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Queen of Hearts

February 2010

My Precious

Publisher's Note Tis that time of the year, when the celebration of love spreads the world over. To help you buy that perfect stylish gift for that special someone, we have created a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide which you will receive along with your copy of this issue through our kiosks or you can find it on This month’s labour of love in this issue is brimming with style gods and goddesses featuring Fashion Icon Thalia Jie, Vixie Rayna’s glam mix in her regular Fun with Fashion column, a smoldering hot Valentine’s spread in AVENUE Homme by Jarl Soderstrom and a recap of the brilliant blast off of 36 top fashion designers working together with Rezzable and AVENUE Models for the Greenies CyberCouture show “The Future is Now”. One of our favourite artists, Filthy Fluno’s shares his latest work on his musings on the theme of women. So let romance and love court you in style. I’m sure you will find an apt muse in this issue so here’s to a Valentine’s Day that will make your heart go Va Va Voom!

Rusch Raymaker Rusch Raymaker Publisher & Editor in Chief AVENUE

Editor's Note Happy Valentine’s Day SL’ers! Love is in the air for some of us in SL, as Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It seems that the grid is ripe for a lot of serious Valentine’s Day decorations, shopping, and events. It’s great to celebrate the international day of love here in SL, for there are PLENTY, as in PLENTY of romantic places to go to for some serious romancing. Unlike in real life, where people would need to reserve weeks in advance for a table at a fancy restaurant for Valentine’s Day, all the places we need to go to in Second Life is just a teleport away, and there is always a place secluded enough for you and your loved one if you search hard for it. As for shopping and finding the right outfit to wear for that date of all dates, we also got you covered in this issue, providing lots of pages of fashion for women as well as men to enjoy. But we won’t stop there, we also feature new furniture shops where you can find that perfect sofa to cuddle with your loved one, a DJ for both of you to dance to, and new art to feast your eyes to. All these and more, in this very special issue. We hope you enjoy this issue and may your February be filled with love, fun, and delight!

Isadora Fiddlesticks Isadora Fiddlesticks Managing Editor AVENUE

Photos by Aleida Rhode


Fashion Icon Thalia Jie "The Pioneer"

AVENUE Magazine February 2010 cover


Featured Designer Djod Karu “Going GaGa Over Fashion”

Featuring Janina Scarmon My Precious Queen 2010 Outfit: The Love by My Precious Photographer: AtomicSparkle Skytower




Fashion Agenda 2010 The Future Is Now

Fun with Fashion Haute Glam

Cover Story Agnes Finney “Queen Maker”________________32 Fashion Spread Baiastice_________________________________ 42 Fashion Spread Angel Dessous_____________________________64 Fashion Spread Nardcotix “The Grace of Elegance”__________86 Featured Fashion Photographer Ragdoll__________________________________ 98 Fashion Spread Osakki “Splashes of Style”_________________108 Avenue Homme The art of seduction______________________134 Fashion Agenda Menswear Fashion Week___________________144 Fashion Agenda Modern Gypsy “Clothing as Art”_ ___________158

My Precious Queen Contest Road to Royalty January 2010_ _____________188 AVENUE Model of the Month Dimitri Shinn____________________________200 Interiors | Exteriors Jordan Giant_____________________________210 Business Feature Extreme Reality__________________________222 Club of the Month Everyone Comes To Bogart’s________________228 DJ of the Month Mace Runo_ _____________________________ 234 Media Mojo The Copper Robot________________________242 Moving Images Machinima 30 Day Series by Chantal Harvey_ _248 Featured Artist Filthy Fluno’s Women_ ____________________260

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A Fi

Cover Story

Written by Roland Zepp Photography by Vera Canning

Agnes inney

Queen Maker

When Agnes Finney wanted to do something special to help promote My Precious, she took a unique approach. Many designers hire house models, and others have contests. Agnes created royalty. Starting in May of 2009, My Precious sponsored a contest to select My Precious Royal Princesses. In January, the winners of these monthly competitions went head to head on the runway for a prize package which included a custom gown, jewelry, cash, and other prizes

Janina Scarmon My Precious Queen 2010

worth more than L$30,000.

Janina Scarmon My Precious Queen 2010

Agnes Finney explained the rationale for her event. “I planned to have this contest since April 2009. It was originally an idea to reward those supporters who love my dresses. It is still taken as my thanks to my members, but I think it might be a good idea to discover princesses who are beautiful and great at styling to be our fashion icon. That’s why the contest was made more competitive to look for the best.” My Precious hosted the final competition, and the contestants each had an opportunity to strut their stuff on the runway—first in cocktail dresses and then in a My Precious gown. Each contestant was also asked one question from a celebrity judge of their choosing. The judges represented the sponsors and consisted of Alienbear Gupte and Mui Mukerji from Alienbear Designs, Sykao Adamski of Entre Mares, Rusch Raymaker and Jesika Contepomi from AVENUE, and Will and Agnes Finney of My Precious. When asked how well the contest went, Ms. Finney was quite enthusiastic. “We were excited to see all of the lovely entries each month as well as the improvement of our princesses’ styling and the quality of the pictures. Many of the same lovely ladies enter month after month improving all the time. We really appreciated their effort, which has raised the quality of our contest.”

The panel of judges picked Ms. Janina Scarmon to be My Precious Queen for 2010 and named Ms. Julie Brand (First Runner-up) and Ireland Anthony (Second Runner-up) to form her court. For the next year, My Precious Queen will preside over the next round of monthly contests and represent My Precious in various events. AVENUE Magazine had an opportunity to talk to Ms. Scarmon about her participation in the contest and her career as a model. “It was wonderful,” Ms. Scarmon said. “The other women selected to be in it were all beautiful and just as deserving of the crown. I was very shocked when I heard my name called. There were models there who had been in the modeling world for a while. They had even been models for Agnes. I went in knowing I had some real competition.” When asked why she decided to make the long term commitment, she replied, “I thought it would be a wonderful part to my life here. I have always admired Agnes for her creativity and the beautiful designs she brings to SL™. So when the opportunity came last year, I submitted my entry and was really happy to be chosen. I am still in awe of her and feel very honored to represent her fashion house. Of course the contest grew into what is known as My Precious Royal Princess and then to the contest

Janina Scarmon My Precious Queen 2010

that was held at the beginning of the month.

The Eight My Precious Royal Princesses

Being a part of that was very important to me. I didn’t want the chance to pass up representing Agnes Finney and My Precious as queen.” Ms. Scarmon is not content to rest on her laurels. We asked what she’d be doing next in addition to her duties as My Precious Queen. “More modeling

May: Diana Darkfold

and the chance to go to AVENUE Modeling School

June: Ireland Anthony

so I can become an even better model. I know I

July: Janina Scarmon

will learn so much more about modeling and the

August: Lynn Kristan

whole fashion business when I attend classes there.

September: Lorrie Paine

It’s funny because AVENUE was the first school I

October: Annamaria Manatiso

applied to when I wanted to go into modeling and

November: Jenie Jennings

now I will be able to go. It’s a really awesome

December: Julia Brand

thing for me.” The next round of the My Precious Queen competition has already begun. Sponsors for the 2010 final include Alienbear, Entre Mares,

Ms. Scarmon had some final words to share with us

AVENUE, Amacci by Carina Larsen, Talon Faire

as well. “Being a model isn’t easy, but if you are

by Amaranthim Talon and Villota’s Modeling

willing to work and be persistent about working

Equipment and Supplies. With a full year’s worth

towards your goal, you can accomplish great

of My Precious Princesses, and the example set

things. A year ago I was just a woman exploring

by the reigning My Precious Queen and Her Court,

SL, and now I am My Precious Queen. Anything

it’s sure to be a success. When asked about her

is possible if you believe in yourself and keep

plans for the new pageant, she said, “My Precious

looking towards that goal.”

is not just a fashion house. It’s a store of dreams

With talent like Agnes Finney at the helm, and

which keeps myself, as a designer, and my friends

representation like Janina Scarmon, it appears

and supporters growing and improving. Hope that

that My Precious didn’t just make a Queen. It’s

you’ll continue supporting us.”

started a dynasty.


Model Marry Eel Skin Baiastice Donnarama Casting make up 18 Hair Epoque OutďŹ t Revolver short jacket-dark night Black & Silver lines skirt Poses BehaviorBody

Model Sora Tatham Skin Baiastice Donnarama Casting pale make up 16 Hair Boon OutďŹ t Tiffany dress long version Arrow necklace and earrings set Poses BehaviorBody

Model Dancer Dallagio Skin Baiastice Donnarama Casting Sunkiss make up 7 Hair Lamb OutďŹ t Auti in black dress Onyx pools necklace and earrings set Poses BehaviorBody

Model Sora Tatham Skin Baiastice Donnarama Casting Pale make up 11 Hair W&Y OutďŹ t Disconnected dress Fabric/Lace Unkleboots black Poses BehaviorBody

Model marry Eel Skin Baiastice Donnarama Casting Peach make up 10 Hair !labieja! Marjorie OutďŹ t Cage top-black Leather Ride pants Querelle black shoes Poses BehaviorBody

Model Dancer Dallagio Skin Baiastice Donnarama Casting Peach make up 18 Hair Lamb OutďŹ t Delphi black dress PlatBijou black shoes Poses BehaviorBody

Model Antosperandeo Allen Skin TheAbyss Adam Crius Hair Miau Haus OutďŹ t Velvet Jacket purple Italian trousers purple Silk shirt light lilac HOC shoes Poses BehaviorBody

Fashion Icon

Thalia The Pioneer Written by Vixie Rayna | Photography by Thalia Jie

““We’re all pioneers to some extent in this fascinating experiment of virtual worlds, which could well be the internet of the future.” ~Thalia Jie


been a catwalk model, dancer in a chorus line, print model, fashion editor, writer, fashion stylist and a “not quite” exotic dancer. I think I’m now in the running for Second Life’s most notable dilettante. I treat Second Life as a great adventure, one where you can explore the astounding creativity that people have brought here, discover surprising friendships, play and experiment and try out different things...and all from the comfort of your computer monitor. That’s a Vixie Rayna: Thank you for taking the time to chat pretty interesting way to spend an afternoon. So for with AVENUE Magazine. Tell the readers a little about me, Second Life isn’t work, it is creative play. yourself and your time in Second Life. VR: You have been with MAD Image as a stylist since Thalia Jie: Vixie, it’s a pleasure to be part of this its inception in June 2008. Looking back, tell us how month’s AVENUE magazine. In my Second Life, I’ve you began and what your work is today. ach month AVENUE Magazine brings you a Fashion Icon, someone whose contributions to fashion inspire us all. Thalia Jie is as well known for her unique style as her striking images. We scramble each week to the MAD Image blog to see her work. Join us as this trendsetting Fashion Icon discusses her views on fashion and the industry in Second Life®.

“The memories you create here and the friendships you make will be remembered long after your last laggy strut down a catwalk has long since faded away.” - Thalia Jie TJ: Being a stylist for MAD Image (http://madimage. all began with an IM from Maddox DuPont, the owner of MADesigns and KMADD City, asking if I’d like to do some fashion posts for a new blog he was starting. Maddox is the most generous of people, and he took the time to help me understand the workings of graphic cards and their settings and how to take a snapshot in Second Life. I had absolutely no knowledge of graphic programs when I started. I thought cropping was something associated with farming, so my first blog posts were less than inspiring.

Net and now GIMP. I call it my ‘smudging pixels” meditation time. VR: We all have our passions in Second Life and it’s no doubt fashion is yours. You have fun with your looks and each new one is inventive and fresh. You seamlessly move from punk-chic to refined classics. What guides your styling choices?

TJ: I don’t follow trends, either in Second Life or in real life. I’m usually inspired around a piece that a designer has created either because of its textures, details or silhouette. Then I try and build a look Nowadays, I thoroughly enjoy the entire process of that features that one piece and ties everything creating a picture, and have gradually worked my together. It’s simply a celebration of the quality of way up from free software for cropping, to Paint. the designer’s and creator’s work.

“I don’t follow trends, either in Second Life or in real life.” - Thalia Jie VR: Over your years in Second Life, you’ve been privy to so many changes in our industry. You’ve seen first hand the rise of the model and the impact on the fashion scene. There are so many models today looking for guidance. What would you tell a new model starting out today?

we are all interdependent on each other. Even if you are the grid’s hottest fashion creator, you still need the benefits of community ties, whether it’s the generosity of the people who run the fashion feeds, the bloggers and magazine editors who take the time to appreciate and feature your creations or the myriad of other creators who attract shoppers TJ: I’d say that the modeling industry in Second to Second Life - you need them all - everything is Life is highly competitive and grossly underpaid interconnected. for the amount of time and dedication needed to be a successful model. So enjoy it, but don’t take VR: As a blogger of SL™ fashion, one must comment it too seriously because there is so much more to on the trend of everyone having one. What do you Second Life to learn and enjoy. The memories you say to the legions of those (myself included) with create here and the friendships you make will be personal blogs? Whose blogs do you admire and read remembered long after your last laggy strut down a regularly? catwalk has long since faded away. TJ: I think it’s wonderful that so many people have VR: The fashion industry can be a tough place, not blogs. It’s this great burst of creativity from so many just for models. What could you do without? different people, writing, taking photographs and expressing themselves. I think everyone has a deepTJ: What I could do without in the fashion community seated need to create and to have their opinions is sadly impossible. It’s the down side of human heard. That’s why I’m a huge fan of blogs, whether nature, the jealousy, the bitching and the downright it’s news from Second Life and virtual worlds like nastiness that often surfaces in blogs, postings and the “New World Notes” or the insightful articles by Gwyneth Llewelyn. group comments. Second Life is a community, and

“I think I’m now in the running for Second Life’s most notable dilettante.” -Thalia Jie

As for my tiny part of the metaverse, the fashion blogs I enjoy and regularly read are “A Passion for Virtual Fashion” by Harper Beresford, “More than Meets the Eye” by Grazia Horwitz, “Linka’s Fashion” by Linka Demina, and “It’s Only Fashion” by Cajsa Lilliehook. Each of the writers has a unique take on fashion, a distinctive personal style and a great eye for color and details.

VR: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. Is there anything you would like to add? TJ: Just a thought that for everyone who’s a part of Second Life, I think we’re all pioneers to some extent in this fascinating experiment of virtual worlds, which could well be the internet of the future. It’s an exciting time and an exciting place to be in. A

Featured Designer

Going GaGa

Djod Over Fashion

Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Mischa Cuttita

Lady GaGa once mused “I’m an outspoken and extreme dresser. I am inspired by photography and art, but mostly by New York.” Well, GaGa may have spoken the words, but Djod Karu and her fabulous store “DIRAM” live that quote. Inspired by pop culture, and many of



mainstream Karu


taken her vision of the pop world and brought its sexiest

Karu features to Second Life®.

Sitting down with the gorgeous French-speaking

designer, she enlightened, informed, and gave AVENUE the inside scoop on DIRAM.

Sensuous Soulstar: Hey there! Thanks so much

SS: Tell me, how did you

for sitting down with me today. I’m just going to

get your start designing in

dive right in to my questions. First, DIRAM, such


an interesting name! What does it mean?


Djod Karu: Since I was young, I promised myself

I did was to look on

that if I ever had my own brand one day, I would

the internet for “how

give it my family name, that I find super original!


LOL! Diram is my RL family name.

Second Life”. I followed

SS: Your styles definitely stand out! A lot of them

the tutorials step by

are pop culture references, including Britney

step, and made a lot of

Spears, Lil’ Kim, and of course, the woman herself,

progress. Fortunately for

Lady GaGa! What are your inspirations? What led

me, I knew Photoshop well,

you to focus on the pop culture?

which is a must for SL.

DK: Yes! I draw a lot from pop culture because it

SS: And what about the first

is big in my generation. I have always respected

piece you ever designed after

its style, and pop stars still inspire me today. My

the tutorials? Do you remember

biggest sources of inspiration are Britney Spears

it? What was it and how did it turn

and Lady GaGa! I love these women!

out that first try at it?


DK: Yes sure! We always remember our

With such a heavy dependence on pop

The first thing




culture, do you strive to have an impact or make

first, lol, just like in RL! I made a really

a statement in the fashion world? Or do you even

simple T-shirt with the picture of my favorite

care about what the fashion community has to say?

star, Britney Spears. It was my first design on


I don’t know if making an impact in the

SL, and I was super happy to wear it. I will never

fashion world is really my goal. My true goal is

forget that first step in my fashion design life on

to please me with whatever I create. The passion


flows through my veins, and nobody will ever be

SS: Let’s jump back for a moment, how did you

able to remove it! So I prefer to say that I don’t

even find your way into Second Life?

even worry what the fashion world has to say!

DK: A few years ago I heard about Second Life on

“ Creating is

my whole life in RL, and it’s the same thing for my SL life. I’m just here and I cannot see me in SL without creating.

a television broadcast on French TV. They talked

they have always helped me progress in my work.

about the phenomenon of SL, a virtual world

SS: Is there a life for Ms. Karu outside of designing?

where you could do whatever you desired. They

DK: Creating is my whole life in RL, and it’s the

then introduced a clothing designer who had his

same thing for my SL life. I’m just here and I

own business! I said to myself, “wow!”. And since

cannot see me in SL without creating. I literally

that day I’ve been in SL!

relax by creating.

SS: Once you finally got the hang of this place,


what was your first impression of the fashion here?

Anything pushing the boundaries of fashion coming

DK: Unfortunately, when I landed in SL, I went

out for the new year?

directly to the freebie scene where there were ugly


and terrible things! But, over time I discovered the

collection that is very important to me. It took me

great fashion in SL. I again thought “wow”. LOL! I

months to do, and I’m super excited to share it

am always surprised and amazed when I visit the

with you. It is called “SCANDALOUS” and it will be

big brand names in SL.

huge I’m sure! I will say no more, and will let the

SS: How long were you designing clothes before

world discover it!

you felt comfortable enough with your designs to

SS: Finally, is there any advice that you would give

open your first store? And once you finally opened

to up-and-coming/aspiring/struggling designers

to the community, how did they receive you? What

trying to make a footprint in the SL fashion

was original feedback like?


DK: I think I was a quick one, lol. After about 3

DK: For the upcoming designers in SL! One word:

months of being in SL, I started to do odd jobs

Perseverance! NOTHING is easy to do, and nothing

in order to rent my small shop and to be able to

is impossible in SL! Just have fun!

put out my first designs. I recall I was a model for

SS: I thank you so much for sitting down with me

about 15 different things!

and have enjoyed this interview!

The feedback was the same as what I heard from


my friends, and my creations were well received

pleasure to answer your questions, and I embrace

by people. I often receive positive compliments,

all AVENUE readers and I say a big THANK YOU to

but I also have had a few negative comments, but

all the AVENUE Staff! XOXO... Djod

What should we expect next from DIRAM?

So for this new year 2010, I prepared a

Thank you again, Miss Soulstar! It was a


The Graceof Elegance

Fashion Spread



Photographer, Model & Stylist | Mui Mukerji


Absinthe Scarlet Shoes


Diana Gown

Styling on Previous Page: Necklace and Earrings - Alienbear Designs Hair - Tukinowaguma Skin - Dutch Touch


Rebekah Pumps Rose Shoes

Styling on Next Page: Necklace and Earrings - Paper Couture Bracelets - Alienbear Designs Hair - Paper Couture Skin - Dutch Touch


Ella English Victorian Gown


Wenadrenia Evening Gown


Kurvy T-S Gold Shoes

Styling on Previous Page: Necklace. Earrings and Bracelets - Alienbear Designs Hair - Tukinowaguma Skin - Dutch Touch

Featured Fashion Photographer

]Rag It’s a Passion, Not a Job Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Natasja Schumann

“Photography is not a job, it’s a passion.” Those words were spoken by Lita Menges, one half of ]RagDoll[, a photography and graphic arts studio that is taking Second Life® by storm. Lita and co-owner Daniele Eberhardt are giving new life to the art world in Second Life. Fashion photography will never look the same if this powerhouse duo continues to set the bar at such an unreachable standard.

Doll[ Sensuous Soulstar: Thank you guys so much for taking the time out to sit with me and give me the inside look at ]RagDoll[. Let’s get right into it. Lita, how did you get your start in photography? Lita Menges: Honestly, I don’t know how this job started. I think that the fault came from Dadina Dosei of DD Style, my best friend in SL™ and RL. I started to make some photos and ads for her outfits and found it the thing for me.

SS: This is for both of you, do you remember the first piece you ever shot, and how did it turn out? LM: My avatar of course, and OMG, it was horrible! It was a photo for a skin contest, and I still have it in my inventory. Daniele Eberhardt:

My first

photo was also on my avatar. I must say that I have had some improvements since that first shot. SS: So was fashion photography the first venture for both of you, or did you try any other skills before this? DE: My passion for fashion has been with me from those first moments in SL up until my search for the possible roads to get to fashion shows. I’ve always had a big imagination. First, I spent time learning to build, and then it was photography. I have not done anything else other than to bring my RL passions into Second Life. In SL, it is amusing because I can unite everything in my imagination.


I tried to become a model. But I used

that were interested in my art. But I discovered

to get bored during the fashion shows, I was

that I love to take fashion photos. It has become

absentminded and, therefore, I was a disaster.

a real life passion as well. I have published some

SS: Alright, so tell me, how did you two meet,

of my RL works on my Flickr stream.

and what made you decide to go into business

SS: I think the majority of photographers focus


on just doing basic photo art, portraits, standard

LM: I took some photos of Daniele for the contest

shots and whatnot. What led you to branch out

“Wanna Be a Top Model”. He was so awesome

and to get into graphic manipulation, and could

and very funny, so it was easy for us to start a

you explain a little of it for the readers?


DE: For me the photo is one of the excellent

SS: Now, let’s get into ]RagDoll[. First, tell me

forms of art. After all, today it is also a form

what led you to name the company ]RagDoll[?

of modern art. As far as the graphics works, it


Haha, ok. Awhile back, I quarreled with

is another way to realize artistic compositions

a person that I thought to be one of my best

without the use of brushes and cloth, and

friends on SL, and while fighting a lot of insults

another way to transmit and communicate.

flew. One of the last things he said to me was


“you are a b**** and a stupid doll...a rag doll!”

photography of course, but at home with

It wasn’t so amusing at the time, and I was so

my triplets paint is impossible. So, I went to

nervous and hysterical. But after awhile, I don’t

something that gave me the opportunity to

know why, but I started laughing like crazy and

express myself, and graphic manipulation was

somehow Rag Doll stayed in my head.

great for this. With SL photos I think there is a

SS: Wow, that is definitely an interesting story

need to adjust the imperfections caused by the

behind the name. So when was ]RagDoll[ created,

limitations of SL, such as the light, the shadow,

and what was your original goal in starting up

the shape of avatar, etc. I find it to be wonderful

the business?

that I can express my creativity contextualizing

LM: ]RagDoll[ was created during the last year

the subjects and objects of the photos with a

(2009). My original goal was to establish a photo

background and setting made by myself using

art gallery and sometimes work for designers


In RL, I love paint, oil and acrylic, and


I know that you both do work for other

about ]RagDoll[ and see some of your work?

companies with your photography and modeling…

DE: We have a studio in PIAZZA ITALIA (32, 48, 25)

do you find that ]RagDoll[ lets you be a little more

with a lot of our exhibitions and with all of the

expressive and more creative with your work, or

necessary information. Everyone is welcome.

is it the opposite?

LM: There is also information on our blog at http://

LM: In some ways it is good, and for others, it’s, on Flickr http://

not. Of course I work best if I’m free and inspired,, on Moolto, and

which is not always possible, so I take my time

on Pixelook. You can also Google Lita Menges.

in creating my work, waiting for just the right

SS: As always, I like to leave the readers with

moment, or I send the picture to Daniele.

some positive advice. So, is there any advice

DE: We also work for many houses of fashion with

that you’d give to anyone interested or considering

the purpose of publicizing their brands and their

getting into photography or the graphic arts?

products, so in making these types of photos, we

DE: If you like to work with photography or graphic

have to be very creative.

composition, try to remember that everything in

SS: This question is for Daniele - I know that you

the arts consists of transmitting your vision to all

do a lot of modeling work as well. What led you

who see it. Regards everyone!

to get involved in a graphic arts business? And do


you feel that the modeling work has given you a

a job, they are a passion and sometimes it is

special edge in knowing what to look for in a shot,

possible to lose money and time. But they can be

or how to capture a certain look?

very satisfying provided you are prepared to put

DE: Photography and modeling go together for

in them all your heart and mind.

me. I have decided to create this business to

I would end with a quote that came out of talking

combine a passion of mine. Certainly I can say

with Daniele about photography, and it’s the quote

that modeling helps me a lot with photography.

that I used on my Flickr profile: “Photos, all that

I’ve learned that it is important to create the

we do, are our point of view on the world... Some

right atmosphere in the right place with the right

photos are perfect, but often they have nothing


to say... Others are far less perfect, but so alive

SS: Where can interested readers find out more

you feel their scream.”

Yes, photography and graphic arts aren’t


Linnda Scofield

Linnda Scofield

Rhonda Pennell

Regina Tobias

Fun With Fashion

Written by Vixie Rayna Photography by Vixie Rayna

The best part of being in the Second Life® fashion industry is discovering talent and finding inspiration in their amazing designs. You then are able to create your own art through styling. My work with designers at GOLden Shopping offers me many opportunities to find those must-have pieces and create my own personal style. Marcopol Oh is the sweetest and shared a few new jewelry pieces with me. The Lacroix bangle is to DIE for and it totally inspired

today’s look. It’s a fitted cuff style with an embellished cross, and a unique find in SL™. It inspired me to really glam up with the So Many Styles’ Fishy Glitter Dress. It’s another fabulous must-have item for your wardrobe. The detailed sequin texture and fitted design makes it perfect for that trendy AVENUE afterparty. I’ve really mixed up the look for you today, adding the ruffled collar from Kyoot to show the versatility of the dress and unite my second look. It’s fun to play with your look, and this month’s are very haute glam.

Dress - So Many Styles - Fishy Glitter in Silver (Jacket & Pants Layer) Cardigan - BOOM - Wrong Size Card in Champagne (Undershirt Layer) Pants - So Many Styles Pik in Beige2 (Underpants Layer) Belt - - Wide Waist in Wine

Bangle - Marcopol Oh Studio - My Bangle Lacroix Ring - JCNY - Florentine Engagement Ring Shoes - Djinn & Tonic - Susanne (Limited Edition)

Skin - [KA]- Bardot Vivienne Pale in Makeup 01 Hair - Maitreya - Nimue in Walnut Eyes - MADesign - Truth in Green 7 Lashes - LeeZu - Diva Jacket - Kyoot Army - Straight Jacket (Shirt Layer & Collar/Sleeve) *Tinted*

Hair - Vintage Wear - Pushed and Shoved in Brown Tones Skin - KA - Bardot Vivienne Pale in Makeup 01 Eyes - MADesign - Truth in Green 7 Lashes - KM - Starry Earrings - Pididdle - Cloth Button Monocle - Marcopol Oh Studio - Le Monocle In Gold Shirt - Coco - Rufe in Purple

Marcopol Oh is also a generous group gift giver, and he offered the recent Le Monocle in Gold to the GOLden Shoppers group. It’s inquisitive in style, so simple but very chic. COCO recently released some amazing ruffled jackets, and the deep, rich purple immediately caught my eye. One could be very feminine with this styling, but I wanted a more androgynous glam look. I paired it with my inventory favorite, the LeeZu britpants. The pants have an amazing texture quality and wonderful prim work with cuffed pants. I look forward to seeing your haute glam styles on the streets and runways. Until next month, remember...Fashion is Fun!

Corset - LeeZu - Mia in Black Pants - LeeZu - Brit in Black Boots - J’s - Thigh Hight in Black Ring - JCNY - Florentine Engagement Ring Poses - Torridwear



the art of

seduction Jarl Soderstrom Writer | Stylist | Photographer | AVENUE Model

It’s cold outside, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be cold inside as well. This month in honor of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to help men heat up the bedroom to boiling temperatures! I tried creating looks that are sure to get the fires burning in the bedroom no matter what your partner’s tastes may be. From tattooed bad boy to trend-setting playboy to the boy next door, I have something for you! First of all, you need to really know what gets your partner going. What turns them on? What can’t they resist?

bad boy antics The look is totally bad boy sexy with its off the shoulder, unbuttoned shirt showing off a steely six pack underneath. The beaded rosary that he keeps around his neck shows that maybe he isn’t a total bad boy after all. His sexy gold low-cut boxers, full body tattoo and slick, tinted wraparound shades help to complete this sexy look that would be truly hard for any woman to resist.

Hair CheerNo Simple Black Skin Belleza Ewan V2 Tan 7 Glasses FNKY! FreeBase Glasses (Black) Necklace Naith Smit (NS) Rosary Chain Tattoo Aitui Mechanical Fern Boxers Vitamen - Gold Boxer Monogram Shirt ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Off shoulder shirt Black

globe trotting playboy Our second look lends us the image of the international playboy. The male jetsetter who likes to feel wrapped snuggly in a cocoon of luxury while relaxing in the bedroom at home or abroad. The purple silk robe ďŹ ts him comfortably, wrapping around his gym-sculpted body and enveloping him in the cool, smooth feel of silk. Every fashionista’s dream, jetting around the world to Paris, Milan and Rome with our jet-setting playboy on her arm.

Hair UW Studios Robin (metoric swarm) Skin Belleza Ewan V2 Tan 7 Robe *Shai* The Heffner Smoking Robe Plum

the boy next door And finally we come to the squeeky clean boy next door. Well, maybe not so squeeky clean after all. The golden tripple rosary around his neck says “good Catholic boy”, but that body and those smoldering blue eyes tell a different story. Many a girl has spent a sleepless night lusting after one of these...that clean-cut good boy who used to cut his family’s yard with his shirt off. Abs glistening with sweat and he worked all summer long shirtless...maybe becuase of the hot temperatures..but then again maybe just for you.

Underwear [LeLutka]-JEAN bikini slip underpants/white Skin Belleza Ewan V2 Tan 7 Hair UW Ilias black Glasses FNKY! Fly Glasses (Black)


Fashion Agenda

Menswear Fashion Written by Takeshi Kiama Photography by Tillie Ariantho, Rob1977 Moonites, Takeshi Kiama

Second LifeŽ has been the platform for many fashion week events such as Runway’s homage to Bryant Park, Virtual London showcasing real life designs, among many others. However, none have focused solely on the fashion conscious male before now. Siren Productions has set a new precedent with Male Fashion Week. Sponsored by KMADD and held on a specially built event sim, Rob1977 Moonites, the owner and designer of FIR male fashions and his partner Lexie Jansma, owner of Siren Productions, have painstakingly and with much dedication, hard work and sleepless nights, turned a corner of the male fashion market that has been growing consistently over the past two years. It was long overdue. I sat down with Rob and Lexie to talk about their inspiration and the massive job of organizing such an event.

n Week 2010 BAIASTICE

Graffiti Hoodie

Short Gilet and Regalwool pants

Nathaniel suit

Photographer: Tillie Ariantho

Takeshi Kiama: So firstly, c the great success of MFW! to be the best Fashion Wee SL™. Even more as it was a

Lexie Jansma: Thank you.

Rob1977 Moonites: thanks

TK: Plus you’re a male which I think makes a huge clothing.


RM: It was great. It was lik that’s not so niche anymor

TK: How did you get the id are shows all the time.



Photographer: Tillie Ariantho

LJ: Well, we had just finish Fetishwear Fashion Week ( One of our friends said they all male fashion show. I, be goes over the top, said, ‘W week of male fashion?’ I am tapping into markets where of coverage like the fetish w and a few other places. But always on the women and so why not do something well, Mr. Moonites is a me and, well, I wanted to parti it’s something he knew, un

congratulations on I think that’s got ek I’ve attended in all about the guys.


s xD

fashion designer, e difference in the

ke a niche market re.

dea? I mean, there

hed up doing Latex (LFFW) in August. y wanted to do an eing a person who Why not an entire m very much about e there isn’t a lot world, menswear, t I feel the focus is women’s fashion, for the men. As enswear designer ially do it because nderstood and we

could work on together. He got really excited about the project too and dove right in. TK: Fetishwear!!! Okay we can get back to that. ;D And Lexie, you run Siren Productions? LJ: I do, yes, with a platinum stiletto. RM: LOL! We had been operating under just our own names for a while, and Lexie for even longer. But for the MFW we figured it was a good idea to brand ourselves. TK: And KMADD? They’re like THE mecca of fashion for men on SL. Were they just a natural choice for venue for this project? RM: Well, when we talked to Maddox to act as a sponsor for the event, he offered us the events sim to rent, and we figured it was as good a place as any, if not better. It gave us a bit more credibility for those that were unsure. TK: Did you do all the builds for the shows yourself? RM: I built the sim itself. Lexie built about 75% of the runways. I built a few and textured hers. LJ: We did all of them except ...the Accessories show Chinatown was by Ray

Habercom. The Baiastice Runway, The Grunge Set, and The Hip Hop Club were built by Rocco Silverstar. TK: CheerNo’s was fabulous! RM: Yes, Cheerno was my favorite, and that was really one we did together. We built about 21, I think it was in the end, and we started getting pretty pressed for time and needed a bit of help. LJ: That was about four sleepless nights and lots of grumbling on the part of Mr.Moonites. ;) TK: I can only imagine all the pressure of getting these shows organized, the vendors. Everything was laid out so well and easy to find. RM: I was pretty happy with the sim layout. Lexie designed and did the original layout, and I added to it, made the textures and finished it up. I’d mapped it out in Photoshop on a grid beforehand so we could be sure to fit everyone in. I also wanted to keep it very open, that was key for me so at least if everyone wasn’t at the landing point the vendors could all be seen from there and it was obvious there were more stores around. LJ: Yes, Mr. Moonites is really good at the

TK: I loved that it wasn’t full of unnecessary prims and decor. It helped so much with lag.

enough. But there were seventy signed up before we started, and we had up to ten alternates available for each show. They were fantastic. A great crew. They dubbed it “male model bootcamp”.

LJ: We added just enough to make it nice without overloading everyone.

TK: LOL! Best way to learn, throw them in there.

RM: Yes, and using very similar textures throughout the store areas. I think a total of twelve to fifteen meant less load time.

RM: It ended up being a lot of the same faces each day, so I know the guys had a blast and made some great friends.

TK: Exactly, that can just kill it right there. I logged on at all different times, and there was always someone there looking at the shops.

LJ: It really is trial by fire because we only got an hour and a half rehearsal time, then it’s show time. Sometimes models don’t get to walk it once until it’s show time.

RM: Yes, I loved that. I mean, the first few days there was thirty people in the sim at all times. If you typed ‘menswears’ into search, we were the number one hit!

TK: It was great to see old friends and a lot of new people coming into the industry and watch the male ranks swelling as well.

technical side of things, and I do well on the design end. He lines up a lot of my prims. ;)

TK: Why do you think there aren’t more male focused events of this type? LJ: Because this takes a lot of work, time, and commitment to do what we do. RM: Right. I’m guessing for the sheer volume of work it took to put together. One thing which we expected to be a problem was male models. We didn’t know if we’d have

RM: Definitely. And guys we’ve worked with for a while too, getting to push them into the spotlight a bit. There were a lot of agencies floating around at shows, and I’m sure they got a few offers out of it. LJ: Yes, some of the male and female models go back with us to LFFW. RM: We had a lot of support from agencies before the events. Just about everyone we

approached distrib Since we’re not a were happy to he competition.

LJ: Tia Ryba, who event, really help and get them whe time, and she was

TK: Did you get thought you would

LJ: Yes and no. We we had lots of peo us as well, so it wa We sent out over We heard back fro of those 50% accep of having to push

RM: We could ha suppose, but that for some of the n People like ‘The some fantastic stu the spotlight the designers spent ti for example, Trick for a while, and d be walking aroun bump into the de think people like t

buted a call on our behalf. an agency ourselves, they elp without it seeming like

was my right hand for the ped to wrangle the models ere they needed to go on s amazing.


more designers than you d for this?

e had lots of big names, but ople who were unknown to as great to showcase them. r two hundred invitations. om about 65% of them, and pted. We were on the verge into a second sim.

ave had more big guys, I would have taken up slots newer unknown designers. Dogs’, who are producing uff, got really thrust into ere. I also loved how the ime in the sim. Last night ky Boucher went shopping during the week you could nd through the shops and esigners at all corners. I that concept too.

Leather Basix10

Laced Up

Photographer: Tillie Ariantho

The Black Canary


Winter in London

Photographer: Zazel Szymborska


LJ: It takes time and dedication on the part of the designers, and they have to take dealing with me nagging them all the time for stuff. TK: Yes, I know that can be so nerve wracking when you need to get the outfits and you don’t have a lot of time to style them. What’s your secret, Lexie? RM: Lexie was fantastic at that, pinning them down and getting the responses. LJ: I make it very clear that I expect deadlines to be met. I will work with you in any way I possibly can to help you deliver your items on time. Because it not only effects one show, but the ones after it. CheerNo was a close call. There was a bit of confusion regarding shapes, but we stood for an hour working on prims and fitting with the guys so it fit their shapes. Then the last hour we spent teaching the walk and the finale.

LJ: It’s all about making sure the chaos doesn’t carry over to the runway. Between Tia and I... we pull it together. Tia is really great with the models. I have little patience. She was my funnel all week long. RM: Yes, I think the testament to that for me to see Lexie’s organization in action was last night. She went to catch an hour’s sleep before the show and came back and there was no script done. TK: Eeeep! RM: And there were 30 people waiting for the show to start and Lexie rocked it all on the fly to perfection! You would NEVER have known. She pulled five line descriptions out of I don’t know where. LOL!

RM: I did love that show even though we were behind the scenes producing it, there was a bit of an air of what’s gonna happen next? The finale rocked!

LJ: Never let them see you sweat. LOL! The whole modeling team really pulled through on that. Normally I call a show and read the script at the same time. Last night because I had to write, Tia and Amber called the show because Tia was modeling in the show. So it was very much a family/team effort.

TK: But that’s also part of the excitement of it. All the madness and styling and prepping. I would have loved to see backstage filming of these shows!

TK: That’s the key, team. Makes such a difference. And then it was Sunday. What did you think when you woke up that morning now that the week of shows is done?

RM: omgggggg!

with designers/models/rehearsal. It was also different for me this time because I was lead LJ: I can sleep! When we are in the middle builder. Whereas with LFFW almost all the of it, it’s very stressful. We ask ourselves why builds were done by Mr. Moonites. So that was a lot and we fight with one another. But we an interesting dynamic for us. keep pushing forward to the end and then we look back and think we produced something RM: Yes. I moved almost entirely into the texturing role this time, bar a few runways. amazing.

agencies and design We focused specific smaller subsection. will do fetishwear a

RM: There were som In particular, we ha stood on poses on a into 4 scenes. Then t RM: I stood around and did nothing for quite TK: How long have you had Siren Productions and the models got sometime enjoying every minute of it. I went now? LJ: We did some r shopping, I stood around some more. LOL! Scene Stealer wher LJ: Since September I believe. between 4 scenes. A LJ: I slept a lot. RM: Yes, but we have been operating together and mistress’s boud one that we still get RM: The whole week I didn’t get to shop on longer. that sim, shameful! LJ: I started out working as an event coordinator TK: And fetishwear TK: So it’s not something that impacts your for Twisted Orchid, then I moved around to a require a different a relationship to the point you’d want to stop few clubs. I did some runway fetishwear shows at a couple of them. Then I started working LJ: With fetishwear doing it? at a major latex company and decided to put naughty the way LJ: No. I Love my Irish to death and I couldn’t together LFFW. and things were a do this without him. No one supports me or approach is differen backs me up and makes me look as good as I TK: Ah yes!!! Fetishwear! More on that please? with designers and do as he does. xD needs and issues. T changes is the prese RM: No. We’re very strong together. We missed RM: Hahaha... well that was the original each other, even when we were together but fashion week for us really. That was half a sim TK: This whole e we kept saying, just a few more days. and 40 designers with about 20 shows. encourage new desi out as well. Will t LJ: We can be standing in the same space and LJ: That kind of projected us into the big MFW every year? he is building or in Photoshop and I am dealing time as it were. We have worked with several

ners to produce shows now. cally on latex, so it was a . When we do it again, we as a whole.

me amazing shows in that. ad one stage that models a rotating circle separated the stage rotated into view off their poses to walk.

really fabulous shows like re the whole stage rotated club one, shibari, dungeon, doir. We did a 7 deadly sins t rave reviews on.

r to top fashion... did that approach, you think?

r you could be a little more parties are approached, lot different. Also script nt. But you’re still dealing d models and all of their The only thing that really entation.

event is going to really igners that will be starting this be a tradition now???

Photograph of Rob and Lexie taken by Takeshi Kiama

LJ: Yes, we hope so, and I hope it will encourage other bigger names to jump on board with us because of the success of this one.

RM: It’s been a pleasure. :D

RM: But I think next year will be two sims. Anyone who was unsure this time around will probably be on board next year. We got so much exposure on the blogs, and there were some awesome features done. I think my favorite was Galliano Boucher’s who did a pretty epic post on a lot of stores there. We also had great support from the ‘Make Him Over’ group, who themselves made daily group postings on the events.

Rob and Lexie are two truly creative and dedicated individuals who took the bull by the horns and ran with it, culminating in one of the most enjoyable and refreshing male focused fashion events ever. You can find out more about Siren Productions at their website

LJ: While I have lots of ideas for other fashion weeks...

LJ: Thank you very much. :)

To see even more photos of this fabulous event, be sure to visit Siren’s Flickr page. You can find the link at the top of their webpage.

RM: OMG no!!! LJ: LOL. We are going to limit ourselves to two a year. Menswear and the Fetishwear. TK: People will surely be talking about this event for a long time. And chomping at the bit for the next one. I want to wish you both continued success and support from everyone at AVENUE. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to speak about this incredible project.


Fashion Agenda


Written by Rachel Carstensz Photography by Antuanet Forcella

Clothing as Art

Gypsy A white tree surrounded by a black, square stage. People begin to arrive, creating an outer square of black and white almost as if they purposely dressed to match the dĂŠcor. The innocence of the tree mixed with the blackness of the stage gave way to the impending show. It gave a glimpse of what guests would encounter.

On Sunday, January 10, 2010, Second Life®, and more importantly show attendants became one with art through the showcasing of two new lines, “Winter Affair” and “Fashion Monster” by Micah Kanto of Modern Gypsy. Modern Gypsy was created by Micah in the spring of 2007 in an effort to bring unique but fashionable clothes to the grid. With the show and the stylish new designs, Micah Kanto of Modern Gypsy achieved just that. The show was broken into two segments. With the first segment, “Winter Affair”, Micah focused on colors of black or black and red in fourteen designs with names such as “Sensual Socialite”, “Humble Heiress”,





Elegance”. With the use of few colors, the designs draw your eyes in, creating a mesmerizing affect that keeps the image with you, making them obvious head turners. In these designs, Micah made them noticeable with large, geometric prints coupled with a little frill and sass. The designs were perfect for outings with friends or those late night business gatherings. Take a trip back with me to the forties and fifties. Think about old Hollywood; the glam, the seriousness and drama, the look and the feel. Now think of the fashion. High couture designs worn by ravishing beauties, and looks of sheer

elegance. These visuals are emulated in the designs by Micah Kanto in the second segment of the show and the line “Fashion Monster”. When one thinks of the word “monster”, horrible images may come to mind, but this line is far from it. The “Fashion Monster” line features six outfits named “Onyxia”, “Duessa”, “Zhora”, “Hecate”, “Pandora,” and “Maleficent”. With bold names such as these, the designs needed to be just as bold, and Micah Kanto did not disappoint. These designs featured colors of red, white, and black in various patterns and designs. Again, the colors are basic, but when set in the designs Micah has created, they become fabulous, wearable works of art. From a playful skirted suit like “Pandora” to a very demure gown like “Maleficent”, every base is covered and every look is accounted for in this line. A great feature of this line is the ability to mix and match pieces to achieve different looks for many different occasions. With the gown “Maleficent”, four looks can be achieved from it, giving you an

Micah Kanto’s goal was to create unique,

outfit for each season. The entire gown can be

stylish outfits that stood out from the crowd.

worn with the headdress to create a warm, winter

This was definitely achieved through Modern

outfit, or it can be stripped down to become a

Gypsy’s two new lines, “Winter Affair” and

short, strapless dress. The “Fashion Monster” line

“Fashion Monster”. Second Life residents will

will keep everyone stylish and elegant all year

be little works of art when donning these new

round with the mix and match options.



Fashion Agenda

in London, England, who has been and continues to be “sim developers” in virtual worlds, Rezzables representative Lokum Shilova, AVENUE Modeling Agency, and a selection of various designers who cross different genres in Second Life. It has come to a success and exposition that goes beyond mainstream couture and becomes futuristic in design and post modern, pre-galactic concepts; if we were to become star children today, this is perhaps what we’d wear among the cosmos. The current grid is full of choices and selections so that everyone who comes into our world can find something to wear of their choice. It is a craft, and a drive for many, to express their skills and provide clothing, skins, hair, shoes, accessories, etc. and to be a part of a community; we all search for a niche to exist, even in virtual reality. Perhaps that is just the humanity we cannot forgo. The designers invited to participate and those who accepted went beyond their normal styles and grew with the concept of expanding beyond our day-to-day life and more as universal participants and how we would be reflected and received. The challenge was given, and the results were not disappointing at all. Evolution has happened. Alia Baroque, who heads the label Fallen Gods, has given us three different skins: Technologic, Biologic and Psychic. All three skin types have both male and female versions with different tones. Technologic, which was presented in the Rezzables Fashion Show I and II, has been shown in Pale, Ash, Tanned and Carbon, and its overvoltage shows the imprint of cybernetic tracers that are embedded into the cell structure, making this skin truly connected with online access. Fallen Gods Biologic Skin La Petite Morte Living Flower

Another pair of truly amazing skins on display is by Skin Within. These skins are designed by Ayesha Bisiani and truly reflect the fantasy part of our future journey. These “Unique Ethnic Skins” are shown in two separate and individual tones: Droe Exotica and A.N.A. Cyborg. The Exotica skin is featured in a blue shade with great detailing on the face makeup that includes a celestial design on the forehead. The Cyborg skin is a golden mustard color that has a floral tattoo that swirls across the body and one half of the face. Both of these special skins have such minute detailing that the artistic expression alone makes these beyond stellar. Dezi Jarvinen of Staged has brought such a delightful outfit in her submission. She has contributed Cyber Queen, which is definitely an outfit for a 22nd century royal. It is featured in purple, but also comes in a total of seven colors with such names as Plasma, Ooze, Stardust and Mars. The short bodysuit has a sheen that is accentuated with a sheer falling skirt that definitely moves in the right way to make this an ultra sexy look. The rectangular shoulder pads with thin flowing sleeves in panels and the high V-neck collar complete the fantastic future vision by its creator. Xennah, by Bliss Couture’s designer Amutey DeCuir, is a maelstrom of delight. It is definitely regal, definitely detailed and definitely a vision to be had. The skirt is like layers and layers of stacked lace, at geometrical angles that fold and turn outwards from the skin-hugging, deep V-neck cut dress. Yet, the halo of small, white, still flowers that radiate in a fan around the wearer is certainly the showpiece of this outfit. It is completely Staged Cyber Queen

Skin Within A.N.A. Cyborg Floral Female alamood Celestial in Gold

delicate in its appearance, but enough to make anyone past, present or future turn their heads for a second look. Nardya Rousselot of Narcotix created a different and casual style. In her vision, the future is not always about regality and diplomacy. In her Scylla Bounty Hunter outfit, the streets of a different planet are her realm. For those who may lie under the law or perhaps just want to subtly blend in, or as it is named, kill for profit this outfit definitely will be the choice. It is a bodysuit with ribbed sleeves and a high thigh cut that can be worn with or without the included pants. A general utility belt and connected thigh holster are practical along with long padded bracers, snug high collar and slim shoulder pads that complete the look for a fashionable and flexible outfit for whatever part or wherever you may play. Sn@tch is known for its alternative and darker style, and Ivey Deschanel does not disappoint with the Kali-Bhadra Avatar. This is the space goddess, the Devi of the cosmos, and the deity that has passed from time unremembered into time unknown. It consists of a dark skin, plaited and twisted hair, golden body tentacles and connectors, boots, eyes, belt and horns for an utterly complete look. This is the dangerous beauty and the hypnotizing spell of perhaps some future. (Left to Right) Sn@tch Kali Bhadra 3.6 zettabyte Rebel Hope & alaMood - Shards Nardcotix Scylla Bounty Hunter

(Left to Right) Miamai Cyber Geisha Miamai Cyber Samari Fallen Gods Psychic Skin Wasabi Pills Rigel Hair Frippery The Symphony of Spheres

Monica Outlander of Miamai has imagination and creativity that is presented here today with her Cyber Geisha and Cyber Samurai. The female version of this outďŹ t is designed with deep red hues and tones mixed with silver accents and accessories that will tempt both human and cyborg alike. The long skirt is topped by a half cut bustle and corseted waist, making the body lines extremely evocative. A metal fan and out of control hair add to the Future is Now style. The male Cyber Samurai is both nostalgic and futuristic in its design. The waisted skirt is historic of the ancient Eastern warriors who lived and died by honor codes. It is updated with tentacles that spring from the folds and layers of material. Complementing deep reds, silver metal collar and accents and a high lifted hair knot make this outďŹ t complete. The Samurai lineage lives on from past to future.

(Left to Right) Violator The Game of the Courtisane Violator The Unkown Century Fallen Gods Technologic Skin Lazy Places Elda Wings

The Game of the Courtisane and the Unknown Century Aluminum Armour is brought to you today by Soraya Vaher of renowned Violator. She is known for amazing artistic talent that is put into every exquisitely detailed design. Metal is the theme and future warrior is what is seen. Inspired armor plating with extended skirt pieces for the Courtisane outfit and shoulder drape for the Armour mix with twisted spikes that state these are not just outfits for the runway but serve to defend and deter. The Game of the Courtisane comes with thigh high stockings, curves, tendrils and detail-constructed outfit, and the Unknown Century Aluminum Armour has full length pants with one leg tapered at the ankle and a full-sleeved, ripped chest piece. Descriptions cannot do justice to the Future Is Now presentation by Violator.

(Left to Right) Magnifico Red Zora KA Skin Bardot Sally The Stringer Mausoleum Alien Flora Hair Tekeli-li Vega Exile Laya Hair L`Abel Tiatia

Magnifico Miggins has two very interesting space girl outfits that include shoes and accessories, or outfits and shoes separate, that she envisioned from her Magnifico Exclusive designs to make exclusively for the Future Is Now concept. Elevator is a black, white and grey bodysuit broken by a zippered corset. The puffed shoulders and shredded fringed gloves give a sleek line to prestigious upper body dominance. Yet, a lot of leg is shown all the way down to the elevator ankle boots in a funky heel construction. The Red Zara is a different type of bodysuit, as it is slashed and snug with exposed skin across the torso and chest. It is paired with full legged stockings of lace, knee high red boots, and similar shredded fringed gloves that make this a completely different look but with similarity. If the futurists of the 1950’s had foreseen what may have happened 50 years later, this is an outfit that they may have thought of. It is quite a classic and yet defined as completely futuristic.

(Left to Right) Bare Rose Ophion & Echidna DV8 Razor Girl BLU282 Expired Mech Skin Tiny Bird Ridley Hair DV8 Cybermancer BLU282 Expired Mech Skin Lelutka Eve Avatar

(Left to Right) Rebel X Sidera 9 Sysy’s Greenies Exile Hax hair Baiastice Disconnected AZUL Mila

There are many other outfits, skins, and accessories that have been displayed and featured with the “2010: Future is Now” project, such as a full body cyborg avatar by Thora Charron of Lelutka, Ridley named hair from Autumn Hykova of Tiny Bird, Cybermancer and Razor Girl from DV8 co-owners Dysturbed Sin and Vasha Martinek, Alien Flora coifs from Helena Stringer of The Stringer Mausoleum, alaMood jewelry by Jori Watler, an amazing Empress outfit from My Precious designer Agnes Finney, and many other designers who were invited and challenged to participate in this singular collection.

So what is the future? The future has been explored, not only in a fashion sense, but in the participation, conceptualization, creatively imagined, inspirational input and focused output, and we have found that the future is not in some distant galaxy or for our children’s children; but it is now. We are in control of what we do today to express what can be tomorrow. We are constructors of our own universe and our own world, and we can express that through collaboration and fashion. Our world may enclose us with gravity and binary, but we have “to infinity and beyond” to touch the stars. A

Agnes Finney Empress

My Precious Queen Contest

January 2010 Written by Imani Enzo | Photography by Aleida Rhode


t’s a new year and the quest for the coveted My Precious Queen crown has begun. After a successful first run, Agnes Finney and her proud sponsors are gearing up for a bigger and better contest this year. Specifically, even more beautiful ladies will have the opportunity to compete for the title because three My Precious Princesses will be crowned each month. In addition, prestige and extraordinary prizes totaling over $250,000L await this year’s winners.

For the second year, AVENUE is a proud sponsor of the My Precious Queen Contest and will provide the winner with an opportunity to be the featured cover model in an issue of AVENUE Magazine as well as provide the winner with a scholarship to attend AVENUE Models Academy. Let’s find out a little about the first group of ladies to be crowned as My Precious Princesses this year.

Aija Winterwolf Royal Princess – January 2010 Aija enjoys shopping, DJing, and meeting new people in SL™. She describes herself as being a creative and funny lady who loves modeling and assisting new residents by giving them makeovers. She loves SL because it affords her an opportunity to constantly reinvent herself. This is especially true as it relates to her sense of style which she describes as everchanging.

Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “I think most of all what makes someone a Queen in my eyes is the way they interact with others. It should be someone who is friendly, open and willing to help those that are new and need a friend or guidance. I would hope that I am that person.”

Beauty tip: “I believe one of the most important things when it comes to a nice look is to find a good Favorite My Precious Design: “My favorite is the Snow face shape, one that suits your personality. A good Queen gown. I walked through the store several times shape will look good with almost any well made before selecting it, and my thoughts kept returning skin.” to that one. For me it seemed perfect.”

Liliya Avedon Royal Princess – January 2010 Liliya is a sweet and funny lady who credits her loving partner for making her SL worthwhile. She adores shopping, watching movies and spending time with her friends and loved ones. She readily admits that she is absorbed in her modeling career, and her sense of style seems to range anywhere from classy and vintage to edgy and eclectic.

rose sash. It is truly a very special design.” Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “I really love the designs of My Precious, and I would feel honored to be named Queen. It would help me get out there and know that I can achieve just about anything.”

Favorite My Precious Design: “Chantal would have Style tip: “Be confident. Try to find your own to be my favorite design by My Precious. I love the signature style. Taking time to develop your look long, long train and the deep neckline, and the little will really help your modeling career.”

blackLiquid Tokyoska Royal Princess – January 2010 blackLiquid is a smart, strong, and generous lady who adores learning and exploring all that SL has to offer. Her hobbies include building, photography, and shape making. The aspiring model and stylist describes her sense of style as being eclectic, free flowing, open-minded, and unbound.

and can make any My Precious outfit look amazing. I also believe in the strength and character of Agnes’s designs, and would be a proud representative.”

Style tip: “Anytime you buy something new, always make it into an outfit folder so that you have a range of interesting ensembles ready to go. Also, don’t Favorite My Precious Design: “By far I would have to be afraid to mix and match your clothing. Let your say the Agnes Butterfly Queen in black and white. imagination run wild.” Not only is it elegant and sophisticated, but also timeless in black and white. I love butterflies, and I am a fan of how Agnes cleverly draws inspiration In closing...if you think you have what it takes to from nature.” be My Precious Queen, please visit My Precious by Agnes Finney in-world to learn what you need to do Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “I to enter and shop for some of Second Life’s® most A feel that I am a good role model, have a unique look, beautiful gowns.

One of the many joys of Second Life® is the ability to own your own home. Whether living on the beach or in a loft in the city, furnishing and decorating a new home can be overwhelming. Walking into an empty home is like staring at a blank canvas. Where do I start? What colors do I use? Thankfully, there are furniture designers and shops that have exactly what you need. Shop displays are set up so anyone can see what placement works best and what colors go well together. This article will touch base with three such designers whose shops are relatively new to Second Life. Their artistry and design will leave you reaching for your Lindens™ and teleporting out the door. Jordan Giant came to SL™ out of boredom and began building after being unable to find things she wanted. At the end of October 2009, she opened her shop, nordari. Jordan’s designs are inspired by her love of northern Europe, Iceland and the polar regions as well as by music. “Often I lay down in bed and listen to music. When I close my eyes, the music draws her paintings in my head

and all the little details, all the colors, give me an image, more of a picture where I can take my inspiration from a soundscape.” Comfortably stylish skybox homes in various floor plans are among the items offered at nordari, as well as decorations for the home. The unique shapes and warm textures would make any home a little more inviting and cozy. After being urged by friends to start a shop, Lexi Oppewall did just that, and Deco*licious was born. “It’s fun to play with prims and see what can be created with a little bit of work and intuition.” Her inspiration comes from everywhere, with her designs leaning towards clean lines and saturated colors, making them perfect for the modern home. “From the tools I work with to the people I live with to the spaces we live in! I especially appreciate all the big sculpt masters and texture artists out there. Just looking at their stuff makes my brain spark with possibilities!” But great design is more than a possibility at Deco*licious; it’s a sure thing. Every object in SL begins with a single prim.

A box. For Corbin Coage, thinking outside of the box comes naturally. Like many other builders, he wanted things his way and realized the only way to get them was to make them himself with his own visions. So he did just that, opening Corbin Coage Creations in January of 2009. With a hearty collection of indoor and outdoor furniture, there is sure to be something to spark your interest and enhance your home. Rich colors, solid structures and practical functionality are evident in every piece. Corbin says that his favorite creation is a raft he recently completed. “I have to say it’s truly one of a kind, and there isn’t another one like it at this time in SL.” That can be said of many items found at Corbin Coage Creations. A home is a reflection of the person living within it. These designers and builders have taken their talents and created items to help you center your domestic affections as well as yourself. So when it’s time to furnish that new home or redo an old one, we invite you to visit the shops of these fine builders. Their items are sure to help you turn a collection of well-placed prims into the perfect home. A

Business Feature

y t i l a e R e

m e r t x E

Written by Spruce Canning Photography by Blaz Halfpint

When a business entity wishes to use the metaverse for a presentation or to use the potential that a virtual world has for training and promotion, then one looks to Extreme Reality, headed up by Mystical Demina and Bevan Whitfield. The company specializes in technology that would allow the enterprise to develop applications faster and with reduced cost of development. Extreme Reality does that by developing a framework that provides automation of objects and avatars in virtual worlds, which would interface into any external data source and destination. One example of this concept is the Rockcliffe Nurse Training simulator, which has two components of the framework called the Smart Avatar and the Orchestrator. With the Smart Avatar, the company can automate avatars in the virtual world, which would include animations, movements, the general appearance of the avatar and the text-based communication and replies. The Orchestrator is an external program from SL™ and is the controller of the simulation, which monitors the events and every activity in the virtual world. It also looks up the correct action to take and sends the commands in-world to direct the Smart Avatars in their actions and give instruction to the objects in the metaverse as to their function in the simulation. In the Nursing simulation, the Smart Avatars,

according to Demina, present the student with common situations found in nursing and, in concert with the Orchestrator. would provide the student with a realistic training experience. The Smart Avatars provide a realistic experience for the students which can’t be done with primitives since they are similar to an SL avatar in which they wear clothes, are animated, and have a range of motion. Demina then explained that in the Nursing simulation, the Orchestrator sets up the scenario along with the schedule and the coordination that is required based on the actions of the user. He then stated that, in the basic first session that Extreme Reality programmed for the Rockcliffe University Nurse Training Simulator, all the tasks that needed to be done and tracked were contained in a 400+ line spreadsheet. He also stated that since the Orchestrator is an external application, it is able to read and write from a database and keep a record of things that happen in the simulation. The Orchestrator can also reference websites for information and can be integrated with other technologies such as a natural language parser. Extreme Reality also uses the Smart Avatar system in its XRTwitterBot 1.0 beta release, which provides the user with a more secure

way for integrating his or her Twitter account. The client uses 0Auth, which uses a set of keys that Twitter authorizes Extreme Reality to use on the user’s behalf to post Tweets on Twitter or to access the user’s followers’ tweets. The user does not have to give Extreme Reality his or her actual account and password for the system to work. This technology can be interfaced to any situation that Extreme Reality writes the code for the technology to interface with, since it is an external program and not part of the original environment. Extreme Reality is in a position to enhance the virtual world experience by creating different kinds of simulations which can be watched or can include a learning environment in which people learn or are tested on their reactions to events in the simulation. These situations will make the virtual world experience easier because more realistic scenes can be created with easier tools. An example would be the insertion of scripts into objects in SL which are externally controlled from the Orchestrator with a limited knowledge of the Linden Scripting Language. Extreme Reality was recently incorporated and is looking to grow into a fully staffed company that offers development tools

and frameworks that save time and money for developing enterprise technologies which are implemented in the virtual world. The company will have trained and skilled staff to develop the assets that the simulations require, such as animations, objects, and textures. Demina compared the developing process to the evolution of the motion picture from text. The next step in that evolution are the simulations, which Demina said are basically movies that are created from objects instead of the picture frames that traditional movies are created from. The simulations can be saved and exchanged between users and played back with the option of watching or actually being in the simulation itself. If the user is in the simulation, he or she can follow a single or multiple paths depending on the design of the simulation, and unlike traditional movies, the user can interact with the objects in the simulation. This is the vision of Extreme Reality’s contribution to the virtual world community, and given the examples that were shown, they will be successful in the metaverse. A

Club of the Month


Media Mojo

Written by Spruce Canning Photography by Trinidad Anatine When one thinks of a premiere interview program, one would consider Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe, but there is a very interesting interview program here on the grid and that is the Copper Robot. In SL and RL, the man behind the robot avatar is Mitch Wagner. In RL, he was the Executive Editor at and is an expert in social marketing and media in the virtual world environment. His program brings such topics as literature, politics, economics, and any topic which relates to the virtual world environment. The episode that I was present at on January 17, 2010 was an interview with the New York Times bestselling novelist Jonathan Lethem, the author of Fortress of Solitude and Motherless Brooklyn.

The Copper Robot

The interview centered on Lethem’s new book Chronic City, which has an SL connection in the central theme of the novel with SL in the novel being called Yet Another Life in which people do not know what is real and what isn’t. Mitch Wagner’s interview style is relaxed, the audience was a virtual Who’s Who of SL, and the program encourages audience participation in local chat, which Wagner tries to answer while conducting the interview with the subject.

The taping on the 17th was no exception,

the iTunes Store where the podcast is offered.

with the audience adding to the tempo of the

When asked about the opportunity to port The

interview with Lethem. Wagner went on to

Copper Robot to other virtual worlds such as

say that The Copper Robot has been ported to

OpenSim and, Wagner said that

iTunes as a podcast and can be accessed there

none of the other worlds have the thriving

as well as watching the program in-world and

community and immersion that Second Life速

on the web.

has for its residents.

The program does have a RL following, as stated

Wagner stated that he wanted to see The

by the downloads from the podcast section of

Copper Robot go mainstream with the audience

that SL has, but he has said that one of the

tablet that has been long rumored, which he

reasons that he values the SL audience is that

said would be a free discussion between Joe

they provide a community for the show, which

Linden in his capacity as an experienced Apple

provided the evidence that people listen and

developer as well as a noted Apple user.

participate in the show as it is being taped and

When asked about the future of The Copper

sent to the web.

Robot in SL, Wagner stated that the Copper

He then mentioned that the upcoming show,

Robot will be in SL as long as there is a

which will be presented on the 31st, would

community that follows the program. We hope

cover the expected release of the Apple

that this will be true in the years ahead.


Fruit Islands is home to a very unique house. Built by RL architect, Dennis Lagan, it is used solely for the purpose of displaying the work of Second Life® artists. The artist comes in and decorates the house to their desire. During the month of January, the artist was SL™ machinimist, Chantal Harvey. From December 27th through January 28th, the expo house showed 30 days of her films, a different selection each day.

and learned. I’ve done around 150 now, I think, and all different.

Veering from the ordinary, Chantal took the house and transformed it into a visual treat for the eyes. The film played all throughout the house on a variety of surfaces. From old time televisions and walls to lampshades and even the bedspread, Chantal’s movies filled the house. It was truly something to behold.

CS: I watched The Joy of Music.

I had the extreme privilege to talk to her about her incredible film work and future endeavors. Carissa Sockington: Tell me what brought you to Second Life. Chantal Harvey: An interview on Dutch TV about a guy coming into SL as a woman to write a book, so I tried SL, and I liked it. I work for TV in RL and started partying here, then found out I can film. So I filmed

CS: A grab bag of sorts? CH: I want to learn, improve each time better, and the main aim is to bring machinima to RL, let people see what can be done. I started a children’s series and aim to give it to the BBC to promote the genre.

CH: Yes, that’s the one. I have actors that will work with me and a great team. Madcow Cosmos is the writer and builder. He built the sets, the avatars and wrote the story. He is amazing. CS: I was looking at the detail of the set as I watched and thinking how long that must have took. CH: Three weeks I think, and it was supposed to go December 1st, but IBM keeps it there still. CS: Now your team, are they all in Amsterdam? CH: Oh no. My writer, Judi Newall, is English. Lorin Tone, the audio man is in

San Francisco. He does Msuci and Foley. CS: Do they record their parts and send them to you? CH: Yes. I make a rough edit then send in a small format. We know each other well, know what we can do and all the same mindset. Grow, improve. CS: What inspires the machinima that you make? CH: Sometimes a circumstance like the Car Lane one. She is dying, and wanted a machinima to tell her grandchild. I know her well and made it for her, even though it was hard. She has a tumor, so now she is on the internet forever. That was a comfort if only a small one. Her granddaughter is three, will know her grandma was thinking of her, and even now, machinima does appeal to kids. She watches it. So, many things trigger a machinima. CS: I could tell as I watched them the little instances of your life through them. CH: Yes! Well put. The ones I like best now are the written ones. CH: I am the 48 Hour Film Project producer for machinima. Only one in the world. I am the organizer for virtual worlds. CS: Tell me about that‌you make a film in 48 hours?

CH: Yes, 48 HFP is a RL organization. Each big city in the world has that contest once a year. So I applied for the job for machinima. I know how to organize a festival, so they hired me. It was big fun. Now I try to get people to enter it. Beach Ball Bingo was made for that. CH: If you get me talking machinima, I never stop! CS: That’s a good thing though, passion for your work. CH: It is a passion, yes, and it doesn’t grow less. Only limit is the lack of body language in avatars and facial expressions. Hardest thing is to get emotions across. CS: You have to use camera angles and things to get your emotions out? CH: Yes, and suggesting emotion…music, props. Audio is important. CS: If you could give one piece of advice to someone wanting to start machinima, what would you tell them? CH: Watch machinima on YouTube, search for some you like, learn by watching. Then, in-world, join machinima groups because we are a helpful bunch. I recommend Machinimators Group or mine,

MaMachinima. The best learning school is to make a music machinima and ask, practice. Learn by doing. CS: It was such a pleasure talking to you, Chantal! CH: Hey same, likewise. Thanks a lot, it was fun.


Featured Artist

Filthy Fluno’s


Written by Isadora Fiddlesticks Photography by Blaz Halfpint Question: What happens when a very likable and jolly Afro-haired painter decided to paint women and their lovely figures? Answer: Colorful and graceful curves and lines by way of Filthy Fluno, one of Second Life’s® prolific artists. His series of artworks, collectively named “Venus”, gives another interpretation of the

When Filthy Fluno paints, he REALLY paints.

female form, and mixes effortlessly real life and

He is constantly at work and churning out

Second Life themes together. It is a theme that

something new for everyone to appreciate, and

he thrives in, and with it he makes interesting

with some of his artwork, he works as quick as

paintings that attract art lovers from both the

four hours for an oil painting, which he muses

virtual and real world.

is “really quick for an oil painting”.

“I find setting time restrictions forces you to

your hair out in doing so.”

work differently and make choices with the

Filthy says that he has been using the same

paints you normally would not,” he says.

approach to working with a live model in his

“So that helps to push the art into a different

Lowell studio, and through oils, which can be

direction than the norm, which is always good

quite a hard medium to master and harder

if you can embrace the challenge and not pull

when you use it to make a quick painting. Oil

takes time to dry, but to make things easier

my abstract narrative artworks that deal with

for him, he uses accelerators, chemicals mixed

virtual world culture and ideas in an attempt to

into the paint to make it dry faster.

bring my art down a different path and expand

For Fluno, his “Venus” series’ subject is the

on some concepts”, adding that he tries to “let

same... RL and SL™ identities, or as he calls

it happen as naturally as possible”. So what

it “dual identities”. Who we are vs. who we

he does to prepare for that is to “do a quick

want to be. What we do vs. what we want

sketch and study it”.

to do. These themes are eternally present in

“Sometimes toss it out and just move on and

women’s psyches, and more, it seems, as one

learn, then sometimes I say...I’m gonna do a

would observe through the paintings.

finished piece and try that,” he says.

Deep within the paintings are some fascinating

My eye turns to focus on one painting. Upon



looking, I had observed that the painting

meanings, all blended in lines, shapes, and

resembled a model in mid turn, with one hand


on her hip.

I saw seven paintings when I first went to

“Yes, yes...these 3 here are more quick gestural

Artopolis for our initial meeting for our

pieces to get the hand-eye thing happening,”

interview about this series, and according to

he says, leading me to look at more of his

Fluno, there are as many as eleven, with some


of them currently in the works.

He’s always on the lookout for something new

Fluno does commissions too, and some of

to paint, so I suggested he do a painting about

these will be in the “Venus” series. “What’s

fashion shows.

interesting is, a woman came and looked at

“Maybe I’ll just show up and paint!” he

them and requested that I make a piece for

enthuses, and goes on to say how much he

her as a gift to her SL lover, so that turned into

enjoyed meeting Rusch and Jesika last year

Venus 11... a mashup of stories of the two SL

during the SLCC.

lovers and a RL model session.”

“I wonder how it will turn out?” I asked in text.

On his painting strategy, he shares that he aims

And his reply?

to incorporate “more figurative imagery into

“It would turn out fabulicous! Duh!”





AVENUE Magazine February 2010