what is the secret to her style? “In one word: DARE. Dare to be different. Dare to be unique.” It seems that inspiration is everywhere for Criss, including her shoes (she is a closet shoenista). Her designs are a reflection of her daring style, showcasing influences from anything to flowers to insects. With Chantkare, you won’t find the average shirt and jeans. There will be flair, there will be vivid colors, and there will be some unique feature that only Criss’ daring style can bring you. In describing her personal style, says Criss, “[I] love Classics, but with a twist. My style icon for my avi comes from three women in RL whom I consider style icons: Iman, Tina Chow and Daphne Guinness. Mix all that in a pot and you get Applonia!” With such bold choices for icons, it’s no wonder that Criss makes equally bold choices in her designs; a technique that seems to be just the breath of fresh air that the Second Life fashion community needs.

Long Pausch is a Googler. Ask him, and he’ll tell you that’s how he began his journey into Second Life. And he hasn’t looked back since. Unlike many men in SL®, Pausch will tell you that although he tried to fight the fashion bug in the beginning, after buying his first piece of clothing, he was hooked! And the longer he stayed in SL, the more he learned about fashion: “I started to compare brands and quality from different designers. I read blogs and examined what other people were wearing. Before I knew it, I was in the know -- wearing the latest fashions and brands from the top designers, mixing and matching different shirts with pants. Yet, I still wanted more.” And that “more” came in the form of Chantkare. Pausch was a part of the original brand, there since its inception. It was from conversations between Pausch and Applonia Criss that Chantkare was born. And although he will admit that he is fashion savvy in Second Life,

in real life, he’s more of a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy. But what exactly is his idea of fashion? According to Pausch, “Fashion is another creative outlet for our community, for us to visually communicate with one another. We are able to take an idea or image and use that to make a social statement. Great fashion needs to make that statement loud and clear!” Pausch is so much more than just a designer, due to his many roles at Chantkare. But his light shines greatest through his photography, the perfect outlet for his creative needs. Chantkare has always been his blank canvas, and each season he gets more and more excited to see just where the brand will head.

opinion, is made by great creativity and growth, never being satisfied with the ‘status quo.’” Ask her about her style and she’ll tell you that she finds her style to be eclectic. Her outfit changes depending on her mood, and with a closet full of Chantkare designs, that shouldn’t be hard to accomplish! A long time friend of Applonia Criss, Oh found herself a part of the team just by lending a hand to a friend, and over time, her position became solidified as Criss’ right hand. Now she’s an integral member of the team, and one of the reasons Chantkare’s name stays in the spotlight, well, aside from its gorgeous designs. Her sage words of advice? “Never be afraid to try something new. You may fail 100 times, but that one success, when it comes, will just be that much sweeter!”

"Great fashion needs to make that statement loud and clear!"

We almost missed out on ToniT Oh. Thanks to her SL addicted friends, and a wonderful new computer, Applonia Criss’ right hand is now a huge part of the Second Life community, and an invaluable part of the Chantkare team. Oh not only ensures that the Chantkare name is out there in the open, but she also brings a different view to the team. After being on the other side of the fashion industry as a very successful model, she is able to bring her critical eye to the brand to ensure that Chantkare’s designs continue to be legendary. From Oh’s definition of fashion, it’s no wonder she fits so well with this team: “Great fashion, in my

It was written in the sky somewhere that Boston Westland should design for Chantkare, at least according to the brand’s latest and greatest addition. As Westland tells it, “I started designing thanks to a Chantkare fashion show I saw in fashion week, and now here I am working for the same brand that made me jump into this crazy and lovely world.” Sounds like fate. Criss’ desire to expand into a men’s line led her to this talented semi-new face in the fashion world. And as her previous choices have proven time and again, Criss chose another

"Let your imagination fly and enjoy it!"

winner. With his start as one of the “kings of the freebie stores,” Westland has released his inner “fashionisto” and risen through the ranks to become the face behind the Men’s Collection at Chantkare. And how does the king view fashion? “To me, fashion is whatever cloth, whatever complement, whatever attitude you put on that turns heads. Most of the time, it is a matter of how you wear something or what you do that makes you a top in Fashion; it doesn’t matter if you are wearing jeans or the most amazing gown.” Light-hearted and full of laughs, Westland brings a sort of boyish charm to the group, but don’t let that fool you; his designs are of the high-quality and unique style that you’ve come to expect from the Chantkare name. His best advice for the up-and-comers in the fashion community: “If you want it, go for it. Don’t give up. Take your time to research and practice. Then, let your imagination fly and enjoy it!” Ask any of these four people what they credit to the success of the Chantkare name, and they’ll each tell you something different. For some, it’s the team itself that makes all the difference. For others, it’s all about what Chantkare offers, where every collection is different from the last. For yet the remaining members, it’s all about the genius of Criss and her vision. No matter which of the reasons you choose, one thing is clear: with this super team, there is a lot more success in the cards for Chantkare. And that, in itself is funky, fierce and fabulous! A

AVENUE | Fashion Icon

Scarlett Niven Forever Stylish

Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Temperance Moonites


carlett Niven has been hooked on fashion since the beginning of her SL速 days more than 3 years ago. Since then she has been creating designs, blogging, and helping the Second Life速 fashion world evolve into a more beautiful and fashion forward place. Daring and unique, she has created a style all on her own that draws attention and creates numerous followers.

Augusta Carver: Why did you decide to join Second Life? Scarlett Niven: I discovered Second Life in January of 2007 through an article about virtual worlds, fashion and shopping. I thought it was a really cool concept to be able to not only “virtually shop” but to wear your items on your own specially created Barbie doll! After I joined, I realized that there was so much more here than just shopping. AC: When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer? SN: I’ve always had an interest in fashion from day one. I guess the designing part came into play when I started my blog, The Digital Image, in June of 2007, and began styling looks for my posts. I would find that I would take pieces from one article of clothing, such as a collar or sleeves and wear with a base piece from a different creator’s item. I think this is what sparked the initial interest. I thought about it but didn’t move forward with it until someone close to me at the time encouraged me to go for it. AC: What is the style of your line and why do you feel that way? SN: I would describe The Niven Collection as a blend of the classic and the couture, high concept but wearable pieces of imagination! AC: What is your inspiration for your new collection?

SN: Phase one has a look of wearable day pieces and some sexier night options. Phase two is harder and edgier with a retro-couture, anime, pulp fiction feel to it. I bring a heavier, more aggressive hand in textures and shadings in phase two. I had more fun doing phase two because of the challenges surrounding blending those genres together and defining a look that spoke of all of them. AC: How is this collection different from the other collections you have worked on? SN: MonoChrome is a black and white, patterned-based collection that I decided to do after working on a machinima where the theme was black and white. I felt that, done in the right manner, it could give more flexibility and mix/ match options rather than doing a “traditional” color and floral-based S/S collection. AC: What matters to you most as a fashion designer? SN: To bring something new and fresh and constantly push the envelope of what’s possible with fashion creation and looks. AC: How would you define “success” for someone in your chosen position? SN: For me, success means bringing something I envisioned to realization. Even if the end result is not exactly what I first imagined it would be. AC: What is your favorite and most challenging part of the design process?

SN: My favorite part of designing is working on a piece, seeing the next step in the process and then watching it all come together in a finished product. Like I said, when I start an outfit, I usually have some basic idea of what I want, but rarely does the end result turn out to be my initial thoughts. The most challenging part is getting sculpties to line up properly...LOL! AC: As a designer, what is most rewarding for you? SN: Getting rave reviews of my work from someone who I really respect and admire. She knows who she is. :-) AC: Aside from designing, what other projects are you involved in? SN: Wow...lots...LOL! Right now, I am working on a machinima of one of 5 vignettes that has been granted special showing at The World Expo in Shanghai, China through This End Open Project. It is in the final stages of edit and will be mounted by a professional film person and have original music to it. I’m very proud of the work I’ve done on it and the great group of people I work with at Kamachinima Production. I am also doing some voice over work for Pookymedia. She produces the SL game show, The First Question, and many other machinima projects. I have a fashion show coming on July 5th on MODA Fashion Spotlight on Treet.TV, which I am really excited about, and of course I will continue to further The Niven Collection Line.

I also hope to get back to doing my videozine, ScarlettCast!, when time allows. AC: What does fashion mean to you? SN: I view fashion as a form of art and expression, be it structural or textural. I make my creations with this mindset. I love that I can bring something to fruition in a short time that would take months to create in RL. Of course you have to deal with the limitations like prims/sculpties, hair and clothing passing through bodies and not fitting properly with certain stands, sits and poses, but it’s a learning and creating process and it’s rewarding just the same. AC: What should we expect to see from your designs in the future collections? SN: I will probably continue to do my collections around a theme - such as I did with MonoChrome. I tend to take life as it comes, so we will see what happens. I like to try new things and SL gives me the opportunity and tools to learn so that I can create what I envision. Scarlett is a fashion force to be reckoned with. She seems to have her finger on the pulse of SL fashion. With each season, her designs get better and better. Keeping with RL fashion, Scarlett says, “We will see more variations on similar colors, textures and styles of each collection.” A businesswoman with a purpose, I expect nothing but good things as each season approaches. A

AVENUE | Fashion Spread

Photographed Styled Modelled by Kyrie Source

/Skin Laqroki Aline Fair 04 /Ensemble Eshi Otawara Kuroi

/Skin Laqroki Aline Fair - 02 /Eyes Poetic colors /Eyeliner Miamai Les Makeups Eyeliner - 02 /Lashes [glow] Innocent lashes - Pure /Hair Kin Cricket /Bodysuit Bliss Couture Kylie Ruffles /Glove Baiastice part of Après-midi Pearl

/Skin Laqroki Aline Fair - 02 /Eyes Poetic colors /Hairbase Miamai /Hair Miamai Hina Updo (edited) /Lashes Miamai No Alpha N18 /Earrings Baiastice Enigma /Gloves Baiastice part of Disconnected /Hat Ricielli Commander /Shirt Ricielli Candyman /Pants Ricielli Germanotta /Belt Ricielli Vanessa

/Skin Laqroki Aline Fair - 02 /Hair Eshi Otawara Checkmate /Nails & Rings Mandala /Glove Eshi Otawara part of Black Gems Are Forever /Bikini Violator Opulent Attitude /Shoes AW Design Artizan


AVENUE | Signature Pieces

Cosseted &

Corseted C

orsets are fashion mainstays that have been in use, in one form or another, for hundreds of years. Whether it’s a reference to an Edwardian whalebone, Victorian lacing, French bordellos, Madonna’s underwearas-outerwear phase, or even fetish wear corsets are a timeless fashion statement.

In the film “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl”, the heroine Elizabeth, in an encounter with the evil pirate Jacoby, looks at him disdainfully as he sneers, “I’m going to teach you the meaning of pain”. She must have won every fashionista’s heart when she replied, “You like pain? Try wearing a corset”.

Photographed Written Styled Modelled by Thalia Jie

Thankfully, in a virtual world, glamorous, feminine and downright sexy corsets are available without real world constraints. Numerous Second Life® designers have come up with their own version of the classic corset. Whether it’s the beautifully hand drawn textures of KWZ and DE Designs shown here as a simple shirt layer, or the intricately detailed prim attachments in the corset from The Abyss, or the rounded body curves of the corset prim attachment top from J’s, each piece shows the creator’s individual interpretation of a perennial classic. So, take one corset, add shorts or trousers, perhaps a jacket, or maybe even stockings and suspenders -- and create your own look from this month’s signature piece.

/Skin Baiastice Donnarama Casting in Pale Makeup 4 /Hair Cubic Effect Base of Hair Sweptback in Black /Eyes Endeavor Shiny Eyes Pro No.16 /Shorts M * A * ii * K * I [part of outfit] Streep Puff Pants /Leggings Glanz Metallic Pantyhose in Silver Black /Gloves La Maison Kaestner Leather Gloves in Black /Bracelets Mandala Takara Bangle Argyll in Black /Earrings ala Mood Soho Ebony Earrings /Collar Plastik Recluse Collar Bound in Ameli /Corset KWZ Corset C

/Skin Baiastice Donnarama Casting in Pale Makeup 12 /Hair Cubic Effect Base of Hair Sweptback in Black /Eyes Endeavor Shiny Eyes Pro No.12 /Pants LeLutka Rockin’ Pants in Black /Gloves La Maison Kaestner Leather Gloves in Black /Earrings Rozoregalia Belial /Choker Gems & Kisses Victoria /Corset The Abyss Pruriency Corset Picture No. 2

/Skin Baiastice Donnarama Casting in Pale Makeup 10 /Hair Cubic Effect Base of Hair Sweptback in Black /Eyes Endeavor Shiny Eyes Pro No.7 /Pants LeLutka Rockin’ Pants in Black /Gloves La Maison Kaestner Leather Gloves in Black /Necklace and Earrings Donna Flora Deco /Choker Gems & Kisses Victoria /Corset J’s Lace-up Corset

/Skin Baiastice Donnarama Casting in Pale Makeup 17 /Hair Cubic Effect Base of Hair Sweptback in Black /Eyes Endeavor Shiny Eyes Pro No.14 /Jacket Tourist Jacket in Black /Leggings M * A * ii * K * I Leggings in Charcoal /Gloves LeLutka /Earrings Miel Ahi Earrings /Corset DE Designs Tyran Corset in Black


AVENUE | Exclusive

Written by Thalia Jie | Photography by Boe Cortes


ANA is an intriguing word. In Malaysian culture, it means “the stuff from which magic is formed”. In role-playing and fantasy games, mana is the resource that players use to cast their magic spells. In the virtual world of Second Life® fashion, mana now takes on an additional meaning. MANA is the new release range of shoes and sandals from NARDCOTIX, designed by the talented Nardya Rousselot. The new MANA range creates magic for your pixel feet and toes. MANA is a line of open-toe shoes with an easy to use intuitive HUD system that makes matching skin tones simple and effortless. But there’s more to MANA than just the ease of changing and matching skin tones. The MANA release is the first of its kind in giving you the option to buy extra nail packs with a greater variety of colors and patterned nail polishes. The Nail Art packs are available for purchase separately in any of the Nail Art Terminals located in the NARDCOTIX store. After purchasing a Nail Art set, click the “Refresh My Polishes” button on the HUD, and it’s loaded directly. This feature allows your new Nail Art to be available to you immediately without having to worry about it getting lost in your inventory. All of the MANA HUDs are compatible with all MANA shoes, and all the acquired Nail Art can be loaded into any HUD making them available for any pair of shoes from the MANA collection.

Along with a full range of glorious nail polish colors and patterns in each Nail Art set, MANA lets you change your colors and designs per toe. If you’ve always wanted alternating black and white toe nail polishes or the subtle detail of a patterned polish on your big toe with plain colors on the other toes, now you can create that special look thanks to the innovative per toe option. Nardya Rousselot has a discerning eye for details; she knows what matters in shoes. The range of color choices, the attention to small details, the multiple options available so you can customize each pair of shoes to suit your mood and your outfit, all make MANA a special and welcome new release collection. In the new MANA Collection, you’ll find the “Anessa” stilettos in twenty color choices with metallic parts that can be switched from gold to silver with just a click on the strap. “Breezie Spring” gives you a choice of ten bright summery prints and the “Breezie Stileto”, along with its range of colors, features a pretty bow on the back. The MANA Collection features wedges, whether it’s the “Chelo” with its leather finish and bow detailing or the “Chelo” in denim with eleven different colors to match every possible color of denim jeans or skirts -- these myriad of choices and options allow you to create the perfect shoe for the perfect outfit.

Summer and spring fashions have never been easier to accessorize, thanks to the “Dezi” style sandal, a gladiator boot-style sandal, which is a must-have this summer. You can even encourage the man in your life to buy a pair, as they look equally good on men. You’ll find the “Dezi” in canvas and suede in ten color choices. Each sandal features options to change the color of the studs as well as the straps. If you

enjoy a more casual look for summer, the MANA “Vixe” is a timeless classic flat sandal, popular among roleplayers and fashionistas alike. They feature color-change stones resembling nine different semi-precious stones, and come in a range of fourteen different colors. Put your best pixel foot forward and step into summer with MANA magic. A

AVENUE | Fashion Agenda

FASHION Written by: Augusta Carver Photography by: Tillie Ariantho




latiel Malies, designer of Alatiel Fashions, launched her New Summer 2010 Collection last June at AVENUE. The stage was designed in a picturesque and captivating country setting, a refreshing change from a normal runway. The farm’s unique ambiance was full of personality and warm country charm, which made the perfect setting for Alatiel’s show entitled “The Little Backpack”. Even men can refresh their wardrobe this season because Alatiel’s fashion collection has something

for both men and women. With a mix of fresh colors, patterns, and airy summer fabrics like cotton, linen, and denim, The Little Backpack Collection is not one to miss. The Country top and jeans is one of my favorite outfits in the show. A short and flirty top and fitted jeans is just the thing to wear while you’re exploring the many scenic areas of SL®. You can create a whole different look if you wear the shirt’s longer option, which creates an attractive summer dress that you can wear with Alatiel’s boots or sexy heels.

What guy does not want to look his best when he goes out? Alatiel makes it easy for all the men. There are complete outfits already put together for quick and easy access. A short-sleeved plaid shirt and a pair of faded blue jeans makes a great casual look for hanging out with the boys. Rather than going to a party or just hanging out with friends, this sexy one-sleeved black blouse and jeans is a smart and chic approach to country-style fashion. With this amazing summer collection, you don’t have to spend thirty minutes trying to find a good outfit to wear that matches properly. No matter what occasion you need to dress for, Alatiel’s summer collection has got you covered. Versatile, stylish, and elegant is the best way to describe the different looks in the Little Backpack collection. This collection was designed to be thrown in a backpack so you can travel across country and still look amazing with minimal effort. It’s every girl’s dream. A

AVENUE | Homme

Written, Styled and Photographed by Jarl Soderstrom



LONG HOT ime flies...and it seems like only yesterday we were digging out our heavey jackets, sweaters and ear muffs as winter was doing it’s typical icy, cold, grey thing. Now Spring has come and gone with it’s flowers and showers and now it’s time for everybody’s favourite season. Summer!

Summer is here and this month I wanted to take the time to show you some of the hottest beach looks for you guys. So I scoured the grid and came up with some older swimwear, some newer swimwear and even some unreleased swimwear, all to make you look the best you can on any beach in the metaverse.


*ARAI* & ::MB:: Nakano


-Belleza- Shawn Beta


*a.C Std CYBERline.AcceS:WooDBALLs




*ARAI* Beach Pants_brown


*ARAI* Sandal


Uw.St AI-Hair type-A Black


-Belleza- EwanV2 Tan 7

Necklace & Bracelet

sey necklace & Juzu”Tiger eye”


Vitamen - Super Micro Bikini_Red & Gold @ House


[CheerNo] Hair MORAN [B Champagne]


-Belleza- Johan sk 0


[MANDALA]TAKAYAMA [2]necklace/Gold brown/MALE


*Valiant* Tawk Eye Briefs


[CheerNo] Hair MORAN [Surreal]


[CheerNo] Teseu_Pale_Base.Shaved


CheerNo.BEACHWear SUNGlasses.SPORT - Black NevadA


[CheerNo]swimmingwear.Black V1




-Belleza- Mathieu tan 4

Necklace & Bracelet



NightSwimmingWear_BlueShadow @ House A

/Skin Belleza thomas v2 /Hair CheerNo HairDesing FRAY in MystiC /Hat NCplus Visor01-2 in Navy /Jacket ARAI Nylon parka in black (mod sleeveless) /Shirt R.icielli CLOCKWORKORANGE minitop in gray#1 2 /Pants AMERIE M Rollup Denim_02 /Undershirt CheerNo HUSTLAH outfit t-shirt /Underpants CheerNo HUSTLAH outfit pants /Socks SEY 3line Socks short in white and black /Shoes 2REAL Pro_Spec /Necklace MIEL SEY necklace /Bracelet N-Creation Elements bracelet /Belt ATOMIC Music Belt in Black /Keychain kalrau Multi-Tool with chain

AVENUE | Edge of Style Photographed Written Styled Modelled by Boe Cortes


he summer sun and heat is finally beating down on us. And with plenty of sports and festivals in full swing, it’s definitely the time to take that long vacation or weekend break you promised yourself. Whether you’re travelling to see your favourite outdoor gig or just planning a weekend in the country, here are a few ideas on how you can travel short and light. The first outfit is fit for the fields - slightly bohemian with neutral earthy shades and hair that would turn many heads. By doubling up shorts from both Connors and Miel, this outfit definitely adds a unique, trendy twist to country styling. Whether your designated location is to the Glastonbury festivals or just a stroll in the country, this outfit may just serve your purpose.


Short Travel B

/Skin CheerNo Wady_Tan with MOUSTACHE1. Shaved and Eyeliner /Hair LeLutka ISHA hair in AlmostGoth /Hat AKEYO Fedora in Gingham /Shirt eha Where Is The Line Pullover in GRAY with GRAY 2 /Vest Emery Vest Roxe in Black /Pants FIR Houndstooth Shorts in Black /Leggings Connors Men’s LEGGINS in PaintB 1 /Socks Connors Leggings Border Monotone in S Black /Sock Cuffs Boom cuffed socks in grey tinted grey /Shoes 2Real Pure /Necklace N-Creation Elements necklace without beads /Bracelet sWeEtS jUnKiE Wristband



For those of you who prefer to stay inner city to soak up the urban cultural events or spend the day at a sports stadium, this second outfit adds enough comfort and flexibility to give parkour a run for its money. The light baggy denim shorts, t-shirts and hooded vest may help you blend in the crowd but it’s the little details in the pattern of the leggings and double layered t-shirt that will set you apart from the others. As hats are all the rage, you could opt for a visor to shade your eyes or simply stay cool by letting the air flow through your hair.

/Skin CheerNo Wady_Tan with MOUSTACHE1. Shaved and Eyeliner /Hair MADesigns Hair FURY 2 Bangs in Espresso /Undershirt NINIKO mTan-T-tops3 /Shirt KiiToS!! Mohair Loose Knit in MilkTea (mod sleeveless) /Underpants MIEL MO LINEN POCKET PANTS in pebble with lower leg cuffs /Pants Connors HALF HEMP DAMAGE PANTS [B] DEMIGRAY with [A] Rollup cuffs /Shoes Picnic Panu shoes in black with white sole /Necklace MANDALA KAGETORA necklace in wood and gold /Bracelet MANDALA REIKI Bracelet in White with GEM

Last but not least, this particular outfit is right on the note if you have an evening planned at a music festival or just chilling outside a cafĂŠ. The classic Houndstooth shorts from FiR may seem formal and traditional on its own, but throw on some leggings, a hat and an urban vest to really make these shorts “hipped-up and trendifiedâ€? for a more chic, cosmopolitan style.



AVENUE | My Precious Queen Contest


Roadto "Learn more about these beautiful ladies and see what gorgeous gowns by Agnes Finney they have selected"


Written by Imani Enzo Photography by Natasja Schumann


t’s time once again to introduce you to more lovely My Precious Princesses. The three beauties selected for the Month of June 2010 have secured an opportunity to vie for the coveted My Precious Queen title and extraordinary prizes totaling over 250,000L. AVENUE is a proud sponsor of the My Precious Queen Contest and will provide the winner with an opportunity to be the featured cover model in an issue of AVENUE Magazine, as well as a scholarship to attend the AVENUE Models Academy. The June winners are Xandrah Sciavo, Cieleste Magic, and Aleida Rhode. Here’s your chance to learn more about these beautiful ladies and see what gorgeous gowns by Agnes Finney they have selected.



Xandrah Sciavo Royal Princess – June 2010

Xandrah is a playful, funny lady who loves meeting new people and exploring new places in Second Life®. She believes that laughter is an important ingredient in our lives and she strives to bring smiles and laughs to the people around her. She is also an ambitious, aspiring model who enjoys expressing herself through photography, art, and fashion. As it relates to style, she describes hers as being “unique and eclectic” and states that she tends to go for fancy, vintage, and classic creations that are reminiscent of Old Hollywood glamour. Favorite My Precious Design: “Agnes Finney’s designs are all so magnificent that choosing just one is a difficult task! However, the Queen Mayur Grandeur gown is truly a jawdropping creation. This gown is pure perfection and elegance, and Alienbear Designs offers an equally exquisite jewelry set to complete this royal ensemble.”

Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “I believe that the My Precious Queen should be a woman who possesses a kind and lively spirit and who also embodies grace, elegance, and professionalism. As the virtual face of Agnes Finney’s My Precious, the chosen queen should be visible and be able to effectively market and intermingle with not only those in the fashion industry, but with consumers as well. As a fresh face and a woman who can demonstrate the qualities mentioned above, I would consider it a delight and an honor to serve as the official emissary for My Precious.” Style tip: “One of the most important tips I can share is this: Be open and willing to accept constructive feedback from others. And in addition, accept that feedback gracefully and graciously. Also, be daring. Experiment and develop your own original sense of style. Don’t be afraid to be unique!”


Cieleste Magic Royal Princess – June 2010

Cieleste Magic loves shopping, dancing, and having a good time with her friends. However, when it comes to her modeling career, she is the consummate professional who strives for perfection in her work. She is an avid learner who has enjoyed many modeling accomplishments, including the first prize in SL®’s Next Top Model Contest and selection as a pre-finalist for Miss Virtual World 2011. Amazingly, she takes her success in stride and states that it is more important to her that she does a designer’s work justice. When it comes to her look, Cieleste loves styling and wearing haute couture designs. Favorite My Precious Design: “Empress would have to be my favorite My Precious

design. Its elegant and majestic aura sets it apart from the rest of the collection. I love it because the grand golden wings along with the daring white dress emit a powerful mood that’s so irresistible!” Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “I feel that I would represent My Precious well because I would try my best to carry every design with grace and elegance by combining the uniqueness of the gown with my own special look.” Style tip: “A tip I would give is to find a look that truly represents you. Do not simply follow what someone else does. Once you find yourself, you will naturally create a look that sets you apart.”


Aleida Rhode Royal Princess – June 2010

Aleida cares about people and believes in treating everyone the way she wants to be treated in return. Curiosity brought her to SL over three years ago and the ability to express herself creatively keeps her coming back. She is a well-known and very gifted photographer and model who is no stranger to winning awards. Specifically, she was selected as a finalist in Miss Virtual World 2009 and won the titles of Queen of Beauty and Miss Metaverse for 2010. According to Aleida, her style tends to vary according to her RL moods. Favorite My Precious Design: “It is so hard to pick one favorite because there are so many I want in my wardrobe. I do love La Rose Black because it makes me feel precious, classy, and elegant. I also love the super sexy Agnes Serene White Supreme. That dress is a musthave.”

Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “I would love the opportunity to represent My Precious as its Queen. I believe that my experience, skill, knowledge, and passion for fashion would make me a wonderful ambassador for the brand.” Style tip: “Always remember that true beauty also comes from within. Additionally, be careful about your style choices. Take the time to think about whether the accessories you’ve selected truly match the occasion.”

If you think you have what it takes to be My Precious Queen, please visit My Precious by Agnes Finney in world to learn what you need to do to enter and shop for some of Second Life’s most beautiful gowns. A

Seashell Dench

Semper Fidelis

AVENUE | Model Of The Month

Written by Imani Enzo Photography by Natasja Schumann


e live in a world where it seems that moral standing, integrity, and even loyalty can be bought at the right price. Everywhere you look, you see people jumping on the bandwagon of the next new thing with little or no regard for who or what convictions they abandon in the process. It’s hard to tell why it is so easy for people to jump ship so quickly in this day and age. Sure it’s done for good reason on occasion, but all too often people walk away for what they consider to be greener pastures. Other times, it is done for monetary gain or simply to suit an individual’s mood or agenda. For whatever reason, loyalty is not something that you come by easily. Indeed, loyalty is a valued commodity in that it showcases the character of anyone who possesses it. Loyalty shows that an individual is steadfast and unwavering in their support. It also proves them to be trustworthy and willing to stand with us through good times and bad.

Seashell Dench, AVENUE Magazine’s Model of the Month, is a woman who knows the value of loyalty and leads a life in which it serves as a critical component. She is always faithful to herself and her beliefs. She is loyal to the people she loves and to the AVENUE family. Seashell is a talented, hard working lady who is enjoying much success in Second Life® as a model, including her recent selection as a pre-finalist for Miss Virtual World 2011. Further, she is a diligent model who chooses not to chase celebrity. Instead, she is perfectly content with consistent work and continuous opportunities to learn. That’s because she knows that the key to longevity in this business lies in the ability of models to reinvent themselves so she steers her focus in that direction. Outside of modeling, Seashell works exclusively for AVENUE as a Designer Liaison and Event Coordinator. Seashell is very excited to be recognized in this forum for her modeling work and other contributions to AVENUE. Recently, she sat down to share her thoughts on loyalty and a host of other subjects.

Imani Enzo: How difficult would you say it is to succeed in modeling? Seashell Dench: I’d describe a model’s life and work as a rollercoaster. There are ups and downs. In order to succeed, you have to be open to all that’s new. You must also pay very close attention to details because that makes a model greater. It is also easier to be successful when you are polite, humble, and have a great attitude. Also, never let negative feedback get you down. Listen to it and learn from it. If you do all these things and believe in yourself, you will be successful. I.E.: Who or what has inspired your modeling career the most? Why? S.D.: I was greatly inspired by the lady I consider to be my model mentor, Sydney Nitely. She is a mature person and always gave me the best advice. Her generosity and kindness were a great inspiration to me. She encouraged me when I showed insecurities and she always believed in me. I hope she knows that I will never forget her.

I.E.: What are your views on formal model training? S.D.: Formal training is both necessary and beneficial. However, if the student doesn’t want to learn, the best teacher cannot teach him/her. So, the will to learn and to be open to new perspectives is the first characteristic of a good student. If people joined SL® model academies just to have them in their résumé and don’t work on themselves every single day, it’s a great loss of opportunity to succeed. I.E.: What are the guiding principles of your SL? S.D.: They are the same as my RL principles. I live my life to the fullest and never take anything for granted. I’m always grateful, because I expect nothing. While, I don’t run after fame, I do like to see my work recognized. I also avoid drama in SL and RL. I only ask to be treated with the same respect that I give others. I.E: What characteristics do you believe great

models possess and what does it takes to be a supermodel? S.D.: I think that all great models have the same characteristics. They are professional, honor commitments, and listen carefully to all instructions given to them and execute them with precision. Great models also have great personalities. They are always nice, escape from all drama, and are always willing to help. I believe that supermodels are those

“I’m very persistent but I am not afraid to quit something when I need to.” models that have been around for a very long time. It’s quite a deed to model for three or four years in SL. Supermodels always raise the bar because they have the ability to reinvent themselves and surprise us with new achievements.

I.E.: Which do you prefer: print or runway modeling? Why? S.D.: I’m completely addicted to runway! The adrenaline boost before a fashion show really gets me going. Even though I see many of my fellow models get nervous before a fashion show, I’m never nervous. Instead, I get excited and feel confident that I’ll do my best.

“It’s quite nice to be recognized as a beautiful avatar.” I.E.: Describe your personality and sense of style. Also, who are some of your favorite designers? S.D.: I’m a shy person (at first) who has a positive outlook and loves a good laugh. I am also very dedicated to the people I love and the work I do. I’m very persistent but I am not afraid to quit something when I need

to. Further, I don’t consider quitting to be a defeat; it is merely a withdrawal for me. We need to know when to stop something and protect ourselves. As it relates to my sense of style, I’m a chameleon. However, I do live by a basic rule concerning fashion - less is more. My favorite designers include: June Dion of Bare Rose, Cutea Benelli of Grim Bros, Ivey Deschanel of Sn@tch, Squinternet Larnia of Donna Flora, Sonatta Morales, Tyr Rosenblum of Tyranny Designs and Maizon Rayna of Terra D’Ombra. I.E: Tell me about your most rewarding SL experience. S.D.: No doubt about it, I’d have to say that it was getting the opportunity to work for AVENUE. From the moment I started training to become a model, the first advice I got from my mentor was to “get AVENUE, honey!” and I did! I can’t believe I did it! I was also quite happy to be selected in the first group of prefinalist of Miss Virtual World 2011; it’s quite nice to be recognized as a beautiful avatar.

I.E.: What advice would you give new and aspiring models? S.D.: Make sure you have all that it takes to be a model. You must not only have a gorgeous avatar, but also the ability to adapt, the willingness to learn and keep learning, and you must trust yourself. I also suggest that you surround yourself with positive people, lead as opposed to follow when it comes to fashion trends, continuously improve upon your look, be persistent, and follow your heart in everything you do. I can also tell you that if you decided to be a model for fame, you should be ready for many disappointments. I.E.: How did you come to know about SL? What about it keeps you coming back? S.D.: I first heard of SL when I was listening to the radio, back in 2007 and decided to check it out. Almost three years have passed and Second Life continues to be an inspiration to me. It doesn’t replace my RL; I see it as a plus. I love meeting amazing people from all over the world. That is what makes me log in

every single day. I.E.: One more question, you seem to be a very busy lady. Tell us more about your work in SL. S.D.: I’m active, as opposed to busy. Somehow, if I feel busy, I tend to tense up. It is my preference to only do one thing at a time. I never commit if I already know I can’t make it. I’m also represented by several other SL model agencies and I am also a Modavia Model. I have work to do every weekend and I’m very grateful for that. Seashell is living proof that opportunity and success can come to people who are dedicated to cultivating relationships and always remaining faithful to themselves. We are happy to have her as a part of our family.


AVENUE | Interesting Sims

The Lost

World by lolmac Shan

A Place for Contemplation and Wonder

Written by Spruce Canning Photography by Tillie Ariantho


andering through courtyards of an ancient civilization such as the Ancient Egyptians and the Classical Greeks, you might say that the Lost World designed by lolmac Shan at the Beguile sim was one of those civilizations. But you would be very wrong to compare the ruins here to those civilizations. The Lost World,

according to its creators, was destroyed by a war throughout the known world. The real life example could be taken from the Punic Wars between the Romans and the Carthaginians. In the third and final of these wars, Carthage, like the Lost World in SL速, was utterly destroyed where only the ruins and legends exist today.

As I made my way through the ruins, I wondered what inspiration these builders had when they laid the first stones for their buildings. “At the beginning, I just wanted a nice place with nice lights and shadows,” Shan said. When one enters the sim for the first time, one is apt to forget that they are in SL and that this place is just one of the many sims that populate the metaverse. Shan said, “Firstly, I wanted a calm, nice place to shoot, but to actually allow people to come dream here was also in my thoughts.”

The Lost World is a darker example of the Lost Gardens of Apollo, which Shan said was “a bit like that indeed, with my personal touch. I remember when I was a noob and exploring all the nice places with child eyes. I wished to revisit this sensation.” When one walks through these ruins and in his own thoughts wonders how a great and powerful civilization and these once-grand buildings could be destroyed through warfare. It is a stark reminder and a lesson of the very brief time that human beings have on this Earth or Second Life® -- like grains of sand merely passing through the neck of an hourglass. When asked when the rest of the narrative would be released, Shan said, “I will soon narrate the origin of the Lost World in images and texts.”

Other than the ruins, the Lost World also has a well-known art gallery, which has offerings from independent photographers in the Lost World Flickr Group. “I didn’t forget the photographers,” Shan said as I commented on the works that the various photographers had displayed in the gallery above the sim. The Lost World at Beguile is more than a place to produce phenomenal photographs. It is a place that will rival the Lost Gardens of Apollo, where one can enjoy the symmetry of the ruins and wonder about the civilization that had the ability to construct such buildings. To find the Lost World and begin the journey of the mind and wonder, follow this Slurl. Beguile [125.72.25]


AVENUE | Architecture and More

Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Tillie Ariantho


ummer is finally here and with it comes that yearning for some sun, some sand and a little fun. Luckily, the genius that is Second LifeŽ allows us to enjoy great weather all year round. To round off any island paradise, a great summer home is a must. No beach, summer meadow, or even warmly lit forest is complete without that perfect complement. No need to fear, AVENUE has got you covered. This month, we’re reviewing three of the top names in the business, Tiki Tattoo, BAHIA, and Elate!, to help find your ideal new summer home.


Your New

for the



Must-see home

iki Tattoo

Find the perfect home for true island living here. With great prim counts, original designs, and truly incredible textures that you won’t find anywhere else, Hatzfeld Runo spared no expense in creating luxurious summer homes. The immaculate attention to detail in everything from the textures to the lighting in and around each house is nothing short of amazing. You will find yourself entranced by the curvature, the realism, and the breathtaking landscaping that accompanies most of his designs. Shoppers will find themselves truly impressed by the time and effort Runo spent creating the painstakingly perfect shadowy effect around each corner. Granted, these are not what you’d expect when you think of a traditional home, and because of certain design characteristics, they may only be suited for beach or island living. But for those craving that ultimate island dwelling, Tiki Tattoo is just the place for you.

Honolua House Set. It’s open and airy, while still preserving a somewhat traditional home structure – a wonderful blend that creates the perfect beach home feel. It’s incredibly spacious, a home decorator’s dream. The use of decorative rocks and palms to create its off-the-ground setting give it a truly secluded atmosphere.

Must-see home


Who says island living is just about the beach? Definitely not Aral Levitt. Incredibly, Levitt has managed to offer you paradise, in every option imaginable. With three main themes of tiki/tropical, pirate/medieval, and zen/ asian, shoppers can find their perfect summer home no matter what kind of environment they choose to set it down in. They’ve got the perfect home for whatever your perfect summer setting is: from a lake house, to a beach house, to a tower for medieval lovers. Bahia also offers more traditional structures while still maintaining that island paradise feel. Besides the gorgeous textures, the wide variety of styles, and the matching accessories, Levitt even managed to top it all off with low prim counts and affordable prices -- a bonus in the eyes of even the most frugal of shoppers. As if shoppers weren’t already in heaven, they don’t even have to leave the gorgeouslycoiffed sim to find the best in island furniture, landscaping, and more. Everything you need for a perfect island home is all in one place.

Fujisawa. This asian/zen home brings together a variety of dark textures that come together for a calming effect. It features an enclosed, private space that provides the comfort of home, no matter how close your neighbors are. Fujisawa also has a color scheme that gives it the flexibility to be compatible with various settings such as the beach, lakeside, mountains or grassy plains.


Must-see home

You can never go wrong with tradition. Although this home store has a different feel from the first two, it is still a great find in itself. Owner Kellie Iwish has shown that the traditional home construct can still make for a great summer house; provided its materials fit the setting, of course. If you share her views, then this is the place for you. They have a smaller selection, but what they do have is assuredly of the highest quality. Iwish’s homes have more of an airy, light atmosphere to them, with plenty of windows and open space to enjoy the warm summer months. The textures are still a tribute to the wonders of wood and the lighter, more neutral colors blend amazingly with any beach or meadow. There’s even a treehouse for those who want their summer a little different. This is definitely a rare find that combines traditional with beautiful and produces perfection.

Summer Beach Cottage. Aside from the very fitting name, this home is reminiscent of those lazy days at camp. It has a rustic cabin look and exudes a cozy kind of warmth that is perfect for lounging near the water. Builtin features make it a great find with its color changeable walls and excellent use of a small space. Its open and airy structure leaves you feeling as if you can smell the water wafting into every room in the house. Big promises for such a small place. A

AVENUE | Sporting SL

Muay Thai

A Fast Moving Martial Art Written by Spruce Canning Photography by Blaz Halfpint


uay Thai, the Thai form of boxing is roundly embraced in the West, particularly in the United States. We see this in the Mixed Martial Arts presentations on Pay per View television and many local venues as the sport grows in popularity with many Martial Arts practitioners. Muay Thai is not only a sport per se, but a way of life as old as the Thai nation. Muay Thai was developed as a means of self-defense, very much like the Korean Tae Kwon Do, the Japanese Judo, Karate, and Aikido, and the Chinese Kung Fu practiced by the Shaolin monks. Muay Thai traces its roots to 748 A.D., which saw the first development of unarmed combat in conflicts with China. Muay Thai as a form of self-defense became known and its popularity increased as bouts between Thai fighters and those from the West spread the art throughout Europe and the United States.

When watching Muay Thai in the movies and on television, one gets the sense of a fast moving and adrenalin pumping exercise that has gone back countless generations. In SL®, the art of Muay Thai is represented by the White Tiger Dojo with combat systems created by Dudasy Clip. After acquiring the Muay Thai combat system and familiarizing myself with the actions, I then went into the ring and engaged in combat. The system was very responsive. You could almost forget that you were in the metaverse and imagine yourself in the ring, fighting an opponent with the intention of knocking them out. The system, according to Clip, is easy to use and master with the use of punches, kicks, and head strikes all factored into the system. The system is realistic down to the point of damage suffered by each combatant as blows are struck during the fight. When asked about why he created such a system, Dudasy Clip replied, “I just love making fight animations.”

YouTube links for the White Tiger Dojo FA&playnext_from=PL&index=0&playnext=4 mg&feature=PlayList&p=89FB9BCAE0585EFA &playnext_from=PL&index=1&playnext=8

When I engaged in the practice bout, I felt that I had been taken back in time to when Muay Thai was being developed in the early years of the Thai nation. With each punch and kick that I threw, my opponent countered with the actions that were programmed in the system. The fight was realistic -- as realistic as SL® could replicate the actions of a Muay Thai bout. I would recommend this sport to any devotee of the Martial Arts. To teleport to the White Tiger Dojo, follow this Slurl: Karate [65.46.62]

AVENUE | Club of the Month

Staying P ow e r

Written by Imani Enzo Photography by Natasja Schumann


he life span of nightclubs in Second Life® seem to be relatively short ones. More often than not, people are quick to move on to the next new thing or owners fail to market and advertise effectively. Indeed, it takes a very special club to thrive in SL®. One club that has demonstrated that it possesses the staying power to survive on the grid is Club Experience, AVENUE Magazine’s Club of the Month. Club Experience, which is located on the Serena Sanremo Sim, boasts a three-year life span and is showing no signs of slowing down. This is an incredible feat and worthy of this recognition.

The club is owned and run by a close-knit group who hail from many locations across the globe but share the same vision for Club Experience. Together, they have fun but never lose sight of the hard work it takes to be successful. For them, running the club is a full time job that requires constant attention. To help them accomplish their goals, they assembled a dedicated staff and employed creative marketing techniques such as blogging to meet their objectives. Notably, Club Experience has also been successful because it sticks to the basics of clubbing. It treats everyone like a VIP and presents an inviting atmosphere where people from all over the world can enjoy good times and great electronic music. Put simply, they want Club Experience to be a good experience.

The build of the club itself is not large and pretentious as some SL clubs tend to be. Instead, it is small and gorgeous, with an open floor plan and a breathtaking waterfront view. The club also features a glass floor that allows you to feel like you are dancing on the water. Overall, the atmosphere is intimate and gives off tranquil vibes. I had the pleasure of chatting with Eilis Pessoa, one of the owners of Club Experience, who gave us more insight on the club’s ability to thrive in SL. Imani Enzo: How would you describe the crowd that frequents Club Experience? Eilis Pessoa: All kinds of awesome people come to Experience to hear live music and our DJs are amongst the best on Second Life. Trance, electro, house and psy addicts come to join our parties and many return because of the quality of Club Experience. I.E.: What led you to open a club? What did you hope to accomplish? E.P.: We simply wanted to create a place where everyone can have a good time listening to all genres of electronic music. I believe keeping our goals simple has enabled us to survive in SL and we hope to keep on going strong.

I.E.: What does it take to run a successful club in SL? E.P.: It has not been easy because we are not a commercial club. We survive by catering to our patrons. Everyone is a VIP and we recognize that we exist because of them. As a result, we work to provide friendly service and quality electronic dance music.

“A club is only as good as the people who come to party.” I.E.: Tell me a little bit about your staff. Who are the other owners? E.P.: Didi Itano manages Club Experience with the assistance of our fabulous and dedicated staff of hostesses, the security team, and over 50 popular SL DJs. The club is owned by Angelo Yalin (Brazil), Andreluis Bisiani (Brazil), Ameya Anatra (UK), Smeagol Greene (Nederland), Feliche Morigi (Portugal), Cool Berman (Turkey) and me, Eilis Pessoa (Portugal). I.E.: What sets Club Experience apart from other clubs? E.P.: Actually, we do not really think about what sets us apart from any other club in SL. We just do our own thing and if people like what we do then that is what makes us happy.

A club is only as good as the people who come to party. We are aware of that and we respect that. All we promise is that the music is good, the staff is friendly, and that people will have a good time. That’s really not something that should set you apart, that’s something that all clubs should aim for. I.E.: What advice would you give to new club owners that might help their clubs enjoy the same success as Club Experience? E.P.: Find good people for your staff. Take the time to find out what your VIPs want. Try to keep cool when things aren’t going as well as you wish them to be and maintain a good quality standard. I.E.: Are there any activities that Club Experience engages in that you would like our readers to know about? E.P.: We work to build good relationships with other clubs in the same area. We do this by sometimes sharing knowledge, DJs, and even staff. This is another way we work successfully. Also, at least once a year we try to collaborate with a few other clubs and have a fusion party designed to unite everyone under the same beat. It is always a wonderful experience.

I.E.: How can AVENUE readers learn more about your club? E.P.: Thanks to Cool Berman, Club Experience has a strong internet presence. Here are all the places you can find us: php?gid=212713635974&ref=nf h t t p : / / w w w . f l i c k r. c o m / g r o u p s / c l u b _ experience/pool/ Club Experience serves as a great model for demonstrating what it takes to survive in SL. Clearly, you can build a solid business without elaborate marketing plans and gimmicks. Especially if you spend a fair amount of time focusing on what’s important while keeping things interesting and fun for your patrons. A

AVENUE | DJ of the Month

PsyTrance Phenom Written by Imani Enzo Photography by Blaz Halfpint


artFader Schwager came to Second Life® with an open mind and a fascination with the infinite creative possibilities that the platform promised. However, he was most excited about the fact that he could bring his real life career to SL® with him. The self-proclaimed “People’s DJ” takes great pride in his work and has been going out of his way to entertain RL partygoers since 1994 with his wicked mixes and interactive approach to the craft. So, it makes perfect sense that he would gravitate to it in his Second Life as well.

It should be noted that MartFader is not your average DJ. He’s a phenom, known for playing some of the hottest progressive and psytrance tracks and mixes on the grid. It doesn’t stop there though. He’s also an entrepreneur, builder, and club owner who has a deep appreciation for all genres of music and enjoys club hopping when he’s not playing. Music is a huge part of his life and if he were not a DJ, he would certainly have chosen another musical career path. I call him a psytrance phenom, but you should know that the music he enjoys is as diverse as the crowds he tends to play for. Notably, while he plays psytrance a lot these days, he is quick to point out that it is simply his choice for this moment in time. In RL, he worked for 16 years to build his popularity and establish a stellar reputation. Incredibly, he has managed to do the same in SL for the past couple of years by consistently blessing crowds with his amazing skills. MartFader Schwager is AVENUE Magazine’s DJ of the Month and here is your opportunity to see what he is all about.

Imani Enzo: Hi MartFader! Why don’t we start with you telling our readers what psytrance is? Also, does it have a large following in SL? MartFader Schwager: Psytrance is a form of electronic music that evolved from Goatrance music which originated in Goa, India. That doesn’t mean that it was actually invented by the Indian people. Goa was a popular spot for hippies in the 60s and the roots of Goatrance stemmed from their experiences. Goatrance officially started between the late 80s and early 90s and is influenced by many genres of music including house and psychedelic rock. The main reasons I really like it is because it sounds good, features good quality productions and is always a challenge to mix because of its diversity. Psytrance doesn’t have a really large following on SL but that is not necessarily bad. I have been playing it in RL since 2005 and it’s what I typically play in SL. I started DJing inworld a few weeks after I came to the game in 2008.

“My philosophy is that genre/ style does not matter as long as the music sounds good.”

I.E.: How would you describe your personality and DJ style? M.S.: In RL, I’m a people’s DJ. I try to entertain as much as possible with not only the tracks and the mixes but also by looking, smiling and interacting with the people on the dance floor. In SL, that’s a bit hard due to the fact you’re physically not there and using a keyboard while playing. I.E.: What genres of music do you like to listen to? What genres do you typically play at SL events? M.S.: I’m very open to all kinds of music. As a matter of fact, I don’t really like to stick to a particular style. My philosophy is that genre/ style does not matter as long as the music sounds good. However, when I am working, I really like to play psytrance, progressive, minimal and house music.

I.E.: How would you describe your creative process? How much time does it take you to prepare your mixes? Is it something you do before your set? M.S.: I have to admit that I really don’t like to ‘prepare’ my mixes, in either SL or RL. I typically listen to tracks a few times and then decide if they should end up in my record box. I do not think it’s smart to fully prepare a mix, because you never know upfront what the people want. I.E.: What makes you unique? What can we expect to experience during one of your sets? M.S.: I think I am unique mainly because of my long time RL DJ experience and the fact that I never use mixing software. I only use industry standard hardware like the Technics SL-1200mkII turntables and Pioneer CDJ800mkII. You can expect to have a good time at one of my sets and you can also expect real mixing on real equipment and a good quality upstream.

I.E.: Tell us about your audience. M.S.: I think my audience in SL is quite diverse. The individuals range from real hardcore psytrance lovers to average club hopping people. The fun thing with psytrance is that visitors come from all over the planet. Like in real life, the audience is always international. I.E.: Some DJs seem to have a hard time establishing a following. What methods have you used to build yours? M.S.: I tend to play the same clubs regularly but without overkill. I also try to entertain people in a way that makes them look for where I’ll be playing next. I do not spam though. Most people hate spamming and direct TPs. I don’t like them either, so I don’t use them.

I.E.: What are your SL hobbies? What do you do for fun when you are not DJing? M.S.: I do like club hopping myself just to see what’s out there. I also enjoy meeting new people, making new friends. Finally, I like to tap into my creativity by building. I.E.: Tell us about any other SL ventures/ businesses/activities that you are involved with. M.S.: I have a few business interests that keep me busy when I am not working as a DJ. For example, I own Aum Dome, a club located on the Calista sim. I also am the owner of Sculpted Solutions, a shop where I sell sculpted items that I have made. Beyond that, I’m also involved in a couple of joint ventures called Scripted Solutions and Platinum Build.

I.E.: How does it feel to be named DJ of the Month?

I.E.: What do you enjoy most about DJing in world? How is it different from doing it in RL? M.S.: The positive comments I get in-game are very motivating. In comparison to RL, I like the fact that there are no annoying hot lamps on my head and I’m not sweating. I also like the fact that in SL, it does not take too much travel to get where I need to be, lol.

M.S.: It is an honor for me to be selected for something like this. It also shows me that people appreciate my work as a DJ in SL. In my opinion, every artist needs to feel appreciated sometimes. I.E.: Well, we certainly do appreciate your work. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. M.S.: My pleasure.

I.E.: Tell us about some of your regular events. Where can our readers come to see you in action? M.S.: I have a fixed spot every two weeks at ISN Club located at ISN Virtual Worlds, the biggest Italian SL community. I also play regularly at OM Festival, which happens to be one of the first clubs I played. Of course, you can catch me play once or twice a week at my club, Aum Dome. I tend to DJ in-game on Mondays, Thursdays, or Sundays. Weekends are usually dedicated to RL gigs.

MartFader Schwager is a phenomenal artist and you really should take the time to check out one of his sets. Odds are that you will not be disappointed. Join the Aum Dome or PsyTrance groups online or visit the following websites to get more information this great DJ. A

AVENUE | Artist of the Month

Written by Isadora Fiddlesticks Photography by Temperance Moonites

Lollito Larkham Artist in Evolution


saw Lollito Larkham’s work in a Pirats Art Gallery, and grew intrigued by the way his art provided thought-provoking surrealism. Some of his pieces are raw and is sure to be a conversation starter, but Lollito first came into this virtual world to just play a game. Eventually, Second Life® grew into a place for creating and interacting, where his skills can evolve and mature each time he makes something new. I took some time to email Lollito for an interview, and he was both so gracious and eager to explain his art. I could sense his enthusiasm for building and creating not just art installations in SL®, but simply objects and things. In this interview, Lollito tells of his journey and evolution as an artist whose medium is not canvas, but prims.

Isadora FIddlesticks: What got you into Second Life? Lollito Larkham: Ever since I got my first computer, which was the Amstrad CPC 464 with the analog tapes, I had been searching for online immersive experiences. I had played a few video games but they were all a bit the same: linear and predictable. When I heard about SL, I was immediately interested, despite not knowing about the 3D engine SL has. I just heard that SL was a game with no linear sequences, just you and others connected in “a world”. This sounded strange to me, and there was nothing better, so I decided to try it. Upon

trying, I immediately fell in love with the idea of 3D. To model, texture, and create your own 3D world is a crazy idea, but it’s possible! In essence though, I can say that the thing that brought me into SL is an appetite for creation. IF: What was the first thing you noticed about it? LL: Firstly, SL is not beautiful and not easy to handle. Graphically, I was a bit disappointed. I took a few days to learn the basics, and then, I quickly imagined that it could be fun to use SL for new graphical experiences. Remember, I didn’t know anything about 3D back then. I was just at ease with Photoshop, and that was it. For me, SL is like a spiral where you learn one thing that leads to another one. Another thing I noticed about SL was its online aspect, and the people you meet every time you connect to the grid. It was very exiting, constructive, and always evolving. When I look back and think of all I’ve learned since becoming an SL resident, I could never have imagined it possible at all when I first heard about SL. IF: What was the first thing you did in SL? LL: The first thing I did was handle it, see the overview of the features and what it has to offer and, “Wow, what is that extraterrestrial thing?!” I can’t say if I did anything else other than building, learning, showing, having fun...I also met a lot of very gentle people, so much, that I was asking myself if I was a unique case and very lucky. After a little while, a friend

permitted me to install some objects in her shop and I tried to sell some furniture, while building and discovering Blender and sculpties. I decided right away to stop doing business, since making money in SL is a job; and I wanted to use a tool, my imagination, and mostly, have fun with graphical experiences, without feeling like it was a job. IF: How did you decide to build art installations? LL: It wasn’t really a decision I made one day. I’ve always been like that, creating things with whatever I’ve got in my hands. So in SL, it was the only thing I could do. And little by little, with the knowledge of SL features and Blender3D (which I discovered in SL), my work became better. I have to say, some people I met in SL made this possible, because SL is an open space that can unite people more easily than in RL. One day, I discovered the Caerleon Art Collective, and had the chance to be introduced to the group. I thank my lucky stars for having met such a group. Meeting them and similar kinds of groups gives me the opportunity to create good things. And having very good artists around you makes you even more creative. We collaboratively create builds around concepts with talented artists from all over the world, and from meetings to collaborations to collective improvisations, you grow and must find your own way to express yourself and still

be able to contribute a collective work. That’s very exciting. IF: Where do your ideas come from? LL: My ideas come from what I have seen, heard and listened to since I opened my eyes to creativity. I like to create in impulsive gestures, and let my imagination express itself. That’s why sometimes my work can seem like a surrealistic patchwork. I find inspiration in various artists. I like the fantastic -- fantasies, dreams and surrealists. What is good in SL is that it generates new ideas, and that can go by very quickly. Just rezzing things you made, for example, and to display them as you want, in an imaginative way. You can duplicate, resize etc... Ideas can come very rapidly, especially if you work in collaboration. IF: Name your best work. Why do you consider it the best? What was the concept of the installation? LL: I always feel that the next build will be the best. It’s not easy to say which is the best. I’d say the better experience was “The Vanishing”, an interactive exhibit in which I collaborated. The challenge was not easy and yet, we did something great and unexpected! I made a 3-part interactive installation, which was included in a story where each artist had his own chapter to tell. It was an intense experience and the result was very good. IF: What limits you in Second Life as far as creating is concerned?

LL: My limit is my ignorance in scripting. I only know some basics. And I really think it’s the key to make this immersive world come to life. I always ask friends for help, and just like I learned Blender 3 years ago, I can also learn scripting. It’s just a question of time. IF: Do you have any upcoming creations that you want us to know about? LL: Yes! The Environmental Fluidity is the next collaboration of the Caerleon Art Collective. It

will be very interesting to see once more all the different artists’ works. The opening could be this weekend or next week, I still need to fix that. We will see the different samples, the event’s theme and other things I can’t tell you about now. I hope you can understand, but all are welcome once we finalize things. Watch out for updates on Lollito Larkham’s upcoming collaboration with the Caerleon Art Collective through AVENUE’s blog. A

AVENUE | Arts Feature


Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Natasja Schumann


recently had the opportunity to visit the Pirats Art Gallery in Second Life速. I have seen a few galleries in SL速, but none have created an experience quite like this one. Unlike some things, art is a constant and never goes out of style. It makes us think and inspires us.

The Pirats Art Network is an organization founded by Merlina Rokocoko & Newbab Zsigmond that is dedicated to helping artists showcase and promote their work in both SL and RL. Each work of art captures an emotion or message and conveys it to the viewer. Walking through this building, I noticed that it did not feel like a regular stuffy museum with dreary colors and art hung evenly on the walls. It felt more like an exploration of art in different stages and dimensions. Pirats has many different areas dedicated to the creation and display of graphic arts, photography, music, sculptures and more.

"every kind of art lover will find something eye catching"

The bright lighting and open spaces create an open invitation to wander and explore the many areas throughout the four expansive galleries open on the sim. There is a wide variety of art and sculptures shown here, so that every kind of art lover will find something eye-catching. Merlina and Newbab spend a lot of their effort and time into the Pirats Network and it shows. Helping artists showcase their work in RL and SL is an amazing undertaking by people who have a great love and appreciation for the arts. The Pirats Art Network is a great place to catch a little taste of art in SL. Taking a trip there will definitely get you more interested in the art world. Go with a buddy or go solo. The Pirats Art Network is an enjoyable experience for all. To keep informed of all of the happenings at the Pirats Art Network, join their in-world group. A

VENU | AVENUE at GOL [45.122.35]

July 2010 - AVENUE Magazine  

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July 2010 - AVENUE Magazine  

Smouldering summer fashion featuring Chantkare; a collection of corsets curated by Thalia Jie that will make any fashionista reel, cutting e...