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Publisher’s Note So it’s that time of the year for giving and receiving gifts and I received my Christmas presents early this year :) I received a notecard in the past week from SLentrepreneur Magazine that I had been nominated amongst 12 others to be in the running for the 2008 SL Entrepreneur of the Year award. This indeed is a great honour for me and a reward in itself to know that I have done something notable for the SL community. Our Managing Editor Isadora Fiddlesticks has been kind enough to interview me about this nomination which you can read about in this issue. It has certainly been a remarkable and enthralling journey relaunching AVENUE Models, starting up AVENUE Models Academy and now AVENUE Magazine within the last half year. In December, you could certainly say that AVENUE INC reaches a climactic finish with 4 fashion shows by AVENUE Models, 2 graduation shows for our Models Academy, 34 advertisers in this issue and by December have a total staff strength of 108. Any measure of success could not have been possible without each and every one of them and you the readers, friends and the wonderful and talented designers and creators that we have worked with. AVENUE Magazine continues to grow in content as we have started a men’s column called AVENUE Homme by Takeshi Kiama and our new addition to the team Vixie Rayna who hosts her regular columns of Trendspotting the latest fashion in SL as well as styling tips in Fun with Fashion. Enjoy our juicy bumper issue for December and from all of us at AVENUE, we wish you a blessed and joyous Christmas and looking forward to the New Year with you. Cheers!

Rusch Raymaker

Rusch Raymaker Publisher & Editor in Chief AVENUE

Editor’s Note Here’s another month full of ingenious projects, talented individuals, and unique collaboration. As a resident of Second Life, I’ve seen many wonderful projects and being in Second Life has made me more appreciative of efforts that enrich our world and protecting them becomes very essential, not just for me, but for the whole Second Life experience. December brings tribute to more of the visual and creative art that makes our Second Life colorful, fun, and meaningful. When creativity thrives, there’s no stopping it....nothing except MONEY. Many if not all of the art and visuals are made out of sheer love to create and to inspire, and with the currents events in SL and RL affecting us, we are in danger of losing all that we have come to appreciate. Such projects are the Second Life Shakespeare Company and the United Sailing Sims. Their effort in making our SL better is in danger. We sought to feature these collaborations to create awareness of their plight. Get to know them in our articles and if inclined, do your best to help. Please support the art and creations you come to love in Second Life by donating to their efforts and helping spread the word about their existence. We must not be complacent during these difficult times to help those who have resorted to their creative genius to support themselves. For some of our virtual fashion designers and artists, whatever little Linden dollar you contribute bring food and gas to their table in Real Life. As spectators and patrons, we must do our part in helping the creative community thrive. We thank the creators and the people who put so much time in Second Life. Remember that your efforts are loved.

Isadora Fiddlesticks Isadora Fiddlesticks Managing Editor AVENUE



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AVENUE Model of the Month Naturelle Santos


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Cover Credits Photographer : Iota Ultsch Outfit : Tres Jolie - LE FLOCON DE NEIGE



Fashion Icon

Interviewed by Cherie Parker Photographs courtesy of Iota Ultsch


As you may or may not know Iota Ultsch of Tres Jolie has been hard at work in the fashion industry for well over 20 years. No, not all of that in Second Life, rather she began her designing career in first life and brought her skills and talents over to her Second Life for us to benefit from.

In addition to being a skilled designer and an undeniably profound artist, Ms. Ultsch also has exceptional skills in texture design and building. A first life architect applying her building knowledge here has provided Iota with an environment rich with possibilities not available in real life. Her designs are housed in a decidedly modern building on the Slustleria sim reflecting her obvious love of minimalist architecture. The building is a stark contrast from her clothing designs however as she explodes with bold textures and prim constructions to make each article a single piece of art to be worn on this sad little avatar that sometimes seems less than deserving of such opulence and creativity. I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to voice with Iota before interviewing her. She’s not your average designer. To know her is not necessary to love her, yet ask anyone of the people in her group and they’ll all jump at the chance of telling you just how much they do. Iota shared with me a bit of a personal story about her group members and how she asked them to send in a notecard, describing what they love about themselves. She said she came up with the idea when she realized she often sends out notices to her group regarding how wonderful this or that is and decided she wanted to know just what makes them so wonderful. The responses she received back were some of the most heartwarming, touching, extremely witty and clever stories I’ve ever heard. It is evident Iota Ultsch has a special bond with her group members unlike any I’ve ever seen. I ended up asking Iota a few questions for this interview, some I’m sure have been asked before, others maybe a bit more difficult but to each one she rose to the occasion and gave us a peek into the mind of this extraordinary designer. So let’s get to it and you too can get a sneak peek into the mind that is behind those extraordinarily unique designs that are Tres Jolie. >>



Cher a firs was were

Iota exten inter archi expre mani Life beca distra and h in th paral

CP: B all d inspi sprin

Tres Jolie; FLOCK YOU! Rouge

IU: E natur aroun draw infor My w or co

rie Parker: It’s common knowledge that you’ve been st life designer and architect for many years. What it that brought you first into Second Life and what e some of the first things you did?

critic so competing with myself is enough of a burden! I think Second Life is an extraordinary place for people to explore themselves, their creativity, their relationships, etc. For me it’s just another medium in which to express my “workaholicism” plus meet amazing, dynamic Ultsch: I perceived Second Life to be a natural individuals who understand what I do. My clients! What nsion of the architectural and socio-cultural a fabulous group of women! rface which I deal with every day as a designer/ itect. Architecture and design is continuously CP: I understand you design and create your own textures. essed through new media, Second Life is yet another How arduous is that and typically how long does that ifestation of it. In saying so, I heard about Second take to create? about five years ago and avoided it like the plague ause I knew it would be far too much fun and a major IU: All pursuits in any field are arduous if they are to be action. However I took a well-earned break last year done well. Creating textures for virtual worlds requires have been an active content creator in Second Life an extensive knowledge of 3-space mapping, lighting, he fields of architecture, furniture and fashion in manual + digital drawing, the human form, object form and translation. I own commercial licenses for llel with my work in real life in the same fields. the programs, filters and plug-ins I use and have sought Being a First Life designer must give you an edge not permission or purchased from various graphics artist designers in Second Life have. What is it here that whenever I have used textures other than my own. All ires you to design and where do your inspirations the rest of my work is hand drawn or digitally generated by me; whatever is required to express the design intent ng from? of each piece. Everything inspires me really, people, music, calculus, re, love, etc. I engage with everything and everyone CP: You’re a builder and fashion designer in Second Life. nd me on every level. I’m in a unique position to How do you balance the time between the two? w from several design disciplines that invariably rm each other and strengthen my design proposals. IU: Strict timetables. When I’m under a building contract work in Second Life is not really about having an edge it takes precedence over everything else, naturally. ompeting with other people, I am my own worst >>

CP: I went to your store recently and saw only one comes to monitoring fraudulent activity and those design there. Where are all of your other designs who infringe on Intellectual Property law. and are you planning on putting them back out or releasing some new designs? CP: Some people have said your clothing designs are over priced. What is your response to this IU: My collection is now available only when I and why are your designs so much higher than the am online, and only to Tres Jolie clients when I average clothing? am offline. It was a drastic move I had to take to minimize the availability of my work due to recent IU: My response would be, don’t moan about what issues with copybotters hovering around my studio you don’t own! Seriously, people can think what and boutique. On a more positive note, it allows they like and behave how they like as long as it does me to personally interact with my clients which I not infringe on my happiness and freedom to pursue enjoy very much. the things I like to do. I value my time and offer people not a dress that took ‘x’ amount of hours to CP: Not everyone sees eye to eye in Second Life. create but a piece that at its core has the design What do you consider to be your biggest challenge decisions based on the culmination of 24 years of with working in the public eye and dealing with a my life as a design professional. If people are happy variety of different personalities? to make public declarations that they do not have 5 dollars to spend on an object that a professional IU: Great question. There is only one challenge designer has created for their enjoyment within a really. Sifting through all the floury bullshit that virtual world then that is more a reflection of their flows when people ‘want’ something of you. It lack of decorum than their pocket. I respect that seems to be rife in Second Life and I like many we all have different priorities and means. Not others have been burnt by certain toxic people. everyone can justify the price but most can and Unfortunately many people use the ‘safety’ of do. Just that they’d rather purchase 5000L worth their monitor and rights to privacy as an excuse to of [lots of crap] than one outstanding piece. They behave poorly towards each other. Their cowardice just don’t understand the value of what I do...and does not suffice in my opinion, particularly when that’s cool. Just don’t impose your ignorance on money is involved. I am however working closely others because it undermines the amount of work with investigators who specialize in internet that goes into my collection, and I do not deserve fraud in order to recover some of the outstanding to be financially harmed just because some bored funds still owed to me by certain parties. What housewife with a malicious streak and blog doesn’t disappoints me most about Second Life is that get it. Linden Lab seem to be a little retarded when it >>



es Jolie; Les Jardins de Japonais


Tres Jolie; Chasm LIPSTICK


Incidentally, the ones that moan are usually just annoyed that they were unable to extract freebies out of me. I only reward people who support me. [Some of you I’m sure are already aware of what happened to Ms. Roadkill a few weeks ago! Still LMAO!] I remember when I was a young girl, I would save all my money and spend it on couture, it is the dream you are buying and Second Life is ALL about the dream. It’s what underpins every decision made by manufacturers of mass produced fashion in real life....and you get to experience it in the metaverse for the price of a coffee and croissant...without the calories! WOOTSKI! CP: Going forward in Second Life, what are your plans for the future of Tres Jolie? IU: There are certain plans which I cannot divulge for obvious reasons...but it is ALL about fun for my clients so hopefully you too will enjoy being a part of it. CP: If you had one piece of advice you could pass on to people in Second Life, what would that be? IU: Ummmm, just one? LOL! [Composes herself]. Focus on being fabulous on the inside first because even a hot little avatar can’t save you if you are a Royal Little Shit! Be kind, be strong, and don’t succumb to bullies in either life! Take shorter showers and stop breeding like rabbits! Buy my dresses! LOL....really...I have nothing to say other than love and respect each other! CP: Thank you Iota for your time and your fabulous designs! IU: PEACE.


The Shopaholic Chronicles:

The Hottest Sales and New Releases to have hit the Grid

Written By Isadora Fiddlesticks Additional photos courtesy of [hoorenbeek] & Fleur

There were lots of really great sales that happened last aficionados grabbed a chance to buy the new skins at November. Two of those fabulous sales were ETD and 50% off. It was one heck of a shopping spree, and yours truly had a hard time deciding which skin to get! Fleur. ETD Sale going on until the HOLIDAYS!

Expect more skins in their Boutique skin line soon, for Fleur will be closing their sim for 2 weeks to prepare for a new build. Target date for the reopening is timed for November 28 in conjunction for the Divas’ Fall Premiere. For those who are unfamiliar, Divas is SL’s first comedy sitcom created by Phaylen Fairchild.

ETD’s sale started this month and is going on until December 26, 2008, PERFECT FOR THE HOLIDAYS! This fabulous sale involves ALL ETD items being marked down, including AVEDA products and products already discounted. The sale prices range between L$5-L250 affecting Hair Regular packs, Hair Tips/Rainbow packs, New Releases: [hoorenbeek] brings shoes for women! Hair Combo packs, Hair Fat packs, clothing, shoes, shoes fat packs, accessories, accessories fatback, AND [hoorenbeek], popular for their men’s casual clothing, new items! has released their first offering for women, and it’s a SHOE! Scripted and decked with plenty of textures to Fleur and the Allure of the DIVA choose from, the shoe also has four styles to choose from businesslike plain pumps and cutesy pumps with Fleur released their newest and most anticipated skin sculpted ribbons, either with strap or without the line last October 20. Entitled “Allure”, the release is a strap. testament of Roslin Petion and CJ Carnot’s expertise in providing chic and feminine makeup that endures and Zaara releases Pashmina shawls complements many trends. The event was graced by SL luminaries in the blogosphere and fashion. For November, I personally wear these in real life, and once I saw in anticipation of the upcoming season of DIVAs (whose them in Zaara’s store, I was thrilled! Zaara Kohime does cast now use the Allure skin line), the duo had their “6 fantastic work on this collection of shawls. Let this new scrumptious skin tones and 18 makeups” overall uniquely hand drawn collection bring life to your drab ON SALE last November 8-15. They also released China, wardrobe! A must-have to awaken any drab jeans and a new skin for the Allure line. Fashionistas and skin t-shirt outfit, this trendy accessory is sure to please. A

s r

St ilett o Moody A day in the life of Impossibly High Heels

Photography By Zinc Karas Styling By Mui Mukerji & Rusch Raymaker Featuring AVENUE Model : Georgie Lyle

SHOES: stiletto moody d’orsay - gold patent OUTFIT: Stiletto Moody Lucky Lingerie

SHOES: Stiletto Moody Tall Boot (Gold Croc) OUTFIT: *Nicky Ree* Lord Darcy Tux Set - Olive Accessories: Celestial studio- hodo bag Leopard

SHOES:Stiletto Moody Tall Boot (Bottle Green Croc) OUTFIT: Phella gold dress and gold tights

SHOES: Stiletto Moody Pinup (Blush Patent) OUTFIT: Beauty avatar - Wheaton bikini

SHOES: Stiletto Moody Pinup (Amber Patent) OUTFIT: Tres Jolie Flock you

SHOES: Stiletto Moody Tall Boot (Badseed & Black) OUTFIT: Tres Jolie : L’onyx gris (Le tutu)

SHOES: Stiletto Moody d’Orsay (Lipstick Red Patent) OUTFIT: HSC Black Swan Haute Style & Co

SHOES: Stiletto Moody Pinup (RedStripe Patent Python) Outfit: *Nicky Ree* Vanessa Lingerie Collection Silver White

SHOES: Stiletto Moody Pinup Spike (Red Tartan - Red) OUTFIT: PAPER COUTURE Parakeet




Photography by Sapphire Coakes Featuring AVENUE Models: Aleida Rhode Michah Kanto Liam Netizen Also featuring Thiuscy Cioc, ARSNOVA designer

Micah: Skin: ARSNOVA MAXHELL Skin B39 Outfit: ARSNOVA Outfit Man 03 Aleida: Skin: ARSNOVA MARILYN Skin B02 Outfit: ARSNOVA Scottish Flavor

Aleida: Skin: ARSNOVA DHARMA Skin 01 Outfit: ARSNOVA Classic Woman 03 Liam: Skin: ARSNOVA DAMIEN Skin D08 Outfit: ARSNOVA Outift Man 04

Aleida: Skin: ARSNOVA SHELLY Skin D36 Outfit: ARSNOVA Outfit Woman 03 Liam: Skin: ARSNOVA JASON Skin C02 Outfit: Top: ARSNOVA Love is dead - Boy Orange tshirt Bottom: ARSNOVA Outfit Man 01 PANTS Pose by CnS Poses

Aleida: Skin: ARSNOVA DELILAH Skin 03 Outfit: ARSNOVA Outfit Woman 01 Micah: Skin: ARSNOVA MAXHELL Skin D10 Outfit: ARSNOVA Outift Man 02

Thiuscy: Outfit:ARSNOVA Abito Purple Liam: Skin: ARSNOVA DAMIEN Skin B03 Outfit: ARSNOVA Casual Man Grey Aleida: Skin: ARSNOVA LEONA Skin C26 Outfit: ARSNOVA Abito Green

Aleida: Skin: ARSNOVA LEONA Skin C26 Micah: Skin: ARSNOVA MAXHELL Skin D10

Cynthia Ultsh Of

CnS Poses Interview by Vixie Rayna Photos courtesy of Cynthia Ultsch

Pictures are how we document our Second Life®, and we need creators like Cynthia Ultsch to capture those moments. CnS poses are some of the most creative and well made in SL®. Her works evoke a level of emotion and rawness that none can deny. Poses range from the fun and adventurous to the seductive and sexy. Vixie Rayna: Cynthia, we are very happy to feature your poses in this month’s edition of Avenue Magazine. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us a little more. Tell the Readers a little about yourself. What brought you to Second Life? Cynthia Ultsch: LOL, well - I had seen an advertisement on the TV and was like: “Well, I could get an account there to take a look for two weeks”

and well I’m still here... so :P. VR: When was that? CU: May 2007 VR: It’s addicting, isn’t it? ;) Your poses are imaginative, sensual and raw. How has your design skills evolved? Tell us about your first in-world creation. CU: Uhhhh!! LOL... Well, I was with my SL sis thinking about to create something we like in SL. And, we were looking for a Tool to create poses. After some days we got the hint that we can find a tool to create in-world... we bought it and started right away... The very first pose was “CnS Secret Whispers” and it is still one of the best. *LOL*

VR: That is really sweet. It also says a lot about your talent as a creator. Besides ‘Secret Whispers’, name a few of your top selling poses. Why do you think those poses resonate with customers? CU: Mh, it’s hard to say which poses are the top selling ones... I would say “CnS So close and so far”, “CnS Angel” and “CnS Talking”... :) And, why the resonate is there... Well Poses are amazing to show feelings with Friends or the Love in only one picture.

:) CU: (had to look for some poses…don’t have all in my head) LOL VR: Oh, I can’t imagine your inventory! Any guesses to how many poses you’ve created? CU: Well... LOL... I could count right now but this would need some time... :P I guess around 80 – 90. >>

CU: Well, not that much…because we are all pose VR: Amazing! How long does it take to make a pose? CU: This is a question that I can’t answer because it creators doing our hobby in here... some creators more also needs time, motivation and a lot of patience. and some less. I’m not better than the others are, I’m just glad the Second Life® Users are loving my Poses as VR: Of course, I’m sure a lot of fine-tuning is needed to well. make each pose perfect. What inspires you to create? CU: It’s unequal... because some are in my mind, some ideas are coming directly from customers and some I VR: We sure do love them Cyn! You do many customer see on the TV. appreciation pieces, like Halloween specials, Freebies, and HUNTS. What do you think of the Freebie culture VR: Your work is very imaginative and creative; it’s in SL®? nice to know that you take inspiration from all parts of CU: Mh its a nice way to say “Thank you” to my Customers your life. What sets your poses apart from other pose and also a nice way to reach new Persons :) makers?

VR: It’s very thoughtful of you. What is the best way for customers to hear about new releases, sales, or special events? CU: The best way? My Subscribe system, Flickr of course, and some In-World Groups like FashCon and SL Posers.

Favorites! Do you have a favorite SIM? CU: Chakryn Forest, it’s awesome to chill down a bit and a nice place to take pictures. VR: Oh, I love a new location. I will have to check that out! Who is your favorite clothing designer? C: Only one? Hey, I’m a woman; I can’t go with ONLY one fav designer...: P

VR: Where are you located in Second Life? CU: Well, of course my Mainstore (Akane (193, 123, 504)) and in some malls as well. :) VR: Oh, go for it! CU: Well some of favorites… (I can’t and won’t name VR: That is very helpful thank you. I like to end my just one LOL) Calypso Giano, Minnu, Glance, Aitui, interviews with fun questions. Tell me about your MAGIKA, The Obsence and really so much more :P

VR: Those are all goodies! Great list, Cyn! Share your favorite moment in SL®. CU: That’s simple, :P August 1st... The day when I met my Babes. :P VR: Awww! Well if anyone has seen your Flickr stream, the love you share is evident. It’s really beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us at Avenue Magazine and sharing your work. Is there anything else you would like to add? CU: Uhm, actually I dunno :P so no... Thanks :) VR: It was really nice meeting you Cyn! CU: Woooho ;)


A Baroque Christmas Photography by Tillie Ariantho Modeled by Tiffany Dragonash & Alf Whittake


Outfit: Giela Delpaso (Fleur de Lys - Sanders Beaumont) wig included earrings: Le Fleur Earrings Antique gold lt (white Diamond) (Alienbear) Him: Outfit: Le Courtois (Fleur de Lys - Vestiti Vechi)

Him: Outfit: Johann I white version (Fleur de Lys - Vestiti Vechi) Her: Outfit: Eleanora di Toledo 1539 (Alisha Ultsch) shoes included, also includes custom pose and walk AO Wig: Cheveaux Georgian (Kleineschwein Designs) necklace: Le Fleur Antique gold Necklace, white diamond (Alienbear)

Her: Outfit: Black Velvet ballgown with off the shoulder bodice (Alisha Ultsch) jewlery and shoes included, also includes custom pose and walk AO Wig: Cheveaux Georgian (Kleineschwein Designs) Him: Outfit: Solel Mens: Black, 17TH CENTURY (RFyre) Shoes: Rebel - Spartacus LF Shoes (Jeepers Creepers) Wig: Duke WIG - Black Hair (Fleur de Lys, Vestiti Vechi)

Her: Outfit: Aurora (Josephine Klees) hair included Earrings: Le Fleur Earrings Antique gold lt, white Diamond (Alienbear) Necklace: Le Fleur Antique gold Necklace, white diamond (Alienbear) Him: Outfit: Marquess Mens Noir (Rfyre) Shoes: Rebel - Henry Morgan LF Shoes (Jeepers Creepers) Wig: Duke WIG - Black Hair (Fleur de Lys, Vestiti Vechi)

Left: Outfit: Mirielle (Josephine Klees) hair included Earrings: Le Fleur Earrings Antique gold ltm white Diamond (Alienbear) Right: Outfit: Empress Noir (Rfyre) Wig: Queen Anne (Curl Up and Dye Salon)

Him: Outfit: Richard (Versailles Fashion) Her: Outfit: Remake Madame de Pompadour (Aurelia Scarpulla) Wig: “Cheveaux Georgian” (Kleineschwein Designs)

Left: Outfit: Marquessa in Ice (Rfyre) also available in Creme and Peach variations Wig: Queen Anne (Curl Up and Dye Salon) Necklace: Le Fleur Antique gold Necklace, white diamond (by Alienbear) Right: Outfit: Christine Negligee Gown (Alisha Ultsch) also includes custom pose and walk AO Wig: Cheveaux Georgian (Kleineschwein Designs)

Her: Outfit: Grande Versailles large baroque gown with optional train/cloak (Alisha Ultsch) optional cloak not shown, optional variable opacity veil not shown 2 sleeve options with drape or plain, shoes include and also includes custom pose and walk AO Wig: Cheveaux Georgian (Kleineschwein Designs) Necklace: Le Fleur Antique gold Necklace, white diamond (Alienbear) Him: Outfit: Gustavus III (Fleur de Lys - Vestiti Vechi)

AVENUE Model of the Month

Naturelle Santos Interviewed by Kleos Gomes Photos by Tillie Ariantho After two years in runway, being in the covers of magazines, writing fashion articles and playing the role of a famous Real Life model for The Avatrait exhibition, Naturelle Santos told us how is it like, to pass through such important responsibilities. Her passion about fashion has leaded her to Avenue, in the recent past. Naturelle has always looked for the best agencies in-world.

AVENUE Magazine: How have you become a model? Naturelle Santos: Well, it was “centuries� ago. In my beginning in Second Life (SL), I read somewhere that being a model was too difficult. But I like the challenges and at that time, in 2006, there were very few modelling agencies. So, in October, I did a research and identified the more serious ones, in my opinion, and wrote a letter to the CEO of ASpiRE!, Bianca Darling. It seems she loved it because she contacted me soon and hired me without even looking at me.

A.M.: Rewinding a bit to that past, when you first start modelling. Can you tell us about your career path of your last two years? In which agencies were you in? N.S.: I worked in ASpiRE!, for more then a year, then, they sold the agency. But it was great at that time because it was the N.1 agency. And there were just girls on the staff. But after they sold the agency, with the new management, things were different. I wasn’t satisfied and I began to think on finding other agencies. So, then I worked for Kadewe and Glance. I still work with Glance. In the beginning it was Ebony Elite, an agency just for black models. But I think it was too reductive.

“I became the first black model in SL”

A.M.: Recently, you have become an AVENUE Model. How did it happen? What do you expect of your newest agency? N.S.: I was contacted by Rusch Raymaker, this year. She saw my pictures in Flickr. I think she told me about this new agency and she would be glad to have a black model with them. So, I met her and I always understood that she was serious. Nowadays there are so many agencies out there, we never know. I’m quite a “newbie” in Avenue, but I felt so honoured of making part of this team. Rusch is such a smart and creative girl, and soon I have the sensation that this will be a great agency in SL to stay for a long time. A.M.: Being the first black model in SL must be a pride. Why do you think many black people in Real Life (RL) choose to have a white skin in SL? N.S.: Oh yes, I almost forgot to say when I was hired by ASpiRE! I became the first black model in SL. In fact, I was a little disappointed that, at that time, to see that lots of black people were white in SL. And the excuse was because of the lack of black skins. I think it’s totally false. But, the weird thing is that I met lot of whites with a black skin, in SL. Maybe is because people here can be different. >>

A.M.: But couldn’t this also be related with the fact that there are only a few great designers who have a wide set of black skins, comparing to white skins, which exists in more variety having quality-low prices? N.S.: Not now. Maybe a time ago, yes. I reviewed many wonderful black skins. Can you believe that the first black skin I bought here, I used it till three months ago? And I did most of my jobs with it, even receiving tons of black skins. That was a wonderful skin… The one I’m using now is from KA designs. In my opinion, they have the best ones. But there are also very good skins from nomine and Minnu. Almost any good skin designer, now, has black skins in their catalogue. My friend Kira Ahn, from KA, says, in fact, that it is more difficult to achieve a good black skin, but not impossible. I’m so glad that she did the black skin thinking on me. I was the first to test it before the releasing day, about a few months ago. I love the lips. It remembers mine (smiles). A.M.: What else did you do in SL, besides being a model? Did you experience some closing doors to get a job, or was it easy for you? N.S.: I did a lot of different jobs. Surprisingly, I’ve never suffered racist episodes in SL. It happens often in real, not in SL. Maybe I was just lucky. I used to work in a Sim as a hostess. It’s the top Italian sim, regarding in traffic, and I’ve never had problems during the six months I was there. That was sort of real job. I had to welcome people at the sim, help them and organize events. Then I worked also, for The Avastar, the most read SL magazine that recently ceased operations. It was the tabloid managed by the same company of the real magazine Bild. I did the promotional launch, going around SL to talk about the new magazine. I was in cover of various real magazines and books, as a model basically. There were some events where my role was to be a “Star” of The Avastar. Until a few months ago, I was also a writer and photographer for The Looking Glass magazine. On the things I like to remember too, is that I was in a gallery about the opera of Helmut Newton, a photographer who recreated the sets of his most famous photos, and I had the role of Naomi Campbell (smiles). By the way, he was very talented and the photos were exhibited at the Avatrait gallery.

A.M.: Is your Real Life, somehow, related with fashion? N.S.: I was model in the past but I was very young and had to give up to study. Most of my runways were about lingerie. I was also the fiancé of a person working in the fashion industry, but actually I don’t work in fashion. And I didn’t choose to be a model in SL because I missed it in real. It was just the challenge, in the beginning, and then for my passion about fashion. A.M.: Why didn’t you enter SL Miss Universe 2009 contest? N.S.: I thought about it but basically I’m against contests, or maybe I’m too lazy... (smiles) Anyway, I had the honour to present the Miss SL ebony contest and I enjoyed it a lot. But I don’t like to participate as a contestant. A.M.: What would you like to do in a near future? N.S.: l would like to start writing again and, of course, to do more runaway shows. I’d like a position of fashion consultant with an agency or teacher, I love help others.


Architectural Review

Iota Ultsch

Written by Arialle Dufaux Pictures Supplied by Iota Ultsch

There’s an old saying about God being in the detail, but for Iota Ultsch details are what it’s all about and she embraces them with a passion. Ultsch, a well-known SL resident of nearly two years, is renowned for both her cutting-edge fashions in the Tres Jolie! Collection and her superior building expertise. A zealously private person, Iota explains that she has 20 years of real-life design experience, ranging from the fashion industry to architecture. “I was born in Sydney, raised in London and have spent a lot of my adult life living and working in Europe, specifically Paris and Milan, but I returned to Sydney where I’ve been living for the past 12 years”, she adds. Ultsch worked for some of the world’s top haute couture houses as a designer before she felt a deep desire to return to Australia and pursue design in a new direction. “I enrolled in industrial design as I had an interest in interiors, especially furniture design. I was always fascinated by architecture but part of me didn’t feel confident enough to leap into that immediately. It was only after I had a qualification in industrial design that I realised I was more than capable of taking on architecture”, she says. >>

Quietly spoken, yet brimming with enthusiasm, Iota is now undertaking a Masters degree in architecture at one of Australia’s most prominent universities. A much soughtafter designer and builder in SL, Iota manages projects for major corporations who engage her on a contract basis from initial consultation involving design, through to building and completion. And it’s obvious from even a cursory look at her builds that it’s her real-life expertise she is able to utilise in-world that makes her work so special. If her SL couture line highlights and underscores the beauty and simplicity of the female form then her builds exemplify the multifactorial relationship between humanity and the desire to create order from chaos. “I knew about SL from its inception but hesitated signing up because the time wasn’t right for me, but I joined in March 2007 when I needed a creative outlet quite removed from my real life”, she explains. “I needed to take some time out, some time just for myself and to find a place where I could be both creative and relax. I’ll never forget my first impression and one of the first memories I have of SL. I remember seeing some people dancing and being mesmerized, in part because of the animations and in part because of the realisation of what might be possible. I sat there and thought ‘I love it!’”, says Ultsch with glee. Remarkably at ease as she explains her work, Iota walks me though her showroom. The build is a reflection of her style; clean lines and striking simplicity running concurrently alongside a deeper complexity upon closer examination. Constructed on a long and narrow parcel, the structure nestles against the gentle waves of the ocean which lap at its foundations. It is at once remarkably straightforward yet the fine detail of the build is evident. From the thoughtful placement of louvered windows at the rear, which offer glimpses of the exterior landscape in the distance, to the graduated steps which lead to the ocean’s embrace, the space is punctuated by a gossamer-thin curtain which floats softly in the breeze. >>

To the rear of the showroom is what Iota calls a ‘chill space’ for her customers to sit and contemplate. “For me, architecture is not just about spaces because they’re merely voids if not filled by human presence and in SL the human presence is in the avatar, whatever form that might take. I think the reason virtual worlds are so successful is because of the humanity behind the avatar”, she adds. The chill space is striking because it is marked by what is not there as much as what is actually present. Once again, the recurring theme of space is key and here it is utilised intelligently, as too is light with soft colours generously bathing the area to create a moody ambience. A few well chosen and powerful sculptures capture my attention immediately. A relatively small but highly detailed work in a silver metallic texture, makes Iota smile when I ask about it. “It’s called Slurp… why? Because I think it’s delicious!”, she laughs heartily.

A close-up reveals the complexity of the structure itself. Almost Escher-like, the metal tangles around with no clear beginning or end. “The idea behind the sculpture was to illustrate circulatory binaries and how paths diverge…a kind of ‘bottleneck’ if you will, when two paths are too close to one another. It’s an exploration of the dynamism of spaces”, she explains. As becomes evident, the quality of Iota’s work lies in her real-life expertise. “In architecture, the most important aspect of the project is the site so what I try to do in SL is to be highly sympathetic to the surroundings when I design and build. Clearly water is a key element here, and of course the sky, so I work with that. Here, for example, at my showroom the parcel was elongated so I took advantage of that by bifurcating the building so the upper level housed the showroom for the collection together with the chill space and the bottom level descended to the outdoors and the infinity pool beside the ocean”, says Iota thoughtfully. >>

“The fact is anyone can call themselves a builder in SL, put together a few prims and throw a couple of buildings on a sim. But I believe it takes some skill and expertise to execute that well and successfully”, she tells me. Second Life, she explains, offers the possibility to test real life paradigms, architectural or otherwise. “It provides everyone the opportunity to experiment with all kinds of things. My sculptures, for instance, give me the chance to have fun and play around with ideas. From a building perspective, it’s invaluable because you can not only construct something for a client but walk them through it. And from an environmental point-of-view, a corporation could for example, hold meetings in-world with staff from around the world, thereby reducing their carbon footprint. However, for me it will always be about the process…something I love and embrace”, adds Iota.


There’s a lot going on in the Second Life sailing community aside from sailing and what began as a feature on the sport has now become something a great deal bigger and more potent. Indeed, it may signal the beginning of some major changes across the grid more broadly. As many residents will be aware, there’s a controversy brewing over Linden Lab’s decision to change the pricing and terms of use on Openspace sims. P u t simply, LL defines an Openspace sim as a low prim region intended for ‘light use’ such as open countryside or ocean. Earlier this year, LL announced changes to Openspace pricing and prim counts which the sailing community says will have a dramatic and possibly devastating effect on its ability to continue in-world. At present there are more than 130 sims, known as the United Sailing Sims, devoted to sailing with several thriving sailing clubs, each home to thousands of members. Starboards Yacht Club is the oldest and largest of the clubs with more than 1500 members alone. Nber Medici from the SYC says the appeal of sailing in Second Life attracts people from all over the world. “We have members from the US, Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands and Australia. The Japanese also have a large contingent, headed by Taku Raymaker

Recreation a Feature:

Written By Ar Photography By A from the Waypoint Yacht Club. Sailing can be either social or competitive and there are some people who never sail in races at all…they simply cruise the waters of the USS-SL and enjoy the sites that they find”, explains Nber. The yachts, which come in all imaginable shapes and sizes, are scripted so that wind direction and speed can be controlled. This can also be applied to several boats simultaneously so that the same conditions can be applied to each and every yacht in a race. “I have owned several sailboats in real life, but it’s

and Sports

the changes to Openspace sims will threaten the future of our sport and what we love”, she adds. “Not only will there be a price increase but Linden Lab is limiting the avatar count per sim to just 10 and reducing the prim count to 750 and we can’t sail through Openspace ocean sims with conditions like that. Not only will the new restrictions affect us in a practical sense, our costs will rise dramatically because of the tier increases as well”, explains Nber. “We might be able to continue here in a reduced mode but there are competitors and alternative virtual rialle Dufaux worlds to Second Life. We have worked very hard to build this great community but there are other options Angelique Ronmark and more will emerge in the future’, she says. a lot easier in SL. No driving to the lake, no rigging the If you would like to try your hand at sailing, drop boat and no sunburn!”, laughs Nber. into one of the many clubs and take a class or simply try “We have so many beautiful areas to see, they are a rental yacht for free and see if the wind in your hair as truly gorgeous. At SYC we have free rental yachts that you sail off into a sunset somewhere is for you. are available for 60 minutes before derezzing. We also hold a ‘Learn to Sail’ class on Sunday’s at noon where Starboards Yacht Club, Hollywood, (79, 140,22) we do a short presentation on the how-to’s, before Waypoint Yacht Club, Newport Bay, (40,63,22) A participants get to sail on the water for themselves alongside an experienced skipper”, says Nber. “We can turn the wind up high and fly across the water or we can set it low and have a leisurely sail. But


AVENUE’s own gets nomination for 2008 SLEntrepreneur of The Year Interviewed by Isadora Fiddlesticks Photography by Aleida Rhode & Rusch Raymaker AVENUE Magazine is proud to announce that AVENUE INC’s own CEO Rusch Raymaker is nominated as 2008 SL Entrepreneur of the Year! She vies with 12 others, all luminaries in the SL business community, for this honor. Rusch Raymaker founded and heads AVENUE INC which owns and operates AVENUE Models, AVENUE Magazine, AVENUE Studio and AVENUE Models Academy. I catch up with her on this amidst discussions about was dropped off to me by Avarie Parker from SL the magazine and here is her take on it: Entrepreneur magazine and amidst an extremely busy time for AVENUE Models and AVENUE Magazine, Isadora Fiddlesticks: Congratulations on the it just made me realize that all the hard work that nomination, how are you feeling? has been put in by myself and my wonderful team has not gone unnoticed and is actually receiving Rusch Raymaker: I am elated to say the least some form of noteworthiness. So this is a wonderful to receive such an honor to be nominated for SL way to reflect on what we at AVENUE have achieved Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2008. I was surprised since our relaunch in May this year. when the notecard informing me of the nomination

IF: Can you tell us about the nomination? RR: Well as far as I know all nominees were nominated by SL residents and voting will be from 1-19 December where any SL resident can vote for us online at There will be 3 winners based on voting so I guess it’s going to be a case of how many people you know or how large your groups are lol. I’m not certain that contests equate to the true success of any contestant but it’s for the fun of it I guess. Even if I don’t win, it is enough for me to know that what I have been doing has been recognized and that is an honor itself to be nominated alongside so many successful entrepreneurs in SL who have been in business much longer than me. This can only be an inspiration for me to advance myself as an entrepreneur and contribute to the SL community by providing a fun experience for all in fashion and modelling, interesting and fun jobs for my staff, quality service to all my clients and create more innovative business ventures and projects in the future. IF: Who else was nominated? RR: I am not familiar with all the nominees but you can find them at the 2008 SL Entrepreneur of the year Portrait Gallery at secondlife/Experience%20Italy%20E/30/162/30. I do know that a dear work associate Robustus Hax of Metaverse TV is also one of the nominees. IF: This is such a great thing for entrepreneurs, it’s rare that business owners get recognized for such honor! How does this shape SL as a platform for business? RR: Well such an award/contest can only serves to be an encouragement to SL entrepreneurs. Besides

obviously trying to be a creative and profitable business owner, such an award reminds you of your contribution to the SL community at large and your personal responsibility in providing jobs to residents, services and products to customers and ensuring customer satisfaction, being inventive in your business ventures and maintaining high quality and unique positioning in your overall business strategy. IF: What encouraged you to put up a business in SL? RR: *laughs* I never could imagine that my first foray into SL would have led to all this in my wildest dreams. When I first arrived, I only saw SL as a game, a fun way to meet people and appreciate the creations of the residents. But after about 2-3 months of exploration, I wondered how people made their Linden income and when I saw many beautiful people camping and dancing, I realised that surely there was more to this. I decided to start a modelling agency representing female models exclusively and offered photography services through an in-house photography studio. As I delved into the fashion industry as a fledgling business owner, I was enthralled by the wonderful creations of our fashion designers and the success of their businesses and marketing strategies inspired me to succeed and be able to work with them by creating fashion platforms by way of fashion shows to showcase their designs in all their glory. I decided then to marry my SL ambitions with my RL experience of over 18 years in marketing, event consultancy, advertising and PR to realize what AVENUE is today. Within months of AVENUE Models relaunch, I decided to go into publishing as I saw a need for a quality publication in SL that served to provide quality writing, design and content that covered the important facets for our SL. >>

IF: Why SL? RR: By far of all the virtual worlds, SL remains the utopia for business and content creators with its freedom to express and create and its ability to be a creative medium for expression. It’s as close to a paradigm for a premise of “if you can dream it, you can realize it” which parallels my own personal mantra of “Impossible is nothing”. IF: What are the benefits of owning and running a business in SL? RR: Well running and operating AVENUE has become in large part my RL job and it offers me the flexibility and freedom to create a business venture of how I deem fit for it to be run. It allows me to work with people from all over the world which brings back to my love for collaborating with people from all walks of life. Through collaborations, one can only continue to grow and learn from others which results in greater things. Running a business in SL is also rewarding in that it offers me versatile and sometimes crazy working hours since I am situated in Asia, but I’m a nutter for challenges and working beyond the normal working hours. The rewards are also quite immediate somehow and largely rewarding as your interactions with people are that much closer somewhat and although they may be strangers in RL, SL somehow brings people working closer together with greater ease. IF: What makes you successful in SL? RR: I would have to contribute any success to the

people that I have worked with who believed and trusted in me namely my close friends , my dedicated and talented staff and models, clients, sponsors and dear friends Relic Starbrook of Royal Properties and Babe & eyeing Daligdig of JC Designs. I think the key here is to surround yourself with people with good vibes, energy and positivity. Coupled with all these fine people that form the foundation of any success I have had is the relentless sheer hard work I put in, a good backing from my RL working experience, my marketing acumen and the love of dreaming up ideas, the ability to adapt to changes and move forward always, a positive outlook to things and the willingness to learn and improve. I believe having a passion for what you do is very important...caring about what you do and how you do it with other people. IF: What were your challenges? RR: What did you learn from those challenges? One of the main challenges was to find good people to work with, from collaborators to staff and even sometimes clients - individuals that understood and believed in professionalism and dependability. As I have said before, I seek to work with people who are positive and possess a can-do attitude and approach to their life and work. I have been burned several times from having to work with several unprofessional people in SL and I have learned that in order for me to retain my personal standards of professionalism I should continually seek the same like-minded people to work with and have in my companies. >>

IF: What can you advise to our aspiring business owners? RR: Be creative in finding your business proposition and your niche. Distinguish yourself with your own unique selling points and always continue to develop that. Research always and be in the know of the industry that you are intending to launch your business in and equip yourself with some ideas for a business and marketing plan. Promote your business continually through marketing, advertising and PR and develop partners to enhance your branding. Build a strong team and be prepared to share and mentor and lead by example. Inspire and be inspired :)


Woman CEO of the Month



Written By Spruce Canning Photography by Angelique Ronmark

SC: How many clients do you have and how were the first months of your business for you? AW: Well by the time I started on my own word of mouth had hit who I was so within two months things were booming I was quite surprised, and for my client list there is present and past: GAX Technologies, Spruce Canning: I was wondering how you got your Koinup, Zullay Thor Designs, AVENUE Models/ start in SL? Magazine, Nuclear Boutique MBC Network,Cienega Annette Wilder: It was me and her and a girl name Soon, a very awesome SL and RL artist, ARTist Park Andi as the only staff. Rusch was my best friend among others, and well others that I do off and on. and she felt I’d be good at PR and she was right apparantly lol. SC: Which are major players in SL? AW: Well GAX and Koinup are RL companies and MBC SC: Did she help you to strike out on your own? is a major network in SL. The list is on my website AW: No I worked for her for then I left to do my own for who all I’ve worked with and for and their thing and my wife got me an office and Wilder PR client testimonials. started Dec 17 2007. There are many businesses in SL and there are those that are very successful. Annette Wilder PR is one of them. Annette got her start working for Rusch Raymaker, the CEO of Avenue Inc. and the publisher of this magazine.

SC: How much of an effect that your company has had in SL proper? AW: Well we’ve become very well known with lots of media contacts, we’ve appeared on SL interview shows, spoke at a VIO seminar...made our first commercial in SL and well when RL companies come calling on you I think you’ve made quite an impact. We do not look for any clients all clients have come to us. So that means our reputation preceeds us I guess. I would say we’ve had a great effect seeing how well business is going and the great people we’ve had the opportunity to meet as a result of the company. I must add also that Mahala Bing is the Manager of Wilder and she is really my right hand and without her I’d definitely be lost. SC: Where do you see yourself and your company a year from now? AW: Well I see us possibly bringing more RL companies into SL or working with more of them as they come in. We love all our clients RL or SL, we only choose the best to represent. So basically just continuing to work with the best of the best or who we feel are the best or top at what they do in or out of SL. I would love to see us just having a larger clientele but still keeping customers satisfied because so far we have not had any who weren’t. So being able to keep giving our clients top of the line PR and keeping them happy is the most important over anything else we’d like to see ourselves doing in the future.

SC: Where do you see yourself and your company a year from now? AW: Well I see us possibly bringing more RL companies into SL or working with more of them as they come in. We love all our clients RL or SL, we only choose the best to represent. So basically just continuing to work with the best of the best or who we feel are the best or top at what they do in or out of SL. I would love to see us just having a larger clientele but still keeping customers satisfied because so far we have not had any who weren’t. So being able to keep giving our clients top of the line PR and keeping them happy is the most important over anything else we’d like to see ourselves doing in the future. SC: What would you say to companies that are considering coming into SL? AW: Well my advice to them is always be sure that if you open a sim have someone there as much as possible. The worst thing you can do is open a sim and not work it. People want interaction. You will not last long without interaction with your SL public, in RL if you did the same you would quickly see the demise of your company so what makes them think it will be ok in SL? But what they must also remember is this is a totally different world than RL and it is very different and has to be approached in different ways, everything that works in RL don’t work in SL, and vice versa. SC: How does SL complement your career in RL? AW: Well in rl I am in advertising and well being the

media in RL and being on the opposite side of the media in SL has allowed me to understand what the public in RL might think of us who are in the media. It has given me a different perspective in that way I believe, but I feel that being in advertising and being use to selling ideas helps me in SL as well. I think the two are very helpful and having my communications degree has helped me to have a better understanding of how to communicate with the media and the public in both lives. SC: Do you see SL becoming interchangeable with RL? AW: In what way exactly? SC: Basically being able to succeed in both worlds? AW: Well yes I do because in both careers right now I am very much at the top of my game and it definitely is helping me to be able to do this in SL because it is in some ways an extension of my RL. SC: In closing, how would you want SL to improve? AW: Well I would love for media in SL to work more together and less in their separate entities. Maybe see more magazines and TV stations join forces or newspapers and another medium. I think the more we all collaborate and the bigger the networking possibilities are the better it will be for us all and for potential clients. As for SL have less crashes and fix the things that are wrong with it before making a new releases. New releases= new problems so first fix the old problems then move on to the new I guess.

SC: We can only hope. AW: Yes lol true. AW: But with hope starts a anything is possible. SC: I agree. AW: It has truly been a pleasure and if you need any other questions answered please feel free to ask anytime. SC: I will keep that in mind, thank you. AW: You are welcome have a great one :). SC: You too. As one reads this interview, one can see the roadmap laid out by Annette as to how to succeed in SL and how it can complement one’s RL as well. We wish Annette the best as she inspires more and more people in the Metaverse to strike out on their own and make their own Second Life the best that they can.


Feature Musician:

d o h p Za

s a e h T

Interview By Spruce Canning Photography By Angelique Ronmark

At Luxor Stage at Karnak which is part of Circe Broom’s Laurel Arts Isle was one of SL’s best Rockers known by the name of Zaphod Theas,(Who is Allan Dawson in RL)who put on one of the most original shows that I have seen in a long time in either Real Life or the Metaverse. He has a new album coming out which is called Alligators and Angels which refers to the plugged and unplugged songs that are represented on both discs of the album. I had the pleasure of speaking with Zaph after his concert.

ZT: Yeah unfortunately the best time zones are out of my reach, I’d love to play a Californian evening, but its just too late. Noon is the technically worst time of all to play because literally the whole world uses bandwidth most at that time. At that moment, Zaphod hands me a press release announcing the debut of his CD, Angels & Alligators.

ZT: Ooh... I have something for you. That is my exciting Spruce Canning: And I’m wondering why you aren’t news of the moment! It’s huge fun doing this! SC: This is great news, and it will be well received in the playing Wembley Stadium in SL community. Zaphod Theas: hehe thanks Spruce! ZT: Cool thanks! I am hoping so! SC: How did you get started on the music scene here in SC: Where do you see yourself in the SL community a SL? ZT: I met Circe in the first few days here and that got me year from now? ZT: Wow, that an interesting question because its such started! a changing and volatile scene in here. I am lucky that I SC: And things have taken off since then, how do you made a big appearance, so hopefully I will be doing more gauge your fan base here in SL from concert to concert? of the same, just more of it! So a year from now I hope ZT: Oh its extremely random, some gigs are busy some to be doing more in RL, developing the crossover from SL are empty, the practicalities of SL play a big part in it. to the RL listeners - US particularly, and hopefully have quite a lot more material in my repertoire. SC: As well as time zones?

SC: When will we be seeing you playing Carnegie Hall or Red Rocks? ZT: Haha.. well, Second Life has got me into the living rooms of some great fans that I would never have played to before. The US market is most warm to my style, so I think I will jump on those opportunities as they happen SC: You unplug at Sunset Jazz, how does the acoustic guitar sound appeal to your fans? ZT: Oh they love it! I started with the rock shows last year because everybosy else seemed to be doing acoustic... so I wanted to be a little different. That plan worked well because a) I was playing my true style; and b) I stood out from the crowd... but after a while I decided to try the acoustic sets because its easier for me to try out new material in front of a relaxed audience... and they go insane over it! It’s surprising how many people say they prefer the acoustic shows lmao! ZT: So that is why the double album “Angels & Alligators” is split into both Electric and Unplugged sets. SC: Do you have it ripped into mp.3 files for the SL audience? ZT: Well,l the album is actually an SL product, you buy a virtual album in SL, which lets you either stream it into SL, or download the mp3’s to your media player. In the Press Release is a landmark to my listening booth at TRAX store, there are several other SL artists already selling there and you can see a demo of the album concept working... its cool... revolutionary. Bones Writer who invented it is really excited that I took him a double album! lol He’s making it a little more exciting than the norm... and that is confidence inspiring for me too... I’d be a little more nervous about putting an album out alone on an untested format, its nice to know that there’s a crowd of us who are using it en-masse to develop the market for it. SC: And soon we will see you at the iTunes store in a few years? ZT: Yes I am sure! I am ready to go. There are a number of platforms that offer access to iTunes...but they are

all solely for US residents at the moment SC: Do you play other venues here in SL such as the Wanderlust? ZT: I opened Wanderlust! :) I play quite a few regular places, and many that I go back to occasionally, but I like to get around and god knows how many that open up and are never seen again. SC: I hear you there, SL is very fluid these days. ZT: Yes it is, and it makes it tough for both venues and performers, the number of artists in SL is growing MUCH faster than the numbers of people who want to go see them! And because the artist competition is so fierce... there are far too many who will play for nothing, so where there’s artists that will play for nothing, there’s no shortage of venues quite happy to pay them nothing to play at the same timed slot as some prime artist at some prime venue, so instead of having a choice between a dozen cool shows at noon, there are fifty, and only five are worth going to.. but the punters dont really know that. I came away with the impression that Zaphod will take his Second Life success and transplant it into RL. I had the pleasure to review Angels and Alligators after the concert and Zaphod has an original style in both the electric and acoustic guitar. His electric songs energize the soul and bring one into a elevated state of being and his acoustic songs bring one into a state of bliss as he stated earlier in this interview. I would highly recommend this album. He has the talent and the ambition to make it big in the music world and he has his first success in SL to thank for his good fortune. We hope to see more of him in the not to distant future. A

Interview with

DJ Azu Catteneo Interviewed by Kleos Gomes Photography by Sapphire Coakes

Azufr3 Catteneo is Costa Rica’s #1 DJ, also playing at MAD agency, Sarco Sound among others. Recently he also joined The Glass Ark residency. His Second Life (SL) experience in DJing led him to start a Real Life (RL) on his area. DJ Azufr3 Catteneo is one of the firsts DJs in Second Life to put his podcasts available for download. AVENUE Magazine: When did you begin experiencing DJ in Second Life? Azufr3 Catteneo: I began about a month into joining Second Life. It actually started at the Colombian sim, DJing latin music. A few weeks into it, I decided to explore more and realized I could expand into other genres such as electro, house and club.

club as well as trance and progressive.

A. M.: Is there a club that you always wanted to play at? A. C.: Well, when I started seeing the club scene in SL there was this big club called “Cirque Mystique” which was inside an old ship. Really well designed, and since I saw it I wanted to mix there. I was lucky A. M.: What styles do you mostly play? enough to join a residency there shortly after. A. C.: Well now, most of my mixes are electro, tribal, >>

A. M.: When do you think you became a popular DJ in SL, and why? A. C.: I think one of my breakthrough moments was when I joined Costa Rica. I was not only a resident, but I also became the estate DJ. I think that opened a lot of opportunities for me, since many people started hearing my mixes and seeing who I was and became familiar with my style. A. M.: How do you conciliate being a model, a photographer and a DJ? A. C.: Well photography has now taken a back seat on everything I do. My time has become extremely limited, so DJing takes priority but I like to keep my modeling close by. A. M.: What is the difference, for you, on walking on a runaway and Djing? A.C.: I like everything I do. On the catwalk I can just feel the music and walk it and enjoy it. But DJing I can make the music come together, I can make people feel it, enjoy it, sing along... many things. In Djing I get packed sims with people enjoying the music, making noise, shaking it, and I love that. A. M.: How did SL help you to get into a Real Life DJ? A. C.: Well, it was in SL that I discovered many other sounds from all over the world, and I also got to meet DJs from all over the world and music lovers who have heard remixes

that I never thought of. So this entire mash of thoughts and ideas and collaborations really opened up my mind. And DJing here weekly helped me practice new styles, practice my own, work on different fusions and well all this experience (although a year is not compared to the other RL DJs around) has helped me fit in and sort of “do my thing” A. M.: How did you have the idea of creating these thematic podcast? A. C.: A lot of the big RL DJs, such as Tiesto and Armin Van Buren, have their own weekly podcasts which have millions of listeners all over the world. I thought it would be great if the same concept was brought to SL, allowing people who enjoy my mixes to carry them in their MP3 players and even have them on their computers. That is when I created my first podcast “A Costa Rican Sunset” which contains a lot of the popular tracks, including dance and remixes. Weeks later I wanted to create a mix line for just trance and progressive sounds and that is when “Alluring Symphony” was born. The third podcast is called “My Native tongue” and it contains lots of beats and drums. It is really made to get the energy going, feeling the beats. They can all be found on my website ( or on iTunes, free.


DJane of the month: Interview with Tasty Hax Interview By Kleos Gomes Photography By Angelique Ronmark Additional Photos By Tasty Hax Tasty Hax is a DJane, in Second Life (SL), belonging to a minority of female DJs that keeps growing up. From Funk to Deep House, she live mixes all of her sets and has played in many important clubs and events. Right now, she focuses also on a project that has been gaining visibility: the Radiant Bliss Music Project group, a project that intends to bring freedom of expression and promote creativity among the DJ’s community in the metaverse. The idea is to expand by spreading dreams and make them real. Avenue Magazine.: Turning back time, when did your passion for music emerge? Tasty Hax: I’ve always had interest in music, my whole life! My dad had hundreds of vinyls and I used to play them all the time. Then when I got older, I started making mix tapes. When techno became more evolved in the early 90’s I was hooked! I’m an old school raver and always wanted to DJ. SL is a great outlet to fulfil that and it’s been a lot of fun! I hope to start DJing RL soon. A.M.: When did you start as a DJane in SL? What changed, till now? T.H.: I started back in December 2007.I love most styles of music and I started as a rock/metal DJ! Shortly after that, I explored other styles. I become interested in mostly electronic music. I was a playlist DJ, but it wasn’t satisfying play listing techno. So I learned to mix and have been ever since. I live mix all of my sets, now. A.M.: Which music styles do you most like to explore? T.H.: I’ve explored House music the most: Funky House, Old School, Underground, Deep, Progressive and so on. It is such a fun style and always good for a party. Every genre of music has so many styles, within the category. I mostly play House/Electro/Drum and Bass, but sometimes Downtempo too. Usually, whatever is appropriate for the event. I’ve played at many clubs... From Sleek Beach Club, Woods to Haad Rin and Toontopia, among many others.

“Maybe I'm idealistic but I try to do what I love”

A.M.: What was the biggest event you played at? T.H.: I’ve played a few huge events including Haad Rin’s Full Moon parties and Session One: Electronic Music Festival. But I think the biggest crowd, I ever had, was the Love Bliss Party. My Radiant Bliss Music Project group did in collaboration with my friend’s Psytasia club. We counted 50 people at my set! A.M.: It is common sense that there are less female DJs then male ones. Are you more requested for being a DJane? T.H.: I don’t see any difference being a DJane or DJ... either people enjoy the music or not. When I make parties or special events, I only think about the music a person plays, not their gender. But it seems some people think there is a perceived difference... some male DJs play female avatars for some reason. Usually, the better DJs earn more tips, but there are few female DJs to compare. A.M.: What is the most pleasant experience playing as a DJane, in SL?

T.H.: The best feeling as a DJ can be 2 things. The most importantly is the joy you get from playing your favourite music and watch people loving it. It makes such a great vibe and makes everyone high. Also, I’ve had the experience a few times of when you do that perfect mix, the transition between 2 songs that is just perfect... wow! That’s a great feeling and makes you really proud of your own improvement in skills as a DJ. A.M.: Besides music, do you found other interests in SL? T.H.: Music is my main focus but I have interest in trying other things, if I ever have time. A friend and I have talked about designing a bikini fashion line together, if we ever find the time! He has a store named Death on a sim I manage, named SoulSound. I’m interested in the creative aspects of fashion. Recently, I started collaboration with JustSoulPromotions (JSP) Island to DJ their weekly fashion shows. A.M.: What is Radiant Bliss Music Project? What is its purpose? T.H.: Radiant Bliss Music Project (RBMP) is a group I started after having experienced as a DJ and club owner in the music scene. There were a few things I saw and experienced, that I though it could be done differently. As a DJ, I didn’t like having restrictions on what DJs can play. I felt it can prohibit creativity and evolution as a DJ. I didn’t like the elite attitude that I saw at some places. I felt that ruined the vibe of a party. I didn’t like the

competitive attitude, also, of some people. SL is for fun, right? My experience is that, it’s always more fun to collaborate than compete, and everyone wins. I started the group as an experiment to see what would happen and what could be possible. I wanted my ethics and values to have a voice and create an environment that is a wonderful experience for everyone involved: DJs and listeners. Maybe I’m idealistic but I try to do what I love and do everything with love. A.M.: Are you involved in other projects? Do you have something in mind for them? T.H.: My Radiant Bliss Music Project group has some big plans for the future. I was approached by some friends about getting a sim to expand the project as a community program, to give new DJs a free open place to play any time, and also to manifest the spirit of the group’s purpose in other ways. It will be an interesting experiment, if nothing else. Currently, I am involved in several clubs with various projects. Among other things, I pair DJs and clubs and help with parties sometimes. Also a lot of my time is spent researching music and planning my sets. So I have a lot happening. A.M.: What do you expect for RBMP to grow? T.H.: The project seems to be starting a life on its own. I’m open to collaborate with people and groups who share the same spirit as my group directive. This can include special events, club partnership and projects. I mentioned earlier that I was approached about creating a Radiant Bliss sim. The vision for this sim includes having a free open place for anyone to DJ any time, a community living area, maybe some clubs with scheduled parties and special events, a free build area for artists and builders, and group members can participate and contribute how they wish. I want to create an environment that nurtures creative freedom, learning, and evolution. A

Fabulous Fashion:

Fabulous Angie! Interview By Cherie Parker Photography By Mirari Etchegaray

When I was a kid, I fashioned myself to be the worlds I can’t resist trying to toss in a difficult question or next great veterinarian. Curing strange illnesses and two. Angie, ever poised never skipped a beat and saving the family pet, whilst watching Timmy smile as answered every question with grace and diplomacy. I handed him back his beloved pet Killer. Darn her… she’s so cool, now I have someone else Failing a critical course in school caused that dream I look up too and feel I should aspire to be like. So to vanish back into the mist of my mind and going without further ado… I bring you my interview with forward I changed my degree plan to one of Business the one and only, gracious host of Fabulous Fashion, Administration, which has turned out to be a good Angie Mornington. thing and clearly more my forte. Cherie Parker: Ah there she is... right on time... Entering Second Life, I have done numerous jobs, some C.P.: You: :) more fulfilling than others. But when I started writing Angie Mornington: hee :) for in world magazines, once again I envisioned myself C.P.: lol as something other than what has materialized. I saw A.M.: how r u myself as a hard hitting news reporter just waiting C.P.: Great! for the next expose. That Pulitzer just out of reach C.P.: How are you? for obtaining the story of the century about how the A.M.: fine, TGIF Lindens are really all Microsoft workers and Phillip is C.P.: you know it! really Bill Gates! C.P.: Please have a seat :) Not true of course but a girl can dream you know. C.P.: Well this is a real turn of events for you huh? Being interviewed. Well that hasn’t actually panned out. Instead I’ve A.M.: yes! The interviewer being interviewed. come to be known as the Barbara Walters of SL, C.P. rubs her hands in maniacal glee ;) interviewing countless numbers of famous avatars A.M.: lmao that inhabit this vast Second Life world. Again, not a C.P.: hehehe.. bad thing I’ve discovered, as I’ve had the opportunity A.M.: I have to remind myself we can’t go to commercial to meet and talk to a great number of people, and break gain some really wonderful lasting friendships in the C.P.: LOL C.P.: yes... there will be no makeup artist... or process. hairstylist here to assist you nor will there be cue This week I had the pleasure of meeting Angie cards ;) Mornington, host for the weekly SLCN’s TV program A.M.: dam... Fabulous Fashion. Fabulous Fashion explores the many C.P.: nods... low budget faces of SL fashion design and the real people behind A.M.: lol the avatar that create those shoes, hair, dresses and C.P.: So... for those who have been living under a prim log for oh... lets say... forever... tell the readers other designs we all love and covet. a bit about how you came to second life and got your I have to say interviewing Angie was one of my all start here. time favorite interviews. Knowing that I still channel A.M.: Ok, well I came here in Sept. 2007, I was just a bit of Charlie Gibson mixed with Steve Dunleavy, fooling around on the internet and typed in ‘online

games’ and SL came up, so I registered A.M.: and was like “it this it for clothes?’ C.P.: lol A.M.: and these ponytails HAVE to go! C.P.: oh clearly you spent a lot of time on help island before you came in world ;) A.M.: lol I did C.P.: lol A.M.: but I came across a really cool mentor, can’t remember her name, but she had on a nice outfit so I jacked her for some freebies C.P.: nice... makes note... she steals too ;) A.M.: lol yes C.P.: Ok so you stole some freebies, got rid of the Barbie do... then what? A.M.: then I kind of wandered around until I found some clubs that I would hang out in and then eventually made my way over to the fashion community C.P.: Ah... home at last huh :) A.M.: lol I saw a fashion show and got so excited A.M.: that I joined every fashion group I could find A.M.: my first gig was a still shot for Shenlei Fleshheart A.M.: she saw me at a show and asked me to pose for her C.P.: At what point in your inventory number rising did you know you were hooked? ;) A.M.: when I pretty much grabbed everything at all the freebie spots that was worth grabbing lol C.P.: hehe C.P.: So modeling came next for you? A.M.: a short while after that I decided I wanted to do some work in some way A.M.: actually I never did any runway A.M.: I started writing A.M.: Una Ewing offered me a spot as a blog correspondent A.M.: so I blogged for EFA for a month or so, did some mixing and matching A.M.: then I applied for a fashion news reporter job at MNN

A.M.: Isadora can tell you about MNN lol C.P.: :) A.M.: there were a lot of issues over there so I left A.M.: that was after covering awards shows, designers, content theft etc C.P.: Drama... gotta love it A.M.: yes SL has its share of drama, but you live and you learn A.M.: and you move on C.P.: That’s right. If you live, breathe, work and have relationships... well you’re gonna have some drama. A.M.: yup. So I left MNN in April, and did a couple of pieces for Frolic A.M.: then I went to a party given by one of my former MNN coworkers, and he introduced me to Wiz Nordberg who is the CEO of SLCN.TV C.P.: So you came inworld. Found fashion. Began writing, worked your way into reporting and now you’re the hostess of your very own SLCN show Fabulous Fashion. A.M.: yes, Wiz wanted me to meet with Paisley Beebe who had some ideas for a new show A.M.: so we met and clicked instantly A.M.: and here you have it C.P.: Yes and I’ve watched a couple of episodes and its great the rapport you have with the people on the show. A.M.: thank you, I love talking to the designers because I love talking to people who create things C.P.: How do you decide who is interviewed? A.M.: I started off by just taking a look in my inventory of all the designers who make great clothes that are well made A.M.: there’s some research involved, I am constantly attending the fashion shows checking out new releases A.M.: and if I come across a designer that I think would be good for the show I’ll go to their store buy some pieces C.P.: Seeing that your interviews are live and taped in front of an audience... has that ever caused any

issues perhaps like it has in RL? ;) A.M.: it runs pretty similar to a RL television studio, A.M.: if we run into any technical difficulties we have to stop taping and fix the problems, and you know that SL can hiccup every now and then C.P.: Sure... but at least you wont have spinach in your teeth or anything ;) A.M.: lol no spinach, yet A.M.: we do the same things that have to be done in RL, sound check our guests, check lighting, camera shots etc C.P.: Everyone knows how hard it is to hold an interview... the unkown answers... responses... etc... have you had many incidences like that on your show? A.M.: no not really I have to say so far things have been pretty smooth, sometimes we will have designers who are shy or nervous, but we have a great staff and the professionalism of the crew makes the designers feel more comfortable A.M.: usually by the end of the show they are like whew! That wasn’t as hard as I thought it was! That was fun! C.P.: Have you ever interviewed a designer whose clothing you didn’t like? A.M.: no, and that actually be hard for me to do, you can’t come up with good questions that would interest your audience if you felt the clothing line wasn’t up to par. A.M.: the designers that get invited are designers that I feel make great clothes, and that I feel the audience would enjoy learning about A.M.: I have a wide demographic that I have to keep in mind C.P.: I’m a firm believer in no fluff... I won’t shy away from tough questions and sometimes I ask one or two in my interviews. What is your stance on asking the tougher questions to designers? A.M.: well the first thing you want to do is make them feel comfortable enough that they will talk about anything you ask, so what I sometimes do is ask them

is there anything you DONT want to discuss, A.M.: usually they are willing to discuss anything, and my goal is to talk about the creativity behind the designs C.P.: Yes that’s true. *puts away her reporter cap ;) A.M.: you may have a new person coming in that wants to design, and they may be watching the show A.M.: so I get the designer to talk about things that will interest the audience C.P.: Well you’ve interviewed some big names in the fashion industry. Is there someone you haven’t had the opportunity to interview but would like to? A.M.: wow, yea there are a lot of designers that I hope we get to eventually, A.M.: zaara, maitreya, Eshi, and I also plan on doing shows for the guys A.M.: and there are a lot of Asian designers, but language is sometimes an issue C.P.: How far out are you booked right now? A.M.: right now we are booked halfway through December C.P.: Wow! That should be quite a number of designers :) A.M.: we try to stay ahead, because there is preproduction to be done every week A.M.: yea I feel like time is flying, we already have 6 shows done C.P.: Do you write your own questions or is there a staff member for that? A.M.: I write my own questions based off Bio’s we get back from the designers A.M.: I’m a writer and I also do my own research on them C.P.: Well you certainly look like you’re having fun while interviewing. Do you love your job? A.M.: Yes I do love my job, and the people I work with, Daphne Abernathy is great and I love the segment we have together A.M.: we plan on doing more accessory tips for viewers C.P.: Alright you just know the readers want to know

the answer to this next question... ;) A.M. is scared C.P.: How horrible is it to get all those free designs?!! ;) A.M.: OMG is terrible! LMAO C.P.: hahahhahahha had ya scared huh? ;) C.P.: Seee!! You heard it here first!! A.M.: but honestly my inventory is even more out of control than before the show A.M.: the designers have been really generous especially with the gifts they leave for the audience C.P.: oh... let’s not play... “that’s nothin” with inventory numbers hon. you’ll lose ;) A.M.: lol hee C.P.: Alright my dear... one final question... C.P.: What’s it like to interview the most famous, well known, awarded designers in SL? A.M.: It’s an honor really, a lot of them are designers I looked up to when I first came to SL, to sit with someone whose creativity you admire is great, and to have a real discussion with them is a wonderful experience. C.P.: Well thank you Angie for allowing this reporter to be your first... ahem... interviewer that is ;) I know the readers will be happy to know more about you... and more about your fabulous show! No pun intended... oh yes it was ;) A.M.: LOL, thank you Cherie I enjoyed our time together, this was fun! C.P.: Thank you Angie. :) Hope to see you again! :) A.M.: take care :) A

Machinima Feature: IntervIew


halden Beaumont,

wInner of the

rezzaBle's machInIma festIval


“I wanted to make a video t He explored the art of machinima like no one else did before in his country. With only a bit more than a year in Second Life (SL), Halden Beaumont created videos that were a success, not only throughout his community but around the virtual world. Beyond Magic is his video that won Rezzable’s Machinima Festival last October. Avenue Magazine went to talk with him to find out what inspires his art. The scenery was his next movie shooting place, a Real Life (RL) love story with a secret to unveil…

in SL. That’s when I saw a machinima video. In RL, I am a documentary director, so I thought that would be nice to explore that funny word “machinima”. And I started to research more about how I could make a video in Second Life. So, I made a little test with a video called Second Life - The New World. When I published that video, the Portuguese community labelled me as the first Portuguese machinima director in Second Life. After that day everything changed. People started to ask me for more videos. And I thought machinima was such an AVENUE Magazine: How did you come up with the idea amazing art, because I could express my own worlds and of doing machinima in Second Life? Was it something make things that are not possible in RL. that you had already in mind, when you first started in A.M.: Can you tell us what your Real Life project was this virtual world? Halden Beaumont: Well, I entered Second Life to make about? a Real Life project in SL last year. When the project H.B.: Yes, my RL project that made me enter in SL, ended, I started asking myself what I was doing in SL. I was the promotion of a Portuguese castle in the web. guess most people ask themselves that, after sometime I was the producer and director of all the multimedia

Beyond Magic

Interview By Kleos Gomes Photography By Tillie Ariantho

that showed what people feel” strategy. And the final step in that plan was to make a small promotional stand in Second Life, where people could see a small documentary that I directed - The Templars in Almourol. It was totally made in RL, but somehow the idea was to connect the castle with the Templar Order. The documentary was nominated by an American company, Divx Inc, as featured video in their video community. As well as another one, but made in Second Life. When Windlight at Portucalis was released, I tried to shoot some scenes in High Definition and publish it on the web. I used Divx Technology to do that. It was 2 minutes of scenes, recorded at Portucalis. They liked it so much, this small test, that they promoted it as a featured video in their website.

H.B.: I’m a lecturer in a Portuguese university. But this year, for example, I made a workshop, the Uframe Masterclass, and that great opportunity made me show machinima to students that are, somehow, focused in traditional productions. A.M.: Since the first experience, The New World, how many videos have you published? H.B.: Nice question… I have made many machinimas that are not published in the web, but in the last year was up to twenty productions, some were small ones.

A.M.: Which one(s) do you consider were the most challenging? Why? H.B.: Well, before Beyond Magic, there were other very A.M.: Besides being a documentary director in Real challenging productions, like the Nutcracker for Second Life, you also teach. What do you expect your students Life Ballet (now Ballet Pixelle) and a RL television program to learn about Second Life? all made in SL. This one, I was invited by a Portuguese

TV network, to make a 7 minute program for them. The program, in Portuguese language, is called: Vai tudo abaixo - Homens da Luta (an entertainment comedy program with two actors playing a revolutionary role). But the art of machinima is not very popular in Portugal. So, I was alone in the techniques that I needed to apply in that kind of production, and I was not sure if that could work in a RL television. It was very demanding but, at the same time, a way for me to test a machinima production in a Real Life television. However, everything went well and the program was a success. After that, I started to be known in Portugal and by the media, as someone who explores and researches this art. Everything changed, my life changed completely.

year in SL, and I know somehow what people feel here, how they see the platform. So more than to show what Second Life is, I wanted to make a video that showed what people feel and produce in virtual worlds, and how that can be an ally to change the world. Second Life is a very powerful tool, visually stunning and is a tool to communicate with people around the world, where they can share experiences and work together. Somehow, I wanted to put all that, all those potential and feelings in one video. So, I tried to find places to enhance the message. Places that were suitable to what I wanted to express. Second Life is huge. There are so many things to show, so many powerful projects. Thus, I tried to mix the projects with a powerful visual language.

A.M.: After that, you made Beyond Magic, the winning video of the Rezzable’s Machinima Festival. When you created it, you wanted people to be given a message. What did you want to express to them? H.B.: First of all, Beyond Magic was made for a project called Babel Project. Their goal is to help educators and students in the use of Web 2.0. and virtual worlds. They organize the virtual conferences of a European Member of the Parliament, Paulo Casaca. So, the main idea was to show to a skeptical audience, the potential of Second Life. When I directed Beyond Magic, I had almost one

A.M.: There was also another contest you entered. But this one, in Real Life with a Second Life video, named The Labyrinth. Considering that it is not common, at all, to see SL videos in this kind of festivals, how was it to be nominated, in a contest with such an international projection? H.B.: Well, it is true. Festroia is a RL international film festival, a very traditional one. A friend of mine, called Tpglourenco Forcella, came to me and asked me to make a video for the festival. I said he was crazy. A machinima video in an international film festival, like this one, was

notice well, each avatar as a very special expression. In The Labyrinth, I used Halden as the main actor. He was designed by Bevan Whitfield, a huge friend of mine, who is a master designing avatars. So, I tried to focus the avatar’s expressions to make a machinima about love. You cannot use some gestures like you use in RL. Most of the time, avatars will look less real, so I try to capture small expressions. But that problem was fixed in The Labyrinth, because I had huge help. Halden couldn’t touch his dream world. Beyond Magic, for instance, was different. The emotions were different: The idea was A.M.: The Labyrinth served also as a video clip for a to show to people in RL that don’t know anything about Portuguese SL musician, Peltzer Hirano. What was the SL. challenge of mixing two arts together: his music and your machinima? Since, that it’s difficult to bring emotions to A.M.: Focusing on your future projects, can you tell us an avatar, even with poses and animations; did you felt what is beyond your “crystal ball”? that it was hard, at the beginning, thinking on how you H.B.: This year is going to be a though year for machinima. I am working in a project that can last the would express his music in images? H.B.: I think what The Labyrinth proves, is how full year. I would like to make a machinima about a powerful Second Life can be, when people decide to RL love history. But, I don’t like to talk much about have projects and work together on them. Peltzer is an my projects before they become real. Sometimes, you outstanding musician. His music was what made me do need so many things to go well in a project to be real. the video. It was inspiring. It’s very difficult to express So, to speak about it can be dangerous and I don’t like emotions in machinima videos. Most of the time, when to create expectations. A we try to do that, the avatars don’t look so emotional like the music. I think everything is hard but, if you something really crazy. But then, he said that he will send Beyond Magic if I didn’t make one. So, I said that I would do one video especially for Festroia and I have made The Labyrinth. I wasn’t expecting anything from this festival. But one day they called me and said that The Labyrinth was nominated for Best Short Digital Film of the year in the International Film Festival - Festroia 2008. It was something really crazy, but at the same time, an opportunity to show to many European directors, the art of machinima.

Twelfth Night takes Centerstage Written By Spruce Canning Photography By Tillie Ariantho

The Second Life Shakespeare Company(SLSC) has brought such Shakespeare classics such as Twelfth Night in which an ensemble presentation of the First Act in a short run-up to the full season which started on November 13th in which the Full Act I of Twelfth Night will be presented in which a full summer’s worth of rehearsal-performances in the SLSC’s staged reading series of Twelfth Night. In the Company’s tradition of excellent visual and theatrical extravagance, this mini-production of rotating sets and seamless animation pre-loading and global lighting and weather control to the SLSC stagecraft technologies with a live dynamic camera control by the director fine-tunes the performance with a professional appeal with international subtitles. SLSC has a “Pay as you Will” philosophy and the play’s location in the four island sims of the SL Globe Theatre which makes the performance accessible to as many as possible. The performance is directed by Ina Centaur and the voice performance is directed by Enniv Zarf with the company consisting of MadameThespian Underhill, Joff Fassnacht, Prospero Frobozz, Ludo Merit, Maedin Tureaud, and Lorne Harlequin along with a small cast of “silent actors” which create the the variation of the background crowd with each performance. The opening performance that I saw today was the hard work of the company coming to fruition. The dialogue was expertly done and

I had to remind myself that this was SL and not the RL Globe Theatre on the South Bank of the Thames in London itself. The theatre takes control of the camera functions of the patrons so the patron can follow the action with very little difficulty. The mini-season runs through November 12th through the 17th and will open up the Fall repetoire of performances. Performances are free but VIP/ticketed showings are L$500. I had the pleasure of speaking to Enniv Zarf about the performance and the hard work that went into it. Zarf who is also known as Paul Kwo in Real Life is the Director for the SLSC. He went on record saying that there will be full length productions of Shakespeare plays if and when the time and resources were available. He also said that there will be an audio-book of the production of the First Act of Twelfth Night in the works as well. As to other Shakespearean plays and other contemporary plays, Zarf said that the company worked with scenes from Hamlet and Twelfth Night earlier in the year and also they produced a play written by Prospero Frobozz, a member of the company. The SL Shakespeare Company is entirely resident supported and funded professional theatre company which embraces the best of SL offerings and since 2007 they have been making history by providing theatrical performances in SL. They continue to break new ground by developing new ways as to present virtual theatre in Second Life. Their sole purpose is to bring live Shakespearean theatre available to anyone with a computer and an SL account and to create novel possibilities of culture and commerce for the residents of SL. The side effects of these efforts are in their own words to make Shakespeare cool again. Zarf also said that after the Holiday Season, there may be more productions or as he put it., “ We may surprise everyone.� The links to their blog and web page are here.


AVENUE Magazine December 2008