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Animazoo FEBRUARY 2011

AVENUE | Publisher's note

Rusch Raymaker Photo by Ozz Larson

Rusch Raymaker Publisher & Editor in Chief AVENUE


here is so much truth in the adage, “Life is what you make of it”. For as long as there is life, there are limitless possibilities for the imagination and for us to realize it. At AVENUE, we are constantly thrilled by uncovering and sharing the tremendous contributions of fellow Second Life® residents that make our lives here just that much more colorful. The fashion industry is powered by a very special group of fashion devotees that inspire us with their styling, imagery and words through their blogs. AVENUE is proud to highlight selected bloggers from the fashion arena to lend their voices in our new monthly column, The Blogspot, to titillate us further with their style tips and thoughts. We’re pleased to spearhead this column with Strawberry Singh, one of SL’s beloved fashion blogger who has also just recently joined the AVENUE family. Watch out for her own regular column next month. We have two interesting sims to feature this month, each with very different mandates that are equally engaging. Virtual Mine, is an educational 3D environment game that dedicates itself to depicting the mining, music and culture of the Appalachian mountains. A perfect example of how Second Life can be a one of a kind educational tool with its immersion and networking possibilities. Another sim that can only be actualized on a platform such as SL™, is Dubhan, a magical Medieval role playing sim that captivates through its community. Created for every level of role player, Dubhan welcomes you into its fold of residents in their tapestry of romance and adventure. One of our favorite artists, Gracie Kendal, has been busy with a an intriguing photography project to celebrate and capture the diversity of Second Life residents in “1000 Avatars Project”. Delight and share with Gracie on her exploration of the manifestation of virtual identities and find out how you can be a part of this momentous project. And the list goes on as we celebrate all the wonderful Second Life residents in this month of love. To all of you with love... from AVENUE.

AVENUE | Editor's note

Isadora Fiddlesticks Photo by Ozz Larson

Isadora Fiddlesticks Managing Editor AVENUE


he arts has been a constant feature in Second Life, may it be done through the virtual world’s prims, or through real life canvas--art is part of what makes Second Life what it is. We here in AVENUE understand that aspect, and we love to feature the arts community in SL in the hopes that more and more people will appreciate them and in so doing, help people understand that there is more to the virtual world than just what is often is described to be: a 3D SOCIAL NETWORK. True, we socialize, have fun, and make friends in SL, but when you get past those activities, SL becomes more things to you. When you’re old into “the game”, you hardly find it as a game anymore. Avatars are not just actual people you hang out with, but individuals who you can miss and cherish when they are gone. Virtual possessions are not just stuff to you, but tokens and props of your memories spent inworld. Your vision of the virtual world becomes more complex and you struggle with describing what SL is to everybody. Sometimes I still struggle, despite having been inworld since 2007, to describe what Second Life is to me. It is a surreal world, like how Pia Klaar sees it and portrays in her machinima “Surreal”. It is a world of beauty queens and princesses, of dancing in clubs and of learning about the effects of mines in certain parts of the world. Truly, Second Life is many things, but it is still one thing for me: AMAZING.


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Animations Bringing Your Second Life to Life Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Diconay Boa


ry to imagine your Second Life速 without animations. No sexy swaying of the hips as the ladies glide across the room. Handsome men would be walking awkwardly without the manly struts that we have come to know and love. No one able to dance to the latest and greatest tunes, everyone just standing around the room like an eighth grade dance. Scary thought! But thanks to hard work and long hours of the superbly talented Dave Bellman, you never have to imagine the nightmare of an SL速

without the creativity and individuality that you have come to love. Through his highly successful company, Animazoo Animations, Bellman has raised the animation bar to an impossible height. Utilizing the latest in technology, the highly skilled animator provides residents with flawless animations for every occasion, from AOs to dances. His customer service is second to none, his animations cannot be surpassed, and his talent reaches far beyond the bounds of SL. Join AVENUE as we sit down with this programming genius and delve deep into the world of animating your Second Life.

Sensuous Soulstar: Let’s just jump right into it. You’ve been around long before animations were as fluid and as sophisticated as they are now. Tell us a little about what you’ve seen with the progression and advancements made in the area of animation. Your animations themselves have progressed tremendously and you’ve incorporated new and sometimes even experimental techniques. Tell us about the animations that were out when you first started, the progress, and even how it’s affected your creations, whether it’s pushed you to develop new things, or even required an adjusting of the market. Dave Bellman: Initially, there were very few motion captured animations available in SL. The mocapped animations available were very jerky and unnatural. All the truly high quality animations were made using keyframe techniques which, despite some excellent work being available, had serious limitations in terms of producing natural and fluid movements. Back then, I was investigating the seemingly untapped potential of mocap animations, but soon got frustrated trying to convert data I’d found on the Internet to the SL format. Despite this, I continued learning animation and scripting for SL. In terms of pushing SL’s animation capabilities, I think we all hit the technical limits a long time ago. The real innovations have been in animation styles, particularly AOs. We all try hard to come up with new and original ideas, but sometimes it’s difficult not to be inspired by some of the

excellent work I see! That being said, no small part of the “art” of mocap animating comes from recognizing a good mover when you see one – more than one of my performers have been offered work whilst I was out socializing. SS: Staying with that last point, I’d like to talk a little about Motion Capture, or MoCap as it’s sometimes shortened. While it’s not completely new to the grid right now, it is becoming increasingly prevalent and more animators are starting to use this technology. Give me a little overview on the actual technology itself, and your thoughts on it as far as creating better animations, whether it is more or less time consuming than using standard animation software, and so on. Also, with the increased competition, how have you been able to stay afloat in the market for so long? Is there any one thing that has been more invaluable than the others in helping to keep you afloat? DB: There are a few mocap technologies commonly in use. There are the systems that use electronic sensors attached to the body, like the Animazoo IGS-190 I use, or the low cost, recently released Animazoo G7. I personally favor these systems for their low cost, natural, non-flickery movement, quick setup time and portability. Then there are the optical systems. These range from extremely expensive, like the ones used in Hollywood blockbusters, to the comparatively new, low budget systems. Aside from the long setup time, the high end optical systems are the ultimate - provided you have at least a quarter of a million dollars to spend!

The low budget optical systems are great too, but these tend to limit the performance to a stage of just one or two square meters. It is these low-budget optical systems that have made mocap so much more accessible for SL animators and account for many of the newer mocap animation offerings. In terms of time spent animating, it’s hard to compare mocap and keyframing techniques. Producing high quality animations using either takes a lot of time and effort. Deciding which technique to use depends of the type of animation, and I often utilize both techniques in a single project. With regards increased competition, in all honesty, it’s been a double edged sword. Increased competition has undoubtedly pushed SL animators to produce better work. But of course, the downside is that it can be a real struggle at times too! The year before last I spent a good deal of time setting up my animation company in South East Asia whilst simultaneously spending months creating an automated customer support system. I was still releasing new animations over the same period, but by the end of the year so much time on these two projects that I’d neglected my core activity of actually producing animations. It was a real wakeup call when I realized how far the competition had come on in the interim. Fortunately, I’d been lucky enough to find and employ a talented and very hard working animator at my new office in South East Asia. Between the pair of us we added an

unprecedented amount of new products to the range over the course of last year, with many more currently in the pipeline. SS: Now that you’ve mentioned it, I’d like to touch a little on some of the work that you do in first life. I believe your latest project, Dubmation, actually has an impact on your work here in Second Life. Tell us a little about your company and what it is that you do, and how it affects your work here in SL. DB: I started Dubmation late in 2008 as I wanted to train up an animator so as to increase the overall quantity of released animations for SL without sacrificing quality. Currently Dubmation concentrates entirely on animating for Second Life. However, if mesh becomes a reality in SL, I plan to expand the team to include 3D modelers and texture artists. In addition, if Blue Mars starts to show real signs of large scale growth I plan to expand to modeling and possibly animating for Blue Mars. Whatever the conditions dictate in the immediate future, Dubmation is, in my mind, my own personal Asian Tiger, ready to leap into action in 2011! SS: Now you’ve actually helped your competition, which is odd for a merchant, but is also, in a way, very commendable in trying to level the playing field. Tell the readers a little about the free animation software you’ve created which is currently in use by many SL animators, including why you’d share your successful methods with potential competitors. DB: Bvhacker is my pet project. I’d love to

spend more time working on it. I do still manage one or two releases a year, and it’s been downloaded over 15,000 times, so I guess somebody is finding it useful! I started writing it in 2006 as I was looking for a way to convert bvh files to be Second Life compatible. It has since evolved into a useful tool for the final preparation of bvh files before uploading them to SL. Why would I share bvhacker for free? Well, it doesn’t actually form the core of my animation production pipeline, so I’m not really giving away too much by sharing it. I also enjoy the both the challenge of coding in 3D using C++ and the sense of achievement each time I finish a new release, and, well, what’s an achievement if you can’t share it! SS: One of the highlights of your store is that your customers are always taken care of. You’ve managed to keep great customer service around the clock with the use of an innovative avatar, Shopkeeper Sideways. I don’t know whether I should call it a “bot” since it is somewhat of an avatar and a lot more intelligent than most of the standard “bots”, but explain to the readers a little about this marvelous creation and some of the things it does to increase customer service. Also, do you offer these creations for sale or rent to other companies? DB: Well, I do try to offer the best customer support possible. The trouble comes when SL is being buggy - it’s totally overwhelming finding my email inbox is packed with over 80 emails first thing in the morning! When starting

my own business, I wanted to make sure customers felt safe shopping with Animazoo. I can honestly say that a customer’s message has never been left intentionally unanswered. The trouble was, I’d often find the sheer volume of customer support requests left absolutely no time to actually create animations! So, I decided to create Shopkeeper Sideways. He’s always online, and can answer over 60 of the most common customer queries, including replacing missing items, upgrading existing items, providing instructions for products and creating support tickets. I’ve also tried to give him some of my Brit personality by making him as overly polite and English as possible – he has a few deliberate quirks! The initial announcement of Shopkeeper Sideways on Twitter prompted a number of enquiries from other SL merchants regarding using the system for their businesses. However, for technical reasons, merging our different systems proved too time consuming and therefore expensive. SS: Before we end, I want to pick your brain for a bit of your secret to success. You’ve successfully been in business now for a number of years. You’ve got a great customer base, and probably the most well-known and respected animations in SL. What, or whom, do you credit for the amazing success of the company, besides the incredible animations, of course? DB: I certainly can’t take all the credit for Animazoo Animation’s success, and I’m extremely glad to have the opportunity to

thank the following: Ali Kord, inventor of the Animazoo IGS-190 motion capture suit. Aside from inventing the IGS-190 in the first place, he also financed Animazoo in SL during the first few months and continues to take an interest to this day. Chanarat, my enthusiastic and talented animator certainly deserves credit for all her work over the last 18 months, working tirelessly to produce animations to an ever increasing standard. Past and present CSRs, particularly the highly knowledgeable Erikaa Indigo, my long suffering muse deserves a whole heap of credit for her ideas over the years and for putting up with my often haphazard ways of getting things done - HUGZ E! And of course, all of Animazoo’s customers over the last four years; Animazoo Animations would be nothing without your feedback and continued business. Thank you all! SS: I think it’s safe to say that we all thank Animazoo Animations and Dave Bellman for his continued creativity, ingenuity, and dedication to helping animate our second lives. A world without that animation magic is hard to imagine, and lucky for all of us, we don’t have to. The next time we sit and watch the gorgeous AVENUE models take our breath away on the runway, and the next time we get to show our latest dance moves at one of the amazing after parties listening to DJ Rusch, we’ll all know who to thank for helping our stars shine just a little brighter in SL. A

"Animazoo Animations would be nothing without your feedback and continued business"

//Skin Glam Affair - Jadis //Hair Plume - Minimalist //Gown Purple Moon - Serafina Ruby //Poses Diesel Works

AVENUE |The Blogspot

The Dress

RED Styled, Modeled & Photographed by Strawberry Singh


hen I was approached to do this article my first initial thought was red, it has to be something red. Not sure why, I always tend to lean towards the color red, which might actually explain my choice in names, even though I openly admit to having purple as my favorite color. Anyhow, I digress, what was I saying? Oh yes, the color red.

For my first AVENUE article, I figured I would give a little glimpse into the favorites section of my inventory. What better way to do that than talk about my three most favorite red gowns on the grid! I love to dress up and gowns are a weakness for me. I do admit to having quite a big collection and majority of them are red. The Nicky Ree Le Fleur Baroque gown is probably the most luxurious item I own. Every time I put it on, I feel like a million lindens. I am amazed at the attention to detail and thought process behind the creation of this gown. It captures 17th century baroque fashion beautifully. The gown itself makes such a statement, I normally don’t like to accessorize it too much. I stick with the mask from Illusions that was designed specifically for this gown however this time I topped it off with a new hair choice from Plume. Plume just recently opened and has some of the most artistic hairstyles I’ve seen on the grid. In fact I chose to wear Plume hair for all three of the gowns. The Serafina gown from Purple Moon is actually a new addition to my inventory. I recently discovered this store when I was photographing a client who is taking part in a pageant. She had this gorgeous dress on and I was just amazed at the color and quality. This gown is so well put together from every angle and upon visiting the store I was shocked to discover the affordable price. You rarely find quality like this at such a low price. Purple Moon has become

//Skin Glam Affair - Jadis //Hair Plume - Volute //Gown Nicky Ree - Le Fleur Baroque Gown //Mask Illusions - Le Fleur Mask //Poses Diesel Works

//Skin Glam Affair - Jadis //Hair Plume - Sakura //Gown Baiastice - Beaded Organza Red //Necklace Puarangi Designs - The Codie Bijoux Rouge Set //Poses Diesel Works

a favorite in my landmarks folder just for their incredible selection of gowns. The Beaded Organza gown from Baiastice is, to me, just sheer elegance. It embodies everything feminine with just the right mix of sensuality and style. The texturing and detail on the gown is immaculate. The presence of this gown is overpowering and will definitely turn heads when you enter the room. Again I am not one to accessorize my gowns too much, as I like to let them to speak for themselves, so just a power necklace and a stylish do to create the right amount sophistication. Shoes for gowns are pretty straight forward especially since most of the time they are covered by the gown. So what are the perfect shoes for a lavish gown? Something simple, stylish and understated. I prefer pumps in similar or contrasting colors. Shiny things is one of my favorite shoe store for pumps. The location I chose to shoot these images at was World’s End Garden on the Heaven Lake sim which has been transformed into a winter wonderland for the snowy season: Heaven Lake [60.161.22]. Now keep in mind, all of these gowns are also available in many other colors... but as I said before, nothing beats red. I leave you with these wise words from talented designer, Bill A Blass: “When in doubt, wear red.”

AVENUE | Fashion Icon


lan Kay once stated: “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.� The Cisse sisters must have been listening. Syane and Systi Cisse have brought the future of fashion to the present using only their visions of the future, and it looks to be a very sexy one.

Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Blackliquid Tokyoska

Their brand, [sYs] has been producing the most recognizable and most stunning cyber fashions ever seen on the grid. Entering Second Life® specifically to bring forth their technomancia culture into our humble virtual world, these sisters have taken cyber fashion to new heights, astoundingly interfusing their vision of the future into a fashion powerhouse. According to the sisters, their vision of the future is one full of sexiness and beauty. “For us, the future cyber culture is not a cold vision,” says Syane Cisse. She continues, “why must the future be all white with not enough art and beauty?” Adds Systi Cisse, “Life is beauty, not just white; there is blue for the sky, and a vision of eternity, and black for the night…very sweet and mysterious.” With diverse backgrounds in their first lives, Syane working with contemporary art and Systi working electro acoustic music, the sisters have taken an old passion for fashion and brought it alive in SL®. Both real life fashion addicts with a love for designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier, John Galliano, and Thierry Mugler, the sisters have taken their appreciation for fashion and turned it into a cyber movement. And how do these creative and complex visionaries define what is considered fashion? “The art of movement…and that movement

is life,” says Systi. “Yes, the art of movement. An art that everyone can take ownership of, in perpetual movement, and living,” adds Syane. With their minds so in sync, it is no surprise that these design moguls have been able to bring together their separate design ideas to forge such a successful brand. And they are very well aware of just how in sync they are. According to Syane, “My sister is complementary to me. I need her to be in harmony with my creation. She is my dual entity.” Systi agrees adding “We are the same, yet different. We’re like a waltz, or a tango.” It’s through this harmony that the sisters have the ability to work together or even apart and still produce a flawlessly combined finished product. Speaking of their minds, while the root of the name [sYs] seemed obvious, these out-of-thebox thinkers quickly corrected that assumption. There are actually many reasons behind the name, and not just a reference to the first initials of both sisters’ names. As Syane explained one of the main reasons behind the name is in their storyline (available on their website), the number six has great significance, and in French, six is pronounced as “sys.” There is also the fact that “sys” resembles the word “sis,” as in sisters, and the fact that both of their names begin with “Sy.” “Sys” is in the word “system,” yet another homage to their technomancia culture. And finally, sYs is also the abbreviation for “show your style.” Not as cut and dry as most would think!

With a new main store specially designed and built by Systi Cisse, these sisters are off to another amazing year of breathtaking designs that can’t be found anywhere else on the grid. Yet, before parting, each sister graciously shared a piece of advice for future designers looking to make an imprint in the fashion world. Syane begins with: “Believe in your designs, take pleasure in designs, and believe in the beautiful things you can do here. Let your mind fly.” Finally, Systi shares her advice: “Move your ideas and work with passion!” Words to be treasured from such sage minds. A


AVENUE |Featured Designer

ashion Seduced by

Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Ozz Larsson


ashion is always an innovative and constantly changing force in our world. In an industry where you can be creative, one should experiment, and test the boundaries of fashion, I am still constantly amazed by the talent I see in Second Life速 today. Vitor Algoma, a designer in SL速 and RL, has found ways to showcase his own creations and inspirations in his SL fashions.

Augusta Carver: Why did you decide to join Second Life? Vitor Algoma: In 2005, while surfing the web, I saw an ad on a website, I don’t remember exactly which site it was but there was an ad for Second Life, and I found the idea very interesting. I’ve always been a fan of the Sims from the very beginning of the game and I always figured it would be really cool if The Sims were online, and I think that like many people who first joined Second Life also kind of thought that it would be something like The Sims Online. That was the first time I entered Second Life, in 2005, I played a little, but to be honest it really didn’t catch my attention as it has recently. At that time we didn’t have as many things as we have today, it simply didn’t have much attraction for me at that time and my internet was dialup which of course made things even more difficult. So I left SL for a bit, but in 2009 I decided to return to the Second Life and to revisit the grid, having found that so much had changed and so here I am. AC: When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer? VA: I started blogging some looks, but there was always something missing that I would like to complement the look. I couldn’t find this particular part anywhere, and it was then that I started thinking why don’t I just make it? I have been an RL designer since I was 13 years old. And that was when a good friend of mine, Atillas Joszpe told me about a friend of his who was a Brazilian designer and also a real life

designer like me. Atillas then introduced me to him (CheerNo Destiny). From the first time I set foot in the shop of my newly found friend CheerNo, I thought -”one day I want to be in that store.” AC: How did you start designing for CheerNo? VA: CheerNo and I always talked a lot about business in Second Life, and he as well as other close friends encouraged me to start designing. After showing CheerNo some of my earlier pieces he asked me if I wanted to join the CheerNo team. I was immensely happy and thrilled with the invitation and without hesitation I accepted. It was in October 2009 that I officially I joined CasaCheerno. AC: Tell me a little about your newest store opening soon called KLETVA? VA: Kletva is a second new (old way) dream, which came to me after working in the Second Life fashion industry for the past year. I thought the time had come for me to walk on my own two legs. Making my own decisions on what I wanted to design. If I make the right or wrong decisions I wanted to make them myself. What I want to create in Kletva is something that is unique and innovative in many aspects. I want for people to be able to reinvent themselves from head to toe when they come to Kletva. I want the name Kletva to become synonymous with SL Fashion. I want Kletva to be perhaps more urban/ glam / rock than actual haute couture. Kletva isn’t just my dream but it has been a dream accomplished through the support of all my friends, but one in particular

who has been there for me through everything helping guide me and cracking the whip to keep me going and that is my store manager and friend Jarl Soderstrom. AC: What is your inspiration for your new collection? VA: It’s hard to say exactly what one thing has given inspiration for this collection. But the main theme of the collection is minimalism, but I think even the name doesn’t do exact justice to what style it provides. As a designer I want to somehow mix everything I like and want to show those things now. We all know that everything in fashion is re-invented and I want to achieve and ‘recycle’ it. Then I can say I want to recycle reinvention with minimalism. AC: How would you define “success” for someone in your chosen position? VA: I don’t see it as a success. I see it more like recognition. Perhaps it’s just effusive modesty on my part to say that, but I’m very grateful for the recognition that people give me, it truly is my greatest reward, rather than at the end of the month being able to pay my credit card. Anyway, I feel that success shouldn’t be the thing that defines who you are. Achieving a certain level of success, notoriety or popularity should never define you. It’s something I see more and more in Second Life and it truly saddens me that some people seem to feel a need to be worshiped as some kind of god. Success or not we are all still equal in Second Life and we are all just humans behind a computer screen.

AC: Aside from designing, what other projects are you involved in? VA: Well, I like doing the same things inside of Second Life that I do in my real life. One of my greatest passions besides graphic design, fashion and music is photography. A great deal of my time I’m shooting, both for clients, friends, and events which I am invited to or even for several magazines. I love seeing my photos out there, it’s magic. AC: What does fashion mean to you? VA: Lifestyle, freedom, expression, attitude, choice, movement, sensation, vision, and taste. AC: What should we expect to see from your designs in the future collections? VA: I can’t really say for sure, it could be haute couture, or more modernism. The future is a mystery and even I don’t really know what it holds. But I believe we could see more minimalism or brightness. I am a big fan of the ‘less is always more’ approach. AC: What has been your most favorite item you have designed to date? VA: Hmm, I think the suit I made that was inspired by Alexander McQueen for CasaCheerNo, called “The Leather Suit.” AC: Do you wear just your designs or do you have any favorite designers you love to shop from? VA: I say with sincerity that I might use more stuff from other designers, than my own creations. Not that I don’t appreciate my work, but I LOVE enhancing and experimenting with the work of other designers here in Second

Life. I have so many favorite stores here with fantastic creations, but what is even more amazing than the creations are the creators. I could give you a list of stores and designers that I find incredible but I think it would take up far too much space in your magazine. AC: Do you have any advice for people interested in designing? VA: I know it sounds cliché but, never give up your dreams, even within a game. If you have any reason to do something in here, work for it, better, always try to learn even more, and of course never want to be better than anyone else. Create what you want, recreate what you want, be inspired with freedom. All are inspired; poets, artists, and designers. Success is when you can leave your mark, your own identity. Learn the difference between copying and inspiration. There is a fine line between the both. The first, FOR ME, brings satisfaction and pride. The second is what motivates us to improve. Everything has been done. Or not? And as they say, nothing is created, everything is RE-CREATION. I want to thank all people who are accompanying me on this new and wonderful journey, all my friends, even if I don’t listen all of you, and of course a big Thanks to AVENUE! Vitor Algoma’s interest in fashion and making people look their very best from a young age is truly inspiring. No matter if you are a designer or a shopaholic, to me you can quickly become inspired by clothing. Rather seeing them on

"Create what you want, recreate what you want, be inspired with freedom"

someone or in a magazine or shopping in stores. That is what makes SL such a fun and rewarding experience; the ability to experiment and show your personality through fashion. Vitor Algoma knows just how to do that. And I am sure he will continue creating fashions to take notice of. A




AVENUE | Homme

Stylist | Photography | Model Lulu Jameson


//Skin DNA Legacy //Hat CHANTKARE Summer Hat //Top NINIKOBO Border shirts //Pants CHANTKARE CKD jeans //Earrings Aitui Human //Tattoo (NS) face tattoo //Bag [4mc] Duffle bag

current page //Skin Filthy Dean //Hair Dura 15 //Shirt fourARSENIC //Top MOGU Gradation Knit khaki Jacket //Pants RONSEM Loose Jeans //Belt KOSH Charcoal //Earrings Aitui Human //Piercing HOD The Crow’s Crux next page //Skin TELLAQ Kevin //Hair TEKUTEKU Eko //Shirt ARAI Simple T_black //Vest Bi beauty KEMPSHALL JACKET //Pants AOHARU Vintage Crashed //Scarf Ragdoll Old Scarf //Shoes Hoorenbeek Patagonia 2.0


AVENUE | Trendspotting

Styled and Modeled by July Raymaker Photography by Di Hoorenbeek

//Jacket Lelutka Ariel Jacket //Tights Gawk! Black striped nylon tights //Boots sYs Ankle boots - Khrome //Hair Lelutka Pompai Hair //Nails Candy Nail # 006 long prim black

//Top Emery Top Serie Striped #01 //Skirt LG Femme Secretary Skirt Black //Sash LeL.Ultra Part of Emperatriz Skirt //Leggings Redgrave Legging No.1 Black //Boots Miamai Nico Wedges Black //Necklace Paper Couture Part of Black Pearls Set //Hair Cheerno MAX //Nails Candy Nail # 006 long prim black

//Dress Modern Gypsy Vilasare Collection - Extravaganza Couture Gown //Jacket Aoharu BT_ShortRidersJacket //Shoes Lelutka Saffron Pumps //Hair Cheerno YALLI //Nails & Rings Mandala Takara

//Jumpsuit Lelutka Diellicious Jumpsuit //Boots Kookie Armarda Long //Necklace Mandala Hannya //Nails/Rings Mandala Sinra //Armband League part of Belted Leather Jacket //Hair Lamb Sleepyhead


AVENUE | Fashion Spread

//Outfit Sebis Eva - Red //Hair Sebis Amira Truffle //Skin Sebis Alice Skin - February

Sebis M

Photography by blackLiquid Tokyoska AVENUE Models Valeria PIENAAR Salvo WAYDELICH

//Outfit Sebis Eduard

//Outfit Sebis Ireen - Black //Hair Sebis Lindsay Truffle //Skin Sebis Alice Skin - February

//Outfit Sebis Mike Red

//Outfit Sebis Jesika - Grey //Hair Sebis Arielia Charcoal //Skin Sebis Alice Skin - February

//Outfit Sebis Diamond //Hair Sebis Cara Iced Latte //Skin Sebis Alice Skin - February


AVENUE | My Precious Summer Queen 2011

Road to Royalty


he beginning of a new year is an exhilarating time, one that for many brims with hope, renewed goals and all of the endless possibilities that lie ahead for the future. For Agnes Finney’s My Precious fashion house, this is also a time of excitement, as 2011 marks the beginning of a new My Precious Queen contest featuring a newly developed format. Throughout the coming year, three finalists will be chosen each month and will advance to one of the two finals to be held, the My Precious Summer Queen Final (January to May) and the My Precious Winter Queen Final (July to November). This means that My Precious will be selecting not one, but two fortunate women this year as royal ambassadors of this fashion house known for creating some of the most sophisticated and elegant gowns to be found in the Second LifeŽ grid. The list of past hopefuls who have vied for the My Precious Queen crown is full of names wellknown to the fashion industry as well as new faces hoping for the honor of being selected as the face of My Precious. In addition to the prestigious title of My Precious Summer or Winter Queen, the designated winners will receive cash prizes, a voucher for AVENUE Model Academy, sponsored gifts and gift cards, and a photo shoot for AVENUE Magazine.

Written by Xandrah Sciavo Photography by Natasja Schumann

AVENUE Magazine is delighted to present the first three finalists of the year for My Precious Summer Queen 2011. Read on as we introduce you to the January 2011 finalists: Annough Lykin, Caroline Mosely, and kaidence Piancastellios.


Annough Lykin Royal Princess – January 2011

Annough Lykin is a friendly, determined, and hard-working lady with a keen eye for style and design elements who had her start in the industry as a builder and soon became an accomplished blogger and photographer. She has since chosen to pursue runway and print modeling as a career, and is hoping to soon become a graduate of AVENUE Models Academy. Annough enjoys spending quality time with her partner and close friends, but she can also be found in her photography studio every day. She believes that hard work and diligence is the key to success, and Annough employs this theory to all she does, whether as a photographer or in her newest role as a model. She describes her personal sense of style as classic and elegant, and says she has a great love for the gowns of Agnes Finney that inspire the romantic and mystical sides of her. Favorite My Precious Design: “That is a very difficult question as I love all of Agnes’ beautiful work. My first gown I ever bought that was created by her was Chantal in a wonderful royal blue tone and I still love that one. However, I will never forget how speechless I was when I saw her impressive and fascinating Empress gown for the first time in AVENUE’s “2010 The Future is Now” show. I am also definitely a fan of her white lace gowns. And... well, I’d better stop this now before I mention every gown or

dress in the My Precious shop!” Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “I always thought of the My Precious Queen contest as one of the most important and biggest in SL®, so it’s a real honor for me to be chosen as a finalist for My Precious Queen Spring/Summer 2011. I really worked long and hard on my looks and my styling to come to this point, and this now tells me that I’m on the right path. I will put all my heart into working further to improve my chances for being selected as My Precious Queen. If I were to represent My Precious as Queen I would do my best to combine my skills in modeling and in photography with my addiction to the beautiful and fantastic work of Agnes Finney.” Style tip: “My personal styling tip is this: try to find yourself. Never will every type of skin look good on you, even if your features are wellbalanced. So choose your skins very carefully. Whenever you put one on and you would have to change a lot in your features to make it look good again, leave it. When you put a new skin on and look at yourself thinking, “Yes, that’s me!” then that is your skin, then you have found yourself. Also, be very careful to choose the right hairstyles to go with it. There is nothing that can change your look from good to bad as much as poorly matched hair.”


Caroline Mosley Royal Princess – January 2011

Caroline Mosely is a lovely woman who is new to the fashion world and says she is loving every minute of it. Having just begun her career a few months ago, she is already represented by Absolut Model Agency and Spirit Modeling Agency. She describes herself as happy person and a perfectionist, but she is most loved by close companions for her loyal friendship and good advice. In fact, she believes deeply in kind acts and the value of the friendships formed in virtual worlds like SL. Caroline describes her trademark style as daring yet tasteful, and she considers herself to be a versatile stylist who enjoys creating a variety of different looks.

Favorite My Precious Design: “My favorite My Precious design is the Agnes Grandeur Dazzle dress, a dress that is both sexy and glamorous, forming a perfect combination!” Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “To be a model who wins the My Precious Queen Contest is a victory! This would be a dream come true, showing that the efforts to win in this career were rewarded!” Style tip: “Always be original. Be inspired by the visuals of other styles, but do not copy them! Make your visual according to your own likes, looking for accessories and even mixing different outfits.”


kaidence Piancastellios Royal Princess – January 2011

kaidence Piancastellios is a friendly and ambitious lady who believes strongly in the notion of “paying it forward,” or spreading goodwill by selflessly helping others. In her spare time, she can often be found at help centers offering assistance to newer arrivals on the grid. Fashion is her true passion, however, and she spends many hours attending fashion shows and exploring our virtual community for styling inspiration. kaidence, a graduate of MA Photography and Modeling Academy, is a store model and also plans to continue her education at the Outrageous Glamour Modeling Academy. Our third finalist of the month encourages others to embrace their own, individual sense of style. She classifies her own style as one that ranges from “girlie couture” to avant garde. Favorite My Precious Design: “My favorite gown is the Mayur Gown; when I saw it, it took my breath away . It is just something I believe I wish I could wear in rl, and the way it elongates the body and fits your proportions are just like a glove when you put it on. I just could not stop looking at myself at when I saw it. The possibilities on how I could wear it again

and again with different accessories were just endless.” Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “My Precious, to me, is what I believe pays it forward to realistic style and gives models like myself a chance to be successful after struggling for so long . I think that by being My Precious Queen, you are the brand and therefore you simply give customers ideas on what they can do with gowns. In this case, it is a format to pursue a dream and a passion for myself, personally.” Style tip: “My personal tip is to walk around the store you wish buy from. Study the style so you can know the brand’s own style , what you can create, and what you may already have in your inventory.” For more information about the contest, entry forms, or to see a gallery of the contestants for each month, visit the main store location. If you have a unique flair for glamour and elegance, you could be the one that the My Precious fashion house is searching for. A

AVENUE |Designer Collection

GizzA creations

Keeping the Art in Fashion Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Natasja Schumann


mitation is the sincerest form of flattery but the ability to never have to imitate, to be so design savvy and creative that you can let your imagination guide your creations is the sincerest form of genuine talent. Such genuine talent is something that oozes from Giz Seorn, as evidenced by her immensely popular GizzA Creations, a brand new to Second Life速, but rich in design experience.

A professional photographer by trade in her first life, Seorn has always been involved with the fashion world. She does catalog shoots for many well-known designers in Turkey, and also graphic designing, so she is no rookie to the fusion of art and fashion. Her textures are a testimony to her graphic design skills, while her ability to match those immaculate textures to just the right outfit is a testament to her eye for perfection. Her sole purpose for arriving in SL® was the creation of her designs, and in a very short time, she has made the brand name GizzA Creations a household name. GizzA Creations was the brainchild of Seorn after many long hours of trying to find the perfect name for her designs. With a desire to find a name that was compatible with her designs, yet meaningless, and one that shoppers would love upon hearing it; after many long hours, GizzA was born. With no particular genre in mind, Seorn creates pieces that customers can wear everywhere, including casual and daily wear, formalwear, as well as sportswear for both men and women. She even creates the perfect accessories and footwear to accompany her pieces. Within GizzA Creations, shoppers can find a wide array of fashion in a variety of styles to satisfy even the pickiest palette. Seorn is a true believer of adapting fashion into your own style: “I think your style is very important in fashion. For example, if purple is the color of the year, and you don’t like purple, buying this kind of clothing is a big mistake. I think

fashion is a guide and you just present new alternatives. What people need to do is walk this guided road while collecting their own stuff and adapting it to their own style.” Above all else, with the pieces that she creates, customers can rest assured that Seorn’s designs will be one-of-a-kind originals. Originally so concerned with making sure that she never imitated another designer’s style, Seorn avoided looking at the works of others. “When I first came here, I was confused and preferred not to look at any of the fashion streams for my style,” explains Seorn. “But now, I examine all work because I don’t want to do the same designs as other designers. Each design is special for the designer. I don’t want to disrespect them without knowing it.” This effort shines through each of her designs, as there is no match for the quality of textures and patterns used in each of her creations. Giving well-deserved credit to her real life training, Seorn admits that she does have a bit of an edge over other designers in SL: “my advantage is my realistic formation…realistic curves and realistic textures and tones of colors, because I love to play with colors. My knowledge is very high level with Photoshop, and this is advantage for me.” But ever the humble designer, she does go on to say that she gives credit to other designers that have mastered Photoshop as well. With a fresh new year come new and exciting things at GizzA Creations. The store has recently moved to its own sim and opened a brand new,

beautiful main store. Seorn explains her need for such a quick move: “I design something every day, so I needed a new store to add my new designs. All my customers can now relax while shopping in my new mainstore. Sometimes they chat with each other, sometimes they are resting in the store, but most of the time they are shopping in new GizzA. I think an excellent building is as important as the clothes. My customers love this new mainstore, so I want to say thank you very much for the new store and new sim to Jador Casa and BedMaker Parx. I think this building is a work of art here in SL.” Residents can also look forward to bigger and better things from GizzA Creations as Seorn continues to learn more and more about the fashion world. “I want knowledge. I am not finished learning about fashion in here because I always want to learn more information about fashion.” While she may still be learning, Seorn has shown that she is no novice to the fashion world. Her designs bring a realism to SL that is rare to find these days, and with her ever expanding knowledge of the metaverse, it is safe to say that we can expect better and better in this new year. Aside from her work, Seorn took a moment to give readers a bit of common sense advice to take with them. “My most important advice is never forget to be tolerant in your life. SL is very big and a nice entertainment center, so entertainment is the most important thing to keep in SL. I think if we show respect, we will not have problems with others.” A

AVENUE | Couture AVENUE Look 2011

Written by Jesika Contepomi Photography by Annough Lykin


Melanie Sauter


he Couture AVENUE Look 2011 Contest has become “the” styling contest of the season. Different from other contests this challenge demands not only stellar modeling runway experience, stage presence and the ability to capture the perfect photo, but the capacity to combine these all together with an imaginative unique style. With impeccable designers such as Nicky Ree, Baiastice, Chantkare, LeLutka, Stylissimo, Azul and new brands to

the sim sYs and Osakki, one would think it easy, but it’s no small feat to style together multiple designers to an end result of fabulousness. Once again the January contestants took the stage with a fierce competitive edge and only one remained standing, Melanie Sautereau. I was very fortunate to catch Melanie just as she stepped off the stage and get a more personal look into the lady of the month.


Jesika Contepomi: Melanie, thank you so much for taking the time today to sit with me. This month was no different then the last and everyone on stage was fiercely styled. In a competition of this level what inspired you to compete? Melanie Sautereau: When I first heard about this contest I felt enthusiastic and excited immediately. Besides modeling, I love to style and enter styling challenges. So I knew that the Couture AVENUE Look challenge was the right thing for me. Being creative and create “new” outfits, using the different elements of all great designers here, is what I love to do. Also, working with AVENUE is a long cherished dream of mine.. which I hope to come true some day. J.C.: What truly spoke out from your styling on stage was “you”; an outfit styled together with a uniqueness unseen before. In my experience finding ones unique self in modeling, not just the styling but overall look, is something that takes some models years to find. What do you find makes your style so unique? M.S.: Well, it took me a lot of time before I found my own style. But along the way, I discovered I do have my own way of styling outfits. For example; I never wear more then three colors in one outfit, except when the colors are from same tone. I often wear hats and bags, I think that defines me as a model. I also try to keep myself recognizable; most of the times I wear black hair, same lashes and the same types of skins. I never make big adjustments to my shape, only slight nose/

mouth adjustments. J.C.: Finding that unique look is one thing, then having the ability to stick with it, sound advice for a new model. What other bits of advice would you have for models trying to find “their” unique look? M.S.: Don’t expect to have a unique style when you’ve just started modeling. It really needs some practicing and experiences to find out who you really are. With practicing I mean to experiment with different kind of styles. Find a style you feel comfortable with and which also represents your personality. Once you sorted that out, you can chose some elements to bring back to every outfit. J.C.: Very good advice. Now looking back on your career as a model, would there be one thing you would change or do differently? M.S.: Well.. It’s not really a thing IN my modeling career, but BECAUSE of my modeling career. I’ve worked so hard; found my way through the competitive world of modeling and also to get noticed in the big crowd, that it made me forgot my RL. I was online for too long and for too many days, I couldn’t say “no” to modeling jobs either. Just because I loved to model. I think I was an addict to Second Life, to my modeling career. Now I know how to keep the balance between both lives, I’m happy in both lives. But I wish I knew it before. J.C.: Melanie you’re speaking to the choir. So many of us, myself included, are married to our screens. Now on the positive side of your

career, what has been your most memorable modeling experience? M.S.: Ohhh, that’s an easy question! Definitely the “Miss Virtual World 2010” Beauty Pageant. Wow, it brings back a lot of great memories. Not only the things I’ve learned and the great experience, but also the people I’ve met. Some of the finalists of MVW 2010 are still close friends to me. Unfortunately I only made it to Top 10, but it didn’t matter. I’ve learned so much and I’m still grateful for that. I just wish I could to it all over again! J.C.: I love your spirit! You have a very positive outlook on competitions and I’m sure that lends well to your modeling success. What advice would you give to someone interested in joining this contest? M.S.: Create an extremely, unique outfit.. From the Couture AVENUE of course :) Take a quality picture of your style.. And try it out! You have nothing to loose, only to win. If you don’t make it the first time, don’t worry. Try again and learn from your first experience. I didn’t make it my first try either, but I knew what I did wrong afterwards. Never give up, that’s the key!

J.C.: Your energy is truly contagious. Melanie let me say congratulations and thank you again for your time and in closing one final question I like to ask all the finalists. Where do you see yourself in a year? M.S.: In a year.. Well, I assume like every finalist, I hope to become the face of Couture AVENUE. And, I hope I’m still able to model and hopefully, be a role model for many aspiring models as well. I love my modeling career and I feel honored and grateful for being able to showcase the amazing creations of every designer on the grid. -Are YOU the next face of Couture AVENUE? To learn how you can be a finalist for Couture Look 2011 and be featured in AVENUE Magazine, stop by the AVENUE office and pickup an application. Join the AVENUE Magazine Readers Group for regular updates, important dates and finalist announcements. Couture AVENUE Look 2011 Application LM AVENUE at GOL [173.96.22] AVENUE Website


AVENUE | Model of the Month

Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Diconay Boa


n avid player of Second Life速 for almost two years, Mikey Batriani took his interest in fashion and modeling to the next level. With a lot of dedication, practice, and skill he has become a very recognizable male model within SL.

Augusta Carver: Why did you decide to join Second Life®? Mikey Batriani: A few years ago I had attended a lecture on globalization during my undergraduate studies in RL in which there was a discussion about social networking and the increasing number of participants around the world entering 3D virtual worlds. Initially I was enticed to join Second Life by its aesthetic appeal. Graphically, SL® is truly amazing. Soon after, I found myself congregating with individuals from around the globe and the connections I developed proved to be rewarding. A.C.: How long have you been modeling for in SL? M.B.: I have enjoyed modeling in SL since around April 2009 although I’ve never calculated the time span in which I have participated. I would say that’s a sign that I am enjoying it thoroughly. A.C.: Why did you choose to enter modeling? M.B.: One of the very first groups I had joined upon rezzing in SL was The Best of Second Life Readers group and I recall various group notices being sent out about modeling and fashion. Naturally curious, I decided to ask via group chat how does one venture into modeling. One individual recommended AVENUE Models

Academy so I applied for the latter part of 2009. I had patrolled a few fashion shows where I gained an awareness of what is to be expected of a potential model. I had been fortunate enough to join a few modeling agencies where I participated in various runway shows and graduated from AVENUE Models Academy in November 2009. A.C.: Did you always have an interest in fashion? M.B.: I do believe our creations in SL are highly motivated by what stimulates our senses in RL and fashion is indeed one that does it for me. A.C.: How would you define your style? M.B.: My style varies from time to time and most definitely in accordance with what inspires me in that moment. I do feel I take a rather versatile approach in styling, employing elements from various genres of fashion rather than wearing attire that is sought “straight out of a box”. Success for me in this area is when a certain style is defined as “very Mikey Batriani”. A.C.: What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of modeling in SL? M.B.: I would have to say that the most challenging aspect of modeling in SL would be the challenge that any model should place upon themselves, thus being the goals in which

we set to achieve. I do believe good models push themselves to achieve the extraordinary and the unseen enabling them to advance on a positive level. Of course, all challenges should be positive. A.C.: What is the most rewarding part of modeling? M.B.: The most rewarding part of modeling is the enabling of ideas to be presented to the SL world at large and in turn presenting your own ideas you have developed through creativity and inspiration. We can all certainly learn from each other regardless of our experience within the industry and I find it rewarding to continually learn to develop, to push and evolve in my modeling career. A.C.: As a model, what do you believe is an important skill to have? M.B.: There are many key attributes which I feel should always be taken into consideration and they are made up of the most generic of skills. To mention a few: the ability to communicate, network and to remain open to new ideas and suggestions. These important skills are salient to any profession in SL and of course RL. As for SL modeling, looking great is quite accessible but a powerful individual will rely on their natural ability to present themselves true to the core.

A.C.: Aside from modeling, what other hobbies do you have? M.B.: My RL/SL partner Todd Anton and I often engage in various activities here on SL and one hobby that I particularly enjoy is photography. I do like to keep a check on the amount of photography work I do to ensure I remain continually inspired by each and every photo I take. I am also Todd’s personal photographer which I absolutely love doing because he inspires me so greatly and he has such an imaginative, creative vision. He has an incredible eye for detail too which keeps me on top of my game. A.C.: If you could do anything else besides modeling, what would it be? M.B.: Because modeling has always been such an integral part of my enjoyment in SL, I find it difficult to imagine doing anything else. In the future, I do foresee myself entering in the modeling management arena. At the same token, I am following the path I chose and I am enjoying it without question. A.C.: Do you have any favorite stores in SL? M.B.: My favorites are constantly changing in accordance with what inspires me at that moment, but I would have to say that there are some stores which have permanent tenure on my favorites list. CheerNo is definitely one

of them. There are so many stores which are smaller but have the most amazing “knick knacks” like Reek, Scar, Mr Poet and GOS to name a few. I am really thoroughly impressed by Baiastice at present because so many of their items can be dressed up or down essentially creating your own unique take of the clothing. A.C.: Do you have any tips for aspiring models? M.B.: I feel direction is really the key. It’s really important to have an idea on what you expect from the industry and it should always be fun, without question. An initial step is to gather an understanding of what you want to bring to the industry. A unique approach will always be favored. Be inspired, persist and learn. Always remain open to new ideas and suggestions. Take grasp of what you learn from the industry and return it with your own interpretation. Enjoy every opportunity. Be respectful. Appreciate it and embrace it. With a style and personality of his own, Mikey Batriani has been able to stand out and get noticed in an industry that is competitive and ever changing. His skills and persistence help him to stay sharp and focused. Not only is he one to watch out for, but he is one to remember. No doubt we will see his name continue to make waves throughout Second Life. A

AVENUE | Mohna Lisa Couture 2011

Miss Mohna Lisa Couture 2011:

Saleena Hax Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Natasja Schumann


or one woman, January 9, 2011 is a day that will forever be a part of her legacy: it was the day she was crowned Miss Mohna Lisa Couture 2011 in a ceremony befitting a queen. Her grace, elegance, creativity and ability to make wearing Mohna Lisa Couture look effortless, made her stand out amongst a select group of fifteen finalists. With a newfound love for Mohna Lisa Couture, Saleena Hax took her determination, poise, charm and refined sense of style and fused that with the amazingly sexy and sophisticated designs from Mohna Lisa Couture, to rise to the top out of 150 initial entries. In a splendid ceremony held at the newly renovated Patch Thibaud Auditorium, Hax gracefully floated down the runway wearing a stunning Mohna Lisa Couture gown as she received the crown and new title of Miss Mohna Lisa Couture 2011. Still donning the glow from her win, and the proud title high above her head, Hax graciously sat down with AVENUE to give us a sneak peek into the woman behind the crown. Sensuous Soulstar: Congratulations on your crowning achievement as Miss Mohna Lisa Couture 2011! Why did you decide to get involved with Mohna Lisa Couture? What is, or was it, about the designs that drew you to the brand? What is it that you aspire to bring or add to the brand as its official representative? Saleena Hax: To be honest, the displays are what really caught me. To see them on a human figure helped me to decide what dress I wanted, what look I could do with it and what hair would be most striking. It is completely different from selecting a dress from a photo.

At MLC, you see how the dress works on what shape, and you can picture yourself more easily wearing this or that dress to bring out the best in you. Plus, from the draping - to the ruffles - to the color combinations, MLC is really beautiful clothing at an affordable price. Elegance and class shouldn’t break the bank. I want to convey a sense of poise and romance for the brand. It’s perfectly fine to be classy and tasteful, but with MLC garments you can also let yourself be sensual and romantic without having to do anything to do it. S.S.: Now, how did you even get involved with the Miss Mohna Lisa Couture 2011 contest? What was your initial goal when you entered and how did you prepare yourself for the big event? S.H.: I got involved by accident. My thenpartner and I were going out and I wanted a knockout dress that hugged my body well, and a friend sent me the landmark for MLC. Once I got there, I was taken with the displays! It was, and still is, so original and striking! I ended up leaving with 3 dresses and a form to enter the contest! The first goal in my mind was to, at least, place in the finals. That to me was a huge dream. When I was told I made the finals, I screamed but then my mind went to work with the next step: “what do I need to do to win the Crown?” I shook off the pressure and nerves and just did my best, and relied on that. Sometimes, that is all you have to get you through those moments. You have to trust yourself, your instincts and your own abilities. S.S.: And it seems your instincts were just

just right. Tell me a little about the competition itself. What were your feelings once the contest began, and how did you feel about your competition? S.H.: The competition was overwhelming! I was thinking to myself: “oh please let me just place!” And, as we stood backstage, we were all in VPC chatting and laughing. It really took the edge off and it just came down to “do your best,” which I think we all did. We all knew each other from around the modeling community. It was like standing with your sisters; there was no animosity and we just encouraged each other. With Jasmine Night, Michela Benazzi and Mohna Lisa also in VPC, joking and bantering away, the whole thing passed like an extended family gathering. The venue was amazing! It was held at the Patch Thibaud Auditorium and it was so large, airy and bright. It was really amazing! It went from 150 entries - to 15 finalists - to the winner. Every single lady deserved to win; truly, I was just lucky enough to win and even now, I am still shaking. S.S.: What is involved with your new role as Miss Mohna Lisa Couture 2011? What was the prize, and are there any duties that you have with the new role? S.H.: Well it is my first ever title-win so I am still excited from the experience. But as the face of Mohna Lisa, I will always try to carry myself as a respectable, worthy representative of the brand. The clothing itself speak volumes for its quality, so I think I have to catch up to that. My prize package is also very generous: a new design named after me, all of the new releases

from MLC during my reign, and a cash prize. Also, both I and the two runner-ups, Federica Galtier and Annie Zorric, will be featured on the MLC blog, the MLC Moolto group and the MLC Facebook group. Our photos will also be displayed in the store for the month of January, so it is truly an honor. S.S.: Let’s get a little into your background, to give the readers a better idea about the new face of Mohna Lisa Couture. When and how did you decide that you were interested in modeling? What was your first step towards that goal, including attending any schools? S.H.: After I took my first few classes, I knew this was for me. The instructors actually encouraged the students to continue their education and learn all that they could. I asked all sorts of questions until I was out of breath, but knew I had to stick with it. I asked my fellow models about their skins, hairs and eyes, and I began reading profiles and applying at more agencies and schools. I have attended MPI, EVANE, and MA, and am currently taking classes at OPIUM and the MVW Academy. S.S.: While I know that modeling takes a great deal of your time, tell me about your Second Life® outside of modeling. Are there any other things that you’re working on, any other jobs or positions, and what do you do just to relax and enjoy your time? S.H.: I own my own business and I am a graphic designer that designs store layouts for independent businesses and I have two Boston Terriers. I also volunteer for a domestic abuse

center and I am trying to foster a female Boston that was rescued from a puppy mill. I think the end result is I am going to have THREE Boston terriers, lol. S.S.: As always, we want to thank you for taking the time out to answer our questions, and to leave the readers on a positive note. With that being said, do you have any advice that you’d care to share with any aspiring models that may be looking to get into the industry? S.H.: Don’t get discouraged! Every model gets rejected, including Super Models. It’s not how many you don’t get that counts, it’s the ones you do get. Make the most of every experience, ask questions and never stop learning. It will pay off down the road. S.S.: We look forward to the year ahead with the reigning Miss Mohna Lisa Couture for 2011, Saleena Hax, as well as the upcoming releases from Mohna Lisa Couture, including the anticipated design named after the winner. For the latest news and updates, remember to check out the blog at: http://mohnalisacouture., or just head straight over to the main store located at: Braindead [119.180.813]


AVENUE |Fun with Fashion


Written, Modeled, Styled by Vixie Rayna Photography by Lulu Jameson

t’s easy to find yourself inspired by the colors around you yet perplexed with how to tie them together. This month’s column proves a pop of color can add an unexpected twist to any outfit. You just have to find the color that speaks through your style. Miamai’s Kajsa plays up the feminine of browns with the addition of pink socks. Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice shows us that monochromatic teal is best with nuances of tone and texture. The Secret Store found a rich jewel toned palette to showcase a delicious pattern. Fashion is fun when you take the time to step out of the box and take risks. Color can be your way to experiment with styling. Look for combinations that stand out and push the envelope of conventional complimentary colors. Yes we all love black, but after a while it becomes very expected. Shake up your new year! And, remember... Fashion is Fun!

Unexpected Tones

//Skin Lara Hurley - Aimee Smokey in Milky //Hair I Love Olive - Isa in Brown //Dress The Secret Store - Pretty Poppy //Tights LeeZu - Lalun Semi Sheer in Olive 2 //Necklace Mandala - Pearl Rain in Cream //Bangle Zaara - Ramya Wood in Gold //Shoes Lelutka - Fame in Maroon //Pose BeScene

//Skin Glam Affair - Castalia in Natural 03 //Hair Boon - FTN683 in Chocolate //Outfit Baiastice - Lesley //Scarf Maitreya - Voluminous //Earrings LeeZu - BohemeMia //Bangle Zaara - Nizam in Green //Shoes Kookie - City Wedge in Shrimp Pink //Pose BeScene

//Skin Glam Affair - Castalia Natural 05 //Hair Boon - PUN44B in Black //Top Miamai - Kajsa (Part of Outfit) //Skirt LeeZu - Miss Tre in Beige (Tinted) //Socks Miami - Kajsa (Part of Outfit) //Earring Donna Flora - Drops //Bangle Baiastice - Sculpt Pearl //Shoes Maitreya Gold - Moxie //Pose BeScene


AVENUE |Fashion Agenda

DIRAM’s e c n a g o r r A is Bliss! Written by Imani Enzo Photography by Annough Lykin


epending upon who you ask, the word arrogance can have both negative and positive connotations. Some find arrogance to be attractive, inspirational, and a symbol of power. Others are not terribly impressed by arrogance. In fact, they find it annoying and are totally put off by it. For the past couple months in Second Life®, Arrogance has been bliss! That is because it represents the name of Djod Karu’s highly anticipated new collection for her very popular DIRAM label.

Last year, Djod graced us with Scandalous, one of the most daring and fashion forward collections on the grid. In short, the collection was a masterpiece that enabled us to dress and feel like some of the world’s biggest celebrities. The line was an enormous success for DIRAM and left us all anxiously wondering what Djod would come up with next. The wait is now over and DIRAM certainly did not disappoint. Arrogance was introduced to her adoring fans with all the fanfare, glitz, and glamour one would associate with rock stars and Hollywood starlets in a recent AVENUE Models Production. The red carpet show was nothing short of fabulous and featured precision choreography, as well as a killer soundtrack produced by AVENUE’s CEO and show host, Rusch Raymaker. AVENUE Models, which included 13 Cortes, Jesika Contepomi, Bety Dudek, Mimmi Boa, and Seashell Dench, turned in stellar supporting performances with their exceptional styling and fierce modeling skills. As expected, the breakout stars of this show were the designs of DIRAM’s Arrogance Collection. The superiority of this haute couture line was immediately apparent the moment the first model hit the runway. Each gorgeous design tested the limits of fashion by merging opulence and luxury with urban style. Djod’s gusty move was pure genius and resulted in fashions that are even hotter and edgier than the previous DIRAM collections. The audience was treated to fifteen ensembles, each offering a different perspective of urban luxury ranging from casual to daring to elegant

chic. While the collection was clearly influenced by some of this season’s most popular trends including military styled jackets, fur, lace, spikes, and bodysuits, Djod Karu managed to take the trends to another level with her use of vibrant colors, intricate detailing, and unique accessories. Further, the luxurious look and feel of the Arrogance collection was elevated and given dramatic flair with Djod’s use of the color black in the stunning and more upscale Arrogance designs shown in the second and third walks. Simply put, there was nothing run of the mill about this brilliant collection and the designer’s creativity and talent were highlighted in every single piece. Arrogance gave us luxurious urban styling. It gave us lots of attitude and ultimately, Arrogance proved its superiority. After getting a glimpse of Arrogance, urban stylists, couture lovers, and fashionistas alike were itching to get their hands on the DIRAM designs. Unfortunately, they were forced to wait two additional weeks for its release because Arrogance teased us. However, since the AVENUE production left no doubt that Arrogance was indeed a star that deserved the top billing it commanded, and we willingly waited for a chance to add the fierce looks to our inventories. Finally, Arrogance is here and some of us are already anxious to see what Djod has in store for us next. At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter what your opinion of the word arrogance is, we all can appreciate the fact that in DIRAM’s case, Arrogance lived up to all the hoopla and made good on its bravado. A

AVENUE | GOLden Shopping

C’est Tres Beau Written and Photographed by Vixie Rayna


OLden Shopping at GOL 5 has the pleasure of working with some of the most talented content creators. Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau has a long virtual history and has been a part of Second Life® since the beginnings; she will have her 8 year anniversary in May 2011. She proves each day is an opportunity to learn and grow and it’s evidenced in her sensational designs. Join me as I take some time to sit down with this virtual virtuoso.

Vixie Rayna: It’s always fun to start at the beginning. What brought you to SL? What did you think of this world? Kimmera Madison: What brought me to SL was a friend that had known me from a past virtual world, knew I did content creation and knew I’d love SL. He was so right! My first impression was...whoa...I looked around for about 15 minutes and joined the Beta Team LOL! SL was so different, it wasn’t as cartoon-y as other programs, the creation opportunities were endless, the whole place was exciting. That will be 8 years ago in May. VR: How did you enter the world of SL Fashion? Tell us about your first design. KM: LOL, well, after exploring SL from top to bottom, playing with prims, and general noobie goofing off, I got rather tired of my default clothing. There were very few designers back then, and 1 mall that I recall. I had Photoshop, wasn’t all that versed in it, but in my typical behavior, I was dying to try it out. Back in 2003/2004, we did a lot of clubbing, though we really only had two clubs, LOL. I wanted something fun to wear besides my default jeans and my default green sweater, so I made a handful of club outfits, 5 to start. My very first creation was a sheer white club outfit with lace edges. Lace...Tres Beau...who’d have thought.LOL! The outfits I made were all system layer creations, no prims, we hadn’t

really begun to add things then. It was a hit, people would ask me where I got it, was I going to sell it, I figured, ..why not...and I placed a vendor at a friends tiny club on a 512 parcel and Tres Beau was born. Those 5 outfits did quite well, so I moved my vendor to my own 512 plot, built a little gazebo that I still place out today (sentimental), set out my vendor and the first Tres Beau store was born. Now Tres Beau takes up a full sim and has over 400 items currently. VR: Personally, I adore your style. It’s classic with unique updates! Like a classic ruffled blouse with super voluminous sleeves. What inspires your work? KM: All sorts of things inspire me, the fashion feeds from New York, Paris, Italy, Magazines, Catalogs, people I see at the mall in RL, clothing I own and love, a flowering bush. You name it, inspiration comes in many forms. VR: I’m dying to know... which are your most popular designs? KM: Hmmm, my all time best seller (that I have a record of) is Winter Whites, a white wool pant suit and lace bodice with a long wool trench coat over it and a matching fedora, very classic and a suit I own in real life and love. Others would include an evening gown named Cherish that was inspired by my dear friend Jasmine Night. Older creations would include a

club outfit from 2004 called Claw. After 6 years, almost 7 years of designing, I have seen a lot of creations come and go :) VR: The Winter Whites is phenomenal! From all of your years of work, which design are you most proud? KM: I would have to say it’s the wedding gown called Teaa, I just love that gown and have had many thank me for making it. I design in SL for the pure love of creating something; I am an artist in many forms in RL. But I have to say, my most touching moment was when a gal, who in RL has a lot of health and physical issues, discovered SL, got to play and do things she can’t in RL, fell in love, married wearing my Teaa gown, and IM’d me thanking me for making her feel beautiful, glamorous and making her wedding day perfect. Well, I love what I do, but hearing that I helped a lovely lady experience something so special, I was in tears. How can it get better than that? VR: What should your fans expect next? Tell us what you are working on :P KM: Mesh..thats if I ever figure out my Maya program. (Gives her Maya the evil Kim look). VR: Designing in Second Life is very complicated work. What drives you to create here? What is your biggest struggle with design in a virtual world?

KM: What drives me is the same thing that drives me to do all the other things I attempt in life, that curiosity and desire to create. In RL, I am a certified Pastry Chef and Sugar Artist; I create cakes like those that you see in all the cake TV shows these days. I have interviewed with TLC to be on the Great American CakeOff. I also create jewelry and am currently exploring metal smithing. I don’t sit still much - LOL What is my biggest challenge in designing in a virtual world, well, I would have to say keeping up with the trends and skills to attempt them. But as I mentioned before, I love that aspect of it! VR: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. Is there anything you would like to add? KM: Yes there is, I would like to wholeheartedly applaud and thank all the people in SL that give their all in whatever it is they set out to do, you make SL what it exciting, wonderfully creative forum where we can meet people from every walk of life and from all over the world. I know this sounds a bit sappy, cheesy, but I truly mean it. SL is an amazing creation, even with its flaws, the imagination and passion that goes into it is so exciting and a joy to discover. So again, thank you!


AVENUE |Architecture & More

Written By Joie Lefavre Photography By Annough Lykin



rbanizeD is a store full of unique designs. But the first thing I noticed was not the beautiful items for sale. It was the incredible design of the store itself. I am normally wandering Second Life速 with my graphics turned down. My processor loves me for that. Looking around, though, I had to turn them up to Ultra because I wanted to see the extent of the amazing design. The store itself is a piece of art, accentuating the very furnishing displays it was built to house. I was fortunate enough to find pitsch Parx actually at the store when I visited, and he was very generous with his time, giving me insight to both the shop design as well as his home furnishings and garden items.

U rbanizeD

The concept and creation of the store was done by Parx himself, and he credits his real life city for planting the seed of inspiration. “I live in a big city,” he says, “so think a lot of my inspiration comes from what I see there.” The feel of the store itself enhances the display of the furniture. It is open, airy, and simplistically elegant. As Parx says, “the showcase is more focused,” and there are no distractions with busy walls. Parx’s design for the store has a much deeper plan than just aesthetics. In his words, “the store is built in the idea of the climate changing... after the poles have melted and we are now on one of the arks that are floating for furniture, one for the garden. The shape comes from the big tankers. They mostly look like a big city too, floating on water.” Parx believes that the people in SL® are leaning more toward green, organic styles because these are the things that are disappearing in the real world. His furniture is a clean, modern reflection of that. With clean lines and yet a touch of the past (some of his textures in the texturechange frames feature old, distressed styles), that are industrial and yet elegant. He keeps various collections of color-based themes available with low prim, highly detailed styles. Several are menu-driven with multiple poses or texture options. Currently, Parx has his winter collection available, but has big plans for changes to come with the summer collection. “Frozen,” which

is a set featuring icy blues and whites will be replaced by “Bali” which will feature tropical blues, greens and whites. “Mono” will go from the stark winter contrasts of black, white and gray, to a more retro theme of black, white, and bright vibrant colors such as primary blue, red and lime green. “Masai” will be, as Parx puts it, “very dark Africa , dark reds, burnt woods tones; very warm shades, but still very ethnic.” Last will be “Dubai,” full of neutral and faded tones. It is what Parx calls a “story about noncolor,” faded, organic, natural, and more pastel. “Dubai” will be softer and more feminine than the other collections. Looking to the North, one can easily see the beautiful Gardens. Filled with grasses, wildflowers, weeds and the very makings of a fantasy field, the low prim Garden area offers a vast selection for sim builders and SL residents of all types. Each uniquely designed meadow is only one prim, allowing areas to be built with as much realism or whimsy as the creator wants, without cutting deeply into the prim count. Not wanting to repeat what is already available in the Second Life world, Parx has “made a mix”... part natural look, but mixed with more fairylike elements. The end result? Golden wheat fields, ethereal flower meadows, dream-like landscaping, all perfect for photographers, role-play sims, and more! Coming soon in the summer collection will not only be new flowers and color themes to coordinate with his furniture collection, but larger meadow options as well. He will offer

20m x 20m single prim meadows for those who have a lot of space to cover but not a lot of prims available. Hello homestead owner Heaven! In short, people who want a well put together piece of virtual property can find some fantastic items here by a builder with vision. Well worth the price on the tags (which, by the way, is what you need to click to make a purchase), the furniture, the hanging plants, the paintings, and even exterior design can be put together to make any modern Second Lifer’s home look amazing. Another great build in SL, making the fantasy that much richer. Thank you pitsch Parx. A

Dubhan Written by Joie Lefavre Photography by Annough Lykin

AVENUE |Sim Review


pon landing on the ship to Dubhan, curious role players are greeted with a message: “You awaken to calm seas and realize the ship has already docked while you were sleeping.” From the very first moment of arrival, guests and residents alike are welcomed and fully immersed into a whole new world of what once might have been, either in reality, or in someone’s dreams.

“I’ve been role-playing for a few years now, and brought Cami into it not long ago. What I noticed was that if you were not a known player you were ignored and if you were not the greatest ‘role player’ they really wouldn’t take the time to help you. We wanted to create a place where everyone felt welcome and where everyone got at least some RP time. We wanted to give players something to do, even when the traffic is low, so we created a number of hunts and quests to keep them on the sim while enjoying themselves” explains Elizabet Fallen, co-owner and Queen of Dubhan. The sim was built with a hefty dose of research and planning integrated into a vision of fantasy that can only be accomplished on a platform such as Second Life®. From the very details of the wood used in an era of knights, fair maidens and simple but epic lives of which sonnets and tales were founded, to the mystical adventures into the darker side of magic, details were conceived, sketched, and then built… mostly by the very residents of the sim itself. When asked how the build was inspired, Kimber Carolina responded, “Well most of the time when I start on a building I find ideas searching the internet. I’d find pictures of medieval towns as well as cottages and I drew from there… and we did try to keep it as close to historical as possible, but technically a lot of the wood trim we added for depth would be considered more Tudor. That’s the great thing about us being fantasy as well, we could fudge it a bit.”

The beauty of the sim is wonderful, and scheduled to change soon from the snowcovered winter scene to a more colorful spring. The build is not the most remarkable thing about the Dubhan, however. In asking the sim patrons what their favorite things about Dubhan are, there is a clear and unanimous winner: the people! Just ask Constance Graves, who agrees “the people, the attention to detail, and the fact that people are assisted in developing their characters… the combination of both RP and the builds.” She should know, as she is currently “a Novice Mage that upon arriving and seeking employment has found herself in the good Graces of the Queen and appointed Chancellor.” Kimmie Huckleberry agrees, saying, “Everyone is very friendly and helpful. I’m kinda new to RP and SL for that matter, and they have been very patient with me.” Madtheos Cazalet, resident bad boy (he plays a drow with a penchant for poison) says, “friendly greetings went a long way… I am far more willing to put effort into a place that welcomes you literally with open arms. I mean... a sim manager was willing to be poisoned to give my character an ‘in’.” In addition to some great role play opportunities, the sim itself is full of welcoming and helpful people. This offers a wide range to those both new to and experienced with role play. In speaking with Dima Plessis, I inquired about the role play in Dubhan. She replied, “Most of

the players seem pretty good, with a few newer players scattered throughout. I haven’t been here long enough to really get a story going for myself, but I do see bits of other peoples’ stories so I know they are out there.” Or, to put it in the terms of the sim’s Duchess and co-owner Camiyah Fallen, “We have some very serious RPers, some very funny RPers, some beginners and some veterans, so it’s always interesting.” Dubhan is a safe place for all who are age verified to learn how, or to practice role play. The sim residents took a vote about moving to an age-verified rating due to the teen grid merger, even though the sim does not allow public nudity or public sexual acts. Camiyah puts it like this, “while we are mature, we are adults and many have their own homes; teens playing in some of that is not tasteful in the least. We are adults and would like to play as adults without worry.” It is a blend of free-form liberties and creative background

structure. As Weaving Faith Sylvan elf, novice mage and herb shop owner puts it, “the admin let the players really RP; they don’t make us follow a script or try and control the RP in any way.” That seems to be a good strategy, as players enjoy the storyline of the sim while still being able to develop each one’s own character and story. The following is from the History of Dubhan: “The realm of Dubhan dates back to before man knew of time and space. The large island sits far off the coast of Ireland and has been protected by an ancient elven spell which hides it from sight. Only those with knowledge of its exact location are able to find its shores. For years Dubhan remained untouched by outsiders and only its native races (Elves, Fae, and Satyrs) could claim it as home, but war broke out among the races, causing the magic barrier to weaken and reveal the island to a group of human knights who were sailing in search of a place to hide away an ancient relic. These knights hid their relic deep within the land, hoping that the natural magic would keep it hidden from those who would seek to use it for evil. After 20 years, The Elven Wars finally ended. The Light Elves were able to defeat their darker cousins, with the help of the other native races, but the lands had been ravaged and all had surmounted great losses. Most of them receded back into their woods and mountains, remaining in hiding... The native races have slowly begun to come out of hiding and many

Elizabet Fallen, Queen of Dubhan and Camiyah Fallen, Duchess Dubhan

tentative alliances have been formed with the Queen and the other races. For now the realm seems peaceful, but with so much tension between all the races, one wrong move could put the realm back at war.” This has proven to be an effective lead-in, along with the offer of six guilds and a wide array of races. There have been several character types I witnessed in my visits. There is a wild and curious fairy that does not understand the human language and bears more likeness to a dangerously beautiful forest creature than to the blonde haired, wand-wielding type we have seen in films. Hiding in the darkness of what appears to be a ghost-town, riddled with the bones of long-dead (or perhaps not so long) trespassers was the rogue bandit that promised danger if one paused long enough. By walking beyond the henge, one can witness trust being tested and earned between a Sylvan elf and a High elf, the haunting of the past put aside. I believe that it is the players of Dubhan who describe it the best. Ssa Darkfury mentions, “I can come here and be someone I am not in RL. Handsome, witty, a semi-deranged, womanizing and half-drunk miller. The women shoot me down and we all laugh. But there is enough like RL that I can relate to my character. In RL I am semi-deranged and get shot down by women at least twice as much! It’s a great way to relieve tension.” Lander Hancroft, First Knight, GM and Champion Guild Leader, says that his favorite three things about Dubhan are the diversity and

"the amount of people you have isn’t the issue; it’s simply how much the people playing love it. We couldn’t do it without them."

backgrounds of the people, the rich structures, beautiful land which we live in and the times that we play in... the medieval is full of code, honor, lawlessness... I think this kind of sim and the time period is romance... chivalry, knights... damsels in distress... It’s just damn fun.” The one who seems to sum it up the best, though, is Camiyah Fallen. She gives a great example of the true vision for Dubhan in her most dearly held memory of the sim. “When Elizabet and I started Dubhan, we didn’t bring a lot of friends with us; literally we built it from scratch. We RPed one of the first nights when we had no one here; how she kidnapped me and brought me here to help her. We had a grand time. That’s when I realized that the amount of people you have isn’t the issue; it’s simply how much the people playing love it. We couldn’t do it without them; they support us too. We value them so much; so very much.” A


AVENUE | Interesting Sims


Written by Joie Lefavre Photography by Natasja Schumann


ith recent tragedies across the map involving workers trapped beneath the earth, oil spilling into waterways, natural gas prices rising, and the push for solar and wind energy, the time is ripe for social education on energy. Jeremy Barnside and the group “Deep Down” realized that Second Life ® offers an excellent platform for reaching millions of people and getting the education out there about what really happens with the coal energy process. Backed by the MacArthur Foundation and the Independent Television Service, the group took a virtual island and created an interactive demonstration of the entire process. Upon landing, visitors are immediately offered a hard hat. Safety first in mine areas, always! Those who really want to learn about the process with a safer hands-on type of training can make their ways from the log cabin porch over to the billboard with instructions, options, and the start of the “game.” I took the challenge, more than once, and ran out of time again and again. It seems that creating energy sufficient to power a town takes a whole team. One person is not enough. My 7 year old son had a lot of fun trying, though. The process begins by clearing the mountain top of trees. This is probably one of the biggest complaints about coal energy; the environmental impact of mining. For energy to be formed, though, something has to be sacrificed. In this case, the trees are cleared and the surface of the mountain blasted through (the virtual blasting was very well built and scripted I might add, with the “site foreman”

shouting for the area to be cleared before the blast) before the coal is actually gathered and processed. Time is ticking, though, and energy is needed; no time to waste racing the dozers, or the loaded coal trucks! Once the team has gathered the coal and brought it to the train, it is taken across the river to the plant where it is turned from a simple carbon into the energy needed to fuel the small, quaint town nearby. This little area, based on a real-world area in Maytown, Kentucky, strikes a familiar chord. Having lived in coal-country in Indiana for years, I have driven past and even lived minutes from coal mines without giving it a second thought. This simulation, from the blasting site to the local library, rings true to the life experience. The inspiration for this build comes from Deep Down filmmakers Sally Rubin and Jen Gilomen, Bay Area Video Coalition’s Wendy Levy, and developers from Sand Castle Studios. The entire concept of building a simulation such as this was based on the need for education. In visiting the website, http:// , teachers can even find a link with suggested formats for exposing students to this opportunity to learn first-hand. In taking the actual tour provided by the sim owner group, the proper steps can be followed to maximize the learning experience. The process includes several steps throughout the sim, and offers perspectives from both the consumer and the supplier as we move through it. Beginning with the coal mining, the HUD provided allows the participants to monitor not

only the time ticking away, but the demand for energy, as well as the environmental and social impacts to the area. There are visual clues to the changes happening as the dust plumes into the air, the ground shakes, and the trucks rumble their way up and down the hill. Next comes the town, where we learn about demand. What ways can we reduce the need for energy? The sim offers a “black out” experience, where all lights go off and an idea of what life would be like without the energy provided is seen. Various appliances are turned off, energy-reducing changes are pointed out, and then step three…. Alternative energy is a welcome, and in SL, free option. Visitors are encouraged to consider different options for providing energy, considering the pros and cons, and even putting together wind turbines to supplement the coal burning energy. Sustainable energy is discussed, and the entire experience provokes users to give careful thought to their own lives. Where does our energy come from? How are we able to enjoy the Second Life experience? What can we do to reduce our own impact on the world’s energy consumption? When the party is over (there is actually a platform to enjoy an Appalachian style square dance), young and young of heart alike are left with not only a great experience, but some important issues to think about; and can make more informed decisions based on that. This is a great way to educate yourself, your children, your classrooms, your colleagues. Another great sim to enrich our Second Lives. A

Information taken from actual experience at the Virtual Mine sim, as well as the website

AVENUE |Business Feature

2ndHub AvMatch and

SL Friendship and Dating Made Easy Written by Spruce Canning Photography by Blaz Halfpint


here are many reasons that one logs into Second Life®. Besides all the live music events and myriad ways to express one’s creativity and self-expression. The main part of ANY social media or virtual world is finding likeminded people to share one’s virtual existence with. To answer that need, Mason Kingsford created the 2ndHub and AvMatch websites for SL® Residents to meet and develop friendships and for some people, romantic relationships. I had the distinct pleasure to speak to Mason Kingsford about 2ndHub and AvMatch and he was very happy to explain how his websites enhance the Second Life Experience for many residents.

Spruce Canning: What was your motivation to start 2ndHub and AvMatch and how does it contribute to the social fabric of the Grid? Mason Kingsford: I was using Second Life way back at the end of 2006 and lot of the friends I had were really into the relationship aspect. I saw a lot of difficulty with people trying to find compatible partners or friends with things in common. I had the idea to create AvMatch as a way to help Second Life users find potential partners or friends more effectively. I already had the programming experience, so I set out to build AvMatch from scratch in order to tailor it specifically to Second Life users. 2ndhub came about a little later, after AvMatch was already established and growing. 2ndhub is in collaboration with my friend Taliesin Llanfair (SL name). The original idea behind 2ndhub was to create a site for web-enabled inworld scripted tools for aid of businesses. However, we also saw the need for a social platform for the users and thought that connecting social with the tools aspect would be a great companion site to AvMatch. 2ndhub is very open and you use your Second Life username, so it’s not an anonymous environment. In comparison, AvMatch is strictly private, and you are only allowed to share your identity with other members through the AvMatch mailbox or live chat feature. While AvMatch is really used to simply meet new people, either for romantic relationships or even just for friends, 2ndhub is more about sharing your Second Life experience with other users, while at the same time promoting any businesses or groups you may have. Both sites are ‘SL connected’ in that

private messages that you receive on the sites will be sent to you while in-world. 2ndhub goes a step further and allows you to send group notices, with landmarks and even attachments, directly to your 2ndhub group members’ in-world. You are able to create personal, business and group profiles, post to your profile, friend people, link to other sites, show and link to Flickr images, as well as setup event listings and much more. We also have a HUD device, which stands for Heads Up Display, that you can wear on your screen while using Second Life. This HUD allows you to post directly to your profile, send and receive messages and alerts and also invite people to your 2ndhub group. There is so much more to 2ndhub, and to get an idea of everything it does, I’d recommend people visit our ‘visual site tour’: We are also working on video tutorials for the site and hope to start releasing those in the very near future. SC: How many registered accounts does 2ndHub/ AvMatch have to date and how many of those accounts use the service on a given day? MK: AvMatch has had nearly 17,000 sign ups since it’s inception, which is almost 3 years ago now. It currently has almost 14,000 valid accounts, but to be honest, not all of those are actively using the site at the same time. There are hundreds of logins each day, hundreds of new members each month, and thousands of visitors and members logging in! We’ve served now well over a half a million messages between users. 2ndhub is a bit more modest, but it is not even a full year old

yet. It has a few thousand active accounts, but in overall usage, I’d say it’s about one third the size of AvMatch, and growing all the time. SC: Where do you see AvMatch in the Grid’s singles scene and is AvMatch the first place that singles look in order to find romance in Second Life? MK:I think AvMatch has established itself as the number one site for Second Life users to go to when looking for a date or a relationship. It is definitely the first site of its kind for Second Life users. SC: How many successful matches have been created from the use of the service? MK: That I cannot say exactly, but I’d like to think we’ve helped create hundreds of relationships, if not thousands. I’m sure we’ve helped many people meet new people and create friendships. We have had feedback from users saying they have gotten together in real life due to meeting on the site. Beyond this, we do not have exact statistics of matches, as not everyone reports that information back to us. SC: What would you tell a new member of 2ndHub/AvMatch when he or she puts their profile out on the service for the first time? MK: Well, if they are putting their profile on AvMatch, I would suggest a number of things. First, I’d suggest that they upload a variety of quality pictures of their avatar. If they are comfortable with their real life appearance, then a RL picture or two never hurts. Second, I would suggest taking the time to really fill out the profile properly, and add in some real information about whom you

are and what you are seeking. I’d suggest people keep their profiles positive and upbeat. Next I would recommend being both patient and active on the site. That means don’t be afraid to initiate contact with other members. Waiting around for contact might work for some, but the odds of meeting more people are in your favor if you are actively trying to make new connections. Finally, I’d say remember that you’re going to meet all types of people, just like in-world or other places in life. Not everyone is going to mesh. Hundreds of new people join every month, so if you don’t find someone you click with right away, you may find them later on after new people join. As for 2ndhub, I’d recommend befriending people and if you have a group of friends in world, try to get them to join up as well. 2ndhub is less a place to meet new friends, although this does happen, and more a place to share with existing friends and customers, and to promote yourself or your business. Again, staying active is the key to really enjoy 2ndhub and finding out about all it has to offer. It is a very rich site with many nice features and tools. A lot of our users really love the service, and we look forward to adding many new features in the months and years ahead! SC: Would you use AvMatch yourself if you were romantically inclined and would you recommend it to your friends? MK: Yes and yes. SC: In conclusion, where do you see 2ndHub and AvMatch in the Second Life social scene and will it be the site of first reference for romantically inclined SL residents?

MK: It is my hope that AvMatch continues to be the go-to site for Second Life users when looking to meet new users of Second Life from around the world, whether it’s for just friends or for finding that special someone for much more than just friendship. As for 2ndhub, I hope more people on the grid discover it this year, and I hope it really takes off as the premiere open social network for Second Life users and business owners. It really is a fantastic tool for sharing your SL experience and for promoting yourself and your SL businesses. The more people that end up using it, the more amazing it is going to become! As more and more people enter Second Life, services such as AvMatch and 2nd Hub will become more and more vital for residents as they seek to branch out their social connections and find romance with someone special that they meet through the service. 2ndHub is for most residents a way to promote themselves and their endeavors throughout SL. AvMatch is comparable to Match. com in the Real World and as Mason Kingsford says, it has handled almost a million messages between members and he is has brought so close to the perfect tool that he himself would probably get in to find his match! AVENUE coincides with him in saying that it may be the best known way to branch out into the social scene in world. The URL’s for 2ndHub and AvMatch can be found here. A

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usic has been one of the most creative outlets in Second Life速 as well as RL. Rather you are writing music, singing it, or creating moving beats while playing it, music finds a way to move and inspire. I sat down with music lover and DJ Kemmi Kamachi to find out how he got his start with music in Second Life.

Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Blaz Halfpint

“I like music. And it is nice to entertain people. I try to create a certain atmosphere�.

“Now I can go and only book my couple of favorite DJ’s but we have decided that everyone should deserve a chance”. Augusta Carver: So how long have you been a DJ in Second Life? Kemmi Kamachi: I have been DJ-ing from day one. Well, after exploring a day or three. That would be 2007. I actually once read an article about some DJ in SL®, and thought I would give it a try. I made an account and started looking for a place to spin. AC: I see you are a DJ in RL as well, have you been doing that for long? KK: Yes, I got my first turntables at the age of 12. I started spinning at school parties and b-days. Then later in bars a n d clubs, so it

feels like I’ve been always doing it. AC: Awesome, you must have a great love for music. KK: Yes. AC: What is your favorite thing about DJ-ing? Why do you enjoy it so much? KK: I like music. And it is nice to entertain people. I try to create a certain atmosphere. It is nice if that comes across the audience. AC: I see that you are a co-founder of United Beats and Virtual Club Code 415. For those who do not know, care to tell us a little about them? KK: Sure. I was spinning at a club in SL and some folks told me that they were building a little club on a borrowed parcel. They liked my music and asked if I wanted to spin there once. I did once and then again and it became a weekly thing, each Friday night. Well, those folks and I are still running that Club till today. It is over 3 years now. A lot has changed over the years. AC: That sounds like a lot of fun. KK: Yes, it is. It does take a lot of work though. We had a borrowed parcel at first, and then we got a sim. I think it was in 2008 that the sim

prices went up a lot. As our aim had always been to have non-commercial sim (no shops etc.) it became very expensive for us to keep the sim. We met another friend; a club owner and rented the sim together. In time other clubs joined and the United Beats community was founded. Now we have the sim with 4 official UB clubs and many other music minded people that rent a plot. Shops are kept to a minimum and music is our main thing. AC: That sounds like a great experience. KK: It is a good meeting place for DJ’s and producers.

that everyone should deserve a chance, if we feel that they would fit our club that is. So scouting for new good DJ’s is a big challenge. There are a lot of DJ’s around, but we do not like all kinds of music. I mean, we host the club ourselves and have to listen to the music for hours! So we’d like DJ’s that spin kind of what we can enjoy. I used to tp all around SL scanning for a good DJ, but that’s madness! So we made an “open stage”. A plot where anyone can spin that is fully automated. All instructions come on a notecard you can get behind the DJ booth and the stream is provided. If people like “techno”, they will find United Beats soon enough. The DJ’s are doing very well. So, yeah, it is a lot of work.

AC: Is Techno music the only type you do? KK: Basically, yes. But the term Techno makes lot of people think of a specific type of boom boom! LOL. Techno has many different subgenres and has different styles. Nowadays genres are sometimes hard to distinguish. It varies from very sensitive or deep to the harder styles one would expect. I like to spin myself the slower more laid back styles. AC: You mentioned earlier that it was a lot of work with everything you have going. What do you find to be the most challenging aspect? KK: Well, my role in Code 415 is mostly booking the DJ’s. Now I can go and only book my couple of favorite DJ’s but we have decided

AC: Sounds like it can be, but rewarding if you like it as well. KK: Well, we get to know a lot of interesting people this way. All music minded. AC: Do you have any advice for music lovers interested in DJ-ing? KK: Yes, have fun doing it. That is most important. I know that all DJ’s on SL do their best! Just do what you like best. Some DJ’s might not spin the style I personally like, but if done really well, it is very much appreciated. Basically, have your own style.

Kemmi Kamachi has an amazing passion for not only being a DJ, but helping others discover and further explore their love of music and spinning tunes. With all of the great places one can go to listen to music in SL and get together with like-minded people, United Beats/Code 415 is on that list. Dance to the beats of contemporary electronic dance music and discover a great place you wish that you knew about long before you did. For more info on United Beats, visit their website: http:// A

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In the Nightlife Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Rusch Raymaker


usic is the rhythmic pulse that keeps us dancing, taping our feet, and singing too. It has the power to uplift our spirits and be consoled at the same time. Be it singer, song-writer, musician, DJ, or music lover, music can affect us all in more ways than one. It is no doubt that music has played a vital role in our society. Everything from loud, head-banging concerts to religious ceremonies has utilized the medium of music because of its awe-inspiring qualities. Music is basically the control of sound. We can control this sound by varying the pitch, tempo, octaves, and dynamics and so on. There are thousands of ways that we can use music and to shape it to how we want to hear it.

Second Life® has given us many different outlets to explore music and all of its wondrous genres. One place that helps us do that is AVENUE’s featured club of the month, The Fourth Dimension & Immersed Club. Fmeh Tagore, resident of SL® for almost five years and owner of The Fourth Dimension & Immersed, has created a colorful and inviting nightclub experience that is truly enjoyable. Nightclubs are the best places to have some time with your friends. The Fourth Dimension is a good nightclub to dance the night away in. The club has a variety of music genres to groove to as well as live DJ’s. For those who prefer to sit back and listen to the tunes with a drink in hand, there are spots to do that as well. A bonus treat is the underwater club called Immersed, located right underneath the Fourth Dimension. It is like stepping into a cool magical world surrounded in water. Just like the Fourth Dimension, this club has live DJ’s as well as a steady stream of music. Fmeh said that he “wanted to create something graphically that I had not seen yet in Second Life. Some of the graphics I initially used were some layering work I had made for my forum that I always thought looked cool and I wanted to see if I could make multi-layered walls with the same textures. It worked out really well and I expanded it from there. I love multilayering. I just mainly hope that they have a good time, but overall I’m hoping to give people a relaxed feeling when they come. One of the things I really wanted to have is a club that

doesn’t have flashing lights everywhere and fast movement; I wanted something soothing, and I hope people get that out of my club.” Open to people in every walk of life, The Fourth Dimension and Immersed club was created as a place for people to come together, listen to great music, and dance. What could be more fun than that? Sometimes the same old night clubs simply won’t suit the occasion. Every once in a while you need something a little extra special in order to set the tone for the evening. If you enjoy visiting different clubs and spaces in Second Life than you should check this one out during your travels, it will not be a disappointment. Be sure to visit on Friday nights at 8pm-11pm SLT for their weekly events. Soon there will be events on Tuesday, Thursday, as well as Fridays. You can also check out their website as well for more information: A

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Written by Isadora Fiddlesticks Photography by Tillie Ariantho

Keeping it Surreal in P


ursuing learning and creativity has always been two of the driving forces of many of the people who choose to spend their time in Second LifeŽ. Everywhere you go, there isn’t anywhere you cannot always be mesmerized by something created in the world and also learn a thing or two in the process. Time spent in this virtual world is so rewarding whenever we choose to see the virtual world in a way that we can learn and be creative at the same time.

Enter Pia Klaar, machinimator who came to SL in 2007. With her machinima and her attitude in learning combined, she makes machinima that not only entertains, but also educates and shows other possibilities meant for Second Life. I have stumbled upon her machinima, ‘Surreal’ recently and had been absolutely fascinated about her use of various places to present the art and theory of Surrealism in Second Life. Curious, I went to contact Pia Klaar and started asking questions. Who is she? How did she get into SL®? How did she get into machinima? Thus this article is born. I came to know that Klaar has been in SL since 2007, after a colleague of hers mentioned how educators were using the virtual world to teach. Since her background was teaching and she also happens to love using new technology, she quickly signed up. “I was intrigued with SL, but also totally out of my element since I had never used any type of computer “game” before. So I spent the first couple of months taking as many in-world classes as I could: building, scripting, SL basics.” She had this idea of Second Life as “a place for students to use as an educational means”. Thus, she spent about a year in the Teen Grid to investigate the possibility. While in the grid, she met someone who helps teenagers learn machinima. She helped with the classes, and soon enough was filming the weekly newscast shows that the teens produced. “After filming

the teen newscast shows, I came back to the Adult Grid and began filming educational conferences as well as other workshops and classes in the SL educational community. It was around this time when I was asked to be part of a group that was starting an online magazine that would feature the librarian activities within SL. Thus, I became the Multimedia Editor for the RezLibris Magazine .” Pia tells me her background is art and computers, so was natural to make machinima. Her degrees in Fine Arts, Educations and Masters in Computers altogether combined gave her the ability to create and make an impact through her machinima. “One of the reasons I love to create machinima is that I can use the photography skills that I studied in art school as well as the computer technology that I have come to love. When I create machinima, I am not a storyteller; one who tells a story with words. Rather, I am an artist, a photographer, who sets a mood, a scene, in which the viewer can experience the ‘story’ through movement, images, music and light. Because I film with the ‘eye of the photographer’, I often will shoot a scene a dozen times until I feel that the camera angle, light and mood are perfect.” Pia has this idea that SL gives an artist the canvas on which to create images and stories using its many tools that it offers. She then describes her process, which begins with an idea or a mood, then progressing to the

gathering of materials such as animations, props, skin, hair, avatars who can participate and then looking for sims that would work best to portray the idea. Music comes next and then she would start filming. “I often film the same scene over and over again--until I feel that I have it ‘right’. Everything is saved on an external hard drive, for each film can have about 60 to 100 GB of film clips. I edit using the Adobe Creative Suite CS5 using Premiere for the editing, Photoshop and After Effects for other images and techniques that I am trying to present. I also use such software tools as Audacity and Virtual Dub for music or sound. In addition I use a variety of SL viewers from Kirstens, Phoenix, or at times, any new SL Beta Viewer (for example the Mesh Project Viewer).” Being a machinimator for several years already has started to make her want to try an experiential piece using different techniques. So the machinima ‘Moments’ was born, but she was not really sure how it would be first received. Eventually she found out that ‘Moments’ has been so well received, that it was featured at the MMIF Festive last year at the Shanghai World Expo, and then again in the 2010 Machinima Expo. Pia shares that the idea for ‘Surreal’ was an extension of the film ‘Moments’. “I wanted to try out various techniques, to stretch my ability and see what I could do. I thought that the theme of Surrealism would work in a virtual

world like SL. I began by researching surreal art and artists; gathering information, images and ideas. Then, I began filming in in-world, trying out different approaches and techniques. From there I gradually built up the flow of the machinima. I knew that I wanted to have images and objects portrayed in ways that they would not be in real life. Salvador Dali, Man Ray and Rene Magritte are surreal artists that I used for inspiration. As they do, I also wanted to play with the images in a manner that would leave the viewers to wonder “What does that mean?” It’s true, no other machinima has sought out to portray Surrrealism and our sense of wonderment, and in other times, bewilderment, at some odd art installations in Second Life, than the machinima ‘Surreal’ has. Better yet, Klaar has captured and immortalized in machinima how Second Life is now for her an avenue of creativity. From initially realizing SL as a place for educating and teaching, to seeing SL’s endless possibilities and capacities for creativity, what’s next for Pia Klaar? “That’s a difficult question for me to answer. I never know in what direction I will be heading next in SL. I have gone from the Teen Grid, to the educational community here in SL. Then been part of a magazine for librarians. Now, I mainly concentrate on machinima and am involved in the SL art community as well as numerous machinima groups.” Klaar muses

"I knew that I wanted to have images and objects portrayed in ways that they would not be in real life" that “Maybe I have completed the circle of my travels here in the virtual world, and I feel that although I began this journey as someone ‘exploring the possibilities of SL for education’, I have realized instead its endless possibilities and capacities for creativity. Musicians, artists, writers, photographers, architects, dancers, performers of all venues... have found a niche here. My goal is to continue to try to capture some of that magic.” A

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1000 Written by Xandrah Sciavo Photography by Annough Lykin


and the Fabulous Gracie Kendal


f you visit the 1000 Avatars Project at artist Gracie Kendal’s gallery at Artropolis [146.29.3999], you will see the following quote by Laura Mercier on the floor: “Think for a minute about what makes you fabulous and how you can celebrate it.” With her gallery of recent work, Kendal makes a statement about the many ways that our community of avatars are unique, beautiful, and fabulous, indeed. From super heroes to colorful nekos, and a ballerina

or beauty to round out the roster of images on display, Kendal has captured a diverse range of subjects as a part of her evolving project that began in October of 2010 and continues forward. Through the 1000 Avatars Project, this insightful artist also explores how we as people choose to construct our virtual identities, and she seeks to discover information about how, as a community of avatars, we represent ourselves in a virtual world.

Gracie Kendal’s exploration of the manifestation of virtual identity began during her real world graduate studies, when working on her university thesis in Studio Art, “The Gracie Kendal Project - My Life as an Avatar.” During her thesis, she transformed herself into her avatar, Gracie, by coloring her own hair, piercing her nose, and dressing in the same manner as her avatar. Soon after, in early October of 2010, Kendal was a featured artist at the Caerleon Museum of Identity show, in which each participant presented artwork related to identity. The theme of the show was ambiguity, and Kendal relates that her overall experience with the show planted additional seeds that led her to creation of the 1000 Avatars Project, an idea that had roots reaching back two to three years prior. “I had actually thought of doing a project in real life called ‘50 most beautiful people.’ I was going to do portraits of avatars and cut them out like cutout dolls and put them in collages. Then I saw a couple that I had done and chucked the idea. Well, that idea, I think, took root in the 1000 avatars project somewhere.” Combining the ideas that began to develop during her participation in the museum show with her previous plans for a project, Kendal also brought themes from her thesis to what would soon become the 1000 Avatar Project. “My art, the paintings, even the Gracie Kendal Project, was about spontaneity and repetition. I think this also applies to the 1000 Avatars Project.” Although photography is the medium with

which this talented artist has chosen to paint her message in the 1000 Avatars Project, Kendal says that she does not consider herself a photographer, but would choose the label “performance artist or photographer painter.” She describes that she chose to do very little post-production editing on her photographs other than basic cropping and adding text. This led to a mid-project revelation, an “aha” moment of sorts, when she pondered the imperfections of the avatars in the photographs. “I started to really look at the avis, and I am a serious perfectionist. At first, I didn’t like it when the angle of someone’s shoe was not right or their fingers were going through their arm when they crossed them. But then, I realized... that is how it is. That is not my fault, nor their fault, and that makes them less than perfect. In the end, it doesn’t matter.” To Kendal, the imperfections of our avatars, just as with those of our human selves, became something to embrace and wholeheartedly celebrate, and it became a very important premise of the project. Additionally, it is noted that the portraits on display do not depict faces, nor do they even display profiles. Each of the subjects are shot facing away from the camera, a perspective that is not without meaning to the artist. “That is symbolic of the anonymity that a lot of people treasure here hiding the face, being unrecognizable,” Kendal tells us, going on to elaborate. “I have been thinking on the ideas of Gracie as me vs. Gracie as a doll (hence the wind up key) vs. Gracie as an ideal version of me. I started to ask if

it mattered who was on the other side of the avatar, on the other side of the computer. I still haven’t found the answer, but that is what art is for... to help with that.” Kendal has chosen to dedicate the project to the late Delinda Dyrssen, a friend known to many in the Second Life® community, who traveled the world with a nonprofit organization that helped to fund kidney donations. Kendal indicated that three weeks prior to Dryssen’s passing, she posted the Mercier quote on her Twitter page, and Kendal immediately found meaning in the words as they would relate to the project. Gracie Kendal’s exhibit and ongoing project has received a lot of attention recently. Kendal has faithfully documented the project’s progress in her own blog http://1000avatars.wordpress. com/, and the project has been promoted in places like Facebook, Twitter, and Plurk, but her gallery and studio has been buzzing with activity since the Second Life Destination Guide chose to highlight the 1000 Avatars Project. She recalls, “It was really great! After it hit the destination guide... WOW! It just exploded. It’s been really amazing. I get IMs and emails all the time from people telling me how wonderful the project is and how much they want to be in it, so I am really proud that I can bring that to people and share it with them.” Volunteering oneself to be a part of the project is a simple process, Kendal advises. “The best way to get in touch with me if I am not in-world is to email me at and I will let them know when I will be shooting next.” Interested

"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go" subjects can come to Kendal ‘s studio at the appointed time dressed and prepared with animations that are good depictions of their individuality. “I ask people to bring their own animations because this is based on their own identity. I don’t have any poses. I want them to use gestures, dances, animations and poses that represent them.” On January 13, 2011, Gracie Kendal actually met her 1000 avatar milestone, but she has no plans to stop anytime soon! On her blog, she quotes T.S. Eliot as stating, “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” In parentheses, she adds, “With that being said… on to my next 1000!!!!” Kendal, who sees this ongoing project as a collaboration with the SL® community, has every intention of forging ahead to her new goal of 2000 avatars, hoping to continue to spread the message of the value of diversity and individuality among us in our virtual world through her artistic works. A

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AVENUE Magazine February 2011  

Love of Expression is truly why we're all here. AVENUE is proud to continuously feature some of Second Life's most profound and creative ar...

AVENUE Magazine February 2011  

Love of Expression is truly why we're all here. AVENUE is proud to continuously feature some of Second Life's most profound and creative ar...